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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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making fun of the country of colombia and mocking the hat that justice scalia wore to the inauguration. and i said if he had round ears he would be a mouseketeer didn't like at it, miller is a satire, wise guy, making points by exaggerating and berating and along with jon stewart, the best in the business doing that. why are you reacting to what miller says? it's a giant jest, people, he knows everybody in colombia doesn't do cocaine and he understands that scalia's hat is a historical statement. he mocked it, go with it, have some fun. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out fox news factor website different from and we'd like you to spout off anywhere in the world.
6:01 pm and the word of the day, do not be miasmic when writing the factor. thank you for watching us tonight. please always remember the spin stops here and we're definitely looking out for you. ♪ >> and welcome to "hannity" and you are looking at the frontiers of flight museum in dallas, texas where later want we'll show you an f-16 fighter jet and exactly why your tax dollars should not be sending those deadly aircraft to the radical, anti-american, anti-semetic regime in egypt. we'll have that later in the show. in just a minute the latest details on the democrats gun grab and now they want
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pistols, shotguns, bullet limits on top of the ban. and those of you in the country those of you disappointed of the election results in november, it's time to get over it, stop whining, put your uniform back on, it's time to get back in the game. yeah, obama won a round here and got reelected, we can he not let the country we love go to hell in a hand basket in the meantime. if you don't get engaged right now he's going to win the battle when he wants to transform it into his utopian process. and he's going to bankrupt the country and your constitutional rights. the time for feeling down, sad, depressed, it's over. right now we live in the greatest country in the the world, the country needs you right now, so it's time to engage and i also have a message to elected republicans and conservatives in d.c. it's time to stop fighting among yourselves, tonight, begin uniting. now, obama, he wants you divided. he's wanted that since
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election day and frankly he's done a good job at that. if you do unite, you have the power, you can vote yes, you can vote no. if you stand u tnited on the principles, you cannot accomplish a thing if you continue to allow obama and the democrats to divide you. my advice to all of you in washington, i hope you're hearing me, get in a room, remember your principles, unite, fight, that's why we the people, that's why we elected you and the first thing you republicans need to stand united on the second amendment, because today in one of the most brazen attempts to limit our second amendment rights, democratic lawmakers unveiled what they're calling the assault weapons ban of 2013. make no mistake about it, this sweeping anti-gun measure is not aimed at taking away rambo's machine gun, this proposal places considerable restrictions on rifles, on handguns and shotguns. in other words, in short, this is not bill clinton's 1994
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assault weapons ban. this is senator dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban of 2013. listen to this. >> today my colleagues and i are introducing a bill to prohibit the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices that can accept more than ten rounds. let me briefly describe the legislation we're introducing. we prohibit 158 specifically named military-style firearms. our bill also prohibits other semi automatic rifles, handguns, and shotguns. >> sean: now, what you just heard was your right to bear arms being shattered by the left wing lawmakers, 150 different firearms could soon be banned in the u.s. if in fact this bill is signed into law. earlier in the press conference, senator feinstein explained why it's important
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to prevent you, law abiding citizens and americans from opening so-called assault weapons which apparently now includes handguns and shotguns. look at this. >> military style assault weapons have, but one purpose and in my view that's a military purpose to hold at the hip, if possible, to spray fire, to be able to kill large numbers. >> sean: forgive me, senator, nobody is holding a handgun at their hip or using a shotgun to quote, spray fire bullets, that's not how guns work. following that parade of information, the national rifle association, they issued this state, quote, senator feinstein has been trying to ban guns from law abiding citizens for decades, it's disappointing, but not surprising she's focused on curtailing the constitution, than focusing on criminals and confident in fact that congress will in fact reject senator feinstein's approach.
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it's not just the american people who real a gun ban is not the answer for mass shootings. a study concluded that the 1994 failed in that respect as well and according to a national review of justice, the ban has failed to reduce the average number of victims per gun murder incident or multiple gunshot wound victims. i'm say it again, it failed to reduce the average number of victims per gun murder and that, by the way, senator feinstein by her own admission is the intent of this legislation that she unveiled today on capitol hill. now, failed in 1994. it will fail again in 2013. joining me now to debate the merits of this proposal on banning weapons and shotguns and pistols from the american center for law and justice, jay seculo and dennis kucinich. welcome to the program. >> hi, sean. >> thank you. >> sean: dennis, a particular welcome to you. we disagree on issues, you're a pretty honest guy though.
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politician gives his word, i'm sure you believe that they should follow through on it. so, barack obama said he's never going to go after our guns. that's what he said, he made that promise. why would he do that now? that's what he's doing. >> well, he can't, you know, he can't get rid of everyone's guns because the supreme court case, d.c. versus heller established the right to bear arms as an individual right. so, that's a given. >> sean: but he's trying, the point is he's trying to. >> but the constitution protects the right to bear arms. what this law is trying to do and it recognized the constitution, what does it do? it exempt about 20 to 50 different kinds of guns and i understand that, and one point before we start the debate. here is what i don't understand. this -- the people are weaponizing themselves historically because-- historically go back to the beginning of the constitution,
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it was to protect themselves against a tyrannical government. now with government getting more powerful and people weaponize themselves, what's happening at the same time more of our tax dollars going to help the government more powerful. somebody has to puzzle that out for me. >> beam me up scotty. dennis kucinich is the first liberal that seems to actually have an understanding of the second amendment. >> well, and the congressman, to his credit, said correctly. the supreme court recognized the second amendment right to bear arms, you have to say what's the aim of the legislation here and the problem with senator feinstein's bill not only is it broader than the 1994 provision the assault weapons ban, they call it an assault weapons ban, but that's not what it is, it goes much further. it would be unconstitutional if this legislation became law the supreme court would strike it down as unconstitutional.
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sean, there's another thing here that we have to be really, really concerned with and that is the political move of what's happening. do you remember right after the tragedies that took place in sandy hook elementary school? the president and others were asked questions about how about having police officers on these elementary school campuses? and the answer was, we don't want guns in school. well, the answer though is really, the exact opposite of that. what the n.r.a. and others said is the answer, security personnel in elementary schools and other events and you had that by the way, sporting events, you have armed security, you have it on college campuses. it's focusing on the wrong issue. this fbi said that the assault weapon ban of 1994 did nothing to lower crime and does anybody that's watching this broadcast now think that a signed poster that said do not carry your weapon in this area would prevent what happened in sandy hook. and what about the hipaa laws when a professional finds out,
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what happens. >> and one of the weapons used at sandy hook, bush master, mr-14. before the patent on the m-16 was expired. it was-- >> domestic. but it can fire 45 shots in a minute by squeezing the trigger, this is the problem. it's too easy to kill. >> sean: and i know a lot about guns. let me he throw it to dennis kucinich instead. i'm glad you have a fundamental understanding of the second amendment more so than anybody else on your side so far that i've heard. i'm willing to have an honest discussion, a marksman since i was 11, 12 years old. i understand more than anything about gun safety. my guns are locked up, you can't get to them. we should have ownership in these countries. and we want to stop sandy hooks. don't we have to deal with
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mental health and with parenting, values, these guns don't fire themselves, congressman. >> you know, thank you. i mean, if i had-- if i was in congress, this assault weapons ban is something i'd give careful consideration to, but i want to say something, sean. what you just said, fundamentally right, this is a broad issue that touches all of american society when we have unfortunately a violent society, guns make it very easy for people to act out on their aggression, but the truth is that the mental health problems in our society have not received enough attention, do you when there's violence, get the attention, but we weren't able to get mental health parity and a lot of health care legislation, you know, i know individual family members who have struggled with problems. >> can't lock up mentally ill people, you can't do that. >> well. >> but sean here is the issue. >> we need a society that cares for people and don't throw them away. >> sean: jay, last word. >> and the hipaa laws, the
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president thinks by a wave of the hand he can undo those and he can't. you need a fundamental review of the mental health laws to prevent sandy hook so officials are not afraid to notify authorities and the congressman understands that and that's good news, i wish dennis kucinich was back in congress if you vote that way. i don't know if that will be in congress. at the end of the day if that is not addressed all this have is meaningless. that has to be addressed. mental health professionals have to-- >> the privacy issues you have to be careful of. at the same time recognize as you pointed out, sean, this is a broad issue. and how do you we make this a less violent society that ought to be the discussion, not only, this isn't only about guns you can pass all the gun legislation you want, you're still going to have some underlying issues in the society. >> sean: got to run. congressman welcome to the network and jay, good to see you. >> thank you very much. >> sean: and tonight, coming up-- >> the focus of this
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administration as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. >> sean: so does obama's second term plan include annihilating the other team. austan goolsbee joins me is what is sure to be a "hannity" classic showdown and the monument gaffe that secretary of state clinton made, and will likely haunt her the rest of her political life and charles krauthammer hmething re about hillary, well, sort of. straight ahead. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently.
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>> it is a speech that's being hailed as the most liberal and progressive inaugural address in decades with themes including gun control, climate change, gay marriage, immigration, president obama's inaugural address outlined an agenda that will undoubtedly, well, be faced with severe pushback from republicans and here is what speaker of the house john boehner had to say about that
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inauguration speech. >> so we're expecting here over the next 22 months to be the focus of this administration as they attempt to to annihilate the republican party. and let me just tell you, i do believe that is their goal, to just shove us into the dust bin of history. >> sean: and joining me now to try and defend his old boss, president obama former economic advisor austan goolsbee. you were hanging out with them. yes. >> sean: did my name come up. >> only the best way possible. >> sean: and tiger woods, i left california years ago. >> california? and phil mickleson after state, local federal taxes 63 cents of every dollar goes to the dollar. wait a minute, i didn't ask the question. >> well, that wasn't the actual true fact, the accountant came back and said it wasn't. >> sean: i'll break it down.
6:18 pm
let's break it down 40% national tax, 13 1/2, that's 53 1/2, hang on. 4% obamacare tax, 57 1/2, and then fica tax, social security, and then we have local tax and then we have sales tax and property tax. >> and many of those you don't add on top of each other, but the point is that's on the millionth not the first 300, 400,000. >> sean: i bow down and thank almighty government. >> nobody's paying more than 30-some percent of their income. >> sean: i'm paying 60 cents of every dolly make. >> of your millions of dollars. >> sean: excuse me, you don't know how much i'm making. >> i know what the tax rates are. >> sean: what-- >> but i have a bone to pick with you, sean. we made a bet on the election. >> sean: oh, boy. >> that you were going to take me to dinner if the president won, well, we had the inauguration, he won, sean and my friend mario in chicago, he watched your show, he told me
6:19 pm
you would never take a democrat to dinner. >> sean: i will so. >> he said it would never happen. i told awe month ago. >> i paid off. >> and spending will not solve your obligation, more spending is not the answer, redistributing wealth. >> that's why i have come to prove what-- that you would have dinner with me. i was only able to locate a nathan's hot dog nugget for us, sean, but i'm having dinner with sean hannity. >> sean: and show everybody the ruth's chris gift certificate i sent you. >> how do i know this doesn't come from some nefarious super pac or otherwise. >> sean: i don't know anybody in super pac for crying out loud. good, we ate dinner. all right, wait a minute, so if tiger woods and phil mickleson are saying they're going to leave their states, if you have nicolas sarkozy is going to leave french and gerard depardieu, hang on a second, doesn't it tell you
6:20 pm
something this is a bad idea? >> i don't speak french so i'm not saying anything about over there. if you have a problem with the taxes in new york city, or in california, move to chicago. we'll take you, we'd love to have you. >> sean: too much gun violence there. at 94%, 94% of people that are-- get away with their crimes, did you see that today. >> no, i didn't. >> sean: in chicago. here is my question, obama says a lot of things, i'm not going to take away your guns, he goes after our guns. he says, i'm not going to raise taxes except for 1%. 77% of americans just saw their taxes go up. >> what, payroll tax. >> sean: they went up. >> the payroll tax. >> sean:. cut the tapayroll tax and gave them a break and went back to what it was when it started. >> sean: a gift, is that what it is if people pay is a gift. keep more of the money it's a gift. >> they asked to have the payroll tax reduced,
6:21 pm
republicans opposed it, can you believe. >> sean: can i ask you a question, give me a limit. somebody pays, state, local, federal government, even you evil rich people you like to divide everybody in america, and how much-- >> i've been trying to get you to go to dinner with me, who is being-- >> i gave you a ruth's chris card. how much should those evil rich people keep out of the money they make. >> the first million or-- depends what you're using the money for. the president says fair share. >> i think the fair share what it was in the 1990's when the country was doing well, that strikes me as-- >> and after they pay-- >> as for federal policy we shouldn't change-- >> i'm not. >> we shouldn't change the federal rate if new york city decides to raise the tax rate, that's what happened in california i'm not going to let you leave this studio. and if the rate is you're not
6:22 pm
answering my question. >> it's only appropriate. >> sean: after they pay their state, local, federal, all of their taxes how much out of every dollar should they be able to keep? that's a simple question. >> it's not a simple question. i will tell you to have a 40% rate on the highest income, as it was in the '90s, plus the average state tax rate of i think 5%, that's, a, that's one of the lowest rates on high income people that we've had over the last 65 years, the share of income of people in the top 400 people's income getting paid to the federal government is the lowest it's been in 25 years. and it strikes me as totally appropriate and just go back obama-- >> back to where they were in the 90's. >> borrowing 46 cents of every dollar and 6 trillion in new obama debt. >> let's balance the budget and bring the physical sanity by doing a balanced plan with some cuts. >> sean: you've got your
6:23 pm
revenues. >> the cuts, we can do it, sean, if you and i sat together for 20 minutes, we could come up with a plan. >> sean: i'd throw my dinner at you. all right, i've got to go. >> good to see you. coming up. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> charles krauthammer is here to explain exactly why the wildly insensitive off the cuff comment about benghazi will haunt hillary clinton's career for years to come and in a "hannity" exclusive we head to dallas, texas to show president obama why it's an idiotic, imbecilic to gave egypt our fighter jets free of charge. ming up body aches and pains
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>> welcome back to "hannity" now, although we usually rely on crazy uncle joe biden for a gaffe or two we're turning to secretary of state hillary clinton's monumental gaffe that may haunt her for the rest of her political career. it started during the the hearing when senator ron johnson asked about the administration's misinformation on the benghazi attack, and listen to hillary's response. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. >> i understand. >> whether it's because of protest or guys out for a walk one night and decided they'd go i kill some americans, what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. it is from my perspective less important today looking backwards, as to why these militants decided they did it than to find them and bring them to justice and then maybe we'll figure out what was
6:28 pm
going on in the meantime. >> sean: what difference does it make? how about the difference between the truth and lying? now, while hillary clinton is on her way out of the state department, her possible successor senator john kerry he testified at his confirmation hearing earlier today and i couldn't help, but notice the shocking similarity between consider kerry today an he testified in 1971 when he famously compared his army brethren to kahn. and joining us the mighty charles krauthammer. how are you. >> fine, how are you? i like that introduction. >> sean: by the way, gengus his words not mine. >> and 40 years to pick up on the pronunciation. >> sean: he did and hope he understands it now. what did you think of hillary yesterday? >> i had the same reaction you did. and her accolites think it was
6:29 pm
aggressive and she fought back, but the reaction was appalling. i had the same reaction you had. what difference does it make? it is the difference between truth and untruth and candor and deception and admitting candidly to the american people that there was a jihadist threat stalking north africa of which benghazi was just the first shot, to be followed by as we've now seen, mali and algeria and what the administration did instead, which was to spin this fairy tale about it being the result of the video and continuing its refusal to acknowledge that the global war on terror, a term which obama had abolished of course is real and can't be whisked away and even if we put our heads in the sand will come after us, as it did in benghazi, as it did to us and other foreigners
6:30 pm
in algeria and is happening now in mali. this was clear, whether it was a deliberate deception or not, the talking points and spinning is not clear. but it is clear now that there was a coverup because they clearly knew very early on what it was, but for electoral purposes, because obama was living off the killing of bin laden as a way to say, as he was saying again and again in every campaign stop, that al-qaeda is in retreat, al-qaeda is in disarray, al-qaeda is essentially gone. they knew that wasn't true. they didn't want to admit it, but they wanted to get through election day and that's what they succeeded in doing, with the conniveance of the mainstream media. >> what you're saying is profound, charles. what your he' saying they purposely covered up for electoral purposes as you say what they knew to be the tru
6:31 pm
truth. that to me-- and the media covered it up, that speaks volumes to me that a lot of people don't seem to care. how do you analyze that? >> what i would say, there might have been people along the way and perhaps even susan rice, who simply was deceived or misled by what she was handed, but the fact that they continued to repeat this, obama saying it on letterman when he was asked about libya, long after everyone knew it was a terrorist act. >> sean: two weeks later. >> they continue that. and the fact that hillary, very cleverly, before her illness, it was a two month gap between the september 11th attack and hillness. she was nowhere to be seen. she aw0 ostentaciously says, th buck stops with me, and she doesn't do the sunday show that susan rice did, and she
6:32 pm
was asked. i don't like to do sunday shows as if it would have been a sunday show on relations with the burmese or something. it was the most important event happening to her important and she says i take the responsibility and she goes silent for two months and now says, and now says, at this point who cares? i am and then run out the clock, that's appalling. >> sean: let me ask you about john kerry, i know conventional wisdom among the elite in d.c., charles, is that he will be confirmed easily. why do i -- maybe i'm just alone in this and considering the position he'll be taking, why is this problematic to me? i'm going to play back-to-back for you testimony where he accused his own fellow troops of atrocities in 1971 and what he said about troops in iraq accused them of terrorizing women and children and ask you if it's relevant when we get back, play tome back-to-back.
6:33 pm
>> relive the absolute horror of what this country, in a sense, made them do. they told the stories of times that they will personally raped, cut off the ears, cut off heads, taped wires for portable telephones for human genitals and turned up the power. cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed facilities in the fashion of gingus kahn poisoned food stocks and generally ravaged the kund side kund-- country side of vietnam. >> and there's no reason, bob, that young american soldiers need to be going into the homes of iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women. do you find that problematic? because i do. not just 1971, but also 2005.
6:34 pm
>> well, i must say, and forgive me for looking at the lighter side of this, but i'm struck by the affected accent of the young john kerry, an across between the kennedys and william f buckley, i don't know how you pull that one off. clearly it's worn off since. look, he was a presidential candidate of a major party and he ran, you know, a reasonable campaign. he had the approveation of a large number of americans and even though it was appalling performance and a young man with great ambition and we know those were based on the so-called winter soldier testimony which has been greatly discredited so i think what the country has done is say, look, and john--
6:35 pm
i mean, john mccain and others have made that -- their peace with the vietnam era. so we recognize that was a long time ago, there was a lot of extremism and that was in our past. i think he now represents sort of the mainstream of liberal thinking on foreign affairs and i think he will be confirmed, but let me just add one thing, i don't think it matters. of all the national security appointees, he will probably have the least influence because obama runs that kind of operation, foreign affair stuff, state department stuff out of the white house. he will not be an independent actor one way or the other. >> sean: all right. charles. we should all aspire to having such an affected accent as john kerry. >> i'm working on that as we speak, my friend. >> sean: and gingus kahn, remember. and it's an exclusive demonstration on "hannity" and we head to dallas texas to show why your hard-earned tax
6:36 pm
dollars should not pay for the egyptian f-16's that they may use on israel and a transfer to the enemy of the west? we'll find out after the break. and a quick programming note. tune in for a special edition of hannity where we invest boomtown, washington d.c. where the business of politics is making a lot of people there rich and they're using your money. that's a special tomorrow night 9 eastern right here on fox. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." tonight we continue to follow the growing controversy how the obama administration is gifting some of our deadly military weapons to the radical regime in egypt as part of an aid package and to demonstrate how idiotic this this proposal is to give away 20 of our f-16's and 200 tanks to a country led by a 9-11 truther that refers to israelis as deden sent of apes and pigs, morsi, and we went to show how deadly the f-16 could be when in the wrong hands and here is a former u.s. fighter pilot. lt. colonel bruce bleakly. welcome to the program and thanks for being here. nice to be here, sean, thank you. >> sean: all right. what have you got? show everybody what we're giving this guy. >> okay. right behind me is a lucky
6:41 pm
barton f-16 fighter. the airplane first flew in 1974 and been in the united states air force inventory for almost 35 years, it can fly twice the speed of sound, it can climb to 60,000 feet and extremely maneuverable which has made it a very successful aircraft in air to air combat over the years. it's equipped with an internally mounted 20 millimeter cannon, and this is the size of a 20 millimeter shell and can fire at the rate of 100 rounds per minute. in addition to being an effective air to air combat airplane the f-16 can deliver a knockout to a target on the ground and can carry a hefty load of ordnance on pylons under the wings. the pylon on the aircraft here, provisions for another pylon on either side of this one and on the three pylons under each wing the aircraft can carry asortment of rockets and bombs or external fuel tanks to extend its range.
6:42 pm
rounding out the arsenal on the airplane, on each winning tip, a side winding heat seeking missile used in air to air combat and the other that they can carry, makes in all the f-16 a fearsome weapon. >> sean: and twice the speed of sound and the pilots that fly these things are amazing. without dragging you into this specific controversy, if there's one military that had more f-16's than another military, by the way, by the time the 20 m-16's are delivered to egypt that will be the case them over israel in the hands of radical extremists, how devastating could that be? >> well, all i can tell you is that the airplane's extremely effective in the hands of a capable pilot. >> sean: all right. lt. colonel, thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> sean: and let's not forget it's your hard earned money, your tax dollars that are paying for this effort. so is there anything that we can do to stop it?
6:43 pm
joining me now to answer that question is florida congresswom congresswoman, glad you're back with us. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: morsi was part of a terror group, the muslim brotherhood. he's a 9/11 truther, refers to israelis as the descendents of biggs and what else, apes. >> and he says his lives were distorted because the jews control the media. and that's the apology, what kind after apology is that? >> so my question is, what is your president's motivation? in other words, why would he give f-16's to this guy? why would he do that? >> well, it's got to be a political agenda. now, for a long time we have considered egypt to be our ally, an imperfect ally, but during the time when this arms deal was negotiated, mubarak was the head of the egyptian
6:44 pm
government. but, once we've got morsi, the muslim brotherhood-led government in power it should have been time to revisit this and for him to think back. look, we're giving this, this arms package to egypt, an arms package that we were not willing to give to our trusted democratic ally, taiwan. taiwan has been begging for this kind of aircraft for years. we give them whatever is left over, but yet, we give this to egypt. now, the question is, sean, what can we do about it? zip. and let me tell you why. arms sales, the way that they go through never in the history have we been able to stop an arms sale, never. why? because the president notifies congress, congress then has to file a bill saying we reject the arms sale, but we have only 30 days to do it. the house has to pass it. the senate has to pass it. >> sean: wait a minute. >> then it goes to the president, in other words--
6:45 pm
>> but congress. >> congress only has the power to disapprove it. we don't have the power to approve it. >> sean: don't you have the power of the purse? you can't spend a dime without the house's approval? >> that is true. now, that is a different area. those are the arms sales that that were negotiated. >> sean: we're paying for it. >> and that's why we should look at what we can do in the future. and that's why when i was chair of the foreign affairs committee, i put a hold on 450 million dollars that is still, that's still there to not go to egypt. egypt is a muslim brotherhood-led government. it stifles dissent. it's not democratic, it's right there next to egypt. why are we arming the enemy as you point out. >> sean: congresswoman. >> stop it. >> sean: take their money away. >> absolutely. >> sean: and ask every republican member of the house, defund this because they're going to use those weapons against our ally israel at some point. congresswoman we're going to stay on it. >> you're a great american, sean. >> sean: you're a great
6:46 pm
american, congresswoman. and coming up, a heated hannity debate over the sudden decision to have women on the front lines of war. >> i want to thank you for your service of your daughters. >> your service exemplary. >> you're outstanding as one of our secretaries of state. >> sean: it's a special "hannity" tribute to the outgoing secretary of state you'll see on this program. it may leave you laughing, crying. and our companion site "hannity" live now. weigh in on egypt getting american f-16's and much more, go to hannity live or catch us on twit ter at sean hannity. soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. but, dad, you've got...
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>> and welcome back to "hannity" now. earlier today. outgoing defense secretary l leon panetta and martin dempsey are lifting the ban of women in combat roles thus overturning a 1994 rule. watch this. >> every time i visited the war zone, every time i met with troops, reviewed military operations and talked to wounded warriors, i've been
6:51 pm
impressed with the fact that everyone, everyone, men and women alike, everyone is committed to doing the job. they're fighting and they're dying together. and the time has come for our policies to recognize that reality. >> sean: now, some are applauding the pentagon decisions and others say this is a very dangerous idea. joining me now with reaction, a former pennsylvania congressman, three star a admiral, and heather mcdonald. all right, i'm not a conspiracy theorist, isn't it coincident, hillary clinton, after months of waiting and testimony, they announce they're going to come out with this, is that coincidental? >> well, there's a lot of background to this, i think, but that that's the case it's appalling because this is a decision with long-terms
6:52 pm
consequences that needs to be thought about more deeply. i would assume that this is more about the obama agenda of absolute equality. i keep hearing the justification for this is to improve women's chances of career advancement. i've not heard anybody make the argument that this is a way to maximize our combat effectiveness. >> sean: you talk about this on a column and national view online today and you go into some detail. you talk about it's people in close quarters. you talk about the differences between men and women, the obvious differences and you were very clear about it. i mean, endurance issues, for example, stamina issues, upper body strength. usually men are stronger than women. there are some exceptions? >> we've seen with the civilian armed forces that the pressure to make them gender neutral results in lowering physical standards. even if we were to keep standards equal, which they're not already in the military, each force has different standards for men and women,
6:53 pm
bringing women into combat troops is inevitably going to change unit cohesiveness because sex is inevitable. aros is a powerful and irrational passion, and this is normal, natural, nobody is at fault for this. people forming sexual attachments and that's going to, i think, disrupt how soldiers relate when the sole mission should be destroying the enemy. >> joe sustik, do you think that america is ready for women in combat prisoners of war and stories they have to tell their families, do you think that america is ready for that, god forbid? >> i have a lot respect for what heather said. the reason, the pragmatic for mission readiness. when i was in the indian ocean and launched one night in the war in afghanistan, eight pilots, one was a young woman pilot. that night, she disregarded my
6:54 pm
orders, not to dive low without requesting permission, but eight special forces had been ambushed by the taliban and four died immediately and the four just radioed for help right away. she felt she didn't have time. she dove three times in the middle of the night and they picked up their dead and they came home. they didn't care who saved their butt. they were just glad it was someone who was capable. look, she could have been just like john mccain in vietnam captured, but the point was we were better that not not just of equality opportunity. >> sean: let knme ask a question. in ross burg versus, the supreme court decision, they talk about the selective service system and congress's decision to exempt women from registration and go into since women are excluded from combat, congress conclude that had they would not be needed in the event of a draft. does that mean that maybe now that gets revisited. would you want wait a minute women now it to have to register for the selective
6:55 pm
services and our daughters equally have to go to war. >> and i have a daughter, my answer is absolutely yes for one reason. >> sean: yes you say we're going to draft women? >> if i could just finish for a moment, sean. the answer is yes for a big practical reason i want the best out there. look, only 22% of the youth that graduate from high school today qualify physically for the military. and 60% of those who go to boot camp don't pass the physical standards. if we could have an olympian like misty may there, that would be great great to be with you again. >> sean: secretary of state hillary clinton is leaving, i have a few nice words to say about that, well, kind of, sort of, next. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups.
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it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> and welcome back to "hannity," over the last four years or so we've been pretty hard on secretary of state hillary clinton. heck, even tonight charles krauthammer and i were critical of her testimony at yesterday's benghazi hearing. and considering her tenure as america's top diplomate is coming to answered we'd like to close the show and ignore her many failures and instead look at the positives, i admit i haven't been exactly keeping a list of the so-called accomplishments. as many of you i've not been a hillary clinton fan. so in order to pay tribute to our outgoing secretary of state we needed help which is why we thought we'd let our elected representatives do the talking. so let's cue up the slobbering.


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