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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 6, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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negotiations and less campaigning. >> presidential leadership is desperately needed. we know he's good at campaigning. but when does he put the campaign aside and start governing and addressing the single biggest issue confronting america and its future. >> it looks like the second term of barack obama will be an in-your-face term. i won't talk to you about the debt ceiling and the secretary of defense will get a lot of bipartisan concern. >> we have live pictures of air force one landing here at andrews air force base. the obama family is returning to washington. mrs. obama and the girls have been in hawaii a couple of weeks. the president's gone back and forth between d.c. and hawaii because of the fiscal cliff battle. you heard senator graham talking about chuck hagel, what appears
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to be the nominee for defense secretary. congress has two months to fix the debt ceiling before the u.s. may have to default on its bills. so the president comes back from a nice vacation in hawaii, he comes back to big issues that they have to tackle. sequestration, the debt ceiling, spenning. he is enjoying his last few minutes here on the plane, taxiing and he will head back to the white house with his family. >> jamie: molly, thank you. >> can washington come up with a plan to raise the debt limit without burying the count country in more debt? we have a former spokesperson for former governor jeb bush. happy new year. justin, the president says there won't be any negotiating t. needs to be raised -- period. what do you think? >> i think it's remarkable. it's as if the election meant
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that president obama has been elected king. the republicans compromised on a very important principle. they didn't want to raise taxes. president obama wanted to raise taxes, they compromised. now president obama is issuing a no-compromise to the congress, to the american people -- 48% didn't rote for president obama. it's very disrespectful. he should try to bring the republicans together and show leadership and agree if the debt ceiling needs to be raised, the issue has to be addressed. >> no serious people who have talked about the damage that would be inflicted on our country were the debt ceiling to not be raised, not only on our country, but the global economy. yet, as far as political tactics, the president saying,im not going to debate this. is that the right way for this president, as he gets set to kick off term number 2, to engage his colleagues on the other side of the aisle? >> you certainly want the president to be open. i think he is open to hearing
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all sides, but this is the thing that really gets to me. i think this is a shell game being played with the american people. i do not like it. i think that many americans do not. this is really about austerity, american style. in this budget package, we have more than $4 trillion that have been added to the federal deficit. so what are we really talking about here? nascar gets money. corporate headquarters are going to be built, hollywood gets some money. now if banks and businesses are too big to fail, the american people should be too big to fail as limp i think that's the real question that needs to be answered here. we have raised the debt limit more than 90 times since 1944. this is standard operating procedure. of course, we need to deal with the debt. but we need to deal with the runaway wars that americans done want, that are ill defined and we can ill afford. >> justin, is it smart for republicans to mention the possibility of not raising the
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debt ceiling when the consequences could be so great? even newt gingrich, "wall street journal" saying, this is not appropriate to not follow through on the obligations to pay its bills. what do you think about that politically for the republicans? >> well, look, president obama is an effective campaigner, no doubt about it. he has the bully pulpit. i think the republicans have principle on their side. the principle is the american people don't want trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. they don't want to have $20 trillion of debt on our children and our grandchildren and if the americans in congress can structure the debate and frame it in terms of we are willing to raise the debt ceiling if the president will work with us to address spending cuts, i think that's a winning political argument. >> i think it's very
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interesting. i am worning your take and the fact that the way that this deal was constructed over the cliff, the debt ceiling and the sequestration are bog going to happen around the same time. to me, that sets the stage -- finally -- and this is the optimist, for a big deal that takes care of both of those things. am i naive or can you imagine a scenario where the deal is done and our major fiscal issues are solved with one, big bargain? >> i feel like i am talking to john lennon. i want to imagine a perfect world where we can all win. you can protect the powerful and you can also protect the weak, protect the people. i want to see that happen. look, let's face facts. the $16 trillion debt we have right now -- we rescued the banks to the tune of more than $16 trillion. i am trying to find a way for us to both win together. i think there is a way for us to do that. but we have to put the wars on
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the table. somehow, we don't talk about afghanistan. we are spending $1 million per soldier. we are spending $1 billion a week. really? look, we have a social cliff that is accompanying this financial cliff. down the street from my brother and my parents, someone broke down by brother's door two weeks ago. and one of my parent's neighbors of held up in his driveway -- yeah, i mean, this is what we're living with. i want us to talk -- to take this conversation from washington to the people and find a way for corporate america and the american citizen to win together. >> are we just watching the wheels go around and around? or are lawmakers going to get a big deal done that will help everybody out and lower our debt and our deficit and take care of our responsibilities for debts we have already racked up?
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>> rick, your question there, you mention the fact that the deadliance are going to take place at the same time. i am hopeful. i am not naive but hopeful that with the right leadership, a grand bargain can be reached to address the size of government, to address spending and put the united states government on the proper fiscal path. that is possible. but i don't mean to sound partisan, but there is one person who has been elected the president of the united states. it's going to take presidential leadership and issuing no compromise ultimatums as the president just dis not the way to get it done. that's not the way to reach across the aisle because the republicans do control the house of representatives. the american people put those republicans there. i think they expect the republicans and the democrats to work together -- >> that is the point. the voters did vote in president obama and kept the majority in the senate. but the voters decided they
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wanted to have republicans in control of the house of representatives. that says something. >> you know, i don't see any appreciable difference between the republicans and the democrats, i have to tell you. i would like to see a second party emerge in which the american people are protected. these are cultural wars that the democrats and the republicans haven't signed on to. they have come together and given up the budget -- >> i am sorry to interrupt you. i want to let the viewers know, we're looking at the president and the first lady and their daughters as they come off of air force one, returning from hawaii. go ahead. >> oh, no, no. that's quite all right. we have to put the american people above partisanship. look, the fact is, the fastest growing population in america are the independents. why? because we need something else. what we have gotten from both parties has run us into the difficulty we have to be honest about the debt and the scope of the problem, stop talk call
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thght greatest recession since the great depression, this is a depression where i live. >> justin, i will give you the last word. do you think the president has it in him to provide the leadership that you are calling for in and so many others? >> i am going to be hopeful and optimistic. i am not encouraged by the no compromise issue that he has given to the republicans. i am going to keep alive -- but i am going to hope that he takes origin of the moment, take the political capital that the american people gave him, leaking him to a second term and to use it to reach across the aisle and to do things in a postpartisan way, not a hyperpartisan way. >> shaking heads. >> we watch the first family. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you and to your families as we look at the first family getting on to marine one, taking them to the
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white house. >> jamie: clearly to get back to work. health insurance companies across the country are seeking large increases in premiums for some of their customers. and in some case, they are getting them, despite the obama administration's new health care law, one of the main goals of which was to stem the rapid rise of insurance costs for consumers peter dec has more. >> reporter: dave jones, the california commissioner, says that rates are going up because of what he calls a huge loophole in the affordable care act, more commonly known as obamacare. it says that insurance companies cannot raise premiums more than 10%, unless it's approved by a rate review program. but in california, anthem blue cross says they want to raise premiums 26% for some policy holders. aetna wants to raise them 22% and blue sheefld california
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wants to raise them 20%. you see, california cannot forbid insurers from jacking their rates up of the the folks who will be most hurt are the one who is buy coverage on their own and don't get it through work because people covered by employer-based policies are only looking at a 4% increase in their rates. the reason these companies are able to raise their premium this is much is because health insurance for them -- health care for them -- is still getting more expensive in some place, the senior pals health policy analyst for consumers union is quoted as saying, when you are aloud medical underwriting and to close blocks of business, rate review will not affect this. but some are seeing the brighter side of this rate review program with an executive from kaiser family foundation saying there is no question that revideoview of rates makes a difference that it results in lower rates paid by consumers and small
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businesses. 37 states are able to tell regulators in their state to stop insurance companies from raising their premiums excessively. but in california, where the legislatures do not have that the power, it could mean a much bigger chunk of every paycheck, going toward health care premiums. >> jamie: thank you. you may not be able to control the rising cost of health care, but you can prepare for all the financial obstacles that will come your way in 2013. when we come back, my take charge consumer protection segment will help you save moppy, next. money, next.
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>> i communications executive is launching a campaign to try to
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boost one of new jersey's town's reputations. a local highway says, say something nice about camden, known for widespread poverty and high crime rates. they are hoping to change all of that. but the campaign is getting a mixed reaction. we go live to the newsroom for more. >> reporter: critics argue that saying something nice about camden campaign, based around social media and billboards is a futile area for what some call america's worst city. but they want to the success of the i love new york campaign that helped to clean up manhattan in the 70s and says that south jersey has a rich history in culture to highlight. >> visit the city. have a terrific cheesesteak, walk along the waterfront. think about walt whitman and his poetry, you know, the things he saw in camden of relevant today. >> reporter: the say something nice campaign billboard was slated to be up for a month, but
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was supported by local businesses for january as limp the mayor thinks the campaign won't work overnight, but will have a lasting, positive impact. >> it begins to help by overcoming despair and fear. again, bringing back a sense of hope for people to believe. >> reporter: but statistics say that violent crimes were up significantly in 2012, ending with 67 homicides, a new record. 42% of the population, living below the poverty line and 23 of 26 scalls -- schools receiving failing grades. some saying the campaign is much needed. >> you take a look around, they're definitely redeveloping. there are a lot of positive people here who want things, in spite of the bad publicity that they get with the murder rate and what have you, there are a lot of good people. >> >> reporter: the web site will continue to showcase athletes, local celebrities and the
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history of camden to help spread the positive image. >> i grew up in camden county, just on the other side of the delaware river from philadelphia. there is a lot of good stuff going on in camden. it would be nice to highlight of some of it. >> reporter: youville to take me out for a cheesesteak? >> i would love to. it's a date. >> reporter: okay. >> jamie: this new year brings new opportunity to change your life that, could include your finances. it is really important to make sure your economic house is in order. where do you start. in today's consumer take charge segment, tips for making your financial plan for 2013. michael seymour from private weth strategies is here. great to see you. i always count on you. i have never seen in my lifetime, a more challenging time to do that. we are making less, we are paying more tax, how do we put money away? >> well, you know, first of all,
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when i saw the topic for today, this is a great topic on behalf of every financial adviser out there. >> jamie: thank fox news for bringing this up. what we are going to do, financial planning and taking charge of your financial life involves three things -- where are you now is what do you want to accomplish? how are you going to get there? we are going to talk about where are you now? >> for most people out there, if i ask you one simple question, in the last 12 months, have you taken a look at every single thing that is part of your financial life? and developed a plan for it? and i know from 18 years experience as an adviser, the answer for the vast majority is no -- >> jamie: you know where a lot of people are right now, michael? they made a budget because they knew they weren't going to get a raise, they cut their expenses, they didn't go on vacations, they are eating out less. now they realize that even the
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basic cost of living is more than they are bringing in. they can't do any more. what advice do you have for those folks? how do they plan for their retirely or their future? >> what you have to do, the first item is where are you now? you know, if times or great or times are bad, you still are where you are right now. so it's even more important, go online, type in the words household budget worksheet that you just referred to. use the one you used last year n. january, you are going to get your year-end or december statements for everything you have -- credit card statement, mortgage statement, bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment accounts. and you are going to open the envelopes this time and you are going to carefully look at them -- >> jamie: so many people bury their head in the sand. >> amen. >> jamie: we bring ourselves up to speed on everything we have. given the new tax regulations,
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the fact that the payroll tax savings expired. what benefits are there? wee do we have the housing deduction? does it make sense to keep a morning or buy a house? >> everybody's financial situation is different was. that's why, what might make sense for you might not make sense for me and vice versa. what we are going to do, when we look at every one of these statements, we are going to look at each line item and say, where are we income-wise, where are we expense-wise? are we paying too much interest here, not getting enough there? when have you changing tax regulations, everything the cpas can do to stay up on tmuch less you and i. you do need to seek some professional help -- >> jamie: if you can afford it. michael, if you can afford it! let me tell you the bivetion
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information. viless than a minute left. i want to give folks, what tax benefits and deductions remain that folks should consider to just try to get back whatever they're having to pay in? >> okay. you know, the mortgage deduction is still in place. for most people, we are talking about the people who are not in the higher income brackets. okay? so the mortgage deduction does remain. charitable contributions, which most people may not be able to make in lower-income levels right now. so as far as the tax deductions are concerned, some of the things that might benefit people if you can, if you can scrape together some money, such things as the ira contribution levels have gone up for 2013. so if you are in a better place and need to catch up on your retirement savings, that's one area you might be able to do so. what you said about, you know, many people might not be able to afford approval help, i would
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remind everybody, in almost every county in this country, there are many, many fine nonprofit organizations that don't cost anything that are absolutely geared to helping you get your financial house in order. they are out there. you can find them. >> jamie: one of the things that can help you is to pay off your debt, lower your interest charges and use every resource you have to tighten up your budget. thank you so much, we will be talking to you again. this is going to be a challenging year for a lot of people. >> yes, it is. >> jamie: i want everyone to take charge, know what you have. know what you can do. these segments will continue on a number of issues. you can go to click on america's news headquarters at the bottom of the main page and watch some of the other segments on insurance and mortgages and tuition and how to really make every dollar stretch. >> good stuff. coming up, president obama
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moving past on pushing his second-term agenda, including immigration reform. straight ahead, how he has implemented a number of policies that some critics say goes way beyond the dream act. we'll explain. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ wh do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons
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>> welcome back, everybody. here are some of the stories making headlines at hour. firefighters are battling an outbreak of brushpires in australia. about 100 people are missing, several hundred displaced.
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spokesmen for shell oil and the coast guard are preparing to pull a stranded drilling rig off the alaskan coast. new video of a train slamming a car, crossing an intersection in baltimore. witnesses say glare from the sun prevented the driver from seeing a warning light from the oncoming train. the driver of the car, not badly hurt. >> eric: time for a look beyond the news with liz trotta's sunday commentary. >> reporter: the irrassible president of hewlett-packard, hamidcar. >> shannon: is scheduled to go to the white thous talk to president obama tomorrow. he will present requirements for and how when american troops leave afghanistan. an infusion of american billions will be his first concern, not an uncommon request from a corrupt government, that has fed
8:29 am
off the blood and cash of the american largess with audacity. after more than a decade of fighting, the war is not won, nor will it be. the u.s. is committed to getting its troops out by the end of 2014, except a residual force. last week, commanding general john allen committed a plan to the secretary of defense that calls for $6- to 20,000 troops to remain and train the afghan police and army. training is the state mantra for our stubborn policy to stay in afghanistan. it is an open-ended plan to keep u.s. forces busy in central asia. the generals always think of reasons to re-invent their job descriptions, it's what they do. general allen's days in afghanistan bear the soap opera, awaiting an investigation into inappropriate emails between him
8:30 am
and a woman in tamp aflorida. she aroused the wrath of david petraeus' mistress, paula broadwell f. cleared, he will become the life commandener europe. petraeus is awaiting his next job, probably in academic world, say his friends. mean while, the troops carry on their rudderless mission. our role in afghanistan, however, is in a death spiral, as the murder of coalition troops by the trainable afghans continues to soar. last year, our afghan partners attacked us 47 times. often at close range, with 63 dead. most of them, americans. senior field officers are saying openly that the afghans cannot be trusted. with the new year come reports of the military brass, knocking
8:31 am
out new visions for the american armed forces, think tanks, seminar holders and batallians of intellectuals are hard at work, dreaming up new relevance for the afghanistan mission. the now discontract -- discredited coin, that was seen by the disgraced petraeus is seen as the empty policy it was -- the simple but forceful tactics and strat yee gee of american military power have been usurped by the warrior who is want to improve on vietnam. try to keep a straight face when they pull out their power point charts and consider their own statistics. of the 23 afghan army brigade, only one is ready to operate would you say the support of u.s. troops. the u.s. is shipping out equipment, most of it by air
8:32 am
since the roads are not safe, after the 68,000 troops still in country -- one can only imagine how they assess the long, agonizing war. unfortunately, public and media interest is so weak, that there is little left of the press corps to record the painful except. kabul is no longer the hot assignment of the of the scant media coverage giving given to this failed mission, one sorry item stands out, a report that mobile cardiac units are move to the prison, housing terrorists at the guantanamo base. the prisoners, like us, are aging with the war. we are still taking care of them. how long will mr. karzai demand that we tend and defend the basket case that he calls a country? >> jamie: president obama's preparing to take a second oath of office and working on his
8:33 am
domestic agenda. immigration reform -- at top of the list? what does the president hope to accomplish? is there enough political will to get it done? we have the president of the federation for american immigration reform and the former director of the immigration reform law institute, fan cisco hernandez is an immigration law attorney. welcome to both of you. >> glad to be here. >> jamie: i hate to talk too lawyeresque for viewers. we will break down the immigration reform if we can. is it an issue that came up enough so far in the obama administration? >> it's a huge issue because he promised it in the first term and he wasn't able to pass it. but this is an issue that as a result of the last election, everybody from long island to michigan state, all of my friends on the left and the right agree we have to do manage. just not that long ago, we were passing laws laws that contradid federal laws. this is the right timing to get this done. i think the momentum is there.
8:34 am
>> let me ask you, dan, this is what you do. this is -- this is really the focus of your work. what is the? >> of course, we want to make sure that american families and citizens get a fair shake in the labor market and equal opportunity. we think the president has undermined any action because they have unilaterally abandoned immigration law enforcem. when you tell the people, we are not going to enforce the laws and sue the states to get assistance in enforcing the laws, you are telling the american people that so-called reform is a big amnesty program with no prospect of meanful immigration enforcement in the future -- [overlapping dialogue] -- >> jamie: hold on. >> everything the administration has done, everything the obama administration has done and people like senator durbin have done for four years has undermined any pressure for
8:35 am
legislative action and policy, when we have talked about piecemeal reforms like marco rubio and an e-verify bill to get the americans the jobs that are available. the president opposed that. a stem package for high-tech visas -- not that we supported that -- but the president says, that's so popular, we want to attach an unpopular massive amnesty program -- in exchange for anything that is needed. >> jamie: let me have you weigh in here, francisco. have you a deal citizenship -- >> why is that so surprising -- [overlapping dialogue] >> conflict of interest. >> jamie: you have a different perspective than having lived in both countries and making your living here in this country. tell me, as someone who came to this country and made your life here, what you think the solution is and where is the money going to come from, given
8:36 am
everything else that we have to spend in this nation? >> sure. let's look at that time from a different perspective. let's call them when they really are, potential tax contributors. i was born in the united states, but i have six half brothers and sisters. my children have three nationalities. their mother's dutch. so they for dutch citizens. let's go on what we agree on. work permits. my side is going to have to give up an automatic path to citizenship. i am with you. have you some really good ideas. but let's go to what we agree on. work permits. let's find out who the folks are so they can get driver's license and insurance so when they hit our cars, we can get paid. they can work to earn wages and get social security. >> jamie: but are we going to talk about this or get it done? what political capital does the president have left? will he have to act on his own?
8:37 am
do you think he can generate the bipartisan support he would need to get something passed? >> the president has approached this in a very divisive way. he talked about our enemies when he talked to the latino community, suggesting american who is want our borders enforced or laws enforced were anti-latino. he turned around and passed this -- did this illegal dream act amnesty, by executive action, after 3 1/2 years of saying he did not have the power -- then he turned around and bludgeoned the republicans and tried to drive this wedge between the latino voters and the republican party, suggesting that immigration roles are anti-latino. so say, we are going to sing and pass a big amnesty bill when the administration says they don't care about future law enforcement means there is no basis for meaningful legislative action -- >> we don't have to do an amnesty. let's pass on what we agree on and stop throwing rox
8:38 am
[overlapping dialogue] >> jamie: i am up against a hard break. but i like the idea of getting something started that everybody can agree on. thank you so much for your thoughts today. appreciate your time. >> a big election coming up in israel, what it means for them and for us, straight ahead. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. before you begin an aspirin regimen. we replaced people with a machine.r, what?
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>> israel will hold crucial elections january 22. benjamin netanyahu facing perhaps the political fight of his life. itali bennett is a rise -- nast ali bennett is a rising force. and the conflict with the palestinians, with no sign of ending. what is the impact of the election on those of us here in the united states. we have the deputy speaker of the israeli knesset and a member of the likud party. so, let's just explain, first of all, because there is a parliamentary system in israel, people won't necessarily go to the polls to vote for a prime minister, right? they are voting for a party. there are a lot of parties to choose from. >> in israel, you vote for a party, know a candidate. i believe that prime minister netanyahu will be the next prime minister and he will form the next coalition.
8:43 am
but he will have to pay to the small parties. we are worried because we know we are winning the election. many people are voting for the small parties. so that would mean we valid to pay a lot of small parties to get the coalition and it will make a lot of challenges itch the prime minister gave a couple of interviews today in which he warned people about that. if you like me for prime minister, you are going to have to vote for my party. you can't assume by voting for the smaller parties that they will join a coalition with me and we can rule together. it seems to be -- it seems that the prime minister is concerned. >> we are concerned. if you want to see a strong prime minister and a strong government, give us, the likud party, the ability to govern. otherwise, we will win the election, but it will steak 12 or 24 months before another election. >> have you a vested interest in the likud party.
8:44 am
but what would you say to americans about the election and the u.s./israeli relations? >> the public is shifting to the right. we understand, it is not about land for peace. it is about what you are willing to give to the palestinians. we see a lot of people going to the likud party because we want to see peace but you understand, there is no real viable peace partner among the palestinians. >> i want to ask you about the headlines in the news today. first of all, fox and other news organizations are reporting that chuck hagel, a former senator here, will be named as the head of the pentagon. he is something that a -- someone who has said things not necessarily favorable towards israel and criticized the israel lobby here, saying they are too strong. what would that mean if chuck hagel were the next signature of defense? >> we are not getting vflgd in the nomination of president obam a. i hear the concernful i think the main issue with president
8:45 am
obama will do in his second term, what will be his policy? appeasement toward iran, toward hamas, hezbollah or change the policy? president obam will decide where the u.s. is going. >> let's talk about iran and the nuclear program and their role in the violence in gazzasm a lot of people said it was iran providing the weaponly to hamas, used in shells sent into israeli neighborhoods, just over the last several months. how realistic is an israeli attack? >> that's a cultural issue for the american people. i know you have your own problems, the fiscal issue, the budget, the congress. have you to look at iran very carefully. if iran becomes nuclear, it's a threat to the american people and the israelis. we are turning to the u.s. partner, let's deal with that. we cannot ignore it. 2013 is the year that the decision mabe must be taken by the u.s. president and the
8:46 am
israeli prime minister. we have to take the decisions ourselves, we are able to do. >> it you are prepared -- israel is prepared to act unilaterally, if the united states does not give its blessing. >> we are capable of dealing with the middle-east. but it should not be the world of jews against. >> jamie: iran. the threat is not israel, it's for western societies. >> sirria, another hostile neighborhood -- >> it's a tough neighborhood. >> have you no shorter. assad speaking out, as defiant as ever, is the international community doing the right thing, stepping back and letting the civil war play out. or should countries like the united states be more actively involved. >> it is very hard for you us. but we ever watching and it's horrible there. i think the u.s. and the europe, must stop the bloodshed in sirria. we are watching what will happen with the weapons that assad is
8:47 am
holding, whether it will go to hezbollah or al qaeda. we are watching it very carefully. but i think something must be done by the u.s. and the international community. >> one more question for you. israel seems as always the center of hostility. i am wondering, we have 30 seconds left, is that the way it will always be? >> i beg to argue with you, it's a beautiful place -- >> it's a beautiful place. i have been there. i love israel. it is one of the most special places on the planet. but will it always be the center of controversy? >> we are in the front line. we happen to have a tough neighborhood. because we are in the front line, they are going against us. but if you look inside from iran, against the values we represent -- democracy, human rights, so against israel, but they are against europe and the u.s. as well. >> the deputy speaker of the knesset, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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>> former president richard nixon would have turned 1,000 week. the nixon foundation is planning to observe his complicated legacy throughout the year, starting at the nixon presidential library. here with a preview, we have a representative live from yorba linda, california. >> reporter: hithere, jamie. it was in this caught house, january 9, 1913 that, richard nixon was born, the second of five boys. he went from being a hard-working lad in his parents' grocery store to one of the most celebrated but controversial leader who is changed world history forever. the nixon foundation will unveil
8:52 am
a special personal poignant exhibit of his personal artifacts and memorabilia and we will see in a few hours' time, a celebration of his life today here at his birth place. among those in attendance, those woworked with him and hahe achieved. >> to have som was at that pinnacle of office is very unusual. it wasn't that -- clearly, president obama had none of that stature at all coming into office. >> reporter: a lot of stature created by the foreign policy of richard nixon. he reached out to china and encouraged it to become a big player in the world, the dominant player it is today. he starts to softeb relations with the russians and brought about the end of the cold war
8:53 am
and brought troops home from vietnam and domestic policy, ecose taking place today. among those in attendance, his two daughters today and colleagues in the navy and congressmen, although he had that controversy with the watergate scandal, he was remembered in a universal sense. they will be talking about his legacy, the place throughout world politics today and we will be speaking to people throughout the day on fox news. join me for that. >> jamie: i will be here from 4:00 to 6:00. i look forward to the update. >> some of your favorite hostess products that were on the chopping block could be getting a stay of execution. we will tell you who is getting ready to save your twinkies, when we come right back.
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>> jamie: before we go, mexico city is releasing thousands of balloons, the celebration honoring the three wise men, who according to christian tradition visited jesus christ, shortly after his birth. >> that's it for us. >> jamie: nice to have you here, rick. i'll be back alt4:00, with gregg jarrett. >> it's about time we said stop this madness and cut up the credit cards. >> this is about paying bills that are due and owing. this is like say we are are not going to pay our mortgage.
8:58 am
that is reckless and irresponsible. >> no end to the debate on capitol hill. the next big showdown on the debt ceiling. will the government be able to keep paying the country's bills? america's news headquarters, live from the nationa capitol, starts right now. >> life we get to the contentious debt debate, more troubling financial news for health insurance companies. rate are skyrocketing by double digits, not some spite of obamacare, but some say, perhaps because of t. -- of it. peter? >> reporter: doug, the reason health insurance premiums are rising so rapidly in some places is because health care costs a lot. when an insurance company goes to the rate review program, which is required under
8:59 am
obamacare for any premium increases greater than 10% and tell them they need to raise rates like the 26% anthem blue cross in california is proposing, it is hard to say that the higher premiums are not justified. the senior health policy analyst says, this is a quote -- when you are allowed medical underwriting and to close blocks of business, rate review will not affect this. the people most likely to be affected by the california insurance commissioner dave jones told the new york time judges a huge loophole for those who are buying private insurance. those who are covered by employers have only a 4% increase. a kaiser representative says that a review results in lower rates paid for by consumers and businesses


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