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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 2, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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shark fins in illinois? where are you getting those, ordering them on the internet or something? >> i'm going to check after i get off the air i tell you that. >> sean: i took my son shark fishing emily and posted the picture on twitter and people were accusing me of murdering the shark and i released it. >> you released the shark. >> sean: i released it. >> very nice of you. >> sean: well, the shark thanked me before i let it go. said thank you very much, mr. hannity, have a great time. thank you both. we've got a problem and it's big government. and if we don't solve this, they're going to creep into every single aspect of your life and before all is said and done, they will he' probably monitor how much of hannity you can watch any given night and that's the not good. good to see you. >> >> sean: happy new year and that's the time we have left this evening as always thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues because gretta is standing by with a great on the record tonight.
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take it away. >> greta: tonight, well, are you satisfied or did you just get rolled again? >> folks, we're been sold another bottle of d.c. snake oil. >> people have had it. >> in the end president obama got his way and got his deal and moments later boarded air force one and jetted off to hawaii where he's going to enjoy the gulf, hawaii ice cream and body surfing. >> where should he go uzbekistan for his vacation? >> two months from now the democrats in the house and democrats in the senate are going to be talking about higher corporate taxes or higher tax on close the rich in order to pay for not having sequestration, you haven't heard it yet because the president wants to get to hawaii and finish off his hometown vacation. look, everybody thought here in washington it's a gruesome battle the last few weeks over the fiscal cliff. get ready because as soon as the president comes back from hawaii we get the debt ceiling. >> we'll negotiate over many things, i will not have
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another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they've already racked up through the laws that they passed. >> when the president said today that round two will be the debt ceiling, he's right. >> wanting no fight over the debt ceiling? are you kidding me? what the president was saying was i'm the not going to play chicken with the debt limit. >> the president also wanted an unlimited debt ceiling increase. that's just, that's clearly somebody who is quite happy to go over the fiscal cliff. >> washington needs to be put on a mega diet. >> so this is the hollow victory, a victory of he revenue with no change in the nation's mark towards the coming breach. >> if we do not take out spending, then the cliff may not seem like a cliff, but will be a downward slide to make us like greece. >> and the republicans willing to tolerate a temporary partial government shutdown and insist that we get off the road to greece?
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because that's the road we're on right now. >> the uncertainly of whether or not we're going to deal with this deficit and the answer is sequestration, is still sort of undermined in the ability of business and investors. >> greta: and you just heard from him. congressman darrell issa, the country would go into a slide like greece. congressman issa, nice to see you. >> nice to have you concentrate on this waste in government, over and above all things we argue about, it slipped into every big bill. >> of course, there is no discussion about waste, i mean, the debate on this fiscal cliff has been about spending and revenues, taxes, but i haven't heard anything about waste from anybody. >> well, and greta, if you would have taken what shouldn't have been in last night's bill out you wofer at least taken it from the 330 billion net increase of
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spending down to something closer to neutral and it might have been more palatable for some republicans, but it was the best excuse in the world to say we're for lower taxes, but not if we're simply passing it on to the next generation. >> greta: you were quoted in the video saying we're on a path to becoming like greece, 26% unemployment rate and if it defaults on its next round it's going to end up getting kicked out of the euro zone. why do you say we're on the path to greece? >> well, because the people in greece continue to reject any kind of real reform because they've been so long denying reality that they think they can do it forever. the americans are not that far from when we had a balanced budget. we're not that far from when we paid for what we consumed. but we've got to get back to it pretty soon because after 12 years you're beginning to build the generation of citizens and even more generation of politicians who think this can go on forever.
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>> greta: what do you think is going to happen with the debt ceiling? people didn't notice, but secretary geithner sent a letter to capitol hill we have hit the debt ceiling. he can now do some sort of maneuvering with the money so we at least have cash for about two months, but we're about to run out of cash and a big fight offer the debt ceiling. what's going to happen? >> first of all, tim geithner, bless his heart, he's a little disingenuous in one sense. >> greta: how can you be a little disingenuous, he's real disinagain news or a little? >> the cash flow, people cashed out capital gains. the fourth quarter was about a lot of people taking gains on which they're going to pay taxes and the first part of this year, the government's going to be flush, through about april 15th, they're going to have the ability to have cash flow he. his idea he can stretch for two months, it's probably more like five, but the real point is, when are we going to say that the budget should be linked to in fact the debt
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ceiling. we put a budget together and whatever amount we're going to deficit spend in the budget we increased the limit and you sign both at the same time because it's one bill. i don't believe in playing chicken with, in fact, the debt ceiling if in fact we've appropriated the money and we're not allowing it to be spent and borrowed and spent, but i am for, saying, you know what? there has to be a once in a year agreement on the budget and it has been ignored. >> greta: for better or worse i've been very hard on harry reid, there's no budget out the senate. the republicans and house submitted one and whether you think those are good budgets or bad budgets they put them on the table for discussion, and senator harry reid, talking to put one in the budget. end of discussion about budget. we have no budget. >> you're exactly right. the president has a budget at best would never get a vote in the senate. it's bloated, but you're right. >> greta: at least his budget, i mean, even if you hate his budget, it puts the discussion in play. senator harry reid
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singlehandedly stops it. >> that's right, he violates the 1974 law. we end up passing -- we didn't just propose a budget we passed a putting sent it to the senate and goes nowhere and then we beam it, we begin acting as if we passed the budget. >> it's a froth. >> the best we can do under the law. >> and like the american people get a little bit, i would think a little disenchanted with all of these games are played. >> one body is doing what they're suppose today do. not all the time, but in the case of the budget paul ryan did what he was suppose today do. you saw the commercial that came out of his saying, this is what it will take to reduce the deficit, not to eliminate it, to reduce it and that's what the president campaigned against. >> actually the the president and party could call senator harry reid and say stop doing this. and-- >> going to get the pork out of the stimulus and didn't. >> complicit in this whole business. so we're going to have this discussion and the republicans say that senator-- or senator mcconnell had an op-ed tonight saying there's
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going to be no more tax increase, none. you smile, you laugh. >> okay. mitch is a long time friend and i believe him-- >> that's usually something that you say about something before you-- >> no, he personally came to see me before i ran for the senate. he was right, i didn't win that one. the fact is, where senator mcconnell will say that, though he means it, he doesn't have the votes. ultimately the problem we have is what we've done, we've taken this 4 trillion dollar slug of heroin and then said we won't do it again. well, the vote the other night was 4 trillion dollars of new deficit, new debt, as a result and then we're saying, well, we're not going to do this. they will be back and they will be saying, if you want to do this, you want to do that, as a matter of fact, what the president will start doing, he'll he renew that 4-1 oh, yeah, give me a dollar in tax and i'll give you $4 in cuts and we did 4 trillion with no cuts. >> is speaker boehner going to
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have problems becoming speaker boehner again? >> no. >> greta: none at all? has he done a good job? >> he's been speaker of the whole house-- >> has he done a good job? >> here is the answer, has he been the republican right wing strongman? no. has he been the speaker of the whole house? sometimes in fact, recognizing that the art of the possible is not in his party alone, yes. is there someone going to challenge him? no, i don't expect it. does he have a dilemma which is ultimately, it isn't working as well as we'd like to, we're not able to message and oh, by the way, we're not united in the most important things the republicans stand for, which is restraining the growth of government? yeah, that's a problem and now through his leadership, i hope with eric cantor and others week fix it. >> greta: a difficult job trying to corral all of those people. >> he's done one thing, we don't do ear marks in the house. you saw the other night and i know that susan is going to talk about it, you saw what was effectively was a ton of
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ear marks coming from the senate and hurricane sandy 30 billion dollars worth of ear marks in it effectively. >> greta: everybody is talking about the fiscal relief bill and the sandy relief bill. here is what they're not telling you, and just mentioned it, both bills of are full of pork. that means, special deals for special people. maybe not to be special people, millions of dollars headed to hollywood and producers. and susan joins us. all right. let's start with some of the pork, special deals for special people. let's start with the fiscal deal. who gets special deals. >> first of all, there's a back story to both of these bills that is important to know, but that the public has a hard time finding out about. for instance, when we're talking about the fiscal cliff bill. there is more than 200 billion dollars worth of pork in there for corporations. and that is in exchange for their support of a tax increase, but the public doesn't know about that.
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they're not aware that the corporate ceo's are going to the white house and visiting with president obama. >> and how about goldman sachs, do they get a deal and part of the visitors in the white house? >> they are, getting a deal in building downtown new york city, the post 9-11 construction, beyond that financing, 1.6 billion. >> greta: 1.6 billion to goldman, sachs. >> they're building high rises and high rise apartments and corporate buildings and bank of america is going to get a cut of that as well. and people consider that sort of like corporate park. >> greta: and then they come out in favor and they say it's a good idea because they got the special deals. >> and in a sense, congressman issa was saying correctly show, earmarks are banned formally banned, but still exist and creep into legislation and i suspect they will, because there's a reason for that. you need to cobble together the votes to pass things and not only to vote, but, that's
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called buying and selling. >> a way to say if, if you're giving special deals to people so you get their public support or their vote, that's exactly right, and not even lawmakers in congress. they need the support of people outside of congress to help sell the deal so that's why they need the corporate ceo's to say, hey, you know, a tax increase isn't such a bad idea, but these guys aren't paying the taxes because they get the money and they're benefitting and not having the tax increase affect them. >> greta: hollywood has been a big supporter of the president. how has hollywood done? >> that's right, they are getting 165 billion dollars for tax breaks to help promote the movie industry. so they're getting a lot of money and this is hollywood. who would think that they would need hundreds of millions of dollars right now? >> and extraordinary that they get these benefits. obviously, they get special deals, special people, and do ads for the president and it's so outrageous when the party is on the verge of fiscal cliff and americans are
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worried about their payroll taxes going up and whatever and they ever they get the special deal. >> that's right, other stuff, too, if you're looking at the hurricane sandy bill which is as-- there's pork, and amtrak, the trains were affected by the storm, but part of that 165 million dollar is going for a train tunnel between new york and new jersey, high speed rail and nothing to do with the storm itself. there's money in sandy for members of congress whose states were affected by other storms because they needed 60 votes. so, harry reid, the majority leader in the senate needed to get some republicans and found some red state republicans who needed money from storm damage from her storms, if you dig through the bill, it's in there. nothing to do with hurricane sandy. >> and people are generous, when people are hurt by storms we want to help and the thing is when the members of congress slide in other things, which afforded this bill for at least a couple of bills. and they slide in and get on the tube, how horrible and
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outrageous and never tell the reason that some people don't like them. not because they're not generous to people who are hurt, but special deals. unrelated to the storm. >> now what's going to happen, prior to today when governor christy and others came out and excoriated the speaker of the house, they were planning to take up this bill in two parts thus allowing some republicans to vote against the stuff they considered pork. one bill was 27 billion in what they considered essential disaster aid and 23 billion which would have been more long-term projects and given republicans a chance to reject some of the-- >> and the people that are hurt are the disaster aid. >> and what happened today, governor christy talking about speaker boehner and criticizing him to the woint the speaker backed down. and take it up in a forum to make it almost impossible not to pass so we won't have that chance to either closely examine what the spending is or reject the stuff expected to be extraneous in the first place.
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>> special deals for special people. >> good to see you, great. don't think that you dodged the money if you make less than $400,000 a year. they found a new way to tax you, too. and the owner of happy works is not happy. nice to see you, mike. >> nice to see you, thanks for having me. >> greta: so did you get any special bill for your business in this fiscal or not? >> we got a little bit. we got an extension of 179, an element of the tax code that allows us to accelerate the way we appreciate assets and hoping to open a new store. >> greta: so that helped you. >> that helped me. >> greta: what about the the fact that the payroll tax is now, it's going to go back to earlier terms? >> all right. that's a huge disappointment to me. >> disappointment and makes it harder to do your would be or is it a job killer, something painful for your expansion? >> well, it hits my employees and my customers. my employees, you know, people
10:16 pm
making, managers making, people making 40, $45,000 a year. it me understandly star immedia their paycheck and it's hard to talk. we've heard the partisan bickering, but when it's done it's on the backs of people who i don't think can afford t you don't like this deal. you said on one hand it helps business? >> i wanted a deal to be done, because the talking and bickering out of the election, after the long arduous slog there. i think that affected people, customers mentalities and people weren't as enthusiastic into the shopping season and it's tough for us, i want a deal done and i honestly thought theyould get this stuff done so we've got the payroll tax and we threw that in there. and got that done and important stuff, it sounds to me like we've kicked that down the road another three to six months, so for the next
10:17 pm
several months we're going to have more of exactly the same kind of stuff that i think people were hoping was behind us after the election. >> greta: i've been critical of this whole democrats and president the fact they've known about this for 18 months and they've gone to the drama of the last days and we didn't make this solved and another thing coming up in two months, sequestration that basically we kicked down. i'm curious, had this been decide today work, even a year ago, would it have made that better for your business, the fact that it's uncertainty has that made it more difficult for you. >> absolutely. first of all, the section-- not knowing whether section 179 would be continued, that alone if i'm going to a bank to say i want to open a new store and here is how i'm going to pay for this, not knowing how i'm going to deal with $250,000 worth of asset purchases, i think that's an important part of the decision
10:18 pm
making process sitting in front of a bank and i think it affects consumer sentiment. i mean, i don't make decisions on things based on the tax codes, i think the decision is whether i think, whether or not i think consumers are going to be spending money and i think if consumers aren't-- are worried about what's going to happen and they're pulling back, then by extension, myself and businesses like mine are going to pull back. >> greta: i'm not so sure these professional politicians never run businesses themselves. i don't think they understand how much they're really part of the problem. the fact that they don't their work, whatever they decide, they decide and once the certainty is put in, people can adjust, but there's a sort of lack of certainty the last 18 months and we continue to be in. they cannot do their jobs, for whatever reason they're the ones who put the big brake on this economy and they're slowing down and hurting america. >> it is shock to go me that this is what we have to do to get the deal done and i'm sitting out in the green room listening to these other
10:19 pm
brakes t inserted in this bill. >> greta: you mean for hollywood and-- how about goldman, sachs? how about goldman sachs? how about the money they get in the break or hollywood? >> i don't know what the truth is, but i can tell you honestly that my people still to this day blame these big banks for getting us into this. yet, we're continuing to give them, to give them breaks of some kind. but, a guy making $41,000 a year is managing one of my stores,'s going to have to pay another 800 or $1,000 in taxes that he didn't have to two years ago. >> it's indecent. >> it is indecent and that social security part of it does that affect the deficit? i mean, it does allowing companies to become insolvent. it doesn't respect the profit and loss side at all. >> greta: mike, thank you. >> thanks for having me. disturbing news out of yemen, al-qaeda has a contract out on
10:20 pm
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>> tonight.
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armed guards standing watch outside a new york newspaper office. the journal news and world is worried, showing maps where gun owners live in new york city suburbs. rockland county editor in chief is here with the latest, dylan, nice to see you and tell me, first of all, what does this newspaper do that has started this huge controversy? >> well, greta, they published a map showing the exact address and names of all gun owners in rockland and westchester counties and permit pistol holders and trying to do it for every county in new york. a lot are reacting badly to this. >> greta: why do they want to do this. i assume this is public record and why are people so enraged? is it a privacy issue? tell me more.
10:24 pm
>> well, people are enraged because they feel like the finger is pointed at them for the sandy hook massacre, not directly, but some of the guilt. it seems like they're trying to point some of the guilt of that on to just ordinary gun owners so that was part of it and then, just the invasion of privacy, having your house on a map, having your name so people can go right up and look at your house, all you do-- all you are is a law abiding citizen and people don't react well to that. >> greta: all right, the now the general news has armed guards, correct. yes, we confirmed this on tuesday, on yesterday, we received a report and the clarkstown police department confirmed that they had a police report that armed guards from new city, new york were there on premises at the rockland county headquarter of the journal news. >> greta: and any reason? do they have threats or-- >> they received thousands upon thousands of phone calls
10:25 pm
and e-mails, not all of them in the most pleasant tone as you can imagine, and they took it as some of them as threatening and they hired armed security. this has been found to be quite ironic by some of my readers, that the newspaper that's been so anti-gun has now hired armed security. >> greta: has the newspaper come out with a statement after publishing the names and addresses? have they made some sort of statement of explanation or even just tried to backpedal this at all? >> not backpedal. they're trying to justify it. their editor, publisher said it's a public service to know where, which people own guns, where they live. but i would like to say there's been some resistance to this. the putnam county has refused to let the information out. first time i've ever seen a
10:26 pm
public official refuse a lawful foia request. so, that will be-- they're holding a press conference tomorrow and also, cancellation of their subscriptions and lawmakers in rockland county are getting together to put a resolution forward looking to make it illegal for these -- for gun owners, permits to be published in newspapers, also, new york state senator is putting a law into the senate. >> greta: one quick question. how big is this newspaper's circulation. >> the journal news? >> uh-huh. >> they -- i mean, i don't have -- i don't work in there, but i'd say 30,000 printed copies and 30 to 100,000, i don't know. >> greta: dylan, thank you and of course i'm anxious to see what happens at the nexpress conference as this story develops. thank you very much. >> so long. >> greta: coming up, a woman
10:27 pm
under arrest after trying to use her food stamp card at wal-mart, but it's what she tried to buy with that food stamp car that got her into big trouble. you're not going to believe this one, it's next. new information tonight about secretary of state hillary clinton, the latest on her treatment for a blood clot near her brain and word tonight from her daughter
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i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. >> just a short time ago,
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secretary of state clinton was released from a hospital. she was treated for a blood clot near her brain. doctors found the clot after a follow-up of a concussion. and since sunday she's been at presbyterian hospital and accord to go a clinton spokesperson, doctors say they are confident she will make a full recovery and the spokesman says that secretary clinton is eager to get back to work, so far no date set for her return and tonight chelsea clinton tweeting, grateful my mom discharged from the honesty and headed home and more grateful her medical team confident she'll make a full recovery. a kentucky woman under arrest and you'll have to hear why she was put in handcuff and why you should be allowed. and editor rick klein joins us, expert in ipad stuff and-- >> what happened to this woman. >> well, she went into a store and she tried to use food stamp cards to buy ipads and when they wouldn't give it to her, she took them. >> greta: and then she was
10:31 pm
arrested? >> she was arrested for her and she did it again. >> greta: did she give any reason or public statement why she thought it was okay to use food stamps to buy an ipad. >> there are strict limitations what you can use them for. but she went in there and spent it as if you could spend it normal cash and that obviously doesn't work. >> greta: well, maybe she didn't understand. >> maybe the not. >> greta: well, the criminal defense lawyer in hee. and now turn to another topic here, washington is abuzz because apparently speaker boehner and harry reid was in a little bit of a-- we're on cable and refer to the f-word. >> this is tensions boiling up. in retrospect, it's surprising it took too long. and these guys clash a lot publicly and privately. harry reid and john boehner are politician from different planets, different styles,
10:32 pm
different philosophy, and different part of the countries and difference in age. and what harry reid was doing when the negotiations were going on, starting to poke john boehner publicly and going around he's a dictator, and how he couldn't lead. john boehner was trying to lead his caucus and harry reid knows how hard this is, the fact that he took that piece of it public is exactly what john boehner took offense to, in a private confines, we've learned about now. >> what's more interesting in this story when he told him to go f-- where did it happen. >> in the white house of all places, of all places, such salty language is hardly uttered in the history of this republic. listen, i think this is a time when the guys worked hard on this, it was hard, it wasn't just a fact that one side wouldn't negotiate with the other. they were dealing with big forces inside their own parties split on this. it wasn't an obvious right answer for democrats or republicans, they were nashing through it and i think that was a leader to leader
10:33 pm
transaction, and you know i'm trying buddy and we both know the game. for you to say that is-- >> and senator harry reid referred to him running a dictatorship in the house. >> that's right. >> greta: it's pretty schoolyard, 7th grade poking a stick in the eye and any tough discussions, i need it and the other people can do it, too. and senator harry reid trying to be juvenile and-- >> he was making two separate arguments one that john boehner was a dictator and one that he's powerless. they kind of contradict each other. you control the senate, you control the schedule and the floor and this whole thing there's a lot of chamber and chamber. and you vote in the house and they wanted to know what the solution was and people to come up with something. >> greta: a lot easier to control the senate, less
10:34 pm
people and the votes are less high risk, a little safer no matter what you do. and your constituents will get offer it in five years, six years, whatever the term. it was nasty to take a poke at boehner. >> i think it is, the senators with a 60 feet threshold, and one's called the hurting calf in his book the. >> greta: speaker boehner is speaker boehner? >> i expect so. he doesn't expect a serious challenge to arise. i thought that he handled it as good as he could ophope to. they had to play a delicate hand and when eric cantor voted-- >> wait, are they friend or different ideologies or-- >> this is fantastic. he's waiting in the wings if boehner stumbles in this. there's an element of good
10:35 pm
cop, bad cop. he was being read the right act. however, number two, at the same time listening to the membership, knowing the majority of republicans think this is a bad deal. to have one member of that leadership team play the bad cops and the other one play the good cop and say, look, i understand you've got concerns and i'm going to take this with you and the same vote you're taking. i think it may have helped boehner in terms of holding on to the speakership and knowing there are members of the team giving sympathy to the side. >> and buildings being compared to criminals and nasa is doing that. and in two minutes, jamie foxx, cameron diaz, some of them
10:36 pm
10:37 pm
>> watch out hollywood. gun rights activists calling hollywood stars hipocrits. and making their own members, and they're filling them with the actors own gun-filled movies. >> aurora, fort hood. >> oak creek, newtown. (bleep). >> newtown. >> newtown.
10:38 pm
>> newtown. >> how many more? >> how many more? >> how many more colleges? >> how many more classrooms. >> greta: okay, i can understand why people like that. well, you agree, a bunch o
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
oi. president obama signing the bipartisan fiscal cliff bill in hawaii, after the president resumed a vacation with his family. the legislation boosts taxes on the wealthiest americans and prevents taxes on the middle class from going up and extens expiring unemployment benefits. the house gave its final approval on tuesday night. the children who escaped the shooting rampage at the sandy hook elementary school are going back to class just hours from now. a scallr school -- a school in nearby monroe was opened for them. the new school is being remaim named for theirole one, where on december 14, a gunman shot 20 students and 6 adults before killing himself. now back to greta. i'm lauren green, now back to on the record. >> a radio host is calling for the u.s. to outlaw
10:41 pm
billionaires, you heard right. here is what tom hartman said on his radio show. >> i think we should have a wealth tax, and all wealth beyond 1 billion dollars should be taxed at 100% rate. if you can't make it on a thousand million dollars, a billion dollars is a thousand million dollars, if you can't make it on a billion dollars, well, there's no-- therefore, there's nobody who can't make it on a billion dollars. so, any wealth over a billion dollars, 100% of it goes to help those of us who have less. you call it redistribution of wealth, that's fine and i'm perfectly comfortable with that language. i think we should heout law billionaires. >> greta: outlaw billionaires, really? if you can't live on a thousand-- >> i usually try to be respectful of people with different views, there's no way to be respectful of that.
10:42 pm
it's a completely idiotic argument that has no basis in economic theory, doesn't make any sense on its statement and wouldn't do much to solve the federal government's fiscal problems right now. >> greta: so, i was curious when i heard that, to sort of say things like, oh, outlaw the billionaires and i couldn't tell if he was like really serious or just sort of, you know-- >> maybe it was like radio schtick. >> greta: radio schtick and i don't know how we tell, but sort of like he's just saying stuff. but in this environment, it wouldn't be surprising to have somebody make that argument seriously. i mean, the problem is, among many, many other problems, the problem is where do you draw that line? he draws it at a billion dollars. what's to say if in a few years we find ourselves further in the hole which we will. somebody doesn't say, yeah, anybody can live on 100 million dollars. actually 10 million dollars is plenty. really, a million dollars, who can't live on a million dollars? we keep having that line move down, as i say, it doesn't solve our problems, we have
10:43 pm
425 billionaires in the united states with an average net worth of about 4 billion dollars each. if you confiscated all of their wealth, all of it in its entirety, it would basically take care of the u.s. deficit for one year. it does nothing to solve our long-term fiscal problems. >> greta: i don't think at that people realize, i haven't met a lot of billionaires, but read a lot about them. bill gates has done an enormous amount of good with his money in africa and people, billionaires making all sorts of contributions around the world doing good things, it's not like they're sitting around eating chocolates and watching tv and doing nothing, counting their money. a lot of billionaires are doing fine things around the world and here in the united states. >> whether they're doing it for charity or whether they're reinvesting if their own company and new technology and employing more people. all of that i think is doing some good, but bill gates is a perfect example. he's worth 66 billion dollars. if you took his money away, the u.s. government borrows 4
10:44 pm
billion dollars a day. so, if you took bill gates' money away, confiscated it tomorrow, it wouldn't cover the amount of money that the u.s. government borrows for a month. so, it doesn't solve our problems, to tax the rich, to take their wealth. it doesn't do anything to solve our long-term problems. >> greta: is this more just sort of that a the lot of people have suggested that there's a -- that people don't like rich people, sort of a war on rich people. >> yeah. >> greta: is that what this is, and a lot to be admired in this country. most people billionaires probably earned it or came up with a good idea. >> sure. >> greta: i don't know if anyone's inherited and doing good with this and even if they're eating chocolate and watching tv, it's their prerogative. is it a hatred of that or ideology, maybe we'd be better off if we did that. >> maybe some combination of both. if you look at what the president has done the past four years, the way he's
10:45 pm
talked about the the rich and wealthy, he usually has a line in the speeches, look, i'm not trying to demonize the wealthy, but in many cases goes on and demonizes the wealthy. >> greta: and he gave goldman, sachs -- he likes the rich. >> the president has been doing this the course of the first term. after this time last year where he had the state of the union where he talked about the buffet rule and made his arguments which were in effect acts suggesting, implying that the wealthiest among us don't pay their fair share, that was the basis of much of his campaign for the past year. i think in some cases he denigrated hard work. he did it in the speech that got so much attention and at the same time suggesting that millionaires or billionaires somehow are deserving of the money that they've made. i think he's contributed to the problem. >> i actually think that the radio host though, i think that the-- i think that he's just talking. i don't think he really-- >> and give him the benefit of the doubt. that's giving him the benefit
10:46 pm
of the doubt. >> greta: do you know this guy? >> i don't know him. i've heard of him, but don't know him. >> greta: it's interesting, but it's too bad that the narrative unfortunately has been rich versus poor and the fight over entitlements and everything and it's unfortunate the narrative in this country is no longer how do we reach down and help those who really need help and give them opportunity, narrative is no longer how do we help people. the narrative is it's completely changed in this country and it's too bad. >> it's not only not how do we help people, but people aren't encouraged to do for themselves. >> i mean, we help them do for themselves. help them create these. >> right. >> greta: instead all out war, us against them and the rich, some people don't like the rich, some people are squawking about, you know, entitlements and people just taking something and the narrative in the country has changed. >> one of the great things about the country going back historically is the fact that people who find themselves in the lowest income quinntiles are more likely to be upper income 20 years down the road than the lower income.
10:47 pm
but we don't hear those stories nearly as much. >> steve, thank you. and speaking of billions, 10 billion, that's how much americans spent on energy drinks in 2012. the popular drinks claiming to give not only a big jolt, but a mental and physical edge. are the drinks delivering or are we being had? >> greta, the latest craze sweeping the nation to the tune of 10 million dollars in sales alone just last year, it's the high powered energy drinks full of caffeine, and who knows what else, and promising to give you the ultimate edge on your daily lives and grabbing headlines as to whether it really works or even good for you. it's gotten congress's attention, too. congressman, democrat of massachusetts wrote this letter to the ftc, asking them to investigate the marketing practices. dr. rowland griffith is a professor of psychiatry and
10:48 pm
neuro science at johns hopki hopkins. >> i see energy drinks as another delivery nor caffeine, caffeine is the most widely used mood altering drug in the world. all of these drinks contain at tides like toreine, and b vitamin and a host of claims made that the additional ingredients somehow interact and produce a different effect. that remains to be shown scientifically. the big new difference is that the energy drinks are being marketed for performance enhancement to increase concentration and they're being targeted toward what i see as kind of a vulnerable population. there's a lot of down side cultural risk to promoting drug use in that form. so, in that sense, it's a new marketing message and perhaps may be-- have some embedded dangers in it.
10:49 pm
>> now, we reached out to all the major energy drink companies for comment, but only five responded selling in us port. five hour energy is intended for busy adults who need a boost, not marketed to children. regulated by and complies with the dietary supplement and health education act as regulated by the u.s. food and drug administration and the the f.d.a.'s current good manufacturing practice regulations. >> straight ahead. very distressing news out of the yemen tonight. al-qaeda offered to pay for someone to murder our ambassador. a live report from yemen is next.
10:50 pm
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>> greta: brace yourself for this one. al qaeda in yemen offering
10:53 pm
$160,000 to anyone who murders our u.s. ambassador in yemen and $23,000 for anyone that kills an american soldier in yemen. from the yemen post joins us wlitest. tell me what is going on with this? >> it's very clear u.s. ambassador to yemen is very active with politics inside for sure and that comes to a turning point for yemen to become a failed state. al yaed does not have support or expand in territories when yemen succeeds in politics so al qaeda wants yemen to fail to ensure that it has a stronger base and this is where the u.s. ambassador comes into the picture. he has been active to make sure all political parties in yemen become very, very practical. and to help the movement
10:54 pm
continue in the right pace. so he's been very active and this has caused him to be that, perhaps... >> greta: cha what is the view of americans, american government in yemen by these people there? >> it's not a secret that u.s. drones in yemen have played a negative affect on the u.s. sentiment in the country. u.s. did have a very good reputation in yemen for a good partner to yemen in helping the country but yes. but u.s. drones have killed many of the top al yaeda leaders but at the same time, many drone strikes cost many civilian deaths with all of the -- times. so al qaeda is using some of the u.s. mistakes, trying to put more pressure on the u.s.
10:55 pm
ambassador and u.s. government. but... what i see, after these threats towards the u.s. ambassador and u.s. soldiers, u.s. ambassador was outside on the streets again one day after the threats given. so these do not affect the ambassador. he continue his mission to try to help the political parties in yemen go forward. and we do that these threats will oir very cultural.
10:56 pm
this is not been the case in yemen. rarely do you see them. >> greta: jakim, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> greta: there is new pain in july air, gunman opened fire during a midnight showing over the midnight showing of batman. tonight families of the murder victims outrage bid an invitation to the reopening of the movie theater asking them to attend a special evening of remembrance when it reopens this month. the family calling the invitation disgusting and apalling and sending scathing response to cinemark saying we didn't think anyone or anything could make our grief worse but you have managed to do just that by sending us an invitation two days after christmas inviting us to
10:57 pm
attend the reopening of your theater where our loved ones were massacred. families are calling for a boycott of the movie theater. and coming up, a camera man becomes a star of the sport he's covering. you have to see this. you u u u u
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10:59 pm
>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, time for last call. usually when camera men come into contact with sports th'r


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