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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 12, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning. it is tuesday february 12th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". we start with a fox news alert. north korea conducting a third
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nuclear test overnight drawing widespread condemnation. the u.n. security counsill pla to hold a meeting. >> on the day president obama focusing on the state of the union address he will have to divert his attention to what's going on to more provocative actions to north korea. north korea detonate ago miniature nuclear device at a test facility. the united nations confirms fox ne blast was larger than previous test 4.9 on the richter scale. he is calling it a highly provocative act. the president further states these provocations not make north korea more secure far from achieving the goal of becoming a strong and prosperous nation north korea instead increasingly
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isolated and i am pov rished people through the i will add vised pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery. >> they come on the heels of launch ing intercont nontal missile tests. they are concerned about the north's latest nuclear test. they fear the north is moving toward a weaponzation program that could threaten the international community. china which provide aid to north korea also issued a statement condemning today's testing stating that we strongly urge -- we strongly urge the north koreans to stop and honor their commitment to de nukezation and refrain from any move that may further worsen the situation. president obama is calling the national community the u.s. security council to take steps to cush north korea's nuclear
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ambitions. >> kelly wright reporting live for us from washington. >> it is time for your top 5@5:00. we are hours away from president obama's first state of the union address of his second term. we are told the president's address will focus on his plans for gun control legislation, immigration reform and increasing government spending to boost the economy. florida senator marco rubio will give the republican response and kentucky senator rand paul will deliver the tea party response. 4,000 people stranded at sea in the gulf of mexico has been pushed back by another day. lost power after an engine fire set to be towed to mexico but it drifted so far north it will be towed to alabama and will not arrive until thursday. they have been bringing supplies
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to the ship. passengers are said to be sleeping in tents on decks with limited access to bathrooms water and food. now that pope benedict xvi is revining at the end of the month who will replace him. one of the top contenders is from ghana he would be the first black pope. one of the strongest candidates from latin america is from brazil. only cardinals under the age of 80 can vote for pope benedict's successor which means 118 are eligible. this morning the two mowning men charged with murdering a chicago teen will make their first appearance in court. police say 20-year-old kenneth williams and 18-year-old michael ward mistook her and her friends for members of a rival gang and shot them in retaliation. >> i am amazed. i am so excited.
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i am happy that the murder is off t -- murderer off the street. >> she died one week after performing at the president's inauguration. >> such a sad story. president obama presented a brave army receipt van with our nation's highest military award the medal of honor. former staff sergeant was at a combat out post in afghanistan in 2009 when three taliban fighters launched an ambush. it was one of the bloodiest of the war. they called in air support that killed 30 enemy fighters and resiced h -- risked his life to retrieve the bodies of the fallen p. >> they fought valiantly and magnificently that day.
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i will forever be humbled to his commitment to service and loyalty to one another. >> before the ceremony his son stole the show. he tried to climb the president's podium and then made a dash for the chair where his dad would sit. >> that is your 5@5:00. >> it is time to look at who is talking and we are return to t the manhunt the fugitive ex cop accused of killing three people. police say they believe christopher dorner may have had an accomplice who helped him flee to new mexico. he has been on the run since the rampage that happened february 3rd in california. >> as we learn new details about the case we are hearing from one of his friends. a college friend who auz named in his manifesto talked about
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the time the two of them were in contact. >> seemed to be the same chris dorner i met in school. we hadn't talked in 2001. we spoke for 10 or 15 minutes over the phone caught up and talked about what we had been up to over the previous few years. that was about it. obviously i learned he had served in the navy and was working as an lapd officer at the time. he spoke to him in 2008 he said he had an ongoing grievance with the lapd i don't recall the details to the extent he shared it with me. require him talking about it and it didn't seem to be like it was a particularly big deal. it could have been any stressful situation that any of us deal with with our employer from time to time. i didn't walk away from that conversation thinking that it was catastrophic in nature. he certainly didn't show any
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signs at least that i perceived of aggression or violence. >> he said this is very uncharacteristic and unexpected. >> the northeast is getting back to normal after a blizzard this past weekend. check out this. extreme weather pounding the upper midwest dropping ore a foot of snow in some parts. hardest hit minnesota and dakotas. in the southeast heavy rain floods over streams and creeks shutting down this road in georgia. let's check in with maria molina for an update. >> acoulds portions of the southeast we have had to deal with severe weather around the last couple days now we are seeing flooding being a concern. not just yesterday but today into tomorrow. we will continue to have to deal with heavy thunderstorms across
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portions of the carolina, georgia, alabama, mississippi even into portions of louisiana out here through out the day today. we have flash flood watching in effect and flood warnings. there is a possibility to see more severe weather. it is sort of the panhandle southern portions of alabama southeastern louisiana including the city of new orleans. any one out there needs to pay attention to what's going on with the weather. tornadoes will be possible through out the day. they will be through out portions of texas and oklahoma and we could be seeing out here as much as a foot of snow. there is a winter storm warning in effect. we have snow coming down northeastern colorado and texas
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panhandle. snowfall temperatures will be seeing the snow into the 30s. high temperatures into the northeast. very mild. that will be the story pretty much for most of us across the area and new england. expect that over the weekend to continue to mount. heather and patti ann i have good news and bad news. we could be seeing another nor' easter as we head into through thursday. another one to track coming this weekend. >> thank you very much maria. >> stories you can bank on this morning you ma be looking to buy a used car in this economy. there's a new warning about millions of cars that you need to know about before you sign on that dotted line. joining us from the fox business network is lauren simonetti. thank you for joining us. >> the car you are buying may
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not be in the condition you think it is. >> there might be a recall on it then they are look to go resell it without fixing the recall. car fax says 2 million vehicles were up for sale on-line last year. the numbers are hire than that since car fax had the web posting. >> it could be great news if you need to negotiate down the price tag. you have to check in your car has a sift recall. also states like california are looking for requiring sellers to repair notecations to selling them. >> i am you can purchase off of
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twitter with an american express. how is this going to work? >> it is taking social commerce to a whole new level. they are letting certain card holders by using gift cards. you can buy actual items on twitter using special hash tags. you tweet hash tag by digital camera or timely mx flower offer. then you make the confirmation from american express and you retweet that confirmation within 15 minutes to make the purchase. once it is sent the product is sent to you. this process. >> safety. >> huge issue, i know. i would be a little scared to do something like this. american express is not storing credit card information with the merchants and twitter. the way you have to link everything. >> twitter had a problem last
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week they were hacked into. i don't know if i would be the first to do it. see how it works out in the long run. good to see you. >> patti ann? >> heather it is time to brew on this. we have a fun pop tick. resear reers researchers s found they are twice as likely to steal food when the room is dark. doesn't matter whether or not there's a person in the room. this shows dogs are considering what their owners can see before they act. we wanted to know do you think your dog understands you. send us your comments. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail them to breaking her silence amanda knox prepares to talk for the
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first time ever being accused of murder in italy. talk about how you are going to be paying more at the pump.
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>> 16 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. the u.s. college student cleared in a high profile murder in italy will finally break her silence. 25-year-old amanda knox is set to take the trial by diane sawyer on abc use. knox's book waiting to be heard. knox is convicted of murdering her british roommate. that conviction was overturned in 2011. >> gas prices soaring shooting up $0.07 from last week.
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the average over 3.60 a gallon since october. prices have been skteadily climbing since then. >> thank you patti ann. >> the massive cleanup process begins this morning after about 200 homes were destroyed or damaged that terrifying tornado that ripped through mississippi. many still in shock over what happened. >> the window blew out. >> always amazing to see mississippi and the resilience and determination and families that are out working together picking up debris around their home. >> about 60 people were hurt in the storm. amazingly no one was killed. former navy seal chris kyle will be laid to rest. thousands are expected to line the procession route from dallas to austin to show their support just as they did last night was
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an emotional memorial service for the american hero. >> there were 7,000 people. they all filled the stadium to pay their respects as pictures of kyle and his family played on the big screen. friends shared their memories of kyle calling him a man who would do anything for a fellow seal and then his wife gave a heartbreaking eulogy to her husband. >> i stand before you a broken woman that i am now and always will be the wife of a man who was a warrior both on and off the battlefield. >> kyle served four tours in iraq. he was considered one of america's deadliest snierps. he also wrote the best selling book "american sniper." he was murdered last weekend by a former marine who he was trying to help. the time now is 19 minutes
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after the top of the hour and he is the navy seal who killed osama bin laden. for the first time since that raid he is breaking his silence. you want to hear this the incredible details of that night are coming right up. >> major changes heading for the nfl it could effect every player on the field. that story coming up. ♪
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>> in just a few hours democrats will push heyed with chuck hagel's nomination to be defense secretary.
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the senate armed services community will hold despite widespread concern from republicans. it comes as they did not disclose at least two recent speeches on the middle east on disclosure forms. a white house aid said that he did not try to hide anything. lawmakers accusing the federal government of hiding the real reason five veterans died. an investigation revealed a breakdown in protocol meaning that the outbreak likely could have been prevented. patti anne? >> the navy seal who killed osama bin laden during that raid is breaking his silence. one of america's bravest heros says he feels abandoned by the military. >> good morning. he is referred to only as the shooter in an interview just published by esquire magazine. we get a breath taking account of what happened that night in
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pakistan. he says the second he sabine laud he knew the seal had their man. he acted quickly he says before bin laden could reach for his gun. in that second i shot him. two times in the forehead, the second time as he is going down. he crumbled on to the floor in front of his bed and i hit him again. bap. same place. he was dead. not moving. but the man who bravely served our country and heroically killed the leader of al qaeda is now struggling just to survive. the shooter retired about 36 months before meeting the 20-years of service. so he is without an income because he doesn't qualify for his pension. he is struggling to find a job pay his bills and put food on his table. he does not have healthcare has to wait months on disability claims. the shooter and his wife officially separated. he and his wife and children living in constant fear they say
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they are considering changing their names and removing references to the shooter's name knowing they are at risk his wife and his kids. the author of the article says the shooter's story shows more must be done for the courageous men and women defending our country. >> extraordinarily resourceful guy it is not about him. he has not capitalized on the raid. he has not written a book. he has not made money from it but he's struggling in the sense that a lot of these guys are struggling they are not getting enough transition help. >> the navy says it is committed to smooth transitions to civilian life but needs more information on the case in order to respond. >> ainsley earhardt, thank you. coming up at 6:30 on fox and friends the author of the esquire article phil bronstein talks about his interview with the navy seal team 6 member. >> 26 after the hour. still to come, image waking up with a gun to your head.
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the whole thing was caught on camera. >> you have seen this picture. look at that. is this a sign from a higher power or what? lightening strikes the vatican the same day that the president makes the big announcement. but first on this day in history back in 1809. look who was born president abraham lincoln in kentucky. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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>> i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather cheryleds. it is half past the top of the hour. a fox news alert a few hours from now the u.s. security council will hold an emergency meeting about north korea's latest nuclear test. >> it's the first test since 2006 it is drawing criticism to countries around the world. kelly wright has details for us. >> good morning to you. president obama cause calls north korea's test a highly provocative act. it detonated a miniature nuclear device successfully at a north korean test site.
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today's blast was larger than previous tests measuring 4.9 on the rector scale. in a statement released these provocations do not make north korea more secure far from achieving the stated goal of becoming a strong and prosperous nation north korea instead increasingly isolated and i am pov rished people through i will add vased pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and means of delivery. the actions come on the heels of launching a successful intercontinental missile test last december. they tell fox news they are concerned about the north's latest nuclear tests. they fear the north is moving toward a weaponzation program that could threaten the international community. >> this is a very provocative act that undermines peace and stability. i think it will be critical for us to coordinate this to south
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korea. >> china which provide aid to south korea is critical to the north's testing. they are charging north korea to the commitment to de nukezati - nuclearzation. president obama is calling on the international community and 6 party nations and u.s. security council to take the steps to curve north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> kelly wright live in washington. thank you. now it is time for your 5@5:30. the top five stories makings news for you at this hour. an ugly custody battle turns into a shooting. he walked into a courtroom and killed two women. the gunman exchanged fire with police and was shot and killed. >> everybody (inaudible n. (
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>> nerve-racking to say the least. police have not identified the shooter. >> a terrifying wake up call for a man in cleveland when three men break into his home. the entire thing was caught on security cameras at the house. >> 911. >> some guy busted in my house with machine guns. ed men armed with all the rifles breakdown the doors and ram sack the home. the victim said he feared for his life. >> took me down stairs. >> one suspect removed his mask once he got outside. they are hoping it leads to an arrest. >> we know who tipped off
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police. the lottery winner may not have died of natural causes. the brother now says he has nightmares and demanded investigators conduct more tests after doctors claim he died of natural causesment. it has been determined he had been poisoned with cyanide. he died days before collecting his jackpot. now his widow is pushing to get his $2 million he is skate. no arrests have been made. >> we are getting a first look at lindsayvonn after successful procedure. you can see a cast on vonn's leg. she posted i am recovering at home in vail with my family. want to thank everyone for their well wishes. it will be a long and hard road back but i will be back. >> i believe she will. >> new orleans gearing up for
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mardi gras today. this is a live look at bush bonn street in the heart of the city. "fat tuesday" is the grand finale of the week long carnival celebration. it is said to be the biggest and the best one yet. it is the giant party ahead of ash wednesday in the lent season. this year's event is said to generate $3 million for the city. that is your 5@5:30. talking more about new orleans later in our travel section. take a look at who is talking. this morning a big talker in the beltway. the president's first state of the union address for his second term. it is blaefed the president will talk about gun control i am brakes a -- immigration and the economy. this is what brit hume was talking about telling bill o'reilly that he doesn't believe a major set of change or changes is on the way. >> the other question is, bill,
2:38 am
will he make the long-awaited -- finally make the long-awaited pivot to the economy. he is going to pivot to the economy because it is still weak. i have had a suspicion for a long time bill this president is not really very interested in or by the economy. he doesn't fully understand it. he is much more preoccupied with the quality of income and with social justice han he is with the growth of the economy. the economy is bumping along at one or two percent vogt i don't think he will go out of his way and adopt any policies that aren't completely comfortable with him to try to boost the growth. >> he says marco rubio will be giving the gop response. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather update.
2:39 am
maria molina will be looking at parts of the country withat wil be seeing flooding and possibly tornadoes? >> unfortunately many of the same yareas that have to deal with flooding and it includes portions of mississippi, alabama florida panhandle southeastern louisiana. you mentioned mardi gras and new orleans that is a city that could be seeing some of the flooding across the area. very heavy storms. 2-3 inches of additional rainfall are expected today. that's in addition to the ground already saturated out here. we are in drought conditions across georgia and portions of south carolina so it will be helping out the drought conditions. we don't want to see any tornadoes we have the chance today anywhere from new orleans southeastern portions of louisiana alabama into the florida panhandle. panama city you are included in that as well. large hail damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes will be possible. if you are out here stay alert if you get any warnings issued
2:40 am
through the area we see storms through portions of georgia into south carolina and portions of the state of north carolina. as we head westbound we have an area of low pressure developing across portions of colorado also across northeastern portions of new mexico and texas and oklahoma panhandle. we are talking significant snowfall accumulation possible up to a foot of it. eventually the storm system heads up the east coast and we have another nor' easter wednesday night into early thursday morning. good news it will be a lot weaker than the last one. >> checking the calendar for spring. >> when is it coming? >> soon. >> now it is time to entertain this. tmz reporting one of the stars of the show storage wars has apparently tank his own life. he had previously been arrested two-days before for a drug related offense.
2:41 am
anna s an autopsy is scheduled for today. to a happier story swimsuit models making a big splash in new york city. they revealed the top 10 list last night. >> three recent employer's measurements. >> how does brent mussberger describe you. >> and kate he want ton. >> where is the strangest place you snchl inaudible n. (. >> alyssa miller says she will be live on fox and friends. this former nfl star has gone from dancing with the stars to shuffling with zombies. look at that.
2:42 am
that is unrecognizable in all of that makeup. he made the cameo on sunday's episode of "the walking dead." former university teammate stars on the show and helped him get on it. >> now for the starting lineup. they are forcing mateo to leave las vegas. he says he would prefer to have his next fight in china instead of vegas because of the tax rate. biggest changes ever in the nfl. the league is considering widening the playing field by 35 feet. that is the canadian football league standards. it would make it safer by reducing collision. she and her friends trashcr
2:43 am
quarterback's rehab. th we said are you rg3? he said yes. the trainer said you can get a picture after. >> they exchanged photos with rg3 on twitter. 41 after the hour. still to come a frightening helicopter crash during the taping of a tv show. the incredible ending to the story next. >> listen up could your pda be effecting your reslapgs. men you better keep your hands to yourself. that's public displays of affection.
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>> the chopter was racing a corvette for the south korean version of the show top year. call it a sign.
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>> lightening struck saint peters basilica. took 600 years to resign. >> several weren't runners have already emerged in the search for the pope's successor. joining us is sky news reporter wh who is live from rome. >> the speculation is about who will replace him. they think the cardinals should look for a younger successor. circulation about what sort of region the pope should come from. a lot of hinting about the possibility african pope or
2:48 am
latin america pope. two-thirds come from latin america. that would be a strong statement. i think the big thing is the age factor talking to the clergy and visitors here and they all felt it was time for a younger pope. we know the pope said after the 28th of february when the pope steps down the cardinals will gather 117 of them only under the age of 18 weare allowed to vote. only a number of days they will success the successes to pope benedict when they see the smoke rising we will know someone has been elected. >> the timed now is 47 after the top of the hour. coming up next a principal getting paid close to 150,000 dollars sounds fair, right? but it's her abuse of the system that slanding her a spot in our bad. >> we have a list of the must
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visit destinations for 2013. let's first see what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> you must visit "fox & friends" kicking off in 12 minutes from now. what the heck is north korea doing? the president of the united states says we should cut back on the number of atomic weapons we have. does that make sense to you? the story of the guy who shot osama bin laden. we are talking about the navy seal he feels he has been abandoned by the federal government. valentine's day just around the corner. find out from the mother of malcolm in the middle to say i love you with a cow. 12 minutes from now right here fox news.
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>> the three hot spots are big. new orleans just hosted super bowl mardi gras is wrapping up today they are hosting the ncaa final four. there are tons of events going down there. there is a road improvement project. also new sgleep land with the hobbit trilogy the first movie went out. they have a big up tick in interest. still a movie left in the trilogy. then also charleston south carolina they continue to wrack up aawards from major travel magazines. they have also added jetblue is
2:54 am
adding direct flights from new york and boston last month. more and more people continue to want to go to the destination. >> what about the best deals? best value. there are three destinations. the first is orlando. there is something for every budget. we see average hotel rates hoov & $100 per night. phoenix arizona is one of the great destinations. tucson $96 a night. >> if you want to go further dominican republic. >> they have so many allinclusi points for travelers and direct flights making it reasonable as well. >> the come back kid atlantic city. >> they saw some damage but no
2:55 am
major permanent damage from hurricane sandy. they have been back in business since the week after the hurricane. they have level resort which is elevating the city to a destination that is more about gaining. they have been hosting acts like beyonce and kanye west and lady gaga. it is becoming an all around destination. >> good for them. they are always looking at different criteria for rating hotels. that criteria changes. what do consumers in 2013 want in a hotel. the fist thing is con neckti -- connectivity. they are doing everything from skyping to streaming movies right in our hotel room. they have more band width from the hotels in that regard. also outdoor options. as much as people are on-line they want to be outside. the biggest thing is golf, tennis courts and finally freebies. people want to know what they
2:56 am
can get for free. actually free park something the amenity you can get as well as free shuttles and wi-fi. >> having to pay for parking it gets ridiculous. >> it does. >> you have predictions for travel trends in 2013. >> yes, absolutely. there are some trends that continue to grow. the first is mobile booking. it has gone from searching on your smart phones and tablets to becoming more transactional. people are booking more on these apps that they have on their mobile phones as opposed to searching for and looking for things. that has become really big for the travel industry. also we are seeing a big up tick in international travel. 20 percent of travelers told us they plan on taking an international trip this year in places like europe and london which has excess for the olympics will be a big deal in 2013. >> got to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. heather? >> great stuff.
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>> 55 after the top of the hour. still ahead could your pda be killing your relationship? a new study says men better keep their hands to themselves. it's the last chance to answer the question of the day. we told you about a new study showing that dogs understand humans. so we wanted to know if your dog understands you. that is up next.
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