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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 24, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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cle clear>> good morning. i am heather cheryleds. >> i am heather nauert. thank you for getting up with us and watching "fox & friends first". >> these are the top five stories making news at this hour. just when you thought the manti te'o story couldn't take another turn now the alleged mastermind of the hoax apparently disguised his voice so te'o thought he was talking to a girl on the phone. linnea, te'o and his family
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breaking their silence. te'o admits to lying after he found out about the truth because he didn't have the guts to admit he had been duped. we will talk to brian kilmeade more about this at the bottom of the hour. >> women will soon be able to serve on the on the front lines of the nation's wars. they will lift the military ban on women serving in cam bat. it will open more than 230,000 jobs in the army and marines. news of the move drawing mixed reaction. >> i broke down and had muscle atrophy and weight also at a much faster weight and noticeable weight than my male marines. >> i was ready for it and that was in the early 80s. >> the ban had been in place since 1994. >> a false alarm at university of virginia's campus.
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police lifted a lock down after a student confess to do lying about a gunman who was lose on campus. cops from the town the county and the state immediately responding and beginning a building by building search before they all found out it was a hoax. the republican house the bill temporarily raises the debt ceiling until may. law americas won't get paid if they fail to pass a budget. >> american families have to do a budget. they understand you can't continue to spend money you don't have. we are committed to doing a budget on the house side that will balance over the neck ten years as time for the senate and president to show the american people how they are willing to balance a budget ore the next ten years. >> the democratic controlled senate is expect to do approve the debt bill. it has not pass add budget in four years. >> phil mickelson wasn't talking about his guolf game.
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he was teeing off over another apology about his tax comments. >> i have made some dumb, dumb mistakes and obviously talking about this stuff is one of them. my apology is for talking about it publicly. i shouldn't take advantage of the forum that i have as a professional golfer to try to ignite change. >> mickelson hinted earlier this week he may leave california or the united states because of how much he's paying in taxes. california has a new tax rate of 13.3 percent. that is your 5@5:00. >> tiger woods moved out of california fort same reason. >> four months after the terrorist atrack hillary clinton finally testifying about what she knew. there was no shortage in fireworks yesterday in what was a heated and emotional day on capitol hill. >> i am glad you are accepting
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responsibility. i think ultimately with your leaving you you accept culpability of the worst tragedy since 9-11. had i been president at the time and found you did not read the cables from benghazi or bam ambassador stevens i would have relieved you have your post. >> peter doocy is live from washington with more. >> peter do we have you there? >> yeah, i am here. >> during her testimony in front of house and senate committees secretary clinton kept mentioning in addition to the poor americans who we that were there was one diplomatic security agent who is seriously injured and is recovering at qualiti walter reed medical center. 25 to 30 other survivors were evacuated and she got testy when challenged why the sur vooir's accounts have not been used to set the word straight.
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>> we were misled there were protests and something sprang out of that. that was easily not the fact the american people could have known that within days. >> with all due respect we had four dead americans was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk who decided they would kill americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> secretary clinton was not always that combative, though. at one point while reading prepared remarks she choked up. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried these flag draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> democrats and republicans
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alike showered secretary clinton with praise for what they said is a successful tenure. but there were fireworks and more touching moments. secretary clinton's testimony on benghazi was the big story. >> one of the hardest on clinton speaking with john hahnity. he gave his reaction to the days events. >> i didn't get an adequate explanation the other question that needs to be asked do we have a air ships and battleships. should they be in italy or north africa should there be a military presence in libya. there were a lot of questions incompletely answered. but ultimately the biggest problem was they tried to treat the embassy in libya like you
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would hathe embassy in paris. one is in a war zone and should have been treated differently. i am fearful in the future you could have another problem in libya. are we going to send them without adequate parole teches. >> they will start john kerry's confirmation hearing to replace secretary of state clinton. >> cars cover the in ice working to extinguish the fire for 7 years. as they fought the fire for hours in below freezing temperatures the water in the hoses turned to ice and encased the building. >> you don't see that often. >> one-third of the chicago fire department was called to the scene after the fire broke out tuesday night. for more on the bitter cold temperatures let's go to janice
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dean for more first degree weather. >> you never see pictures like that. your husband is a firefighter i am sure you can testify about that. >> those are tough conditions one of the toughest fires to fight when you are dealing with freezing temperatures and the water freezes it's not only dangerous for them but folks who are walking by. you can slip, fall, really incredible. >> where is the origin of all of this cold air? i know we have a lot of canadian viewers. minus 17 in sudbury, minus 9 in montreal. we are feeling it across the great lakes and northeast. windchills minus 45 in tim minutes and minus 2 in toronto. feels like minus 15 in boston. that's why we are feeling that cold air courtesy of canadian
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friends in a jet stream that dipped below. 20-15 below. we could have an ice storm we are talking about that here on fox. now to stories you can bank on, 2012 was a safe year to fly. >> flying is scarier even scareor whier when you consider the most dangerous in the world. you have an american scarier sky west, south african airways, thai airways, saudi. korean air looks at the most
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numbers of planes destroyed. china had the 8 destroyed planes. they are ranking number one on this list. we don't want to scare you too much. the good news is last year was the least deadly year going back to data in 1985. improvements. don't be too scared. >> we heard about the cold temperatures o outside. a lot of workers can't sleep. >> used to brag about staying up late. not any more. this is a message to bosses i think it hits close to home. stop over working employees because it's costing you. a third of workers are not getting enough sleep to function at their peak performance. that is reducing their ability to do their jobs properly. sleep deprivation means a shocking 63 billion in lost
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productivity a year. that's a lot of money. that's why we are seeing goldman sachs and proctor & gamble focus on the initiatives like melatonin regulated lighting works. >> maybe pop a pill at night. >> all natural. >> lauren thank you so much for joining us. you obviously get all of your beauty sleep. >> so sweet. >> 11 after the top of the hour he has called our president a liar and he wants to teach his nation's children to hate. why are they still sending mohammed morsi american military planes. plus a school district may be getting rid of classes about government. seems like a necessary lesson. we will have you brew on that in a moment. first a look at the gas prices. national average 3.32 unchanged
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>> good morning to you. it is quarter after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. junior seau is now hitting the nfl with a lawsuit. his death is the result of head injuries that they hid the danger of. he was criticized for fail to go alert public officials about the botched fast and furious operation. now he is reportedly stepping down from his post at the department of justice. he has been assistant attorney general since 2009 we don't know
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yet when he will leave. heather? >> days after the second term the administration is equipping egypt with state of the art weaponry. ainsley is joins us with more. >> right now 4 american f-16 fighter jets are in route to egypt. it was set up after a foreign aid deal signed two years ago in 2010 when egyptian president mub bar reck. it includes f-16's like the one you see with an egyptian flag on the tale and tanks delivered to egypt by the end of the year. it is drawing a lot of criticism. some republican law americas say it should have been reconsidered after anti-sematic remarks by egypt's current remarks morrissey and because he mocked president obama in 2009 after his cairo speech calling him a
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liar. the biggest by some that egypt leaders could one day make the u.s. weapons against israel. >> i am scared to death that as i have met as i have been around the country there people that are fighting for israel which to me it's a forward out post for us. they are going to die because this administration sent the weapons to kill our allies. >> others say the u.s. should suspend aid to egypt mead twrattwra -- immediately. >> i would suspend, not end it but suspend it and let the military know we are watch whatti -- watching what they are doing. they have no idea how to deal with multi layered ramifications of the arab they don't know how to deal with morrissey and brotherhood big wins.
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>> the pentagon called egypt a strategic partner in the u.s. in efforts to stabilize the region. cancelling the f-16 shipment would send a quote damaging and lasting signal to egypt civilian and military leadership. >> thank you so much for that report. >> it is time to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. the school at o-- they attend school at our nation's capital but soon they may not have to learn about how the government works. they are considering getting rid for the graduation requirement for having to take u.s. government class. these are national numbers. 24 percent of high school seniors scored proficient in areas including the u.s. constitution civil rights and the court system. >> we want to know do you think this is a good idea or if it's bad for students?
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send over your comments to us. tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox friend we will read them later in the show. no u.s. constitution class for the kids. >> coming up on the rundown cheryl casone is here to help you get a job. she is lacking at three companies hiring this week. >> a truck driver never saw it coming a train slams into a tractor trailer. this crash has an amazing ending. we will show you the other .
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>> take a look at this, a seriously close call for this tractor trailer. surveillance footage capturing a train sideswiping this big rig. this driver said he was distracted an didn't see the train or the flashing lights. >> if going to the gym is one of your new year's resolution you are not alone. 12 percent of members join in january that's why gyms are hiring.
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many people ate and drank a lot of a couple of things about gold gyms they are national not just international. they are in 28 countries. ghaef managers sales people they will train you to be a trainer. >> they will train you to be a trainer? >> if you are good enough to be -- and you get a good clientele you can make good money as a personal trarn. you are obviously in shape especially after coming back from iraq organ stan they would love to have you. >> union pacific railroad had no idea train operators could make this kind of money. >> there's engineers mechanics, people that can do it. two-thirds of the country is covered by union pacific railroad cars and transportation
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mostly the western part of the united states. 28 percent of the work force is military veterans. in the fast four years 25 percent of the new hires have been vets. >> this will make your ears perk up. the average salary is 14u7b,000 a year including pay and benefits. >> and barton security services. 1400 jobs. this is personal security. this is -- you know the good looking security guard walking around. these are the guys to call. they are award winning when it comes to physical security. they hired 500 veterans in 2012 and maybe more right now. they have control room operator. if you want to be in management again officers managers who have some type of security and it experience. >> they could do security in an office building as well. >> what we are doing is everything at casone knee you go to the web site check it out and we will be giving you all of the information you need
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right there more details at casone knee >> thank you very much. it is 25 minutes after the hour. coming up parents and students upset about a swat team that raids a school. we will explain cha happened. so mad. size does matter. subway taken to court over the size of its sandwich. we will tell you about that. first on this date in history in 1984 apple unveiled the very first mcintosh computer.
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>> good morning and welcome back to "fox & friends". first i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. that means it is now time for your 5@5:30. the top five stories making news for you at this hour. joe biden is going on the road to push the obama administration's gun control plan. biden who led the gun violence task force heading to richmond, virginia this morning with other administration officials including democratic senator tim cane. virginia is very much a pro second amendment state. president obama wants background checks and to ban assault weapons for high compasssy is it
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magazines. many are concerned the proposal slett threatens the right to bear arms. >> republican house speaker john boehner with a grim warning about what he expects about president obama. >> we are there over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. >>age nile late the republican party. giving the speechl the day after the inauguration at a washington court. >> two guys filed suit against the restaurant chain. this picture went viral last week showing the chain's famous foot long sandwich which came up
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short of the 12 inches actually. i think more like 11. the chain issued a statement saying we have redoubled our efforts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve. a serious story and a real scare at a high school. a swat team storms into class am radios. these men, police officers a part of a drill in kingston, massachusetts. now no surprise here. parents and students are up in arms because they didn't know the drill was coming. he defended the drill saying he wanted it to be as realistic as possible. >> image that was terrifying. >> never before seen pictures of the kennedy family just found. take a look at this one. former president john f. kennedy before he was in the white house. hundreds of personal items were all discovered locked away at the home of his former aid like this one jfk and wife jackie on
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vacation. a birthday card signed a toddler jfk junior. a bomber jacket all items will be auctioned off next month. that is your 5@5:30. >> not in the budget. >> secretary of state hillary clinton on the hot seat in capitol hill finally testified about what she knew about the terror attack. >> secretary clinton said right now there's a seriously injured diplomatic security agent who survived the deadly raid on the benghazi consulate and is recovering right now at walter reed national medical center a few miles away from capitol hill. the 25 to 30 other survivors of the september 11th attack were evacuated to safety from libya but when lawmakers asked why those eyewitness accounts were not used to publicly straighten
2:35 am
the administration's story out secretary clinton got testy. >> we were told there were protests and assaults sprang out of that. that was easily obtained that was not the fact. the american people could have known that within days and they didn't know that. >> with all due respect. the fact is we had four dead americans was it because of protests or guys out for a walk one night who decided to kill americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> secretary clinton was not always that combative. at one point while reading a prepared remark she choked up. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines took the flag draped cassettes off the plane. i put my arms around the mothers and brothers and sisters and daughters and wives left alone
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to raise their children. secretary clinton certainly had some memorable responses aged they were part of the public statements because her potential successor senator john kerry starts his confirmation hearings on the hill today at 10. >> we will be covering that as well. thank you very much, peter. >> a time for a look at who is talking. a lot of reaction what she did or perhaps didn't do. >> was he happy with the answers he was given yesterday? here's what he told greta van susteren last night. >> i hope i wasn't rough on her but i think we need to make it clear there are many unanswered questions months after the tragic loss of four brave americans. we still don't know what shape the talking points that ambassador rice used.
2:37 am
we don't know when the president was briefed. we still don't know why the survivors who were thrown to germany were not asked the next day whether it was a spontaneous demonstration or not. we still don't know why the president continued for at least two weeks afterwards to say that he didn't know whether it was a terrorist attack or not. of course the exchange that he had with mitt romney and their debate where he said he called it a terrorist attack when he hadn't. there are so many questions that remain unanswered. why were so many warnings ignored by the state department. >> we will be able to get into that further later this morning on fox and friends. senator mccain will join them at 8:30 eastern. >> people definitely feeling the chill. look at this fountain. this is in bryant park in new york city frozen solid. >> look at that right there. for more on freezing temperatures let's go to janice
2:38 am
dean with a check of the first degree weather. janice, it is so cold in a big part of the country and out west it's kind of warm there. are we going to have warmer temperatures coming in? >> there are warmer temperatures on the way, heather in the next week for parts of the midwest the northeast. by the end next week another cold snap. let's take a look at where we are seeing all of that cold air. here's a little geography lesson. our friends in canada. that's where the bulk of the cold air the arctic is moving southward. places like big trout lake minus 27. minus 31 for you. parts of alaska warmer than parts of the northeast and upper midwest. all of that cold air is pouring southwa southward. the jet stream is allowing cold air to move in. we are going to see the ice storm because of all of the cold air and warm air coming from the south. the warm air and moisture falling through that layer of cold air could give us freezing rain and/or sleet.
2:39 am
there are the current windchills what it feels like if you are not protected. quickly ladies this is what we are watching tomorrow. potential ice storm in memphis up toward the carolinas. we will keep you posted because we have the canadian air in place. back to you. >> thank you very much, janice. we appreciate it. >> now it is time to step into the fox light with michael tamero. he joins us with more on what happened last night on american idol. >> the drama on american idol judge's panel is heating up as the home town of charlotte north carolina. this week the argument was sparked by one contestant's powerful rendition of "lean on me." ♪ ♪ lean on me when you are song i will be your friend i will help you carry on ♪ ♪ for it won't be long
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>> it was when mariah randy and keith questioned the singer's interest in country music that my girl nikki went off. >> no matter what nikki things your voice fits better with country. >> yea, country. >> 30 years a little help, insight. >> oh, you are right. i am sorry. i can't help her. maybe i should just get off the (bleep) panel. >> the feud seems far from finished. it is 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox. >> my girl nikki. you must be team nikki not team moriah. >> she is fun, come on. >> i will be team mariah. >> coming up next justin timberlake is back with a new music video. i have been looking forward to this. >> ladies this will wake you up this morning. pop star turned actor justin timberlake or as he let's me
2:41 am
call him jt is back to music. the new single "suit & tie." we have a sneak peak of the video. ♪ >> i like that song. it's tachy. it will be stuck in my head all day. thank you for that. >> coming up next angelina jolie, is she pregnant again? >> if you recall last year's oscar she gave us that leg that went all of the way down the red carpet and around the world. this year she may have a baby bump. star magazine claims jolie is pregnant with their 7th child. the engaged couple hasn't welcomed a baby since they gave birth to twins in 2008. sources close to the star say she is staying out of the public eye because she doesn't want people to know she is expecting.
2:42 am
all eyes will be on the oscars. >> how nanny kids would this be total? >> 8th. >> her 4th biological one. >> i read other rumors this child would be a boy it is going to be called john. >> shiloh the other daughter is convinced it is going to be a boy. she wans ts to name it john. >> for all of the latest celebrity buzz. >> catch me at fox light michael. >> coming up one state wants to know some very personal information about parents what they are asking them to reveal that could be an invasion of privacy. plus manti te'o sticking to his story. first look at new evidence that backs his story. we will have the details straight ahead.
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>> welcome back. it is 44 after the top of the hour. let's span the globe to see what's happening overseas. we begin in algeria with this brand new video that is believed to show hostages taken during last week's raid on a gas facility by a terror group. the amateur video shows men lined up along the fence nearly 40 hostages were killed including three americans. new overnight north korea vowing to aim nuclear tests at the united states. the top military body sending a stern warning plans to conduct more rocket launches and missiles are capable of reaching the u.s. this following new sanctions from the u.n. bad weather blowing up the search for three american men whose plane is believed govern down somewhere in ant
2:47 am
antarctica. it was at research station to the bay. a study out of the university of wisconsin as much as 81 percent of people lion on-line dating web sites. >> no. >> yeah, it's true. >> manti te'o says now you tell me. >> one week after the whole thing broke everyone is still talking about manti te'o and the dead girlfriend hoax. te'o is now talking about this for his first time in an on camera interview. >> fox and friends co host brian kilmeade joins us now with more. >> this stole story confuses me. >> it is coming together a little bit better than it did last week. at least he's out there talking. going to see the entire interview later on today. te'o is talking big time. he brought his family with him. the notre dame linebacker and maybe future giant linebacker even though joel is mad about that sitting down with katie couric what did he know about the hoax going in and what didn't he know.
2:48 am
te'o's dad has known him all his life and has no doubt his son was the victim of a cruel humiliating hoax. >> people can speculate about what they think he is. i have known him 21 years of his life. and he is not a liar. he's a kid. >> speaking of lying just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder the new york daily says it wasn't a girl te'o was talking to on the phone it was the lawyer of the alleged mastermind of the hoax reportedly says his clie yent disguised his voice to sound like linnea yaw. it was a guy pretending to be a girl who never existed. because she never existed he had to come up with the voice. te'o spent hours on the phone. now the question is, who did he talk to? even though te'o insists he was the victim of the hoax and had
2:49 am
fallen in love with a woman who did not exist named linnea yaw he admitted he did start lying about it when he learned the truth. he said he had to stick to the story. >> this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12th. now i get a call on december 6th saying that's just a lie and i am going to be put on national tv two-days later to ask me about the same question. what would you do? >> it is one of those things, what would you do? i am pretty sure none of us would have been at that point. the new york post is saying reports say the cancer charity set up by the alleged mastermind of the hoax in memory of the girl that didn't exist has lost its tax ex cemeempt status beca that is a flat out fraud. that is the latest on the story. i don't know if i cleared anything up for you or if you want to go on with your life and
2:50 am
pretend i didn't come on the show. >> i know later in the show you will be imitating your voice of a woman. >> i did my acting yesterday. he will do a woman's voice but it sounds a lot like julia childs which is border lineman. >> i was impressed with your acting with luke perry. >> what do you have coming on on fox and friends? >> hillary clinton spoke for 44 straight hours, what did she say, did we learn anything new? we will discuss it with the foremost experts on it and what does it mean for her career and legacy and possible run for the presidency. women in combat. are there hurdles to clear? i don't know mccain will be live about the questions he asked and about women in the battlefield. we have a huge show don't miss it including alley getting her haircut along with steve all coming up on "fox & friends." >> thanks brian. talk to you later.
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first on "fox & friends first" major changes for one of the largest entitlement programs. why millions of people will need to brush up on computer skills. >> you hear stories about teens being mean but these two high schoolers did something amazing to honor their peers.'d it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that? oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
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>> welcome back. if you or a loved one received a paper social security check in the mail listen up. those checks will soon stop coming. diane macedo has the details for us. >> like it or not it will soon be history t. sames to save money and prevent fraud by requiring the government to go
2:55 am
electronically starting march 1st. they are being asked to sign up for direct deposit or debit card at go or wall 1-800-333-1795. those that don't will start to receive letters come march in making the switch. there are exceptions to the rules any one who was born before may 1st can still receive a paper check if they want to. others can request a waiver without sufficient banking infrastructure or electronic payment would impose another hardship. some think electronic payments are the way to go. about 93 percent of social security payments are made electronically. new retirees automatically receive benefits that way. it estimate converting the remaining paper checks to electronic payments can save taxpayers over 1 billion over the next ten years. >> diane macedo, thank you very much. >> coming up next on "the
2:56 am
rundown". talk about being kicked when you are down. a pro soccer player takes out his frustration on the ball boy. >> we told you about washington, d.c. schools. they are considering cancelling american civics classes. we want you to brew on this. is this good or is this bad for the students? >> what about the future of our country? keep the your e-mails and tweets coming. we will read them when we get back. : rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash,
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>> a couple minutes before the hour as we take a look at stkpwugly. -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. three tennessee high school students nominated for homecoming king decided to stkpweuf their crown -- give their crown to a student with a genetic connecticut. scott malone ni has a neurological disorder that prohibits his learning and his speech. next the bad. a denver man caught on camera plowing into these parked cars. he told cops that he was so tired after his wrestling match that he fell asleep at the wheel. they cited


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