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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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you were magnificent. the spin did stop even if alan's head is spinning. watching your interview with the harvard editor, you could have battered the boy and showed respect and invited him to rethink his position, nice show of class. and his comments showed me that you were right about harvard, i liked the kid, linda, he had the courage to face me, which is more than i can say for many politicians. he got a taste of the big leagues and now we'll see if he incorporates the lesson into the harvard crimson newspaper. perhaps he should enroll in o'reilly university. from new york city loved "killing lincoln," what struck me the most was the fate of mary sarat, the only woman legally hanged in america, her own son sold her out.
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from new zealand, good news, the "killing lincoln" movie is being shown here sunday march 10th. i hope you enjoy it. i've got to get to new zealand, i've been to about 78 countries and never been to new zealand, the stop off in tahiti thing and down in wellington. and that's it for us tonight. sorry i bored you with my travels plans, check out factor web different. and o', the word the day, do not be bellicose, very appropriate for this week on the factor. we hope you go to i've got the poll question, the bold fresher tour, become a premium member. you like it, it will make your life better. remember, the spin stops here and we're definitely looking out for you.
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>> . >> and this is a fox news alert. you're looking live at the kentucky senator ran paul on the senate floor where he continues to filibuster a vote about john brennan as the next cia director. he's still on the floor for nine hours and we'll bring you the latest as it happens. and it's a historic day on the floor of the u.s. senate as rand paul has successfully filibustered this vote to confirm john brennan as the next director of the cia. senator paul said he was standing on principle and would not stop talking until he clarifies why the president of the united states believes he has the authority to use unmanned drones to kill americans on u.s. soil without a trial. and this is how it started.
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watch this. >> i rise today to begin john brennan's nomination to the cia. i will speak until i can no longer speak. i will speak as long as it takes until the alarm has sounded from coast to coast. that our constitution is important, that your right to trial by jury are precious, that no american should be killed by a drone on american soil without first being charged with a crime, without first being found to be guilty by a court. >> sean: and it went on from there. here is the back story. as we told you on this very program, senator paul received a letter from attorney general eric holder and was disturbed by the response he received as holder refused to rule ott u.s. citizens as target on u.s. soil. and holder went back before lawmakers on capitol hill and
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asked point blank about this once again. watch this. >> can you agree there's no scenario be prop to use an armed drone to strike a u.s. citizen on american soil? >> what i said the government has no intention of carrying out drone strikes in the united states. it's hard for me to imagine a situation in which that would occur. we have within the united states the ability to use our law enforcement capacity. >> sean: no intention? hard to imagine. why can't he just say no? now, senator ted cruz was so baffled by holder's comments and contradictions he pressed the attorney general even further. watch this. >> do you have a legal judgment on whether it would be constitutional to kill a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil in those circumstances? >> a person who has engaged in the way that this person sitting at the cafe, not doing anything imminently, the use of lethal force would not be
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appropriate, would not be something that-- >> i find it remarkable that you still will not give an opinion on the constitutionality. let me who have onto the next topic because we've gone round and round. >> let me be clear, i thought i was saying no, all right? no. >> sean: wait a minute, what exactly is the attorney general's position on this matter? first he says it's hard to imagine a situation where drones would be used in the u.s., then he says, such an action would be inappropriate and then he sort of implies it would be unconstitutional. in other words, we have absolutely no idea where the administration stands on an issue that each and every american citizen needs to be concerned about. and now, either the president believes he has the right to target whoever he wants, wherever he wants, whenever he wants for assassination or they don't believe it. and that's why the paul filibuster took place today and i commend the senator for having the courage to stand up and do the right thing. until we get answers, john brennan does not belong near langley. and joining me analyst, juan
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williams and chairman of the faith freedom coalition ralph reed. >> sean: good to see you. >> good to be with you, sean. >> sean: this is madness, they can't say, yes, no, they contradict themselves. give an answer. >> i think the answer should be no. >> sean: should be, but it's not. >> the thing is if an airplane and by the way senator graham has said this, if an airplane is headed toward the world trade center again and we have the ability to knock that plane out of the sky. >> sean: we have to do it. >> that's what we're talking about because the congress has authorized the president, president bush to go after and kill terrorists. >> sean: that's the not what the essence of rand paul's question and the fact that they left the door, then tried to qualify, well, we don't imagine, we don't intend, that's very ambiguous language. ralph reed, what do you think? >> well, what's happened here, sean, is real simple. a president who ran saying he was going to be the most transparent administration in u.s. history, condemned what
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he called the bush administration's secret war against terrorism, said that it was being conducted without regard to what he called the quote, campus of our values, is now conducting the most secretive, untransparent, with muddled legal reasoning war on terror in the history of modern warfare, and the president and eric holder have painted themselves into this corner for one simple reason. they refuse to capture a terrorist on the field of battle, and would not close gitmo after promising to do so. won't engage in perfectly legal interrogation techniques, which, by the way, were critical to finding usama bin laden. so they say they won't interrogate terrorists, but now they're willing to kill 3000 of them including the unpress departmented ordered targeted assassination of u.s. citizens. >> wait a second, ralph. >> caused by the president's-- >> you just went off on a
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litany of complaints. let me just say i am so shocked to hear ralph reed and sean hannity. >> sean: not shocked. >> oh, no, we should not have the president of the united states going full bore against people who wants to kill americans, that hate us. >> i didn't say that. >> you say the problem is, he didn't close guantanamo bay. >> sean: no, what i-- >> what i said was. >> we don't want those people back on the battlefield. >> juan, don't twist my words. what i said was he painted himself into this corner because he said it was wrong to capture and interrogate terrorists. >> no, that's not-- >> hold on one second. >> not interrogate them, but he'll kill them. >> sean: let me go further, and we can't ignore the left and president obama saying i'll stop torture, i will close gitmo and the same one
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for drones against american citizens is against enhanced interrogation. >> under my administration, will not torture -- my administration is going to operate in a way that leaves no doubt that we do not torture, that we abide by the geneva conventions. >> waterboarding is torture, it's contrary to america's traditions, it's contrary to our ideals, it's not who we are, that's not how we operate and anybody who is actually read about and understands the practice of waterboarding would say that that is torture. and that's not something we do, period. >> sean: jose rodriguez who was there for the waterboarding said without those techniques, we never would have gotten bin laden. by the way, leon panetta admitted-- >> no, he didn't.
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>> sean: let me stay on point. you're going to tell me that the president at least through his attorney general, the ambiguous message that they leave the door open on killing americans, on american soil, wait a minute, without a trial, no conditions whatsoever did he layout in that letter -- is now the people that we're against waterboarding, the people that were against enhanced interrogation, drones are okay, but not waterboarding? >> don't you feel like you're in a flip-flop situation. >> sean: not at all. >> a minute ago you said if the airplane went into the world trade center, you want the president to take out that plane. >> sean: no, but they left it-- >> the other way around, juan. >> sean: exactly, go ahead. >> how is that the other way around? >> i'll tell you how it's the other way around. all eric holder had to do, you know, he didn't have to engage in these verbal gymnastics, all he had to do was say what legal scholars have established for centuries. the of the president of the united states has a right to use his derivative powers as commander-in-chief to protect the homeland under two
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circumstances. number one, to repel foreign invasion and number two, to protect the homeland against attack. anything that he has to do to do so, u.s. citizens have been killed in past conflicts before. they were killed during the the civil war, if they were involved in attacking the united states, that's all he had to say. instead it's imminent threats, hypotheticals. this is the most legally muddled, confused administration i have ever seen and juan, it all gets back to the fact that he's constantly apologizing for the projection of u.s. power and prosecution of war. >> i think that was a really smart analysis, but the thing is that's not what they're discussing. what they're doing is discussing whether you can use an armed drone to go after someone you've identified as a potential terrorist threat on u.s. soil. >> sean: wait, wait. >> we're the not talking about what you just described. >> sean: they get to decide well, we think he's a terrorist. >> no. >> sean: hang on, he's not an
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imminent threat to anybody, he's in a cafe having a little bit of coffee, we're going to drop a bomb on him? they did not draw out the circumstances, and ralph looked at where it would be legal and-- why didn't they say that. >> the reason-- >> juan, this is the attorney general of the united states and he couldn't articulate in sworn testimony what i just said on a tv show. >> ralph, what you said had to do with a military action. what they're talking about. >> no. >> a single individual in the cafe that sean was talking about. let me finish. >> of considers, if the guy is about to attack me and you, sean, i'm surprised you wouldn't want him taken out. >> sean: who decides that. >> the president. >> sean: and judicial oversight or-- >> the president was given authority by the congress to go after terrorists. i agree on the kill list, on going over things i would like to have some review.
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>> sean: all right. thank you both. we've got to help juan out. all right. coming up next, it's the smoking gun that proves the obama administration is working behind the scenes to inflate the negative effects of the sequester. it comes in the form of leaked e-mail and i'll read it to you and get reaction from herman cain next and later, tributes to a fallen tyrant are pouring in from left wingers, jimmy carter, sean penn, oliver stone and we'll tell you what the socialist supporters are talking about the former loving president of the venezuela and michelle malkin has the details and ann coulter. we'll continue to monitor the situation on the senate floor. rand paul has yielded a question to senator mike lee. more on the filibuster that's ongoing straight ahead. clients are always learning more
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>> and you're looking live at the floor of the u.s. senate where rand paul who began a filibuster at about 11:45 this morning is continuing that filibuster. he's being joined by a lot of the senators there, i know ted cruz from texas and mike lee from utah, marco rubio earlier today as well joining him in this real filibuster. remember, most filibusters don't take place, but they say this is a filibuster and this is rand goes to washington or dr. paul goes to washington. if you want to see a real filibuster we'll continue to monitor throughout the night. also, evidence is mounting
6:18 pm
that the administration is deliberately inflating the effects of the sequester. now, yesterday we told you about homeland security secretary janet sherlock napolitano and lies about airport delays. we have proof that this is calculated. a leaked e-mail from a department field officer shows him alerting his emergency people a response from the budget office about the latitude he has in making cuts. according to the partially redacted e-mail reads as follows, so it is our opinion however you manage that reduction you need to make sure we're not contradicting what we said the impact would be. i think we can safely say it's a smoking gun. it's shameful, from canceling white house tours to announcing the intention to release thousands of illegal immigrants, there's nothing that seems off limits for this president when it comes to playing politics. here with reaction to that and more, former presidential candidate, fox news contributor, ceo himself herman cain, herman, how are you, sir? >> i'm great, sean, thank you.
6:19 pm
>> sean: isn't it nice to see a real filibuster? they always threaten filibuster and just the threat is enough and everybody capitulates, but to actually he see one done over a principled position we're not going to bomb american citizens on their homeland without the due process and a trial. where are the civil libertarians? >> i think it is refreshing to see a real filibuster because it underscores the way our government was set up, such that you couldn't have an administration or any branch of the government shove something through that might be in the worst interest of the american people. i'm glad to see that for the first time, i can't remember when they had a real filibuster. >> sean: i can't either. go ahead. >> i can't remember, so i think it's good. the other thing that a filibuster does, a real filibuster, it gives the american people time to begin to get familiar with some of
6:20 pm
the facts of the situation. remember, when president obama forced obamacare down the throats of the american people, and nancy pelosi said, we have to pass it to tell you what's in it, you remember that phrase? (laughter) >> that was the best imitation i think i've ever heard. >> i mean, come on, come on, sean, that's an insult to the intelligence of the american people. a filibuster gives the american people a chance to get familiar with some of the facts and that's why i'm glad to see that they're actually taking it seriously in this particular case. >> sean: all right. let me go to this issue. the president demagoguing all the fear, apocalyptic talk, the seals of revelation have been opened. >> yeah. >> sean: now it's clear to the american people, a lot of lies were told about it and none of the predictions are coming true, and they h'd be cutting
6:21 pm
trillion is not a bad idea. >> let's put it into perspective, sean, the government accountability, the department of the government that we pay for, does an analysis every year to determine the amount of waste, fraud and abuse based on overlapping programs or ineffective programs. has year in 2012, they determined that there was over 260 billion dollars in that category. do you know what the members of congress and the political class, now what they do with that report every year? they put it in a drawer. now, for people who may not have done the math, 260 billion is more than three times this 84 million that the government and the president and administration are in an angst over. all that the administration is
6:22 pm
doing is trying to scare the american public into believing that this 85 billion dollars is armageddon and it's not. >> sean: and we've got a quote here of the president actually saying, do you want to cut kids in poverty or do you want to cut the poor kids or disabled kids. it's just nuts. i mean, arne duncan, the education secretary. he was caught in a lie and the president said we're going to cut janitors. and here is napolitano scaring people about what's going to happen at airports, guess what, none of which has happened and you can watch rand paul, by the way, the filibuster continues. >> we are already seeing the effects of some of the ports of entry, the big airports, for example. some of us had very long lines this weekend. sequestration, it's like a rolling stone. it keeps picking up speed as it goes downhill. we could see a lot of of missed connections. average wait times to clear customs can increase by a significant percentage. >> we will not be able to pay
6:23 pm
tsa workers overtime. i'm not trying to alarm you. it's just doing the math. >> sean: they've lied about all of this, the predictions of doom and gloom. >> right. >> sean: and now they want to inflict the maximum amount of pain by this memo on the american people. >> that's exactly right, sean. let me tell you the only thing that givers me some encouragement. in one week, a gallup poll of the president's favorability rating shows he went from 53% which i couldn't understand, down to 46%. that tells me that there are a lot of people who get it. they're not as stupid as the administration and the president think that they are. they're starting to see through the double-talk and they're starting to see through the scare tactics coming from this president and this administration. that's the one thing that gives me hope. >> sean: all right. herman cain, thanks for being with us and as always, appreciate it. >> happy to do it, sean. >> sean: despite the fact that
6:24 pm
hugo chavez was an anti-american socialist with ties to terrorists, hell bent on destroying this country, let's see liberals like jimmy carter, sean penn, and others, they're praising the tyrant. and michelle malkin with examples when we return and also the filibuster started by senator rand paul is well into its 9th hour and right now senator john barasso has taken to the floor. and more on the filibuster after the break and rand paul will be there. see how long this goes on. it's a real live filibuster. we'll continue to monitor and cover right here on hannity.
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>> you're looking live at the senate floor where the filibuster started by senator rand paul started to block a vote on the cia director john brennan and his nomination. nine hours and counting and we'll continue monitoring the floor throughout the hour. meanwhile, he was a ruthless tyrant promoted anti-americanism, anti-semitism, suppressed and didn't stop hollywood stars from praising hugo chavez after his death yesterday and jimmy carter who wrote the kind words about the dictator. we came to know a man who
6:29 pm
expressed a vision to bring profound changes to his country to benefit especially those people that felt neglected and marginalized although we have not agreed with all of the methods followed by his government, we have never doubted hugo chavez's commitment to improving the lies of millions of his fellow countrymen. he was not the only politician to express admiration for chavez the dictator. new york congressman tweeted he committed to empowering the powerless. and sean penn in an interview, only hours after his death, today the people of the united states lost a friend it never knew it had. to poor people around the world, lost a champion. and olin stone: i mourn a great hero to the majority of the people and those who struggled throughout the world, and my friend, rest
6:30 pm
in peace long earned. and fox contributor michelle malkin, i don't know what i want to say. more than anything else, let's go to hugo chavez talking about our president the day after he spoke with the united nations to remind people what he thought of americans and america's president. >> yesterday the devil came here. right here. right here. and it smells of sulfur still today. this table that i am now standing in front of, yesterday ladies and gentlemen, from this roster, the president of the united states, the gentleman to whom i refer to as the devil, came here. >> sean: i can smell the is your fur from bush being here the day before the president of the united states the devil.
6:31 pm
a great guy, some to praise. >> i'm he not going to mince words. i hope that hugo chavez is choking on sulfur right now and rotting in hell. i'm not alone. the repressed people of venezuela felt the same way and while all of these liberal politicians and chavezistas in hollywood, propaganda tools and idiots, stampeding over themselves to elevate hugo chavez, it's the people of venezuela who know that he turned their country into a socialist hell hole. the crime rate, the inflation, the food shortages, the electricity shortages, ravaging the economy and turning it into really one of the most miserable places on earth, while hugo chavez was amassing a 2 billion dollars personal fortune, nationallizing all of the industries and crushing free
6:32 pm
people. i am not surprised, i'm not shocked by the likes of oliver stone and michael moore and jimmy carter. i think that's more sickening to me, and we've been compiling all of the disgusting, and medic inducing tweets at my site, it's the liberal media, it's the people who wear their che guevara and berets in their cubby holes as they pretend to be objective. here is is a sample of them and they're just beyond parity. larry king, i interviewed hugo chavez a few years ago in new york and i remember he walked into the interview singing. they called him a firebrand. this is from a washington post reporter talking about how chavez once sang oh, solo mio and calling him a fighter and that's the associated press. >> sean: and let me jump in here and by the way, the first thing that i thought of was michael moore's cuban health
6:33 pm
care system didn't do a whole lot to save hugo chavez's life. >> yes. >> sean: maybe mike considering sloan kettering the next time he starts bragging about cuba's medical system. and sean penn, oliver stone, dumb hollywood actors, michael moore don't impress me. jimmy carter bothers me some, but in terms of sucking himself to the dictator was none other than joe kennedy. watch the ad that he ran and was a part of. >> for far too many americans, winter time cold and suffering and can't pay their heating bill. >> do you greet every oil man this >> only the ones i love. >> and for heating for needy families from the venezuela, i'm joe kennedy, if you need help staying warm this winter
6:34 pm
1800-315-8249 because no one should be be left in the cold. >> sean: we're going to ask hugo chavez to help us. >> he's got "tool" tattooed on his forehead. and at least kennedy is not in the white house. the nobel peace prize winner to call a dictator a dictator. go back and read obama's wish washy statement on this evil man and it just really sums it all up about the left and their coddling of evil. >> sean: michelle malkin, always good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> you bet. >> sean: coming up next all eyes on washington. the filibuster started by rand paul at about 11:45 this morning continues and we're going to check in with the architect, karl rove, what he thinks about the situation and later, ann coulter is here in the studio with a conservative solution to the immigration
6:35 pm
program. she will unveil it. we want to hear your thoughts, share your thoughts on hugo chavez or filibuster or anything else, or twitter account which is @sean hannity. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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>> you're looking live at the senate floor as rand paul's filibuster is well into its 9th hour. and dramatic events unfolding on capitol hill. the attorney general refuse today rule out whether this president would use unmanned drones to assassinate american citizens on u.s. oil without due process. and we watch as the republicans successfully rise and block john brennan's nomination as the next director of the central intelligence agency and president obama's ability to
6:40 pm
sequestration and scare the living day lights out of them. here to sort through all this. fox news contributor, the one and only architect, karl rove. welcome back. >> thank you for having me, sean. >> sean: did you ever a real filibuster in the eight years you were there, one, an actual filibuster? >> no, no, and look, attorney general holder is about the most unserious person i could ever imagine being attorney general after the events of the past week. ted cruz, senator ted cruz of texas i think absolutely got to the heart of the matter and asking him, you have a u.s. citizen who is involved in terrorist activity. who is sitting at a cafe, having a cup of coffee. does the president have the authority to kill him with a drone and holder cannot answer the question. he says, well, it's not an appropriate level of force and cruz says, no, no, i'm asking you whether it's constitutional or not and the simple answer is no. can you imagine what happened? we had the lackwanna group
6:41 pm
upstate new york, u.s. citizens involved in aiding and abetting. and a training camp. a number of citizens who established links with foreign terror, with al-qaeda and foreign terrorist elements and have been subsequently arrested. can you imagine what would happen during the bush years if we'd taken and unleashed a drone on the lakawana nine and blown them up? who would be leading the fight against the bush administration would have been barack obama and eric holder. yes, we get the wishy-washy answers and look, the letter to rand paul is-- i can't believe it. as a policy matter, moreover we reject the use of military force. wait a minute, as a policy matter? since 1803, the insurrection act says the united states military cannot be dehe employed unless the president declares a part of the country in insurrection against the
6:42 pm
central government, since the reconstruction era. the act has-- it's a policy matter? it's a legal matter. and the attorney general of the united states should know enough to say that the laws of the united states prohibit the use of military force like a drone in conducting a strike on u.s. citizens on u.s. soil unless it is involved in repelling an act of war, as we had on 9/11. i mean, this is just ridiculous. >> sean: how ironic is this in light of the very people that are opposing this, are the exact same people at that were all over the bush administration over enhanced interrogation? >> yeah. which, you know, look was endlessly reviewed and debated by the legal experts at the department of justice, the department of state, the department of defense, office of legal council. the department of justice gave a very thoughtful opinion to justify the action and we've got a flimsy less than one
6:43 pm
page letter that can't get the basic facts right from eric holder. as a policy matter we reject the use of military force. how about as a legal matter. the laws of the united states require us to act in a certain fashion. >> sean: let me go back to the rand paul filibuster from today. and one of the things that struck him some of his comments, jihad is a legitimate tenet of islam he once said and some other controversial positions. they were very troubling to me. your reaction? >> you know, brennan strikes me as the wrong man at the wrong time. the president actually has had back-to-back, two pretty good cia directors. leon panetta and general petraeus arranges now the consummate washington bureaucrat, an able individual. now it's like, you were the operational guy who had the full knowledge of enhanced interrogation techniques, you knew exactly what was
6:44 pm
generated and the value of them and now you look back and say, i was really against it. i really can't remember anybody i told against, but i did tell people i was against it and i'm not certain how valuable they were at the time. he knows better and to me this demonstrates a lack of character, trying to please the man in charge is not what you want from a cia director. you want somebody with enormous character and with the ability to say to the president, very harsh truths about what the threats are to the united states of america, a man with good judgment and good character and strikes me the last couple months have shown at that brennan falls short in that regard. >> sean: let me ask you about the political fallout. i think the president overreached to a very large degree with this fear mongering and apocalyptic talk. to the extent, what is the fallout of this, the boy who cried wolf? after a period of time people don't believe you anymore. did the president misread this and do you think he made a big political mistake? >> absolutely, absolutely. the take a look at it. his job approval has dropped
6:45 pm
over the last week. you know, and not only that, but people have begun to, you know, there's an enormous majority in america that believes that government spending needs to be trimmed and can be trimmed. these are going to be modest trims. and we're more likely to see the american people think we didn't cut enough, not that we cut too much. and the president oversold it and believed his own bs way too much and i think 48 in the gallup. take a look, eight years ago-- excuse me 12 years ago president clinton after getting reelected was at this comparable point was at 59%. obama's at 48%. president obama is not a good -- and president obama won reelection by a bigger margin than bill clinton. bill clinton didn't get 50% of the vote. obama got 51.07%. >> some real damage. >> and only going to get worse
6:46 pm
from here. >> sean: thank you, karl. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: we're going to continue to watch what's going on there in the real senate with a real filibuster. thanks to marco rubio and jeb bush immigration reform is in the national spotlight. when we come back, ann coulter in the studio offers up a conservative solution to the mess that washington can't seem to clean up. first, salt, soda and now america's nanny mayor is going to target i'm willing to get each of you own next. how do you get your bounce? i use bounce outdoor fresh sheets because they're just that much fresher and they help keep static off in the cold so my clothes will never embarrass me. mommy, i dressed the snowman!
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>> what we're saying is in order to secure the border over the long haul you have to deal with the fact that right now it's easier to come illegally than it is to come legally. it's ridiculous for an immigrant nation to make it-- to make those incentives that perverse. >> there's new momentum among prom prominent members of the party. and jeb bush and marco rubio are helping to bush the controversial issue back into the spotlight. earlier i sat down with the always outspoken ann coulter to come up with conservative solutions to the problem. >> joining us to discuss this the one and only ann coulter. good to see you. i like as a foundation a lot of the rubio plan in a sense. these borders need to be secured. >> right. >> sean: now there is an
6:51 pm
addendum that rand paul has, that i know rubio likes and that is that every single portion of the border, once it's secure, and none of this happens until. >> right. >> sean: it's secure will first have to be voted on and that means republicans will have to put their seal of approval, that they believe it's cordoned off. does that impact you at all? >> a little bit. i mean, it's a good idea. i actually do think enforcement first, and let's start with enforcement and i love how the media sort of convinced americans that building a wall on the border, well, that's crazy. like sending a man to mars. and why is this treated as something so outside of the bounds of rationality. but, no, you have to start with enforcement, legalization and immediately, that means collecting government assistance and that means, we're never going to turn around and say, no, you're not going to get citizenship and we're going to be deported and you don't start with legalization and children are instantly citizens. legalization first is notenforc
6:52 pm
particularly now, when we see the absolute bad faith and forget just on the immigration issues, liberals are going back to their old tricks and trying to release criminals. >> sean: do you think looking at this from a demographic point of view the chances that immigrants in this country are more likely to vote democratic. >> oh, yeah. >> sean: so they're doing that. >> oh, yeah, that's the democrats are thinking that. i hope the republicans aren't thinking that. >> sean: if that's what they believe, then don't you have to secure the border first? we agree on that part? >> they don't want to secure the border. >> sean: i understand, but if rubio has told me if they don't secure the borders first he's not on board period. >> it's over because his step one is legalize the illegals and then demand enforcement and then citizenship. >> sean: i asked him five times because what he said it's a path to a green card, then-- >> no, but instantly they are here illegally, this is a
6:53 pm
crucial point. >> sean: have to pass a civics test and pay back fines. >> number one is immigrants are legal, that's step one. by the way, there's no fence in the world that's going to stop the next wave after wave after wave of illegal immigrants and we probably make the 22 illegal immigrants here. >> sean: there's one way you don't have to build a fence, if you keep destroying the economy, but-- people aren't coming here for jobs anymore. >> we're not going to have obama forever and when we have a republican president and we don't want them running across the border again. no, of course you start with enforcement first, but enforcement first not legalize them first and then act as if, well, the one thing they want is citizenship. no, they want to live here legally and allows them to collect government assistance and by the way, our legal immigration system has to be changed, too, and teddy kennedy's 1955 immigration act, and something like 80% of legal aliens to america have
6:54 pm
come from third world countries and they go on government assistance at a much higher rate than the native born. we have to take care of our native born here. >> sean: let me ask you a political question. >> the country is going to sink and worst of all from your and my perspective and many of yours viewers, the entire country will become california and no republican will ever win another, another election. so i don't understand this idea of trying to make more illegal aliens-- >> we have 50 million people on food stamps, one in six in poverty, we're in trouble and we've got all of this debt on top of it. but i want to ask you a political question. i want your insight, all right? there you go. about time, this is important, because obama, we saw him demagoguing all last week. >> yeah. >> sean: and the doom and the gloom and predictions and 44 billion at 3.8 trillion is not-- >> right. >> sean: okay. but what i see with the democrats, they all say the same words as obama, balanced approach, fair. >> right. >> sean: just keeps over and over regurgitating. the children. >> right.
6:55 pm
>> sean: all right. republicans, every republican has their own message. there's no messaged discipline on their part. >> this has been a perennial problem for republicans because they're individualists and i remember this going back to the impeachment days how the democrats would say the exact same talking points and never get the republicans to say the same things. what you can do is get them to focus on specific points and you're so right how the democrats always say common sense gun laws, okay, i want common sense gun laws, too, and helps with the-- >> reagan, whenever he gave a speech they h'd go, there's speech again because he had a principled speech. >> nail the democrats on what they mean by common sense when it comes, for example, about the gun laws, how about keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. no, aclu will not do that. that's not a common sense gun law, when it comes what are we going to do with 11 to 22 million illegal immigrants. granting them amnesty is not a
6:56 pm
common sense solution. not granting them amnesty is common sense and enforcing and e-verifying and building the wall. >> all right, ann coulter, we love having you back, thanks so much for being with us. >> love being here. >> sean: and coming up next, america's nanny mayor, michael bloomberg is spending $250,000 on a campaign to target something that i'm willing to bet each and every american, all of you watching this program, i bet you own it and by the way, it's not a big gulp and it's not your salt shaker. i'll tell you what he's coming after this time around when we return. that's next. big time taste should fit in a little time cup. new single serve cafe collections from maxwell house now available for use in the keurig k-cup brewer. always good to the last drop. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion.
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