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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 23, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> thanks, where are you going to be this weekend? >> i will be in san diego at the -- i think it is called the american comedy company making my debut. i said i won't go until i can half sell the room. >> go see a sabres game. >> and did you? >> what's that? >> did you half sell the room? >> let's hope tonight helps. not looking good. >> yikes. >> all right. joe, what is going on at thing x? >> thing is available on the internet. we have a different theme every month. this month the theme is sex, sexuality. learn something about it or see some, read about some and then imagine it in your mind. >> i predict you will see your numbers go up with this topic. >> interesting prediction. i have no idea if that is true. >> i have to say one of the most enjoyable internet destinations out there. >> have to check that out. >> pab, you got anything?
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>> just 5:00 a.m. show all next week, basically every other week. >> cool. >> so you are saying don't watch it when you are not on? wow, talk about not a team player. don't bother tuning in because pab is not going to be on. you really make me sick. the o'reilly factor is on, tonight. >> it's simply impossible to do what the president wants to do. >> his speech was a declaration. the era of big government is back. >> bill: liberals all over the country is overjoyed that obama is going to continue the spending on social justice. why does the left not see the economic danger though. charles krauthammer and george stephanopoulos will weigh in. >> good people stayed in their houses and didn't speak up when there was carnage in the streets and total violation of the fund mental rights of african-americans as they marched in selma. >> bill: tom brokaw comparing the gun control debate to civil rights. is that right? we'll debate that. >> tell bill i said hey.
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>> are you going to come on the show one of these days? >> sure. i have been invited? >> you have. >> bill: jesse watters confronting collin powell at the inaugurations even as the general echos another white house opinion. watters world tonight. >> o'reilly, i have been on a couple of his lists. [ laughter ] >> bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. bill o'reilly and liberalism. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. great joy in left wing precincts after president obama's speech yesterday. no longer does the president seek to portray himself as a moderate. he is thought an out-of-the closet liberal. that's no surprise. every american should have realized the president's left wing ideology long before the address. the problem we have in america is not, is not president
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obama. the problem is us. we, the people. have to decide whether we want to market based economy or a allow the federal government to control commerce including healthcare. the president believes in equality. that would be nice. equality is great. if there is a heaven, i assume we will see it there. on earth, equality is impossible. you cannot equate an american who holds a ph.d. with a high school dropout. no matter what president obama tells us the two will never be equal in the market place. therefore, the president seems to want to change the marketplace, putting the federal government in charge of who gets what. even in the private sector. now, yesterday, he confidently stated that his so-called progressive view will bring the nation prosperity. but it has not and it will not. in fact, if america continues down the big spending road, this country could well go
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bankrupt. a very interesting question is why are so many americans accepting president president os vision when less than 30 years ago president reagan was the political icon? with reagan in mind. president obama made his stand. >> this was a declaration that his interest is to restore us to the liberal of 60 years that reagan stopped he gave us these three decades and clinton in the middle of the three decades said it n. his 96th state of the union address the era of big government is over, this speech was a declaration the era of big government is back and it's back with a vengeance. let me give you a stark example of the choice all of us must make. years ago a man named rupert murdoch started a company called the news corporation. right now news corps employs 48,000 people worldwide. those people, and i am one of
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them, are given opportunity. i have seized that opportunity and done well. but president obama told me i did not build the factor alone. that the government somehow is partially responsible for my success well, it is true i take a road to work the long island expressway. believe me, that is not helping me succeed, mr. president, that road is a mess. and you won't fix it. by contrast, the president has added more than 130,000 people to the federal payroll. estimated cost to the taxpayer about $10 billion a year now, most of those federal employees work hard but their salaries and benefits are provided by the taxpayers in the private sector. the employees of news corps. we give to the country by funding government and expanding business so more
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folks can work. the struggle is not between republicans and democrats. it's between us, we the people. you either want freedom or you don't. every time the government imposes a new tax or sets up more entitlements, it becomes stronger and we the people become weaker that is what inauguration day 2013 was all about. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in the aforementioned charles krauthammer from washington. charles, i'm getting tired of the petty politics. i don't believe president obama is the problem. we're the problem, the folks. and you say? i think it will be determined by history. your theory, and there are two. that we get the government we deserve, that obama reflects a change political ideology of the country. more people become dependent more people receiving the benefits of government that there is a lot more people who
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want to suck on the tit of the state. if i can say that oon your show give a little more spice to it. that is europe. the question you are asking, i think, is are we there? i don't think that the 2012 election is a definitive test of your proposition. the reason is obama did not have a opponent who presented a clear and strong argument for reagan knight perspective of stronger government, less taxes, less dependency. you know, romney was a good man but he basically ran on the economy, lousy economy, we need a new ceo in washington. it didn't work. i think we will get a good tis of this in 2016. we are going to have the four years of obama's hyper liberalism, the kind of stuff he elucidated and enuns dated yesterday in the inaugural address. and i would say that if our ideology, conservative, small government ideology is
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correct, it will leave a mess behind. but we will also need as conservatives, republicans if you like, a standard bearer in 2016 who can make the case. and there is not a dearth of them. we have a very strong bench. we have got ryan. we have got rubio. we have got the governors, there is a whole young generation of conservatives who can make the case that will be the test. although i will say that if liberals keep winning elections, then your theory of a fundamental change in the change of the electorate and the sense of dependency at which point it becomes a point of no return would be right. i'm just saying we he don't know history will tell us. >> bill: there is something wrong with we the people. there is something wrong now in this country. in the election of 2010 of the tamera emerged and republicans did well. they took the house back from
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the democrats and the surge was to the right and to a smaller government, more responsible government. that evaporated so quickly in front of my eyes and your eyes all of the momentum evaporated. it all went away in less than two years. i don't know why, that's on the folks, is it not? >> no. i think, in fact, i think that's an argument for the other side and i will tell you why. you can't get a fundamental change in the philosophy of a country in two years. what does happen you run the 2010 rejection. what was the difference between 2010 and 2012? 2010 there was no presidential candidate at the top of the ticket. it was a purely ideological election which was largely on obama care. the revulsion against obama care. the single most intrusive legislation in three decades. >> bill: if there was so many revulsion why didn't it carry
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through to the election of 2012. >> the can dated chosen in 2012 had passed romney care which was the equivalent of obama care. >> bill: vote against the guy. architect of big liberal machine that now is exposed. remember in 2008, barack obama was a much more moderate guy according to barack obama. all right? he is actually the same guy, we know that but the folks turned real fast, charles. i will give you the last word. >> >> bill, you are dancing around the issue. you are saying why would they elect the guy who is the engineer of obama care because the alternative is the guy who did romney care. nobody thought that romney was going to prop that up. he said he never offered a strong conservative alternative. if you had run a reagan who i admit is exceptional in his charisma and be able to explain things. reagan would have won. those were conditions that republicans lost the election and they lost it because they couldn't make the case. the case is there to be made. and they need a candidate who
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will make it i think the country would respond. >> bill: all right, charles. thanks very much. always interesting to talk with you. someone who may see it differently, george stephanopoulos will weigh in on the ideological battle. also, tom brokaw saying that supporting gun control is like supporting civil rights. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story the ideological war raging in america. it's not about theory. it's about money. joining us now from the studios of abc new york. the anchor of good morning america and george stephanopoulos. where am i going wrong, george? charles krauthammer doesn't think i have my finger on the puls of the country. what do you think? >> i think you do. you have to drive it all the way to the conclusion. i think the country has decided this they like
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basically like the government, the reforms first put in place by franklin roosevelt. they like social security. they like medicare. they think those programs made a difference. they think those programs benefited the country. every single election we have had in recent times have reinforced that ideal. >> bill: except for ronald reagan. 8 years of a guy who wanted to down size the government. >> here is where we may differ. i think ronald reagan called for reforms this those programs and certainly reforms are going to be necessary in those programs to make sure that we can afford them in the future. he did not repudiate them that is what is fundamental here. what the country rejects any kind of ratted dick call transformation. >> bill: romney didn't do that he didn't say he was going to cut medicare. all they want to do is basically privatize it for those who would voluntarily want to go into -- >> -- what romney was trying to do in the campaign was say that it was president obama who was trying to cut medicare. remember that.
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>> bill: that's a bunch of -- >> -- one of the reasons, go back to 2010. one of the reasons that i think that republicans and the tearn were successful and they also ran against those medicare cuts back in 2008. i think the economy had far more to do with the results from both 2010 and 2012. it was part of it. >> bill: it's not about cutting. it's about changing the way it's delivered and perhaps raising the age for it? >> and the president has said he is open to some of those reforms and contents of the bigger deal. >> bill: here is the important thing last week and i don't know whether you reported this on good morning america but you should have, the accounting office, general accountability office. investigative arm of congress comes out with yet another report that says the government can't sustain the spending. now, we reported it on friday, very very few other people reported it basically telling the obama administration you have got to stop. that's what his own debt commission told him, you have got to stop, all right? he is not gonna stop. he is going continue to crease
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the spending. >> i don't know that that's going to be very possible in the short-term. >> bill: that's what he wants to do. maybe won't get through the house, but he wants to increase the spending rather than do what the gao recommends. >> i one of the things that you said in the president's speech yesterday and set up at the talking points at the top you said it will be impossible for him to do everything he wants to do. part of yesterday's speech recognizes that, instead what the president was doing was enunciating those principles for history. i think he knows that he has got a very difficult slog in this congress over the next four years, he wants to be able to say here is the goals, here is the direction i'm pointing in i don't know exactly what we can achieve but this is what we want to do. >> bill: i want my president to be a problem solver and i don't care what party he or she is in and i don't see that here. what's the difference between bill clinton's ideology and barack obama's ideology? >> i don't think there saul that much difference. >> bill: do you think they are both just liberal? they are both in the same area of liberalism? i always thought that clinton
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wasn't quite as liberal as barack obama. >> well, you know it depends on which stage. i think on the fundamentals, that the president enunciated yesterday, i think they are very much in sync. i haven't talked to president clinton about the speech yesterday. he thought it was exactly the speech that president obama should have given yesterday. now it is -- >> bill: the reason i'm asking you the question is because clinton was fairly successful in managing the economy. he did sign,s -- as you know the welfare reform act which i i don't think president obama would have signed it? >> he came out against it in 1996. president obama did sign an agreement. >> bill: i see barack obama much further to the left than bill clinton was. why doesn't obama learn from clinton who did manage the economy effectively? >> i think they are pretty much in synch. one of the things that may have happened is the center in the republican party has moved to the right. even to the right of where
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newt gingrich was in 1997. >> bill: that doesn't have anything to do with obama. look, you know these guys, to me, just based on public policy and what happened, it looks like obama is is way to the left. now, we're going to have more. i'm going to hold over george because i want to analyze the tom brokaw sound bite. this is amazing. he said some very provocative things, brokaw does about gun control, comparing to civil rights. later, colin powell once again echoing president obama's opinion this time on voter i.d. registration. those reports after these messages as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: continuing now with george stephanopoulos from the abc news studios in new york city. i want to get your take from
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tom brokaw former nbc anchors saying this about supporting gun control. it reminds me a lot of what happened in the south in the 1960's during the civil rights movement. good people stayed in their houses and didn't speak up when there was carnage in the streets. and total violation of the fundamental rights of african-americans as they marched in selma and they let bull kanter and the redneck elements of the south and the clan take over the culture and become the face of it now a lot of people who i knew who grew up during that time have deep regrets about not speaking out. >> bill: is it valid to compare gun control with civil rights? >> it's not the analogy i would use but i think what he was talking about there is the kind of passion that feet feel right now and the need a lot of people feel to speak out. i agree with that we can differ about exactly how exactly how to get a handle on this gun violence in the country right now, and i don't think it's as simple as
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either/or, making sure people have. >> bill: is it -- when you say, okay it's a play for passion to speak out, is that on both sides in your opinion, speak out against. >> sure. >> speak out for gun control or for the second amendment rights? are you supporting both sides? i'm all for that kind of engagement. absolutely. >> bill: where do you come down on it? >> i have been a long time supporter of gun control measures that i think are in accord with the second amendment. i think there is absolutely nothing wrong with having background checks. >> bill: and i think most gun owners don't mind that. >> i personally do believe that it could help reduce some violence to, you know, have a limit on the number of bullets that can be in a gun magazine. i think that's just common sense. >> bill: isn't that a state's issue? look, new york state passes -- >> -- but guns are being -- that's truex september the guns are going to cross state
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lines. >> bill: no, all the feds have to do is draconian penalties. >> i have heard you talk about that here is my question back to that bill. >> how are you going to -- you are not going to set up border searches for every state. to see where people are carrying guns against state line. >> tobacco and firearms responsible for this. like you have fda and fbi. >> how would it work? if somebody buys an assault weapon? you take take assault rifle or certain type of weapon across state lines ever. if we find you doing that or you traffic in it, you get a mandatory federal sentence. >> how do you trust them? >> when you bust them. when there is a criminal that uses a gun. you trace it back to where it came from. and then they go in and you slap out all gun crimes should be federalized. you know that take it out off the state realm. >> i'm all for cracking down on gun enforcement. >> bill: let me go to your question. how are you going to enforce it? you are not going to be able to force any ban on ar.
1:26 am
there is 300 million guns in this country. >> that's why i think it's different than the civil rights issue. >> i worked for president clinton when he passed the assault rifles ban. i wish it would have been more effective. it's true there were so many exceptions to it universal buy backs. >> if this country were serious about cutting down on gun crime. the type of stuff going on in chicago every day. 16 more deaths in weekend there. you got a gun on you, you go to 10 years in a federal penitentiary. i don't think brokaw would support that. see, i think this is a battle between the elites, brokaw and the folks. and the folks know that all these bans don't work. chicago has a ban on handguns and it's beirut there. >> here is the is counter to that, bill though. i'm not saying this could ever get done in the united states. i think it's useful to debate it you look at the experience of australia back in the 1990s. >> don't have all the guns.
1:27 am
don't have the guns. >> and you can't buy up to 3 purex million guns. >> bill: the folks don't want to give the guns up because they want to be protected. this is a big country. and it's a dangerous country. all right? >> do you need 30 bullets in a clip to protect yourself? >> you don't. and if new york wants to ban that i'm for it, but not texas. they do what they want. different state, different circumstance. last word. >> i just think it's too easy to move those guns across state lines. >> all right, george. thanks very much. always great talking to you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. watters world down at the inauguration. that means trouble. we will show you what happened down there. it's a very entertaining segment. also talks to collin powell and eva longoria there is collin powell. he talked to jesse watters about echoing president obama's point of view. crawl and colmes will get into that. and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: is it legal segment tonight, today marks the 40th anniversary of roe v. wade legalizing abortion in the u.s.a. now there is an expansion of abortion rights going on here in new york state. here to tell us all about it is are kimberly guilfoyle and
1:32 am
lis wiehl what is the expansion. >> if a woman in her third try nester she can only get abortion if her life is in danger. what this act would do is make that she could get an abortion in third trimester if her health is in danger. >> it's objective there are no standards that say if there is a condition that is irreverse tillable cybil? >> it's just health but a doctor has to say under his or her good judgment. that's medical term. no judgment what metheny's. >> you can and this is going to be a broad expansion because right now is criminalized to receive an abortion. >> i think it's 24 weeks. that is an -- andrew cuomo the governor doesn't want any criminal deal. isn't this contactually what was going on in kansas with dr. tiller who was assassinated. called him tiller the baby killer. one of the few late term abortions in the country and for $5,000 you could go there
1:33 am
and any reason at all he would terminate this the third trimester. in fact, the kansas authorities took the license medical license away from the doctor who was giving the reasons to abort saying there were no reasons. she lost her license. >> his facilities have been closed since 2009 when he was killed and now they are planning to reopen that facility. >> bill: only four late term abortions according to npr who did a story on this operating in the country right now. andrew cuomo practicing catholic by the way. governor of new york, wants to expand this pretty much allow abortions in the third trimester for any health reason at all. >> and broughtenning the medical officials based on reason that you said. becoming very difficult to find -- >> in new york state can't be held accountable no matter what happens. >> neither the doctor or the woman. >> bill: even if the reason is found to be bogus you are notally charged might lose medical license.
1:34 am
>> could be even a nurse practitioner. >> it's in the senate health committee right now. twice before. it hasn't been voted on. >> all those people in new york state. both republicans and democrats not to vote for this. talking about human lives here. that's what we are talking about here. in the third trimester there is no debate about it it's a human being. all right. now, in pennsylvania, university of pennsylvania professor brutally murders his wife dr. rafael brutally murdered wife. found blowjenned bludgeoned to death. murder alleged by the prosecution did not want to pay the $4,000 of spousal support that was awarded her. she was planning on moving out. getting her own apartment. she had already rented one. when this happened. he was able to strike a plea deal with the prosecutors and the state to plead to a
1:35 am
voluntary manslaughter which carries a range up to 20 years and you the guidelines he received a range between 5 to 10 years. eligible for parole. he was denied twice and is he back up now. >> now is he going to get parole after five years. >> january 28th. >> let me tell the audience, this man, this professor at university of pennsylvania went to ivy league school. took a crowbar, a crowbar so voluntary manslaughter. he volunteered i don't understand why this was pled down voluntary manslaughter. >> right. he killed his wife with a crowbar. why are you pleaing it down? >> the prosecutor said well, it was a rage crime it wasn't premeditated. >> bill: so what? i'm not disagreeing with you. >> his name is bruise caster jr. commissioner who was the district attorney at the time. and he said well, it was just a crime of passion. >> bill: everybody is guilty here though here is the guilty party, the guy who murdered his wife.
1:36 am
the prosecutor who agreed to the plea. the judge who agreed because he could have said i'm not accepting the plea. >> accepted it and given him a harder sentence. he could have given him a 20 year sentence, exactly. >> bill: d.a. gave him a light plea. and the judge gives him not the max. and the parole board let's him out. >> and they let him out in violation of pennsylvania law. this is where i think maybe things will get better. family not notified. they told the family less than two weeks ago. >> bill: the loophole you found. a loophole that could keep this guy. when he is set to be released. >> january 28th. >> bill: this coming monday? this is outrageous. >> take the time to make sure it doesn't happen. they are entitled to 90 days notice and attend the parole hearing. they were deprived of both. >> bill: bill i want to call the attorney general in pennsylvania and report back next tuesday. this guy gets out. that can't happen. come on. >> >> there is hope apparently the brother of the victim is going to be allowed to go in
1:37 am
front of the board. got to be before the 28th or it doesn't matter. >> bill: thanks very much. when we come right back, collin powell echoing president obama's policies. also the general talked with jesse watters in washington yesterday. could see how thrilled he was. show you what happened in that meeting. momentntntntnt
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight. >> you may remember ms. laura ingraham saying she believes collin powell a republican is acting in concert with the obama white house to support some of the president's positions. miss laura pointed out that powell's raising the race card when mr. obama is criticized. now the general is echoing the obama administration's position on voter i.d. >> the republican party should be a party that says we want everybody to vote and make it easier for people to vote and give them a reason to vote for the party and not find ways to keep them from voting at all. >> in our efforts to protect voting rights and to prevent voting fraud, we will be vigilant and we will be strong. but let me be very clear. we will not allow political pretext to disenfranchise american citizens of their most precious right. >> here now barack and hard place duo monica crowley and
1:42 am
alan colmes. do you think it's a coincidence that collin powell has taken the positions. >> i'm not a big conspiracy guy. >> i'm not a conspiracy guy. >> you know, other people say the same things by the way. by the way, i had oral surgery. >> you know, i just didn't notice anything. you are always garbled to me. >> the fact is lindsey graham you can't be old white guy party same thing. marco rubio. >> you are gearing off the track here. you don't believe that general powell is in touch with the white house and they are kind of suggesting that he might bring these things up on msnbc, a very liberal network. you haven't seen general powell on fox news, have you? >> no. he has not appeared on this network. >> i'm not a conspiracy guy but this is what bothers me. i'm being quite honest. i general powell's patriotism to his country. he goes on the network in the softball liberals where he he
1:43 am
is not going to be challenged. he bashes the republican party. he says it's not inclusive and it alienates minorities and it doesn't care about the folks and it wants to disenfranchise voters by just showing identification. all right i would like to debate general powell about that and jesse watters confronted him in a moment. i'm not going to give away what happens. i would like to talk. i'm sure you would on the radio and on your radio program, right? >> sure. >> i'm sure sean hannity, would greta would. we are all here for you, general. no, it doesn't come on. it goes on the liberal networks and a lot. not a little. a lot. that shows me the fix is in here. you say? >> we don't know if it's coordinated with white house or his positions are dove tailing with president obama's positions and the positions of the left. collin powell was never a conservative. he was always a centrist. >> that's fine and a no moderate republican. >> and that is fine. he seems to be taking it one step further now and actively bashing the republican party in venues as you point out
1:44 am
where he is not going to be challenged. that tells me that it goes beyond sort of having a difference of opinion on this issue or that issue it seems to be more of an orchestrated approach. >> if colin powell were interested in approving the republican party you don't go on msnbc. nobody's watching. all right? >> he should come on your show? >> right. if he was sincere about telling the party and i think he has a point, hey, you are not registering among hispanic americans, you don't have any black constituency, you come on the network where some republicans may see you. >> like lindsey graham said the same thing. >> bill: back to lindsey graham. >> said the same thing. white guy party. >> bill: stay on powell. >> is he not the only one saying it. >> i don't care. i don't care. i want to stay on powell. powell doesn't come on the network where republicans would see him. he doesn't come on her radio show where republicans would hear him. >> why single him out. >> republicans can't hear
1:45 am
anything. why single him out. >> bill: he is huge. biggest republican that backs president obama, that's why. answer those questions. >> not alone in making these critiques of the party. >> you don't see any possibility that he is orchestrating this, all right, simply to bolster the president's position? not to improve the republic party. >> you question his motives? he doesn't care about the republican party? >> i'm not saying that i'm questioning what he is doing and where he is doing it. >> if you were truly committed to the republican party and if he were committed to improving the party, getting the party to reach out to minorities. >> bill: which he says he is. >> which he says he is. if that were truly the case, then there are constructive ways of doing it come on and debate bill o'reilly. go give a speech and cast your arguments in a much different kind of tone. you don't go on msnbc and start bashing the republican party as racist. you don't start playing the
1:46 am
race card in context where it hasn't been brought up or doesn't belong. this tells me there is something bigger going on. whether or not is he courting with the white house, i don't know. i'm not in his mind. ii don't know general powell. i would say that perhaps he is laying the groundwork to change parties. maybe he wants to become a democrat. >> straighten this out. you are beating him up because of his agreement with obama and that is what the issue is. >> bill: you thought we are beating him up. >> of course you are beating him up. >> bill: we are questioning him. >> he should come here and ape your questions. i hope he does. >> bill: i hope he comes on here because we would have a nice civil conversation and he can explain what he is doing. right now it doesn't look good, colmes. it doesn't look good. >> collin powell is a black man. he has a very unique voice on the conversation about the republican party and minorities and reaching out to blacks and latinos and so on. the way he is carrying out is what's raising a lot of questions. very good. i hope you feel better, cosms. in a moment, jesse watters talks to collin powell in a
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very special watters world, the inauguration edition. we'll be right back with it. for the new mattress models
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. inaugural edition. our jesse watters was down in d.c. yesterday. ♪ ♪ >> what specific accomplishment are you celebrating here today? >> the american to me, a female under him as our president. >> our celebrating history in the making for the second time. >> america's possibilities are limitless. what specifically are you telling celebrating. >> zaght is the wrong word. >> we need to continue to be
1:51 am
dedicated to issues. dedicate ourselves to our communities. i think you are the only conservative here. is that true? >> i wore purple. i thought o'reilly was here. that's the only reason i'm coming. >> you saw the president win two elections now are you getting cocky? >> not to be disparaging in any way because i have great respect for bill. he would be the last guy about asking people about being cocky. >> nice way of putting it. ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, barack h. obama. >> congratulations, mr. president. ed in the seconds term what are you are expecting the president to accomplish. >> he has done a tremendous job. i would like to seat healthcare things get implemented. >> mainly healthcare jobs. i'm 20 minutes away from happened in sandy hook. gun control. >> do you take responsibility for any of the shooting? >> of course not. do you? >> are you concerned about the
1:52 am
spending at all? >> no. i'm not. >> not going to raise taxes again, are we? >> you look like you are doing well. >> thank you for smiling. traditional americans were offended by your lyrics. do you understand why people were upset. >> deception. i don't hold that against anyone who really depicted me as one way. >> why are you smiling? >> you interview a lot of hollywood celebrities. why do they always seem to be so liberal? >> if you are not, you are alienated. >> o'reilly. i have been on a couple of his lists. >> i will be watching you. >> is the war on women over now that obama has been reelected? >> it's hard to call it the war on women because that's assuming all women are on one side. >> how can you be such an avid supporter of president obama in light of the record spending and borrowing? >> it's the congress who says we have to borrow money to spend money. i'm republican of a slightly
1:53 am
different flavor, shall we say. i voted for seven republican presidents in a row and then i went to mr. obama because the party started to drift in a direction that i found difficult to follow. >> i'm actually republican. did i not vote for barack obama. but i'm just here to celebrate the inauguration. >> you are just here to drink with your friends. have. >> a brew. >> don't cost nothing. >> you know you are at the inauguration right now, right? >> yeah. i'm so excited for inauguration. >> i met you out on coney island? remember i have a tat. >> your tattoo, where is it. >> actually right here on the back of my neck. >> watters world launched your career? >> kind of. >> did you ever watch bill o'reilly on fox news channel? >> yes. >> are you a factor fan. [ laughter ] >> i'm a fan and look forward to seeing you every night. >> i got information about all his historical work. >> his irish route. >> his historical book. >> killing lincoln one of the best books i have ever read. he is quite an author.
1:54 am
>> when will you come on the no spin zone. >> are you going to come on the show one of these days. >> have i been invited. >> you have. >> get your friend some help. >> i will. >> all right. here now is watters. you don't know this but we have been trying to get collin powell on the program is he very busy. >> he is maxed out. >> bill: we will try to get him on the program because i think it will be fascinating interview. axelrod i think will come on. i have a decent relationship with him. the tone was friendly. >> you told me to be friendly. >> no one cares about you. the folks seem to be friendly to you. >> they are usually friendly to me. >> bill: even with the fox news logo? was there any hostility? >> no hostility. most of the celebrities are just trying to get on camera they want to come on camera. they seek out the camera. i say i'm with o'reilly and they get nervous. i never say i'm here with the
1:55 am
factor it. i only say fox news. it's a subtle way. >> bill: i would love to talk to eva longoria. it looks like she was nice with you. >> i do have to take issue with one thing she said. there is no such thing as a war on women and women republicans and democrats. she was in a video campaigning for the war against women. she used the phrase. >> now that she won i think she is not gloating and she made a decent point that there are woman on republican side too. >> i would like to talk with her and powell. if i had a choice between powell and eva longoria who would i take. >> that's tough thing to say. i think everyone would. no disrespect to the general. >> all right, jesse watters, everybody. nice job as always. here are the results of our were bill o' poll. are you ready to forgive him for doping. 27% say they are ready. 73% have said sorry.
1:56 am
no way. factor tip of the day on the super bowl. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:57 am
>> time for tip of the day in a moment. first, we have a brand new promotion, if you buy killing lincoln, killing kennedy, we'll send you copies of the constitution suitable for framing. a great deal for patriots. and from australia, after the war on barack obama, predictbly didn't cut entitlements so they have kool-aid downunder, byron, nice to know that. want to reform entitlements
1:58 am
not cut them out. reform them. thee, military expenditures can be cut, those cuts must be surgical, so we can say, your butt, byron, if the chinese get out of control. ann wright out of alabama, bill, you scared me with the talking points memo, if the dollar collapses, how can i secure my finances everything you have must be insured all bank and brokerage accounts number one. i don't think the usa will default, but if things don't change in the spending realm we will enter a dark time. and karen, williamsburg, virginia, bill, you are wrong not all of us deserve the government we get. what about those who understand where the country is headed and are overwhelmed by the uninformed. unfortunately we americans are all in this together, whatever happens. the centers will suffer with the the majority. we've seen this throughout history. greg, from pennsylvania. why do some atheists want to
1:59 am
ban the bible from the inauguration? why do they feel so threaten if to them it's a fictional book. because they want to impose their belief system on the rest of us, greg. fanny and greg, montana, bill, we're driving all the way to phoenix to see you and miller on february 22nd. wow, appreciate you. i hope you have your tickets because the show he is going to sell out soon in the valley of the sun and also be in l.a. at nokia march 1st, washington dar constitutional hall and


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