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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 1, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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movement. factor tip of the day. please check out the fox news factor website, bill o' and o', name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, it's a good one. do not be meretricious when writing the factor. the spin stops here in the city
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>> good morning to you. i am insuranceainsley earhardt. >> i am patty ann brown. it is friday. >> top five stories making news at this hour. a female state department employee was murdered while vacationing in brazil. a single woman was found strangled to death in a hotel in rio dearborn -- rio de janeiro. >> a brush fire forced people ton two neighboring streets to flee their houses and 2,000 are now without power. it broke out late yesterday afternoon. it has spread 150 acres. it destroyed a home and damaged a house.
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luckily no one was injured. downed power lines could be to blame. >> private first class bradley manning admits being behind the biggest leak of classified documents in u.s. history. manning pleaded guilty to violating military regulations in the wikileaks scandal. he wanted to spark a debate. a judge took lesser charges. other charges including aiding the enemy and that could mean life behind bars. after many delays the man accused in the fort hood massacre will finally stand trial. a judge ruled this guy major nadal hassan will appear in court for the start of jury selection. testimony set july 1st with 300 witnesss to testify. he is facing 13 counts of premedicated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. he faces the death penalty or
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life in prison without parole. talk about an out of this world picture. this is mount edna erupting taken by astronaut chris hatfield from the international space station. you can see a cloud of ash spewing out of the italian volume tan no. -- volucano. that is your 5@5:00. >> no deal after months of warnings automatic spending cuts will take effect later today with the white house and republicans still trading blame over who is responsible. peter doocy is live in washington with the latest. >> sequestration is on the horizon if things continue as they have. by this time tomorrow president obama will have signed an order putting the automatic spending cuts put into effect. 57 percent of registered voters think the automatic spending cuts are necessary to get the deficit under control because congress can't seem to agree on
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any other way to do it. that's according to a brand new fox news poll that also found 29 percent of voters think it would be better to let democrats and republicans just figure out some other kind of solution. here is the latest from the leaders of each party in the senate. >> we thought we should give congress true flexibility, flexibility to cut loopholes, flexibility to ask the richest of the rich to contribute a little bit more. instead they completely become inflexible. >> 11th hour deal. we have known this was coming. why are we here? why are we here at the 11th hour? no more 11th hour deals. >> a majority of registered voters in the fox news poll disagree with his strategy of skipping town to make his case to avoid sequestration to americans outside of the
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beltway. 59 percent say he should stay here in washington and work things out with republicans. 32 percent agree with the way he has approached things instead by directly making his case to voters. 10 percent say they don't know. there was a small percentage of voters in each poll who couldn't make up her mind. congressional leaders five hours from now can't come up with a way to delay or cancel. >> it is time to take a look at who is talking. as we told you yesterday you will regret writing about the president and the seek quest tore. there is no threat that the e-mails were in a friendly matter. woodward explained the exchange. >> it was a half hour in which evidences shouting with me.
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i don't worry about shouts but he was really worked up and then he sent me that e-mail apologizing and saying i am going to regret taking the stand. what we are talking about here is not a fact. he is not arguing with a fact. before hand he said we are not going to see eye to eye on this. i was saying she was a threat vpt there were all kinds of reporters who were much less experience who were younger and if we were going to get roughed up in this way, i flooded with e-mails from people in the press saying this is exactly the way
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the white house works they are trying to control they don't want to be challenged or crossed. >> woodward piece a that sparked this controversy ways an op ed piece. they didn't like it. >> time right now is 6 minutes after the top of the hour. >> recently cold temperatures today. it is march 1st and it's friday. we made it through february. we made it through this week. thankfully no storms really on the horizon this weekend. however we are going to watch next week we could have a nor' easter we will talk about into the midweek. let's take a look at what we are dealing with. the storm that gave us all of the snow across the plains states still lingering over the ohio river valley over the great lakes. light snow here. we have another storm system making its way on shore in the pacific northwest. that will be the next storm we are going to track across the
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country. many 20s across the map here. 36 memphis. 39 kansas city. the snow pack is not going anywhere this weekend. look at florida. florida you are going to feel the deep 3's in some cases. 50 in atlanta, 60 jacksonville today is the daytime high. into sunday northern part of the state even into central parts of florida. 15-20 degrees below average. we are almost there. first day of spring, ladies, 19 days -- rather first day of march, 19 official days until spring comes the 20th of march. we will do the count down for you. we will count it down every day until we finally get there, patti ann. >> just because it is called spring doesn't necessarily mean the weather is going to be spring like. >> that's very true. >> janice dean, thanks.
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>> now to stories you can bank on this morning. we know homeowners who were the victims of mortgage abuse will start getting settlement checks from banks in april. lauren simonetti joins us with that story. >> happy friday. unfairly called on homeowners will get money back the government and 13 banks will get 13.6 in cash among borrowers next month. they will get money in mortgage relief. it seemed criticized for borrowers with the biggest unpaid balances. borrowers don't need to take any action. the bank will cont tact you and determine your payoff with you. >> if you don't like waiting in the long line they are giving you a way out if you don't want to pay any more. >> it is another airline fee. for $9 united airlines letting passengers get through the security line faster. you will buy access into the security that was traditionally
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veefshed for business or first class hires who may not want you in it. that's why they are limiting the number of fliers that provide the option to speed through. >> one of the perks of paying extra a lot more for business or first class. they are saying 9 bucks not going to be very fast once eastbound does it. >> agreed. i don't think this one is a fair take. >> see what happens. lauren simonetti, fox business network. thanks. >> it's time now to brew on this. it is friday so here's a recap of the week's viral videos to see which one you like best. take a look at these. first up jennifer lawrence falling the stairs on the way to accept best actress. she was cute with her comments. >> number two, after a car crashes through the roof of a house in texas cops say it through through the air after the driver hit 90 miles per hour and lost control literal wlint through the roof was sticking out of the roof.
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no one was hurt there. number three, probably not the best way to react. look at this guy. he missed his flight this chinese government official trash ago boarding gate ripping up the computers trying to smash some signs through glass doors. tell us which one of these viral videos is your favorite. you can tweet them to us at fox friends fist or shoot us an e-mail to fox friends first and vote in our poll at fox friends five games heading to college campuses or several campuses how schools will be keeping your children safe. wait until you hear what she is trying to sell. but first as we go to break take a look at bass frieses today $3.77. that is down one penny from
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>> 14 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. we may become a surveillance society. 34 colleges and universities asked for permission to fly drones over their campuses last year. the schools say it was for scientific research. the news is troubling to those fighting for the right to privacy. hybrid cars may not be getting the gas millage they advertise. the environmental protection
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agency is investigate to go see if they tests given accurate use of the real world. consumer reports say ford's hybrid falls short of the estimate. the epa will test it to make sure the tests are accurate. >> it is time to look at who is stalking. sneak peak at fox news sunday exclusive interview with mitt and ann romney. it is the first interview since his unsuccessful bid for presidency. chris wallace asked them about just that. here's how they describe life since the election. >> in a flash it was all gone. secret service, the crowds, the intensity, the minute by minute schedule and suddenly nothing. how tough is that? >> it's an adjustment, it is an adjustment. it's one that i think we did well. it's interesting in our church we are used to serving, and you can be in a very high position
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but you recognize you are serving then all of a sudden you are released you are nobody. we came and stepped forward to serve. and the other part of it was an amazing thing and it was really quite a lot of energy and a lot of passion and a lot of people around us and all of a sudden there was nothing. but the good news is fortunately we like each other. >> it's different but it's like riding on a roller-coaster. we were on a roller-coaster, exciting thrilling, ups and downs but the ride ends and you get off. it's like oh can't we be on a roller-coaster the rest of our life? no, the ride is over. >> the entire interview will air this sunday on his show. >> 16 after the top of the hour. big changes could be brewing in your milk. what the fda might be adding that could leave you with a sour taste. >> every time you log on to the internet or use your smart phone there's a chance your identity
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could be stolen. clayton morris is coming up with easy ways to protect yourself. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,800. ♪
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>> 20 minutes after the hour. here are quick headlines for you. a vending machine in washington, d.c. has some very unique drinking choices on tap. it was dispensing malt liquor and beers for $3 each. it was outside an apartment building police got a dip from
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someone afraid under aged kids are going to use the machine. police have no idea who is behind all of this. the machine is being removed. this mother to be is being paid 5,000 dollars to let someone else name her child. natasha hill won a won detest which pays her the cash if she let's others choose her child's name. starting march 18th you will be allowed to vote from the list of 5 boys 5 girl's names. no word what the names are going to be. 5,000 dollars worth it? >> no. i want to choose my own mild's name. identity theft sont rise. it hit a 3 year high in 2012. over 12 billion people had their identities stolen. one identity theft every three seconds. with everyone using wi-fi and smart phones it is getting harder to protect yourself. clayton morris is here with important tips for us.
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thank you for joining us. >> you bet. nice to see you. >> despite these stats people are pretty careless. >> people are kind of doing some stupid things. there was a big security breech last year. people are still using the pass word "pass word" or using pass word 123456. change your pass word every 90-days. make sure you are updating it. set a calendar reminder change it across your e-mails and computer logging screen do simple things like that. don't choose your child's name that's another big mistake we found. >> or your pet's name. >> people use the same pass word for everything. if someone can find one pass word they have everything. >> huge mistake. i am going to tell you through a couple of apps here. use the app called one pass word. check it out. it's really incredible. it's my favorite app i use across all of my devices my iphone ipad or home computer.
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you log on to one pass word. you can create multiple pass words within one pass word. you have one master pass word no one can access. then you start to roll through all of these other programs. you can put all of your secure log-ins for amazon account for macy's for your bank all of that under one pass word. it's the number rural 1 pass word. once you start using this program it will change your life. i never log into anything using an app. >> sounds like a number one target for hackers. >> it is like trying to get into a vault. you bert be houdini trying to break into this thing you are not going to do it. >> another one private text tax. >> it's tax time. do you have this credit card information right now? do you have this social security whatever it happens to be. this is where people are getting your identity stolen because they are just sending simple text messages back to their spouses. if someone steals their phone they are seeing this digital
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information. it let's you set time limits for how long something is out there. i send you honey my credit card information within 10 minutes it vanishes. no one has access to it any more. you can set different levels so all of this information vanishes it's not out there for people to steal. >> another one this is web based. vdot me. >> incredible program let's people put their information shipping information credit card information and generate the temporary credit card number you can use for on-line shopping. it's not just for visa. it works with all of the credit cards. that way no one can get your credit card information. we see credit card theft as one of the number one ways identities are being stolen. vdot me is the web site. you sign up and any time you do an on-line purchase you can log in using this account and it's secure encrypted and it's ensured, too. if you have any issues they are taking care of you. >> there is only so much you can do and things do go wrong. they say that a lot of these
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thefts involve doctors offices and banks people you are giving the credit card information. your doctor's office has social security number all you need is one corrupt employee and it's all over. >> someone in your house. make sure you set a desk top pass word. you open the lid go into the settings and make sure you have to get a pass word to get the settings. >> clayton morris, thank you as always. they are a christian student group now the school is refusing to go after them for letting non christians be leaders. >> making over 6 figures but he still has to listen to his parents. what forced them to cut his allowance? we will tell you next. first on this day in history 1968 singer johnny cash and june carter married.
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>> good morning everyone. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 5:30 on the east coast. happy friday. the top five stories making news at this hour. a multi state manhunt for a suspect in a deadly drive-by shooting and crash on the las
2:32 am
vegas strip has come to an end. cops arrested ammar harris. he is accused of firing shots into a maserati killing the driver who crash nude another on coming cab. the two people inside were also killed. he's being charged with three counts of murder. it is a major obama administration donor looking to destroy all pro gun media outlets. the conglomerate is buying as many pro gun outlets as he can and stripping down their facilities down to nothing. the business has purchased the sportsman channel, is currently in talks to acquire the outdoor channel. workers at the stations are reportedly worried their careers will be entered once they control their company. one of the heist gasoline prices in the country and the pain at the pump is going to get worse. the state board of equalization approving a 3.5 percent increase
2:33 am
in the state exercise tax on gasoline. it will go up to 39.5 cents per gallon. the increase fuelling outrage among drivers. >> i think this is ridiculous. they shouldn't do that. it is already too high to begin with. >> the hike goes into effect on july 1st. >> it's the christian student group but is no longer allowed to have christian leaders. rollins college in florida the latest school to infringe on student's rights to religious freedom. the intervarsity christian group will no longer go to the christian group because it has christian leaders. members say it's hypocritical. when you create a policy that effectively excludes them from campus marginalizes christian students
2:34 am
>> 14 students left vanderbilt due to a similar policy. >> how can you say no to this face? >> the girl scouts are. they caught wind she was helping friend of hers sell some girl scout cookies after she posted a banner on facebook. here's the banner. the girl scouts made her take down the post saying it's not fair to the others selling the cookies. honey beau beau say it's not going to help them stop them from selling the treats. >> the day for the sequestration has arrived. congressional leaders failing in an 11-th hour attempt to halt the maautomatic spending cuts. doug luzader has the latest. >> there is a quack question to all of this as well. there's a little debate playing out about when the seek quest
2:35 am
to sequester cuts happen whether it happens overnight at midnight or tonight at midnight. they think they have one last meeting today to come up with some kind of an agreement. in washington life goes on seek quest tore or not. >> they see the mayan prophecy is not true and it didn't sweep them up and sequestration didn't have things falling out of the sky. they are going to conclude, you know what? maybe we can cut a little bit. >> the president, though, says just wait. the pain is coming. it will just take some time for the cuts to kick in. th a new fox news poll says a clear majority of registered voters 59 percent think the president should deal directly to republicans to negotiate a deal. 32 percent saying he should make
2:36 am
the case directly to voters. most registered voters 50 percent say the only way washington will get the deficit under control is through automatic spending cuts. that is what the seek quec quew is. a lot with depend on how this s sequester plays out in the next week half. >> doug luzader live in washington thanks. >> oo before you leave the house this morning let's get the weather update with janice dean. >> i hear the snow is gone but now we are expecting a deep freeze down south. >> it will be cold heading into the weekend. we are already in march but we are still talking about winter. the never ending winter. let's look at the current temperature 24 minneapolis. 22 rapid city. 36 in memphis, 36 in atlanta,
2:37 am
georgia. what it feels like when you head outdoor it is feels like 14 minneapolis, 14 rapid city, 28 in atlanta. we have got a deep freeze that is going to continue not only tonight but really through the weekend and into early next week. there are your lows across the south. chilly in atlanta. 32. 31 montgomery, 32 wilmington. that cold air will dip as far south as miami, florida. freeze warnings in effect a long period of time of below freezing temperatures in and around the atlanta georgia area. i think we will see those across the southeast. the storm we were talking about the central plains a lingering snow showers for the ohio river valley up towards the great lakes then we have our next system moving into the northwest. so we will continue to watch that. the snow with that we could see with the higher elevations 6-12 inches easily. this will be the next weather maker that will make its way across the country.
2:38 am
we could be talking about a nor' easter midweek for the northeast. we will keep you up to date. first day of march only 19 days to go before the first official day of spring. the count down is on ainsley and patti ann. back to you. >> thank you, janice. it's time for your fox news health fix. anna kooiman is here with the roundup of the top medical stories. >> good morning to everyone at home. you may be getting something extra in your milk even if you don't want it. the dairy industry is asking the ffda to add aspartame in low fat milk. it len courage kids who don't like milk to drink it. aspartame has been raised concerns about the safety. no word on when the fda could make a decision. could being miserable make you live longer? the answer is yes. they found older people who are pessimistic live longer healthier lives than those who
2:39 am
are optimistic. people who expected bad things to happen to them had good health and a stable income. the researchers say occasional optimism can improve someone's condition in some cases. finally here's a reason to smile rediscovered the simple act of smiling reduces stress and flow to the heart. only full and genuine smiles have the benefit. even a slight grin helps others say. scientists found the bigger someone smiled after performing a stressful task the faster they relaxed and their heartbeat return to do a normal pace. on the flip side researchers found frowning had the opposite effect. turning your frown upside down helpsal alleviate depression. for all of the information on the stories ant latest health news fox flush >> thanks so much, anna. and it is time to entertain
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this. and then there were 20. ♪ >> worship leader vin tent powell's version of lenny williams i love you helped secure him a spot in the top 20 during the sudden death round last night. by next week the group will be down to 10 finalists. now you see it now you don't. ben affleck said good-bye to his good luck beard. he supported it for about a year p and shaved it off during an oscar party. is she seeing blue. she and her fiancee are expect ago boy. he will go by ace or acey named after acey edward drew. the couple had a daughter last year. >> college basketball will look a whole lot different next
2:41 am
season. georgetown, marquette, providence, seton hall and villanueva will start their own conference named the big east. it is rumored xavr exavier and boston will join. >> tiger woods not to get a penalty for hitting his ball in the water. he went on to save par on that hole. a millionaire winner getting a cut. clay thompson fined 35,000 dollars by the mba for his role in this site. his father a former player is taking away some of his son's money as a punishment. the 23-year-old checks are made out to his dad who pays his bills and gives him allowance. >> it is now almost 20 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up they are supposed to uphold and protect the law. why are members using a private
2:42 am
jet for personal trust? paid with you know it your tax dollars. >> we have that story and scientists. we are a step closer why men processed this as sexy. i can't image why. we will tell you more about that coming up. if you have sensitive skin, try mach3 sensitive. a closer shave in a single stroke, for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ llette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get.
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>> let's span the globe to see what headlines are making headlines overseas. this is video of the pope arriving the historic residents after leaving the vatican city. he will stay here a few months while a permanent residents is set up for him at the vatican. they are gathering to see the pope off and prepare for the conclave as they get ready for the new pope. the photo on the right shows how
2:46 am
yellow the air in beijing became after the sand storm. but look at the difference just a week ago under clearer skies. finally apparently moscow is for billionaires. a new list put together by a chien needs publishing group shows the russian capital is home to 76 billionaires the most out of any city in the world coming in a close security, new york city with 70 billionaires. patti ann, you are on the list. >> yeah. i am not on that list. we told you yesterday about a new report detailing how taxpayers are picking up the tab for big ticket government conferences. one major offender was the justice department which racked up a $60 million tab. now we have another new report that finds doj executives spent millions more in tax payer money on luxury travel. here with more is diane macedo. good morning, diane. >> two high-tech luxury jets
2:47 am
convinced congress were needed to flight for global terrorism has been start this had very round. holder and predecessors as well as robert mueller according to a accountability office report that says holder mueller and michael mukasey and alberto gonzal gonzalez racked up nonmission trips at a cost of $11.4 million. they are required to use government aircraft and did in some cases reimburse the government the equivalent of the commercial fair of their trips as required for personal travel but that's still only a fraction of the cost of operating these pricey jets. republican senator says given the cost they should use cheaper aircraft or cut back on their miles. christopher allen tells the gao report shows counter tearrism and weapons of mass destruction are the first priority for all fbi aircraft
2:48 am
and/or officials said the jets were used because they had larger capacity and long distance range needed. it is ludicrous that the attorney general claims law enforcement agents have to lose their jobs due to the automatic spending cuts kick in knowing over the last five years department has allowed for millions of dollars to be spent on personal travels. you can expect this debate to keep coming up after the debate of the sequestration cuts continues. >> we know you are right on top of it for us. >> the time 46 after the hour. still ahead another solar company backed by the government and your tax dollars is about to face the same fate as solyndra. >> it was supposed to be a prank. some say this viral video is not a gallon of laughs. we are wondering is it criminal? defense attorney arthur aidala weighs in coming up next. brian kilmeade coming up on "fox
2:49 am
& friends." >> it will change the face of television. can you image going to work with your pets. your pets mean so much to you why leave them at home. bring them to work. steve with watch the show and say it's time for everybody thousands of people to bring pets to work see if it makes us more productive. maybe there will be a last minute deal and we will come all together. john mccain will talk about that chance. who has rock hard abs besides me? denise austin. she will be here to talk about it live. mitt romney speaks for the first time with his wife wabout why h is lost. meanwhile i have to get back to work. pull back and then i will go we will go to a commercial. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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>> and it is 51 after the hour. the solar company you gave millions to may soon be out of energy. they received $197 million loan guarantee from the obama administration. the company just announced an unspecified number of layoffs and it is struggling to stay afloat. the loan came from the same program that gave solyndra $535 million before it went bankrupt. when you find a person attractive it turns out it does go to your head. a new study says when you see someone you are attracted to your brain activity increases and scientists say hormones like adrenaline and dopamine are released in greater quantities when you see someone who you think is sexy. >> gallon smashing being called the newest viral video trend making some people laugh until they cry while others are crying over spilled milk. some are questioning whether
2:54 am
these frank sters are actually committing crimes. we are going to ask our criminal defense attorney arthur aidala. >> i watched this last night. i thought it was okay. then i watch it had again in the green room with your friend anna kooiman. she was doubled over hysterically laughing. maybe it's like a southern thing. she said it's so mean to the people who have to clean it up. that's true. how about who is paying for the milk? in other words, you are taking gallons of milk. >> they are bringing them inside. >> okay. so they are innocent of the charge of larceny but what about the food that is there that the mill somebodying slattering all ever the vegetables and grows enbroccoli. that's an issue there. the fact that you are harassing that laid deep on the right-hand side. >> i wanted to ask you about that. people are in the isles getting milk splattered all over them.
2:55 am
what if there is glass that splatters. >> or what if someone -- >> someone falls. >> if someone walks by and they slip and fall. i will tell you what happens in new york city if cops see you doing this it's intentional you are getting handcuffs ongoing to central booking for disorderly conduct. it is as simple as with a it sounds like you could be in the streets screaming and yoeling and being disorderly. they were copy cats of these guys in utah. they got locked up because of disorderly conduct. >> you have to say what these guys are doing is wrong. look at the movie "jack ass" look at how much money those guys made doing this. >> i was thinking these kids want to be the next jack ass film. these boys two are brothers one
2:56 am
is a cousin. they have a web site where they are putting their videos on this web site and spun from fox contacted the families. one of the kids talked to them. he said we are trying to be actors this is part of what we do. >> i guess it's the modern day three stooges. i oo know. >> at the expense of someone else, though. someone has to clean this up. >> i am with you. they should not be doing it. what can i tell you? >> thank you arthur. good to see you this morning. 6 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up next, can you say oh deer. bambi decides to get in the race sending a biker on a crash course. it's your last chance to vote for your favorite viral svideo f the week jennifer lawrence's fall the car sticking out of the roof or the melt down. ♪
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♪ i don't want any trouble. :eetle convertible. now every day is a top-down day. that's the power of german engineering.
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