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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> bret: finally tonight, a live police chase can often be captivating to watch. for one viewer the pursuit may have come a little too close to home. >> there they're. wrong lanes of traffic once again. part of this familiar pattern we have got to see with this guy. is he making his way back off to the left and towards lax once again. again frankly for the law enforcement helicopters on this. >> holy [bleep]
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>> right out the window. should we check? no online show tonight. we'll be back next week. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> tonight on a fox report, a dramatic hostage situation. terrorists holding a dozen hostage including americans. president obama's plan to prevent mass shootings in america. >> we can't put this off any longer. >> the president signing more than 20 executive actions to try and reduce gun violence and asking lawmakers to do more. >> i'm calling on congress to pass some very specific proposals right away. >> credit -- critics say he is abusing his power and rolling back our rights. tonight new gun control controversy, where do you stand? a helicopter collides with a construction crane.
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>> i saw the helicopter come over and hit the top of the crane. >> big fireball. black smoke. people are running around everywhere. >> it crashed down. >> inside the fiery disaster in the heart of a major city. she slipped and fell and wound up jammed between two walls. >> i live on the fifth floor and i looked down and you couldn't see her no more. >> we were assuring her we were doing everything we could to get her out as soon as possible. >> rick: tonight, how she got there and what it took to set her free. terrorists are holding americans hostage and they say they are doing it for revenge. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. we are closely monitoring the situation and the african nation of algeria. where militants attacked a natural gas field. the group claims it's holding dozens of foreigners including seven americans. the state department claims the americans are among the captives but for security
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reasons will not give details. >> in order to protect their safety, i'm not going to get into numbers. i'm not going to get into names. i'm not going to get into any further details as we continue to work on this issue with the algerian authorities. >> bill: the defense secretary leon panetta says the united states will take all necessary and proper steps to deal with this matter. the terrorists say the attack and revenged because algeria they say allowed western jets to use airspace to attack islamic fighters in neighbor mali. algerian state report two terrorists died at the facility. at this hour many more lives are at risk. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt live in our newsroom tonight. jonathan, good evening to you. how can they carry out or did they carry out this attack that we believe? >> it appears, bill, to have been pretty well planned. these terrorists first attacked a bus carrying workers from particular gas
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facility. that's when a british man and a norwegianen were killed apparently. police forces, algerian police forces beat back that attack. then those militants went to the gas facility that you are looking at right here they went into the living quarters. they managed to get in pretty easily apparently and took these dozens of hostage that. tonight we understand from the algerian interior minister that algerian ministry forces have surrounded that particular section of the gas facility. they could, we are told, move in at any time. but the obvious risks when you have militants holding so many hostage are very high indeed. we also understand, bill, tonight from the reporting of our own jennifer griffin at the pentagon, that a force of several dozen special ops forces are on stand by. a u.s. force awaiting the president's orders if any sort of operation to rescue those
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hostage is ordered. bill? >> bill: interesting and something all to watch it is all related to the anti-militant site in a country south thereof called mali. >> yeah. the group that took these hostage calls itself the master brigade. it's run by a one-eyed eye geern. that group said they did this because of the french-led action against islamist militants in mali. those militants have been taking more and more territory in the country their aim according to a lot of experts is to establish what would be islamic state and potential training ground for global jihad. listen. the fear is that all of these groups will fortify their position. create kind of a base and training ground and safe haven for terrorists not only in the region but become a magnet for terrorists and criminals worldwide. that of course is of great
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worry to the united states. >> this is all part of the growing strength, apparently of islamic extremism right across north africa. it is of great concern to the united states, bill. and just to repeat the headline. u.s. special forces are, we understand, on stand by should any sort of rescue operation be ordered in algeria by president obama, bill. >> bill: jonathan hunt with that fox report tonight. thank you, sir. president obama meanwhile calling on congress, he says to, quote, do the right thing. some republicans his plan to crack down on gun violence is just wrong. and a presidential power grab. the national rifle association accusing him of, quote, attacking firearms and ignoring children. the president unveiled his proposals today. one month after he spoke at a memorial service for victims of the massacre at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. is he taking some steps on his own. but others need the okay from congress before they are law
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requiring universal background checks not just for gun shows but private sales as well. renewing the assault rifles ban along with 10 round of ammo for magazine. arming piercing bullets and passing new laws to punish gun trafficker who's sell weapons to criminals. the president says he knows he is in for a fight on capitol hill. and he is asking americans to it help keep the pressure on their local lawmakers. ask them what's more important, do whatever it takes to get an a grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns or giving parents peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. >> new associated press report 84% support broader back ground check. more than half back a ban on assault weapons and 10 round ammo limit. the head of the republican national committee saying quote: president obama's series of gun control measures amount to sexive power grab that may please his political
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base but will not solve the problems at hand. for now an aid to house speaker john boehner says, quote: house committees of jurisdiction will review these recommendations and if the senate passes a bill we will also take a look at that ed henry live at the white house tonight from the north lawn. good evening to you. >> good evening. >> what are the chances any of this passes? >> it's going to be a long shot for the president. he knows that it's going to be a big fight as you said. that's why he took some actions on his own. those 23 executive actions. for this to have real teelt. he has got to get congress to pass legislation. that's why among others to help lobby for this he brought in kids around the country who wrote him letters after the newtown massacre and basically urged him to have gun control. he mentioned one of those letters and one of those kids who was there today, take a listen. >> the letter that julia wrote me. she said i know that laws have to be passed by congress, but i beg you to try very hard.
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[ laughter ] julia, i will try very hard. >> but there are gun shows going on this week. thousands of people lining up in states like ohio and nevada. the home state of the senate democratic leader harry reid who it is significant today basically said the president's proposals were today in his words thoughtful but harry reid did not promise any dramatic action on all of this. a sign that democrats on the hill still may be skiddish in some of these swing states that it could back fire on them if they push too hard on gun control. >> getting reaction from the gun lobby. what are we hearing from. >> they the nra said they think this was an assault on firearms by the president. they got personal today. they put out an ad that basically talked about the president's own daughters and the security they have at their school and suggested in their words the president was an elitist hypocrite. take a listen. >> are the president's kids more important than yours?
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why see skeptical about putting armed security in their schools when they have armed guards at their school. jay carney immediately said this was completely out of bounds. he put out a statement most americans believe a president's childrens should not be used as pawns in the political fight. to go so far to make the children subject of attack ad repugnant. clear sign of day one of the president's proposals being laid out here that he has a major showdown on his hands, bill. >> bill: big battle starting second term. ed henry at the white house lawn tonight. u.s. carriers stop flying the 787 dream liner. just aheads details on the emergency that sparked this order and what it all means for boeing. plus, the woman in the wall. we'll see how somebody wound up trapping only 8 inches of space overnight and the incredible effort to get her
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>> bill: a fox urgent now. the news broke about an hour ago when the federal aviation administration ordered a temporary grounding of boeing 787 dream liners for safety reasons. this comes after one of the jets made an emergency landing in japan. amateur video from inside plane's cabin shows passengers heading to emergency slides and evacuating the aircraft. it happened after a warning message and the cockpit showed a problem with a battery. and the crew smelled smoke. inspectors say they later found scorch marks around a leaking battery. one passenger reported jury to the evacuation everybody said to be okay. boeing tweeting that it is aware of all airways 787 diversion in japan. we will be working with the apartment na.
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this is among a string of problems. among them electrical fire on a jet in boston. a fuel leak, even a cockpit windshield. japan's two largest airlines grounded the airliner after the latest incident. total of 49 are currently in service. globally. united airlines is the only u.s. carrier currently using them. at least it was until today's emergency director from the faa. ordering the carriers to keep the dream liner on the ground for now. dan springer live in seattle where teams assem being the 787. the fa amp wants proof that batteries are safe before they can fly again is that what we can report? >> that is right, bill. the f.a.a. issued what they call an emergency air worthiness directive to potential fire risk in the 787 and grounding the u.s. airliner fleet grounded six planes all owned by united airline. this is a big change for the f.a.a. just last friday officials said the 787s were completely
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safe. even as they announced a comprehensive review of the plane's electrical system. even though analysts tell me they don't think the issue in japan today was all that serious in terms of the threat to the aircraft coming down. the feds have seen enough to jump in. all the recent problems the way the plane is powered. the lithium ion batteries are used to provide backup electricity. this directive will mean that united will be scrambling to move flights around -- planes around and flights getting cancelled. >> bill: how big of a problem is this for boeing. >> they may be getting close to a tipping point where airlines say they don't want the dream liners they have ordered until the bugs have been worked out. 850 ordered so far only 4 delivered. so far we haven't heard of any cancellations. if that starts to happening, it could take a decade or longer for the plane to turn a profit. but for perspective, it's important to point out that there has been not a single crash, no injuries or fatalities, flying has never been safer, in fact.
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part of that is due to the sophisticated warning systems on these planes like the one that alerted the crew in japan today, bill. >> bill: boeing's troubles have been dragging down the stock. we have watched that on wall street. can you see the up and downs over the last few weeks. dips correspond to trouble with the 787 cream liner. today it lost 3% of its value. dragged down the dow with it index dropped 24 points in trading today. that snapped a five day winning streak on wall street. some tense moments that you watched on america's newsroom today in portland, oregon as rescue crews work to free a woman who was literally stuck between two buildings. >> as workers sawed through a concrete wall, witnesses described how a lady became trapped behind it. >> climbing on the wall. were you climbing on the wall at this time of the morning anyway? and she falls.
4:18 pm
in. >> you can see how tight it was. for about four hours, this was her world. >> she is in good spirits, cold, obviously. she is up against two cold pieces of con treat. >> stuck in a space just 8 inches wide. >> we just assured her we were doing everything we could to get her out. we will get her out as soon as possible. >> rescuers cut out a makeshift doorway and did what they could do to expand the area between those walls. >> the firefighters right now have dropped what we call air bags down and those are just basically high pressure air bags and those bags are going to spread the wall away from the building and then create enough space she gets unwedged and we will try to bring her out through doorway we created. >> you can see one of the urban search and rescue crews are inside that holdout. >> that's when the hard part began. >> we used soapy water to lube up the sides of the walls and then between us and her. she was getting out.
4:19 pm
>> but not without lots of pushing, pulling, and tugging. finally, after all that work, she. >> she got about that last foot and she looked over and she just said i'm coming out. >> atlantic loose like she is coming out now, guys. >> the woman emerged with a smile. >> it looks like we are just waiting -- and she is out. the rescue and then the reunion. >> right now she is hugging, i believe she is hugging her husband right now. >> a few moments later, a paramedics wheeled her far away from that wall. at last word, she was still in the hospital, said to be in fair condition. rescuers say they never really got a clear picture of why she was on top of that wall in the middle of the night. but a night she will never forget. a chopper clips a construction crane and hits the ground in a ball of flames. the rain shower disaster that
4:20 pm
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bill built a scene out of an action movie that's how witnesses describe a deadly helicopter crash in central london today. that was after the chopper hit a crane. witnesses say it spiraled down some 50 stories on to a busy street and burst into flames. it happened during the morning rain shower and the wreckage scattered. burning fuel even setting cars in the area on fire. >> we were sitting home and half past 7:00 and we heard an explosion. it sounded like a fighter
4:24 pm
plane flying over and we heard a loud explosion. we thought terrorist attack. we came straight out on to the main road and there was huge piles of smoke over the back there. >> you can see parts of the crane dangling from a residential tower soon to be among the tallest buildings in all of europe. police say two people are dead, including the pilot and a person on the ground. about a dozen others injured. now we are learning more about the pilot. his career said to have included years of experience and years of work on some of hollywood's biggest blockbusters. amy kellogg with more in our newsroom in loan ton tonight. amy? >> yeah, bill, captain peter barnes was one of britain's most experienced pilots. he had clocked several thousand hours and had flown choppers and filmed such as die another day, saving private ryan and tomb raider. he was referred to by a colleague as a very dashing, charming man and, frankly, could have gotten the role of james bond himself he had even
4:25 pm
auditioned. captain barnes worked for reporter motion boutique helicopter charter business. the other person killed today has just been named. 39-year-old matthew wood from london. wood was killed on the ground. and, bill, at this point, the only clue we have as to what may have gone wrong is that barnes did indicate that he wanted a diversionary landing just before he crashed because of very poor visibility. bill? >> bill: you have talked with officials in the city of london. what are they telling you tonight, amy? >> bill, you know, you would think it would be a little easier to get to the bottom of this one but they are not giving us any indication as to when we will know what caused the crash. already, there is an awful lot of talk about insuring flight safety in this city. as you know there are several airports here. there is a lot of plane and helicopter traffic and also, there are a lot of buildings going up around london. there is how to light the building sites and the cranes
4:26 pm
that will be looked into. the mayor today boris johnson went to visit the crash site. he said it was, quote, deeply disturbing. >> it's a scene of -- a tragic scene of a -- the wreckage of a carbonized helicopter and, of course, great deal of damage done to an adjacent building. it doesn't take a great deal to imagine what could have happened had that helicopter crashed into a bus or a heavily occupied building. >> bill, 12 people were injured. a center was set up to deal with victims of shock because obviously the scenes were very dramatic. also, there were lots of very close calls. we heard eyewitnesses talking about how they ran from falling debris. got away within a whisper of getting hit. also, of course, we he did hear that that crane operator just happened to be late today. otherwise, he likely would have been caught up in all of this as well. >> bill: what a wild scene as it played out this morning in
4:27 pm
rain shower. amy kellogg live in london with us tonight. as our nation gets closer to maxing out on a credit card. some lawmakers have a plan to fix that whole debt ceiling problem for good. plus folks in the deep south dealing with unusuallynter weat. first alert forecasters say get ready for round two. that's coming up as we reach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. two minutes away. careful, pringles are bursting with flavor.
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>> bill: california man got more than he bargained for when he bought an old camera at cluttered antique store. the french stereo scope pick camera from 1901 cost him only $100. it turned out it contained historic photos from the first world war. they show war torn france including the remains of an airplane and men in uniform posing what appears to be a bomb. >> it was incredible to me that developed images were in the camera but now that i think about it, the serendipity of it and the fact that i saw that camera as i first walked in. >> he says he is going to make prints of the images and eventually sell them. i'm bill hemmer in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. some democrats say they have got a way to end the fight over raising the nation's debt ceiling once and for all. get rid of the debt ceiling all together. that's the limit on how much money the government can borrow. the feds say they could run out of money to pay the bills as soon as next month but
4:32 pm
republicans refuse to raise the debt limit without new spending cuts. doug mckelway is life on capitol hill. what is the plan from these house democrats? good evening. >> well, bill, they introduced legislation today that would basically amend the statute. the law that put the debt ceiling in place in the first place. it would do so by removing the cap on the treasury of borrowing money. its chances of passage in the republican controlled house are basically slim and none. but at least it allows democrats to paint the republicans as extremists in their desire to attach the debt ceiling to spending cuts. and that's exactly what congressman gerald nadler democrat of new york did today along with other democrats, listen up. >> the intent on blackmailing the country. they say to us if you do not agree to massive cuts to social security, medicare, medicaid, and other social programs, we will refuse to raise the debt ceiling and thereby cause an economic
4:33 pm
catastrophe by making the country default on its debts. >> house republicans if anything are more determined than ever to tie any increase in the debt crilg to spending cuts. they are huddled away at their retreat in williamsburg, virginia as we speak. determined to present a united front against this. in fact, the theme, they are gathering down in williamsburg is many voices. one conference. a senate republicans are equally determined, listen up to senator john have speaking earlier today on fox news. >> we have a spending problem in this country. people all across the country know it they know it in wyoming. families have to balance their budget every year. many states do. we do in wyoming. it's time for this senate and the house and the president to get serious about limiting our spending and specifically the wasteful spending that continues. >> so bottom line, bill, both parties have staked out
4:34 pm
oppositions virtually identical to the positions they staked out during the last debt ceiling fight. no signs of bipartisanship ever. >> we mentioned the deadline midnight next month. in reality we have already hit that debt ceiling limit. is that so? >> we hit the debt ceiling with the start of the new year. treasury secretary tim geithner managed to pull off manipulation of the numbers which extended any impact of the debt ceiling for a couple of months. even so, critics maintain that the united states government could continue paying off its debts for some months into the foreseeable future based upon tax receipts alone. at least a majority of our debt. but the divisiveness of the two parties at this point in time is setting very bad signals to the credit rating agencies. one of whom has indicated that the united states is right for another credit downgrade based upon the infighting we are seeing on capitol hill alone. bill? >> bill: doug mckelway on capitol hill tonight for us with that fox report. some republicans say the administration is not doing
4:35 pm
enough to investigate the deadly attacks in benghazi, libya. those attacks killed four americans including our ambassador, the head of the house intelligence committee congressman mike rogers. he says the administration was not giving the fbi the resources it needs. he also says other countries are not cooperating with american investigators. the president has vowed to bring justice to those responsible for the attack. catherine herridge with the news tonight live in washington with more now. catherine? >> well, thank you, bill, good evening, fox news confirming today to a law enforcement source that the fbi was not told in advance the benghazi suspect was being released in to your tunisia. video shows the suspect walking out of jail a free man. >> these images released by ansar al sharia a tunisia extremist group with claims to al qaeda shows one of the key suspects in the 9/11 benghazi terrorist attack. he was freed january 7th after tunisia authorities cited a
4:36 pm
lack of evidence. >> a lot of these groups are emboldened after benghazi and series of missteps by the american groivment trying to investigate what happened in benghazi. >> after he was interviewed on al sharia posted pictures showing the three fbi agents involved. >> it was meant to be provocative and meant to show that the fbi cannot operate with total immunity else somewhere. >> the head of the house intelligence committee who is regularly briefed on the case says fbi agents are not getting enough support for their investigation. >> just not going well. it's slow. it is -- we're not getting great cooperation from governments that should be cooperating. number two, and it doesn't seem it's getting the resources and the attention the administration should give to it to it actually get to the bottom of this. >> fbi headquarters declined to comment. separately fox news was told that fbi agents got useful information when they questioned him but there was not enough to rule in him n. or out of benghazi attack, bill.
4:37 pm
>> bill: catherine herridge thank you from washington tonight. fox weather alert now. there is snow in the deep south. first alert forecasters say folks from mississippi to georgia could see a wintry mix over the next 24 hours. officials already warning drivers to take it easy on the roads after freezing rain and sleet formed ice on roadways and places like memphis, tennessee. several inches of snow also piling up in some parts of the northeast today. but folks there might be used to that sort of weather in january. it is a different story down in dixie. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth with the first alert forecast for them and all of us in our extreme weather center. rick, hello. >> very cold down across parts of the the south. so much of the eastern part of the country has been so warm for the last few days. this is the last little pocket of that warmth from around atlanta down through florida. temps still looking good. back behind this very very cold air. that's where we have been seeing these storms stalled frontal boundary and impulses move along it freezing rain yesterday. that freezing rain down across the south brought snow today
4:38 pm
in across parts of the northeast. and we're still going to deal with the tail end of this across parts of the northeast. but, unfortunately, still some more mess here of rain and a little bit of snow for the overnight hours from this storm, shep? bill? >> bill: you are still wick to me. >> right. >> bill: we mentioned earlier this is round two for them. round one is is happening right now, right? >> next storm sorry about that bill, we will get it right, bill. this is what we have got. next and last impulse is going to move in here. this is one that might be a little more fun for people. we had all of this ice across the south. causing very dangerous conditions. this one i think we are going to be talking about a little bit of snow. places down across parts of the south. new orleans and a lot of mississippi, get up early tomorrow morning and you will see a little bit of snow. you don't see that all that afternoon o tomorrow throughout the day it moves across alabama and north georgia mountains. then we will see a little pocket of some very heavy snow
4:39 pm
falling. southern appalachians six to 10 inches of snow. north carolina, south carolina, maybe a little bit of virginia as well maybe seeing one to three inches of this. the good part about this is going to stay to the south i believe. i don't think we are going to be talking about another storm folks there. >> you can call me whatever you want to, rick. it's goodbye me. rick reichmuth with us tonight. lance armstrong reports should coo have shown more reports when admitting to oprah winfrey that he took performance enhancing drugs. notre dame surrounding football star whose girlfriend do id days before a big game this year turns out that heart breaking story is apparently not true. those details next. [ male announcer ] here's a word that could give you peace of mind. unbiased.
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some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't. some of the ones that push mutual funds with their names on them -- aren't. why? because selling their funds makes them more money. which makes you wonder -- isn't that a conflict? am i in the best fund for me, or them? search "proprietary mutual funds". yikes, it's best for them. then go to e-trade. we've got over 8,000 mutual funds and not one of them has our name on it. why? because that's not the business we're in. we're in the business of finding the right investments for you. e-trade. less for us. more for you. >> shepard: notre dame reports the emotional story of star linebacker's girlfriend dying
4:43 pm
of cancer. apparent lay hoax. the university officials say the player himself was the victim of that hoax. trace gallagher working the story tonight in our west coast news hub. trace, what did you learn? >> and it's involved, bill so stay with he me. as you know he was the best linebacker in the country. really brought notre dame back to glory and his heart rendering story rivetted fans around the world. within a span of hours we were told he lost his grandmother after an illness and girlfriend of leukemia both died on the day of the big michigan game. that he went out to have the game of his life. notre dame won. the story of his girlfriend dying was in "sports illustrated" and espn. the girlfriend met after stanford game. she went to stanford he went to notre dame. his father was quoted as saying they spoke on the phone every night. she visited te' o every night.
4:44 pm
now it's revealed she didn't die of cancer, didn't go to stanford. in fact, she never existed. the picture that was plastered all over the national media for months and months was a 22-year-old woman who lives here in southern california who never met manti te' o and she did know the man behind the hoax. that man's name who perpetrated this is a man you may know of the famous football family. he does know manti te'o. the question was was neon the hoax. he says no issuing a statement and i'm quoting here: this is incredibly embarrassing to talk about over an extended period of time i developed an emotional relationship with a woman i met online to realize that i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating. notre dame also issuing a statement saying that te'o was
4:45 pm
duped. again and again in all the interviews manti te'o said he met this woman, spent hours talking with her on the phone. now he says this was nothing but an online relationship. he had no part in it. notre dame is holding a news conference, bill, about 15 minutes from now in south bend. a lot of questions about this. so far we have very few answers. >> bill: it is a twist and clearly more to be reported. trace gallagher from l.a. tonight. lance armstrong now is talking about interview with oprah winfrey the day before it is set to go public. the disgraced cyclist new york daily news alleged he did not seem sorry when he admitted to winfrey that he used performance enhancing drugs. in a text message the disgraced cyclist telling the associated press, quote, i left it all on the table with her. when it airs the people can decide, end quote. that interview is set to air tomorrow and friday night on
4:46 pm
oprah's own network and her web site as well. meanwhile world anti-doping agency officials have said nothing short of a full confession under oath would cause them to even reconsider armstrong's lifetime ban from competitive racing. officials at the live strong cancer charity that lance armstrong founded and later stepped away from the scandal completely truthful and forth coming in the oprah winfrey interview again thursday night. the captain of a cruise ship leaving the sinking vessel behind. that's what he told nbc news. you will recall the costa concordia steered to close to the italian coast. tipped on its side. more than 4200 people on board at the time. prosecutors say the captain was one of the first off the vessel. he has claimed he tripped and fell into a life boat. he faces charges of
4:47 pm
manslaughter, causing the wreck and abandoning ship. that cruise liner still on its side in the water as crews work to clean it up. back here in the u.s. maybe one driver's g.p.s. was not working because police say she missed a turn, ended up in a swimming pool. happened earlier today. police say a woman drove her 2000 chevy blazer into a fence and into a pool. the thing floated and the man actually grabbed the chevy's roof rack and dragged it to the side. that rescuer broke the back window and rescued the driver inside. in the end, no one was hurt. >> some states could soon force the unemployed to take drug tests before they can get jobless benefits. ahead, both parties weighing in on the controversial proposals and what they could mean for you at home. the taxpayer. plus, a three legged dog is stuck in a pond. after cameras caught it
4:48 pm
shoplifting. we'll explain and next we will show you the pup's crime spree and why people are lining up to bail the old pooch out. first, the world of acting rather mourning the loss of conrad bane. you probably know him as tv father different strokes. remember? >> we are going to see everything. go everywhere. go into the beaches and mountains and stuff ourselves and have the greatest time any family ever had. and i don't care what it costs. >> we're in a lot of trouble. [ laughter ] >> bill: so many laughs. the sitcom known on taking on race and class relations in the late 70s and 80's. he praised big stars kohlman and child actor todd bridges as real talents on the show. his daughter says he he died yesterday of natural causes and he was a lot like mr. drummond, she says, but much more interesting. i bet. conrad bain was 89 years old.
4:49 pm
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>> bill: if you are out of work and need unemployment benefits lay off the drugs that from republican lawmakers from states considering mandatory drug tests for some the jobless. in wyoming one state representative says people told him of the unemployed getting high rather than looking for work. he says quote: if somebody is working and taking dope that's their business. if somebody is on unemployment and using unemployment dollars at the expense of the taxpayer then i have a problem. but democrats say drug abuse is not widespread among people looking for a job. remember, labor department reports 7.8% of americans are unemployed. that number might be low. gerri willis fox business network with me now. could this plan actually save the states some money? >> you would think so, right?
4:53 pm
but the track record here is not that good. consider florida. florida saved $48,000 testing welfare recipients for drugs. but they had to spend $118,000 on the drug tests. the state there requires that citizens who test negative for drugs get reimbursed for the drug testing. in utah $20,000 for these tests. wyoming is saying they are going to test for unemployment. workers who want to get jobless claims they think they are going to save over a million dollars in each of three years. but i think we have to wait and see because so far the test results are not good. >> the story originated out of wyoming, are other states ready to jump on board this idea? >> i think so. seven states already testing welfare applicants for drugs and now we're going to see more and more people testing unemployment applicants for drugs because the federal government has dropped some of its objections to this. so i think because states are looking for money everywhere they can, they are going to do everything they can to save every last dime.
4:54 pm
>> bill: gerri willis we will see you on fox business, all right? >> all right. >> bill: at least 25 said to be dead tonight after apartment building crumbles to the ground. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. egypt. the 8-story structure collapsed this morning. crews pulled survivors from the rubble. no word on the cause but a city official told state media the building had been constructed without a permit. peru. rescuers say the -- saved a brazilian diver on the mountain north of lima. officials say the owners of the home where he had been staying reported him missing last week. he he had apparently slipped in heavy rain and fallen some 200 feet. he is said to be doing fine. new zealand, a three legged dog is an internet video star. after security cameras caught it stealing a saw saying from a grocery store in the south.
4:55 pm
officials say the booch -- pooch escaped its home while the owner was away. it's now in the pound. with the video going viral. folks are signing up to adopt the dog if the owner doesn't claim it. china. why is this home decorator standing on raw eggs atop light bulbs stuck in metal jugs? because he can without breaking anything. all while lift ago bike off the ground with his mouth. he says it took three months and lots of broken eggs to perfect the stunt. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> a robber short on proper supplies decides to use a bucket as a mask in a recent heist. turns out it wasn't such a bright idea. imagine that. details in a moment. plus, justin timberlake just entered a six year hiatus from making music. and the experts say his new
4:56 pm
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>> bill: police say a crook robbed former work place using a bucket. the guy dressed in full camouflage and war gloves. left his mask at home wore a bucket to cover his face. of course he couldn't see. when he lifted it, security cameras caught a good old glimpse of his face. police say guy escaped with some money but was busted after trying to knock off another business. genius. sinker turned actor justin timberlake is singing again suit and tie. first new music in six years showed up on itunes on monday. the track features jay-z and billboard reports it might hit


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