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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 11, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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right back at you and now a few days after that war of words took place, the judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail, however, this time he she was singing, well, a different tune. watch this. >> my behavior was very irrational and i apologize not only to the court and you, but to my family. >> (inaudible) i know, don't cry and-- >> i normally don't act like th that. i hope you learned that lesson. >> i did. >> i am going to vacate the
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judgment of contempt. >> thank you, your honor. >> good luck to you, ms. soto, i really do hope that you learned your lesson. >> thank you. >> sean: oh, a valuable lesson learned from all this is simply just not a good idea to flip off a judge and curse at him. just a friendly tip here from the "hannity" show and by the way, i love that judge. $5,000, $10,000, 30 days in jail. did you say blank you to me? goes right back at you. a great philosopher said it. and that's all the time this evening. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. greta is next to go on the record. we'll see you 11 eastern tomorrow night. >> tonight, living in fear and california tonight is on alert. the fired cops accused of killing three times and he wants to kill again. but can police find him first? >> 1 million dollars, this is the largest local reward ever offered to our knowledge.
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>> and with that price on his head and a posse on his tail, christopher dorner has been on the run for six days and officers to hunt him down. the office has filed criminal charges against christopher jordan dorner. as of this morning, i can tell you that we are following up on over 600 clues that have come in from the public. >> this search is not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. and i want christopher dorner to know that. >> this is an act, and make no mistake about it, of domestic terrorism. this is not about capturing a fleeing suspect. >> put your hands up. >> this is about preventing a future crime, likely a murder. his actions cannot go unanswered. >> and taking a hard line on this and the city says it's now going to reopen the case. >> we're going to reopen the
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investigation and take a look at all facets of that investigation. i'm not doing this to appease him. i'm doing this so that the community has faith in what the police department does. >> this individual by vote, his word and conduct has made it very clear to all of us, that every law enforcement officer in southern california is in danger of being shot or killed. killed. >> and it's unthinkable. it's incredibly dangerous, the latest on this manhunt we go live to fox news correspondent william la jeunesse. what is the latest in the search for this killer? >> well, greta. right now, police do not know where christopher dorner is and if they do, they're not saying, however, in the last hour, we have obtained a kip of affidavit in support of a search warrant of an arrest warrant, excuse me, that reveals two things that we did not know in the past.
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number one, a person identifying himself as dorner called ex-lapd officer randy quan and told him on the phone, you should have done a better job of protecting your daughter. dorner is wanted in killing the daughter monica and her fiance basically a week ago on sunday as retaliation for his firing. secondly, a u.s. marshal said in his affidavit, a member of the southwest border patrol. told the magistrate that he believes dorner is in mexico, and based in part a man looking like dorner, tied up the boat captain in san diego and attempting to take his 41 to 47 foot vessel and told the guy he was taking it to mexico to recover his boat that was last thursday and what was dorner doing up in big bear, up in the mountains far away? well, turns out, the marshall
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service had been tracking an associate of dorner he is jy, who had a relative who had property, a cabin up in big bear and was found about four hours later down in costa mesa, what that means, basically, four hours after his burning truck was found. that could be speculating here, his ride off that mountain after burning his vehicle. and so, where does that leave us? and finally, tmz is reporting tonight that they have obtained surveillance video from a scuba shop here in southern california of dorner, a man looking just like him, with two scuba tanks and scuba gear, purchasing that stuff. basically two days before he alleged killed quan and the day he was discharged from the navy. police confirmed to me tonight they're looking into that report. so, again, where does it leave you wil us?
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>> we know he was seen outside a san diego motel and know that the trail generally went cold up in the san bernardino mountains where that vehicle was burned and they lost his tracks in the snow. but we do know in riverside today, the d.a. there filed charges, murder charges against dorner, basically special circumstance that would allow for the death penalty in the killing of 34-year-old officer michael crane, an ex-marine, two tours in the middle east and leaves behind a wife and two children. now, as far as how can this guy, how long could this go on? greta, as you know, eric rudolph the olympic park bomber had a million dollar price on his head and he was out, been gone five years and no one knew where he was and whitey bollinger, underground for 12 years and a two million dollars price on his head. as much as we want it wrapped up like an episode of law and order, isn't necessarily the
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case, but these are new developments and information that we did not have before. >> greta: if i was the charges prosecutor, i would never add the special circumstances now, you can add it later. it tells them they're going to seek the death penalty and gives no incentive to turn himself in because they'll seek the death penalty. they may do that later and in many ways makes it much more difficult the chance he will surrender and not do a shootout and hurt somebody else in the process. william thank you and let us know if there's more breaking news. and christopher dorner leaves behind that eerie manifesto and not only vowed revenge on the lapd, but the people he liked. there was james, his college friend. nice to see you, sir, nice to talk to you. >> good evening, nice to talk to you. >> greta: when is the last time you spoke to christopher dorner or had any contact with
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him? >> about 2008. >> greta: and under what circumstance. what was he like at the time. ? >> sure, he seemed to be the same chris dorner that i knew in college. he called me, we hadn't spoken in years since we graduated school in about 2001. and again, he called me about 2008. it was sort of a flent surprise out of the blue and we spoke where ten or 15 minutes on the phone and what the other had been up to the in previous few years, that's it. i obviously learned he was serving in the navy and working as a lapd officer at the time. >> in going back and sort of searching your memory back to when you played college with him and football with him, anything strike you as unusual about him. >> no, really not. and that's what, from my perspective, there's sort of this human element to this whole story that you know, folks who don't know mr. dorner probably aren't going to see. my experience with chris was that he was really just a great guy to be around. you know, pleasurable.
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he was well spoken, and smart, and just really a terrific person to be around. a person for whom i had a great deal of respect and then, you know, obviously to be sort of dragged into this scenario is-- it's bizarre to say the least, but certainly unexpected and something that's very uncharacteristic of, again, the mr. dorner that i was familiar with. >> when were you in college, what were his career aspirations, did he talk about wanting to be a police officer? >> i don't recall him talking about that. in fact, it was sort of not that big a deal, but struck me as a bit odd he took that career path because he and i would talk about current events and politics and i always got the impression he was left-leaning in terms of the political spectrum, not that it means he can't be a police officer. but it looked like he was enjoying it and he was happy with what he was doing. i'm all for that.
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>> greta: no grudges, wasn't a victim, didn't think people were against him, anything like that? >> no. i mean, he did tell me about, when i spoke to him in 2008 he told me that he had this ongoing grievance with the lapd and i frankly don't recall the details of it to the extent that he shared any with me, but i remember him talking about it and it didn't seem to be like it was a particularly big deal. i mean, it was, we could have been any stressful situation that any of us deal with with our employer from time to time. i didn't walk away from conversation thinking it was catastrophic in nature and he didn't show any signs at least that i perceived of aggression or violence or that he was
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>> this is weapons training by dorner in los angeles in 2005... [loud commotion]. >> after 3 years on the force, dorner was fired. police say his firing is what set off his current revenge plot. we have a daily breeze reporter with more on that. sandy, there is news tonight that that investigation is being reopened from the case that ended up causing him to lose his job? >> reporter: right. this weekend, they announced they are going to reopen the case because people were questioning whether dorner should have been fired or not.
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>> this is getting so -- this is so sordid because now he's accused of and probably did commit horrible murders. take me back to what was this case about in 2008 that led to the hearings and led to the firings? >> reporter: he was hired by lapd in 2006, when he went through the academy... and he was in the navy at the time. he joined the navy -- the naval reserves after college. so he got deployed to bahrain in 2006. he went away for 13 months. he came back. at this point, he had only served -- started has police training, you know, in the field for a few months. so he came back. he... was a probationary police officer, just like anybody else. he had a training officer. and he went out -- pretty
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routine call to the doubletree hotel in san pedro because there was a mentally ill man who wouldn't leave the premises in 2007. me and his training officer went up to the man, asked him to come along with them. he resisted. he tried to run away. they grappled with him. as they were grappling with him, they fell in some bushes, the training officer tased him a few times. and they -- dorner got the cuffs on him and they took him away. >> about two weeks later? two weeks later, dorner said that the training officer had kicked the arrestee. right? >> reporter: right. the training officer, evans, had given dorner a not great review and said, he has issues to work on in order to pass his probationary period. the next day, dorner went to his sergeant and said, you know, you
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know... this incident that happened, he kicked him in the face. it was awful. you know, it was excessive use of force. >> all right. the training officer was a woman. and i am curious, did the arrestee ever testify at the hearing that the training officer did or did not kick him or hit him? >> reporter: well, he's schizophrenic and has dementia. they couldn't get a solid answer out of him. at one point, he said that he might have been kicked once. but he also said he hadn't been kicked. the evidence showed he hadn't been kicked. the only person who really, other than dorner said he had been kicked was the arrestee's father, who said at one point that the -- >> he wasn't there. but he said the arrestee told him that. is that right? >> reporter: right. >> sandy, thank you very much.
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>> reporter: thank you. >> it's not just the police on alert in california. scpielt airport workers are on high alert. kate, the police fear he's going to go to one of these local airports and hijack or grab a plane? >> reporter: i don't know if they don't know how lent that concern is. but the tsa did issue an alert a couple of kay daying -- days ago, saying that was something they wanted to look out for. they sent a message out to the community, to aircraft operators and to pilot, they warned that dorner was believeed to have some aircraft and flight training during his time in the navy. they didn't know how much training he had. there was no specific information that he was considering using planes. but they wanted people to keepan eye out for suspicious passengers or missing aircraft.
10:16 pm
they wanted to have everybody have an extra eye for something like that, in case he were to use that. >> all right. it is not just l.a.x., which has a tremendous amount of -- or burbank, a tremendous amount of security, the major airports. but there are a lot of tiny airports and private planes in the los angeles area, aren't there? >> reporter: correct. and the person i spoke with this morning, people being of tsa and they think of the major airports that we travel through on a daily basis. but there are a lot of smaller entities that the tsa oversees, including small landing strips on airfields and small airports and smaller cities. and so they believe that that was maybe more of an instance where dorner might be able to, if he were to seek out an airplane, that those smaller places might be better targets for him, rather than a large, commercial plane at a large,
10:17 pm
highly secured airport facility. >> the police have a man who has killed. he's threatened to kill, tried to hijack a boat. they find his burned-out truck in bear mountain. he has a border nearby. you have all of these small airports and the entire police forsterorizeed with people literally want leaving their homes on the police force, under protection, right? >> reporter: there is definitely a high alert here in southern california, as this has gone on. one of the things that is also notable about this is the high-profile nature of the case and the threats that are alleged that dorner made have a lot of people keeping an eye out for him. so authorities have chased tips and possible sightings all across the region. we have gone up from big bear, where the truck was found, down to san diego, where he allegedly tried to steal a boat and left some of his personal property. we have kind of covered the map. authorities have issued a statewide alert in california,
10:18 pm
washing the -- warning the entire state to be keeping an eye out. and nevada authorities, when we talked to them last week, issued a similar statewide warning. arizona authorities have, you know, been told to keep an eye out. and border security has been boosted as the manhunt continues. >> of course, the warning, if anyone is watching and does think he or she has seen them, call the police. dont approach him. this is a man who wants to kill again. kate, thank you. >> reporter: thanks so much. >> the hunt for christopher dorner continues. we will keep you updated and bring you new information as soon as we get it. straight ahead, a famous neurosurgeon blasting obamacare in front of president obama. what did dr. benjamin carson say? where did he say it and congressman allen west is here to talk about it next. new questions of infidelity, surrounding the murder of an american woman in turkey. what cryptic message did her
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>> the 61st annual national prayer breakfast, one speaker getting more media attention than president obama. john hopkins neuro surgeon
10:23 pm
giving his interpretation of taxes and health care. >> a lot of money for health care, twice as much per capita than anybody else in the world and yet, not very efficient. you make 10 billion dollars you put in a billion. you make $10 you put in one of course got to get rid of the loopholes. [applause], but now, now some people say, they say well, that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made 10 billion dollars as much as the guy who made 10-- where does it say you have to hurt the guy he just put a billion dollars in the pot we don't need to hurt him. >> greta: and was his speech inappropriate based on the location and the timing. former congressman allen west joins us. >> good evening, greta how are you. >> greta: very well. and you notice that the doctor is a world famous neuro surgeon causing controversy among some because they're made at the prayer breakfast,
10:24 pm
your thoughts on that, sir? >> i don't think it should cause controversy, i thought we lived in measure are could have-- america where you could have freedom of speech and his assessment of the health care and culture of government to the individual. and what i think has everyone upset is he violated the unwritten rule of being an african-american male and he criticized the policies of president obama which i can somewhat understand having been on the other side of a lot of attacks as well. but, if you go back to september of 2012, there was the chairman of the congressional black caucus, emanuel cleaver who gave ayn credible statement saying that if anyone else were in the white house other than president obama that they would be marching on the white house. and that the president obama knows that he is given a deference that would not be given to a white president and we were talking about the incredible 14% unemployment rate in the black community.
10:25 pm
and i think that we cannot continue to go on believing that all we can do is ask the president what his favorite color is and continue to have the softball interviews. we have to start talking about the policies that are failing this country and i think that dr. carson hat-tipped to him for that platform and being able to challenge those policies. >> greta: what do you think that president obama thought sitting there? >> well, i think he felt for the first time someone has stood up to me because pretty much he's been given a free pass. just recently we saw in that 60 minutes interview, so, it's rather pavolvian if you continue to reward this type of behavior and failing policy without any type of challenge that comes from the media and furthermore, when you see him going out and about, he continues to be placed in front of you know the fawning audiences that just clap and they become campaign rallies more than anything else. so i believe it's time we have to start standing up and
10:26 pm
challenge the president and see what happens tomorrow night in the state of the union address. >> greta: congressman, we go on to another topic, so much to talk to you b i want to hear from you about, but i want to ask the viewers, do you think that dr. carson's speech was inappropriate for the prayer breakfast or not. go to and what you think. and seal team six member, the one who shot and killed usama bin laden. tonight he's making new accusations against the obama administration, the former seal telling he is-- est quire magazine. th that... congressman what do you think of the navy seal's accusation? >> well, interestingly enough, general charge washington,
10:27 pm
president george washington had a famous quote that said future generations will serve the service to the country how well we treat her veterans and this is an example of exactly that. when you're between that 15 to 20 year point if you terminate your service you get a little less pension and when you get to 20 year point, you're considered retired. i was 22 years, and 55% pension, the thing is when you look at tri care benefits that this gentleman should have, we should not have an administration that should be taking away those benefits and this is the man who took away the world's number one hated terrorist and we should treat him better for sure because we're pretty much allowing the muslim brotherhood to operate freely. in transitioning out he should have had an incredible job opportunity waiting for him. >> i think when people get wind of the fact that he's looking for a job, he ought to
10:28 pm
have one. he has done the job that, you know, we all-- he and his colleagues and so many in the military, but he and his colleagues in particular, the job of getting usama bin laden, something that we all so desperately wanted to have happen. congressman, thank you, sir. >> i will tell you. >> greta: go ahead. >> he went above and beyond the call of duty. >> greta: he did indeed and so many do. thank you, sir. >> thank you. coming up now, governors trying to coax business toss relocate to their state and governor scott walker against who? well, governor walker is here next and we'll find out. vice-president joe biden, he's done it again. what did he say thi
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>> they need to know which cuts help us on education and scientific and the rest are hurtful and the rest by sequestration, so it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. we have a budget deficit problem that we have to address. >> greta: no spending problem. representative kathleen mcmorris robbins joins us, house chair of republican conference. no spending problem? >> it was a little surprising to hear nancy pelosi say that. certainly suggest that pelosi, democrats, do not recognize we have a spending problem. and it doesn't make sense to
10:33 pm
me. i think any family recognizes when you're-- when you have spent on your credit card. there's a time when the bills come due and you don't get to go to the credit card company and say, well, i just have more debt here. but i don't have a spending problem. >> well, you have a spending problem. >> speaker boehner said that president obama has said something similar to him, but today, the white house press secretary, jay carney says of course, the president believes we have a spending problem, specifically driven by health care spending and that's a fact. so, there's some pushback on at least on leader pelosi's statement over the weekend. >> well, president obama hasn't recognized that we had a spending problem either. you think back to his first inaugural address and he says he's going to cut the deficit in half by the first term and we've seen record deficits, record spending, trillion dollar plus deficits for as long as president obama's been in office. so for the average american,
10:34 pm
$50,000 in debt. it's gone up 50% since president obama's been in office and his solution to ever fiscal problem that we face has been to raise taxes not to look at the spending side of the equation. >> what do you think he's going to say tomorrow night the state of the union. >> he hopes to talk about the economy and job, an inauguration. >> and more of a rough picture speech than the state of the union. >> right, but i think we continue to see where the economy is our number one issue, jobs getting americans back to work and this is the slowest recovery in the history of this country. and i hope that president obama talks about, oh, how we're going to work to get americans back to work. >> you're part of the leadership, i'm curious, we're pushing up on this march 1st sequestration deadline, have you heard from the white house? i mean, is there a dialog going on between the white house and the house of representatives about the sequestration, at the principal levels, like between
10:35 pm
the president and the speaker and the republican leadership. >> not that i'm aware of. and this was the president's ideas on sequestration, the republicans, we've put forward a replacement, to replace the sequestration cuts with other types of cuts. we've put forward a proposal >> north korea says it's tested a nuclear device, a mini device. south korea confinger the third nuclear test. concerns that the test that the test began after an explosive-like 4.9 magnitude areg was registered, where north korea's conducted previous tests. south korea's defense ministry raised its military alert level,
10:36 pm
after what the u.n. describes as unusual seismic activity. the north has said the u.s. is their prime target for their nuclear weapons program. the office of the u.s. director of national intelligence is aware of a seismic event with explosive characteristics in north korea and is evaluating all of the relevant informs now. the test comes after tough sanctions from the u.n., following a december rockets launch, one the u.n. condemned as a cover for a long-range missile test. last month, north korea vowed to continue testing powerful long-range nuclear missiles. the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting on north korea's nuclear test. that will happen on tuesday morning. we will, of course, be covering this all day fur to let you know what this means for the u.s. keep it here on fox newschannel for more information. now we go back to "on the record," already in progress.
10:37 pm
address, governor of minnesota firing back. >> job growth in 2012 was the 12th best among all 50 states and we outperformed three of our four neighbors. iowa ranked 30th best. south dakota 44th, wisconsin which is which by the way is open for business-- (laughter) (applaus (applause) >> wisconsin helped bring up the rear at 42nd. >> greta: wisconsin's governor scott walker joining us. >> good evening, good to be with you, greta. >> greta: so you're trying to poach some businesses from your neighbor, from minnesota? >> well, we're pointing out the differences. you know, as i mentioned illinois in the past raised taxes and you see how well that worked out for them. massive budget problems and pension system is a mess the worst one in the country and
10:38 pm
they continue to have problems in that state and now, a governor who, for the past two years, had a republican majority and blocked taxes and now has his on party in st. paul and see a 2 billion dollar tax increase proposed and business ins each of those states we think will look closer at wisconsin and see now that our tax is down and we're continuing to lower income taxes and equally as important, a 6 billion dollars budget deficit and turned it into a 1/2 billion dollar surplus and that's why the rankings show in chief executive magazine, we're versus 36th in the rank of minnesota and near the bottom when it comes to illinois and we want to improve our rankings and compete with the top states out there. >> i can understand trying to poach from even michigan, but minnesota and in-state tuition, a sort of cross border business agreements for
10:39 pm
years between the two states so i'm surprise today see there's now sort of a spat between those two states. the governor and i worked in others, the bridge and other issues you've mentioned out there. particularly when you look at hudson and saint croix county, one of the fastest growing, a suburban area of st. paul in particular, not much further away is hudson from st. paul and walkasaw from milwaukee and i think that as the which ises look at the 2 billion dollars in tax increases proposed there they'll look at expansion. i don't know if that's look to businesses themselves expand it's easy to go east of the st. croix river just as north of the illinois state line and in the right direction. you look at rankings a lot like the tallies when it comes to super bowl trophies for the green bay packers versus those that the minnesota vikings
10:40 pm
don't have. i knew you'd appreciate that analogy. >> greta: i do appreciate that analogy and i suppose, too, the wisconsin income tax 7.9% compared to higher in minnesota 9.8%, but you also have, your unplymouth rate is a little higher than minnesota's right now. >> it is and it started out considerably higher than minnesota's was two years ago, tim pawlenty was the governor until 2010 and left that state in pretty good shape when it comes to the economy. >> greta: and he left a big deficit. >> what's that? >> didn't governor pawlenty leave a pretty hefty deficit? >> in terms of the economy their unemployment ras was lower than the state of wisconsin ours went down from 8% down to about 6 1/2%, a couple of years before i was governor, as high as 9%, but we're turning things around and i think not just when it comes to taxes. we've had the last two years, property taxes have gone down the first time in the two consecutive years after 12
10:41 pm
years of taxes going up. we see income taxes in my budget goes down and streamlined, and not only for businesses coming in, but here in wisconsin and hoping to grow here and i think it's one of the things competition is good. we need to compete not only with the other states, but states where there are republican governors because we want to continue to be the best out there. >> greta: governor, always nice to see you. from the great state of wisconsin i might add. nice to see you. coming up, accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend in the shower on the witness stand. stand. for the first time jodi arias [ manager 1 ] out here in the winds,
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10:44 pm
right now, it's not known whether north korea conducted its widely anticipated third nuclear test. nuclear blasts can create tremor, but different from those caused by natural earthquakes. the south korea defense ministry trying to determine what caused tonight's tremors, and north korea vowing to fire long range powerful missiles, but no mention of conducting another nuclear test and u.s. and allies have been on edge since last month when north korea announced it will conduct a third nuclear test. north korea's threat comes in protest of the united nations toughened sanctions and north korea says the u.s. is its prime target for nuclear tests prime target for nuclear tests and long range rockettttt to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team will be our new senior social media strategists. any questions? since we make radiator valves wouldn't it be better if we just let fedex help us to expand to new markets? hmm gotta admit that's better than a few "likes."
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>> and the new york woman travelling alone and murdered in turkey. and her husband posted a
10:47 pm
cryptic message about infidelity before her solo trip. in a instn instagram, he said dt cheat in a relationship. if you're unhappy leave and posting a real relationship is where you can tell everyone everything and anything, no secrets and no lies. there's more. fox's new york reporter lisa everett with the latest. i guess now the fbi has turned a corner on this thinking of what this woman was up to et cetera. >> yes, they definitely have, and there's now information, and those messages i checked before we came on, those are still posted on steven sierra's instagram account and late tonight told a new york newspaper that those messages are not an indication of marital discord or problems. he's claiming that he posted those in order to warn other couples. this man has been under tremendous strain.
10:48 pm
late last week he had to tell their two sons nine and 11 that their mother was not coming home that mommy died. he's been under a great deal of strain. but in terms of the investigation, this is adding a lot to it because there are now indications that sarai sierra had communications with multiple men via instagram well before she left new york and meetings with men she had met through instagram in new york before they left on trip and the timing of the one, if you're unhappy in your relationship, don't cheat, just leave. a week and a half before she left so the timing of it is very curious. >> greta: once me got to turkey, i've always been sort of confused by the day trip to amsterdam. have the police determined or fbi what the purpose of that day trip to amsterdam was. >> no, they haven't and you pointed that out from the beginning of the story since we've been covering it and following it. it was very curious, here she is, strapped for money and taking this trip, and she was
10:49 pm
until recently a stay at home mom. they had money problems and on a very tight budget. her husband's a bus driver. she goes to istanbul and takes this day trip to amsterdam. according to a turkish newspaper there's a man in amsterdam, first name is amir and come forward and says he's the one that's been communicating with sarai sierra before she got there and that she stayed with him for a day while she was in amster dam. there was still no information about what they did and how they met and i think what's most interesting at this point, also, what we don't know. we don't know about the amsterdam trip and haven't heard anything at all about the several days she spent in munich, who she was with there and what she was doing and why she in fact took the side trims. >> greta: lisa, the plot thickens and i'm sure more information tomorrow night. if there is, come on back, thank you. >> thank you very much, greta. >> greta: the woman acued of shooting, stabbing and slitting her ex-boyfriend's
10:50 pm
throat in the shower. jodi arias taking the witness stand for the fourth days and after it would have other explanations she claims she killed travis alexander in self-defense. and defense attorneys trying to step up and show her as a victim and show she was physically abused by alexander. she claims that she lent him $700 and he got angry that she didn't lend him more money and that led to a fact. >> i didn't snap at him you reacted badly in the past when i did snap at him. but i did say. i said i just lent you $700, oh, he called me selfish 'cause i told him i didn't have it and i was going to california and that if i couldn't afford to lend him a few hundred dollars maybe i shouldn't go to california maybe i should stay and think a lot of-- and that's not a problem. a reflection of my own
10:51 pm
personal finances and so, i was-- i thought how can you call me selfish i just lent you $700 and when i said that, he got angry and he -- he crossed the room and he started shaking me and he said (bleep) sick of you, and he was screaming at me loud and spit gum in my face, i mean, spitting on me as he was talking and slap me on the foot of his bed. >> and the defense lawyer had arias hold up her hand and claims her finger never healed properly after he broke it in a fight. arias will be on the witness stand tomorrow. >> an earthquake was detected >> an earthquake was detected in north korea, w try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable,
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>> we are just hearing from the agency, the international agency that monitors this kind of activity that they have detected an unusual seismic event from north korea, according to a spokeswoman for the
10:56 pm
comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty organization, an agency set up to monitor compliances with a ban on nuclear tests. it is interesting to point out that the size of this -- this seismic activity is in the 4.9 range, i think you were saying. back in -- if you look at the past two nuclear tests that were carried out by north korea, the first one in 2006 was a magnitude 4.1 and in 2009, during the last test, it was a 4 .52 magnitude. so it's in the range we saw in the past. the pentagon special other officials we have reached out to cannot confirm that there was a nuclear test. >> fenjennifer, thank you. if you get more information, let us know, thank you. coming up, your last call. vice-president joe biden has done it again. wait until you hear what he said this time t. has to do with the pope. that's next. rce we need to compete on the global stage.
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