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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 22, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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face. >> did you do that? >> i got the cake shoved in-- >> do you remember the song. >> sean: what song. >> your song. >> you didn't have a song? oh, mrs. hannity is not happy. >> sean: and i just had my 20th anniversary and you're taking me back, it's not ease t easy to live with a talk show host. >> i understand. >> sean: and what is the maximum that they can take, the maximum the government can have? >> you're asking me for a number. if you're doing better than your secretary and the secretary-- >> maximum? >> they should pay their fair share. >> sean: give me a fair share number. >> i like a flat tax. >> sean: between state, local, federal and isn't it sad people are thinking of moving states? and some people might leave the country, that's sad. >> only people with options can do that and we're losing track of that. >> sean: when those people leave, guess who is going to pay? the people who are left. >> yeah, and the states are
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being dug into the ground with all of these. >> sean: and we've got to run, but we expect momentarily that vice-president biden will be addressing the troops on this inauguration night. congratulations to the president, first lady for ing, that's all the time at we have left. greta is next to go "on the record" and we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, it's blistering, it isn't so much what was said, but who said it. is the cbs news political director and telling president obama to pulverize and destroy republicans. but tonight, scott walker is here and how are he and other governors planning for president obama's second term. governor walker in minutes and right now standing by for vice-president biden who will speak at the inaugural ball and the president and first lady just finished their final dance of the evening. >> "on the record" is now. >> i have sworn before you today with an oath to god and
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country, not party or fashion and we must faithfully execute that pledge. >> this was an inaugural address where the president came out said i won the election and i'm going to be aggressive in the second term about pushing my agenda. >> and i think we had a clarifying moment and the president's speech put to rest, put to rest the idea that barack obama is a moderate. barack obama is a liberal. >> i don't think that absolutism, i'm sure the president would say the same, on the part of either party or any politician is helpful in terms of solving problems and obviously, if we're going to move forward we're going to have to find a way to come together to solve these problems. >> now dually reelected, he intends to pursue the course of that liberalism. he's going to pursue it as if he had from the election an enormous mandate. >> when i heard that was a liberal speech, i don't think it was a liberal speech, i think it's a popular speech.
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>> and the battle lines are clearly drawn and i don't think there's hope of-- barring unforeseen developments, that we'll have the unity that people in washington wished for so long. >> we believe strongly there are areas in common that we can work with the president on to promote the kind of innovation and opportunity, country that we are. >> with common effort, common purpose, with passion and dedication, let us answer the call of history and carry us to an incertain future that precious light of freedom. >> greta: and tonight the rising gas of obamacare and the fierce fight for immigration, and battles with unions, and governors across the country bracing for the next four years. what did the governors expect to see in round two of the obama administration. wisconsin's governor scott walker joins us. good evening pgood morning. >> good evening, greta.
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>> greta: first your thoughts on the inaugural address today? >> days like this are always uplifting, but the rubber hits the road the next couple of days and i think with the 30 states that have republican governors, we're hoping we have a president that's willing to work with the states and give us some authority to act on behalf of the taxpayers. if we can do that, we will have some good progress, but ultimately it's got to be about growth and getting people back to work and the best way to do that is through limited government and putting more money back in the hands of the american taxpayers. >> specifically, what would you like to see him do? >> well, i think a number is one, if we talk about things simple as medicaid and other issues that come up in the budget over and over again, empower states, democrat and republican governors alike, empower governors to go out and make decisions on state by state basis not one size fits all approach. for a number of us we'd like that approach and we've shown states like wisconsin and elsewhere, even though we inherited a budget deficit a few years ago, we have a
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surplus and giving them the authority to do things without as much federal interference as we had in the past will be great. we'll see if that happens. the president has talked about flexibility before and now is the time to make it it happen and he's got willing partners at the state level. if he's willing to help give us that kind of flexibility. >> you said he talked about flexibility before. have you actually seen it and asked for it? >> we have not. it's been asked for not only for governors, but the national governor's association, talking about a need for that. particularly we know there's a difference between republicans controlling the house and democrats controlling the presidency as well as the united states senate and if they ultimately want to get things done, one of the best ways to get things done on behalf the american people is to give that kind of authority back to the governors at the state levels. you've got a good mix of republican and democratic governors out there. part of it is not just about medicaid and spending, it's ultimately getting this economy going again and i
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think to me, the best way you can do that is by putting more money back in the hands of the american people and not more money back in the hands of the government at the state nor at the local level nor certainly at the federal level and that's part of the discussion and i think many of us as governors are-- >> governor, if i could ask you to stand by for a second. vice-president biden is speaking at the inaugural ball, let's listen. >> sure. >> you all made for in great country of ours and to the troops at camp casey, joining us from across the world in south korea, thank you and i wish you were here with us. we owe you. we owe you all more than we can express and i can't tell you how honored jill and i are that you'd spend the night with us. you, all americans, soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, coast guardmen, you are the
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finest warriors the world has ever seen and that's not an exaggeration. this generation (cheers) -- this generation literally is the finest warriors the world has ever seen and ladies and gentlemen, your sacrifices have been amazing. the greek historians wrote, and i quote, the bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike and yet, they go out and they meet it. ladies and gentlemen, you have met every challenge conceivable. you've met it with honor. you've met it with bravery and you've met it with unyielding
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devotion. what you know, but i don't think you internalize, this generation of soldiers and sailors, marines, coast guardmen, airmen, just since 9/ 9/11 three million, 300,000 men and women of this country, you among them joined our military with the almost certain knowledge that you would be thrust into harm's way, but yet, you stepped up this 9/11 generation that so many pundits wondered about. they're not wondering now. they know who you are. they know what you've done. 1.7, 1.7 million of you have walked across the scorching
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sands of iraq or been in those god forsaken mountains and plains of afghanistan. many of you just haven't served one tour, you have served two, three, of four, five, the last time of the 23 or 4 times i've been in afghanistan and iraq, i was flying into bagram in a c-17. i went up in the cockpit, the load master is there as well and i said, how many of you is this your first tour? nobody raised their hand. i said second tour? one. third tour? two. fourth, one. fifth, two. ladies and gentlemen, we have never, never, never in the history of america asked so much of a generation and you have met it with incredible
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pride. (cheers) >> fox news correspondent molly henneberg is across the washington convention center at the inaugural ball, molly. >> greta, we're just listening to stevie wonder here, i think he wrapped up the last song behind me. were you hearing joe biden speak at the commander-in-chief ball one of two official inaugural balls this time around. you may remember in 2009 there were ten inaugural balls and this is a second term and a sign of the times, there are two official ones. we're waiting for the vice-president here next and we've seen the president and first lady do their dance here and the big question, what did the first lady wear? decide today wear the same designer in 2009. she wore jason woo then, an off the shoulder white chiffon dress and today a jason wu ruby colored dress and i was trying to see her ring. she had a handmade embellished
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ring on her finger. and she wore jamie choo shoes. and the reason we care, it goes to the national archives and becomes a part of history and why so much attention is paid to that. and everybody wants to know about the obamas came out and they danced to jennifer hudson singing al green's "let's stay together" he when the bidens come here the last stop of the night, they'll dance to actor jamie foxx, he'll be singing ray charles' "i can't stop loving you" and that's the last event and then the obamas and bidens will head back to their respective residences after a long day, greta. >> greta: molly, thank you. and we're going to go back to wisconsin. wisconsin governor scott walker. governor, this has been 36 hours of celebration in the city and inauguration and we do this every four years and everybody will be back to business tomorrow morning. i'm curious, how do you characterize the state of the republican party?
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>> well, i think it's a lot of soul searching going on. some people right after the election suggested somehow that republicans could change their core principles, aim not one of those. i think the core principles we stand for is strong. and 30-some states that have republican governors, but i do think it's important that we have a message that describes more relevant where people are, whether they're working families, young folks coming out of college, new-found immigrants or anybody in the last election section. i think it's government, leading to more freedom and prosperity for all is a great message, but we've got to find a better way of making that message known and getting out to places that republicans typically haven't gone to. as governors we do that every day and that's something that we could learn in washington. >> you mentioned immigrants. immigration is something that's going to be hot on
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everyone's radar-- high on everyone's radar screen. what would you significant about immigration policy in this country? >> i think when we think about this, whether it's my ancestors from ireland and germany, many generations ago or my in-laws and brother's side of the family a generation ago from mexico. in every case, the people who by and large have come to america have come with a dream of living a better life than their children. getting an education, working hard. in many cases starting up their businesses and living the american dream and we ought to find a way to make that more possible. now, that also means we live in a society of rules and so we need to abide by the laws that i think there are practical ways to abide by those lawses. and any ethnic where they come from, should live the american dreams and what it stands for. >> greta: what do you do about those illegally here in this country? have you thought about that? that's one of the thornier issues. >> well, clearly there's got to be a well thought-out
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process in doing this, a balance between respect for the law and all the talk about securing the border, which is important, is that we've got a mess when it comes to the federal agency that controls immigration. we've got people who want to come in and work hard and live the american dream. i don't care if they come from mexico, canada, europe, africa, they want to come here and add value, work hard and live the american dream. that's what america is all about and-- >> but what do we do about the ones who are here? >> well, i think that's got to be a part of the process. again, a lot of folks have been waiting in line and got to be a legitimate balance for those who sought to come into the country legally and respects that and respect the efforts of those currently waiting and those in the past and still not devastate this nation's economy. but we're a country of laws and you've got to respect that, but also got to find a reasonable way to get this
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forward and not bog down and as we have in the past, in the federal bureaucracy, which is part of the reason we have the problem we have today. >> greta: governor, nice to see you. >> good to be with you, greta. >> greta: and inaugural day, and americans at home hope maybe this day washington can learn to work together. a prominent member of the news media trying to do the exact opposite. trying to drive as big a wedge as he possibly can. cbs news director, john dickerson, calling for president obama to pulverize, destroy and go for the throat of the g.o.p. as of this hour we've seen no response to cbs news management. at pat buchanan joins us. pat, an interesting observation from a member of the news media. >> and at this hour. >> he with as not a big fan of the media. >> what he said was there's an apparent bias deep in some of the networks and quite obviously true of mr. dickerson, i think really went off the deep end here. my guess is the big heads at
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cbs are now talking about what to do about mr. dickerson. >> greta: well, actually i sort of appreciate sometimes when things like this happen because it sort of peels back the cap, so to speak so people are at least honest about stuff. >> and see things as they are, not as they are shown to be, that's exactly right. you've got an honest candid view of this fellow, what he thinks of republican party and what the president ought to do it to it. >> greta: and moving onto the president's inaugural speech. your thoughts? >> the president's a fine speaker and i was really looking for something uplifting, yet i've read speeches and worked on inaugural speeches and i remember both of lincolns, kennedys, fdr's. >> greta: i take it you don't remember lincolns from personal experience. >> no, but it's finer than the gettysburg address. the president's was not uplifting. it was not poetry, it was pros and part of it was pedestrian and partisan and i think he missed a golden opportunity.
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the whole country was watching and he should have lifted the whole country. this was part of a state of the union address and i thought the president lost an opportunity and they usually talk about what? and when i was a kid, lexington, concorde, bunker hill, stonewall, a barroom brawl in greenwich village in 1969 when the cops hassled the gays in the bar and threw them out. does that belong in a presidential inaugural? >> i thought, one thing he has been -- i mean, he speaks beautifully, inspires people. i thought he wasn't interested in his own speech. i don't think he sold it. i thought he just read it to us. i was actually quite surprised because whether you agree with him politically or not, he can just sort of. he can dazzle everybody when he speaks, but i thought he was disinterested in his own speech. >> i think sometimes the president -- sometimes the
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president tries and does take his sort of up the mountain top, but i think again, talking about dickerson speaking his mind. what came out of this speech by the president is a deeply partisan man who has decided look, i'm trying to work with these characters, i can't do it and now we're going to the mattresses on one issue after another, global warming, gun control, you name it and i'm going to do battle with them. if i lose at least history will say i fought these battles and history is on my side and going to win one day and-- >> do you think he thought it was partisan or do you think he thought he was being sort of the big-- representing everybody? >> look, he had to know it was partisan. the issues he was picking out. and the one thing that was really interesting and very few people have noted it, he said the era of wars is over, not only that people who stop wars are you know, as important as people who fight and win them and we want a
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deep engagement, and i think that was a signal to the iranians, listen, if you come halfway with me, we can cut a deal. that's the foreign policy stuff and a lot of people, netanyahu is going to win that election tomorrow i bet they're looking hard at that tonight. >> greta: the thing i pick out and always the thing i pick out and sampled, is that he talks about helping the streets of detroit, and economically. and i thought to myself, well, you know, poverty in this country has grown over the last decade, including, including in his administration, is that the people in this country, the poor people still are left behind and we sort of always pay sort of political lip service and say how much we want to help them. as the improverished class grows, we aren't helped them and given them opportunity to help themselves. >> i was talking to dennis kucinich in the green room. what happened to detroit, it was a forge and furnace of world war ii, 2 million people
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there, it was freedom's forge or arthur herman's new book, my wife grew up there. and now it's 750, 800,000 people. and thinking of tearing down buildings and turning it into parks and think of what hiroshima was in 45 and detroit was in 45. and today, hiroshima is a gleaming city and detroit is a disaster area. we have exported our industrial base in in country for which both parties are responsible. and there's no talking about why this happened, how it happened. how did the middle class suddenly go down in america? everybody says we've got to get the middle class back. what happened to the middle compl class? we've exported their jobs and places they worked. >> greta: pat, as always, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: ahead, a shaky economy and persistently high unemployment. what do businesses need to turn things around and will president obama do it? the answer straight ahead. that's next, and also lawmakers slamming president
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obama's speech. what do they say they left out. is there any hope of the white house and congress working together? a panel freshman congressman here to talk about it. and usually the people talk about what the first lady wears at the inauguration. and the talk of the hat that is settititititititi
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>> health care costs, taxes, regulations, all worries for small businesses. what do business owners expect to see from president obama in the next four years. from a technology company joins us, nice to see you, nick. >> thank you greta for having
1:25 am
me back. >> greta: what do you expect from the president and what would you like in the next four years. >> i'd like lower taxes and regulations, but i don't expect that from this administration. it was an interesting new year's eve when the small businesses owner across the country and we kept one eye on the ball on times square coming down and another on the reports coming from washington, what the negotiations were for the fiscal cliff. and when we returned back to work on january 2nd, our first call was to our tax advisors, and tax advisors across the country their phones are ringing off the hook on january 2nd, all of us learning what's going on in terms of the new legislation, that-- >> so, i'm curious, you know, what would you like to see the republican house do when it comes to a question of the debt ceiling in recognition of all of this economic-- all of these decisions have an impact on small businesses and the fact that we have gridlock in d.c.? do you want to see them work more with the president and try to get a solution as to
1:26 am
maybe, the little less extreme than what the president wants or do you want them to dig their heels in the ground and fight it tooth and nail? >> and the principals, they have to understand they only control one third of the government and they have to work with the president to come to a resolution, and the first thing i'd like to see the senate pass a budget. senate hasn't passed a budget in over four years at this point. i think what's going to happen on the debt ceiling they're going to vote to extend the debt ceiling for a couple of months and that's good. we don't want to be in a situation where we're defaulting or the threat of default, but i think they need to tie that back to something and maybe it's not the big and grand bargain with the entitlement plans right now, but i think at a minimum they have to tie it back to getting a budget at the senate, that begins the conversation. >> greta: it seems to me one of the large problems that small businesses have, correct me if i'm wrong, there's no certainty because congress and the president never make up their mind and they bring everything to the brink and pass something for three months.
1:27 am
you don't no he what's going to happen with our tax structure or the debt ceiling. am i right? they don't sit down and make a decision that the lack of impact to make decisions in your business. >> one thing is a lack of certainty and the things we're certain of for small businesses, and hate to keep beating a dead horse, president obama is one of the job killers in america. and small businesses are going to do everything they possibly can to decrease the head counts. because with head counts comes liabilities with payroll tax and also the obamacare penalties. >> greta: and so, do you have any idea what you're going to do in your business. >> four things that will probably happen with small companies, there's going to be more outsourcing and get less people on the payroll and you don't have to pay increased payroll taxes and don't necessarily subjects to the penalty of obamacare and see a lot of contractors being hired on the 1099's, so once again, they don't add to the head count and a lot of part-time
1:28 am
employees, people are not going to hire full-time employees, an equivalent of multiple part-timers making up and back filling for what used to be full-time employment and all of those are negative impact. >> greta: nick as always, thanks for joining us. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: coming up are we in for an another four years of fighting and balancing on the edge of cliffs or can a new cross get members of congress working in washington. and you'll hear from a brand new congressman. forget the funky hats made famous by the royal wedding. and a supreme court justice is setting a trend in head gear. really? you're going to see yourself, that's coming up.
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>> some republican lawmakers blasting president obama's inaugural speech. senator john mccain and said there was no outreach to the g.o.p. there's no surprise that they didn't four
1:32 am
years, but will a new congress bring a new outlook. and joining us is a freshman congressman, tom cotton, and we contacted every single freshman democrat in congress, none of them agreed to take part in the panel tonight. congressmen, welcome. what do you think of the speech. >> i was in awe, and it was shocking the speech is so liberal. yes, it's president barack obama, he's liberal. i thought some of the things are great. all americans believe in, freedom, and how do we implement that. do we need more government in our lives and spending our children into debt. how do we accomplish things. bring the adults to the table and start soming the economic problems. >> greta: what do you think. >> first the town was typical barack obama i thought. and wanted to paint his opponents as wrong, but
1:33 am
morally wrong and doing this with paul ryan for two years, the thoughts of bugetary issues, doesn't engage in ideas calls him names and questions his motives. second on the policy. he can't address the policy, our debt crisis, internationally all he said was ending wars. wars are won or lost. and if you were part of al-qaeda today. wonder is america going to be able to i can take the military actions for the futures that we face. >> greta: you're up. >> i was a little surprised. i thought he'd talk more about our debt situation and acknowledge the need tore economic growth and he really covered those in passing. but i think it was a pretty aggressive ideological speech if you parse it. but he's kind of effective in making left of center points in ways that sound inviting and harkened back to the founding fathers, but doing it to say here is what we believe and now times changed and we
1:34 am
need collective action. he's advocating things that they wouldn't necessarily agreed with, a bigger role for government in aspects of our lives, but does it in a way that harkens back there. and we need to understand and we're dooling with somebody good at articulating the left of center outlook. >> greta: thank you thought the minority, the overall structure. >> the opposition. >> greta: the opposition buff you've got a democratic senate and democratic president. what do you hope to achieve? what do you think is realistic that you could achieve in your term? >> i think the number one thing we need to address is our debt crisis. right now, the republicans have had a plans going forward this week and we're going to try to extend the debt ceiling by a few months to give the congress and the president more breathing room. to address a long-term balanced budget over the next ten years. we have automatic spending cuts coming in place as part of the sequester. spending cuts in march and then the government funding mechanism the end of march and that will give awes opportunity to pass the budget in the house, pass the budget
1:35 am
in the senate and recognize those two. >> greta: you'd vote for increasing the debt ceiling. >> par coming this week, attached to it, pass a budget by april 18th otherwise members wouldn't receive any pay. it's unfortunate that we have to take that step, but the senate hasn't passed a budget now if four years and we need them to outline their priority. >> greta: or you're no? >> yes. >> i'd be hesitant to raise the debt ceiling or just put it on the side for right now. we need real solutions. what he's been outlining here are the true problems that we face today. something, as much as i was in awe seeing the president today and hearing his beautiful speech, one thing that candidate obama when he's running does, if he's very successful at dividing people, but our problems are not about racism or anger or rich or poor, they're numbers and once we realize we can come together and fix the problems and theer mat m and it's sheer mathematics,
1:36 am
and only one third of the picture here, the republicans we don't have much of a voice i'd like to see the president and senate work with us. >> we lost the election overall and happened before like jack kemp took that to develop new ideas. i think we need to be focused on the budget and fiscal responsibility, but we've got to think anew and coming up with conservative solutions and i think we can reform some of the welfare programs that have grown the last four years and i think we can look at crony capitalism. we're viewed, republicans, as the party of the rich. i don't see any reason why we should do that. we shouldn't wants banks or big corporations getting special deals. if we look we might not get through with barack obama as president, but setting the stage for stuff to be i am mr implemented down the road. >> greta: and both parties for cronyism. and stay with us, much more
1:37 am
talk to about. in the next four years, the congressmen tell you how to fight them. and a new fashion trend at the inauguration, and are the new congressmen going to wear them. and the new hat that has twitter abuzz. and the first guest of the second term, or was it a slip-up or a minute about 2016? you'll hear what the vice-president tied and then you can decide. that's two minutes away.
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1:39 am
>> the second term just started and the vice-president did it again. the gaffe prone, this time at iowa state inaugural ball and listen closely to what he told the crowd. >> i'm proud to be president of the united states, but i am prouder to be -- (cheers).
1:40 am
i am he proud to be vice-president of the united stat states. and proud to be president barack obama's vice-president. >> greta: you heard right he said he's proud to be president. a slip of the tongue or was vice-president biden hinting at 2016. go to and tell >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip to hawaii for ben. ben is the identity thief who used a device called
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you have so much to protect, and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and try 60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free! use promo code: onguard. order now, and get this document shredder, a $29 value, free! call or go online now. [♪...] >> a facebook ad and the supreme court justice's hat topping our media moments. first, greg abbott posting an invitation to new york gun owners on facebook, it says, move to texas where you can keep your guns. that's not all. after new york governor andrew cuomo signed a broad new gun control law, running an
1:43 am
internet ad asking new yorkers to move to texas. one ad says, wanted, law-abiding gun owners looking for lower taxes and great opportunity. the other ad says, is governor cuomo looking to take your gun? tomorrow night, abbott will be here to go on the record. and don't miss that. now, the supreme court justice scalia's unusual inaugural fashion. senator clare mccast cal, four years ago, i began tweeted. and one of the tweets was about the weird hat. one of the tweets, yeah, there it is and tweeted out a photo of the hot that's the talk of the town. turns out justice scalia's hat was given to him st. thomas moore society, and president inauguration is setting it abuzz. and so far the highlight of the ball is the nice plate of
1:44 am
chex mix they provide and eric cantor headed to the white house with my wife diana for coffee with the president and vice-president and their lovely wives. >> i congratulations president obama on the inauguration and celebrate the country with this american tradition. what are your favorite tweets? follow me on twitter at greta wire and send your top picks hakt greta. and the president had the majority and a massive surplus bill and pushed through health care reform. it was an easy political ride. since republicans took the house in 2010 well, it's been gridlock. how do the freshmen congressmen plan to break the stalemate. and first, the issue of obamacare, it's passed, but a lot of dissension about it, your thoughts, what you think you can do with it or you intend to do? >> hopefully we can rein in some of the worst excesses testify and mitigate some of the damage. the law has changed significantly since it's passed and the framers of the
1:45 am
law 50 states should have health insurance exchangeses a fewer than 20 do. the medicaid designed to be mandatory, the supreme court says it's not, and i think it gives us to mitigate the law and worst damages and overstate the agencies implementing it, and making sure they're not reducing our religious freedoms. >> greta: what about immigration? >> where do we start. the next seven hours? i don't know if fox will allow us to do that. i would like to take the lead of a friend of mentor of mine, senator marco rubio, a moral argument and a fiscal conservative argument most especially from sochlt young people here that were brought as infants, perhaps, by moms and dads the valedictorians of the high schools, scar quarterbacks going to harvard and yale on scholarships. >> greta: how about the 12 million or so here illegally. >> i'm open for debate on it right now, i'd like to see
1:46 am
senator marco rubio's lead on it. >> greta: and pass? >> and again, this is a -- number one, i think that --. >> greta: you're going to turn on-- and on the hot seat. >> am coming up next. we have-- what i don't want is something similar to what we talked about. surplus and obamacare, massive packages that are shoveled down the throats of the americans. we need to do it piece by piece and assess where we're at and what we can do to correct the situation. >> greta: and? >> i'll speak to both quick. obamacare i think a lot of that's going to collapse on its own weight. the president ran for reelection and the law hasn't been implemented. it's structured in a way i think is going to end up failing. the tax that they put on you to buy insurance is lower than it would have cost to buy insurance so i think a lot of people are going to pay the tax and that's going to destabilize the insurance market and see problems with increased costs. in terms of immigration, we
1:47 am
need to get the basics right. we talk about border security, we've still really never secured the border and i think a lot of people will agree there are certain high skilled immigrants that we can fix the system for them. >> greta: what about the 12 million or so? >> yeah, i mean, that's not going to be something i'm going to run to. i think that we have a rule of law, what i worry about is if you just provide them a pathway to citizenship, you're making it easier for them when they came here illegally, as opposed to somebody who is waiting some other country to come here and i think i want to stand by the people going through the process the right way. it's a tough process and we need to make it it better, but i don't want people cutting in front of them in line. >> and one thing to ad in terms of obamacare and disassembling, democrats are doing it for us. they've repealed this 1099 ridiculous recognizance regulation part and we're seeing a he repeal of certain taxes that are specifically on medical devices. >> greta: i hope all three of you come back, a week under
1:48 am
your belt. this is fun. thank you all. >> thank you. >> greta: what do you hope the brand new members of congress can accomplish, go to and tell us. straight ahead, new information out of algeria. a live report from algeria and prince harry tells all about his mission in afghanistan. that's next. for the new mattress models,
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>> greta: now with the latest. it was an inside job is that what the algerian authorities are say something. >> yes. algerian government says of course, after the end of the operation, meaning the death toll is rising because the helicopter killed a lot of hostages that is why the number of hostages arrived but said, too, possibility will work again after two, three
1:53 am
days. >> is there a -- what are they saying on the ground in algeria about al qaeda in the region? north africa is it grow something is recruitment on the incline? >> in my opinion, it's a big intelligence failure world wide. they didn't coordinate the job to follow recruitment of people throughout the world. when you see all of the people from our many countries attacking the same facility in al geara, how are they gathering in the south of this area sni think this is a big intelligence failure. i don't think it's good and i don't think we're going to see cooperation between intelligence world wide, otherwise, we don't see awful these people together. since the fight against the leftist groups in latin america in the 60s.
1:54 am
it's my opinion. >> greta: what were these terrorist as tempting to achieve? just to terrorize? or another moat zblif. >> well... may i ask you to repeat the question, please? >> greta: ways asking what they were seeking to achieve? >> well, of course, to take the hostages, for money and into other algerian prisons and the united states. there is publicity for them. but the main thing here is to take mali and attack bmako. it's a regional war. algeria is a part of it according to them. so their objective is money, and publicity. and winning more, more land in mali. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> you're welcome, okay. >> greta: coming up, thought
1:55 am
you knew everything about linard skinnard? well, you
1:56 am
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1:59 am
we'd do anything for the troops and their families and we were offered to come up here and play for heroes. >> yes. >> so we jumped on it and it's our pleasure to be here tonight. as any american should do anything for the troops. especially if anyone, anything you can do. say hello or play music. we're here. >> gary you're one of the original guys. what has it been like all of these years? >> i don't know. it's a good question, really. it's been great. you know? just happy to still be around, still don't it, you know? proud to take the skinnerd name around, show everybody our brand z talk about about old band members. ♪ [ music ] . >> the fans have been lucky. a lot of artists come and go. the music is going to be around a lot longer than we are. so might as well


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