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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 17, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is thursday the end of the week it's january 17th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it's time for the top 5 stories. we begin with a fox news alert. terrorists are holding dozens of foreign hostages including 7 americans in the country of algeria. the algerian army is vournding the natural gas facility where they are going held. the man believed to be behind it all is a one-eyed veteran jihadist with long standing ties to al qaeda. they am burn bushe district of
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columbia ambushed a bus. then they headed for the gas field. it was revenge in the country of mali. >> far from a household name but he's about to become the president's chief of staff. dennis mcdone gnaw will get the post. it's expect to do happen earl flicks week. it's another example of president obama looking to the inside circle for loyalists. jack lew was succeeded geithner as treasury secretary. after the benghazi terror attacks the confirmation hearings will begin for her possible replacement. a hearing for senator john kerry has been scheduled for next thursday. he will appear before a senate foreign relations committee. law americas say they won't consider his nomination until clinton testifies. linebacker inspired football
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fans by leading him to the championship game after losing his girlfriend and grandmother. the girlfriend doesn't exist. the sports web site broke that story and now reports it appears someone connected to teo created the on-line persona. the report says he might have been in on it to generate publici publicity. teo is the victim of cruel and humiliating cranks. the cover letter story we told you about later. the brutal honesty landed him the job. matthew ross is in talks with dust and felts that's a company on the west coast about a possible summer internship. the san diego state university finance student's letter went viral because he touted his lack of experience. to add to the good news the
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banker who he sent his letter to said he won't have to shine any shoes. president obama's sweeping plans to curb gun violence coming under fire by row pub cans. >> president obama asked congress yesterday to pass new laws instituting universal background checks and bans on both assault weapons and high capacity magazines but he didn't just want to wait around for congress to act so just in case they dragged their feet he also signed 23 executive actions including one that tells the centers for disease control to study gun violence. >> there will be pundits and politicians and special interest lobbyists publicly warning about a tiran cal all out assault on liberty. not because it's true, but
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because they want to gdrum up fear. >> president obama's theories of gun control measures ams to an executive power grab that may squeeze his political base but will not solve the problems at hand. he paid lip service to the fundamental constitutional rights but takes actions that disregard the legislate you have amendment and legislative process. the amend menment is meant to g the voice to people the executive action ignores this principal. the speaker of the house says house committees of just direction will take the look at the president's proposals. if the senate passes a gun control bill the house will consider that as well. it's not guaranteed the democratically controlled senate will send anything to the house. harry reid said he won't bring anything forward in the upper chamber that he doesn't think will pass the house as well.
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ainsley? >> peter doocy live for us in washington. the president's proposal a big talker this morning. that's what florida senator marco rubio is discussing. >> telling bill o'reilly what problems he sees with the president's plan and why he doesn't think the plan won't work. >> it doesn't work pore nanfor y of the reasons you pointed out in the talking points memo. washington, d.c. had a similar gun ban. violent crime and murder sky rocketed in washington during the time of the bans. i am a concealed weapons permit in florida. i had to have a background check and be finger printed. >> you don't object to registering the gun, you don't object to background check on you. >> sure. that's the law in florida. we have something called 2010 life. if a crime is committed in position of a gun it's mandatory
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10 years. if you use that gun you are away for life even the first time you commit that. what's happened is these criminals that use guns are in jail. >> rubio telling o'reilly he thinks the president's proposal was a greater indication of his opinion toward the second amendment. >> again, do you think the president is dom goggi demagogu the issue, states rights should be paramount folks have a right to protect themselves but he's going to demagogue it. >> he sees an opportunity to do it and he's going to use eerie rhetorical device. >> not only does he believe it he believes in this he thinks this is a huge bump. >> he is not a hypocrite phony he believes public policy. >> i think the president doesn't have a the guts to admit it he is not a believer of the second amendment. i didn't write the constitution
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neither did you neither did he. if he doesn't want the second amendment then have the guts to admit that. >> that was a great interview also talking about immigration reform and rubio's plans for that. you can hear more from senator rubio lart today. 8:15 eastern he will be a guest on fox and friends. check it out. parts of the south bracing for a dangerous commute. mother nature prepare to go leave behind a mess. janice dean with your first degree forecast. >> hi heather high ainsley. do not adjust your set, you are seeing snow in the south in mississippi if you can believe it. it is flying. we have reports of accidents on the roads. people are told to stay off the road ways. it's not like here in the midwest where we have the complement to get out there and plow the road ways. this is the south. it doesn't happen that often. look at this snow.
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we could get more snow in jackson mississippi than we have in chicago this year. you can see the temperatures cold enough for snow. 34 memphis. 35 nashville. you have to see a little bit of a mix as we head across the tennessee river valley. one ter storm warnings for jackson, up in huntsville, alabama. it will be mainly a rain event. as we head up toward the appalachian area we could get anywhere from 6-12 inches but a wide swath of 3 to 6 inches. winter is here across the south if you can believe it. anywhere from 3 to 6 to 12 inches in the mountains. we will be tracking it. people are told to stay off the road ways in the south. >> they will have the sleds out already this morning. >> if you have pictures send it
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to us. >> good idea. now stories you can bank on this morning bad nis fews for frequent fliers. one airline is trying to raise prices for a second time this year. seems like yesterday -- you were telling us about this airline. >> united airlines raising the $10 each way. jetblue has copied up the domestic fares between 2 and $5 round trip. good news here right after the new year united raised air fare. not many followed and they rolled back the prices. domestic routes have to match for fare hikes to stick. southwest raised in october so it's unlikely to do so so quickly again. >> that is good news.
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>> i understand you may be sitting in that chair working fox news until you are 70 years old. >> there will be good makeup and surgeons involved. don't expect to retire at 65 years old. that's the message from the influential group called the business roundtable. they are pushing a plan to increase the retirement age to 7 70 for social security and medicare. they want to privatize healthcare. younger workers completely out of luck. the plan would result in smaller annual benefit increases for all social security recipients. these measures plus a few others will result in cost savings of 300 billion over a decade also keep social security solvent a little longer. >> college may not be worth the cost. >> lots of parent high school kids saying is college worth it?
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moodies is asking the same thing. high cost of college plus growing public doubts about the value of a bachelor's degree not to mention potential government spending cuts revised outlook on the entire education sector to negative. that includes every campus from harvard and yale to the college of girl's gone wild. muddies suggests they have to take actions to cut down the costs. >> thank you so much lauren. coming up, speaking of school spending money wait until you hear where they are spending it the most. it's not on your kid's he had case. they didn't think the teachers were doing a good job so now the parents are taking over the schools.
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>> catch the flu from your cell phone? new studies show they are actually 10 times as dirty adds the toilet seat. they carry germs. wipe down your device once a week with a small amount offal pa hall based cleaner to avoid getting sick. exciting news for seaside heights new jersey the entire boardwalk will be rebuilt. the down awarded $3 million to help fund the restoration of the boardwalk. it was wiped out by super storm sandy last october. work is set to be done by may the 10 st. meaning the area is supposed to be ready for memorial day weekend. >> alex crawford has the latest.
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>> the afghan algeria forces have surrounded the area. we are told there are 2 to 300 algerian soldiers around the compound have been speaking to a former security officer who works at the compound. it is a huge sprawling complex of about 1 square kilometer inside. it has separate quarters they are holding some of the hostages in one week in the living quarters it has it's own airstr airstrip. a number of workers were attacked as they were being transferred from the airstrip into the gas facility. three of those workers who were injured in this initial attack has been talking saying testimony has been spore radically opening fire at the compound. we heard earlier on the algerian news agency say can they have
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tried to mount a rescue operation that has been beaten back by the militants. that's not concerned by anybody else other than the algerian news agency. >> alex crawford live for us. thank you, alex. >> it is time to brew on this. here is what we would like you to brew on today. fed up parents of the state of california are taking over the failing california elementary school. they may be able to do this thanks to the state's trigger law. they are going to file a petition today we understand against the country's second largest school system and they are hoping for sweeping changes. the school has been at the bottom the ranks for years. >> low scores but the lack of availability in health.
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>> the trigger laws give parent the power to fire teachers oust administrator or turn over the school to private management. please send over your comment to us, you can go fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox friend we will read some of the comments later in the show. 18 after the hour. coming up next on "the rundown"" but your cell phone be sending you to the doctor's office? are you looking to be hired? those willing to pay more than 40,000 dollars a year.
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>> welcome back. talk about maps not adding up. a new report shows public university competing in division 1 sports spend 6 times more perath leet than they spend to educate student. the report was completed by the nonprofit american institutes for research. it found spending by athletic departments rose more than 2 times as fast as academic spending. astronauts will be going beyond earth's orbit with the help from europe. nasa is teaming up with the european space agency to build the service mod you will oor the owe r-- owe ryan's spacecraft. hopefully a manned mission by 2021. nasa wants the spacecraft to carry astronauts to astroids and mars. a test flight is planned for next year. president obama expects it to be a good year for companies
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hiring. cheryl casone joins us with more. >> some of the viewers are getting jobs through you. congrats to you and to them. >> i know some of them don't want to be on air or have their names used on air but congratulations for those of you e-mailing me getting jobs. we have more jobs available. if you think 20 percent unemployment is good that's fine. we have this company. you mentioned the president in your introduction. the medical device tags a lot of these companies have been laying off. this is a rare find for us. they do monitoring devices to monitor heart rates things like that. they have sales jobs of any critical care. engineers. 106 jobs. salary range pretty darn nice. 60,000 to 325,000. they have been hiring mostly in california. now they are looking to expand the company, massachusetts and texas. >> up to 325,000. it's called masimo 500.
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>> these used to be and des. these things are darned popular. they are looking to expand across the country. talking about 3,000 jobs over the next year or so. not right away. they just began to branch out in north carolina florida, virginia, ohio, western north carolina they need to be expanding. area managers are also salaried positions. you can have benefits if you have some of the higher positions as well. >> that is fun. >> this is all about the cloud. we are all returning around with our sam sungs and iphones. they are a hosting company for all of the information. they have 185 jobs right now. they are looking to expand in particular with the air base. that is in the state of texas.
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they have jobs available in san antonio and austin. they have great benefits free beverages paid sabbatical. salary ifs you are going to be a salaried employees 57 grand. 41,000 if you are going to take one of the hourly jobs. it is about the data. >> i want to let people know go to casone knee i am trying to fix the issues with the links. i am not that it professional. i can give you the information at casone knee and e-mail me. if you got a job through the segment love hearing the stories make me smile. >> cheryl thank you so much from box business network. coming up he crashed a cruise ship full of badges and when the boat started to sink he abandoned ship.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion.
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. >> the top five stories making news at this hour. next wednesday will be a busy day on capitol hill. in the afternoon she will testify before the house foreign affairs committee. a source tells fox news the fbi was left in the dark about the release of the suspect. they released him because of lack of evidence. >> they don't have any suspects as ch yet. a woman and three men were
2:32 am
behind the kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl in philadelphia. nal yaw robinson knew the veiled woman who snatched her from school. they say she never would have gone off as a stranger. that woman went directly to the girl's classroom asked for the girl by name and told the teacher she was their mother. an avalanche survi survivor out of the hospital. they triggered an avalanche two feet deep and 2 football fields wide. her boyfriend was able to find her buried in the snow. another skier helped bring her down the mountain. >> i had a small pocket of air that i reated wicreated with my. i decided the best situation for me is to meditate and breathe really slowly. >> she was treated for frostbite and is expected to be okay. >> the captain of the costa
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concordia says he has no regrets. he says he had no way of knowing how many people are on board the ship when he got off. he said in part quote the moment the floor started to become steeper you have no other option to die or to swim. so i regret nothing. of course a year ago the ship ran aground and sunk off the coast of italy leaving 32 people dead. schettino faces charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. >> listen to this one souvenldz almost too good to be true. now can get a spa treatment by throwing on a pair of jeans? wrangler a new line of den numb with built in moisturizers. you have three choices alovera, olive extract or cell light fighting. the jeans modelled here by mick jagger's daughter lizzie it will set you back 136 bucks.
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>> back to the 5@5:30. >> are they sticky inside. >> this is a hard transition to go from jeans to president obama's sweeping plan on gun center lines. the president says yes it will work but it is drawing fierce criticism. critics say it ignores factors like the country's mental health system and also the entertainment industry and it's culpability. peter doocy is live in washington with more. >> hi heather. president obama signed 23 executive actions yesterday that he thinks will strengthen existing gun laws. the president was surrounded by children who wrote him letters about their fear of the guns. the president can't do everything he wants with executive actions.
2:35 am
so he told congress they should pass new laws to ban assault weapons and magazines that hold more than 10 bullets and a law that requires universal background checks for all firearms purchases. >> there will be bun dits and politicians and special interest lobbyists with an all out assault on liberty. not because that's true, but because they want to drum up fear. >> they issued a frustrated statement saying president obwe bam ma
2:36 am
>> the speaker of the house john boehner's office says committees of jurisdiction will review the president's proposal. speaker boehner also said if the senate passes a new gun corolla they will take a look at that, too. >> peter doocy in washington thank you so much. talk do you again real soon. >> to an extreme weather alert mother nature's wrath about to hit the south. >> after we find our affiliate reporter in winston salem, plows are preparing for the storm. good morning, nicole. >> good morning. in winston salem about the most action we are seeing is the rain. but crews are on stand by. this is the city yard where they keep all of their trucks and they are ready to run the roads
2:37 am
and salt this morning. they were waiting to see what was going to happen. the ground is too wet and really our temperatures are pretty close to 2k50egs. it is way too warm for anything to sit. that will not be the case later on this after noovenlt between 4 and 6:00 we are expected to have our temperatures dip and 1 to 3 inches of snow are expected in this area. they are definitely getting ready. the home improvement stores are pulling out the sleds and shovels anything you might need for winter weather prep is up to the front of the store. the school systems here are also beginning to cancel the after school activities. we will just watch and wait. but we are definitely expecting some action overnight 1 to 3 inches here. send it back to you guys. >> for more on the winter weather about to hit the south janice dean.
2:38 am
>> it is a pretty rare event indeed. >> good morning ladies. we get snow across the south but when you are talking about areas like mississippi that's an event that happens once every 3 to 4 years. look at the snow flying across mississippi, across jackson already an inch on the ground several accidents on the road. good idea to stay off of the roadways. the kids will have fun making snow men, southern snow men and southern snow angles. you can see the snow flying across much of the state. 1 to 3 to 4 inches. a rain event as you head up toward the mid atlantic region. the temperatures are going to dip. they are going to dip below freezing that's going to bring the snow later on this afternoon into this evening. by 8:00 still looking at snow across mississippi but creeping in towards alabama looking at montgomery alabama you could see
2:39 am
snow in the area. a little too warm for snow. as we head up north of rally that's when we deal with the potential 1-3 inches. is in exciting for folks? >> we don't know how to handle the cold weather because it's rare. when in your entire childhood career do you get the opportunity to sled. >> the kids love it. >> just be careful. >> you are going to tell us about the much anticipated panel. >> american idol is kicking it off with three new judges and plenty of drama. >> niki you have a deal. >> we can have accessories. i didn't know that was allowed. that's the last thing i am going to say. >> why did you have to reference
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my hat. you know what? >> 41 people got a ticket to go to hollywood one of them 20-year-old ashley from east hartford, connecticut. ♪ >> so pretty. >> so pretty. so i want to come see your show. >> american idol airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> not only a guy. it's a girl. >> al pacino. >> he landed his next movie role playing joe paterno in the up coming film. the director from scar face will be working with him again. you can see the physical features for it. >> yeah, i can see that. >> you always end your segment
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with great energy. >> biggest movies from history. you can check out my interview with bare leave vinson. >> one of my favorite shows growing up. what was it like working with them? >> it was a great learning process. they really rehearse. it wasn't like they read cue cards. they worked it like a play. and she is extraordinary and tim conway and harvey core man. it was a great group. you got to see what it would be like with someone really working. >> you can watch my entire interview or check me out on twitter. >> good to sue you, michael. time right now 20 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up one hospital shutting down its maternity ward. they cannot afford to deliver babies any more because of obama
2:42 am
care. >> he says his girlfriend died of leukemia. some say she never existed. one of college football's best players is either at the center of a love hoax or the victim of fraud. brian kilmeade joins us next with the details.
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>> welcome back. 44 after the hour. span the globe to see what stories are making headlines over seas. republican senator john mccain delivering harsh chris sichl to mohammed morsi. he said in 2010 morsi referred to jews as the descendants of apes and pigs. despite the comments they are still pushing for more aids to egypt's ailing economy. he was considered one of britain's most experienced pilots and worked on the james bond film die another day.
2:46 am
peter barns identified as the pilot died in that helicopter crash. barns had reportedly requested to divert an land at another heliport because of bad weather. another person on the ground was killed. to peru rescuers pulling to safety a brazilian hiker feared dead. he was found after an intense search and he is expected to be okay. many said it was the most touching heartbreaking story of the college football season. >> losing your grandmother and girlfriend how would you describe your emotions. >> they are here with me. i couldn't do to without them and the support of my family and my girlfriend's family. >> linebacker te' o learning girlfriend died within 6 hours of his grandmother's death the story may not be what it seem the. we have the details.
2:47 am
a lot of people waking up surprised. p brian what do we know? >> it is not going to be easy. i am going through the strangest story. unbelievable case where truth may be stranger than the actual fiction. the sports web site is a great web site broke the story. they say signs point to meo being in on the hoax of his girlfriend dying from leukemia after a massive automobile accident. the linebacker led dote dame to the bcs title. the girlfriend he met on-line passed away from cancer before he was to play michigan state. not only the death was a hoax but linnea awe doesn't even eks cyst. if i said her name wrong i have no one to apologize to. some of the details says she went to stanford where they met in 2009 an she was in a serious car accident at which time they
2:48 am
found out she had leukemia. her last words were eventually dying to teo were i love you don't come see me go play your football game against michigan state. all of those are lies because there's no proof of her birth no proof of her death. you following me? probably not but try to. it piers an old friend of the linebacker created the on-line persona using photos of a woman who never met the football player but was friend of the friend of his and teo may have been in on it to generate publicity to for the next heisman trophy. he is victim of the a cruel prank. the athletic director looked into it and still defends his linebacker. >> the thing i am most add of, sad about, is -- sorry.
2:49 am
the sipping el most trusting human being i have ever mettle never be able to trust in the same way again in his life. okay. notre dame says teo told the school about the hoax at an awards ceremony and launched its own investigation. get this. just when you thought you caught up to the story and understood it, cardinals full back says she does exist because he was good friends with her before teo. he told espn he was close to her and her family she was tall had volleyball athletic build polynesian. i don't know what to say. but there are no winners. at least if you were concerned about the death of his
2:50 am
girlfriend, the good news is she never lived. perhaps. >> wondering if any one even met her. you will continue to check this one out. by the way what do you have coming up on fox and friends? >> we are going to talk about this to leadoff and lance armstrong being a liar. he's apologizing tonight. will any one buy it? gun control what the president proposed 23 executive orders and much more congress has to approve. will it get any traction? we will see. seven american hostages are being held at this hour in algeria. what does that mean, did the hostage takers come from libya or mali? marco rubio will be here live all coming up on "fox & friends." i am doizzy. >> first on fox and friends first obama was supposed to give us more access to health dare? why is one hospital no longer delivering babies.
2:51 am
temper tantrums. >> [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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>> pregnant woman in one local town will not be able to deliver at their local hospital. obama care is partly to blame. what is this about? >> the medical center 60 miles southeast of pittsburgh plans to stop delivering babies after march 31st saying it can't afford to because of the affordable care act. they sited several reasons for the move including the shrinking population of women of childbearing age means the number of births the hospital will be performing going forward isn't enough for it to provide
2:55 am
the service in the lower reimbursements under the health law. they are losing two obstetricians and two others were shifting more to gynecology and the board concluded the timeliness and cost of recruiting a new team of obstetricians may not be feasible. they will work closely with expectant mothers and is in discussions with local providers to accommodate future births. a liaison will be able to answer any questions or concerns. they delivered 200 babies a year since restarting the ob stet ticks programs in 2005. the closest hospital that delivers is 10 miles away. the hospital is working to provide assistance to place them in another area. >> it is now 6 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up next on "the rundown",
2:56 am
talk about taking a wrong turn. how this driver ended up in the deep end. >> i hope it wasn't gps again was it? >> the brew on this responses are coming up next. we will be right back. :
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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. >> how many zeros after one in ten million? >> that's potato the dog. he's solving a math problem with his pwa*rbg. next the bad a woman in california takes a wrong turn and ends up in a backyard pool. luckily a man saved her. finally, the ugly. >> he can challenge that. he needs to calm down. >> that's


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