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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 5, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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were going to the doctor for flu-like illnesses. jamie and rick. >> molly henneberg live in washington, thanks. >> jamie: and meanwhile, this year's flu season is gearing up to be possibly one of the worst on record, what we're hearing, according to the centers for disease control. the number of americans reporting flu-like symptoms claiming to 5.6%, last year, 2.2% reporting similar symptoms. a total of 41 states reported widespread cases of the flu. coming up we'll speak to fox news medical a-team her, dr. david somati, he'll tell you how to take care of yourself and your family as the serious flu season picks up the pace. rick? >> another fox news alert, this time out of aurora, colorado and a hostage standoff, four people are dead including the suspected gunman. this is video of the scene that we just got into the news room, police responding
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overnight to reports of shots fired inside a town house there. police storming the home after hours of negotiations that failed. the gunman died in a shootout with the police. you'll remember back in july of last year, aurora rocked by another tragedy when a gunman killed 12 people and wounded dozens more during a movie screening inside a theater there. we're following the breaking developments on this latest shooting. we'll bring you the very latest as we get it. >> jamie: meanwhile, a powerful earthquake rocking alaska overnight according to the u.s. geological survey, it was a magnitude 7.5 quake that struck 60 miles off the coast, triggering a tsunami warning for hundreds of alaskan and canadian coastline, the warning was canceled after no significant tidal wave was generated, thanks goodness. >> and we're getting word that president obama is getting
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ready to announce his pick for defense secretary. likely chuck haggle to replace leon pa net at that. hi, james. >> two democratic sources confirmed to fox news's ed henry late yesterday that president obama has indeed settled on chuck hagel to lead the pentagon, this apparent pick despite many indications that the g.o.p. maverick would face a rocky confirmation hearing. the former two term senator from nebraska has a history of blunt statements including a reference to the jewish lobby as intimidating force on capitol hill that will likely draw fresh, and openly pai ambassador as quote, aggressively gay and hormel says that the apology was sent to the news media and not to him. and hagel has at times resisted imposition of sanctions against iran for the ren grade nuclear program and
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balked sometimes efforts to designate hezbollah a terrorist group. >> i do have serious concerns about his position that he's stated on israel, and some of the statements he's made in the past, as well as his positions on iran and i think that those are issues that have been addressed if he is nominated and comes before the senate armed services committee. i plan to vigorously question him on prior statements and those positions in particular. >> supporters say hagel's infantry service in vietnam where he was awarded two purple hearts, among other decorations makes him superbly qualified to be defense secretary. a group of elders wrote to president obama to throw support behind hagel and enjoy the backing of one individual whose opinion at this junctures matters most. >> i've served with chuck hagel, i know him. he's a patriot, somebody who's done extraordinary work both in the united states senate,
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somebody who served this country with valor in vietnam. and somebody who is currently serving on my intelligence advisory board, doing an outstanding job. >> reporter: for the record, the white house said late yesterday, no decision had been made, rick and jamie. >> james rosen in washington, thank you very much. pressure is mounting in washington meantime to cut foreign aid to egypt. later on this month the u.s. set to deliver fighter jets, tankers and millions in aid to that country. the first part of 213 million dollar foreign aid deal struck with former president hosni mubarak and now with morsi and the muslim brotherhood leading egypt's government and economic uncertainty a growing number of critics want the obama administration to pull the plug on that package. >> jamie: meantime, there are growing concerns over washington's spending habits here at home. president obama calling on all lawmakers to increase the amount of money the u.s. is allowed to borrow.
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that of course takes raising the nation's debt ceiling. here is the president in his weekly internet address. >> as i said earlier this week, one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for a bill they've already racked up. if congress to give the united states the ability to pay its bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic, last time congress threatened this course of action our entire economy suffered for it and our families businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> jamie: that argument isn't sitting well with some members of the g.o.p. who say the real danger would be allowing the country to take on more debt than it can michigan congressman dave camp delivered the republican message. >> many of our democratic colleagues don't seem to get it. throughout the fiscal cliff discussion, the democrats and president who control washington repeatedly refused to take am i meaningful steps to make washington live within its means. that position is irresponsible
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and failed to acknowledge what every family in america knows, when you have no more money in your account and your credit cards are maxed out, then the spending must stop. >> jamie: angela mcglowan is a fox news political analyst and mary anne marsh a democratic strategist, former advisor to john kerry. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> jamie: angela, now our taxes went up. anyone who opens up their paycheck knows for sure, what about spending, how critical is it at this juncture, still, that we get a hold of that? >> we have to, jamie. it's very critical at this time. listen, we can't tax our way to prosperity. so we can't spend our way to prosperity and we need to balance the budget and washington d.c. from tt left and the right, mary anne will agree with me, we have a spending problem here in washington d.c. and with the fiscal cliff, now averted, we need to stop playing politics and leaders need to lead this nation back into prosperity. we need to stop the political
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posturing, and i don't believe that we should have a government shutdown. but, jamie, if they don't come to some conclusion by marsh 4th at 11:59 p.m. we will have a government shutdown. >> jamie: mary anne, a lot of people would say here we go again, we're going down to the wire. why wasn't more of the spending issue handled in this fiscal cliff arrangement from the point of view of the democrats, do you wish that congress would have gotten on this sooner and gotten more accomplished before the end of the year? >> well, of course. no question, jamie. he no question. but it's clear that congress couldn't get the job done. so president obama and the democrats got what they could get done now and unfortunately, once again, it seems that congress has to have all the pressure in the world put to them to try to get anything done and that is what's frustrating voters across this country. they want these problems fixed. they want it all done and it is going to take more cuts, it's going to take more investment, it's going to take more revenues and it's going to take closing loopholes. you have to do all of it, but
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the way especially the republicans in congress have been acting, voters in this country have really lost faith in them and don't think they should be running anything let alone congress for this economy. >> jamie: so, angela, what will happen next? because the president and some top tier democrats, including the former president bill clinton, have said, the 14th amendment, that might work for us. maybe the president should just raise the debt ceiling on his own, if congress can't agree. what are the chances? >> i don't think that that's going to happen, but i think that president obama would like that. and said earlier he's not going to negotiate raising the debt ceiling with congress. we have to get this done and that the country has to pay its bills and i totally agree we should not default on our bills, jamie. we can't keep raising the debt ceiling and kicking the can down the road. the president said if we don't pay our bills it's going to be catastrophic for the global economy, if we don't balance the budget and stop this spending in washington d.c., that's going to be more c
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catastroph catastrophic, if washington d.c. doesn't work together-- >> angela, we've had that conversation for two years now, working together and mary anne we're at a point where something's going to have to be done. and even with the new taxes every american pitching in, we can't cover our debts. first of all, what do you think the chances are that the president will do that and what if our country gets downgraded again? what will that mean for the administration? mary anne? >> that can't happen. that can't happen and it's clear that the the president's going to do everything he can and he's made that clear last week. he's not going to put up with the last minute drama again. not going to put up with the last minute brinksmanship. >> jamie: how does he do that? >> well, i think the republicans have to understand if they don't get this job done with the president, if they shut down the government, if the country on the bills they've incurred, then they're going to lose the next election, that's what happened in the '90s. that helped-- when they shut down the government and reelected bill
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clinton-- >> and address republicans you're saying that can happen mary anne, and tell them what the president will do to bring consensus in order for that not to occur. >> republicans have to allow the debt ceiling to go up to pay the bills they've already done and what they're threatening is going into restaurants eating a meal and running out on the bill. you can't do that and can't shut down the government. >> jamie: mary anne, that's the blame game. what will the president do. >> no, no, no. >> jamie: how will he accomplish that without going to the 14th amendment? >> here is the deal. here is the deal. pay the the bills that we owe and don't shut down the government. in exchange we are going to make cuts on things that, and everyone's going to be unhappy with, military, medicaid, go down the list, everyone's going to have to do cuts and more revenue reforms and everyone's going to have to close loopholes on tax deductio deductions. >> jamie: angela, a lot of people are pitching in more. >> and i worked with senator bob dole in 1995 when we did shut down the government.
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mary anne is right, it's a different time. different day. we don't need to go back to that. that will be groundhog day again, but it takes the senate and the house, so mary anne, it's just not republicans in the house. harry reid is going to have to step up to the plate as well in the senate to walk with congress, the house side, and with work with the administration, you can't just blame republicans here and the president talks about congress paying its bills, part of its bills the president ran up when nancy pelosi was speaker and ran all of these policies through and helped with the debt as well, mary anne. >> jamie: for the record, the minority speaker nancy pelosi says if she were president, she would raise the debt ceiling on her own, but she says she's not. we'll wait and see what happens. ladies, thanks for weighing in today. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> jamie: rick? >> well, jamie, police in minnesota arresting a pilot for american eagle airlines after tsa officials smelled alcohol on his breath. the officer's name, here he is
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before he was supposed to fly from minneapolis to new york's laguardia airport. and they found his blood alcohol well above the legal limit. the arrest in middle of the flight preparations before the passengers boarded the plane. the and the incident delayed the flight by more than two hours and passengers say they're relieved police moved in when they did. >> it's scary to think of a pilot getting away with stuff that, i mean, the fact that he was not only intoxicated, but probably hadn't slept much either. >> obviously, i think they made the right decision to not have him fly and i'm glad i wasn't on that flight. >> the airline releasing a statement saying that american eagle is a well established substance abuse policy designed to put the safety of our customers and employees first. we're cooperating with the authorities and conducting a full internal investigation. >> jamie: also, up in the air,
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extreme measures taken to subdue a passenger on a flight from iceland to new york city. a passenger on board e-mailing this photo of the man, this is the unruly passenger, taped to his seat. fellow passengers took action after he reportedly drank all the duty-free liquor he bought and allegedly choked a woman next to him and screaming the plane was going to crash. police released him without filing charges. >> a couple of interesting flights right there. >> glad we're in our chair here. >> absolutely. on firm ground. did president obama's campaign break the law? coming up, why his 2008 presidential bid is paying one of the biggest fines in the history of campaign finance. we'll tell you. >> jamie: also, a huge oil rig crashes off the host of alaska, can the coast guard salvage what's left before it's too late? >> and new questions over a hollywood movie depicting the hunt for osama bin laden. were the film's creators given
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. >> jamie: thanks for spending part of your saturday with us. >> rick: the 2008 obama campaign fined by the election commission for not properly reporting some donations. $375,000 fine one of the largest ever for a presidential campaign. and the food and drug administration proposing sweeping food safety rules requiring producers to be more vigilent in the wake of deadly food-borne illness outbreaks in years. and former congresswoman gabby giffords meeting privately
10:18 am
with families of victims in connecticut. she was severely injured had he ever-- herself in arizona. >> jamie: a tragic search for a 19-year-old, melissa byrnes body was found in lake tahoe area and she was last seen leaving a music festival. investigators say her body was found over a snow bank and they believe she suffered from hypothermia. here is alyssa's grieving friends. >> when she went missing i was sure she was going to come home. i was almost 100% positive. >> alyssa, alyssa, makes everyone laugh. >> she was an amazing person, so fun to be around and brighten your mood whenever you were upset. >> we didn't expect this outcome, but we are going to deal with it now. as best we can. >> she was a great, a great girl and she'll be really missed and-- >> and clearly she won't be forgotten.
10:19 am
the terrible news just as the family, friends and businesses there were gearing up to support the efforts to find alyssa. alyssa. >> switching gears, growing concerns over a stranded oil rig in a remote area of alaska. the massive platform running aground near the kodiak island last week and now, officials are scrambling to secure and recover the troubled rig before another storm does even more damage. dominic di-natale joining us from l.a. >> hi, rick, today for this remote island of southern alaska, weather conditions have plagued this, what's described as a coast guard command, crisis managers, they're bringing in a fleet of 14 support ships as well as dropping those crews on the platform. and just delivering new power generators, replaced damaged by the water during the storm.
10:20 am
it's dangerous work for the coast guard. take a listen. >> with so many people involved in in response operation, we have air assets, float assets, we have people staging in different areas, it's maintaining that safety. we've been going on, this operation has been going on for days as you're well aware in very challenging conditions. >> one blessing is there's no sign of any fuel leak, which is the other major concern here, rick. and 250,000 gallons of fuel on board, shell's drilling in the arctic is suffering one mishap after another and nervous, that it could have another oil disaster on its hands. >> we want to make sure there are no spills. right now we're pretty confident there are none, but of course, weather is in charge here. >> reporter: and feeling the pressure and cranking it up, environmentalists and lawmakers are saying that alaska is too extreme to safely explore for oil right now.
10:21 am
and back to the assessment rig. back to you. >> dominic di-natale in los angeles, thanks. >> jamie: new questions about the movie everyone is talking about, "zero dark thirty." members of the senate intelligence committee say they have problems with the film and what they he shared with the film makers. >> and concerns for superstorm sandy's victims, but a new push to preserve their path. >> the moment i went down there and i just saw this white album, i just caught my eyes, please don't make it the wedding album. >> and it was. >> and i picked it up, i just held it up, and the water was gushing out of it. just like i said, my heart sunk. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪
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you're yellowing. crest 3d white whitestrips remove over ten years of stains by going below the enamel surface. and, they whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste. crest whitestrips. life opens up when you do. >> welcome back, everybody, bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. there is a severe strain of the flu that's now in more than two dozen states and it's sent thousands to the hospital. the concerns are growing as the virus continues to spread, more on that with dr. somati coming up. sorry, rick. >> rick: no, apologize. sources say that president obama is ready to nominate chuck hagel as the defense secretary before replacing, your turn. >> jamie: and lance armstrong
10:26 am
may be ready to change the story on doping charges. and quoting sources for the champion, but an attorney says his client is not considering is confession. >> new questions for some powerful members for the cia. concerned how the hunt for osama bin laden is depicted in a brand new hollywood movie called "zero dark thirty," they want to know what the cia told film makers after it was suggested that torture was used to track down the most wanted terrorist and a letter reads in part, what information was acquired from cia detainees subject to enhanced interrogation techniques, when was this information provided, before, during or after the detainee was subjected to the enhanced interrogation techniques. if after, how long after. please note whether such
10:27 am
information corroborated information previously known to the cia. kt mcfarland, thank you very much. i know that you saw the torture scene in this movie this morning. >> absolutely. >> rick: is this worthy, do you think of the cia investigation? >> it's not going to come as a shock to americans. we see that more than that on the average evening news-- i mean, evening, crime drama show. so i don't think it's going to be upsetting to americans. i'm shocked at why the senators think they can tell the cia to turn into movie critics. either they cooperate or don't cooperate and once they finish cooperation, up to hollywood how to decide to do it. when i was at the pentagon and the reagan information my job was to decide to cooperate with the people who did "top gun", we stepped back and held our breath and it turned out well. >> they met with the director, with the screen writer prior to the movie being made, you know, i just wonder why would the government-- why would the cia agree to
10:28 am
sort of be so cozy with hollywood when you know, there are already at least among some circles, a lot of suspicion when it comes to hollywood film making. >> this is something that happens historically, the government will cooperate and make sure the story was told accurately. was classified information revealed? we'll never know. once the cia finished the briefing it's up to hollywood. the thing i was struck with when i watched the movie and torture scenes and particularly the hunt for osama bin laden, remember four months ago when we were told that that youtube video that depicted mohammed in an unattractive way, that's what caused those-- >> the rioting. >> the rioting in benghazi? well, this is going to-- if that's the case, then this movie is going to send up shock waves throughout the muslim world, because it shows the hunt for bin laden, american seals killing a man who is in many countries, in pakistan, for example, still revered as a holy man. >> rick: in that movie, the
10:29 am
youtube voideo you mentioned the united states denounced that, that's not anything, but in this case the cia did cooperate with the film makers. you could make the argue thats this-- is this a government sponsored movie? the other thing, a youtube video that only took a few minutes to watch, that was sort of silly and grainy, looked like a home movie. that's a whole lot different than a big screen, hollywood blockbuster that's going to be shown all over the world. >> rick: here is the bigger question when it comes to the senator who want more information from the cia. the senate conducted its own investigation which found that enhanced interrogation techniques, water boarding and the like did not lead to the critical information that led us to bin laden and the acting director of the cia, reacts to remarks of the cia recently said in fact that we did get some information from enhanced interrogation, it was a part of the information and we got other information in other
10:30 am
ways, but that that did play a role. so, which is it? >> i think that's the ultimate question, does torture work? wasn't the only thing had a worked. did whatever happened, whether you want to call it torture, the guy in charge of that program says we didn't do any of the stuff in the movie. we have water boarding briefly and under doctor's care for three individuals so you have to ask the question how effective is it, if it's not effective, feel one way about it. if it's effective and prevented attacks you may feel differently about it. >> rick: i wonder, this seems to be the same kind of techniques, these techniques that liberals were so fired up about during the bush administration. >> right. >> rick: when then vice-president cheney was talking about it and there was a whole debate, is water boarding torture, or torture-- and now we have sort of the hollywood elite, we have you know, like the liberal bastion of hollywood film makers making this movie now and sort of putting it out there as
10:31 am
being very effective, these techniques. >> let me just tell you, i was-- u.s. navy seals, the guys who did the hunt for bin laden, they were water-boarded. we have the the techniques, we don't call them techniques, we call them techniques we do on our own military personnel to acquaint them or warn them to get them used to what might happen were they to come under, be arrested and tortured. >> rick: official u.s. policies. >> illegal. >> rick: under this present and other presents. >> we do not torture, it is illegal. attorney general mukasey in his confirmation hearings the ends of the bush administration, said it's unconstitutional, we do not do torture period. >> rick: this is getting a lot of oscar buzz and coming out this thursday and i think it could get more attention if it picks up nominations. you went today and what do you think of the portion of the film, i know you didn't see the whole thing. >> right. >> rick: what saw-- >> i watched the torture part,
10:32 am
suppos supposed torture part so i could talk to you, they had prisoners in manacles attached to the ceiling and, and what my kids watch in an average movie or crime shows, make this not look that-- >> you. kt and rick, one thing i wish, if i could say this, john hammar, the navy seal chained to the bed in mexico, i wish there was as much about that situation, and he's home now. under a new effort underway, victims of superstorm sandy preserve the past. professionals and volumes tears are doing so awesome, trying to save thousands of treasured photos for the
10:33 am
folks, even with today's technology it's a painstaking task and a labor of love, anna kooiman with at least one happy story about this tragedy, so many suffered, anna. what are they getting now? >> well, that organization is culled care, or care album restoration efforts. and helping the sandy victims replace what at first seemed ireplaceable. it was seen in the wake of the disaster and recruited photo editing volunteers around the world. terry and al rode out the storm in their house in ocean side, new york, and now piecing their lives back together has been one of the hard s things they he say their 45 year marriage has endured. their basement completely flooded, saturating and destroying everything that was carefully boxed up. >> i couldn't get myself to go downstairs to see the damage that was down there. it was just too much for me to look at. i just couldn't make it down the stairs and he was bringing things up and i'm going
10:34 am
please, don't bring anything more up. i don't want to see it, i just want to try to think about it the way it was before. >> well, they say their wedding pictures, one of the most prized possessions they have and they've made it it possible to keep them in the family for generations to come. before and after here. volunteers as far away as israel and the ukraine, use reconstructing missing parts and each image takes between ten and 17 hours to restore and a lot of time, but volunteers say it's worth it. >> you see all of these people's stories on the news and online and you know, i really want to help them and usually you give money and that's all i can do, but here is something that i actually felt like my skillset allowed to help more than just, you know, the bare minimum. >> reporter: once a week, care sets up a collection point in the tri state area for sandy victims to bring
10:35 am
their damaged pictures and the group can scan up to 100 photographs per hour, back to you. >> jamie: such a great thing. thanks, anna, so much, rick. >> rick: ernest hemmingway left not only a legacy in literature, but a six-toed cat. thanks to federal regulation, these cats could literally be the subject after supreme court case. we'll explain. >> jamie: that's fascinating one. a new school program is creating controversy, why some parents are angry their kids are being taught yoga. . >> yoga is meant to bring the spirit of the child to the surface. it's meant to teach the children to view the world from the standpoint of yoga and yoga philosophy and yoga philosophy is based in hinduism. >> it's fraught with hindu religious beliefs. i had a m.
10:36 am
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>> reading, writing and downward dog? one california school district is now making yoga part of its curriculum and some parents are upset. and for some reason they say that yoga crosses the line. kswb has more. >> yoga in the classroom has the usually calm community stressed out. >> the state and the
10:40 am
government and its authority should not in a public school setting be teaching children spiritual practices and religious practices. >> we're very supportive of the program in terms of both the physical health and in terms of mental clarity, in terms of the ability to calm themselves. >> despite the protests of a small group of parents and the threat after lawsuit, starting monday they'll begin life skills program. >> yoga, character education, nutrition and wellness as a whole as well as study skills and goal setting. >> students will learn the principles of a type of yoga. stonga. she's opted to remove her son for religious reasons and wants them to stop it altogether. >> to bring the spirit of the child to the surface and teach the children to view the world from the standpoint of yoga and yoga philosophy and yoga philosophy is based in
10:41 am
hinduism, it is. >> it's fraught with hindu religious beliefs. >> the attorney is council, and said the district crossed the line separation of church and state. >> publicly they say it's not religious, but repeating a lie doesn't make it true. to say it's church and state, i think is disingenuous. >> he has a second grade son he says if it comes to litigation, he'll work pro bono, parents are by and large excited about the program, again, a vocal minority who expressed opposition. >> the district received a $500,000 from the joyce foundation, dedicated to teaching the yoga. depending where you set on the issue it's a blessing and a curse. >> there's this great family created the joy foundation to help create health and wellness not to help take over the minds of children. >> rick: that was misha of
10:42 am
kswb. thanks. >> well, guarantee you haven't heard a story like this one before. family of ca could be headed all the way to the supreme court. famous writer ernest hemmingway left behind some of the greatest american novels and a six-toed cat snowball. she left four dozen descendents and they're healthy and happening and living at the estate as we speak. the government wants to regulate them and the museum lost a battle to keep the cats beyond the government reach. now the case could be headed to a higher court. the hemmingway home's chief executive is joining us himself to tell us the story. thank you for being with us, mike. how does this case make it all the way to the 11th circuit? >> well, it became a local issue that turned into a federal case.
10:43 am
a local resident thought they should contact the usda and see if we should be be regulated under their animal welfare authority act. and the usda determined that we were an exhibiter of the animals and so we were required to meet a multitude of different criteria to try to get licensed and every time we attempted to satisfy that criteria, the target would move on us. and so, finally it became a court battle. we did enter into a negotiated settlement with the usda to allow us to have our case heard in front of the federal court. >> jamie: so there's about 45 cats, as i understand. since 1964 it's been one of the attractions, besides seeing the museum and hemmingway's house, but also to see these six-toed cats. so the question now, groups
10:44 am
came in and they attested to the fact that they're well taken care of, including peta. so, what's the problem at this point? what did the court find? >> well, again, i think the court was very sympathetic towards our issue, but it was kind of a dilemma stuck in in bureaucracy. the animal welfare act that was initiated was to regulate zoos and circuses, and they tried to pigeon hole us into that, that category as an exhibiter with our cats being talked about on the tours. so, again, we took it to federal court. unfortunately the court felt that this was more of a legislative issue and that the bureaucratic manual associated with the animal welfare act did allow them to have jurisdiction over us. >> do you think the cats will be allowed to stay ultimately? >> yeah, you know, this was
10:45 am
never an issue associated with the health of the cats. the biggest problem became that dealing with the animal welfare act as it was written, the usda was concerned about ingress and egress of the cats because in their zoos and circuses, obviously, where those animals are located, there is a substantial problem should those animals vacate the premise that they're located on. but having domesticated cats, they wanted to have that same regulation apply to us. and basically wanted us to put their cats on leashes or to confine them to cages at the end of business, at the end of the day. >> jamie: i understand there's a higher fence now just in case, but my last question is if there's 45 cats now, are these cats reproducing, going to be a hundred in due time? >> no, ma'am, our cats are spayed and neutered to the
10:46 am
point of only having a few that are able to carry on the polydactile line that hemmingway was given by captain dexter. >> jamie: there's a lot of history where the original cat is concerned. thanks for telling us the story. quite interesting and see if it goes all the way up to the supreme court. >> thank you for your interest in our story. >> jamie: absolutely. rick. >> rick: coming up, a severe strain of the flu virus gripping the nation, so what you need to know to keep yourself, your family, from getting sick. dr. david somati weighs in coming up next. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+.
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>> well, this year's flu
10:50 am
season has gotten off to an early and deadly start. thousands of people have been infected. more than half of the country. and that's just the first few weeks of winter alone. so what can we do to keep from getting sick? dr. david somati is a medical a-teamer, chief of division of robotics at mount sinai in new york, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> rick: and have you've gotten a flu shot, are you coming down with a flu, superceding those who got injections or people who haven't gotten flu shots? >> it's very important information you're putting out. just because you've gotten the flu shot doesn't mean you're not going to get the flu. >> rick: really? >> one of the main things, it's a good match and vaccine in the virus. and there's a reason why we're in trouble over here, the last time we had this issue was in 2003 whenever you have the flu, which is so early, november, december, we're in
10:51 am
deep trouble, because the type of the flu that we have is the influenza a. h 3-n 2, this particular virus is aggressive deadly one and put out thousands of people in the hospital, and dozens of kids already died as a result of this. that's the type of virus we're talking about, the other thing when you have this bug before the holidays, what happens, it's a very fluid shift and people are travelling all over the world and the bugs are just travelling, so when this happens in january or february, which is the peak of flu, it's not as bad as when people carry this virus all over the country. and then finally, just flu by itself, it's difficult to predict what's going to happen. you cough, and with just one sneeze or cough, you have 20 feet of viruses you can spread to people and jamie is walking away, no one it sneezing now. the main information and advice, get vaccinated. >> rick: even though it doesn't necessarily mean air
10:52 am
not going to get the flu? >> well, it's covering this, so it's a good match. the first thing we need to do. and first thing, cover your mouth, cover when you sneeze. if you're sick, stay away from other people and make sure you don't come to work. all of those vices are still there. you have the flu, if you catch it in first 24 to 48 hour, tamiflu, the prescription medication by the doctor is going to shorten the period, not going to cure it, shorten the period of your virus, make sure to talk to your doctor and get vaccination, the good news this year, particularly we had over 135 million vaccinations, that was produced and we already have given 127 million. a good job of getting the people out there to get vaccination and a lot of myth about you know, am i going to get sick if i got the flu shot or not. none of it's true. go get it. >> rick: is there anyone most susceptible who absolutely must go and get a flu shot? i've heard pregnant women, go
10:53 am
get the flu shots. >> young children, older than 65. if you have any kind of chronic disease, immuno compromised. if you have a problem with your immune system you've got to protect yourself. mind you, if you get the vaccination today, it won't kick in for another two weeks because the body has a react to it and build up those defensive soldiers and make sure that it works well, but get-- >> serious stuff. >> it is. >> rick: the flu is a killer. >> well, dozens of kids have died. over 2000 hospitalizations, it's serious, but look, as a physician and as a network, and get the info out and i hope they're listening. >> i hope so, too. >> serious enough we'll talk about it on sunday house call when you and dr. siegel join us tomorrow. >> we'll cover it again tomorrow. i look forward to it. >> rick will be in for eric and i hope you join us as well. thank you, doctor. >> thank you so much. >> rick: you can find the show on facebook, that's house call, looking forward to filling in for my friend eric tomorrow. that does it for us, i'm rick
10:54 am
folbaum and see you again six o'clock eastern time. >> jamie: i'm see you again at 4 p.m. doing double duty today. have a great day, the journal editorial report up next only on fox.
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>> this week on the journal editorial report, washington avoids the fiscal cliff with a tax and spend blowout. we'll tell you what it means for the u.s. economy and your
10:58 am
wallet in 2013. plus, from hollywood film makers to nascar track owners a look at the real winners in this so-called tax cut for the middle class and this second term as house speaker secured, does john boehner has a strategy for dealing with president obama and can he survive the coming battle over the debt. welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. well, with no time to spare, congress passed and president obama signed into law this week a bill to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. the new years day deal represents the biggest tax increase the country has seen in 20 years, all in return for billions of dollars in new spending and spun of course, as a tax cut for the middle class. here with a look at what it it means for your pocket book, and the u.s. economy in 2013, wall street journal columnist and deputy editor dan
10:59 am
henninger, mary o'grady and steve moore. let's go to you first, steve. based on our conversations this week, you like this deal a little more than do i. why don't you make the best case for it, for the deal? >> well, paul, this was for republicans a kind of eat your spinach moment. i just don't see any other alternative to what happened. and look, i think this is a rancid deal for so many reasons, especially the fact i think it's harmful to the economy. i guess my point, paul, would be i don't see republicans had much choice. i mean, you talk to john boehner and you talk to mitch mcconnell for six, seven weeks the president would simply not budge one inch on cutting spending and had no interest in doing that. the republicans believed and i think they're probably right if they'd gone into 2013 without the tax issue resolved they'd be pummelled day after


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