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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 9, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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and on the boat citation landed an 883-pound marlin. it was for $910,000. the ship's first mate, peter juan, 22 years old did is not the $15 fishing license in north carolina. he is disputing that. a big lawsuit. $910,000 that will be decided by a court. >> bob: he didn't have a license? >> dana: get your fishing license. $15. >> eric: one of the requirements. do your homework. greg, you're up. >> greg: that was a great story that he related to the world at large. i would like to apologize to al roker. now that i have the flu, i feel that at any moment i could pull a roker. i apologize. >> eric: karma, greg. that's it for "the five."
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thank i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in brazil, the copa cabana cleaver. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up on the big show, a crazy person goes on a tv show and acts crazy. the not at all shocking alex jones story. and why are some current tv staffers disgruntled? probably because they are about to be former tv staff. and finally is he a dirty old man or a broadcaster who forces me to watch college football with the sound muted. stay tuned to find out. >> thanks, andy. >> as always, you disgust me. >> that's easy for me to say. it is a medical condition. >> four times in one hour? >> it relieves tension. >> maybe take up knitting instead, greg. we can start with the basic stuff and move up to more complicated ones like the water fall.
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jay okay. -- >> okay. >> that was easy. >> it was. bye. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot she could boil water with her thoughts. i am here with diane macedo. weekdays on fox business network. and he is funnier than a keebler elf. his latest cd is one of many and comes out january 22nd. it is called lateral thinking poz leers. that rolls off the tongue. that will sell dozens. and in kentucky he is considered a banjo. it is bill schulz. and if thoughtful commentary was the ski jump i would watch men do him once every four years. john gibson, host of the radio program "the john gibson show". and he is the annoying slew with the -- shrer with the world view. >> today in health dr. perry
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klass writes how pediatricians need to pay more attention to boys reproductive developments. and note, i said pediatricians. you are to stay as far away as the young man as the court order specifies by gum. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> it has been guns ad nauseum. the white house is gathering ideas for a big plan to cut gun violence with vice president biden planning to meet with groups on both sides of the issue including folks from the entertainment industry. i hope that includes ted nugent. and president obama is considering proposals beyond reinstating a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. according to the washington post, a paper, the task force is looking closely at measures like universal background checks and a national gun database and strengthening mental health checks.
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meanwhile, piers morgan's show is the home of thoughtful debate on this matter. on monday he invited conspiracy enthusiast alex jones who offered a calm and cogent argument for guns. >> stalin took the guns, mal, took the guns castro took the guns, hugo chavez took the guns. and i am here to tell you 1776 will commence again if you try to take our fire rms a. it doesn't matter how many you get there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken. we will not relinquish them. do you understand? >> i think he speaks for all of us. there is more. >> you are a hatchet man of the new world order. you are a hatchet man. i will say this right here. you think are you a tough guy? have me back with a boxing ring in here and i will wear red, white and blue and you can wear your jolly roger. >> let's try again. how many gun murders were there in britain last year? >> how many chimpanzees can dance on the head of a pin? >> answer the question,
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piers. jones did the unthinkable making piers morgan almost seem sane. the voice of reason in a world gone mad. >> i hate to invite all of the alex jones fans to dump on me tomorrow, bit what did you expect? alex jones shows up with piers morgan, two crazy people who will go at each other. it sounds like maybe it was planned. >> do you think it was? i wouldn't go that far. you are so cynical. years in television and radio has made you a sin that you cal man, but -- cynical man. but you are still sexy. the sexy can sells the cynicism. piers had a guy larry pratt on and called him an idiot. now hasn't piers figured out find the guy who is the worse spokesman? >> that's what i was going to say. instead of arguing the point in an educated way he finds somebody who looks completelypsn
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rights news yism in that way. enthusiast in that way. >> that's right. you were nodding the whole time alex was talking. when he said new world order you said finally. you yelled finally we are back to new world order. >> the hatchet man of the new world order. we are never going to agree on this one. i don't even know why we are discussing this. i think what we should do is you can wear your rainbow trunks and i will wear my don't tread on my briefs and we can have this out like men. >> we did that last week and there wasn't even an argument about that. >> i just love wearing the briefs. >> i do love wearing them. >> i do think there is a middle ground to the debate. even if you don't agree on what the policy will be. i don't think this is one of those issues where both sides can't understand where they are coming from. when you put interviews like that on the screen it makes it seem like that. and gun issues are not as polarizing as they are made to seem on tv. >> i agree with you on that. if you address certain things like mental health and security, you can talk about magazines and talk about you
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need magazines that are this big. as a talking head, i admit that i know nothing about guns. therefore when ever i have to go into this topic i have to read up and read up. it is like global warming. in order to debate you have to know what an assault rifle is. then you find out an assault rifle is like a rifle with three things on it. >> machine guns, the things that are banned right now, they are not even that good. they are not accurate. it is easier to kill people with regular old rifles. machine guns are -- they don't shoot straight. >> i have a feeling you know more about guns than anybody. >> i live in gun nut country. even my gun nut friends say if you want to run background checks so legitimately crazy people like jared loughner, james holmes and maybe bill can't get guns that's fine by us. if they want to do it, do it. these crazy people shouldn't have them. you notice a lot of this is
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not going on with sane people who have guns. it is actual loonetics. >> the problem is the spokespeople for that entire population, the nra and so on, they don't have that view. anytime somebody comes out with limits on guns, they are the ones that come out and act as a spokespeople for any gun rights enthusiast. >> if you do things like saying i want a national registry which is one of the suggestions. this is coming from people who don't think you need an id to vote and are against the national id for a driver's license. but they want a national registry. of course the nra is thinking now they have a list of everybody that has a gun and they will come around and get your gun one day. of course they r. if you suggest stuff like that, of course they hillary cyst it. if you say, hold up a picture of james holmes, the one with the orange hair. should this crazy person have a gun? no. holdup a picture of adam lamza. >> i think people are looking at that. any person who believes in the right to bear arms they are
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looking at the status quo of what those people believe. people have protested background checks, either legitimate across the board or at the least at the gun shows. >> i don't think you will have a problem with those background checks. adam lanza, do you honestly believe his mother was the one who owned the guns or she bought them for him? she bought them in her name for him. >> i think that is another topic that needs to be discussed. if you can pass a background check, what if -- if you can't pass a background check what if somebody else in your house can? you said it yourself, you are a gun guy, but are you supportive of background checks. i think the organizations that are supposed to represent the views of the standard gun enthusiast should take that view instead of being as extreme as they r. >> joe biden is having the nra come in this week. >> and hollywood thank god, bill. i want to bring bill into this. jones is as worked up about guns that you are about
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les-mis. you have seen it 17 times? >> tonight it will be 17 times. that's the thing about alex jones. most nra members are for background checks. jones is against it because if there were background checks, the person he is trying to buy a semiautomatic from would have to watch that tape. and there is no way in hell he is getting the gun. i kid the tiny wienert. let's move on, shall we? it seems greed came before creed. at least uh -- according to pissed off staffers that said after selling to al jazeera they have no credibility left. they had a meeting to meet the new owners and al was absent. noted one employee, he is supposed to be the face of clean energy and just sold to very big oil. everybody argues how to pronounce. they never took big oil
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advertising. they sell to the amir and adding we all know now that al gore is nothing but a -- [bleep]. we do stories on the tax code and he sells the network before the tax code kicks in. one last gripe? al was lecturing us about green. he kept his word about green all right. as in cold, hard cash. didn't see that one coming. all of this raises a question, can dogs learn to drive? >> honk the horn. >> that's great. fur -- if you ever drink he can come and pick you up and take you home. tom, isn't this the essence of liberalism that it is do as i say, not as i do? >> this is the perfect thing. let's not get on al gore. let's not jump on the ban wagon of doing nothing wrong.
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selling the company and making money and trying to do it before the end of the year was the first time al gore was doing something real. >> true. >> when you are in the world of politics, it is a fake world, but in the world of business it is a real world. when you have these guys trying to do both, they clash at some points. in the end you have to enter the real world and al gore just did. >> it is not fair. he wants to enter the real world when he wants to make money and enters fantasy land when he talks about global warming. >> for a longtime people thought al gore was a hipocrite. he stap ped his card out in public, and so you don't have to -- -- >> that makes him not a hipocrite then. we only knew he was full of something. turns out it is more brown than green. he finally did this out in the open where we can all see, al gore was full of it. what is he going to do? i feel at some point he will end up like jim rockford. >> i feel like this has been
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going on for awhile now. and people are acting like this is the first time. the guy made a fortune advocating for green energy. his mansion in nashville uses more than the average consumer. this goes back to -- ever since he started preaching this stuff. this is another example down the road. >> going around in a private jet is not like getting $100 million from the amir gutter. >> sure it is. he goes and gives speeches for those who ride their bike to work. he has a mort cade of -- a motorcade of who knows how many suv's. >> you live a green lifestyle by eating moldy bread from the dumpster. do you feel let down by your hero, al gore? i do say hero because i know he is your hero. jay he is totally my hero. i never understand the venom for al gore. never has more incon sequential milk toast politician -- aside from hillary who i feel all of the
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venom republicans used to feel for him was dumped on her. yes he is probably a hipocrite, but this article is suspect. they started off with the tried and true lie of a cliche that here is the guy that invented the internet. no, hue he said he created legislation to allow the internet to exist. the two people that invented the internet agreed with him. and yet they started with that. if you are going to attack al gore, stop with the internet crap. everyone in the post is watching right now and listening to me. >> i just take notes. >> i can't believe that during that whole point you were punching pinch. >> well i was padding him. as if to say way to name your sources. >> i don't think there was any venom for al gore. it was comedy. i always saw him as, ever since the dishonest movie, he is like a huckster who is
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running a medicine show. i never felt anger toward him. i will tell you where the anger comes from. the worry that he can take as much money he can out of our collective money taxes to pay for carbon taxes and things like that that don't work. i think he can get mad about that. >> people are upset for dumping tipper. >> i forgot about that. >> he is going live in a trailer . >> but what a trailer. >> i used to live in that trailer as a kid jie. she can write a book about single women called just a tipper. >> i think that would be a national best seller. and older women would buy it. >> from ales to gals. would they look back when asked to attack? the pentagon is considering whether they will be infantry troops. they showed little interest in
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battle zone jobs. smos believing they would be able to fight on the front line. in 2012 they asked them to go to infantry officer training. and only two volunteers and -- volunteered and they both cleared the course. the job i want to do in the military does not include combat arms. it is a choice to join combat arms and it should be a personal decision not a required one. the views mirrored in other surveys done in the 90s were 900 army women polled, and it felt the issue was pushed by, quote, feminists. let's go to red eye's pentagon screaming sheep. >> he would be arguing on the
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piers morgan show. tune in for that. diane, don't you believe the defense department should forget women in combat? >> open the position up to women, but they will have to fulfill whatever requirements are required of men to do it. if that means no women pass the test, then no women get to be on the front line. >> i am surprised about this though. i always thought, and maybe i am wrong, that they actually adjusted standards for women. i think that's what scares me is if you lower the san derdz. >> that's not the problem. the problem is they are not volunteering. they don't want any part of it. that's fine. if they don't want to be a part of it, there are men who don't want to be a part of it. let us on the front lines and somebody says, oh, okay. no, we don't want to go. huh poke craw see has been exposed. >> i don't think that is huh poke craw see. it doesn't mean everybody wants to do it. >> some men don't want to go
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on the front lines either. but the fact is two volunteered and they dropped out. and men are dropout too. >> isn't this more of a victory for feminists than women at large? >> or large women. >> or large women, however you look at it. >> petite women. >> the thing si am not worried about the woman who wants to fight on the front lines. i know -- and if she can climb that oil wall with the ropes -- >> have i a tape of that -- >> if they do the obstacle course just as fast i am not worried about her. i am worried about the men. the combat men they protect women. they already get into trouble protecting guys. that's why they are in there, their platoon or their unit. they will risk their own life to protect their guys. imagine if there is a woman there. they are going to make irrational decisions. >> but it is true though.
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we are going to talk about brett musburger. he acted irrational for a woman in the stands. i want to go to bill. you enlisted as a woman in the army but it was the kiss army. >> i used our own make up artist at fox news. very multi tasking. >> first of all, it doesn't apply. he wasn't acting irrational. he was acting senile. >> i can't believe that. >> i am changing the story too much. >> we haven't discussed this story. >> that was a trip into the future. you are welcome. >> with this, they interviewed a 25-year vet of the navy. when they first started coming, everybody was like, we talked to the women and no one is joining. then they gave it a couple years and the women started joining the navy. i think we have to wait awhile to see what the answer is. if they can do everything, let them do it. >> why does it matter?
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if nobody is volunteering, you made the option available. >> they are not volunteering. >> we have to move on or i will get cutoff and look immature. what does a beanbag chair, a lava lamp and a thousand headless dolls have in common? a tour of his fox news office. but first, we will quench your first for news and about this lady.
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should a mess hall accommodate all? the department of justice is turning up the heat owe too much wheat? forcing a massachusetts university to offer glue gash dash gluten free food in the
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cafeterias. last month the dog announced the americans with disabilities act applied to students at leslie university who claimed the school's meal plane didn't adequately meet settled promising to provide food without wheat barley and tom s hi llou and will pay $50,000 in damages for those who filed the claim. crazy stuff. meanwhile, at the berkeley school of music -- >> the tune does give one pause, as it were. i feel bad for even saying that. shillou, you seem like a guy who is well versed in gluten-type products. is this an epidemic? >> apparently it is the latest thing. i don't believe in this gluten
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thing. i eat it all the time. obviously people have an intolerance to it. but this is is a perfect example. anytime you hear the americans with disabilities act in the news it is a bunch of overreaching nonsense. this is a terrible bill. when was it signed? >> with bush. >> the first bush, right? >> it is ridiculous. >> is it? >> it is! it is a vehicle to sue people. it always has been. it is ridiculous. >> is it a vehicle to sue people, diane, or do you want to answer a different question? >> it definitely has a place, but the question is what is the disability? >> everything counts. that's the thing. >> that's a problem. now it is seliac disease. what if i am allergic to coke? they can't serve coke in the dining hall either? >> what dining halls do they serve coke? >> bad choice.
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i just wonder where you draw the line which will force the school which is a private university. i would rather have seen them say that they have to be able to give the option to opt out of the plan. i don't think they should be forced to deal with the plan. >> you know what kills me, they want to keep the meals separate to compare cross contamination. >> look, is this the same department of justice that thought it was okay for black panthers to be blocking access and say somehow or not having to produce an id to vote was a problem? >> they were glue 10 free. >> you just wonder what was going there. part of the deal was the people in the gluten free food should have it delivered to their dorm room. i need such and such tomorrow, well then they have to deliver it to their dorm room. >> i was so confused.
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i thought gluten food was for your glutes. >> oh then i need a lot more. >> no, you don't. you are considered the siliac disease. i have a friend, and she is a trauma surgeon, but she has a side hobby exposing the fraud that is this gluten stuff. less than 1% of the population actually has siliac disease. she maintains does not exist. the majority were not linked to siliac disease. it has been started by the japanese race association. they have a lot to gain. >> the association of siliac sufferers send your letters to bill schulz. >> they exist, but it is less than 1%. >> isn't that who we are protecting the 1%? do you -- jay do you have a comment so the show?
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e-mail us. red eye at fox do you have video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye. the half time report from tv's andy levy. the horned animals related to sheep with backwards curving hair. thanks, goat.
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let's go to tv's andy levy. >> hi, greg. i'm fine. thanks. >> you usually ask me how i am. >> i thought i wanted to see if you, sir, would ask me how i am. >> i am a little under the weather. >> i think we all learned something tonight. this is why i will not be coming over tonight. >> i didn't expect you to. i didn't even bother to clean. >> now i want to come over. >> sometimes i don't clean thinking he will come over. >> gun control. john, you said you hate for
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all of thal -- for all of the alex jones fans from dumping on you. maybe you can redirect them to me. alex jones is not an advocate for gun control. he is an advertisement for birth control. >> you know what will happen is he will speak out about me, and then he will speak out about you. >> i don't know why you can say he is an advertisement for birth control. he looks about eight months pregnant in that cliff. i am happy for them. if it is a boy, call him bill. >> diane, i agree what morgan did is bring a crazy person on the show to represent a position he disagrees with. but this is good had tv, i guess, and ratings gold. >> we are talking about it, right? >> exactly. people should stop pretending it is journalism because it is not. >> i agree with you. i think it makes people who are add -- advocating for more
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gun control anybody who believes in the right to bear arms believes in everything that was said on that show last night. that's just not true. >> the worst part about it -- >> go ahead. that was exactly what piers morgan wants. >> what does piers morgan have to do with journalism anyway? >> i don't know. >> there were points that jones made that were accurate including piers getting fired from i believe it was the doctored photo. and he used statistics that were accurate. when it came from him it was all toxic. >> it is fine. it works for their show and it got them some ratings. but we are allowed to talk about it and criticize what was said. >> first amendment. >> i haven't checked yet. >> i believe the first amendment only applies to muskets. >> the second protects the first. >> yes. greg, you said you hate talking about guns because you don't know a lot about them and you have to look up what
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an assault rifle is and it is a regular rifle with three things on it? >> yes. >> you mean an assault weapon which is a made up term. jay that's what i mean. when you try to get somebody to define an assault weapon, you could spend daying doing it. then what you find out has to do with having a flash muzzle and what do you call it a bay -- bayonette. >> or pistol grip. an assault rifle is not a made up term. basically a rifle made for standard military use. >> got it. i think what wail happen is we will end up with a new and worthless ban. i think we will have a ban on high capacity magazines. i think a lot of journalists hillary fer to them as clips because they are ignorant. and i think we might get a closing of the so-called gun show loophole. >> is that right? and with any luck we will get something that really involves
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crazy people. jared loughner-types that are not allowed to have anything but a water pistol. >> but we will not get a national registry of handguns. >> some not happy with al gore. tom, you said let's not get on the ban wagon he did nothing wrong. i will agree. but as other people pointed out, it is the huh poke craw see. >> people like us shouldn't be calling him on it. i myself, i am pro hypocracy. you can't be hipocritical if you don't have standards. that's what i always think. i forget about democracy and talk about the issue at hand. it is fine to sell to whomever you wish. what we want to get on al gore for is all of the nuty stuff he has been doing for the past decade. >> you will come on this show
12:37 am
and say you are pro hipocracy and then take the other position. >> you know what though, the thing is -- i agree hipocrites have standards. if gore goes after somebody for this same activity. >> what is annoying to me is he will get away with the huh poke craw see -- hipocracy because he is a liberal. when a politician gets caught in an affair they are mocked and rightfully so. a lot of times they lose their job and when an anti-gay politician is caught they get the same thing. he is this beloved guy on the left? >> he is getting mocked for it now. >> he is getting mocked by people like us. he is not getting mocked by the the -- by the media at large. >> the mainstream media is not going after him for this? cnn had a column on it.
12:38 am
>> but if you just say that it is usually true. >> thank you, bill. >> you are welcome. >> that's the thing. he is getting mocked by current tv staffers who believed in the nonsense he was shoveling for all of these years. they said we never took big oil money for advertising. and then he sold it to big oil. it is like, yes, big oil is fine, you jerk. >> diane, you pointed out he has been the hipocrite for years and has pay -- has paid -- >> i think this is the first time. the reason was he was a hipocrite and went against their beliefs for once. now all of a sudden he is getting nailed for it which he never has in the past. >> does anybody care he said he wanted to sell his network to somebody that had his values and he chose al jazeera? >> i say good for him. >> he wouldn't sell it to glen beck, but he thought al jazeera was closer to his values. >> if those are his values, john. >> what are the values? >> i absolutely don't know. >> i don't know what are al jazeera's values?
12:39 am
>> you know what will be interesting? will he make the fatal mistake of trying to western nieces to a point that it is comical? they will figure out what they should do to make it more like american might be pretty entertaining for all of us. >> especially if they look at urpt c tv as a model. bill, shame on you for suggesting a new york post story is suspect. >> i didn't see any names. jay they were not names. >> there was the governor. >> yes, but that was. >> al gore's name was in it. jay that's true. >> i sit corrected. >> i do agree with you about the silly al gore said he created -- >> so sick of it. if anything al gore should have been louder about how wrong that was. it has been 15 years now. >> i agree with that. >> i am not. i will continue doing it. and he invented the internet.
12:40 am
>> women don't want to hold come positions. >> if they are not volunteering it is not an al gore hipocracy. it means no woman should be allowed to serve in combat. >> nobody is saying they are not allowed. that's the point of the story. they are completely allowed and what is happening is they are not volunteering. >> they are not completely allowed. >> they are looking into doing it, but right now you can't -- a woman cannot enlist in combat. >> you can enlist for training as an officer in combat arms. >> right, but that is a pilot program they just started recently. >> you can't have a full on program until people volunteer. >> i completely agree with you. >> what are you raging on me about? >> you were being raged. >> i feel raged. >> no, no. >> i hate it when you fight.
12:41 am
>> tom, regarding your argument that the problem with women is not the women, but the men. i actually do think that is a decent argument to a certain extent. i just don't think it is as positive. >> different word please? >> that's a great -- i don't think that alone means you don't do it. >> okay, well, but i said i was concerned about it. they will keep pretending it doesn't exist. >> that is not just as positive. i believe you are being pro negative right there. >> i may be. >> i am going to use that the next time i ambuds. >> you say that is positive. >> it is a fun word. >> just lastly on this department of justice with the gluten free food. it is not the americans with disabilities act, under that act an 8th circuit court ruled that food allergies did not rise to the level of a disability.
12:42 am
in september of 2008 president george w. bush signed the americans with disabilities act amendments act and since that has passed, it had much wider scope of what -- >> now that is dispositive. see it is getting worse. >> once they added this you have had court rulings saying that eating disorders and other stuff like that are disabilities. >> i am opposed to the original one. every guy who owns a gas station gets sued because he does president have a mirror that breaks down for the wheelchair. >> blame bush. it is a handy thing. blame bush. >> he invented the internet, you know? >> all right. anything else, andy? i hear music. i am assuming that means you have to go. did you have another question? what is wrong? he is very angry. coming up, it is strong and sudden and it is cruel sometimes.
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but it might just save your life. that's the power of love. it is not a story, just something neil caw view dough whispered in my ear. what is the latest on the quarterback's girl friend? a story we had to tease it twice.
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is he a dirty old man for checking out a fan? yes, it is that clip you have seen 700 times today. he is shifting focus from the game to a dame, namely katherine web, girlfriend of alabama quarterback aj mccarp. aj mccarron, roll it. >> do you see that lovely lady there. she is miss alabama and that is machining carron's girlfriend and on the right is boner, aj's mom. you quarterbacks get all of the good looking women. what a beautiful woman. >> wow. >> aj is doing some things
12:47 am
right. >> if you are a youngster in alabama start getting the football out and throwing it out in the backyard. >> what a huge scandal. she happened to be miss alabama 2012. i was 2011. she picked up 40,000 twitter will tokers. for some reason espn has uh pl. >>ed -- that's the new apology. we try to capture interesting story lines in the relationship between an auburn grad who is miss alabama and the current alabama quarterback and certainly met that test. however, we apologize -- this is a long tweet. the commentary went too far and brent understands that. we must discuss. >> lightning roooooouuuunth nn. lightning round. >> did that necessitate an
12:48 am
apology? >> not at all. >> why did they do it then? >> people getting offended and nobody is actually offended. >> they wrote a book on this. >> katherine webber says she was flattered by it, and she thought it was in good fun. so did i. i saw nothing wrong with what he said. >> you know what i fear? she will dump the quarterback because she doesn't need him. >> she has her twitter followers. >> she will get even more twitter followers after this segment. >> she will get another 20. jay they are a great couple. it is fantastic. jay he said she was lovely. he said she was a beautiful woman. he complimented the mother. he seemed like a perfect gentleman. are we living in a women study class? >> he was an old guy and a dirty old man syndrome. that's what espn is embarrassed about of the the
12:49 am
sidekick was 40 something. >> i am a little sensitive. >> you know the thing betty white says to young men? this is reverse sexism. betty white would say horrible things that would make me deeply offended. >> i don't even think they are horrible. i love them too. >> i get deeply aroused. she is like a power cougar. >> florence henderson flirted with me. she is a vixen. speaking of vixens, i have to get bill in here. brent described you as a luscious thick slab of meet. did that offend you? >> are you kidding me? i will be the burger in your musk burger anytime. i have few fans so i will take what i can get. >> all right. don't you even think about leaving just yet. we have more to come.
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you probably heard al roker once accidently soiled his drawers at the white house. the story has delighted and disgusted millions after it exploded all over the internet. he let it rip about the
12:54 am
reaction. >> it was the lead story on several websites. >> i am just kind of amazed that this is such a big deal. i put that in the book because i wanted people to realize that there are, you know, consequences to gastric bypass surgery. any kind of gas stick surgery. some of them embarrassing and others life-threatening or fatal. >> john, i don't doubt that for a minute, but a lot of people do this without the surgery. >> i pooped my pants at the white house, and he didn't think that was a headline? >> no kidding. >> that writes itself. he doesn't have to do thig more. >> i tell you this is a humble brag. i tell you, it was a humble brag. it wasn't about the pooping, it was about the pooping in the white house. he was bragging in a backward way. >> i didn't think of that, but it is so true. it is like saying, oh god. >> backdoor brag? >> yes, a backdoor brag. it is like saying oh god. such a rough night with my hot
12:55 am
model date or something like that. >> yes because that's the only way al roker can talk about being at the white house with some kind of embarrassing al roker-type story. >> why do you say that? >> it would seem like he was bragging. >> there you go. that's my poimt. >> diane, in your many years of talking with fox news did you think you had a chance to discuss this kwan -- this concept of pooping in your pants? >> no, but i am glad i have this opportunity. you can't tell a story about pooping your pants in the white house and expect it not to be a big deal. he is saying he told it to raise awareness about gastric bypass, well mission accomplished. he has a lot of people talking no -- talking now. >> you raised the awareness of pooping in your pants. >> yes. i used every show to tell what happened to me at denny's. and not one website covers it. i disagree. first of all, he is al roker, so he has been to the white house a bunch of times.
12:56 am
secondly, there are limits to a humble brag. i am such a dork. i don't know why cindy crawford would return my phone call. when you say you crapped your pants you can't come back. >> what if you say you crapped your pants while on a date with cindy crawford? >> are you still thinking about the crap. >> i don't know about that. post game wrap up, tv's andy levy. clips of recent shows, fox eye.
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back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. "the five." a new "red eye" returns harris falkner, liz mcdonald. >> tv's andy levy post game wrap up. >> greg. >> john, xm radio, still


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