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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 8, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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and on the boat citation landed an 883-pound marlin. it was for $910,000. the ship's first mate, peter juan, 22 years old did is not the $15 fishing license in north carolina. he is disputing that. a big lawsuit. $910,000 that will be decided by a court. >> bob: he didn't have a license? >> dana: get your fishing license. $15. >> eric: one of the requirements. do your homework. greg, you're up. >> greg: that was a great story. wow! yesterday, i mention a brief mention of al roker. recent interesting story that he related to the world at large. i would like to apologize to al roker. now that i have the flu, i feel that at any moment i could pull a roker. i apologize. >> eric: karma, greg. that's it for "the five."
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thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> bret: a u.s. senator suggests delaying confirmation of new cia director until he gets answers about the benghazi terror attack. he is here to explain. meanwhile, one of the few suspects in that attack walks. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. the already troubled investigation in to september's deadly terror attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, suffered another set-back. tunisia man suspected of involvement, has been released from custody. we'll get reaction shortly from one of the administration's biggest critics on the issue. first, national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the story from the pentagon. >> four months to the day since ambassador chrissteins and three others were killed in a terror attack on the
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u.s. benghazi mission, one of the only suspects in custody has been released. 26-year-old, tunisia detained in turkey was released by tunsen court due to lack of evidence according to the lawyer. he was present in the attack on the u.s. mission, fox news reported in november. based on video that the u.s. intelligence agencies had from the compound. his brother fought against the u.s. forces in iraq and his father encouraged both suns tovo themselveses in jihad, according to the lawyer. the f.b.i. gained access to him in late december. allowed to question him, in what some described as kangaroo court filled with protesters for three hours. law enforcement officials say he was, "probably not a big player in the attack." l others describe it as a setback to investigation that isn't progressing. >> the department of justice is quiet about this. i hope they treat it as a
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terrorist activity, not just police action. the lack of apparent progress is frustrating. it doesn't seem to be a priority. >> republican congressman asked the administration to cut off aid to tunisia. keep in mind since 2011, the american government has given $320 million in taxpayer dollars to the tunisia government. i find it morally wrong for a country that obstructed f.b.i. efforts to bring them to justice. >> this president is committed to ensuring that those who were responsible of the death of four americans in libya be brought to justice. >> neither the pentagon nor state department spokesman would comment on harvey's release. >> i don't have a comment op this particular case. >> again, i will send you to the f.b.i. because they have the lead on all issues. >> the f.b.i. wouldn't comment on the record. >> secretary of state hillary clinton has agreed to testify about benghazi later this month. >> she has a lot to answer
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for. what happened in the attack, before the attack and how did they misled the world for so long. she is party not all of that. >> some say they will hold up the confirmation as c.i.a. director if he doesn't answer questions about the roll he played immediately after the september 11 benghazi attack. bret? >> meantime, one of the national security nominee is giving the step of giving interviews. what about that? >> chuck hagel considered for the defense secretary gave interview to "lincoln journal star" in his home state of nebraska. in the article that appeared after his nomination he described views as unequiv can, total support for israel. the distortions of the record have been outstanding.
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>> he dined at the pentagon without leon panetta and the joint chiefs and will be given an office here while preparing for testimony. bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. south carolina republicans senator lindsey graham has been one of the most ardent critics of how the administration has handled the benghazi attack. he joins us live tonight from columbia, south carolina. good evening, senator. >> thank you for having me. >> senator let's first start with your reaction to the release of this tunisian. >> i don't know if it's justified or not but it's like pulling teeth to get the administration to engage. it wrote the tunisian government and saying it was unsemiable not to grant an interview without a lawyer. they did give the f.b.i. access to this man. i don't know the result of the interview butly try to get to the bottom of it. i didn't take much effort to get the tunisians to cooperat cooperate.
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i manual what would have happened if the president of the united states would have picked up the phone and called the prime minister to say this is a priority for the country. >> bret: do you think the administration that the national security effort of the administration is going after those responsible for the benghazi libya attack? >> it doesn't seem that way. they seem to be getting the episode behind them. i don't think we should change the talking point -- clarify the talking points that susan rice leading up to the al-qaeda. i've told three stories. director of national intelligence said they changed the talking point. f.b.i. said no, it might have been us. because of ongoing criminal investigation. the final answer believes the c.i.a. may have changed the talking point deleting references to al-qaeda. i'm not going to confirm john
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brennan or anyone else until the administration shares information with the congress about who deleted references to al-qaeda three weeks before the election. i think it was purposefully done and i want to know who did it before we move forward. >> you're committed to holding the nomination up? >> yeah. i don't want to. but i'm not going to let the administration get away from having to be held accountable. the state department, you will hear from hillary clinton. who did change the talking points and take al-qaeda out? what did the president do in seven hours? they are making two movies about the strong leadership and the bin laden raid. this administration leaked every detail about the bin laden raid so the world would know how strong their own national security. when you have a major debacle like benghazi you can't get basic information four months later. i don't think they are pursuing offenders aggressively, frankly. they are stonewalling the congress. john brennanbe nor anyone else should be concerned as the
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acting director of the c.i.a. until the c.i.a. accounts for their role in changing the talking points. >> bret: director was asked about the holdup of brennan by you in statement today at the white house press briefing. >> it would be unfortunate in pursuit of this issue this which was highly politicized the senate would hold up the nomination of john brennan to be director of the central intelligence agency. we discussed a lot, late in the year, the semiirrelevance of the issue of what was said on series of sunday shows to what actually happened in benghazi. this president is committed to ensuring that those who were responsible for the deaths of four miles per hours in libya,
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be brought to justice. >> bret: your responsebe? >> the president of the united states picked susan trice go on national television three weeks before an election to say that the consulate in benghazi was strongly, significantly secured. that this was the result of spontaneous riot based on a video and al-qaeda has been decimateed. the talking points did not reality to reality. i think they were trying to create the narrative that president obama had decimateed al-qaeda. at the expense to the troops. we dept know who took the troops outed on we are not moving forward until we get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi. the only leverage i have, is the nomination. i want to find out who changed the talking points, deleting references to al-qaeda. state department clearly indicated this place was death trap. what did the president do? what did he know about
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benghazi? kind of leadership did he exert on 9/11? not unfair for answers to the administration. they stonewall and try to get benghazi behind them politically in the rear-view mirror. it will stand firm get the basic answers that should have been given to the congress months ago. this is a big deal to me. we need to learn from what happened. how this place became a death trap, while we couldp respond on september 11 better tanp we did. why and how susan rice and the president himself told stories for weeks after the attack that had no basis in reality. >> bret: senator, do you know where the survivors of the benghazi attack are today? >> guest: i don't know where the survivors are, who they are. they bar interviewed the day after the attack in germany. the c.i.a. told me they couldn't get the f.b.i. interview because if it was criminal investigation. have we gone back to pre-9/11
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stove piping of intelligence where the f.b.i. can't call the c.i.a. to find out if it was terror attack? this whole thing is an learning opportunity. i really do believe on president obama's watch, al-qaeda has gotten stronger, not weaker. exhibit "a" of leading from behind is benghazi. there are more benghazis to come. this was a death trap. agencies in question are not talking to each other. they're not sharing information with the american people. before we move forward with a new c.i.a. director i want to know what the c.i.a. did regarding benghazi and who changed those talking points? who took al-qaeda out of talking point? >> bret: last thing. you know pressure will build and the democrats will start saying this is a hold-up hindering the president's ability to have the national security team at full strength. how will you respond? >> i hope democrats care about benghazi as much as i do to find out what happened, why information was taken out of talking points that were really unjustified.
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what did the president do? let's learn together from the benghazi debacle and not hide the fact from congress and american people. hope democratses up this is an important event. bin laden raid deserves to be celebrated. benghazi deserves to be understood and explained. >> bret: senator graham, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> bret: company that received a lot of your money may end up suing you because of it. that is later in the grapevine. up next, the president's anticipated new main money man. the challenges he may face.
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>> bret: we are expecting announcement soon from the president for pick for the new treasury secretary. it's believed to be jack lew. that is who he will nominate. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel looks at the lew pros and cons tonight from the white house.
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>> two sources close to the process say white house chief of staff jack lew is expected to be nominated by the end of the week. publicly, jay carney avoided getting ahead of president obama. >> i don't have a timetable for any other personnel announcements but i have no new information. or any change information on secretary geithner departure. >> sources say lew is up with of the president's favorites because of the sharp knowledge of the federal budget and no drama style. capitol hill republicans say lew gained a reputation for being arrogant and rigid in the 2011 dead ceiling fight. the top republican predicts a bumpy confirmation process because lew is too political in the capitol hill testimony. >> he refused to acknowledge basic financial certainly and spun numbers in a way that benefited president. he did not show credibility he
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wants in the cabinet position. >> the confirmation is likely to come in middle of the series of budget battles when congress would be asked to increase debt ceiling. >> congress can limit the debt. and should not allow the e a budget plan from the white house. and the democratic senate. >> but they would prefer congress sort out this. >> this is not a deal that the white house is going to have. >> that will continue.
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>> mike emanuel live on the north lawn. thank you. european union warns of new divide in continent between rich and poor. the unemployment numbers peak and the social welfare systems spray. amy kellogg has disturbing job news from london tonight. >> the euro zone unemployment average reached all-time high of 11.8%. up from 11.7 in october. in country like italy, the situation is particularly dire. youth unemployment registered to 37%. >> here they are lined up with jobs accusation center. >> i don't have any trust in my country. absolutely not. no way out. we have our backs against the wall. either you leigh, if you stay here you are condemned. >> some blame the austerity
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measures that led to violence across the continent for aggravating the employment situation. greater unemployment comes diminished spending power so you get a vicious circle. still, despite the fact that improvements aren't happening quick enough. the leaders of the 27 countrys leaders from the different political parties learned to reach con ken sus. for example on banking union. >> the leaders have come together to change the system in ways they hope will not only stabilize the euro but lead to longer term growth. >> the euro zone need to do more to convince investors they are business friendly. unless it happens the much-needed job goes elsewhere. >> bret: amy kellogg in london. thank you. at home, wall street took a step backward today.
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dow dropped 55. s&p 500 lost 5. the nasdaq fell 7. still ahead, could drones shoot down the chances of the president's pick for c.i.a. chief from the left? first, big dollars and big complaints for planned parenthood. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> bret: life groups calling for end to federal funding of planned parenthood after the group reported record-breaking numbers for last year. correspondent shannon bream on the facts and figures. >> at the same time, it announced performing a record high number of abortions, planned parenthood revealed it received more than a half billion dollars in taxpayer money during the last fiscal year. prompt progress-life advocates to sound the alarm. >> the average person thinks
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we should not be borrowing mup to pay for more abortions. common sense disconnect there. >> almost immediately after the new 113th congress was sworn in. pro-life lawmakers reintroduced legislation blamed to block family planning funding going to any group that does not certify it doesn't refer abortions or refer clients elsewhere to get them. planted parenthood said 890% of the services are preventative care. like any other healthcare provider we are reimbursed to provide specific preventativingses to low-income patients, as the case for decades, federal funds cannot be used to provide abortion. planned parenthood own statistics show over the last three yearing it performed million abortions at consistent annual rate. in the same time period, the organization had nearly 30% drop in cancer screenings and more than 11% drop to contraceptive services. >> funding battles are brewing across the country as number of states sought to block
3:25 pm
planned parenthood accessing their fund. the obama administration has often stepped in. directly funding the organization itself, o threatening to withhold federal funding unless they refund the decision. >> every time we defund on state level the president steps in and says over my dead body. >> there is a legal battle in texas where the state demanded none of the funding go to planted parenthood and that would leave poor women without healthcare. monday, the human services commission announced it locked in more than enough doctors for the people depended on the planned parenthood for checkups. >> bret: thank you. survivor of the tucson shooting ram page is taking on the gun lobby. gabrielle giffords seds she and astronaut husband mark kelly will raise mup for gun control efforts. giffords was shot in the had in a constituent meeting two years ago. sick people were killed.
3:26 pm
high-ranking nra official will attend a meeting of vice president biden gun task force this week. president obama asked biden's group to provide recommendations on how to avoid mass shootings like the one that left 20 chirp dead last month in newtown, connecticut. immigrants who are in illinois illegally will soon get a green light to drive legally. this an, the state house approved legislation to grant tetch rare driver's license and the governor is expected to sipe it. advocates say it will improve safety requiring migrants to take driving tests. two other states washington and new mexico already have such silences. one fellow senator sell majority leader harry reid is "often idiot." we will tell you why. you bailed out aig.
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schwab bank was built with all e value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and no nuisance fees. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 plus deposit ches with mobile deposit. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and manage your cash and investments tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab's mobile app. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no wonder schwab bank has grown to over 70 billion in assets. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so if you're looking for a bank that's in your corner, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 not just on the corner... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 call, click or visit to start banking with schwab bank today. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 >> bret: from the political grapevine. aig is considering suing the u.s. government for the bail-out that saved it. the "new york times" reports existing lawsuit from shareholders said the high interest rate and the 9 #% government stake in the company cost them tens of billions of dollars. aig is considering joining the lawsuit.
3:31 pm
atlantic quips, "does that bad attitude count as looking the gift horse in the mouth or biting the hand that feeds you or both?" the company finished paying back the government a month ago when the treasury department sold the last batch of aig shares at the profit. same time aig is considering joining the lawsuit they are running "thank you, america" commercials. senate majority leader harry reid is getting criticism for comments we brought you friday that he made about hurricane sandy. >> people of engler. >> louisiana senator david viter says harry reid revealed himself to be an idiot. this time gravely insulting the gulf coast residents. katrina and sandy were horribly destructive storms and by any measure katrina was
3:32 pm
the worst natural disaster in history. it cost 1800gettes and $1.8 billion in daniel. sandy caused 131 deaths and $65 billion in daniel. reid says he simply misspoke. here is a stark contrast. pentagon assessment of the planned budget cut as part of fiscal cliff deal and sequester would yep diaz national security. and a $247,000 float in tournament of roses parade. the "washington guardian" rolls last week was the first time the pentagon sponsored float in the parade. lawmakers hoping to trim the budget are looking everywhere. you may remember defense secretary leon panetta wrote the impact of the planned cuts would be the e stating saying we'd have to redoubt the size of the military sharply. in a lengthy statement to fox news, pentagon chocked up expenses to recruiting young people and honoring veterans. now to a better known use
3:33 pm
of defense dollars, the drone program. not everyone supports using aerial vehicles to hunt down terror suspects. james rosen tells us from the state department the policy could be a problem for the president's pick to run the c cia. >> from the first u.s. drone attack outside yemen, second ago, through six known strikes this year including the one that took out the taliban commander, the dep te a eight others in pakistan. the u.s. war on terror grown reliant on the unmanned vehicles that are prepared for flight an armed with the hell fire missiles. >> i believe john brennan taking over at c.i.a. will ensure that the drone program will comet. the administration has been -- and brennan particular, selling us on the fact that drones is the magic weapon. >> bret: >> reporter: president bam banal herted the drones from
3:34 pm
the predecessor. despite his criticism of bush, he has empanded the program employing agilities to authorize 300 drone strikes that killed # ,500 people. it has long strangeed relakes with pakistan and civilian who complain about the civilian casualties. >> we endeavor to redouse zillian casualties as much as possible. -- civilian casualties as much as possible. taking the fight to al-qaeda made the united states safer. >> worked to embed evidents to a strong legal frame wok. >> civil bi liberty groups. >> the u.s. government is using drones far from the battlefield to kill people who are not presenting any threat to the united states. that is the under which force
3:35 pm
used forren the [ inaudible ] >> required general stanley mcchrystal says a drone program has been immr. meanting in decimating in al-qaeda top leadership the strikes may work against america's bauder counterinsurgency mission. because it spreads to the population u.s. is trying to protect. >> bret: thank you. military judge redoused sentence for job by documents ds from the wikileaks website. the judge ruled some of manning pretrial treatment was illegal afghan soldier killed a british seasonal in the first insider attack of the new year in afghanistan. several other british troops were woulded in the hellmand province. taliban claims responsibility saying that the shooter was killed later a check point.
3:36 pm
6 is people were killed in insideer attacks last year. egypt president will urge president obama to free rackmand who sevenk live sentence for i it can on the world trade center in 1993. they said if he should be allowed visitors and aanalysis tance. suspect is freed and senator wants answered. latest on what we know and don't know about the benghazi libya terror attack. the fox all-stars discuss when we return. [ male annocer ] says the all-new nissan altima
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it would be unformnate i think if in pursuit of this issue which was highly politicized, the senate would hold up the nomination of john brennan to be director of the
3:40 pm
central intelligence agency. >> i am not going to confirm john brennan or nip else until the they share information with the congress who deleted references to al-qaeda three weeks before the election. >> bret: lindsey graham saying john brennan will have trouble in the senate. he will hold up the nomination until he gets answers onbe benghazi. this is part of the investigation on the day, four months to the day after chri chrissteins and three others were killed. that a tunsan is let go. one of the only suspects being held. teensen government, saying that there was a look of evidence. what about all of this? a.b. stoddard, and syndicated
3:41 pm
columnist charles krauthammer. tucker? >> it's a shame that secretary clinton didn't testify earlier. she testify to 22, but she will have to answer questions about not just what happened before the attack and why security wasn't adequate. but what happened subsequently. not just removal as senator el-gamal said, al-qaeda, from the report. but why after four months there is no one in custody. at the consulate in benghazi, a number of accounts. for people who committed this. apparently, massive failure. that is one thing they will answer for when she goes to hill. >> bret: a.b.? >> i would be surprise if given that senator graham wants to hold up brennanbe's nomination and the fact that hillary clinton really gone out of her way to stay out of
3:42 pm
the benghazi back and forth. i would be surprised if the administration didn't come out before she testified to explain somehow what happened here so brennan's nomination can go through. he can be confirmed as the secretary on the way out of her job to come in and testify. i would be surprised if it's left on her shoulders to explain this. >> there will be a lot of question -- >> a lot of questions about the hearing. >> bret: not only, that but tells the father of the slain -- the service that they are going to go after the guy who made the video. according to the father. >> there will be a that you know is his responsibility, i doubt, that this is going to be up to her to come up with an explanation of what happened to the talking points that susan rice used.
3:43 pm
why thar were scrubbed. how she got them and who prepared them for her. i would be wise. i manual they get it done before she is on the hot seat for the other topics. she said she is responsible and will answer the recommendation that the report included what needs to be carried out in the next investigation of state department. of the c.i.a. talking point issue i imagine it's someone else's problem. >> three months after the event -- two months after the event, where she didn't say a word. she is the head of the department. the ambassador worked for her. he didn't work for susan rice. we don't know what she knew about security.
3:44 pm
spinning a story afterwards. jay carney, how credulous they are about the story. carney, the highly politicized issue. not political if you ask the administration to explain what happened. what happened during the hours? what about the solution is that as a close advisor to the president on terrorism, what was the president engaged in, in the seven hours in what did brennan know? what did he tell the president? were orders >> i were they carried out? there is so much unknown here. i'm not surprised we have let go the only suspect.
3:45 pm
we know the leader of the attack was a certain, katala. seen a few days later in a coffee shop outside benghazi. he remains unmolested to benghazi today. the administration wants to pretend it's political. it's not. it's to seek out what happened. >> bret: the other thing that this potentially does in the context of this hearing on brennan is open up the door to al-qaeda. the strength of al-qaeda in the region. strength that perhaps it's stronger than the administration forecasts that it was. questions about the policy going after al-qaeda. >> carolina in a backhanded way in any case, some of the event of the arab spring which have by any calculation result in a lot more chaos and more
3:46 pm
uncontrollable anti-american activity, consequences unforeseeable. messier region than when the president took office. the policy played a role. he will have to answer for that. >> the other thing that is interesting charles is right. when this happened the president said we'll track then down. then interview with "meet the press" he backed away and said i can't comment cxsgcaptionpassgoing procedures. he retreated. he wouldn't be specific about it. someone needs to ask why that is. to throw to wider investigation with different circumstances. they need to be clear about that. they haven't come up with any one of them. he said it's a secret. >> bret: listen. we all know at this table there is a lot about benghazi we just don't know. unanswered questions. it asked senator graham where are the survivors of benghazi
3:47 pm
to tell us anything about what is going on? >> but give it to the f.b.i. and treatic like a burglary in the embassy. then you say it's law enforcement. all kind of rules, privacy and procedure, precluding the administration from what happened. it was not a burglary or crime. act of terror. we have to treat it like that like we have after 9/11. this is a retreat to pre9/11 thinking. that's why we haven't gotten anywhere or hearing anything about it. >> bret: next up, the president's pick to be the government's top money man.
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3:51 pm
>> bret: sources tell fox the president will nominate the white house chief of staff jack lew to be the next treasury secretary by the end of the week. here is how the "new york times" described lew in december. early part of december. mr. lew's last-go around with republicans, debt ceiling talk in 2011 ended uncharacteristically badly. mr. lew is still the budget director at the time. irks speaker john boehner and the staff viewed him as an uncompromising know-it-all. mr. lew's defenders call it aberration. not a creature of wall street but he did spend three level in high-level and high-paying jobs at citigroup where he oversaw unit that lost money and profited betting against the subprime mortgage. sequester, a lot of talk of the sequester and the cuts that will be debated ahead of
3:52 pm
the credit ceiling talks. across the board cuts. people forget it came from the white house, according to woodward's book "price of politics." at 2:30 p.m., jack lew and thous legislative affairs neighbors went to the meet with the senate majority leader and the chief of staff swept an idea for the trigger. what is the idea, reid asked skeptically? sequestration. lew and nains went through a laundry list of programs that faced cuts. this is ridiculous. that is the beauty of the sequester. it's so ridiculous no one wants it to happen. the bomb that no one wanted to drop. it was an action-forcing event. i get it, reid said finally. that's from bob woodward. back with the panel. a.b., jack lew? >> after what you read, charles would say lew was not cynical enough. because, of course, we still live with the sequester for at
3:53 pm
least another two months. lew learned his green eye shades and he is a know-it all because he learned more about spain spain spain and barack obama or other people on the table talking about the federal budget. he does know more. whether or not, he has not learned the reputation for the negotiating prowess and he is not a creature of wall street in the ways, the ways that the industry, the way corporate america would like him to be. going forward, can he in a fragile economy really help build a robust recovery? he is a budget expert. whether or not president obama trusts him completely is bringing him in to actually bridge the divide. reform entitlement and programs where the money disappears to. jack lew knows. they remains to be seen. it's interesting pick for that reason. whether he is pushing nar is a
3:54 pm
separate question. >> bret: people forget he was budget director you should president clinton and he worked for tip o'neil, the democrat, who struck a deal with ronald reagan for social security to be vel rant little known fact in -- security to be solvent. a little now fact is he has the gavel from tip o'neil striking down the legislation going through on his desk, the social security legislation. entitlement reform he has been fighting back from the white house point of view. >> there is no indication -- put hit the way. after the election people in wall street felt it was possible that they would bring in someone from their world, with market experience. he brought in someone on the inside, life in politics and worked for joe mockley, college administrator at nyu. background like obama. they were hoping for jamie dimon to bring marketing experience. no. is there any evidence in this
3:55 pm
man's background, he is deliver and he thought it was sequestration. and he is the bold reformer capable of actually bringing entitlement to the table? i don't think there is any. it's disappointing that way. >> you learn where he wants to go, by where he chooses. he chooses hagel for defense because he wants to go in a certain direction with iran and a n a direction cutting the defense spending. jack lew is getting a guy that knows anything he knew aboutbe the budget and more. he would know where everything is. it's one of two choices. is he appointing him because he would be guy to makebe a big deal and reform entitlement? not scintilla of evidence that obama has interest whatsoever. the log call and likely explanation is he a choosing a guy to defend every nook and cranny of the budget, because he is not interested in
3:56 pm
spending cuts. not interested in reform. he wants to defend the entitlement state and obamacare. he calls it ininvestment. they want to hold the fort in reactionary liberalism. great achievement of the last century to build entitlement state. he would defend the ford. >> bret: a.b., you have hagel getting a lot of fire. taking a lot of oxygen out of the city. brennan wants to hold his nomination. senator sessions said this is a bumpy confirmation process for lew. >> there is a real chance that chuck hagel doesn't get through. the others get through. a fight that obama picked at a time of a big crisis and he is
3:57 pm
supposed to work with the republicans. it doesn't bow well for the cliff after the cliff after the cliff. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for some coercive lobbying. hey, our salads.
3:58 pm
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