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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:59pm PST

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the come back. houston oilers corner back and moon had four touchdown passes and the quarter opened one a pick six to make it 35 to three. buffalo started its rally with the very next drive and bills backup cube b frank like in for injured hall of famer jim kelly would find receiver andre read to three touchdown passes. bills kicker, steve criminals city put the game in the bag, cementing what analysts still call the greatest come back in nfl history 20 years ago today. congratulations bills. i wish they would have had that kind of season this year. that is a fox report for thursday, january 3rd, 2013. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. we'll be back tomorrow "studio b." 3:00 p.m. eastern. noon pacific and the factor is up next.
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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> let's give an intensive to work and let's ask the most fortunate in our society, including me and you to do our fair share. >> bill: oh yeah? well the "new york times" is reporting that al gore wanted to dodge the higher capital gains tax by closing a big deal last week and the deal is selling his foolish far left network to al jazeera, the anti-american network. we'll have a special report entitled is al gore a hypocrite? >> i think right now it has to be the safest school in america. our goal is to make it a safe and secure learning environment for the kids to return to. surviving children in new town connecticut go back to school amidst a new controversy. should all american schools hire armed guards? and a factor exclusive, the marine released from a mexican prison just before christmas is now experiencing severe health problems directly related to his incarceration. we will talk with corporal
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john hamner's doctor tonight. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is al gore a hypocrite. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. back in 1948 little al gore with born with a silver spoon in his mouth and maybe, maybe it should have stayed from. father an oil man and senator of the united states raised al in privilege. he became a champion of the left in adulthood. cashing in big time on the global warming issue. the former vice president used some of that money to then invest in a far left cable network that has been a collosal failure. so al-and his merry men decided to sell that network. according to the "new york times" today, they wanted to
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close the deal last week to avoid the higher capital gains tax this year. sounds like good business sense, right? here's what is confusing. just two months ago. old al gave an interview to the reuters news service and said this. >> the single most popular proposal we had was to reduce taxes on working people and lift the higher rate. let's give an incentive to work and let's ask the most fortunate in our society, including me and you. >> yeah. >> to do our fair share. >> bill: to do our fair share. isn't that fascinating? so, what is our fair share? oh, i guess that means selling assets at the lower capital gains rate. and it even gets worse. al gore sold his cable network to, wait for it, al jazeera, the anti-american network out of gutter which recently ran a documentary sympathetic to
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usama bin laden. >> this is the story of bin laden, through the eyes of people who met him. >> he was very conscious of his appearance. he would touch his robe. >> when he looked me in the eyes and he was answering my questions, he had the tone and manner of an old uncle. >> oh, an old uncle who is a mass murderer. now when you think about it, this is really stunning, a former vice president of the united states selling his far left cable operation to anti-americans and then trying to jam the deal to avoid taxes to the federal government. talking points believes al gore has shamed himself simply by selling to al jazeera which will now have access to about 40 million more american homes. i'm not for censuring al jad that's what they do in the islamic world. we are better than that here. this is just sleazy, al. this is disgraceful. perhaps the "new york times" got it wrong and al gore did not try to avoid paying higher
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taxes. if that's the case, we will be happy to correct the record and give mr. gore all the time he wants on the record to set things straight. but i think we all know that old al-isn't coming on this program. he never has and i didn't believe he ever will because we have problems with hypocrites in the no spin zone. and al well knows it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. also president obama's immigration gun control point of view, which is coming up. with us, bob beckel one of the co-host of the five here on fnc. let's get to al gore first. this article in the "new york times" written by a liberal guy. >> right. >> so he is not looking to harpoon gore. looks like it's true. he tried to jam the thing last week to get the lower capital gains and you say? >> i would say 20% of it and one of his partners joe hyatt who i know big conservative businessman of course any will get in more capital gains make more money.
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>> bill: don't you think it's hypocritical? >> did i think gore let me wait until january 2nd so i can pay more money out? no. he is still going to pay money on it. >> bill: the "new york times" reports that gore himself wanted the deal to go down in december so he could pay the lower. >> i don't know many people including me and i'm pretty far left. >> i would do the same thing but al gore two months later goes hey, we have got to pay our fair share. where is our fair share. >> he will pay his fair share and so will you and so will i? >> bill: you have no problem with him doing this? >> i have no problem at all do i think it's hypocritical? yes it is a little bit. is he making money on it got to pay taxes ton and so do you and so do i. >> what i'm squeezing out of you, beckel is he a little hypocritical. >> i will llweleyn you it's a little hypocritical, yeah. >> al jazeera, a long line of atrocities against the united states. one of their big men exarts
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commentators. he accuses the american media, that means you and me of being like the nazis. that we're horrible people and america is horrible place. yet al gore says his network to them. and you say? >> and i say you think for a second they are going to run that kind of program here? they are going to pay 500 million bucks to run a bunch of shows america is terrible? anybody going to watch that? >> yeah. al gore and his far left crew. >> i'm not -- i know you are not going to watch it i think they are are going to use it commercial reasons. >> bill: you don't mind him selling to al jazeera. >> i don't mind him selling to anybody. it's a free market. that's what you are for. >> bill: i'm for free market. i'm thinking about former vice president. >> if they can make it here, they can make it anywhere, right? >> did you ever hear the say buying mockvelly. you just finished my book so i know that. did you ever see the saying if you dine with the devil bring
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a long spoon. >> it's an excellent book. >> that saying means you shouldn't really be dealing with people like al jazeera. you kind of avoid them. yet, al gore, taking their money, you know, it's sleazy. >> 20%. he owned 20% of it. four partners. if you had that on the table. >> i wouldn't deal with al jazeera. >> you wouldn't? if i said on the factor i'm for higher taxes as al gore did, i wouldn't try to jam the thing call me craze. >> i'm not going to call you crazy i'm going to call you very well off. >> i wouldn't do it. >> i understand what you are saying here but you are fine. >> president obama has now got to deal with immigration reform, all right? >> right. >> what do you think is he going to do? >> i think he is going to get immigrationcally? >> specifically what i think is going to do people stay here. get in line pay their taxes it will get through because if not the republic party will
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cease to exist. >> do you think it will be total amnesty? i don't think it's going to be amnesty. i think they have to pay a fine and pay taxes. >> bill: that's all a fine and taxes what do you want to do line them up and shoot them? >> bill: no. i don't want to line them up and shoot them. i have a very reasonable plan. you would register. the government could when he can you out. then if you checked out as a law abiding good person, then they would give you a pathway for a number of years and you would pay extra and then you might get citizenship, but it would be in a very orderly process in conjunction you would beef up the border so there wouldn't be hoards of people. >> you and i'm not sure is he going to call it factor plan. >> he should though. he might get votes from the other side. >> if it's a vote it won't happen. >> factor plan gun control what is he going to do?
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bring back the assault weapons ban and he should. if it's up to me it wouldn't be no handguns. the assault weapons ban brought into effect. >> try to get the assault weapons. you can't sell them anymore. what is he going to do? >> or manufacture or distribute them. what is he going to do with all of the assault hand weapons? >> i would hope what would happen is as they are caught. going to be able to keep them. >> why do you need those things they are not for hunting deer they are for hunting people. people who want to keep those things in their house other in my mind are they going to protect themselves? i keep hearing about 12 million people defend themselves against guns every year that's crap. that's nra sponsored. >> bill: i'm not going to get in a gun control debate with you. >> goofed because you would never win. >> you wouldn't win. >> bill: you believe it's just going to be assault weapons in the handguns leave alone. >> i think he has to. >> bill: this guy paul krugman
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whiner teaches out of princeton. he called the president a wimp which i thought was disrespectful. he said he was wimpy in the fiscal debate we don't know why since you are a man of the left krugman talks about a lot of thing. when you sit in ivory tower in princeton and talks about what can and can't be done. is he not in washington. >> bill: why does he think the president is a wimp. >> he didn't get what he thought he should get. 250,000 above. >> bill: so no compromise? the position he went in is the position he should come out with. krugman's probably he is has never served a day in something reasonably involved in negotiations. >> bill: so you are happy with the fiscal thing. >> i wish it would have been 250,000 but it wasn't. >> bill: no? >> i will tell you one thing, the news here is that you and i will both be paying more taxes and we should. >> bill: we should? >> absolutely. >> bill: not al gore. >> he will pay more in taxes. >> bill: i think the deal went down. >> just a little bit
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hypocritical, remember? >> bill: i think al jazeera jobbed gore and they didn't sign the deal january 2nd. i think that's what happened and he have to pay the higher thing. unless i have bring back dance fever then i will watch it then i would. next on the run down, laura ingraham will react to beckel. newspaper printing the names of people who have purchased gun permits. that could be dangerous upcoming. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact
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over the top. don't you think? i want to know what you think, was i too tough on gore or what? >> no, first of all on the gore deal. big al gore, i mean he goes up and down but i like big al. is he a big presence. big presence in our political history and big money. big al gore is now big oil gore because of this current deal. i mean after all of the hot air. he has admitted about the oil and gas industry and fossil fuels, he ends up making a boat load of cash off of a gutter based company, al jazeera, buying current tv. now, if you are just a pure capitalist and making a money play i have no problem with that and more power to him. you are saying al jazeera financed by big oil money. >> big oil. >> bill: goes into al gore's pocket na addition to the "new york times" alleging al gore
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tried to jam the deal in order to get the capital gains. >> he is being smart like any taxpayer should be before the tax increases went into effect. and he made sure that thing got done. i don't know if there was a timing deal or not but if he did do it because of that. >> i saw it. so he did that and now, you know, the dirty money that is oil money is apparently fueling the -- does he still have that 10,000 square foot nashville house no solar so the man who always asks us to sacrifice just like obama can't blow your money in vegas but we will blow $7 million of the taxpayer's money or whatever it is costing in hawaii. everyone else should sacrifice except them. it's typical and why people are sick of politicians. >> bill: you don't think gore is a little hypocrite he is a giant hypocrite. >> it is what is. am i surprised? no. it's not going to get all that
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much coverage the oil aspect on some of our other cable networks. >> it's al gore. if you did it or a conservative or i did it would be all over the place. it's black out city. amnesty play? what is it going to be? >> we know from just the last 24 hours, bill, where the president tweaked the rules, applying to illegal immigrants currently here who now don't have to go home and leave the country and reapply for visas and barred from coming back 3 to 10 years. that rule is basically done away with by the stroke of a pen a rule making by this president. executive fiat. >> he did it very secretly and got on the plane in hawaii. >> late at night. several hundred thousand people are now going to be added to the 1.2 million dreamers, the younger people who can stay here. he has already done a lot. i think now he thinks wow i got the republicans on the defensive.
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we have republicans who say we have a disaster on our hands with latino votes. so i'm going to go for as much as i can possibly go for on the amnesty front. as many relatives can come in. >> you think it's going to be a big okay everybody here come on in. >> the only question is is how the republicans act. went for him big and maybe that's the pay back. beckel says just assault weapons, and you say? >> i don't think so. the assault weapon formulation is usually inaccurate and not all that helpful. to know where obama is going to go. i think you have to look at dianne feinstein's web site. she is a smart lady and been in the senate for a long time. he was very unhappy when that assault weapons ban lapsed after 1994 crusade to get that thing past. now you can read sorry for the formulation but bullet points on what she is going to put in her legislation next week or the week after. it's more expensive than the original assault weapons ban. a lot of second amendment
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types think it applies to semiautomatic pistols just just the serrie looking ar bush master. >> bill: you think the president is going to get behind the feinstein bill? >> absolutely. laura has started a new syndicated radio program happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. >> bill: corporal john hammer hospitalized bad shape after being released from prison. we will talk to his doctor in a few minutes. factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: gak tore follow up segment tonight. as you may know the factor and
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the fox news channel were instrumental in getting john hammar released from a mexican prison a couple of weeks ago. mr. hammar was incarcerated last august on bogus gun charges and was actually chained to his bed at one point and endured much in that filthy prison. now the corporal is experiencing some major health problems which required hospitalization. joining us from miami, dr. tomas who is currently treating the corporal. doctor, let's walk through this. so, corporal hammar gets released from the prison in mat morose, he comes across the border. he is picked up by his father and the two begin to drive back to south florida. but he has to stop in louisiana and go into a hospital. why? >> well, actually, after he was let go by the prison, he started experiencing a lot of fever, diarrhea and headaches and actually vom miss as well. he was immensely dehydrated he couldn't tolerate working his way down to miami so he was
5:24 pm
treated over in lafayette. >> he drives from brownsville, texas to lafayette, louisiana, and all the while he is sick. so you have to assume that he was sick in the mexican prison in whatever brought the illness on happened there, correct? >> yes, sir. as a matter of fact, actually his symptoms started between 7 or 10 days prior to being let go. started having copious amounts of diarrhea, having more than five bowel movements a day. not tolerating taking anything orally as well. and then the fevers and the headaches started actually occurring once he was let go in texas itself. he just could not tolerate the drive to miami and was around lafayette, louisiana is where they decided to stop in the emergency room. >> bill: what was genesis of the illness what was wrong with him? >> it would be a combination of being so severely dehydrated from the diarrhea itself. he received a lot of iv fluids. several liters worth. did a lumbar puncture while he was in lafayette. >> bill: they work him up in lafayette.
5:25 pm
lumbar puncture means looking for symptoms of meningitis, right? >> that's one of the things. it also could be some other causes but the most common being meningitis. >> bill: okay. so then he gets back in the car answered arrives in miami and then you see him. what kind of condition was he in? >> he arrived in miami. his main complaint the diarrhea is improved. he was having severe headaches. particularly when he was standing up. and he was very uncomfortable. he was still a little dehydrated as well. we thought the most common cause we call post lumbar puncture headaches. common among young men in their 20's. occurs 10 to 30% of the time after lumbar puncture. >> bill: all of this stuff happened because he was treated poorly in the mexican prison, correct? >> he was just so severely he did not have access to enough food and water. we found multiple mosquito bites through the his entire body. he lost a lot of muscle tone. he lost over 15 pounds as well. he was in a bad state.
5:26 pm
nothing notifies for him going forward? fortunately it's very positive. good thing he came out of prison at the time he did. truth is that diarrhea is one of the most common cause of death around the world. one in five deaths occur around the world from diarrhea it's very fortunate he came out at the time that he did. >> bill: all right. we're happy that happened. i'm surprised at his condition. he comes out of that prison he is in as you put it very serious shape where he had to be in the hospital. he gets out of the hospital. you get ahold of him. so one can just imagine if he had remained in the prison we could have lost johnny when
5:27 pm
you speak to the corporal. does he tell you about what happened to h inside? we're going to speak to him what has he said to you. >> actually not much when we first had the opportunity of meeting him he wasn't feeling very well he was having horrible headaches. once he started feeling better, he was somewhat cryptic in his answers, he wasn't ready to speak on specifics on his experience while he was there. >> we are going to wait until you feels much lower and we hope we will get him on this program. doctor we appreciate you coming on this evening. some of you have asked about helping the hammar family with expenses. they really appreciate it but they would rather you donate to the rehab center that helped john with his prost traumatic stress situation and that the pathway home in california's napa valley. plenty more ahead. the surviving children in new town connecticut return to school today amidst the national controversy. should all schools in america hire armed guards?
5:28 pm
and then. >> megyn: begin kelly on a newspaper in the united states printing the names of gun owners how dangerous is that watters world up ahead. why is hawaii so liberal? we will find out and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. i have the flu... i took theraflu, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is theraflu doesn't treat your cough. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a cough suppressant. great. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu fights your worst flu symptoms, plus that cough with a fast acting cough suppressant. [ sighs ] thanks!... [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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this is nothing new. this has been going on for a long time. when i was d.a. i worked with the state police to bring police officers into the schools. what they do is they make sure that there isn't a problem like this. they deal with gang violence. they deal with drugs and they become friends with a lot of these kids. i think it's important. >> bill: schools in west chester county where you were the d.a. that had as they do in new york city that had armed police officers. >> we would bring the in the state police as resource officers. >> bill: if you had a bad school with a lot of via
5:32 pm
license you would bring the police officers in. >> right. >> bill: there is a school now uma for every school. newtown was about as benign a place as you can possibly go. now they have got guys with bazookas out there. armed guards but also to arm the teachers this might be an overreaction. a few years ago if you would have asked me this question i would have said the same thick. now, after having been a journalist covering these stories for some years one shooting after the next. i have seen that this thing is becoming so big and so out of control that i think for parents' sake, so parents can feel safer i have a daughter in school who is right now in middle school they have armed guards there and they are now training teachers on how to better protect themselves in situations like this. they are not yet saying. >> bill: are you for arming teachers as the nra is. >> in a way that do you on airplanes. you have. >> bill: a marshall? >> something to the effect that they are spread out throughout the school. >> bill: i don't think we should be arming the teachers.
5:33 pm
i think that if the teacher feels threatened because i was a teacher and the teacher wants to get a permit on their own and take the test and all of that, i have no objection to that at all. but, you know, as far as compelling teachers. >> what if somebody comes into their classroom and inadvertently they are not able to get the door closed. there is a problem. >> what if lightning comes down and hits you in the head. the statistics show this kind of violence in schools very rare. however, i don't object to having a security guard, an armed security guard or two on campus. i don't know why people would object to that. other than to say it frightens the children and sends a wrong message to the children. >> that's hogwash are kids afraid to go into public buildings and airports. it's a question of what they are used to. there are studies, bill that show that a lot of kids have absolutely no problem with it. it doesn't affect them at all. >> bill: they get used to it. >> bill: i think it's security too. >> you can't arm a teacher, you know auto why? because when the police respond, they don't know if the teacher is the guy who is
5:34 pm
creating the problem or is. >> bill: in some states you can arm teachers because they have a trite to carry and if they want to arm themselves they could. you can't stop it because they are a teacher. >> there is a federal law that is the gun free school zone. >> bill: all school zones are gun free. >> right unless there is an exception. >> bill: you would have that exception on a teacher recommendation maybe depends on the state. >> bill: so we're all agreeing here that it's not a bad thing to have armed security guards. should it be mandatory. it's going to cost money. should it be mandatory to have it or should it be at the school board's discretion? >> i think it should be the school board's discretion. i don't think it should be mandatory. i do think there should be an argument said that to show that district why it's in their best interest to have armed guards on campus. >> here is what you do. you have got 64% of americans believe there should be armed guards. but it should be the decision of the school district and then the bigger issue, bill, is who they hire these independent contractors, these
5:35 pm
security companies or police officers, do they create their own independent. >> bill: they have to go outside. the police are the police. they have to respond and in a small town you might be able to do it. but in a city like new york, it has to be, you know, discretionary. there are a lot of security services can you hire that can do this kind of work. >> you are the police officer, bill. you have someone who is very familiar with handling a gun, call his own pd saying officer down they are going to respond to him like that. >> bill: in new york city? come on. you can't put nypd in every school in this city you don't have enough resources to do it. >> the issue is the money. does it come from the federal government in the local government,. >> there is no money. >> bill: we're out. we have no money. >> what about the fact when you talking about children you say innocence lost and all. at the same time i think children are much more aware today than ever before about what is going on in the world. >> bill: i'm not buying that argument. i think that children feel safer. >> they do feel safer.
5:36 pm
>> bill: police officer and scwawrt guard in uniform saying look i'm here to protect you. the child feels good. >> tell them why they are there to protect you and to understand that. >> bill: if they are over 4. they know why they are there. ladies, thanks very much. when we come right back, megyn kelly on a vicious controversy right here in new york city. the newspaper presenting the names and addresses of gun owners. kelly is next.
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5:38 pm
5:39 pm
>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. the journal news, a newspaper based in white plains, new york, just north of new york city is publishing the names and addresses of handgun permit holders in their area. west chester county is cooperating with the newspaper. putnam county isn't. they claim the newspaper is putting lives in danger. the controversy is so intense that the journal has hired armed guards to protect its facilities. here now attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> how is that for irony. >> i want to commonly walk through this. so it's a liberal newspaper. you know that right? >> yeah. you live up there now in that area. >> the state senator was on my program yesterday he said this paper is way to the let of the "new york times." it's a gannett paper and way to the left. they are on jihad the journal news to have more gun control
5:40 pm
and prohibit people from buying guns. they put in their paper everybody who has applied for a gun permit. one of those people is jeanine pirro who you just saw is a culture warrior. she is an xdo people might want to hurt her so she has guns to protect herself. so they put her name and her address in the paper. that, in my opinion, puts jeanine pirro in danger. >> it does. and it's not just west chester county but it's also rock land county. two counties subjected to this, third county putnam. clerk in putnam says. no you don't have the legal right to it. >> they do have the legal ride right to it. i think there is some room for challenge but they have the legal right to. >> bill: because of the freedom of information act in new york state. >> connecticut they say the reason they did this. >> bill: can't get the info in connecticut. >> connecticut has law to protect gun owner's. >> bill: all should have that law. this invasion of privacy.
5:41 pm
not only does it put people like janine in danger but it also gives burglars, robbers, a little manifesto here is who has the gun and here who doesn't. that's not hypothetical. tennessee happened same way as they did now. mit did a study to see what was the effect. the effect was the homes without guns the burglaries increased. the burglars are not all stupid. criminals are not all stupid. they looked at the list. >> bill: if you are a burglar what are you going to do? what happen people domestic violence victims or who otherwise have a security issue in their life via stalking what have you. now the person who is targeting them need only consult the little map provided by the journal news to find out whether they have a gun. and if they are not on there as a gun owner. then it's basically like you know what you have to do to get them. >> this is hypothetical this conversation right now. but the other stuff isn't
5:42 pm
hypothetical. the. >> the retired cops are upset. >> bill: everybody is upset. >> people like janine who put criminals in jail. >> bill: except the far left loons who want to go around the second amendment and taser people who -- law abiding people who have guns legally. >> it's true that mostly people are against. this if you look at the web site, they are all against it. >> off the chart. i will tell you just today a woman stopped meal and said it's an interesting discussion you had on your show about this i as a mother i think if my kids are going to go over and play with other kids i might like to know whether they have guns in their house. i might click on the link. >> bill: that doesn't override the danger privacy. >> this is not where the journal news wanted it to stop. they wanted to find out not only get names and addresses what kind of guns have you and how many and they were going to publish that, too. the county clerks in west chester the guy in putnam says no to all of it. >> the newspaper now has hired
5:43 pm
armed gug guards ironic. because obvious there there are nuts on the other side. note my words there are nuts on the other side. who would do violence. in a situation like this as well. and the newspaper goes, all right, so now we'll get armed guards. >> we might need a gun to protect ourselves from the other extremist. >> this is very dicey. even though the law says it's legal. that it's public information if you are a pistol permit holder. >> it shouldn't be public information. >> there is public policy argument to be made here. you have your second amendment rights. you can be publicly shamed humiliated and endangered if you exercise them. don't hurt anybody. fire one have them in your house. >> you can be held up in disparagement. absolutely. one reason why the clerks can withhold the information if it's going to go to a telemarketer for marketing purposes or some bs. >> bill: everybody should do what connecticut did.
5:44 pm
everybody adopt the connecticut law. in maryland a little tyke went like this in school bing bing bing bing, got suspended, are you kidding me? >> it's not as egregious as it sounds at first. it turns out aconsideredding to the records, this kid has three incidents in the same day. >> how old is he? >> only 6. >> six years old at the roscoe knicks elementary school. >> in maryland. according to the administrators he was spoken to about it by a vice principal. >> what did he do. >> used is i sars and pretended they were a gun earlier the same day. omade sis sores into a gun what else? >> vice principal and counselor sat down and talked with him. talked with the parents if there is any other incident he going to get it can't make no gun gestures. >> i would have been in
5:45 pm
solitary confinement all over the place. >> in the school's defense it's a different day. >> i think this is insane and insane overreaction. >> they warned the family and warned the child. this is the third former teacher. >> sis sores he made into a gun i third time in day he had disobeyed them. >> he is 6. he probably felt that the way i did. all right. this is insane. and this was probably a protest by this six-year-old. >> i will say this. >> saying you know this is what i'm thinking your know tolerance. i can point my finger if pointing your financinger is a felony i am in prison for life. come on. >> tonya reiman would be the first to. >> bill: i can't believe you are sticking up for the school this is so insane.
5:46 pm
>> do i think that the suspension is too much. >> bill: suspended the kid. >> having threatened the kid with killing him and that will be on his permanent record that's too much. i think you disobey three times in a day. the vice principal. >> bill: there are ways to deal with that rather than kicking the kid out of school and making segment on the o'reilly factor come on. >> did you that. >> bill: i didn't do that i'm reporting the news. kelly is sympathetic. i can't believe it there she is. in a moment a wild watters world in hawaii. perhaps the most liberal state in the nation. >> why is hawaii such a liberal state? explain that to me. >> implanted,. >> explain what liberal means first. [ laughter ] >> do you know what liberal means? >> no. ha ha ha. >> bill: there you go, watters moments away. joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the t recover from hurricane sandy.
5:47 pm
we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion. for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow.
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>> back of the book segment tent, watters world, as you may know we sent the intrepid factor correspondent to hawaii a couple weeks ago to check out the president's plans. he is still there, the president. while watters was there he looked at why hawaii is so liberal. ♪ ♪ [siren] >> why is hawaii such a liberal state? >> i don't really realize it it's liberal. >> uh. >> explain what liberal means first. >> do you know what liberal means? >> no. >> let history of government dependence and the people who have been in power for years basically want to have the government take care of them unfortunately. >> if everyone is stone drunk they don't work. >> the freedom gets lost between the beach and the office. what happens is man people are going okay we want things given to us rather than
5:51 pm
earning things. >> you are a republican in hawaii? >> yes. >> how does that feel? you need a friend? do you need a hug? [ laughter ] democrats control every level of government in hawaii. the state income tax rate is 11%. the highest in the country. also the highest in the country, food stamp benefits. hawaii has a deep debt problem and also a severe homeless crisis. do you think there is a big homeless problem here. >> yes, there is. >> you are okay with all the food stamp benefits being paid here. >> some people need it. >> occupy o, anybody want to talk? >> i'm here because i live in a country that holds me accountable for everything that i do, yet they don't hold theirself accountable. for instance, the illegal occupation of hawaii by the united states government. >> i'm confused i thought hawaii was one of the 50 states? >> no. that's a misconception. [ buzzer ] >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm on unemployment. >> are you the only iewper
5:52 pm
with a leather recliner? >> no, i'm not. >> hawaii has a liberal and extremely dangerous attitude towards sexual conduct. can you rape a child and only spend two years in prison. a minor can get an abortion without their parent's consent. and prostitution is allowed to flourish. only one pimp was arrested last year. the prostitution situation, why is it allowed? >> the attitude here is hey, you don't bother me, i don't bother you. >> i don't see any arrests, i don't see any police out there. >> i actually think about that all the time. the police station is right across from where the prostitutes hang out. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> the united states and there is a police station right there, bam. >>. so child sex laws are prty
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