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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 4, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good monday morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> talking to a lot of sleepy people out there. >> it is monday february 4th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> top five news at this hour.
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it was lights out for the ravens and 49ers. the quarterback joe flacco and colin kaepernick stairing into the dark. one would reign supreme after the 34 minute delay. >> they have won it 34-31. >> baltimore up by 22 points and surviving an amazing come back by san francisco to win the super bowl. it is the second title in 11 years. more on that through out the show. >> that leads us to our brew on this question of the day. what was your favorite moment of the super bowl. you can tweet us or shoot us an e-mail. we will read some of those later in the show. >> he died at the hands of a marine he was trying to help. edie ruth has been charged with the murder of his mentor chris
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kyle and another man at the texas gun range. they treated ruth to a day at the range to help him with his post traumatic stress disorder after years fighting with iraq. it was ruth's mother who contacted kyle for help. >> she may have reached out to mr. to try and help her son. we have an idea that's why they were at the range for some type of therapy that mr. kyle assists people with. >> that is what friends say he likes to help others. >> ruth is on suicide watch. >> 8 people dead after a tour bus crashes into two vehicles in southern california. the bus returning from tijuana, mexico had brake trouble as it went down the mountain slammed into the back of a car flipped over and crash nude a truck in a
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trailer. it took almost two hours to help everyone. leon panetta is discussing the slow response to the terror attack in benghazi. >> intelligence didn't provide any warning. this isn't 911. you can't call and expect to have a team in place. it takes time. >> those comments raising some eyebrows. panetta expect to do testify thursday about the attack. lindsay graham said he would hold up the confirmation hearings for defense secretary chuck hagel until pine panetta has testified. a funeral for the colorful three term playor will be held in manhattan. bill clinton interrupted a trip to japan so he could attend the
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funeral. koch bide of congestive heart failure. evidences 88 years old. this morning we are hearing from president obama. he sat down with cbs's scott kelly for a prefragame intervie. talked about the possibility of another tax hike. president obama talked about america's favorite past time football as millions of us were getting ready to watch the super bowl, he clarified comments. when he wasn't sure he would let his son play football. here's the latest response. >> it is a great support. i am a huge fan, but there's no doubt that some of the concerns that we have learned about when it comes to concussions have to give parents pause. as i said before i feel differently about the nfl. these are grown men, they are well compensated they know the risks that are involved.
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but as we start thinking about the pipeline, high school, college. i want to make sure we are doing everything we can to make the school safer. that means the game is going to evolve a little bit. for those of us who like to see a big hit and enjoy the rock em sock em elements of the game we are probably going to be occasionally frustrated. i know defensive players guess frustrated becauseth changes in the rules. we want to paining sure after people play the game they are going tobing. >> the state of the economy measures to we need see. are you through raising tax rates? >> i don't think the issue right now is raising rates. the question is if we are
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serious about reducing our deficit can we stop waste in govment, can we conform healthcare programs in particular. we spend a lot more on healthcare than every other country does and we don't get better outcome. there are things we can do to reduce healthcare costs. >> and can we post loophole deductions lawyers take advantage of so they paoloer rates than bus driver or cop? if you combine those together you cannot only reduce the deficit but continue to invest in things like education and research and development that are going to help us grow. >> just a few hours from now president obama will continue his push for gun control. the heated topic on sunday talk shows. kelly wright is life in washington can more. >> president obama will travel
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to minneapolis the city that is making steps to curb gun violence. he will talk about the issue that can be taken on the federal level to reduce gun violence. it shows deep de visions over what toe do about curbing the violence. a former navy man watched his wife traumatic giffords watch his wife give testimony before. she was one of several people shot by deranged gunman. he tells fox news he believes there are responsibility solutions that can be taken. >> there are common sense things that we can do to make this country a lot safer. sun i have sal criminal background check, identifying the mentally ill and getting those records into the system. >> but kelly says while background checks kept guns from calling into the hands of people
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the national rifle association is against any effort to place new restrictions on guns including universal background check. it is paving the way for a battle. >> the criminals aren't going to comply with it. they can care less. you are not going to commute rise the mental health records. here's what is going to happen. you ought to stop it being called a universal check. >> just because they resist us doesn't mean we can't do anything. >> we will listen to them and make the right decision. >> and skoe the debate continues. the president going to minnesota about what he hopes to accomplish in this long debate. thank you so much, kelly.
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>> time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> we are in for another look of cold temperatures. >> portions of the mideast an west. temperatures 10-15 degrees below average. cold air from canada moving through areas like the midwest. right now current temperature 6 degrees. factor in the wind it feels even colder than that. that is what is produce you go the pictures out here and series of storm systems moving along the jet stream. area of low pressure moving through through areas of light snow. attracting light snow with these systems. relatively dry and a couple of inches here and there.
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another area of low pressure will produce showers over oklahoma and texas. a lot of heavy rainfall and temperatures not bad in texas. high temperature in san antonio. cold nps in the midwest 12 degrees for your high in minneapolis. >> thank you so much. let's go to stories you can bank on this morning. engineers scramble to get the lights back on in the super bdoe last night. advertisers scrambled to make the most of the power heist. >> it makes sense. when the power gets up you stretch you get some food. that's what advertisers dropping 3.8 million for 30 seconds don't want to happen. so expect some to be knocking on cbs this morning demanding money back. >> they are not happy about that. cbs will be getting a lot of calls probably. other advertisers made the most
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out of this situation. oreo tweeted, you can still dunk in the dark. tied, we can't get your hash tag blackout but we can get your stains out. crowd interaction. thumbs up to those advertisers. >> have to be creative in a situation like that. >> if somebody was lick why yuc to mauk money you have to declare that on your taxes. >> uncome is income as far as the irs is concerned. whether you won legally or illegally the law fires to you report your gambling winters most winnerses must record their innings on-line on a federal form 21. can you deduct that? >> only if you itemize and keep good records. it is porn because a good booky
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won't give you the tax moerm you need. what if you lose more than you win? but there's a loser in taxes, too. >> i think we are all losers when it comes to taxes in the end. >> good point. >> 12 minutes after the hour. 911 supposed to help people in an emergency. why is one city refusing to no longer send police officers to help in certain situations in we will tell you about that. you saw how the ravens reskted to the super bowl on the field. how did the city of baltimore honor their victory. in the meantime a look at the gas prices. new national average is 3.52 a gallon. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pk vegetables only when they're perfect.
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>> new clues into the death of the woman who died in turkey. she died from a blow to the head. at least 11 people have been held now for questioning. mohammedal lace family hitting back against reports he is near death. the family posted this photo of him wearing a ravens shirt. he was excited for the super bowl. there were reports his brother thought he would live through the summer. he suffers from parkinson's disease. >> thousands of fans in baltimore celebrating the super bowl win. look at this. >> they beat the 49ers 34-31. bill smith is live in the print shop where they have been making
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t-shirt all morning long. >> till you what they were waiting for that moment to stop when the clock struck zero. they were trying to get a hundred thousand of these out in the next few weeks. it is lucrative for the t-shirt business. you cannot get enough turm around this town because the folks are into it and they were into it for a week. this ray lewis t-shirt will be one of the winners. last night was a little bit wild because you don't win the super bowl all of the time. it has been 12 years for the pans in an area called federal hill a little bit of damage. one of our live vehicles got damaged in the whole frak cuss as well. but you tend to see that. not real violence on any people. haven't heard of any arrests. one of the happiest guys in
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town. if you are a ravens fans you are happy and if you sell t-shirt even better. >> i was biting my nails i didn't know what to do. i couldn't gwait to get here. >> what do you think it's going to be? how big do you think it will be for you and your company? >> we will be running for the next few days. it has been a huge run. >> 100,000 shirts. last time the season was even bigger heather they have had people lined up outside ready to take these shirts out and get them on people somewhere. >> 100,000 shirts. we always like to hear american companies are doing well. thank you so much. >> still money to be made. 18 minutes after the hour. coming up next on "the rundown" could chewing gum give you more than just good breath. we will tell you a new way it can help you. >> more people mighten ta be ta about these. the best and worst of super bowl
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>> it is 22 minutes after the hour. don't even bother calling 911 if your car gets stolen in that city. the dispatch strategy eliminates police officers from responding to nonlife threatening situations. that move is supposed to free up cops so they can respond to more serious problems. oo here is something to chew on. a new study finds chewing gum is good for your brain. researchers found chomping away boosts alertness and reaction time ten times faster when you
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chew gum. it increases blood flow to the brain. >> thank you, heather. we are talking football. other than the actual game everyone seems to be talking about the super bowl ad. which ones were a hit in your home and which ones missed the mark a bit. let's ask the president of north america a global pr agency. i heard you hosted a twitter party. i want to know what your friends had to say about it? >> it was fun to hear real time commentary as it was running. >> let's go through some of them. >> one of the big standouts was the ram god made the farmer spot paul harvey. >> it was emotional. told the consumer about the brand consumer. a good brand puts consumers first. >> shows the farmers the hands the dirt unter their
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fingernails. >> in the end i thought evidences going to say now you hear the rest of the story. we were missing that. >> i know. >> what about the tide commercial? >> it was entertainment no one knew where it was going to go. bam a brand mentioned at the end. >> everyone knows this. we shrink them we bleach them this is so one-sided. it was for the 49ers. >> in the end a big surprise. >> she washes out the stain her husband had on the 49ers jersey and she says go ravens at the end. >> what about the clydesdale jersey? >> another big hit especially for a woman for a brand like budweiser to hit with women was a huge huge hit. >> emotional strings it pulled and the equity of the brand. >> for people that didn't see it what's going on? >> we are watching this man also a farmer ironically raise a
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horse that becomes a clydesdale and goes and sees the clydesdale big moment in chicago and the horse remembers him. playing the fleetwood mac land slide. no one going to be the winner for women. let's talk about the bad ads the ones that didn't rate so well. >> there was a few. folks were anxious because nothing was really hitting. there were some real tough ones. >> bud black was not a winner? >> bud black seemed to not work. it felt a little elitist for a mass beer brand was a little bit off. >> like you have to be dressed up living in the big city this is a more expensive black label? >> exactly. >> what about the mercedes benz commercial? >> i think with that one there was so much hype and teasers mercedes benz was a title sponsor and it was in the super dome. when it ran it was a bit of a
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fizz fizzle. >> the last one your group didn't like is the pepsi next. >> this is the one where the teen is throwing the party the parents walk in on it and disrupt the flow t. has been played a little bite too many times. you can feel the panic of the kids they try the pepsi next and they are okay with the party all of a sudden. >> it didn't quite resinate. it was a story we have all seen before. >> does pepsi next make you feel all that? i don't think people were drinking that last night. >> thanks for womaning in this morning. >> great to see you. you were up late. we appreciate only a few hours of sleep. 26 after the top of the hour one state trying to eliminate words like freshman or penmanship because they are offensive? we will explain. it's the biggest game of the year. everyone wants to know who came out as the top dog in the puppy
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bowl. >> george washington elected the first president of the united states on this date. [ male announcer ] at his current pace,
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>> welcome to "fox & friends first". >> we are one week into the alabama hostage standoff. suspect is at the certainty of it. neighbors painted a picture of skwim me lee dikes as a loaner estranged from his family. police say he is making his 5-year-old hostage as comfortable as possible giving him toys food and medicine. charles poland was hailed as a real hero for protecting the other children on the bus before he was shot and killed. the troop withdrawal from afghanistan. afghan president hamid karzai said the negotiating office for the taliban would open in qatar. there won't be until qatar meets
2:33 am
demands. >> a detroit high school basketball coach is being questioned as he shot two teenagers who tried to rob him after the game. he was escorting two students to the cars when the teen boys ambushed him with guns. the coach pull oed out his own n and shot both of them. one died and the other is in critical condition. they are investigating whether or not the coach will face charges. a ban to ban gender specific language one step closer to becoming a law. freshman. penmanship will all be a thing of the past if this passes. >> right now it is a heated debate in the state senate words like clergyman, fireman and policeman have been eliminate. .
2:34 am
some say there are more important things to focus on than jobs and the economy. >> sounds like they have too much time on their hands. the 9th annual puppy bowl. >> how sdou decide that. >> the schnauzer won for taking on puppies twice her size. the puppy bowl refs calls her athletic and she ran for a toy for a touchdown. >> how cute is that? >> they have those little teeth like razor blades. in a few hours president obama will ramp up his push for gun control measures. this comes as there are real questions about how far congress will go. doug luzader has more. >> good morning. the president will be in full campaign mode as he heads to minnesota today. he will bupush for a new gun ba
2:35 am
among other measures. his real problem could come from democrats in congress. the white house wants to move pretty fast on this in the wake of the connecticut school shooting back in december begins to dissipate over the weekend. the white house generated plenty of attention by releasing that photograph of president obama's shooting back in august. proof the administration says that he is not against guns per se. on some point the president may succeed limiting the size of magazines perhaps trying to stay the universal background check for gun booirs. the nra says it's a big powerful power grab. >> there will be fees there will be paperwork, there will be law abiding people in a bureaucratic nightmare. there will be abuse in terms of prosecutions and it's all going to effect only the law awe biding people. the criminal coulds ca care les. >> another front outright ban on
2:36 am
military style assault rifles the president will face tougher opposition even with his own power. harry reid would consider it but did not commit. >> i didn't vote for all the weapons last time because it didn't make sense. i will take a look at it. >> background checks and a greater focus on those with mental illness who battle mental illness. right now those are the areas that seem to be most likely as we are on capitol hill. before his stop in minneapolis the president sat down with cbs yesterday for a pregame interview. >> despite last week's dismal economic numbers the president says he is confident the economy is on its way up. >> the reason the economy shrank a little bit despite manufacturing is going strong car sales are up. truth is, overall there were a lot of positives to the economy.
2:37 am
the big problem is defense spending was cut 22 percent. it was the biggest drop in 42 years. it was very abrupt. it had to do with folks being worried about the possible impacts of the fiscal cliff and what goes on in washington. what i have said repeatedly is washington cannot continually operate under a cloud of crisis. that freezes up consumers. it gets businesses worried. we can't afford these self-inflicted wounds. there is a way for us to solve these budget problems in a responsible way through a balanced approach that the vast majority of people agree with. if we do that there's no reason why we can't have really strong growth in 2013. but we can't have washington dysfunction getting in the way. >> we will talk about that more this morning with donald trump. he joins us with fox and friends at 7:00 today. before we leave the house let's get the first degree
2:38 am
weather update with maria molina. >> it is cold. how is the weather looking for the rest of the? >> good news we could see a gradual warm-up in the next several days. in new york city on friday we are talking high temperatures into the 40s finally. it will feel a little better. before then we have days to go cold temperatures across places in the midwest the great lakes and in the northeast. i want to start across portions of texas and oklahoma. high temperatures make it into the 70s as we head into this afternoon. we are looking at an area of low pressure swinging on through relatively weak. we are not talking about flooding rain or thunderstorms showers in oklahoma and texas. as we head northbound we have an area of low pressure relatively quick mover not a lot of moisture with this system either. sn snowfall accumulations can be anywhere from 2-4 inches of snow. nothing too significant. we have the winter weather
2:39 am
advisories across the great lakes region and portions of the state of west virginia and southwestern parts of pennsylvania. bundle up. factor in the wind it feels even colder of course. >> ladies rule the entertainment portion of the super bowl. first jennifer hudson's emotional performance with the sandy hook elementary school performance. corn mu ♪ >> then it was alicia keys. she sang the longest national anthem at the super bowl ever. it lasted 156 seconds. ♪
2:40 am
>> finally after weeks of speculation destiny's child did reunite at the half time show with "single ladies." ♪ >> beyonce had millions of people watching that she sure knows how to sing and move. >> they were great last night weren't they? >> fabulous. >> highlights from the super bowl. quarterback joe flacco leading baltimore 34-31 win. three touchdowns in the game. in the first half zero
2:41 am
interceptions the entire playoff. he was named mvp for one of the best post seasons ever. ray lewis has another super bowl title. >> we got it for you. there's no greater way as a champ to go out on your last ride. >> then another touching scene, this one here jim harbaugh congratulating his brother john for winning the super bowl. but john paid tribute to his younger brother. look at this. >> there's no greater competitor, there's no greater coach than the national football league or in world as far as i am concerned than jim harbaugh. >> john harbaugh is 2-0 against his brother. >> it is 40 minutes after the hour. we showed you how the baltimore ravens fans were celebrating last night and into the morning. how did the 49er fans handle their loss? this video didn't land in our good today. we will show it to you in just a
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bit. >> image if you were able to buy a house without putting any money down? that's what banks are doing. >> didn't that get you into trouble before? ÷÷
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>> it is 44 minutes after the guard. drills include high fire exercises nafl maneuvers and submarine detection grills. this comes amid signs north korea will carry out a third ballistic missile test. a pakistani teen shot in the head by the taliban is now in stable condition after under going two successful surgeries.
2:46 am
malala doctors say that she is awake and she is talking to her family. the 15-year-old was attacked in october while standing up for girl's education. and finally thousands of people attending a vigil outside of a nightclub where 237 people died last week after a fire broke out. they lit candles and placed flowers to pay tribute to the victims. >> what do you have out there? >> no money down mortgages, well they are back. those are the same loan that is put many homeowners into foreclosure. will history repeat itself? diane macedo has the story for us. many home buyers are buying houses with 100 percent financing. banks say they are not repeating the same that helped push the u.s. into a housing crisis a few years ago. this time around they are almost exclusive by being offered with clients with sizable assets and
2:47 am
still require of form of collateral. instead of a down payment it's a piece of the investment portfolio. 20-40 percent is secured by investments. you might think people who have that kind of investment portfolio probably have carbon hand, too. this allows them avoid tieing up funds or making withdraws from interest earning accounts especially in some cases the return on investments is bigger than the rate they pay on their loan. it allows them to avoid the capital gains tax that would come with liquidating their investment portfolios. it makes up a small portion of the banks's lending. it sites a 10 percent increase in 2012 from the year before. they sadie manned is 2-3 times more than what it was. >> can't believe we are back here already. thanks diane.
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it is 46 after the top of the hour. still ahead it's lieutenant nanny to you. why veterans are being recruited to replace the nanny. >> maybe i can have the temper tantrums with my 3-year-old. >> still hoping to get the valentine's day gift for someone special. it will sweep your honey off his or her feet. >> didn't we just buy christmas presents? [ piano plays ]
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>> coming up on "fox & friends" 10 minutes from now. the ravens won, beyonce played, the lights went out. brian kilmeade has more from new orleans. also whiads did you love. which won the ad meter.
2:52 am
we will tell you our favorites. in addition to donald trump and bobby ginneda ginnedaljindal, i a helicopter parent this book tells it all, let them fail. >> good morning to you, ladies. >> good morning. it is 9 minutes to the top of the hour. a former navy seal offered to m match parents with the ultimate protection. female veteran and caregivers. this is a picture of the no nonsense nannies already lined up for the program. the defense intelligence agency taking a heat for offensive teaching them to use their looks to be successful. suggestions include wear makeup put on skirt instead of slacks and paint your nails. the head of the dia later apologized calling the session
2:53 am
offensive. valentine's day is 10 days away. if you are in the mood for a get away with your significant other we have a perfect romantic suggestions for you. joining us now is senior editor of tral loss city has a look at specific deals. first one is new york city if you like the cold weather. >> we have a 7 night vacation package at the waldorf astoria. right on park avenue in the heart of all of the action. it's $973 for the 7 nights including the flight. you are going to be staying in elegant rooms over sized marble bathrooms and you are five minutes from five star dining central park. you can cozy up with your sweetheart and take a carriage ride. >> that is a very nice hotel. the rate is per person. so it's $973 per person. still a good deal. especially with the hotel including air fair. >> mexico for those of us who want a warm get away.
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>> head to ply adel carmen. i found a gorgeous boutique hotel. mosquito blue resort and spa. it's stunning rooms tropical chic mixed withi italian flair. 1,081 dollars. you get access to a private beach club. you are right on the main road where all of the good shops are. >> napa valley beautiful area. >> rolling hills of napa valley. found a vacation package flight and hotel at the silverado resort. all of the rooms are spread out among 450 different cottages. you get the privacy and intimacy and world class vineyards surrounding you. $960 for the package. >> sounds like a nice idea you are not all over one another. >> finally cruises. you are a big fan of cruises. where is this one taking us? >> take euro man's on the high
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seas for royal caribbean navigate the seas it takes you to jamaica, you are going to cozumel, grand cayman. the ship is brimming with romantic details cigar bar, champagne bar. they do couple style treatments. nothing is more romantic looking out at the sunset as you sail away. $739 for a ocean view room. >> that is at all of the locations you mentioned. you can find the information at travelocity. it has been so cold in so many parts of the country terrific time to get away. >> here on the east coast a lot of kids have winter break something we never had when i was a kid. but they get off for a week. now would be a good time to get away. >> thank you so much from travel loss city. appreciate it. it is 54 after the hour. this 49er fan is so upset that she is sobbing in a bar. it is definitely not in our good
2:56 am
category today. it is the last chance to answer your question of the day. we want to know what your favorite moment was. do you have a favorite moment? >> yes. :
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>> that's a great song, isn't it? two minutes till the top of the


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