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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 8, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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possible, as i said to the senator, that mr. obama may have reacted to that, may, i don't know, but he might have so if you want to be up to day go to that website and it's there. and spout out about the factor, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be a-- the word of the day. and from the amazon river, the tip of the day. and please remember that the
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>> good morning. himenter chilled -- i am heathe childers. >> i am heather nauert. welcome to fox and friends first. >> brand new details em americaing about the deadly lion attack at a cat wildlife sanctuary. we know the lion escaped from a speeding cage while the intern there diana hanson was cleaning it. also the coroner revealing she died almost instantly after the lion broke her neck. >> she was vivacious. she loved her work. she loved big cats. she had cats in her past and
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cats in her life. she was doing what she loved and did it with joy every day that she worked here. and she is going to be missed. i am so sorry this happened. >> cat haven remains closed as the investigation continues. virginia state police mourning the loss of one of their own this morning. walker was shot and killed after a man opened fire right at his patrol car. walker pulled up to the car that was on the side of the highway. that was when the man apparently got out and started shooting. when will other officers arrived on the scene they exchanged shots with them and then took off. after a short manhunt he was arrested. he now faces murder charges. >> the u.n. taking direct aim at north korea over the latest attacks. a new round of sanctions targeting money transfers and also luxury items. the north korean general warns
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there are missiles armed with nuclear war heads on stand by. the obama administration down-played any threats. says the united states are fully capable of defending themselves against missiles. >> with john brennan over coming concerns about the drone policy reconfirmed as cia director. the senate approved his nomination 63 to 34 he will replace the acting director. a strike cannot target a noncombatant american on u.s. soil. >> we got the president to admit that, yes, i don't have this power. this is a power i do not have. it is a little sad that it came to this, that we had to use pressure to get him to admit this. still a big victory to the people that he says in america you do get a trial.
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>> paul filibustered for 13 hours. things looking back to normal for former president george h.w. bush. they released the first official photos of him since he got out of the hospital in january. that's long time friend and former prime minister brian marone knee with former first lady barbara bush. that is your 5@5:00. in just a few hours from now the son-in-law of osama bin laden allegedly a top member of al qaeda will appear in a yonew york city courtroom on terror charges. there is outrage in washington someone so closely connected to the events of 9-11 is being treated like a common criminal. we more on this story. attorney general eric holder
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is saying the rays of osama bin laden's son-in-law proves that no amount of distance or time will weaken our resolve to bring america's enemies to justice. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york says this man has been working against the united states for 13 years. and we now know the ingenls community tracked them through out the mid eels for years before picking him up in jordan. >> the history is somebody that has been active and engaged in al qaeda. as spent some time in iran the southern part of iran and planning during facilitation during al qaeda business. >> they hahe has been brought t united states for trial since he was an enemy combatant and someone from al qaeda's inner
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circle the same protections as an american citizen. >> people killed over 2900 americans and now we have our hands on him why in the world are we treating him as if he is some kind of criminal and why in the world is he not at guantanamo bay. >> we are a few hours away from his hearing in new york. he may be charged with tearrism and maybe murder as well. we will watch and see what happens. appreciate it. >> that brings us to our question of the morning and a look at who is talking. we are bringing you john bolton. bolton says the obama administration's decision to bring osama bin laden's son-in-law to the u.s. instead of gitmo is a political move.
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>> they are trying to make an ideological point here that they want to deal with terrorism through the criminal justice system. this has been their point of view right from the get go. it is reflected in a lot of different actions they have tried to take. congress has blocked some of them. instead of taking this al qaeda spokesman and sending him to guantanamo bay in a detention facility there where they would have been blocked by law they brought him directly to new york. they have made their point. if you think terrorism is just like knocking off the corner starbucks only a little bit worse that's the root you are going. if you think this is war you are in a completely different paradigm. i think it will cause a firestorm in congress and it should. >> well, now to another big story an extreme weather alert for you. a massive winter storm bringing snow, strong winds, massive waves to the northeast. take a lthis.
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tremendous waves flooding streets in massachusetts. look at that right there. also in the state of new jersey shore communities real covering from super storm sandy pined themselves flooded once again. >> janice dean has more. >> it is nonstop this train of storms we are watching. we have another one moving into the west doughs which i will focus on the there's the storm off the coast that will continue to bring waes and wind and snow and rain. to the northeast. i want to focus on the west coast where we are getting another storm system. we could have higher elevations of snow. look at the snow backing into long island parts of new jersey, up state new york, connecticut, snow all around here. up toward massachusetts as well as northern new england. that's because the coastal low
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is just sitting there and spinning and bringing these spokes of moisture and mainly snow across the region. an area that you see in the lighter blue 2-5 inches including around the new york city area. you see we have 6-12 maybe higher amounts west of the boston area. this is the 4th snowstorm in the boston area in the same week. look in new york city by monday 53, 47 boston, 62 in dc. a quick shot of springtime weather then we are back into the deep freeze later next week with a possibility of another coastal storm midweek. back to you. >> to leave things on a positive note we turn our clocks forward this weekend. >> you are correct. >> except when you are doing the 5 am monday you lose an hour. >> thanks a lot. on to another issue now. remember this guy made waves
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through his invisible drive through prank? this guy is upping the anti. he took the chucky doll he put that in his driver's seat and it is shocking employees at all different fast food restaurants. >> can you image? >> that brings us to our friday edition of "brew on this." >> viral videos is that chucky doll at the drive through getting a whole lot of laughs and some screams. >> a real life batman in england. incredible buzzer beater throws the ball and hits this amazing 55 feet buzzer beater capping off a win and championship win. that's what we were seeing now we are seeing this. it is 5:00 a.m. that's why. batman was not playing basketball but he was doing this in england. this caped crusader turned in a
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wanted man. batman was accompanying his friend who was turning himself in as a joke. >> we want to know which one of these viral videos is your favorite. you can send your comments to us tweet them at foxx friends first or shos shoot us an e-mail at fox friend coming up is this cupcake right there offensive to you? one school says yes they are shutting down a third grader's birthday because of these toy soldiers. >> listen to this one he's the highest paid football player ever. he is not taking home most of the money on the gift to joe placko for winning the super bowl.
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>> it is 13 after the top of the hour. the former lead detective in the oscar pistorius case. the police quitting his job after being kicked off the high profile murder case. he was facing attempted murder charges and for the sloppy job he did investigating. more than 47,000 subarus being recalled because they could start on their own. it's true there is an issue with remote starters that could cause the engine to run if the key, bob, is dropped. >> oo the recall effects legacy and out back cars from 2010 to 2013. imprezas from 2012 to 2013 and this year's sv cross trek.
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>> chrysler motors may go public once again before asking is this a good-bye? adam shapiro is in the fox business network with his take. going public again possibly. >> possibly. >> taxpayers pay back our investment is in chrysler. fiat got the majority steake in chrysler and the union got minority's sake. fiat is negotiating with the union to buy the shares they would outright own chrysler. >> chrysler would become not a u.s. company but an italian company. >> they are fighting over how much is worse. what they are saying is we can make chrysler stand alone american company, let invest gores buy sto-- investors buy sk and be on its own. he is trying to find the value of chrysler. according to fiat 1 billion and
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the union 10 billion. >> with fiat if fiat takes over all of chrysler would will he be able to boot the union? >> the unions could still be in the united states. they have to add here to u.s. labor laws. >> good-bye or bad buy for investors right now? >> chrysler? can't buy yet. >> oh, right. let's move on to our next subject. this is interesting. joe flacco the best paid player in the nfl. >> good-bye or bad buy? >> bad buy in this case because now he's the second best player because of state federal taxes so high in the united states. he makes 20 million a year. but in maryland the county taxes the city tax the state tax and federal taxes up to 20 million he will be paying something like 10.4 million. 120 million over his contract but it's 20 million a year of
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which more than half 10.4 million is going to go to this tax bill. if he had gone to a place like texas or florida he would be paying only 8.7 million. >> good reason to move to tech as, florida. >> i think he likes where he is. >> i would choose floor day myself. >> it is 17 minutes after the hour. big insurance companies will cover just about anything now that we have obama care. think again about that one. we are separating fact from fiction and telling you what you can expect during your next visit to the doctor. talk about a close call. al skier gets buried alive when an avalanche comes crashing down on him. we will tell you how he survived and managed to catch the whole thing on camera. this bible changed the world.
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>> good morning to you. it is 21 minutes after the hour. here's quick look at the headlines for you. at least two people are listed in critical condition after an explosion in plant in illinois. the fuel caught fire in a finishing area of the plant and that sparked the blast. a total of 10 people were taken to the hospital for treatment. and is our border about to get even less secure because of the sequestration? 60,000 u.s. customs and border protection employees are reportedly receiving furlough notices. those are being blamed on the automatic spending cuts coming out of dc. the furloughs could total up to
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14 days and begin next month. keep watching that, heather. the president promised obama care would accomplish a lot. but for millions of people it has brought more. we have talked to doctors and insurers to separate fact from fiction. dr. seigel is here from the medical a team. the first question that i have for you is obama care will save on healthcare costs fact or fiction? >> that is fiction. the reason that's fiction is because we already know that we are projected out, total healthcare costs according to the center for medicare and medicaid services it will be over $4 trillion in 10 years. it is over 3 trillion now. it used to be 256 billion in 1980. it is continuing to rise despite obama care. it is not controlling costs. how can it when you consider our insurance policies are front
2:25 am
loaded to cover all preventative services you don't have deductibles you don't have co-pays there's no brakes on the system everybody is using more and more healthcare. it's expensive. >> the congressional budget office says it will be twice as much as the original price tag. >> it is an out of control situation. all of these regulations may bring down the costs a little but the overall problem has not been addressed. second question for you fact or fiction if you get to obama care is not a socialized medicine. there's been a lot of confusion with this one. >> i would sthais a fact. i would say obama care is not socialized medicine. i think critics of obama care made a big mistake trying to paint it with that brush and scare everybody. what obama care is a hybrid. private insurers and the government system, medicare and medicaid. granted there's a big medicaid expansion involved and granted there's a lot more regulations
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and bureaucracy over lying everything there's still private insurance involved. i would not call it socialized medicine. >> is it a step towards socialized medicine? >> i don't think so. it is expanded private insurance. it's neither a step toward socialized medicine nor a step away. more government control and more private insurance. >> if you get the right doctor you will get the right treatment and you will be paid for it. fact or fiction there? >> that is totally fiction. i interview parents that really bring this home. they talk about treatment being called experimental that are tried and true. >> they are willing to pay visit after visit, oert peedist after oert pe thor peedists. i can't put words as to why they would question a procedure like that. >> dr. meyers is one of the top sports medicine surgeons in the
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country. he is doing a tried and true treatment that is curing people. literally the insurance companies are calling it experimental. he had the surgery, it cured him but she couldn't get it paid for. we are finding that more. don't think just because you have the insurance you are going to have the care you need paid for. >> the whole lot of questions you need to be asking. >> doesn't look the way it was supposed to or the waifsh said it would. >> the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up there's nothing like serving yourself except when it is someone pretending to be you. >> i wanted to jump across the table. >> how a waitress caught her own identity thief red handed. it looks like a cute cupcake for a birthday party. one school says the toy soldiers are offensive.
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>> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather nauert. >> i am heather cheryleds. it is half past the top of the hour. now it is time for your 5@5:30. the top five stories making news for you at this hour.
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another iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad arriving in venezuela to attend the funeral of hugo chavez. they were allies and both frequent opponents to the united states. had he a string of controversial meetings with chavez where he asked him to investigate an enemy of allan stanley who ran a massive ponzi steam. william delahunt on his way to work with chavez to find home heating oil for low income residents of massachusetts. >> the obama administration honoring this woman an egyptian whose twitter page was loaded with anti-american and anti-sematic tweets. they will no longer give her the international courage of women award today. the embassy was attacked in cairo she allegedly tweeted
2:33 am
this. today is the anniversary of 9-11 may every year come with america burning. she initially said her account had been attacked but after learning the state department's decision she tweeted this, i refuse to apologize for the zionist lobby in america regarding my previous anti zionist statements. the state department doesn't know how they didn't miss the tweets before. >> a michigan family says they were asked to remove the plastic figures from the cupcakes. the principal said the plastic soldiers in guns were not appropriate in the case of the gun tragedies. the boy father disagreed and said it was a toy the children have played with for centuries. >> talk about cheating death, a man surviving a massive
2:34 am
avalanche. >> it was a terrifying incident and it was all captured on his helmet camera. he grabs on to the branchs of the tree before the snow hits him. luckily he was able to dig himself out of the snow. a thief raised after accidentally handing her fake id to the person she had stolen from. someone wrote hundreds of dollars of bad checks in her name. the case took a crazy twist when a woman she was serving drinks to handed her her own id. the waitress continued to serve the woman after calling the cops. >> i kept them around got them some water had them order appetizers. i don't know how i kept it cool. i wanted to jump across the table and go at her. >> totally busted.
2:35 am
police showed up and arrested the woman on a handful of charges, by the way. that is your 5@5:30. >> what a weird story. thainthser. we are hours away from osama bin laden's son-in-law actually appearing in a new york city court to face charges of tearrism. there is -- charges of terrorism. there is a lot that he isn't being treated as enemy combatant and not sent to gitmo instead of new york. hi there, doug. >> this is a national security debate that really touches on a nerve around here. what do you do with a captured terrorist. in this case is the son-in-law of osama bin laden entitled to the same legal protection as the rest of us? the good news here is another terrorist is in u.s. custody. he worked as a spokesman for al qaeda. he was captured in jordan
2:36 am
several days ago. he may have a lot of information about the terror network. >> i think he could probably tell us how much al qaeda operatives are still communicating with the al qaeda core. he will probably give us details about what he knows about the extent of the network through out the milled east. >> he is expect to do appear in a new york federal court this morning. it serves as a real test for the obama administration's desire to try terrorists as criminals during outrage among some republicans. >> this guy didn't rob a liquor store. he's a spokesman close to as you can see the people who killed over 2900 americans. now we have got our hands on him. why in the world are we treating him as if he's some common criminal and why in the world is he not at guantanamo bay. >> that raises the question about whether or not abu ghaith
2:37 am
should be treated as an enemy combatant. they were many kept out of the loop on this by the white house. >> this is such a weird story. i thought the whole thing had been settled more than a year ago. new york city was going to have some guys here everybody balked them and let congress decide they were going to get them not here. >> last year the administration blinked on this and ended up backing away from the criminal prosecution. this time it looks like it will be full steam ahead. >> surprising a lot of folks in washington. >> a lot of them are saying they were sneaky. >> sounds like it does. >> new video from the vatican where the preconclave convocation is meeting ahead of picking the next pope. >> all voting cardinals are in rome but a new date has not been
2:38 am
set. we are live from italy watching the historic conquest. >> everybody waiting on the next big announcement when the conclave will begin. the meeting of the cardinals electing the new bishop of rome. all of the cardinals will take part in that conclave now arrives in the vatican the last of the cardinals arrive yesterday in vietnam. everybody is here the full medimede meting of cardinals. interesting tweet yesterday from the retired archbishop of los angeles read, today the general congregation reaching a conclusion moved to excitement among the cardinals. that was a tweet from roger mahony. these three conclave meetings are vital to the process this is when they talk about the needs of the church what needs to happen at this point and what the characteristics of the new pope, the characteristics the new pope will need to possess.
2:39 am
they are doing their job. the conclave begins. it shouldn't take 2 or 3 days. for pope benedict the 16th it was two-days. for pope john paul ii it was 2 or 3 days. >> at this point we have been told there is no frontrunner at least. we will tell you what happens. we have an extreme weather alert for you. there is a massive winter storm bringing snow, strong winds and massive waves to the northeast right now. snow is still coming down on long island new york. >> this is a look at fox borough, massachusetts. let's head to janice dean.
2:40 am
most folks are feeling it. you need your winter coats along the east coast and even the west coast. here's the same form we have been talking about all week long. brought incredible amounts of snow across the midwest and mid atlantic. the storm itself is way offshore but we are getting folks some rain and wind and snow across much of the northeast and new england. you can see new york up to boston even portland getting heavy ams of snow this morning. you can see anywhere from 3-6 inches across the big city across the i 95 corridor. around the boston area even 6-12 inches of snow. this is the 4th major system to move into the boston area in as many weeks. heavy rain and snow to portions of the west and southwest and even the rockies. this will be our next weather
2:41 am
maker this weekend as we could see the potential for severe weather and more snow for the midwest. back to you heather and heather. >> janice dean, thank you. >> now it's time to entertain this. a square for teen heartthrob justin bieber. the pop star rush to do the hospital after fainting on stage in london. >> he is backstage with the emt's and the doctor. they are telling him they want him to see somebody. he insists on being five minutes. he is going to come out and finish the show. >> the 19-year-old singer did return to the stage and was then taken to the hospital where he posted this picture of himself shirtless in a hospital bed. in good spirits and feeling better. another celebrity prince of
2:42 am
darkness kelly osbourne rushed to the hospital after reportedly suffering a seizure while taping her show for e. her rep says she is alert and in stable condition. >> do you think that you can handle another trip to sinsy? the boys return to las vegas for "hangover 3 the trailer just released for the conclusion to the raunchy comedy. stopping by the strip actress melissa mccarthy and mr. ciao, my favorite come back, he's making a comeback on memorial day weekend. >> coming up looking to retire in comfort, you better pack your bags. we are going to head to slovenia. >> the red light cameras that are supposed to catch you breaking the law, while the government may be the ones acting illegally. if you have sensitive skin,
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>> listen to this coming out of california. this camp ranger is seeking the $1.2 million reward for helping catch cop killer christopher dorner. he says he called cops after he was car jacked by dorner. he gave them dorner's location. shortly there after cops surrounded the cabin dorner was hiding in leading him to take his own life. bumble bee foods have recalled chunk albacore products because of the con tal nation. the steel is not tight enough and could cause the tuna fish to spoil. it was sold between january 17th and february the 28th. no reports of any illnesses so far. >> i think i have some of those at home. >> the united states ranked 19th in retirement security. if you want more retirement
2:47 am
security in a new report it says pack your bags and move to slovenia. fox business network diane macedo is here to explain. really diane? >> that is one country on the long list, heather. according to the global retirement index u.s. rye tire res are less financially secure in australia, israel, canada, japan and 14 european countries. the firm created the index used from data from world bank united nations and weighing facts like health expenditures life ex peck tan see, unemployment and ratio of young workers to older retirees. one of the many factor against the u.s. is the extent to which people have to save for their own retirement. in the last several decades many companies moved from 401 k plans for individuals to save for the golden years. when the economic downturn that
2:48 am
led to those over the age of 30 on a path without enough savings or retirement up significantly from 38 percent in 2011. the president john taylor says the message is clear. we americans will increasingly need to pay for more of our retirement. on the bright side we have the risk of payment over 20 but we are much better than zimbabwe which placed dead last. >> you are much better than zimbabwe. thank you diane. appreciate it. >> the time now is about 15 minutes to the top of the hour. still ahead, you asked for it so we deliver. as you know we played the national anthem before our show every day. did you know this? the melody isn't original. that is just the start of things that you probably didn't know about our nation's anthem. >> let's check in with steve doocy first and see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> happy friday to all of you. we have good news on the war on
2:49 am
terror. we grabbed osama bin laden's son-in-law. that's the good news. the interesting news is why isn't this guy in gitmo instead he's in a jail cell sitting 3 miles were where i am right now. they brought him to new york. are you kidding me? we are going to tell you about that. also anna kooiman is taking to you t-- taking you to the baseball man cave. we have a guy mo is willing to put up the money to keep the touris going. he's a familiar face. fox and friends starts 12 minutes from now on your channel for news.
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>> boy are we proud of this one. perhaps you have noticed this. every morning before 5:00 when our show starts we play the national anthem. there are a lot of facts about the national anthem you probably don't know. we brought in historian nick. for those of us who don't know the history tell us the history of the spar staining elled beganer. >> many know it started as a poem. he was a lawyer and amateur poet. four verses woenl thing the first verse but it has four in the poem. >> as he wrote this poem. started as a poem he was in the harbor in baltimore. he was watching as the flag was raised, this is all set by the backdrop of the war of 1812. >> it was hoisted over fort
2:54 am
mchenry. it is being hoisted. he is sitting in the harbor on a boat. backdrop there's smoke in the air he runs over and gets a piece p paper. >> as the sun is rising. >> we have a look of the lyrics he jotted them down on the back of an envelope. these lyrics then came from a song it was a poem turned into a song. tell us about that. >> he wrote the lyrics it was a long poem four verses then somebody got his lyrics. it was published in the parps they set it to an old english song and became very popular. it took a long time for it to be the nation napnal anthem. they only dutook the first vers. >> let's take a -- listen to the english version.
2:55 am
♪ >> an english him of course now that's ours. >> you can hear the mel lol de. i don't know what the words are. it is something spectacular. >> as you point out there's only one verse to it but we only sing one verse. >> the song has only one verse. otherwise it would be 15 minutes long. >> every time a new state came into the union they would add an additional star and eventually with the flag act they stopped doing that. >> they stopped doing that. >> they hwould have had too man flags. >> if you look at the flag there the original is much smaller because they cut it up afterwards and started giving out pieces of it as a souvenir. can you image if you have one of those pieces. >> the original one was 30 by 42 feet. a bunch of young women had sown
2:56 am
this together. >> they put it together. you can go to the smithsonian today. encourage everybody to see it it's awe unexpire to go see the original flag. >> it measures 30 by 40 feet. back then it was a big deal to be able to cut off a piece of that flag and people would give it to one another. >> give it out as souvenirs. take one of those to the show pawn stars it would be worth a lot. >> hate to see that. glad we have a big portion of that preserved at the smithsonian institution turns 200 years old. >> september of next year turn $.200 years old. hopefully we will have a big celebration. >> my family is going to washington, d.c. over spring break you can't see the white house. >> this is one of the great attractions here. >> thank you so much. always great to have you. it is now about 5 minutes to the top of the hour. one law america has a way to
2:57 am
keep the postal service afloat tax something we all do a thousand times a day. e-mail. really? it is time to vote on our viral video of the week. we showed you these 3 videos the drive through chucky prank. the buzzer beater and the vigil anti addresses as that man. the results are next. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up :
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