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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 30, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> ghouled morning to y-- good you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. >> we begin with extreme weather. right now there are tornado sirens going off in louisville, kentucky. the storm being described as wild and dangerous. late last night a tornado touched down in mississippi. there are reports of two others hitting arkansas and missouri.
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several homes have been damaged trees down. this morning there are still tornado warnings as twoeld you in place. then there is indiana. severe storms also damaged homes there knocking out power and forcing roads to close. maria poll lemolina has been tr the storms. >> we are talking about severe weather on this january. we typically don't see temperatures this warm that is why we are eeiseeing severe wear outbreaks. another widespread risk over the panhandle mississippi and through southern pennsylvania. another day where many cities will be impacted by the strong to severe storms possible damaging wind gusts 60 miles an
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hour. others in itself can cause damage. we have reports of flooding and a flooding threat across places in the great lakes and midwest associated with the same storm system. many of the storms aren't fast moving and that's where we are seeing the flooding concern. heavy rainfall coming down right now. at this hour across western portions of kentucky, tennessee and down through southern portions of louisiana. we have tornado watches from kentucky down into portions of mississippi. we have a number of tornado warnings. we have tornadoes on the ground east of the city of nashville. be safe if you get any of these dorns in the county. seek shelter. temperatures ahead of the system warm in the 70s. right now in new orleans 66 in atlanta. that will help continue to hest
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the storms. that is where we are seeing severe outbreak. ainsley and heather we are looking at cold air behind the storm system and there's a wintery side to it. >> warm weather, cold weather. it's a roller-coaster. thanks very much maria. >> the top five stories making news for you at this hour. we have a developing tostory. a 6-year-old remains a victim of a hostage situation having spent hours in an under ground bunker with a gunman. the incident started around 4:00 p.m. yesterday. the 65-year-old suspect boarded a school bus shot the driver multiple times and grabbed the boy. >> he started telling him he needed a kid because something about the law coming after him and he shot the bus driver and the driver's foot was on the gas and we went backwards and everybody started screaming and the bus driver was still there. we all got off the bus and went
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to the neighbor's house. >> terrifying. the bus driver later died. according to local reports swat team members are on the scene. they have been communicating with the gunman through a pvc pipe, ainsley. >> something you never want your children to see or witness the f a doctor robert mendez. agents suspended on the west palm beach office. we don't know what the raid was for but the florida give a missing fighter pilot went down off the coast of italy. the chief of flight safety at the air base in italy was doing a night training mission when he lost contact with the base. debris believed to be from the
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jet was found in the adriatic sea yesterday. they are still searching for gun they are. he and his wife are expecting their first child in a week. they are releasing brand new surveillance video with a new york woman vanished in turkey by herself. you can see her eat age loan in the food court there and walking in the mall. another video shows her walking along the street wearing ear phones. it is believed she was spotted on her way home. she never made it home. >> john kerry to be our new secretary of state is confirmed. >> the senate confirming john kerry as the country's new secretary of state. kerry will become the 68th person to hold the post.
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i will replace secretary of state hillary clinton whose last day is friday. that is your 5@5:00. >> president obama spelling out his plan to fix the broken immigration system this aftone after they leased their plans. >> the president could end up hurting the cause. peter doocy is live for us in washington this morning with more. >> hi, heather and ainsley. one of the big takeaways from president obama's speech yesterday was that he is happy the bipartisan group of 8 senators come together with a plan to inform the immigration system since their plan is pretty close to his own plan. something the senator and president share as a priorityiss a desire to create a pathway to citizenship. >> we have to deal with the 11
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million individuals here illegally. we all agree these men and women should have to earn their way to citizenship. but for immigration reform to work it must be clear there is a pathway to citizenship. >> the pathway to citizenship is tied to tiert pored tighter bor security. he didn't say that in his speech. that's something marco rubio who is part of the group working on the details of the legislation is worried about. >> if this endeavor becomes a bidding war to see who can come up with the cheapest way to a green card as possible this isn't going to go well, folks. >> white house officials think republicans working on immigration reform need president obama's blessing to rally support in the latino
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community. the flip side of that coin from the republican perspective if president obama puts his name on the bill then republicans will be wealeery of it. >> see what happens. time now to take a look at who is talking. the two secretaries of state sitting down with fox news. former sec ry of state colon powell talking with bill o'reilly. >> you will hear from him a little later in the show but first the wup on one interview hillary clinton. >> there are questions about why american citizens were in such a dangerous place in the first place. secretary clinton responding to just that. >> let me explain why we are there. this is the part of the libyan revolution. we knew they were dangerous people in and around benghazi. we also knew there were a lot of lose weapons. part of what we were doing there was trying to get leads on recovering those weapons. and we knew there was smuggling
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radios that would go into sinai threaten israel. there are other reasons why we were there not just the state department but other government agencies. when and where we go back will depend on the security situation. what kind of security support diplomats will have. i have dangerous posts all over the world. we have people in incredibly high threaten environments. >> i have seen some of them. >> you have seen some of them. they are there because we believe being there is in america's national interest, particularly our security interests. now to stories you can bank on this morning. joining us from the fox business network is lauren simonetti. you are telling us college is worth it. it's a million dollar investment. questioning the value of the
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bachelor's degree. college might not be worth the high price tag. he says studies suggest colleges are not worth it are not only wrong they are dead wrong. the bachelor's degree holders over the course of a lifetime $2.3 million. by comparison just a high school diploma average $1.3 million a lot less. by 2018, more than 60 percent of all jobs will require some form of post secondary education. >> it is worth every penny. twinkies are going away then they are coming back. we have to wait longer. >> twinkies are being saved after all. you have to wait until september to sink your teeth into the popular yellow cakes. the owner is expected to be bought. the time to close the deal and
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fire up the manufacturing process means that twinkies may not be back until labor day at the earliest. that's good for bikini season. can't have twinkies over the summer. >> good news for the state fairs that happen in the fall. they friday the oreos dip them in chocolate. twinkies are also on the list, too. he was once considered the star of the republican party. but lately he has grown critical. retired four star general colon powell will explain why after the break. >> image seeing this on your way to work. a car speeding down a busy freeway in the wrong direction. today's aying aying 3.39 per gallon. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out.
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it is held by theity committee and called what should americans do about gun violence. mark kelly gabby gifford's husband will introduce the bill to allow all school vs. an armed presence on campus. it could be a resource office or staffer who goes through the same training. >> a look at whose talking former secretary of state colon powell made the news when he was at the republican party. bill o'reilly wanted to find out on "the factor." >> this is a rude question. i am sorry to have to ask it.
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you ready? this is the scuttlebutt in washington on the republican side. your angry with the republicans a major look back at the weapons of mass destruction deal burg the e during the iraq war. i don't believe that's what's motivating you. i think you are a severe g-- si guy. this is a round that cheney and these guys didn't like that. no use for cheney no use for the war. that is a bunch of nonsense. >> i took the information we all had from the intelligence committee and when i went to the u.n. it was with the assurance
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of the cia the information i had was correct. mr. cheney used the information, mr. president did all of the commanders. the congress voted on the basis of that information and i did, too. >> four months earlier. >> before i started. i made a choice based on the information i had. i don't have to answer idiotic questions like that. >> he voted for obama twice because he was frustrated with the republican party and thought the economic policies were best for the state of our country. it is time to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. illinois church may have to close the doors because of the fight over the historic pars naj. the building owned by first united methodist church because built back in 1849. it has deteriorated. it's about to collapse. the church wants to tear it down and build a parking lot. but the village wants to preserve the historic building. it is suing the church to
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forfeit to make the repairs. the church says you can't do it. the cost will send them into bankruptcy. your question today who do you think is in the right the church or the village? shoot us an e-mail at we will lead them later in the sh show>> still to come today -- coming up what started the fire that killed hundreds of people inside the busy club. someone made a huge mistake. >> then a medical miracle you have to see to believe a. soldier who lost all four limbs in battle takes a remarkable step toward recovery. >> now i can move my fingening
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>> they are blaming it on the van. the police say it was started by outdoor flares. the group members knowingly purchased the wrong flares for they were $33 cheaper. and nearly 3 years after the oil rig explosion in the gulf of mexico that left americans dead under the plea deal the giant will pay 4 billion in criminal penalties and be on probation for five years. heather? it is truly an inspirational story. one of the country's bravest who
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lost his arms and legs while fighting for our freedom undergoes a double arm transplant. now a month later he's out of the hospital. jennifer griffin has a look at how the wounded warrior is doing. >> brendan morocco was a private fist class what en he hit a roadside bomb and lost all four of his limbs. he has two new arms and two new reasons to smile. >> i can move my elbow, the one i had before. i can rotate a little bit. >> the 26-year-old from staten island became the war's first gra quadruple amputee. he was the first to receive a double arm transplant at johns koppins in baltimore. the top physicians haveable to attach donor arms to the wounded soldier which one day should be fully functional. >> it feels amazing. it was something i was waiting for for a long time. now that it finally happened, i
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really don't know what to say. it's such a big thing for my life. it's just fantastic. >> fox news first met brendan morocco last summer when the tunnels to tours built him a new home. it was damaged hurricane sandy but it is being rebuilt. >> he was asked what he misses most? >> driving. absolutely driving. i used to love to drive. it was a lot of fun for me. one of my goals is to hand cycle a marathon. yeah. i would love to get back to that. >> i think he will be able to try to throw a football. i don't know if he will be hitting a 60 yard run like joe flack co against the broncos but i expect he will get there. i don't think there's going to be much we will be able to keep him from doing.
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>> because the nerves regenerate at the maximum speed of 1 inch per month the therapy will continue for a few years. >> his mother was in church on easter sunday four years ago when she learned her son was injured. >> now he will be independent and when he comes home he will be the brendan we have both been looking for. >> he was released from johns hopkins today. >> he's hardheaded and stubborn. he likes to do things his way. that's what's gotten him where he is now. >> i have always since he got hurt. i still thought of myself as being normal. i hated to word handicap. >> soon he will be able to tie his own shoes and if he wants even use chop sticks according to his doctors. jennifer dixon, fox news. >> wonderful story. inspirational. still to come an update on our extreme weather alert down south. tornadoes touching down in several states. we will bring you the very
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latest. >> what would you do if you saw this headed in your direction? wouldn't you be so scared a car going the wrong way on a very busy street. first on this day in history on this date in 1973. are you a big kiss fan? >> i do, actually. they performed their first concert in queens, new york. flush [ indistinct shouting ] ♪
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>> welcome back. i am heather childers. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". extreme weather acrosses the country to tell you about right now downtown louisville taking cover as tornado is working through the sirens are blaring. a tornado tearing through mississippi late last night up rooting trees and damaging homes. two other possible tornadoes touched down in arkansas and missouri. you can see the rain and the wind that created a huge mess along the roads in missouri. this morning there are still tornado warnings in place. maria molina is tracking all of the severe weather and hadz the latest. >> it is a very rough start to the day across the great lakes and into portions of ohio valley and tennessee valley.
2:32 am
we have severe weather to talk about not just in the form of tornadoes but damaging wind gusts and large hail. also looking at the at the possibility of flooding. eastern kentucky and tennessee. many of the watches will be in effect through out the morning hours the latest will go until noon right around basically eastern portions of kentucky. storms continue to head eastbound. we have warm air ahead of this system. we have strong storms tornado warnings also in effect to the east in the city of nashville and eastern portions of the state of kentucky. we have possibility of tornadoes currently on the ground. a widespread risk through
2:33 am
alabama mauned the carolinas and as far north as southern pennsylvania. warm air ahead of this system. temperatures ahead of it right now at this hour in the 50s in raleigh north carolina and atlanta as well. i want to touch bonn tupon the backside of this system is so cold that heavy heawe have heav coming down. the specifics of immigration reform could put him on a collision course with congress. we have all of the details with doug luzader. >> the president will continue his push on this today making his round to spanish media outle outlets. both sides may also be looking ahead to the mid term election.
2:34 am
you cannot ignore the politics of this. the president yesterday in fact flew all of the way into las vegas to deliver a relatively brief speech in a campaign style atmosphere pushing reform measures many of which were already taking shape in congress. >> i am here today because the time has come for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform. >> the president didn't dive in to too many spevengs bcifics bu are signs they could run into problems at the white house. congress may insist the president do more to secure the border before offering a new path to citizenship a move he is likely to resist. >> the last time this country dealt with illegal immigration it legalized 3 million people but did nothing to enforce them. now we have 11 million at the peak 12 million people in this country that are undocumented. he can' we can't repeat this mie
2:35 am
now. >> they may extend citizenship rights to illegal partners of gay u.s. citizens. that is something that could effectively become a poison pill a white house effort to kill immigration reform is an issue that can be used against republicans in the mid term election. already on the right there are some republican house members that are concerned about voting for anything that could be construed as amnesty in case they face some kind of primary challenge next year. >> doug luzader live for us in washington this morning. thank you, doug. >> it is time for the 5@5 cln 30. top five stories making news at this hour. remember this video a helicopter crashing in an arizona neighborhood. now we hear the frantic 911 calls from witnesses who saw the chopper go down. >> 911 emergency.
2:36 am
>> it's amazing the pilot was able to walk away unhurt and no one on the ground was hurt either. the cause of the crash is still being investigated. >> combat jobs in the marine corps will remain closed to women despite the pentagon's new order. the commandant of the marine corps general james amos says the core will not lower the physical requirements especially for jobs on the battlefield. if not enough women can make the cut for a certain job it may remain closed because it will be too difficult for them to succeed. however as most expect there will be very few jobs that will remain off limits. a terrifying police chase caught on camera. officers trying to stop this man garli barreling down the highway on the wrong side. an officer parking the car in
2:37 am
the left lane the silver bmw just kept ongoing at 60 miles an hour. the officer eventually stopped the driver. he was 81 years old suffering from alzheimer's and told police he was going to the bank didn't realize he was going the wrong way. in the end nobody including the driver was injured. >> very lucky. >> you have funded the company with $249 million in grants but the u.s. government just allowed the chien needs company to buy a 123 systems. there was concerns for lawmakers in both parties they would have tax payer funded technology and a 123 military contract. the panel gave approval after china bought the battery maker at a bankruptcy auction last month. >> famed daredevil nick wol linda wowed a crowd as he walked
2:38 am
a tight rope across a florida road. he made it without a safety harness and gave viewers a thrill at one point by dipping down to one knee. he had to battle the wind gusts of up to 30 miles per hour. >> that's one of the unique aspects i was battling the wind. >> pofor the next death defying stunt he will walk across the grand canyon in june. that's your 5@5:po. time now to entertain this and barbara walters good news here now out of the hospital recovering from the chicken box at home. she was fist hospitalized more than a week ago after falling at the british ambassador's house in washington. calling it quits after 11
2:39 am
years of marriage. the couple said that the decision was mutual. the two tied the knot back in 2001 after a two-year engagement. they have no children. >> how about dinner on george clooney? the actor picked up a stranger's $135 bill in berlin because he thought he and his friends at a nearby table were making too much noise. he wasn't until the man left that he realized who clooney was. that was polite i suppose. >> we are days away from the super bowl. biggest game of the year. two stories rocking the sports world this morning threatening to over shadow the big game. good morning, brian? >> how are you, ainsley? >> immigrate. better now that i see you. >> thanks, that's very nice of you to say. i might as well do the sports report although i could stair into the monitor for the next hour. since i don't have a prompter
2:40 am
let me add lib what's going on. alex rodriguez seems he is em broiled in a ped scandal he is on a list of clients on a doctor who is a so-called nutritionist. well he actually prescribed performance enhancing drugs to a rod. there's a story that shows the exact prescription and dosage he got. if so he could be looking at a minimum 100 game suspension. meanwhile we are talking hgh. you are talking testosterone both illegal in this game. he is not the only guy involved in a ped scandal. let's fast forward to the super bowl where ray lewis we understand has had to answer questions about -- he's being accused of taking a banned substance as he tried to recover from a tricep injury in october. sports illustrated reports he
2:41 am
took deer antler extract. he didn't run into the woods, he got it from a bottle. it contains performance enhancing drugs that speeds up how quick you heal. there's a tape. listen. >> two years ago that was the same report. i wouldn't give that report or him any of my press. he is not worthy of that. >> there is nothing in sports quite like media day. that's where he was answering those questions. 3,000 members of the media filling up the superdome. a host of journalistsmaking it circus. here are players on the dumbest questions they were asked. >> someone asked if i would give him 5 bucks. i didn't answer. >> shrimp gum bow or jumbilia. >> what's the dumbest question
2:42 am
united been asked? >> i don't know. probably that one. >> joe placko also has to face serious questions why he said he was quote retarded to have next year's super bowl in cold weather that's in new york. it's being held in emergennew j. the fun will be in new york the game will be in new jersey. he says it was a bad choice of words. no kidding. friday live in the super boem leading up to thursday. everything you need to know from the super bowl including a great roster of guests coming your way including wonderful sur pruzs we hope as super bowl klvii gets underway. >> what's coming up later in your show? >> we have highlights of bill o'reilly sitting down with colin powell. president obama first salutes congress and comes back and warns congress they better get something done when it comes to immigration reform. the outstanding ceo will be talking about how friends can
2:43 am
change your life and how the economy is doing right now and dr. keith ablow normal or nuts. we also have reports there will be no 20s in this country until september. we are talking to sponge effoxps to see if we can fund that. the iranian space monkey already has 50 twitter followers looking to double that by the end of our show and find out what it was like so we cin space so we can the monkey to talk. >> thank you for that report. taxpayers bailed out the banks? how did the banks pay them back. turns out you the tax payer you got a terrible deal. those details when we come back. >> plus what happens to a building when the earth be row it disappea -- below it dispier.
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>> welcome back. 45 after the hour. let's span the globe to see what's in the headlines overseas. money head to do the war torn country. president obama says that additional humanitarian money will be used for food and clean water. now to china. a massive sink hole swallowing up a huge building complex. that hole over 3,000 square feet and 33 feet deep. under ground construction on the subway line likely to blame. incredibly no one was hurt. >> thank you, heather. initial estimates for the taxpayers for the financial bailout at $22 million. estimates show the loss is even bigger. fox business network diane macedo has more. >> the inspector general for the asset release program says in the new report taxpayers stand to lose $27 billion from the 2008 financial bailout.
2:48 am
5 billion more than estimated in the fall. why the increase? according to the report the treasury department has incurred more losses from selling shares a from bailed out companies and then there are the shares it hasn't sold yet. ally financial general motors former financial arm still owes 14.6 billion of the 17.2 billion it received. taxpayers can expect to lose r5.5 billion on that investment and the last treasury for having no plan to get out of this since ally shares are not publicly traded. of the 26 billion invested in gm they would have to sell shares at an average price of $72 each more than double the current value. bailout money still owed to u.s. taxpayers now total 67.3 billion down from 84.2 billion in september. american international group finished $182 billion bailout last year that was the biggest one of the crisis. inspector general also says the office has been effective in
2:49 am
battling fraud with investigations leading to criminal charges against 119 people 83 convictions and civil charges filed. >> diane macedo live this morning. >> do you know someone who snores? not only is it annoying, it can actually pose a serious health risk to them. we will explain. that is interesting. then children image having to explain that one to mom and dad. 
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>> welcome back. 9 minutes to the top of the hour. he helped save a dying fawn's life. now one indiana's police officer's good deed could land
2:53 am
him 06 days in the slammer. the department of natural resources charged him and his wife of illegal possession of a white tailed deer. the couple claims they didn't know they were breaking the law when they nursed the deer back to health. they plan to fight the charge. >> you might see smokers make bad lung donors. oregons tather organs taken fro who puffed a pack a day for 40 years is likely safe. >> the chances are you or someone you know snores. according to the snoring center nearly half of all americans are affected by disruptive snoring at some point in their lives. if it is you, listen up. a scary new study says that snoring actually increases the risk of heart attacks more than smoking. joining us with what you need to know is dr. david samati. so snoring it's not just disruptive or annoying it can have significant health effects.
2:54 am
>> this is actually a very important study. for many years we talked about sleep ap nea and how having serious snoring would be hazardous to your health. now a study coming out of detroit looking at about a thousand patients in the sleep center they are finding out that snoring is as dangerous as high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes and as a risk factor for heart disease. the way they are doing this is very interesting. they think the vibration of the snoring can effect the main arteries from the heart to your brain increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. this is the first time we are getting this kind of news. what i want people to know if someone next to you is actually snoring instead of just elbowing them and thinking of it as a new sense now you have to take it seriously. you need to bring the person and treat it with an ent surgeon and sleep centers to find out
2:55 am
exactly what the risk is. >> it's not just the patients who need to change their outlook on snoring and how significant it is it is the health insurance companies. they treat this as a cosmetic issue. >> until now we were not able to prove exactly what the dynamics of snoring is. we are finding out the arteries are getting thicker and thicker and that's the foundation of having high cholesterol@row sclerosis and heart disease. now they have to take it seriously as a real health hazard. can you image 50 percent of americans actually snoring and this is one risk we never paid attention to as opposed to other risks. it is a serious study. i think we need longer follow up and bigger population to go into this. don't ignore this. if someone in your household is snoring this is a real health hazard when it comes to health disease. >> bottom line go to the doctor get checked out. >> there are a lot of things you
2:56 am
have to find out what the symptomolgy is. if you have a whole report of what the dynamic is you take that to the doctor and treat it seriously. you can prevent weight gain and more importantly heart disease. >> thank you for joining us. kids, image having to explain this one to mom and dad. the story of how this happened up next. we told you about the government trying to force a church to repair its historic building. the church says government needs to butt out. who is right? send us your comments at fox friends we will share them after the break.
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>> welcome back. it's two minutes till the and of the hour as we look the ugly. first the good. a michigan family back


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