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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 3, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PST

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ban guns? >> we're not banning guns. nobody is against the second amendment, tucker. >> really? >> i would disagree. >> this is why our economy is in shambles. >> i just want to make sure that no politician, pete included, and pete, i just complimented you and i think you've created two fantastic companies. you've been very successful in the private sector, but this isn't the time to be wooing gun manufacturers. >> of course it's the time. >> and making political profits out of these kinds of people. >> a virginian wrote the bill of rights. in 2013 virginians will defend all of our civil liberties. >> james madison probably would have worded -- let me say this. james madison would have worded -- >> wait. are you saying there's something immoral about manufacturing guns in this country? that appears to be what you're saying. >> no, tucker. >> wait. hold on, let me finish. slow down. >> you said it's no time to be wooing gun manufacturers. why is that? >> i think it's probably not the
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best time for politicians to be making an issue of economic development when it comes to gun manufacturers. >> our economy is in shambles now. we want those jobs. >> james madison, as you know, who wrote the second amendment, who wrote the bill of rights, who was a virginian probably would have written it a little bit differently if he knew. >> no, he wouldn't. the second amendment is not about hunting. it's about defending our rights. >> just a couple seconds here. sum it up for us. >> sure. beretta, please come to virginia. i will help finance it. you will have a wonderful business environment. low tax, low regulatory, and fewer boneheaded liberals. come on over. the water is fine, beretta. we need you. >> gentlemen, thank you both very much, we need you. that's it for "fox & friends" this weekend. america's news headquarters starts now. we'll see you next weekend. thanks for watching.
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mitt romney and his wife ann in their first interview since the november election. mr. romney on the race, his loss, and his and the nation's future. only we have it this morning on this sunday morning right here in the fox newschannel. republican nominee also weighs on the budget mess in washington that he is calling a rare opportunity to solve financial problems. and good morning, everyone, and welcome to america's news headquarters on this sunday morning. i'm eric shawn. >> great to see you, eric. good morning to all of you. i'm jamie colby. mitt romney opening up about settling into his new quiet life after a whirl wind presidential campaign. peter doocy live from our washington bureau with a bit of a preview. what's he been up to, peter? >> reporter: we heard mitt romney say in his heart thought he was going to win. in the time between the presidential election and this
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week's interview at his house in san diego. he's reviewed all the good and the bad from his campaign and when he talks about his role in the future and wanting to have influence still over republican policy, you get a sense of how hard it is to come so close to the presidency and lose. >> well, i recognize that it's the guy who lost the election. i'm not in a position to tell everybody else how to win, all right. they're not going to listen. i don't have the credibility to do that anyway, but i still care, and i still believe that there are principles that we need to stand for. i look at what's happening right now. i wish i were there. it kills me not to be there, not to be in the white house doing what needs to be done. >> reporter: ann romney flatly blamed media bias in favor of president obama as a major reason for her husband's failed candidacy. meanwhile, mitt romney says the power of the incumbency and public support for obama care got the president reelected. he does not, however, blame one of his top surrogates, new
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jersey governor chris christie, for literally embracing president obama when the garden state was ravaged by hurricane sandy just days before the election. >> i'm not going to worry about how chris was doing what he thought was best for the people of the state. i launched m lost my election by campaign, not because of what anyone else did. >> reporter: mitt romney said his most recent run went better than his 2008 attempt. he made it clear. he said he will not run for president a third time. jamie? >> so now we know and much more to come on that. thanks, peter, so much. well, coming up on "fox news sunday", anchor chris wallace will join us live with more of his interview with both mitt and ann romney. out of the middle east, secretary of state john kerry meeting with egypt's president morsi in cairo this morning. secretary kerry arrived in egypt yesterday. this as violent protests took place across the country. mr. kerry also met with opposition leaders, urging them
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to push for unity and economic reforms in that country. the critics say the administration's middle east strategy may actually be emboldening islamists at the expense of activists pushing for democracy. some members of the egyptian op opposition refused to meet with the secretary of state. what does this mean for the future in the always volatile middle east, john bottleo boltor un ambassador and fox news contributor joinses as he does every sunday morning at this time. >> good morning, mr. ambassador. what do you think he can achieve in egypt? >> it's very difficult given the policy that president obama has been pursuing these past two years since the arab spring began. he seems to determined to continue to pursue it. i think it's stunning that some of these basically secular opposition leaders refuse to meet with secretary of state kerry, at least in public. i think it shows they want to stay as far away from the united
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states as they can, recognizing that the president has really weighed in on the side of the muslim brother hood. i think this is a huge mistake for american policy not just in egypt but more broadly across the region. >> you know, usually you see officials going to these nations and meeting with the opposition. it's understood that that's part of the process. you call it really stunning. >> well, the fact that the opposition would boycott kerry i think is stunning. i think it shows they think that the administration is misreading the circumstances in egypt or at least being associated with the administration would be harmful to them politically. i think we're making a term strategy call here and thinking that the muslim brotherhood under president morsi really is committed to democracy, that it won't try to move the country in the direction of a radicalized form of islam i can dominance. they're not aiming to take control of the military which is one of the sources of our
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leverage since the camp david peace accord in 1979. i'm worried about egypt tipping over and becoming a radical state already affiliated with hamas, for goodness sakes, in the gaza strip and the risk of being a support your of terrorism throughout the region and throughout the world. >> what would cause or what would you look at and tell us about that you could see that would indicate they would be tipping over? >> well, i think the brotherhood has certainly done very well in the election so far, writing the substitution, cementing its control over the elected branches of the egyptian government, and then moving the control of the military which president morsi is now doing, naming generals known to be sympathetic or favorable to the brotherhood, the top positions. once he gets control of the military, if that happens, then the brother hood would have a lock on the two greatest sources of political power, the civilian and military sides of the government, and after that, i would be very worried if i were in israel. i'd be very worried if i were
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one of the gulf countries friendly to the united states. i'd be very worried about cooperation between egypt and iran. >> look. we give them 1.3 billion dollars in military aid. we sell them f-16s. would you do that? does this mean f-16s get in the hands of the muslim brother hood, in effect? >> what i would do given some of the ou outrageous things morsi s said, i would suspend military aid but do it to put pressure on morsi to back off and to show to the military that our support is not unconditional. the military is our leverage in egypt, and i would be prepared to resume military aid if i thought they were still under the control of pro-american generals, but i think it's very, very dicey at this point. i don't think the white house really understands the difficult political environment that we're in. >> you just mentioned iran, for example, and the secretary of state kerry is going to saudi arabia among other nations. they just finished talks.
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another round of talks. they told iran you don't have to close, you can keep enriching uranium for a medical reactor. by the way, if you agree to some stuff, we'll lift some of the sangs. what does he do? what does he say about iran? >> these proposals that you've indicated are a huge mistake on the part of the united states and the west. they are preparing a path to legitimize iran's nuclear weapons program although we won't call that, to lift the sanctions, ease the pressure, basically reversing the policy that united states and europe hahadhave had the last three ye. the iranians think they can get more out of the administration so they're not agreeing too quickly. let's be clear. absent some dramatic development where iran for reasons of its own rejects this offer or the united states and europe come to their senses, we are well on the road to le ject mizein legit mir
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capability in iran. it won't stop there. turkey, egypt, perhaps others will have nuclear weapons, too. the one thing that stands in the way of that is a possible israeli military strike. all of this is going to play out by the end of this year. it could be a very dramatic year for the middle east. >> you see it actually possibly having a strike or something by the end of the year? >> i think the israelis have got to decide as soon as they're able to form a government, and i guess we don't really know when that will be, but relatively soon. i think they have a limited amount of time before iran's concealed programs get beyond israel's control to deal with militarily. since there's no way that the obama administration will act, that's why the spotlight's on israel. that time frame for israeli decision and israeli action is narrowing very, very rapidly. >> all right. a warning that's troubling from john bolton this morning. ambassador bolton, thank you. always good to see you. >> thank you, eric. >> right on. jamie? we have a report of an african leader with american blood on his hand is dead.
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the african nation of chad reported they killed the international terrorist known as the one-eyed. we cannot independently verify that report. the al-qaeda-linked terrorist is responsible for a january attack on a national gas plant in algeria, that attack resulting in the death of 36 foreigners including three americans. all right. to washington now and the new effort to ramp things up to roll back those deep government spending reductions that we now have in effect. the lobbyists are at it. in the defense and health care industries especially, fighting to reverse the cuts after they were working for months to try to stop them from even taking effect. bob kusack is managing editor at the hill. good morning. great to have you here. >> good morning, jamie. >> how busy are the lobbyists. >> they're the winners because they get to continue to fight against sequesteration. their contracts continue both in defense and health care. also, the travel industry is going to be collecting horror stories of long lines and we'll
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see what happens. they're going to try to collect these aneck dote dotes and urgem to call members of congress. we don't now how the sequester will affect the nation, but they're going to have to -- the lobbyists have to prove to congress that this part of the sequester should be remedied. >> it seems to me that the one thing that americans will feel the most, especially as we get toward easter and other holidays, that they'll go to the airport, they will have those flight delays as predicted because there will be furloughs and also a number of air traffic controllers won't be at work. that's a frightening prospect in and of itself. it's part of it. tell me if you think that plays in the realization of americans at this point that they will be impacted in this fox news poll that i want to ask my producers to put up for folks to see. the question is what choice was there other than letting the automatic cuts, and 57% of voters believe that congress can't do it unless there were automatic cuts, that they were
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necessary as opposed to 29% with the confidence lawmakers can fix the deficit? does that mean that the voters are already aware they're going to be hit? >> i think so, jamie. i think that a lot of people know that these cuts are coming and they could be bad. i think it's going to depend on which sector is hit, and the big question, of course, is the sequester going to cost any lives, and if there are flight delays, is that because of sequester? is that what is going to be the reason or there are always flight delays. proving that the sequester is to blame, that's going to be very, very difficult. obviously the politicians here are the losers because they don't like the sequester, but they couldn't replace it. that poll is not surprising because the republicans and some democrats have been trying to cut the budget for years during the george w. bush administration's spending skyrocketing. it continued obviously and increased during the obama administration. so you now, this was a situation where they did nothing.
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well, you finally have cuts. that's why republicans are not that -- most republicans, including speaker john boehner, he doesn't like the sequester, but he says well, we've got to get cuts some way. and obama doesn't want to cut, so we have to take what we can get. >> we're seeing cuts, and later i'll speak with a four-star general about the defense part of this because at least half of the 85 billion will come from defense. those are automatic cuts, and that could impact national security. we'll ask him about that. as far as you're concerned, what argument do the lobbyists have at this point to change anything that's in effect? >> at this point they don't have anything. that's why over the next month, maybe two or three months, these cuts are 1.2 trillion dollars over ten years. that's a long time. i think the sequester is going to be adjusted over time, especially because we have a lot of elections in those ten years. it's not going to happen any time soon. you've got to be able to prove that yes, these -- the cuts hurt in this situation. they jeopardize safety, and of
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course, the obama administration, really, they were raising major alarm bells and then had to step back and say okay, it's not going to be the apocalypse as president obama said. >> let me just jump in. i only have 20 seconds. health care. how will the sequestration affect health care? >> on health care issues, that's at the state level where a lot of these cuts, whether it's -- whether it's in some medicaid but not major. they're not major cuts. this is not entitlement reform. these are cuts that basically where services have to be prioritized. they won't raise the medicare age or anything like that. it remains to be seen what kind of effect it will have. >> bob cusack, all issues important to the american public. thanks so much. >> see you soon. fox news tonight has an in-depth look at the budget crisis. john roberts anchors a special, showdown on debt row. it looks at what is going on behind the scenes.
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here's a preview. >> john boehner is a great speaker. he's too nice a guy. barack obama comes, he's a bare knuckles street fighter. is that what this is going to be? a bare knuckle brawl. >> days after taunting republicans for caving on taxes, obama now warns them don't even test him on the debt ceiling. >> i am not going to have a monthly conversation about whether or not we pay our bills. >> and in fact, behind closed doors, a cadre of republican leertdz, including price, is con driving to temporarily suspend the 16.4 trillion dollar debt limit. they would also pass a law that would dock lawmakers' pay unless the dem accurate i democraticad cincinnati does it. >> giving him a blank check is inane as far as i'm concerned. >> an inh inhighway in-depth na.
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showdown on debt row. it's followed by a special edition of the fox report with harris faulkner and then john roberts on showdown on debt row tonight on the fox newschannel. well, a fox news alert. an update be on a devastating story in florida. just 15 minutes from tampa. demolition is now underway on this house. you're looking at live pictures of the crews here having to take down and dismantle the home that was perched over a giant sink hole. it took the life of a man inside his own bedroom. his bed and his body believed to be in that sink hole. they've not found him. they're trying to move the house forward if they can to let other family members who escaped collect some belongings. we'll keep you posted on that. they have actually, eric, called off the search. >> what a tragedy.
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just unbelievable. so sad. well, as we've been telling you this morning, mitt romney opens up. he's speaking out in his first television interview since he lost the election. what he has to say about that experience and the job he thinks his former rival has been doing in his second term. more from mitt romney straight ahead on this sunday morning right here on america's number one place for news. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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>> eric: let's take a look in florida at the demolition of that house. an astounding and heartbreaking story. crews are now taking down the home that's over that massive sink hole that killed a man in florida. this is just outside of tampa. the operation began early this morning. emergency crews had to abandon the search for jeff bush. they did that yesterday. just imagine this. jeff's 37 years old. it's 11:00 at night on thursday night. he's in his bedroom, you know, minding your own business and suddenly a sink hole, your floor, your concrete floor just totally gives way and massive hole sucking down everything into it, his bed and everything like that. his brother jeremy's in the house, runs over, tries to help save him. jumps into the hole. the hole they say is now about 100 feet deep, caused by corrosive water that eats away at the limestone suddenly.
7:23 am
poor jeremy had to be rescued by paramedics and emergency responders. they were able to save him, but they so far have not even been able to find the body of jeff who has been swallowed up, apparently, by the earth in that horrible sink hole. >> jamie: former presidential republican nominee mitt romney joining "fox news sunday" for his first television interview since the 2012 election. he had some pretty strong words for how president obama has handled key issues since the start of his second term. >> how do you think the president has handled the sequester, the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts? >> well, no one can think that's been a success for the president. he didn't think the sequester would happen. it is happening, but today what we've seen is the president out campaigning to the american people, doing rallies around the country. flying around the country and berating republicans and blaming and pointing.
7:24 am
now what does that do? that causes the republicans to retrench and then put up a wall and to fight back. it's a very natural human emotion. the president has the opportunity to lead the nation and to bring republicans and democrats together. it's a job he's got to do, and it's a job only the president can do. >> the obama administration is right now releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants who have been slated for deportation because they say they can't afford to hold them. what do you think about that? >> i think the president has to act in the interest of the country, and that means if we need an aircraft carrier in the gulf, and i i believe we do. i thought we needed one more, that he should do it. i think if there are people who are incarcerated, he should make sure that we're able to keep them in jail. look. again, it's politics. it's okay how do we do something that will get a headline that will make it look like those term republicans aren't willing to come together?
7:25 am
>> joining me now is the anchor of "fox news sunday", chris wallace. >> jamie: chris, good morning. >> good morning to you, jamie. >> jamie: congratulations on getting the interview. let me ask you. is that quarterbacking? you know, monday morning quarterbacking, or does mitt romney still feel that he has a plan that would have worked differently? >> well, i mean, look. it is monday morning quarterbacking, but he's a guy who, you know, on game day was working his hardest and had the same ideas about how to bring things together. you know, i think there's a certain-pointance tcertain poigs interview. regardless of who you think is right or wrong, the republicans in the house or the democrats never looked worse. it looks dysfunctional and dumb as the president says. the cuts that the sequestration is going to go through. here's mitt romney and he says it kills him, kills him that he's there on the sidelines and can't put into place what he wanted to do, and you know, yes, it's easier to say from the beaches of la jolla, california.
7:26 am
but he says look. you don't go out and campaign and bash republicans. that just gets their backs up. there was a golden opportunity, a golden moment as he put it, with the fiscal fisca cliff, wie fact that all the bush tax cuts were expiring, that you have a trillion dollars in spending cuts kicking in with the sequestration, a golden moment to get everybody together and say let's make the deal, no winners, no losers. we'll do tax reform, lower rates, but also do away with the deductions and get some of that revenue. we'll get some spending cuts. we'll get some entitlement reform, and he says the most frustrating thing about losing is that i don't get the chance to do what i think i could have done. >> jamie: you asked him, i believe, whether or not he would run again. did you get the answer you expected? >> oh, yeah. no is the answer. one of the questions i asked him, i said look, i know you're coming out again after four months off the grid. why would you think republicans
7:27 am
are going to want to listen to you? he said that's a good question. i lost. i lost a race everybody thought i was going to win. i'm the last guy to be giving republicans advice. i care too deeply about the issues, about the country, so i'm going to say what i think, what i feel, and people can pay attention or not. >> jamie: all right. we will pay attention. thanks for bringing it to us, chris wallace's exclusive interview. we appreciate it. good to see you, chris. >> thank you, jamie. >> jamie: his wife ann joins in the interview, so tune into fox news sunday which airs at 2 and 6 p.m. eastern on fox. >> eric: absolutely fascinating. can't wait to see it. you know colon cancer is the third largest cause of cancer death among men and women in the united states, around march is colon cancer awareness month. coming up on sunday housecall, the doctors will be here to tell you what you need to know to protect your health. >> jamie: we don't want you to ignore that. we've got a lot of great topics.
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