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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 2, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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now time for what do i need to know for next tracy, kick a tough. >> the dems are looking to close tax line -- loopholes. what about we start in hollywood. do they need tax breaks. >> wayne, do they need that? >> no, of course not. nobody needs it, really. i need it, but they don't. i've been cautious about committing new money, i still am. but if you're goingti to commito something, look at stx. they make memory chips.
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>> jonathan, you've been on this gold t trade, what's your thougn >> i think gold has the worst string since 1997. you could see $200 of a even at these level. xau, gold mining he index is less and the dollar is strengthening. dgz goes up when gold falls. i'm short gold in my fund. it's a weak and dangerous asset right now. >> around 1200 or so. that's it for us today. this week. remember, folks, we work hard. we pay w our taxes. we pay our bills. we take care of our families. meanwhile, our elected officials from dc to sacramento are cashing in on our hard work. our job here is to shine a bright light on their wasteful ways because it has to stop. and don't forget to weigh in onp all topics we discussed on twitter. that's it, everyone. hello everyone.
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i'm dana perino with andrea, bob beckel, and vast improvement, jasper. this is "the five". >> this is why you took my water? >> the sequester came and went and nobody turned into a pumpkin. we're going to center a pumpkin here in just a minute and agreeing will be very happy. president obama blasted republican lawmakers on sequestration, here is how he sees things. >> what's important to understand is that not everyone will feel the pain of these cuts rightai away. as a consequence of this sequester, we could see growth cut by over one half of 1%. as long as the sequester is in place, we'll know that that economic news could have been better if congress had not c failed to act. it's happening because a choice that republicans in congress i
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have made. they decided to protect special interest tax breaks for the wels off and well connected. it's not a scare tactic. that's a fact. >> it's pretty grim, according to the president. but that's not nothing compared to what jay leno is saying. >> the white house is being accused of using scare tacticsng to gain public support on this sequestration. i think they're trying too hard. you seen their latest ad? take a look. >> if sequestration isn't resolved, the world as we know it will change forever. school children will be taught by w drifters. instead of cookies, girl scouts will be forced to sell meth. old people will be sent to europe and will likely end up ip meat balls. is this the world you want to live in? >> all right. greg, i know you've been very stressed out about this. the study said dogs at the workplace lower blood pressure. we want to do bring in jasper for you. you'll see him in a second 'cause he's going to be here. >> i can't wait.t
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>> there he is. i brought him in for you. >> where? >> look on the screen. >> there he is. >> make you feel better. okay. what did you think of today'sf dog and pony show at the white house? >> the worst case scenario thing is not sequestration. it's the four more years of epileptic am year i can't where we pretend these arguments keep happening. what is going on? it's over. >> you knowp what? >> that's it. eight timesg: over two years wee had these fiscal cliff and debt ceiling things. >> you can't focus, can you? >> i can't. obama is captain chain letter. he reminds me of the chain letters used to get from your often i don't want to bother you, but you better send this on because if you don't, you'll turn into a frog. his new nickname chub captain c chain letter because he talks like a living, breathing chain letter. you have to pass itr on. if not, your whole family dies. >> i used to believe in those.
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i would write them all out by hand. as soon as i gotin them. >> i never sent a chain letter out to anybody. ever. is that wrong? >> let me ask eric a serious question. one of the things that was different with the fiscal cliff debate was that the banks and the markets really reacted negatively. but this week we saw the markets reach record highs. so what is wall street thinking about this whole thing? >> you always look at wall street for what's the smart money doing. if they thought this was going to be the end of the world or the end of the economy, they would definitely have beenla slamming the it went up because bennett ben e said nothing will really change. that's why stocks go up. t had nothing to do with the economy. i find itto interesting that president obama had his peoplees out there in force, arnie duncan, janet napolitano telling us how people were going to come over the border, arnie duncan, teachers are going to get laid offment people won't get fed. and then two days ago, yesterday
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afternoon or so, he started to walk it back. he started to see that, wow, all this fear mongering isn't really work. they're not buyingg it. mostly because we stayed on it saying it's not going to be that much different. today he walked it back completely. don't worry. it's not going to happen overnight. it h may take some time bottom line, all sequestration does is bring you two years backwards in the budget. that's all it's done. we were getting along just fine. >> we're still spending more. >> and any of the plans are actually deficit neutral. they don't really. reduce it much. andrea, i want to ask you about the republicans because in the past couple of chain mails thata we've had to deal with, it was perceived that the republicans have w caved. but not so this time. do you think that that will signal a turning point to pick up the shattered pieces of the republican party and help it move on? >> it better. i have think speaker boehner feltre a lot of pressure and they're saying, we'r oe not goig to fold this time around because they could lose the house if
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they did. so they're standing firm. again, i wish that they would fight a little bit harder for more cuts and i think they have an opportunity, especially because this was so overhypedas and so overblown that when the w world doesn't end, they have an opportunity to say, president obama, you don't just have egg on your face, you have a whole omlette. and so we're going to keep fighting for more cuts. they have the leverage after h this. iag thought this neat meting was so disingenuous. for him tom invite them there. it was like when he invited paul ryan there. he uses the same talking points. he's always used about classbo warfare and this is good news for you, dana. it looks like going forward, he won't beoo blaming everything on presidenn't bush, everything frm stubbing his toe tom bad weathe, to upset stomach, he will blame on the sequester. >> i wrote that downme earlier, that it's blaming bush, so yesterday. >> it's so out. >> i think a lot of people, bob, i want your opinion on this,is sort of feel like everybody inwa washington lost this week.
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that american people are just done with the whole drama thing. >> look at that poll that showed people thought sequestration, if that's what it took for spending to cut, 'cause they didn't think washington would do it. listen, you can talk about this being a make believe deal and all the rest that you've been saying. there is $85 billion that would otherwise have been in the economy over the next seven months that will not be there. >> don't feel that way about you?, do >> could i finish what i'm saying? >> no, i don't want to let you. >> thank you. there are places where there are heavy defense spending. you're going to see it there. there is going to be in shipbuilding, in a lot of places. it's real and it's something that should not be minimized. now, the problem is that somebody ought to be able to t take these things and put these cuts in a coordinated way and whyut obama did not take that offer from thena republicans, io not snow. >> thank you. >> that's a good point. >> thank
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you very much. >> that'sob a good point. >> now you know what it's like to be me. why is it when you take money from actual taxpayers, that's not seen as taking money out of a system.f but when you take money out of the government, that's seen as hurting the system? that's a difference in ideology. that's where we're coming from. this ineptitude, however, is jeopardizing the country because instead of cutting billions, which we know we can cut billions, we can cut billions from consultants and all this other fluff. you have this firemen first tactic that obama is using. instead of the consultants, go for the first responders. basically he's putting a gun to a dog's head from the old national lampoon cover and saying if you don't do what i o kill the dog.t >> first of all, along theon lis what you e just said, i don't kw why president obama didn't take it, well, why didn't the senate pass their own solution, resolution to actually ease then burden of sequestration? >> because. >> because they're dysfunctional. dc isre he dysfunctional.
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there is $113 billion right nows sitting, $45 billion in coffers in the government that's unused funds that they don't want to give back. $45 billion. by the way, which would cover all of the outlay for 2013. it's 44 billion. in the $85 billion. there is 55 billion that tom coburn outlined yesterday that's 113 billion. >> can i jump in on the senate point? the senate tried toan do sometht in the 11th hour. was harry reid couldn't even get his own caucuu to agree on something. when theywh finally tried to pas something yesterday, it would havepa added $7.2 billion to the deficit. only democrats could pass a bill that would add to a definite sit in the middle of a debate about down sizing government. this isn't even down sizing government. it's not asking the government to go on a i diet. it's just saying don't gain anymore weight. it's jenny craig for a big fat government. >> you can take a g billion herb and there and all the consultants you want, this getsn back to one fundamental issue b and that's entitlement reform.
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the reason we're spending a little bite. more money this yer after sequestration and last year is nothing to do withth domestic programs or the defense budget. has everything to donoit with entitlementgr spending. >> that's it. you ready? >> i'm ready. >> counter parts on the hill agree with you. >> that would be great. >> i think they do in the back room, but they're all afraid tot take the first step that would be the f one that said, okay. i'm going to cut your benefits. >> they would have to take thata step together. >> they tried with simpson bowles. >> the bigger issue here is not these cuts. it's the hysteria. the hysteria suggests that could you imagine what president obama would be like if they were realt cuts? what would that be like in the left wing media if there wereth actual can you tell us cuts? you can't imagine that. you would need a stretcher and ambulance and a vigil around the white house. he would have a heart attack. >> get this through your head, they are real cuts. >> they aren't. >> stop saying that. >> they are real cuts.
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>> stop saying that. we're going to spend more in 2013. >> because ohaf entitlements. >> by the way, bob, in four, five years from now, we're going to spend over $4 trillion.4 we're spending 3.6, 3.7 trillion right now. you're just saying where the cuts are. we're not cutting anything. we're just moving money fromin here to here and say you have td cut back. >> the other thing we're not doing -- could i get a word in? the other thing we're not doing is the cuts are one thing. but you have to have pro growth policies to go with it. there are two things happening now thatre are promising. the first bill of the session is hr 1. it's ast coveted elimination tootle. it wentve to -- title. it went to camp this week for t his ways and means committee for tax reform, that's the number one bill for the house republicans and hopefully the democrats this year. that would be a huge boon to the economy. the second thing is today or soon, the state department is going to release its first preliminary findings about the keystone pipeline.
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that might be a way for the administration to finally say okay. we can seeado the benefit of $127 billion a year, 552,000 jobs annually. and then you start seeing all that money coming into the treasury that is actually real money and we don't have to talk about whether orav not $85 billn is reaotl cuts or fake cuts. >> the real income for americans fell 3.6% in january for two reasons. one, because the vacation we had from -- has come back o. -- o. a lot of big wall street companies gave bonuses in 12. yet consumers spent more money, they didsu the month before, housing starts are up. >> okay, we're going to talk about that and have a robust debate about it. >> things are getting better in spite of the president obama, not because of b him. think about this for one second. we're pumping $85 billion
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sequester number, we're pumping $85 billion into the banking system every month. >> the aig bailout was $85 billion. this is actual leave a good day. defense spending i think will be scary. this is a good day. we areca actually keeping government at a minimum. i think the white house is cracking big time. i i think this blew up in their face. they're toth used to winning why they scare and they lost today. they're on their heels. >> how did they lose today?e >> they planned a message strategy that did not work that failed miserably and they have the media calling them on this entire thing, bob. it didn't work. >> you suggesting the republicans response today worked? >> i do. i absolutely do. >> we have to go through this in three weeks. that about? >> because continuing to fund the government. >> what america is, we're a clown in a dunk booth. just when we get dunked and
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climbing out of the booth, we got back threw and obama throws another ball and we go back in. that's what these stupid debates are. one afterne the other. >> at least we'll be clean. >> you actually>> polluted the water, bob. >> that was a wonderful debate. did you enjoy your visitor? >> yeah, except you took away my mug. >> jody arisa and oscar m pistorius. what is it that makes people p fascinated about violent crimesc like this?nt we'll discuss and tell but both developments in both cases after the break ♪ ♪ i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen.
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there was major courtroom a murder case that gripped the attention of millions across the country. jody arias, she's the woman accused of killing her boyfriend, travis alexander, in 2008, his body was discovered
2:20 pm
with over 25 stab wounds and a gunshot to the head. she s claims it was she have defense. watch this. >> you were there so that he wouldn't get the truth, right? >> no, i was there against my will. >> how is it that you are not remembering what you're saying? >> 'causin scramble. >> did you lie to the people inm utah? >> yes. >> did you liere to david?y >> yes.. everyone. >> there has been, for lack of a better term a convergence and you're notrs telling the truth, right? >> for lack of a better term, t yes. >> are you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> and you're the one that did this, right? >> yes. >> why are so many people -- why are we mesmerized by crime stories like this? bob, every time that's on, anyone in the room is just focused in on her testimony. >> i can't agree with you more. why we do this -- this is not
2:21 pm
new. we go back to the old days of bank robbers and train robbers back in the 1800s. we've been fascinated with this stuff. america for some reason does get fascinated. i get fascinatedis by it. i'd much rather talk about this than a lot of other things. look at o. j. simpson, it mesmerized the country for months and months. it will continue to. so i think it's not unusual at all and i think frankly, whether you like it or not, it does get millions and millions of people engaged. >> you watch at all? you following close? by the way, this prosecutor, wow. he is just nailing her. >> it think it's because you hae this attractive couple and you read the details of the case, i mean, she was assaulted allegedly after she dropped his new camera after -- she was taking nude photos after a day of sex. you read all these details. this is d stuff that you watch n soap opera, but it's real. same with i know we're going to get into pistorius later. but you have this attractive ant
2:22 pm
athlete, this model.hl but again, you can't believe that someone would stab somebody 27 times. someone would shoot somebody else on valentine's day. i mean, hollywood can't even make this stuff up. i think that's why people watch it. >> i'm shocked that shepl took e stand in her own defense. i mean, she's just absolutely getting belaid. >> of course she's innocent. she's wearing glasses. you always see that. when somebody is a killer, they say we're going to have you put. on some glasses and you'll look as drab as possible. these days, grisly crimes are less depressing than the world l around us. i'd rather watch a killer with no legs than hear about ale country with no future. i think t that's what people use as an escape. in an ideal world, there would be a tv show where you took the big name criminals and don't give them any food and they have to eat each other. is survivor for real. this is why i will never be elected to an office. >> or invited on that >> yes. >> dana, are we just voyeuristic
2:23 pm
in all this tv coverage and whan we're watching? >> i w suppose. i personally don't -- i don't get into it, though bob, you make a good point. in the o. j. simpson trial, that might have been the g first one that i ever remember following day-to-day. i wasll waiting tables at governor's tavern in denver when the verdict was read. nobody left the bar and i made so much money in tips that night. everybody was glued to it. >> made a profit off murder, good for you. >> thankd you very much. >> bob, oscar pistorius, check this out, this guy is on theri cover of time magazine that c says, man, superman, and gunman. another interesting crime story, bob. >> yeah. this was got a lot of legs to it. sorry. man, was this a bad place. >> we don't is a drum set. >> walk it back. >> it wasn't as bad as what gred said. remember what he said the other> day? but this is a story of a guyas who -- look, everybody built a this guy up.
2:24 pm
he was an olympic hero and in south africa, he was a great hero and all of a sudden he comes down to this ultimate boo murderer -- brutal murder of this very attractive model and i'm not at all surprised the world's attention is on this guy. >> any sympathy?e >> none. i'm the worst juror because id. prejudged. i think he did it. i think that the steroids and his temper and all the evidence and the previous accounts of domestice violence point to a very angry guy. again, the story, i'm dying to know what really happened. everybody is dying to know what went down that night. same thing with jody arias. we may s never know. >> should we putting high profile murderers on the cover of magazines? >> i don't know. i guess if it's news. my t case, i think should create a service where you could set up oscar pistorius with jody arias. >> by putting this on the front page of the magazine, time magazine has guaranteed is that the next time there is a murder,
2:25 pm
they can all do self-intro specs about whether or not the media glamorizes the killers too much and spend two weeks agonizing about that until they too it again n to greg's point when he says you should match them up, you won't have to do that because there are women that actually date. don't you think that women want to marry these guys afterward? don't you think that's strange? >> look at the guys on death row. >> isn't that bizarre to you? >> i don't know. reminds me of a date i had once. >> how many men were coming out of the woodwork for casey anthony? >> that's true. >> you were. >> no, not me. >> heads up, the parents of college age kids, do you think your kids will be moving out ofr the house after graduation? think again. y some surprising stats on boomerang kids after the break ♪ ♪
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so in 2011, 45% of recent grads were living with their mom and dad, which is 45% higher than ten years ago. the report by a pew researcher who probably lives with his mother, finds that if you expand the age range, it's even worse. about 60% more 18 to t 34-year-olds were holed up with their families. m then ten years priority. so i guessen the scientists were right. 30 is the new 12. theories abound, young people now perceive menial jobs that's beneath them. far better to drink keystone than to work on one. slacking beats fracking, says our president. sadly, not everyone can find placement as a community c organizer. so the stigma of living at home
2:31 pm
in your early 30s has been replaced with a stigma far worse. not voting for obama in your early30 20s. what did that vote get you exactly? your same old twin bed, health? insurance you don't need. no job, no future and a world of debt. how little is it a college education worth if it can't get you out of the nest? i the ease by which you can get a loanio allowed colleges to jackp tuition where you learned nothing but community organizing. putting off adulthood foree another decade. at least mom and dad have hbo. you can watch ten especially se sods of "girls" in a row. beats work. >> andrew, were you shocked, perhaps outraged to learn how many people were living at home? >> i had no idea. >> i still can't believe it. it's amazing. this is so sad. it's really, really sad. i actually can't believe that a lot of them voted for president obama. i hope it's a wake-up call for them. but it's not all bad. and i know i'm going to take a lot of n heat for saying this.
2:32 pm
but i wrote wrote a column in the new york daily news two years ago when young people were beginning to get really hip hit by the recession. i think this is actually a decent thing. the everybody gets a trophy generation now has to go out and get jobs as quizno's. it's teaching them responsibility. a lot of thethm come out of college feeling entitled, brainwashed, as you pointed out by weird courses like the history of garbage, that's a real course, by the way, and they have to actually work. they're not entitled. they get humbled a little bit. >> bob, i lived at home. i graduated and i worked for -- i came back. i actually liked living at home. is there something positive and heart warming about it? >> i couldn't go back home in the joint where i grew up. i thoughto you still did live at home? >> well, i do. i live in a home. >> blaming obama for this is outrageous. >> but it's fun. >> i know it'shi fun. you want to do it.
2:33 pm
when he took office, we were completely 700,000 jobs a month. >> the unemployment rate islo higher when he took office. >> it's true, there are not ato lot of good jobs out there. there are -- you can't live on working with the -- at quizno's. >> i had to waitress. i had to find one. >> good for you. >> they have to do f it, too. it stinks, but it's life. >> they're going to take jobs like that, they have to live at home because they can't get apartments or all that stuff. >> i know, i t stinks. >> it's a rough economy for people coming out of college. and this this is the end result. by the way, i'm not so sure it's so bad all the way around. you don'ts have the empty nest syndrome. >> e.b., in other countries, families that stay together is a good italy, for example, has 16 t generations living in one housei >> look, i don't think there is anything wrong with it, if you a happen to live at home, i think you should. i would love my sonifier needs to stay home. >> but's only 15.
2:34 pm
>> right. but bob, you pointed something out. you said personal incomes are down 3.6%, largely due to the t payroll tax increase. so taxes go up, personal income goes down. but you said that kids living at home has nothing to do with president obama. he's the one who instituted the -- or took the payroll taxol holiday out and raised holidays. how is it not his fault? >> i moon, this has been going on before a month ago, when those payroll taxes cuts took effect, or two months ago. you can't say this is somethingy that just happened. >> did we not have a discussion about trend. what's the trend? >> the trend is up. but isn't it heavy in the last i three years? >> but the trend we're going in the wrong direction. if you take more personal -- take more income out of people's pockets -- n your free marketyo starts to create jobs -- >> isn't the real problem is the solution so far has been to spread the wealth around, tax, tax, tax, as opposed toa. building, creating more taxpayers or building wealth? >> so there is two ways of looking at it.
2:35 pm
you could say these young people don't have jobs, so let's look at a way that the government could help them more. or there is another way to say how is the government holding them back? and i think that the second question is the one that is how i would look at it. the growth in this country is at .1%. which is barelynt keeping up wih inflation, as we saw from those numbers. and at some point, the administration can't have it bothat ways, that if the recessn ended as soon as president obama came to office, or four months later, ifth the recession ended then, at what point does he havt to take any responsibility for lagging economy? at what point does he have to take responsibility for unemployment? you can not blame bush for both things, for that much longer, and hopefully that tax reform piece that i mentioned, thee keystone pipeline gets pushed forward so these young kids --he >> he tookly took responsibility -- didn't takete responsibility.
2:36 pm
he blamed bushrs and now going forward, he'll blame thel sequester! >> you're telling me that in 2012, the president of the united states did not suffer at the polls because of the economy? >> let's see, can we play the tape? >> you don't need to throw insults,w bob. thispa is what do you when you t on your heels. you sat here andee celebrated te fact that president o obama, you said, every c day, he wombed it. we won. get over it, guys. again, you can't have i wt both ways. to.'m not trying i'm saying the economy was very clearly there and people knew it and they stillop elected the deesident of the united states. >> okay. so here is the reality of nothing to do with president obama,si bob. recession lasts between 18 and 24 months on average. this one lasted technically about 30 months and if you add in to the almost the negative growth the last quarter, you can make an actor for four-yearro recession. >> well, okay. >> see, they'll never see that they have any responsibility and they don't do anything about it. it's like not our fault. can we go to hollywood now?
2:37 pm
>> just 'cause you say that doesn't hee voters don't receive it. >> let's move on, shall we? directlyth ahead, basketball has been a celebrity tumble weed.el you won't believe what dennis rodman said about his new bff, kim jong-un, after the break ♪ ♪ the capital one cash rewards card
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live from america's news quarters, i'm arthel neville. big developments in the search for a florida man swallowed by a massive sink hole. rescuers abandoning the operation to find 37-year-old jeff bush. he is missing and presumed dead after the earth opened up under his bedroom thursday night. the gaping hole swallowing him and everything in the room. engineers say the area is
2:42 pm
unstable and dangerous and they're going to demolish the home. growing calls to prove a long delayed oil pipeline project after a new report from the state department. environmentalists objected to building the keystone xl pipeline and the obama administration has blocked the project for four years. but a new state department report now finding the pipeline would not cause any significant environmental harm. i'm arthel neville. get you back to "the five." stick around because i'm back with rick folbaum at 6:00 o'clock sharp. 3 on the west coast. if you watch the nightlyth news on thursday night, you wouldn't have heard a word about the bob woodward controversy. but this story about dennis rodman getting together with north korean dictator kim jong-un did make the cut, on a abc, nbc and cbs.
2:43 pm
>> the image of the day from overseas, dennis rodman and kim jong-un. >> who became the first american to meet with the new leader of north korea? the wild child of basketball, dennis rodman. >> you would be hard pressed toa find an odder couple than this. >> after rodman had dinner and drinks with the dictator, he had some kind words as well. >> they were so honest, and one thing that guess what, his grandfather and his father were great leaders. he's proud. his country like him. not like him, love him. love him. i love him. i love him. the guy is awesome. >> eric, at first i looked at this and go, why is this news? then i thought about it. and i'm like, he's the first
2:44 pm
one, dennis rodman, to sit down with kim jong-un. do we make him a diplomat or charge him with treason? >> i have no idea. one of the best basketball rebounders in of the history of the nba. >> kim jong-un? >> no. dennis rodman. but he must have hit his head on a basket too many times. several hundred people have died and in prison camps. they constantly threaten south korea and the west with missiles and whatnot. not goodst people. dictators. they're leftist dictating thugs. i don't know why we would even let rodman go to that place. >> the way the media covered it, i moon, diane sawyer, scott pelley, it was like watching e "entertainment tonight." this is a bad man. >> i have a feeling they didn't read the script before it was in the prompter. so you want to have energy, like oh, wow, this is a great thing and then as you're reading it, you're like, oh, wait. that's not the right tone for that story. maybe they are thinking twice today. i'm all for sports diplomacy. i think it works really well in
2:45 pm
certain things, especially withl basketball. but what dennis rodman did wasci prove to the north koreans that everything they think about us is true. that weou have no clue what we'e doing. >> is this a little bit like the ping-pong diplomacy used with the chinese or a littlee? different? i don't think we'll be tapping shaq? >> i think there's a. explanation. i think kim jong-un thought rodman was president obama. you look at sean penn with hugo chavez and jane fonda with north vietnam, i call them dictator tots. they're celebrity apologists for tyrants and monsters because it builds up their ego to be seen with them. >> a dictator tot with a nose ring? >> yes. he's a has been. >> an official state department designation. >> dictator tots? >> by the way, all of our has been celebrities, let them go there because they'll be appreciated. >> speaking of our state
2:46 pm
department alumnus sitting next to me, bob, what do you think they make of this as the state o department? >> first of all, let me say it's a far better story to lead with than bob woodward. >> i agree. >> compared to something else -- >> that was inside baseball. >> who cares with what bob woodward thinks? and frankly, who cares about what dennis rodman thinks except that it was pretty good footage. it was an interesting gig. no one takes him serious. i went out it dinner with him e. stuck us all with the tab. this is not somebody who will join the mensa society soon. >> right. >> the north koreans took him seriously? >> i'm sure she they it, yeah. >> they didn't exactly sit down and figure out their nuclear arsenal or diplomacy. they had a party, byou the way, back at kim jong-un's house and they had a big love fest. terrible. >> it is terrible when you think about it. we're joke being this, but north korea is not a joke.
2:47 pm
dennis rodman is, though. >> ahead on "the five," dr. ben carson has some advice for conservatives and republicans on how to grow the party. you will hear from t him. that's ahead on "the five" dad, i'd put that down. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. moe most consistent speeds indoors or out. and, obviously, astonishing throughput. obviously... you know how fast our home wifi is? yeah. this is basically just as fast. oh. and verizon's got more fast lte coverage than all other networks combined. oh, why didn't you just say that? huh-- what is he doing? plays a key role throughout our lives.
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ladies and gentlemen, my name is sally o'malley, i'm 50 years old and not a gal who is afraid to hide her age, unlike >> i like to kick, scratch and kick! i'm 50. >> that's a big day for my younger brother, eric bolling, who isn'tou so young anymore. getting old is rough. the down sides are numerous. for men that happens at 506789 the physical signs are things like expanding waistline, less muscle tone, receding hairline, can't sleep through the night. it gets worse. women open doors for you instead of the other way around. well meaning people want to carry your packages for you. senior citizens discount. today i'd like to welcome my good friendic bowl to go the club. i have a few gifts.
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the one i had here, here it is. first of all, eric, today you qualify for the american association of retired people,re aarp. here is your card right here. we had it sent from aarp just for you. that's going to be able to get you into denny's at the earlyt bird special, get you in the motel 6s t early. and then it's an umbrella to take care ofe. yourself when itu rains 'cause you'll forget. >> umbrella? >> this is the worst part of the whole deal. the aarp that comes in the mail a week before you turn 50. >> don't get upset by this, eric. here isab a flashlight for when you have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, which will behe frequent. there is a couple newspapers here from aarp. revolutions to makeio your love life work. >> that's a good magazine actually. >> there isd also -- >> you got to be kidding. >> it's y terrible! >> some of the things that you
2:53 pm
used to be able to do, a lot of times over the course of a night, you can only do like once or twice. t >> medicine. >> yeah, right. and then by the way,it here is your very own aarp t-shirt. >> you're so kind,nd bob. >> there is -- eric, let me askt you a question, how do you feel at 50? >> can i ask you a question? >> yeah. >> are you going to remember for 25 years? what's it like? >> it's a piece of cake. i got thrown out of the aarp. here is a puzzle. you could put it together. becausezl here is the thing. >> it wards off alzheimer's. >> one of the advantages of a you bring a lot of wisdom with you, as long as you can remember it. >> i'm not happy with it. by the way, i don't want to be 50. >> you're share ago't birthday with, dr. seuss, justin bieber. he's also 47. >> justin bieber is 47? >> by the way, eric, i just say,
2:54 pm
you do not look 50. i would have never guessed it. i did get for your present, i don't have it here, but i'm>> going to get you one of those walk-in tubs for your house that we have, that we advertise. tub.u can step into your and some gold. and a snugy and a clapper. >> also that thing thatnd goes p stairway. >> i thought you were going to sa>>y up something else. [ laughter ] >> what you can do six times d when you were 30, you can do once now barely. by the way, how old is your wife? >> how old is my wife? young than me. and much hotter. t >> 72 is the new 30. they said this week. so that means 50 is the new eight. >> they say 70 is the new 30 because now you die at 70, before you died at 30. >> you guys are awesome. it's a fantastic way to spend my 50th birthday. >> what, doing the aarp puzzle? >> no. >> you're having a hard time! sustains -- it's seven pieces!
2:55 pm
>> i alreadyc turned 70. >> i'm thrilled that i'm able to guys.le with you i love you all. love the show. love everything about it. hopefully 51 is as much fun as 50. of cake. piece one more thing is t up next ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] ah... retirement. sit back, relax, pull out the paper and what? another article that says investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it. "401(k) hidden fees." then go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. we have every type of retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. why? because we're not your typical wall street firm that's why. so you keep more of your money. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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time for one more thing. i'm going to go first because eric and bob are still workingth on the aarp puzzle that has seven pieces that none of us can out. d i'm going to talk about president bush 41. he's a terrific letter writer. there was a book released several years ago called "all the best." it was a collection of his letters. it's being updated with new letters and some originaler writing by him and you can get that on amazon. one of the things, a quote from the new book, it's been a busy andn sometimes tumult with us 13 years. our family continued to grow and thrive as grandchildren married and started having children. and through it all, barbara and i grew old happily and peaceful together. indeed, i have been blessed and hegr always signs his letters, e the best, george bush. lovely letters to get. i have one. they got the puzzle done! we can move on to andrea. >> so earlier this week on "thea five," we


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