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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 5, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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of people, where is obama now? he's on vacation, he's with his family. eating ice cream and snow cones. he's hitting the gym, he's going surfing, the basketball court, golfing with friends and he's doing this as the victims wait for him to make good on his word. in a moment you'll hear from one of those new york residents. joining me first with an update where things stand in this dysfunctional congress is virginia congressman randy forbes and south carolina congressman trei gowdy, welcome to the program. >> thank you, great to be with you. >> sean: congressman gowdy how much actual pork in terms of the senate bill in terms of total dollars? >> you mean the bill we're going to vote on january 15th? at least half of it. not what we did today, but what's coming up is the pork-laden bill and about half of it is what you described. it's fisheries in mississippi. i know sandy was big, but i don't think it hit alaska and
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it didn't hit mississippi. the roof tops in the the district of columbia, about half of what harry reid calls an emergency is pork. >> sean: now, this is obviously an abuse of power by the democrats. why do you think, congressman, that they did this? >> because they can. because nobody calls them on it. because those of house voted no today, for instance, because we had the unmitigated termerity to ask for an offset. frankly, governor christie wants to bully and berate and badger people into passing a bill no matter how pork-laden it is. we're 16 trillion dollars in debt and i don't think it's asking too much that we found offset, waste, fraud abuse, duplicative programming, something to pay for the 9 billion dollars that we spent today instead of mortgaging the future of our kids. i don't think it's too much to ask. >> sean: first of all, they should have moved quicker than this as the president promised he would do and secondly, i
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don't think that the people of the rockaways, and long beach and new jersey and the jersey shore and staten island, i don't think they deserve to be put in the middle of a political football here, congressman forbes. in other words, they're being held up, they're being used and abused in this process because congress, they're looking to get any spare change that they can get out of the taxpayers andrelated. that's not fair to the victims here. >> sean, absolutely. one thing i think that trey and i agree and i know you do, the number one priority we ought to have are the needs of the victims not the needs of these senators and what we're finding here is the process that they use. they have the same crisis play book every time and here is the way it works. senator reid, one person in the senate lets the clock run down and he keeps his eye on the play clock and when there's a few seconds left, he calls timeout and huddles with a few senators and asks what can we get out of this bill and they throw that in there
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and try to shove it down the throats of the american people and that's what they tried to do in this particular situation and sean, it's not just the pork we found in there. we found that about 64% of all of this bill couldn't be done, not just in two days or two weeks, it couldn't be done in two years and yet, they don't want to even give the american people time to read the bill to make sure we get those offsets that trey talks about. >> sean: you agree. and i saw the outrage and congressman king is a friend of mine and chris christie, i understand their outrage and looking out for their constituents, i get that. the reality they should be mad at senate democrats for using this tragedy to take more money at a time when our country is bankrupt. do you agree with that analysis? >> absolutely. i think what we saw was a bunch of people going to podiums, pounding on the podiums and sometimes crying and sometimes acting emotional about the situation, but what they weren't really saying was this, this bill comes down
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with literally minutes to be able to review the bill and as trey mentioned, so much pork laden on here when we've got a 16 trillion dollar debt and they don't want to give people time to review the bill and pull this out. i think that's just wrong. i'm glad the speaker pulled this. we did what we need today do today. we got the funding we needed for the flood insurance program. we'll come back on the 15th and meet the need of the victims, but not the need of these other senators who have just been too greedy in this whole process. >> sean: congressmen, thank you for what you're doing here. this is really unfair to people that have paid their taxes and this has been done in every other state and now waiting three times as long as any other victims and speaking of which, joining us now is a victim of superstorm sandy, a resident of staten island, scott mcgrath. you've become a pretty big spokesperson for the people who live in your community. what is the fact of trying to load up this bill with pork and it's now delaying your
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ability to get the aid that you guys obviously deserve? >> it's wrong. first of all, it's totally wrong. you know what? they didn't do it to the other victims of the other storms in the past. >> sean: katrina. >> katrina. there was the other ones i'm looking i don't know line to date. they went after george bush and they attacked him and asked him to be held accountable. i met with the president. the president and i spoke face-to-face as we are sitting here today. >> sean: i have video of you and the president. >> right, exactly. >> sean: and he told you? >> i first told him, i said, mr. president, i said, you have lied to the american people and to the middle class and he asked me what do i mean by that. i said, you said you were going to cut the red tape. you haven't cut the red tape. he says, no, no, no, fema works for me and i'm going to assure you the red tape's going to be cut. with two months later and the
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red tape ain't going to be cut. you know, he gave me his personal aides to talk to, bobby sluk and nicholson and i had a couple of letters with them and bobby doesn't talk too much now, mr. schmuck he was upset and said i shouldn't be talking to the president and-- >> is that really his name? i don't know the guy. >> yeah. his name i've got the proof at home on the business card and i told him, i e-mailed him and we didn't speak with fema, and now, as a matter of fact, i have five adult people living in my home. >> sean: and you've just got your heat back on just now. >> heat and electric just came back on through rapid repair. >> sean: and you're doing it yourself. >> rapid repairs is a city program, but everything else me and my wife are ripping everything apart and rebuilding ourselves because it's a gimmick and like what i
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am he' saying with fema earlier, i wrote to fema about losing a car. one of my cars wasn't covered under the insurance. fema turned to me and said, why do you need three cars? hello, the american dream is that i'm entitled to buy what i want in the middle class. >> sean: last word. what do you want to say to the president tonight in light of all of this? >> mr. president, i want you to come back to my address on staten island, with my president and any other politician and tell me to my face why you're putting this pork in this bill and not helping us, the victims, and the middle class of sandy. if this was some other area, a low class area they'd be helping them, but it's the middle class, working people, that keep getting the finger here. mr. president, you know my address. i welcome you and any other politician to come to my home,
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tell me face-to-face that why this pork is in there, why, and what you're doing to help the victims of sandy. don't go through the media. don't go through anybody else. come to my house on staten island and you come face-to-face, that's my local politicians, my governor, that hasn't even come out and said one word to support the victims, he's sitting up in albany in his room, nice and warm for the holidays and has not come out to help the people of new york. >> sean: well, i hope you get what you deserve. it's every other area has been helped. thank you for being with us. i wish you and everybody who has been a victim here the best. >> thank you. >> sean: now coming up, now that al gore has sold current tv to al-jazeera, we're going to show you what kind of anti-american propaganda may soon come to a station near you. a recap of the station's hate
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>> well, it looks like joe biden is putting gun owners and guns rights advocates on notice. the president plans to move quick to eliminate second amendment rights. he recently received a guarantee that a sweeping firearms ban put into place by january and while team obama plans to limit your freedom, liberals are not letting the newtown tragedy go to waste and they're jumping on the crisis band wagon and spewing pretty, well, ridiculous comments. latest from former new york city public advocate mark greene. >> if we have a megan's law, i think almost everyone might agree if you're a convicted child molester, a neighbor might want to know that because they're in your home safe, but maybe they could hurt someone else. it's a spillover effect.
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same thing with guns. >> sean: if he stands by that, well, comparison, mark greene is here, the host of a national radio show, and with air anna and mary matalin. >> thank you for promotion. >> sean: you're not going to stand by that comparison. why don't we move on. you didn't mean that. i've known you a long time. you didn't mean that. >> of course, i did. no one can compare a sex offender who's broken the law with a permanent gun owner, but if you're asking the question about whether a neighbor would want to know under megan's law, that there's a sex offender who's not in jail, obviously, is freed because they may hurt your family, and there's someone with adam lanza's mother was a law abiding citizen and 26 innocents were slain, 400 since that attack, two firefighters with the same bushmaster and of course, three cops were shot in brooklyn.
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so, i am very concerned with gun deaths as i assume you are. >> sean: mark, there's a big difference, okay? in the one case, a child molester convicted, he's been found guilty of a crime. >> yes. >> sean: it is legal to own a gun. i've owned-- i've been-- hang on. >> and-- >> i've been a pistol marksman, carried a weapon more than half my life. >> mrs. lanza had a legal permit. >> sean: what do you want to do, put a black mark on the house, guns are here? they're lou abiding citizens and have cars in their driveway, a car can kill somebody. >> are you serious? >> yes. >> society can't exist without cars. society, australia, japan, england can exist without a semi automatic gunning down kids. there is no constitutional right to a drone or a semi automatic. >> sean: you didn't say that, you said guns here, you didn't specifically say -- but the difference is automatics are illegal. a pistol-- i mean, have you ever shot a gun? >> no, have you ever driven a
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car at 100 miles per hour? >> not that i would admit. >> and all of these legal things. >> sean: yeah. >> cars, guns, you pass laws not to stop me driving 100 miles per hour into times square or you using your gun on a kid, but to deter bad people who will misuse a lawful right and scalia in his opinion-- 230 years there was never a legal right to a handgun and scalia, he said in his opinion, you could regulate unusual weapons. don't you think that a semi automatic is not necessary for a hunter, since in our city it's used to hunt kids rather than deer? >> but you're shifting the argument. moving from one weapon to another to another. >> right. >> sean: you live in new york still, a new york public address. >> correct. >> sean: what would you, god forbid and i mean this, what would you do if somebody broke into your home. how do you protect yourself
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and your family? >> well, we have a police force and i would sure prefer someone that broke in my home, god forbid had a knife rather than a semi automatic, wouldn't you. >> sean: that's not the point, criminals do not obey the laws. >> adam lanza wasn't a criminal, was he. >> sean: george washington-- . his mother -- i'm a responsible gun owner. >> so was she. >> sean: apparently not. she knew her son was sick and-- >> i would want to know if my neighbor had semi automatic weapons. >> sean: none of your business. >> and had a troubled son who i felt-- >> it's none of your business, it's not. >> tell it to sandy hook kids. >> sean: that's not the point, all of these cases here and i'll give you a copy before you leave, all of these cases where there were people with guns that prevented criminals that were about to kill. >> 15 times more gun deaths per capita, 15 times. >> sean: we have a constitution. do you believe in the constitution, the right of the people to keep and bear arms
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shall not be infringed. what part of that don't you understand. >> here is what i don't understand, 230 years no one said it was a right. a musket against the british. >> sean: right of the people. >> one second. right now the 2nd circuit in new york said you don't have a right to take a concealed loaded handgun on the street. scalia said you had a right in your home. >> sean: george washington, rifles and pistols are equally indispensable, they deserve a place of honor with all that's good. and thomas jefferson, no man should be barred the use of arms. >> were they talking about semi automatic and killing kids and firefighters? >> talking about rifles and pistols. i need to take you shooting because you don't know the difference, you use this, you don't know what bush master is. >> by the way, i don't have to go over niagara falls to know it's dangerous. >> sean: do you know what a bush master is, why did the crazy guy use to against the firefighter? we're going to work together on this. >> sean: coming up next, what
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anti-american, anti-semitic terrorist dictator once called the israelis blood suckers and quote, descendents of apes and pigs, i have a hint it's not ahmadinejad. it's somebody that you the american taxpayer handed over 1.25 billion dollars to last year. shocking comments uncovered and you'll see it next as charles krauthammer joins us ♪
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>> now is sounds like the vicious rhetoric that comes from fundamentalists in iran, shocking video from mohammed morsi in 2010 before he was elected. radical muslim brotherhood leader calls israelis blood suckers and much more. listen to this:
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>> sooip-- zionists and enemies, not you would have from quote, a friend. and this is what the so-called arab spring brought us not only obama's policies, but facilitate the rise of radicalism in egypt and beyond, but we're now actually bank rolling this with your tax dollars, more than 1.5 billion in foreign aid every year. and joining me with reaction to these comments, fox news contributor charles krauthammer. i had not seen the tape, but i knew these quotes existed. and yet we bank rolled them and the president said this was going to work out. what is your reaction to this? >> there's never been any real mystery about what the brotherhood believes. they've been saying this forever. hamas, you remember, gaza is merely the palestinian wing of the muslim brotherhood of
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egypt, like the little brother and the stuff they've been saying about the israelis is blood curdling, it isn't just anti-israel, and it goes on like that. so, this is what they believe. but i don't think the diplomacy is very simple at this point because clearly there is a very large constituency for the brotherhood in egypt. whether it's a permanent majority or not we don't know, we'll find out. i suspect that when they govern, they're going to lose a lot more support than they had when they were in opposition because they will be a failure, but i do think that we have a dilemma. the fact is that mubarak is gone. the brotherhood is in control, but there is the army which is generally more pro western, more pro american, very loathe to reengaging a war with israel and they remember the previous wars all of which
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they lost at very heavy price and would be a stabilizing element. and that's the reason, sean, why we can't cut off aid because then the aid will flow in from iran or from saudi arabia and they could end up being far more radical. what we can do is try to use the aid we have to exert pressure on the pro american elements mostly in the military to curb the brotherhood and in the longer run to try to lead to a situation where in future elections, if there are future elections, the more liberal elements would prevail. >> sean: charles, i rarely disagree with you and this might be one of the very, very rare occasions. >> then let's go for it. >> sean: and let me tell you why, because as you know. >> sure. >> sean: morsi is now accumulated more dictatorial powers. he also eliminated some of those very people in the military that perhaps more moderate, many of them are now gone. and it seems to me that i don't think america would give
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money to a racist group or country. these comments about the israelis being apes and pigs and blood-suckers, if we're going to be allies with israel, it seems that we are now working with people that are far more radical than they have let on and we see as morsi grabs his power, what he wants, he wants sharia law. >> well, there's a spectrum of islamic-- i mean, there are far more radical elements that want sharia law tomorrow. brotherhood played it much more carefully. noi what their goals are, gradually squeezing, gradually accumulating power and i agree with you, there may come a point where they're so hopelessly, irredeembly in the grasp of the islamists, you have to let them go and i don't think we've reached that point.
2:38 am
egypt is far more unstable than i think you would admit and right now, egypt is in play. i think we've got to be very careful, we've got to use the aid we have as leverage as ways to either moderate them, support some the more liberal elements, because if you cut them off right now and leave them to their own devices, i think they will end up being sponsored by the worst people. and then the outcome is preordained. >> sean: let me read one more comment. made in 2011 by the president and compare them to comments that i made in january of 2011. both about the arab spring and i want your best observation of how the president could be so wrong. let's roll the tape. >> it will be the policy of the united states to promote reform across the region and to support transitions to democracy. that effort begins in egypt. egypt is it both a longstanding partner and the
2:39 am
arab world's largest nation. in tahrir square we heard egyptians of all walks of life chant muslims, christians, we are one. america will work to see that this spirit prevails. we do not want a democratic egypt to be saddled by the debts of its past. so we will relieve a democratic egypt of up to 1 billion dollars in debt for all the challenges that lie ahead, we see many reasons to be hopeful. >> sean: my skepticism is that we're going to see the muslim brotherhood or el baradei or some type of extremist as bad as mubarak is, some type of extremist element take over in egypt. how he didn't see that the muslim brotherhood coming to power, sharia law implemented, i saw it and i called it and somebody wrote i was muslim brotherhood obsessed. how was i see right and he be
2:40 am
so wrong. >> and in the muslim world, the idea that he could sweet talk the iranis giving up their nukes and with the russians, reset the relations, he's been rolled on that. that's a given. he's very naive about this and i think he vastly overestimated the strength of the brotherhood. i think the weakness of the policy that we didn't step in as fast as we could while things were still being shaped at the beginning of the revolution to try to strengthen the more liberal elements, but right now, again, i think our only hope that there's-- the muslims are going through will probably be a generation of trying out shades of islamism and our role is to be able to go through that era. it could take a generation, an and to come out at the other end when i think the arabs will have looked at dictatorship and looked at islamism and be prepared for something else, but we're not going to have a democratic world tomorrow. we're going to have to live with dictators like this and hope that we keep them out of
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dictatorship, in fact, and reign that coming generation. and that to me is our only hope. >> sean: good to see you, have a great weekend and i have final thoughts coming up tonight on where the republican party needs to go in the future and up next, our unpredictable vice-president was caught on tape, in not one, not two, heck, not even three inappropriate comments at yesterday's swearing-in ceremony. u.s. senators. we're going to play for you cr
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>> all right. poor crazy uncle joe is at it again. just yesterday, vice-president joe biden, second in line, and the laughed and joked and a few clips of crazy uncle joe biden, just being biden. >> and what do you want, rather look at you, you look at him. (laughter) >> and drop--
2:45 am
somebody from north dakota i think we're in trouble, right? >> thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> and still-- you know what time? it's good to see you, man. got need help on that, let me know. look at that guy, still working out. >> sean: i can't help, but ask, how did this happen? anyway with analysis and reaction to this bizarre behavior from the american majority action celia and joe tripe, i may surprise you here, this is just a fact, every family has an uncle joe. everybody. i have them in my family, a couple, and he just is america's uncle joe. the crazy relative that you don't, in this case, ever want to be commander-in-chief.
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>> sean, all day long they're finding these people, swearing them in and the guy is cracking jokes. i mean, look, we've had vice-presidents-- >> spread your legs to a woman, spread your legs, you're about to be frisked? >> we've had vice-presidents who can't spell potato, we've had vice-presidents who accidentally shoot their friends in a hunting accident. we can have a -- we have one now who cracks bad jokes at times, but joe biden, if he does stand for election for president and most people go back and remember the guy who helped the country not go over the fiscal cliff than the guy who cracked jokes yesterday. >> sean: celia, it's a little worse than that when you say spread your legs your aabout to be frisked, at one moment he was kind of creepy to me, grabbing, holding, touching, never ended. it was a little bizarre. your reaction. >> it is a little bizarre and it's a little disturbing and kind of gross, especially
2:47 am
coming from a young woman and you know, this is-- if we want to talk about the fiscal cliff and joe biden being a responsible person, let's talk about how the fiscal cliff adds 4 trillion dollars to the deficit that my generation's going to have to pay off in the future. and to be honest, this just shows how careless politicians are in washington. i mean, joe biden's a part of these politician that is come to washington and think they can do whatever they want, whether it's groping someone's wife or engaging -- or engaging in fiscal child abuse by spending 46 cents out of every dollar, stealing 46 cents out of every dollar from my generation to pay for out of control spending. >> joe biden is an evil, bad man. he is evil, bad-- is we should all be ashamed much him. >> sean: take a look at this picture. remember the debate with paul ryan, the laughing, the smiles, the giggles. it was, it was bizarre.
2:48 am
there's something -- look, crazy uncle joe's probably a good guy to hang out with, i'd probably like to have a beer with uncle joe and hang out with uncle joe and talk politics with uncle joe. i don't know if i'd want to bring my wife, but-- >> sean, exactly. i was about to say i would not want to be engaging in that ac joe, i'd be nervous as to what he would be pulling. >> you know, but why am i a little nervous that look, he was unhinged in that debate. some people think it was on purpose. i don't think he can control it. do you think it was on purpose? >> sure. and he's been uncontrollable for the last four years. this is nothing new. yesterday is nothing new. i mean, he told -- he said that the republicans want to put you all back in chains to a black audience and he asked a man in a wheelchair. >> stand up. >> stand up for an applause.
2:49 am
this is nothing new. >> sean: you want to defend this. >> you guys may get what you want. i mean, i suspect that you want to see him be the nominee for the democratic party in 2016 and i'd be careful what you wish for, is that what you want? >> formidable-- >> you want crazy uncle joe as president? >> no, look, i think hillary clinton would be a good candidate and i think he'll be a good candidate, we've got a lot of good people. >> sean: you're dodging it. >> no, i'm not dodging it. somebody i remember careful about 2012, i'd it will you to be careful about 2016 if joe biden is a candidate. >> sean: happy new year to you, we're going to try to save your generation from that debt and deficit. >> save us from joe biden, celia. >> thank you. >> sean: with the new year comes a set of new challenges for the g.o.p. when we come back, my commentary, what needs to be done by republicananananan
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>> and finally want to close the show with some final thoughts. now, the republican party they have very serious work to do in 2013 and beyond. by advice is that republicans approach the new year and consider how to regain momentum. they need to lift their eyes from day-to-day tactics and it's time to think strategically. i have some ideas. maybe the first place to start with the g.o.p. psychology. what i mean by that, there are many republicans, many conservatives, they've been down cast, sapped of energy, devoid of hope. they can't understand how did obama with his indefensible record win reelection by a comfortable margin? i understand the reason for sagging spirits, but despair and apathy are not options not in politics, and especially not when our future is hanging in the balance. republicans now need to take advantage of the fact that with the passage of the fiscal cliff deadline, obama lost his
2:54 am
best political leverage. that's an opportunity. republicans now have the chance to focus attention where it belongs, spending cuts, entitlement reform. now, that's the formula that lifted them to their epic 2010 mid term victory. so while democrats have a political advantage when it comes to raising taxes on those rascally rich people, republicans now have an advantage when it comes to spending and they just have to make sure they use it the right way, need to settle on a narrative for obama, one that's simple, one that resonates with people and one that conforms with reality and that's devastating because it's going to be true. now, once they do that, republicans should use every weapon in their rhetorical and communications arsenal against the democrats, against obama. that's what's known as message discipline. republicans need to perfect it in the years to come. they need to portray the president as he is, a big huge tax and spend liberal who is committing generational theft. they need to show he's turning america know greece, digs
2:55 am
functional, bankrupt, divided. and forget it, you can't do that when you control only one branch of the federal government so forgets about trying to reach any grand bargain with obama. instead, concentrate on passing your own agenda. not in the hopes by the way that it will pass, but in order to bring attention to your big ideas. push that agenda, make sure it's bold and far-reaching and reform-minded and make sure that it offers a sharp contrast to obama. now, house republicans should also use a majority status to hold hearings and need to highlight waste, fraud, abuse that now exists all over the federal government. and maybe sophisticated media types will roll their eyes while ordinary americans that are paying the bill, they will be rightly outraged when they discover how corrupt this federal government is. and also, 2013 is the year that obamacare begins to take hold in a major way and the effects will be devastating. higher premiums, the loss of employer-based health insurance, to the involvement in the irs in your life.
2:56 am
it's going to become clear in ways that it never has been before that obamacare is a train wreck. republicans need to do everything in their power to focus attention on what a disaster that is. now, lastly, feature these geniuses in the republican party, the republican governors, there are 30 of them in the country right now. by the way, the most of any party in the country in more than a decade. some of the best minds, the most accomplished reformers in america are republican governors. and we've got bobby jindal, scott walker, rick scott, bob mcdonnell, sues anna martinez, rick perry, rick snyder and soon to be gone mitch daniels. and republican governors by and large are successful, they're popular, creative and for the most part found is way to govern in a responsible way so the republicans in the house and senate should work very closely with them, should align with them and learn from them. knew, this list of suggestions
2:57 am
is only a partial list of starting points, other smart people will have good ideas as well. the point is, republicans, at every level they need to take a deep breath, they need to stop being reactive to everything that obama does and to events and they should calmly chart out and in a very careful way deliberate a strategy for success, now, the sad reality, is obama will fail sooner or later. he has to, why? he is pursuing bad ideas based on a flawed ideology and what that means is republicans need to be ready to go. and there are some ways that they can if they use them right help save america. my final word for this friday night. that's all time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. >> alisyn: good morning, everybody. it's saturday, january 5th. i'm alisyn camerota. the newspaper that released the addresses and names of all gun owners defends its
2:58 am
decision by saying it's a safety issue. a former burglar agrees but for different reasons. >> one of the things burglars look for guns. they will be checking out this map and casing the neighborhood. >> alisyn: we have criminals warning this morning to all all of the people on that map. >> he has his freedom but spending months in a meax can jail for no reason may have cost him his health. the father of retired marine john hammar speaking out about his son's struggle. >> blame it on the booze. that's what several inmates are doing. they are suing. apparently they didn't know that alcohol can be addictive. so they really have a case? that debate next. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us, bright and early. say high to tucker carlson.
2:59 am
>> good morning. >> thank you. >> ladies, gentleman. >> nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. >> how is this early hour treating you? >> i feel great. i feel rock solid market wise. >> i'm looking for coffee. where would i find coffee? >> nifs a desperate -- they say in new york you can get hungarian food but i couldn't get a cup of coffee 4:45. >> alisyn: he was already gone for a run. >> clayton: new year's gadgets to keep your new year's resolution. if running is in your bag maybe you can do that later. >> alisyn: a story that's gotten so much attention over the past week local newspaper outside of new york called the journal news they made a decision in light of the horrible newtown, connecticut, tragedy to publish the names and addresses of gun owners in all of these three counties. well, it's gotten a lot


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