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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 5, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> good morning to everyone. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is tuesday march the 5th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". top five stories making news at this hour. scratching their heads at a strange siting near one of the busiest airports. a drone spotted flying over jfk international airport. an airline pilot says he saw it hovering 3 miles from the runway 1800 feet from the ground and 200 feet from his jet. the faa launching a full scale investigation. >> this is terrifying to tell you about. a second sink hole has opened up in florida less than two-miles from the one that swallowed up a man and killed him. this one sits between two homes.
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officials say it doesn't hold a danger to either house. engineers will get a closer look at the original sink hole today after crews finished demolishing a house. they have been dropping flowers and pictures out of the hole. >> what i would like is some kinds of a memorial, a headstone, a bench somewhere where my mom could sit to with son. that's all we want. closure for my brother and my mom and dad not to have to go through this any more. jeff bush's body as we understand will likely never be found. >> the second round of meetings will be underway at the vatican. 107 of the 115 cardinals had a meeting. since they all haven't arrived no date is set for the conclave. they took a vow of secrecy and wrote a letter to the pope until
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they set a date for the conclave they will focus on the procedures towards the election. >> the queen of england will spend the rest of this week taking it easy as she recovers from the stomach bug. she was all smiles she was admitted on sunday that's the first time slease bhn in the hospital in a decade. >> it has been a year since the uss monitor sank in the atlantic ocean. but this friday the remains of two sailors that were found in the wreckage in 2002 finally get that go proper burial at arlington national cemetery. dna testing has been done. all 16 union sole sders who died during the battle of hampton roads will be there at the ceremony. that's your 5@5. >> let's talk about some of the weather around the corner. mother nature is still reminding
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us that winter is not over yet. there is a massive storm system slamming the west. people in far go north dakota trying to dig themselves up chicago bracing for up to a foot there. >> good to see you everyone. we have a very strong storm system right now. we are seeing the snow well to the east. parts of indiana parts of ohio a very large storm system to the south. we have heavy rain pushing from kentucky to tennessee. we have winter storm warnings in effect. wisconsin, minnesota, chicago, you will illinois, you are included through indiana and ohio. widespread snow 4-8 inches of
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snow. there could be a foot of snow. chicago you are one of those places. 20sh 30 miles an hour. it was going to be producing dangerous travel conditions on the roadways. because of the rough weather across sections of the midwest. there is uncertainty as to how much snow they are going to get. there is a rain snow mix. we have temperatures that are warm enough to get rain once the storm moves on in. it is expected cold enough air will wrap around the storm system. winter storm watch calls for 5 inches of snow to the west of dc. a foot of snow along higher elevations. there is uncertainty with the computer models some of them moving a storm out to sea by
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wednesday. take a look at this. a new shift. we could be looking at another shift as we head into thursday and friday. >> a lot of late season snow here. may end up getting in what we talked about. that lead us to our next topic. first cabinet meeting of the second term to sound the alarm about sequestration cuts. steve centanni is live in washington with more. >> that will happen at the end of the month if they don't reach an agreement. he will do all he can to minimize the effect of the sequester. it was a major topic on yesterday's agenda. we will be spending time talking about the potential sequester across the board. it is an area of deep concern. everyone knows where i stand on this issue.
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we are going to manage it as best we can to try to minimize the impact on american families but it's not the right way for us to go about deficit reduction. >> furloughs have already gone out there could be longer lines at the nation's major airports because of cuts in tsa staff. she advises them to get to the airports extra early. they will put pressure on the republicans to support the president's approach. republicans are blaming the president or trimming the budget in the worst possible way with across the board cuts. they warned americans will feel the impact. >> first of all given where we are and the situation we are in every americans don't have to experience this. it all depends on how to administer whether or not we give flexibility to make it as painless as possible.
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>> house republicans funded government which takes most of the roughest edges off the s sequester cuts and the impact on america. thank you so much. you have a good day now. >> we are sticking with the sequestration. now a look at who is talking this morning. brit hume is weighing in. >> last night hume was on the o'reilly factor. he thinks the president is playing a game in order to place blame on someone else. >> a week ago when fox news sunday james burling the chief economic advisor said as much. it is the same thing as yesterday. the administration doesn't want it the president seems to be prepared to let the public suffer almost as much as possible as long as he can blame somebody else. president's in the end are supposed to be that people put on their big boy pants and for
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using that responsibility or tha authority so be it. that's what you expect of a president. this president seems more incline to do see the chips fall as they may it's very unusual for the president. that family is growing. the government controlled mortgage companies are about to welcome a new addition. let's ask adam shapiro from the fox business network. they are supposed to merge 31 billion. >> good for taxpayers or bad? >> here's where we span you and i 300 other americans failed fannie mae and freddie mac which backed 9 out of 10 mortgages in the united states. they are private company even though they are in charge of
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them in 2008. n now there's a plan they are talking about a new company a back room operation that would eventually lead to a new organization and get rid of these. >> thare they going to xhoers o be better for snus>> it will cost you more in the end. what it might do is eliminate the government. be very careful. >> another topic is a lot of consumers when they switch their cell phone carriers they can't -- there's no portability. you can take your phone number but you can't take your cell phone. that may change. >> i brought my cell phone. that is a 1964 -- daytona. why did i bring this smart phone on with me?
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if i were to unlock this phone because i am still in my contract with a carrier who dropped service. if i were to unlock the phone i would take the 500,000 dollar fine and possibly 5 years in prison. at the end of the contract i can take this phone and my phone number to another carrier. what the fcc is saying take this and the daytona studebaker, let him take this now so there could be movement to urge congress to change the rules so you can unlock this thing before the end of the contract and not go to jail and pay a fine. >> you get sick of your cell phone carrier you can move without paying a fine. >> we can negotiate and get better deals. >> you can always use it once you finish your contract you have to go through a pizza czbi process but you can do it already. >> thank you very much.
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>> it is 10 minutes after the hour. coming up he's a chinese general who once threatened to nuke the united states. why is he now being allowed to visit the bepentagon? we will tell you this. wasn who is the richest person in the world? coming up next first as we get a break let's take a look at the gas prices. 3.47 national average. down $0.01 from yesterday.
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>> it is 14 after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. the u.n. security council will meet about north korea. it comes as diplomats announced the u.s. and china agreed on a
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4th round of sanctions over north korea's nuclear test last month. all members called it a grave violation of human resolution. he once threatened to use nuclear weapons in the city streets. the dmienz major general is part of a military exchange program. he told foreign news reporters china would use nuclear weapons in any conflict over taiwan. the list of billionaires are out. 29 of the richest are under 40. that includes mark zucker berg eduardo severens. mieblg bloomberg is moving up the list. he's 13th on the list. carlos slim takes the top spot with $73 billion.
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>> it is time to brew on this. your wallet is going to be slim as a result of this one. rising gas prices is the issue on top of people's minds these days. they show exactly where the polls stand. 84 percent say they are fed up with high gas prices even more than the gas prices. the obama administration is some what responsible for the recent spike in prices some say. rise in prices may have caused an up tick in sport for buildings. the pipeline up from last year. do you think the keystone pipeline will help stop growing gasoline prices? send the comments over to us you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an emai coming up next on the rundown.
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>> 21 minutes after the hour. monster beverage company defending the energy drinks against accusations it contributed to the death of a
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14-year-old in maryland. no blood tests have been performed to confirm she died of caffeine toxicity. washington, looks like spending cuts may be the solution. according to the congressional budget office federal tax revenue will hit $2.7 trillion this year. that's the highest number ever. ainsley? >> all right. thanks heather. >> we all know credit scores are complicated. did you know this is a 1 in 5 chance you have an error in at least one of your credit scores. here to fill us in on all of the things credit bureaus will not tell you is personal finance expert vera gibbons. >> we are tracking more than just your credit, what do you mean by this? >> not only credit whether you pay your bills on time how much debt you have but they maintain personal information like employment records where you live and when you apply for credit lenders told us if they don't like what they see
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employment record maybe you move around a lot you are seen as financially irresponsible. >> moving around? >> they could think you are irresponsible. you could be denied credit all together. >> we make money selling your secrets. what? >> the three major credit bureaus maintain 200 million files on consumers tracking over 60 percent of the population. some of them sell your personal information to lenders and any one else. >> that's legal? >> any one who is willing to buy it. this is how they make money and this is how unsolicited credit card offers end up in your mailbox. >> you mentioned the federal trade commission study. 1 in 5 consumers has an error in credit reports. 13 percent had errors that impacted credit score 5 percent more serious could result in you paying more interest rates or being denied total. >> what do do you? >> you have to go back and forth with the bureau.
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you have to have back up documentation letters from lenders. it's a paperwork process basically. >> number four, one mistake we are known for mixing up credit profiles. like mixes up you and me. >> that's what's going on. when you order your report united your name. my file could end up in yours yours in mine. i have bad credit all of the time. >> trying to clear your name takes a long time. >> it's like an accidental stolen identity. one way people find out they become victim of identity theft is when they check the credit report. >> annually? >> once a year. >> good luck clearing your name. very difficult why do they make
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it so hard when sometimes it is their mistake. >> the bureau has between 30-45 days to respond. after the investigation if it is determined no error is found you have been fighting this for years. if you decide not to fight it negative credit on your report such as bankruptcy foreclosure it is will stay on your report for 7-10 years. it will be on your report for 7-10 years. you can fight it take it higher take it to the court system. you have to go through the process. first through the bureaus then the lenders and cred oirts and it's a lot of back and forth. >> do you go on-line to one of these bureaus? >> if you have a problem, though, i would say brace yourself. it is a lengthy process. a lot of people forget to change
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their address and their bills are sent to the old address they forget to pay them and it costs them. >> they actually sent me into collection. so it was a big process going back and forth. >> it dings your credit. >> can you hire someone to help you get out of that? >> you can do it yourself but it is an ordeal. >> great information. good to see you this morning. 25 after the top of the hour. talk about your tax dollars at work. spending money on portraits of officials. >> they are selling the thin mints or caramel de lights. why are robbers targeting these girl scouts in three different states? first on this day in history back in 1963, that little thing, the hoola hoop was patented. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is time for the top 5@5:30.
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bakersfield police are now doing a criminal investigation over a retirement community after a woman died after a nursery fused to give her cpr. >> police aren't releasing the name of that nurse involved in that call just yet. officials at the facility defending her actions saying company policy prohibits employees from performing cpr because they are not a skilled nursing facility. police say so far they haven't found any laws that were broken. >> we have found culpability so that's going to take time to sort out all of the details. obviously there's a lot of facts in the cases we are willing to look through. >> the victim's family says they are satisfied with how the nurse
2:33 am
acted. more on that in a moment. >> a&m students facing hazing charges on the drum major. prosecutors say there's enough evidence to raise those charges and include two more defendants. you might remember 26-year-old champion died back in 2011 after what seemed described as a savage beating. chaos outside of a florida court as casey anthony makes her first public appearance since she was acquitted of murder. >> get out of the way. >> anthony was forced to appear in bankruptcy court to answer questions about her finances. she is nearly 800,000 dollars in debt. she says she doesn't have a car or home or have a job or own a car that is. she admits she is been living off the kindness of strangers. >> nom of the money has come from unsolicited donations from veer why yous individuals and
2:34 am
some of the other money also came from. >> her lawyer claims that anthony has never received an offer from the media to tell her story. >> talk about the tax dollars at work. the obama administration sepent almost 400,000 dollars on oil portraits. you spent 350,000 for outgoing administrator lisa jackson. that's 10 grand less than what the average american makes in an entire year. spending less than previous administrations. en international inspiration. she is among a record 259 nominees for this year's noble peace prize. the 15-year-old was shot by the taliban for promoting girl's rights. also on the list bradley manning the u.s. soldier who admitted to sending wikileaks classified
2:35 am
material. the winner will be announced in october. a storm system buried in the midwest. snow falling in minneapolis with more expected today. chicago is getting slammed as we speak this morning. the nation's capital bracing for the biggest snowfall in two years. >> maria molina tracking the weather for us. what is theyed for us. >> some of the highest elevations of the state of west virginia could be seeing over a foot of snow. this is a very powerful storm bringing heavy storm across the area. snow coming off of parts of iowa and moving into northern sections of illinois. we do have a number of winter storm warnings in effect. it's not just the amount of snowfall which we are effecting which could be 4sh 8 inches
2:36 am
locally greater amounts along the entire area shaded in pink. winds gusting 20sh 30 miles per hour. we will have dangerous conditions if we are doing any commuting through out the day today please be safe on the roadways. storm is headed from the south to the east. parts of virginia, west virginia, southern areas of pennsylvania. we have winter storm warnings in effect we could be looking at over a foot of snow along the higher elevations. you are going to be seeing wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. and we are expect to do see rain eventually switching over to snow. the big question is how much snow are we going to be seeing in dc? we are looking at the possibility of 5 inches of snow in dc. it should be moving into areas across maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey as we head into wednesday morning. does it head up the coast or out to sea? computer models are trending
2:37 am
toward the north. we could be looking at widespread snow across new he can england as we go through the morning. >> thank you maria. if you haven't felt any impact on the federal budget cuts just yet you are not line. president obama and cabinet members are still warning americans to brace for it. kelly wright is live from washington for us. >> good morning to you. we are living in the age of a sec st sequester. automatic cuts will have a ripple effect through out our ecee economy. siting a report from the ceo congressional budget office which gave a list of negative effects of the sequester 750,000 jobs expected to be lost wages recovered jobs produced. it has been done curtailing maintenance and training. employees will be furloughed. at the first cabinet meeting they are looking for ways to minimize the damage. >> we are going to do our best to make sure our agency has the support they need to try to make
2:38 am
some very difficult decisions understanding that there are going to be families and communities that are hurting. >> you recall the days leading up to sequestration the obama administration made dire predictions. it was criticized in scaring american people. yesterday homeland security secretary janet napolitano had some advice. >> i would say 150 to 200 percent more than we would normally expect. i don't mean to scare i mean to inform. if you are traveling get to the airport earlier than you normally would. do not yell at the tsa officers they are not responsible. >> republicans are concerned about the sequester. one senator says every american has cut back on their spending except the federal government continues to grow. >> the federal government we haven't been there at all. we are 89 percent bigger than what we were in 2001.
2:39 am
we continue to grow, and ever mrirn family out there is making tough choices, even the ones making pretty good incomes are now having to make some tough choices. >> he adds that even americans with good incomes making the tough choices now. even the government choosing to do so. this is only the beginning of things if things do not change here in washington which means cutting the spending. heather? >> kelly write thank you so much from washington. it's time to take a look at who is talking. with the presidential election five months removed there's chatter of the 2016 race. we may be considering following in the foot steps of his brother and dad they ran for president. he talked about that on hannity. >> i did because i didn't say no
2:40 am
but it's three years out or four years out from an election. what i have decided is not to worry about it not to think about it to continue on the path i am on. not fret about it. this is way too early to be making those kind of decisions. maybe it's a little odd that there be three people from the same family being president out of 45 presidents, it's a little strange, but i am not going to shut the door completely either. i don't wake up each day fretting about it. i am not going to. >> when i interviewed your brother, he wants you to run. >> i know. >> he mentioned it once in a while. >> he does occasionally. he does. what can i say? >> jeb bush will be piering on "fox & friends" this morning. he will be talking about immigration reform an the job president obama has done so far. >> it is time to entertain this. harrison ford joining the cast of the new anchor man sequel. >> for all of us here at channel
2:41 am
4 news i am ron burgundy. you stay classy, san diego. >> he will play a best friend anchor. the movie begins shooting this month in atlanta and will be out in december. >> justin bieber booed at his own concert in london after showing up 2 hours late. (booing) >> a lot of annoyed parents there. i can't say i blame them. they criticize the 19-year-old who kept the fans waiting on a school night. hundreds of them were forced to leave. those who stayed had to listen to michael jackson hits until bieber came on stage about 10:30 last night. he hasn't commented on this. >> bruce jen aers son brody is back on reality tv. best known for his appearance on "the hills" will join the cast of "keeping up with the kardashians." >> i will watch that one i think
2:42 am
he's cute. striking out in a skydiving experience. his first jump went okay, but then he went back up for round two ended up breaking his ankle while he was landing. >> the tanintention was to rais awareness for the wounded warrior it's a great, great charity. so i think we have successfully done that. >> positive attitude. he will need surgery. it's official ravens quarterback joe flacco becoming the nfl's highest paid player signing a 6 year $120.6 million deal. >> it was never about the money and all that but it was about earning that respect and feeling like i was respected around here. >> how did he celebrate the deal? stayed grounded went to mcdonald for chicken mcnuggets.
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>> it may be cold in march but there is a heat wave on the course. miami winning 15 games in a row they beat nminnesota 97-81. t coming up order to do stop dud stued ding the bible in their dorm rooms. one going to the extreme kick the christian group off campus. >> looking out for those little guys. wait until you hear what happens when he fell out of a 2 story window. he's okay now but we will tell you how it thahappened. ♪music plays thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for proving there's nowhere we can't go. but, at some point... giant leaps gave way to baby steps... and with all due respect, you're history. if you taught us anything,
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>> talk about whole hearted. thieves targeting the girl scouts. 3 have been hit by robbers. latest happening on sunday in california. guy grabs 500 bucks from the
2:47 am
cash box outside of the goesh resore and then ran away. a college shutting down the informal bible study. inside a dorm a resident assistant stepped in told the student about meeting they had to get out. roll bins college claiming the christian fellowship violated policy when it held the study a bible study in a common area in a dorm room. a college spokesperson says that no group is allowed to hold meetings in the common space of the dorm. >> michigan is paving the way to take over the drowning financial situation. union contracts could be in the cross hairs there. here to explain diane macedo from the fox business network. >> union contracts an benefits contributed to the 15 billion in unstaunded liabilities making them an attractive target for any financial manager cutting costs to vital services. he declared detroit was in a
2:48 am
state of financial emergency on friday and announced a manager to take control of the stays finances. says the budget problems have taken a significant toll on everyday life for citizens. he also says detroiters deserve to feel safe to have the streetlights on to have the bus show up and take them to work. he believes an emergency manager is the best way to get that done. he must wait until march 11th before making an appointment to allow the city to appeal the emergency demonstration. the appeal is definitely coming. he should look beyond the contract to balance the budget because organized labor has been cut to the bone. as an alternative he recommends making dreet suburbs and make sure municipal employees make the city limits. it's the unions destroying detroit and they need an emergency manager because those currently running the city aren't going to make tough
2:49 am
decisions needed to get the city back on track. we will keep an eye on this one. >> thank you so much. it is 47 minutes after the hour. coming up some schools are trying to take away part of your kid's lunch. we will explain what the bullies are done. she was travel secretary of state in history. what has hillary clinton been up to recently. we will have a sneak peak. >> great show as usual ladies. first off i am going to name drop. condoleezza rice will be live on the couch after she goes governor jeb bush will be live talking about immigration. weighing in on dennis rodman is he the next wave the dip plats in this country. senator coal burn got a call from the president are they going to make progress and go beyond leadership. i hold on my ipad my two girls weighing in with questions for us here on fox and friends so is gretch en's children have questions for us.
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>> 9 minutes to the top of the hour. a 4-year-old colorado boy survived after fell out of a third story apartment window and landed on his feet. his mother shampooing the carpet moved the sofa to the wall he climbs on to it talking to a neighbor and falls out of the window. he was hospitalized but suffering no injuries. the new york post revealing they were seen looking sweet and
2:54 am
holding hands while walking. we hear they were in town to celebrate chelsea's 33rd birthday. heather? >> thank you so much. the feds once again taking aim at children's school lunches. the nutrition services now wants to limit the size of beverages and put new restrictions on food items. they have the details in washington. ainsley and heather we all want kids to have healthy food options at school. how far should the government go in telling you what is best for your child? >> newly proposed federal regulations aimed at snack food and drinks served at the school could come with a hefty price tag. the american action forum estimates regulations would cost schools $127 million and require more than 926,000 hours of paperwork. the new proposal comes with part 2 of a waive of federal regulations died at school meals and would generate yet another unfunded mandate from a federal
2:55 am
agency. >> if you add these two school lunch proposals the prison reform rule which was finalized last year and the burdens of the affordable care act you get unfunded mandate over the next few years for states and local governments. >> the new proposal includes changes like limiting the service size of juices and capping most sfanacks at 200 calories. at least 39 states have some kind of snack food standard already in place. thousands of schools have already taken voluntary steps toward meeting the proposed standard. in the meantime schools are still navigating a federal mandate that requires a student to take one fruit or vegetable when approximating through the lunch line or risk losing the benefit. putting them on the trays doesn't guarantee they are going to eat it. >> if you have an orange or apple and you have a crash can throw it in the trash can see if you can make it.
2:56 am
>> something michelle obama googled during her less move initiative. >> i want every kid to admit to not throwing anything out. >> these rules joined more than 6,000 regulations proposed by the federal government in just the last 90-days. public comment on this one is open until april 9th. ainsley and heather back to you. it is now 54 minutes after the hour. coming up next on "the rundown" it is your last chance to answer a question of the day. earlier we told you about the results of a new fox pole that shows 84 percent of americans say that gas prices are simply too high. the aim pole showing they started supporting the keystone pipeline. what do you think of the keystone pipeline. >> fox and friends first we will tell you what it is when we come back. : [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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