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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  January 13, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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your husband is leaving the fire line? >> the loss of privacy is profound and public job especially at a time of national crisis. we have missed him at so many family occasions. i look forward to him being more available. >> chris: while her husband will be looking for a new job, carol plans on keep helping people that have suffered a loss. she is already writing a new book. >> when they come in depressed, undone in some way and being able to help them, it's wonderful. >> chris: carol geithner says the new book is named at older teens while there is another death it it goes beyond the issue of grief. we'll see you next fox news sunday.
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tonight on huckabee. train wreck tv reach as new low. >> you guys he might be known as rapper here in atlanta is he known for having 11 kids and 10 baby mommas. >> controversial show ridicules family structure and sends wrong message to young women. >> we need a generation can his presence and his power. playing x box 360 all day won't give that you power. >> pastor russell evans tells young people to turn off that video game and do something meaningful with their lives. four star general stanley mcchrystal on the impact defense cuts will have on our military. country at this super star john rigs little rock.
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>> save a horse, ride a cowboy. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: great audience, thank you so much. welcome to huckabee in the fox news studios in new york city. i found a new way this week to make liberals really really mad at me. here is what you do. just repeat what liberals are saying. they hate it when conservatives agree with them. all right. the "new york times" started all of this by publishing a photo of the president meeting with what the white house described as his key economic advisors during the fiscal cliff negotiations. they noted everyone in the room was of the male gender. the white house press core peppered jay carney about all the men he has appointed to major slots and carney dug his own hole and jumped in it by
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saying the president is looking for the best people. that caused some the women supporters of president to ask if he was saying that there weren't any qualified women available? democratic congressman charlie rangel got even more blunt. here is what he said. just see it for yourself? >> i wonder. >> if it speaks for itself what does it say going into the second term. >> it's embarrassing as hell. >> when cnn covered the nomination of jack lew for treasury a second it ran a banner said another white man added to second term cabinet. even now the national organization for women sent an email that proved the old adage hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. i'm just repeating that i didn't originate it on my radio show i simply stated the obvious as already affirmed by the not so conservative "new york times" charlie rangel now and others. and that's president's cabinet and inner circles seem loaded
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with testosterone and running a little low on estrogen. for the women who thought that the president had promised women a more prominent role in his administration, i just remind to you review the speeches democratic national convention. the cry from the podium was not so much for positions of authority, but for free birth control pills and abortions. any time, any place for any reason and it at no cost. the image of women at the democrats' convention was that women were utterly helpless unless the government stepped in and provided birth control and abortions that perception was furthered by the absurd political ad of the obama campaign about a woman named julia who from cradle to grave depended on good old uncle sugar for everything from education, a job, healthcare, food, housing, and retirement. now, the women in my family and the women i know and work with, well, frankly, they are as good as any of the men that i know and work with i never
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thought of them as being helpless and unable to function without someone from the government or some man sheparding them through life. silly me. it just never occurred to me that i needed to see women as helpless. i guess that's why the liberals went stark rating linda blair with her head spinning circles and pea soup enraged at me. i'm not the one that you ought to be mad at. i was just saying what some of your heros have said. you see, if women aren't getting much more than birth control pills and abortion from this administration, sure not my fault. i don't support taking the life of babies anyway. and i'm okay if you want contraceptives, but since you want me out of your bedroom, i just don't know why i have to pay for what happens in there. that's my view. [ applause ] well, joining me now conservative columnist and founder of the center for
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urban renewal and education please welcome star parker. [ applause ] >> hi, governor. hello there. how are you? i think most people agree people ought to be appointed on the basis of merit. but the point of what i was saying, there has been a lack of diversity for all the promises made. does that ring a little hollow in some of the things he said? >> well, we know that he conforms to whatever people outside of his circles say, but i think on this one it is his did i strers city plan. the discrimination that has gone on against rich white males last four years of affirmative action maybe he feels sorry for them, i don't know. [ laughter ] what's going on. >> maybe it's a new level. >> it's a new level of quota. >> one thing i want us to talk been a one of the main reasons for you being here. as if jersey shore and honey boo boo weren't bad enough,
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now the oxygen network is about to debut a show about an atlanta rapper who has fathered 11 children from 10 different women. show called all my baby's mom mass. i want you to see a clip of the father. here he is trying to remember the clips of the names of his children. >> my third child is britney pickens. oh, the fourth is tiana hill. the fifth is laqella turner. [ buzzer ] [tick tock] let me think. little boy. >> mike: amazing. the show shonty responsible. critics call the show offensive and petition to shut down the series before it even airs. that petition has gotten
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thousands of signatures. star, does it shock you? we have gone from ozzy and harriett and leave it to beaver and then to the cosby show and brady bunch and now stuff like this? >> right. murphy brown and mocked us we wouldn't get to this low. it's not news that the majority of black children now are born outside of marriage. we know 7 a% or close to that number as opposed to 25% in the 60's. it's not news anymore that record numbers of black men today are fathering children by multiple women. this is happening too much. but what is news on this is that oxygen thinks it's funny. when you think about what this means. when we look at what has happened in black america, leading on aids, like on out-of-wedlock birth almost six out of 10 of the babies being aborted in this community this should be an embarrassment to black america it certainly certain solid is a tragedy to our history and legacy and ancestors. it's a blight. an economic blight on our
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society. we're talking $600 billion a year in these welfare programs and they think this is humor? this is something we should reward and intralt? we have reached a real new low. >> mike: you spent a lot of your adult life fighting against not only the stereotype but in your own life the struggle that you came through to be today leading an organization to help empower people to be on their own. >> that's right. i actually live the lie of the left. seven years in and out oof welfare dependency. i believe the poor are poor because the wealthy were wealthy. i believed my problems were somebody else's fought. i believed america was so inherently racist, i ended up seven years in and out of welfare. three and a half years until a christian conversion changed my life. today i run urban we look at market based solutions to fight poverty. this is not helping to celebrate what has broken down so horrifically in this community. i'm wondering if now we can survive. if you can be rewarded for this type of ill behavior,
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then where do key stop? how do we put the plug on what has happened to destroy the legacy of blacks in this country? >> star, oobviously, you feel very offended as an african american and as a woman that the show would come out and depict essentially a whole group of women almost being kept if you will by this rapper who can't even name his own kids. >> they are not being kept. i can guarantee you if we go into their lives we are going to see welfare dependency in and out. this is not few black america. what we are looking at are children who are going to be extremely confused. going to go into a public school system that teaches them moral relativism and secular museumism and pattern their lives after their parents. the dad has two boys in this equation. these two boys will probably repeat his habits. the daughters, awful these girls are going to look at this and the way that their mothers being treated and accept that as normal. this is horrible what oxygen has done.
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i actually commend the young woman -- she a committee of one who says i'm going to start a petition. where are some of these leaders who pretend that they care will the plight of the poor and the black america? where is jesse jackson today or al sharpton and others who keep insisting that they can mount up all of these protests. [ applause ] >> mike: that's the point that does concern me. you are speaking out about it it, your organization does. i'm not hearing a whole lot of people who are so-called leaders in the civil rights movement or even in the antipoverty movement saying that something is wrong when you glorify this lifestyle. >> this should have been knocked on the door and privately discussed and we would not even have had it become news today that oxygen would even dare to touch this. to think it's funny. to make it humor for people to enentertain themselves over. we are not seeing those protests. we are seeing them through the perception of racism industry. when there is a real problem coming through and using black america and especially to take advantage of these horrible
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situation that these women have gotten themselves into they are silent. they are always silent when there is a real crisis. >> mike: that is a crisis in itself. star parker thanks for being here. thanks for being outspoken about an amazing kind of -- [ applause ] >> mike: the president said he raised taxes on the rich to raise taxes on the middle class. why is the middle class being taxed more. coming up country super star john rich and business owners travis perry and william march join me to talk about how taxes are affecting them and their employees. stay with us. i would like to hear from you go to my web site mike and tell me what you think from the lead feedback section. or sign up for facebook page and follow me on twitter. you can find a link to that you can find a link to that and morororororor look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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>> if you have got a job and got your first paycheck of the new year, i bet you have noticed that your pay was less
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than the amount of your last check of 2012. and you are not the only one. thousands have taken to twitter to give their thoughts on the new payroll tax increase. here is just a few samples. one said just noticed all my employees part time hourly and et cetera will have more tax dollars taken out of their checks contrary to president's promise. liar? another one says did new tax goes into effect today? something i don't understand about the fiscal cliff. i got a raise yet, my paycheck got smaller. obama promised to increase taxes on families raising less than $250,000 a year. why do i have $30 less in my paycheck, mr. president. the president and his fellow democrats aren't done yet. they now want to increase more tax revenue by limiting your deductions. joining me to talk about the impact of these new taxes. country singer john rich, half of the duo big and rich. inadventure and managing partner of chord buddy a guitar learning tool travis
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berry. president of products william marsh comes back to join us again. good to have all of you here. i want to start william with you and travis because right now you are running some businesses and you have got employees that got their checks and they said whoa, what did your employees say when they got their first checks and thought you had cut their wages? >> the first thing occurred to me when i came back to the company after the end of the year, my employees. they said our paycheck is wrong. something has gone wrong. it it's lower than it used to be. i said i don't know. i'm not sure what's happening. let me take a look at it? >> each one of their paychecks making $50 a week less because the taxes going up on the average employee. >> mike: that's real money for the people who work for you, isn't it? that's $200 a month. >> no doubt about it. a lot of my employees commute from new jersey. it's 20 or 30 miles. that's a gas tank of fuel for them each week. so it has a substantial impact on the average american.
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>> mike: travis, you have got really a new company. it's a start-up company. you are building a wonderful little tool to teach people guitar. as a start-up company, how do these taxes hit you when you are trying to launch and get going? you won the shark tank and that was a great thing. but it looks like the real sharks may be in washington right now. [ laughter ] >> absolutely. difficulty toe to exactly what he said i was on the road most of december. out pushing my product. traveling with it all over the country. i came home and had my managers come to me and said, man, our paychecks are all jacked um. i said what's wrong? and a to be totally honest, i'm working so much, i didn't know. and we use software formula that automatically deducted it. and one of my main employees told me said travis, i have either got to get some overtime to make up for this or i have got to look for another job. >> mike: wow. john, you are one of those evil 1 percenters.
12:18 pm
>> bad guys. >> i'm awful. >> mike: i don't know if i want to sit this close to you. >> yeah. >> bill: you are in that upper 1%. here is what i want people to know. >> that crawls all over me to hear that by the way. >> mike: you didn't start out 1 percenter maybe 1% in the other end of the spectrum. >> grew up in texas in double wide trailer we were lean and mean. we were fine missing meals. lean and mean to go to that from 20 years in country music and having a great career thanks to all the fans and supreme supporting me all these years. [ applause ] now i hire a lot of people. we have got probably, if you added everybody up, i'm somewhere between 40 and 50 employees. >> mike: you have got a will the of people. >> bus drivers and sound guys and band guys and everything that goes along with a tour. >> mike: you have been hit not only with the tax increases that these guys have talked about. because you are one of those evil guys in that upper crust. something has got to go. what's going to happen to you
12:19 pm
and the people that you hire on the road as a result of the increase in tax, probably 7%, 8% all tolled you will be paying more? >> it's big. you are running a business. you know, you want to run a successful business. you don't want to run it in the red. you want to run it in the black. >> mike: yeah. >> you are looking at big chop like 6%, 7% in 2013 that you weren't paying in 2012. that's a lot. you are looking at well, can we get by with one less bus or can die with a five piece band instead of six piece band and on and on and on it goes. i can't believe americans didn't get their head wrapped around that hey, if your boss get dinged, you are going to get dinged. that's the way it goes to. be an evil rich guy? give me a break. that's crazy talk. [ applause ] >> mike: william, you are running a manufacturing business which is very tough because you are competing with people all over the world. your employees are they demoralized? does it make it tougher for you to get them to be motivated to work as hard?
12:20 pm
>> sure it does. with an employee makes less every week he is not as inclined to work. we see product coming in from europe. our company has a big opportunity to make a new product class. the second call that i received on coming back from the new year was my accountant. her message was-to-me was we need to talk about tax. already i'm being scheduled to make tax payments. if i'm paying taxes to the program government for increased taxes on my business, i'm not able to buy new equipment. i'm not able to put more men to work. and my men's future is less certain because it's the money that i invest in equipment which gives them their job security, the productivity and the wages they enjoy. >> mike: so capital expenses go down. [ applause ] bill. >> mike: because you don't have the capital to expand the business. >> equipment that american manufacturers rely on to compete in a low wage global environment go away. mike mipg travis, what happens in your business in this coming year? >> we had two huge rollouts the left model for chord buddy
12:21 pm
20% of people are left handed the classical model for chord buddy will not happen. we will not get the breaks that we needed to write off that money, you know, tax wise. >> let it's not there anymore new product somebody has got it to build if it and ship it and sell it it's several jobs down the line that went happen because you don't have the money to make that work. >> right. >> all right. and, john, you talked about there may be fewer folks out on the road with you. >> yeah. that means what happens to those people? where do they go? what can they do? >> it's that effect of people losing jobs. and, you know, it's -- i mean, it's a painful thing to let somebody go that you have been working with for years and years. especially in music and what i do. that's part of what you do. it's part of your sound. at the end of the day you are looking at your paper and looking at your numbers. and i'm not going to run a business in the red. i'm not going to do it niece
12:22 pm
not how i got where i'm at running in the red. if i have to make a hard call i will have to. >> mike: have a lot of people on the left demonized you. >> i take it personal. people occupy wall street and guys camping out on ipads that their daddy bought for them no doubt. out there being a bunch of ♪ nosed brats in my opinion. i'm here working my way up the chain and they're going to protest me? really really. you sit out there and just wipe your ♪y nose and stay on your ipad and protest me all day long i will be out there playing a concert working. >> mike: what i'm always troubled by you can't say what you really think that's always a problem. >> how do you feel about it, john? i'm actually being nice about it if you want to hear the truth. >> i have heard you back stage. thanks for not saying that on air. >> i was looking to get bleeped. i won't do it.
12:23 pm
>> mike: thank you for not doing it great to talk to you. john and travis are going to be back later in the show he to talk about innovative way of helping aspiring musicians learn the guitar, that nice little device we were talking about. and we are going to be joined by the little rockers for one of john's big hits. next i will talk to retired four star general stanley mcchrystal how we can make sure that the men and women of our military are properly equipped for battle. we'll be right back. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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>> mike: on thursday the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff martin dempsey talk about the impact congress' ability to come up with spending plan is going to have on our military. >> operation, maintenance and
12:27 pm
training will be gutted. we'll grand aircraft. return ships to port and sharply curtail training across the force. we will be unable to reset the force following a decade of war. our readiness will begin to erode. within months, we will be less prepared. within a year, we will be unprepared. >> wow, pretty serious stuff. joining me with his reaction retired four star general and author of the new book my share of the task. general stanley mcchrystal. general, it's great to have you here. quite an honor. [ applause ] there is real anxiety within the military community because what the chairman of the joint chiefs martin dempsey said, that's pretty stout stuff. how does this effect day to day that guy that woman out there in the military and what's going on in their heads as they look at the sequestration and the effects. >> thanks, governor. i served for more than 34 years. one thing it taught me is to
12:28 pm
understand what it is you are affecting. i grew up alongside soldiers. last decade i served in combat with countless professionals. that's what marty dempsey is talking about. there are necessarily going to be reductions in defense spending and if they are responsibly done as secretary gates laid out that's probably fine. if you do a sequestration that's irresponsible way to cut. suddenly you can't cut every part of the defense budget. many parts of that was protected for various reasons. as marty laid out you gut people. and when you gut human capital, you are going to pay a price that can't be caught up for a generation. >> mike: the difference is with sequestration it's there is no discretion. it's just across the board. you just cut everywhere. it's almost like going into an operating room and instead of surgically remove a tumor you say we will remove 20 pounds of flesh out of this body regardless of where it is coming from. that's what this problem is, isn't it. >> it's worse than that instead of giving the leadership the chance to cut
12:29 pm
$40 billion over the rest of 2013 anywhere they want, there are certain areas, certain programs that cannot be cut. therefore they will have to cut out of what he described as operations and maintenance money. that's what let's the force operate and train. what really let's you take care of people. >> in the peculiar my share of the tank, you talk about your career and also obviously a lot of it focused on afghanistan. the fact that you led our troops there yesterday the president of afghanistan, the president of the united states held a press conference in essence a lot of things just didn't work out real well. men and women of achievement military, including yourself who put your lives on the line got shot at. do you feel like maybe people are thinking it was for nothing? >> i think there is always that danger. i got an email from a friend of mine there now. i spoke to president karzai on the phone last night. but when i got to afghanistan in the spring of 2002, the place was physically devastated and it was mentally trauma advertised.
12:30 pm
it was torn apart in every way. and it's very differ different now. there has been huge progress in the rights of women, children in school. development, it's not perfect. lots of problems. but afghans have a lot to lose now. i think what scares afghans more than anything else is a return to the dark days of the taliban or maybe worse. >> is the president, you think, fully schooled in terms of being able to it lead this point of the military? i'm not trying to be just hyper critical of the president. i'm concerned that when i hear him say maybe we just need to go ahead and get out quicker rather than later and we are not going to leave troops there. are we exiting too soon to the detriment of the long-term benefit of afghanistan? >> well, leadership is a passion of mine. i teach it at yale. my book is about leadership. it's what i have always been fascinated by. i think leadership is a combination of people. it's a president. it's a congress. it's it military leaders. it's relationships. when we think about
12:31 pm
leadership. we need to think of collective responsibility to make really sane decisions because they are going to be really really hard. afghanistan is complex. there is no simple easy solution. visitors used to say to me okay, general, what's the one thing wrong with afghanistan? i will say you will never understand as soon as you simplify it that much. >> your book is, think a great insight into not just your military career but into the greater sense of leadership. good for business executives and others. by the way, i want to say something. all of are going to get a copy of my share of the task by general stanley mcchrystal. they will will get to go home with that you just made them very very happy. before i let you go, i want to say to you personally, no one gets to wear four stars on his shoulder without an extraordinary level of honor and integrity and skill i want to thank you for the service that you rendered to this
12:32 pm
country i realize every breath of free air i enjoy is because folks like you gave a lifetime of service. putting your life in danger for people like me. and it is not lost on me that that long career that led to four stars on your shoulder was not an easy one. thank you. thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> governor, i'm humbled. [ applause ] >> mike: general stanley mcchrystal the national rifle association says the president's meetings to put an end to gun violence are just a big show. controversial pick to fill a cabinet position could lead to a showdown of the confirmation hearing. my reaction to the quotes of the week coming up next. [ applause ] aig? we said we were going to turn it around, and we did. woman: we're helping joplin, missouri, come back from a devastating tornado. man: and now we're helping the t recover from hurricane sandy. we're a leading global insurance company, based right here in america. we've repaid every dollar america lent us. everything, plus a profit of more than $22 billion.
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for the american people. thank you, america. helping people recover and rebuild -- that's what we do. now let's bring on tomorrow.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm gregg jarrett. france's foreign minister saying the united states is aiding the french military intervention in the west african nation of mali claiming that united states is providing assistance. the u.s. says they are offering drones for the region. >> new preparations ahead of the second inauguration. tourists witnessing a full rehearsal today as marching bands drilled in front of the capitol. they are planning for 800,000 people to crowd on the nation's mall to witness the swearing-in
12:36 pm
ceremony on january 21. i'm gregg jarrett. we'll see you top of the hour. now back to huckabee. log on to tv for all the headlines. >> mike: don't forget next week americans are asking to day to pray saturday january 20th. just a simple day to pray for our nation and leaders regardless of their party or yours. washington doesn't seem to be listening to us so maybe just maybe they will listen to god there is a link more more information at mike or go to a day to to join others who commit for a day to pray. the debate over the right to bare arms has sparked a heated national discussion. and it's produced a lot of notable quotables this week. new york governor andrew cuomo addressed the issue in his state of the state speech. >> it's simple. no one hunts with an assault
12:37 pm
rifle. no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer. [ applause ] and too many innocent people have died already. if we are worried about people angry, there you go. meantime vice president joe biden has been busy meeting with a range of groups about gun control including the nra which released this statement after their meeting with biden. they said and i quote: we were disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe how much it who h. to do within amendment to attack the second amendment. the task force spent most of its time on proposed restrictions on lawful firearm owners. honest tax paying hard working americans. it's unfortunate that this administration continues to insist pushing failed solutions to our nation's most pressing problems end of
12:38 pm
quote. the gun debate has gotten ooff track. when it talks about you don't need 10 bullets to kill a deer, that's not the point. folks, it's about protecting yourselves and your families. the second amendment is not to protect your hunting rights. it's to protect you when maybe the police are 30 minutes away. i understand wanting to stop violence. more guns in america past 20 years overall the murder and violence rate is down by half. i think when we talk about maybe we need a background check for everybody, i have got a better idea. let's have a background check for people who run for office including being president, vice president, senate, congress, whatever. [ applause ] the president nominated chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. the pick has faced a lot of criticism because of hagel's controversial comments about israel and iran in the past.
12:39 pm
one of the people speaking out is former mayor ed koch and he said quote quote. frankly i thought there would come a time when he would renege speaking of the president when he conveyed on his support of israel comes a little earlier than i thought it would. it's very disappointing. i believe he will ultimately regret it koch said and it undoubt ltedly will reduce support for him in the jewish community. i don't think he, the president, worries about that now that the election is over thank you may for candor. we should be concerned about this appointment because of chuck hagel's soft attitude toward iran believing we shouldn't apply sanctions we should have unconditional conversations with these terrorists and somehow if we make nice with them they won't build a bomb and point it at everybody but themselves. at the same time, while we are going soft, senator hagel has
12:40 pm
been one who has been harsh on israel. i think he has got it mixed up. at least i think so. finally a source, teacher taking fire on symbolism a little too far. here is how maggie cope palestinian one of his students described the lesson plan he was teaching its symbols. cross symbolizes christianity. then he took the flag i took the flag symbol of america cloth with colors on it and he threw it on the ground and stomped on it. >> threw the flag on the ground because it's just a symbol. just cloth. you know, when general when general mcchrystal sitting here with me and how many times somebody pointed a weapon at him trying to kill him because he was defending that piece of cloth? i didn't think anybody has a right to stomp on it and say
12:41 pm
it is just a symbol it is a symbol but symbol of something incredibly important to us. a symbol of a nation that has given all of us freedom that we enjoy and the extraordinary lives that he that we get to leave because we are living under that flag. instead of stomping on it. we ought to pay the highest respect to it and all that it in fact does represent symbolism of great substance and value. while the gun control debate escalates in washington and rest of the country. maybe we ought to be focusing on violence in games in the media at effect it has on disgruntled youth. russell and sam evans on how we can help young people find a true purpose. and then later, john rich and travis perry jam with the little rockers. a lot more coming right here. stay with us. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head?
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12:45 pm
♪ pray for awakening inside heart ♪ for he is awesome ♪ our god is awesome. >> you might feel like you are insignificant any can't you might feel like you are nobody. i'm here to tell you you god majority every time. >> mike: next weekend in san diego planet shakers will be holding their very first conference in the united states. will you please welcome pastor russell evans and his wife sam evans. [ applause ] >> thank you guys for being here. >> nice being here. >> you said back in 2008 that we need a generation consumed by god's presence, get off the x box 360 and the playstations. get off the couch. that's a pretty provocative message. >> people have been isolated by just doing video games. i believe that young people are a great people who can
12:46 pm
make a difference in our society. they can contribute to the life of society in a powerful way. if we can get young people having a vision for their life and getting young people not just consumed with a box that gets them into a fantasy land but take them into a place be community to make a difference in their schools and universities, go on missions trips, to be a part of churches and other groups, then they will start living beyond themselves and not living selfish existence but an existence that's greater and impact grateful for the community. >> mike: the idea of people connecting with each other. social scientists are saying a lot of people are so tied to their electronic devices that they don't have any community with people no touch, no feel. is that what you are trying to break loose with young people and say look, you have got to talk with people can skin on? >> absolutely. you know, these young people that we see today are lost.
12:47 pm
they don't have a vision for their lives. that's what we want to restore. we want to get people as russell said to get out of that fan stacy world and get into reality but also to see the significance of themselves, the gifts, the abilities that they can effect their world for the greater and so that's what we want to stair stir up in planet shakers you can make a difference. come on young person, can you do it. >> i love the term planet shakers. it really does sort of indicate that you are asking young people to do something that is going to shake up the world. you know, most young people i know, they want to shake up their parents. [ laughter ] u. are giving them a bigger vision than that shake up the whole world. peace corps. we incourage people to do something unselfish. that's a way where you are going with planet shakers. this generation millennials want to do something.
12:48 pm
they want to be a part of a cause to change the world. make poverty history. >> into different aspects of society and be the answer and not be the problem. i think if we give young people a vision, you know, and see what they can be, and see what they can do. literally, we can change this world. we can shake the planet. for the good and not for the bad. >> you guys have children of their own. how do you help your kids disconnect from electric tonics and all of the devices that can enslave them and to become what your hoping all these young people will become? >> yeah. i think it's with my children they have some devices that they play from time to time. but we have in our family you can't be consumed with it. it's not to be the whole part of your life. let it be enjoyment for an hour or so. not go beyond that.
12:49 pm
get involved in life and youth group and church. i remember my son saying i want to be the next lebron james. and playing nba. he said i want to become the next lebron james. i said how do you become the next lebron? he said how dad? i said get out on the court and shoot shoot shoot, run run run it's called w-o-r-k. work. we want to get young people activated because they have got energy and vibrancy and with our children i think them being involved in our local youth group has been such a great thing. involved with the outreach programs involved with the worship ministry and seeing them flourish and really go beyond what we actually could see. we are really proud of what they are doing. >> shepard: that'soking forwardt ought to be a great weekend next weekend in san diego. planet shaker. [applause] >> mike: thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> a real honor having you. john rich and travis perry
12:50 pm
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>> we're back with john rich and travis perry. he has come up with a gadget that makes learning to play music a whole lot easier. travis, this thing have you built is is called the chord buddy, what's it all? >> it's called the chord buddy. what it does, governor, you can literally just press one button and you are playing the guitar. plays all of these chords and then when you learn your rhythms, watch this, this is the magic, you pull this out. then you just learning to play the real chord. >> it gets you started where you can make. >> training wheels for the guitar. >> but then you actually learn
12:54 pm
how to play the regular way. >> we break it down into rhythm first and then into the chords. >> mike: it's eningenious idea. i saw it when you first built it at the nam show. you got excited about this because you have seen this simple but really ingenious idea change some lives? >> it's brilliant what i saw when i saw that obviously it's cool. it's cool for a kid or anybody who wants to play guitar. i kind of saw it on different level kid at children's hospital. i do a lot the a saint jude. >> military hospitals. people that are going through really tough time. any time can you inject music into a situation it just makes things better. i got ahold of travis. i said this thing -- this is bigger than just people sitting around banging on a guitar, this could change people's lives. we have gone on a mission. we are putting them all over the united states. chord buddy and we'll have the address and everything on the screen so people know how to get and it web site.
12:55 pm
>> this guy rock star. we call him the governor. >> the governor? >> yeah. >> what are we going to do john? >> i don't know. i mean, i got my chord buddy on here just to prove that it works. big old hit rock and roll song. how about save a horse, ride a cowboy with the chord buddy. ♪ 1, 2, 3. ♪ i walk into the room, passing out hundred dollar bills ♪ and it kills and it thrills ♪ it's like a silverado grill ♪ i buy the bar a double round ever crown ♪ everybody is getting down in this town ♪ it ain't never going to be the same ♪ i make noise girls are so
12:56 pm
prissy. ♪ submit to the girl sings ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ everybody say ♪ save a horse ride a cowboy ♪ i don't give a damn about nothing ♪ i'm singing and blinking while the girls are drinking ♪ long necks down ♪ and i wouldn't trade old leroy my chevrolet escalate your freak parade ♪ i'm the only john wayne that's in this town ♪ i saddled up my horse and ride ♪ i made a lot of noise ♪ because the girls they are so prissy ♪ riding up and down broadway old leroy ♪ girls say save a horse. ride a cowboy ♪ everybody sing ♪ save a horse, ♪ ride a cowboy ♪ play that chord ♪
12:57 pm
♪ i'm a thoroughbred that's what she said in the back of my truck bed as i was getting buzzed on suds back country roads ♪ flying high ♪ just fine as wine ♪ having ourselves a mike huckabee time ♪ i was going about as far as she let me go ♪ come on, come on ♪ cowboy reputation ♪ had me begging for salvation ♪ all night long ♪ well i took her out gigging frogs ♪ introduced her to my old bird dog ♪ sing her every willie nelson song i could think of ♪ we made love ♪ i salgtedded up my horse ♪ rode into the city ♪ i make a lot of noise ♪ because the girls ♪ they are so pretty ♪ riding up and down the broadway ♪ on my old study leroy
12:58 pm
♪ and the girls say ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ everybody says ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ last time, everybody sing it ♪ save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ rock and roll, y'all doing great. thank you, governor, thank you for having me. >> thank you, john rich, travis perry and the chord buddy who helped us all play it thanks for joining us. hope you have a great week until next time. from the fox studios in new york. good night and god bless. ♪
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