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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 12, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five." a new "red eye" returns with ambassador john bolton. >> what? back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> will, is it true you have a new hbo show? >> i do. i am excited about it. it is called "boys." it is about three, 20-something guys in brooklyn and their roommate web, the
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boys. >> i was legitimately excited for you. that's what i get. lori, where can people see you next? >> 1:00 tomorrow on fox business network. i had to think about it. markets hit another record today. >> don't care. >> thanks to you. >> i will take credit where credit is due. >> gavin, how is your ear? >> much better. i apologize. everyone come to the card -- no, best selling food, and if you want to learn more just -- >> we were supposed to go to test pattern. >> and stay there. >> in our little carol prison. >> bill schulz, will ron and gavin mcguinea -- gavin
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mcguinness. that does it for me. o'reilly fr is tonight. >> no it isn't. this is justice. >> that has nothing to do. >> bill: righteous anger. when do good people have the right to display their tempers in public? we will take a hard look at that intense question. >> look. stop the bs here. >> the president has always been very respectful of the view of the republicans in the congress. >> bill: oh, really? maybe that statement is not as strange as it sounds? put it to karl rove. >> the laws we have cover issues and actually stronger than jessica's law. >> you actually don't have strong laws. >> bill: and the denver media rallying around the liberal politicians who oppose jessica's law. and in the process, they are calling me a bigot.
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bernie goldberg will sort it all out. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. righteous anger. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the sad truth about life is is that there are some things you cannot change without over-the-top action. that's how wars begin whether you have untenable situation that only violence can solve. same thing is true about complicated problems that are causing people pain. here is where the concept of righteous anger comes in it's interesting watching the anti-fox media try to exploit the shootout i had with alan colmes last week. these hacks flald around trying to diminish me and this network to. quote that great philosopher bernard
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goldberg spit balls at a battle ship. what loons did bring attention to a very lytle issue in america. the irresponsible spending on the part of the federal government the reason i got angry with alan colmes and he will be on the program tomorrow is that he refused to acknowledge president obama's refusal to cut federal programs. as the "wall street journal" documented last week after the verbal shootout, there is not one program, not one that the president wants to cut. the only thing he says he might do is slow down some of the spending increases. but the bottom line, as alan colmes well knows, is that the u.s. debt is heading toward $20 trillion that could very led lead to a depression. not a recession. a depression in america. so, in order to get everybody's attention, i got angry with colmes. i believe my anger was absolutely justified. a couple of other examples. congressman barney frank denied screwing up the federal mortgage agencies fannie mae and freddie mac
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even though he was the head of the house oversight committee. it was observed. i let the congressman have it you may remember herald and i got into it over the subject of criminal illegal aliens. set up urgent to protect these people because she shouldn't be here in the first place have enough problem with american thugs. he saw it differently so he shout it out. i'm not in business to make money or to accumulate fame. i don't care about that. i am here to look out for you and to look out for the most defenseless measures. -- americans. i'm here to protect as many children and babies as i can and resolve brutal situations like the marine unjustly incarcerated in mexico. also, i'm here to tell you when you are in danger, from al qaeda from, out-of-control federal spending, whatever it may be. this is my job. right now, the president is not solving the budget chaos because he doesn't want to cut federal
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spending. that's the truth. and the spinners are misleading you you. they are lying to you. that makes me angry so you saw that and you will most likely see it again in the future. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining its from washington, mary katharine ham and juan williams both fox news analysts. i saw righteous anger from you when you got fired from npr. do you remember that? >> buddy, i can remember it loud and clear. i think that's a moment when righteous fury is justified and there are those moments -- when i think about some of the stuff have you done defending children in this society from people who are perverts and abusers, the whole jessica's law thing, that's deserved righteous indignation. you are talking here about the federal budget? this is a major crisis in our time. we have to figure it out. i'm not sure i agree with you. i think alan is right. i think the president has
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reduced trajectory of spending in our country. when you stand up and make the case i listened, bill, i must tell you something, i don't think it helps you when you yell liar when you call people bs agents and all of that. i think it diminishes the substance of what you have to say and do you have substance. you have an argument. >> bill: i said the use of the word liar was not a good -- that i shouldn't have done that but, colmes wasn't telling the truth simple as that. he wasn't. it was a very targeted discussion. that is president obama specifically going to cut. as the "wall street journal" go back to this because it was interesting that they did their editorial two days after that shootout. not one program, juan. that's the truth. and if you are not going to acknowledge it or alan is not going to acknowledge it, then you are misleading the public. you know, i don't buy that. i will come back. go to mary katharineham. righteous anger, mary
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katharine. when is the last time you had some of that. >> i think i went off on juan two weeks ago on another show. [ laughter ] we had that moment. look, i think it's healthy every now and then. and i think it's hilarious ly hypocritical. it is their stock and trade on every issue from chick-fil-a to 20-ounce cokes. >> bill: they do it in passive aggressive way. smear, innuendo and you will see that with the denver post coming up with bernie goldberg later in the program. >> the idea of getting so bent out of shape out of this. chill out, winey babies. sometimes we have fights and we apologize after we are done. >> they couldn't care less. they want to diminish the network. the network clocks them every day. now, juan you are kind of a savvy guy. not a real savvy guy but kind of a savvy guy. >> you are so kind. >> don't you understand that when i engage in this kind of hyperbole with
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barney frank or geraldo or alan colmes that the whole nation, indeed, the whole world, is engaged then on the subject? i don't really give a hoot what people think about me, i don't care. but then i the discussion about the federal debt is elevate sod even the people who don't pay attention. don't care, what's that all about? so that's part of the mode dison ren day here because i get so frustrated because people aren't paying attention that they have to i use that technique to get everybody involved. you say? >> it works. let me tell you something. i think i have been here about 16 years with you. the idea of real honest robust, fiery, angry and passioned debate is the factor. it's the no spin zone. you come in here. you come into bill o'reilly's house, you know what? you are going to speak truth and you are going to deal with bill o'reilly. there is nothing wrong with that. >> bill: i'm a real person. i'm authentic. i'm an irish man with a temper. the temper is not -- a will the of people say you lost
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your temper. >> no. >> bill: i didn't lose my temper. if you watched my show and how i wound down the segment. >> people come up to me all the time and say how do you get along -- i mean, when i had cancer, one of the most sensitive calls i got was from, guess who? i say bill o'reilly. they say bill o'reilly? look. you are doing your job when you are stand up and you say "i don't think that's right. i think it's wrong." i just told you i disagree with a lot of your position on this budget stuff, but you are making a point that the entire world is now in touch with, bill. >> bill: that's right. that's the greater good that's served from some of this over-the-top stuff. go ahead mary katharine. >> sometimes it takes that when you are talking about something like the word cut which in washington it means nothing. decrease in the increase of spending. bringing that to people's attention while people are constantly using that word dishonestly is worth doing. sometimes it takes some anger and clobber over the head for people to look at it and say wait a second that's not the word we were
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thinking of using. it can be used infrequently and used to bully people into like -- into ignoring the fact on the gun issue or something. >> bill: i'm not talking about you in particular. on the gun issue bully people into not dealing with the facts. i don't think that helps. >> bill: i get accused about this bullying thing all the time. we don't invite any guest on here that we don't think is intellectually equipped. >> you know you have got to go toe to toe. >> bill: on the show that colmes and i shot it out with last tuesday, two segments after that we had a kid from harvard, from the harvard crimson, okay? i mean, look, i could have -- you know, come on. i chastised him gently and asked him to rethink. but it was -- so we don't do that here. >> no, no, no. it's barney frank and geraldo and colmes. they are big boys. >> they are part of the family here at fox. >> bill: you are a big boy juan and you are a big
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girl. >> thank you, i'm not that big. [ laughter ] >> bill: i wasn't commenting on the physical. >> thank you. i'll kidding you. >> bill: nancy pelosi says the president has treated republicans with respect. what does karl rove think about that. later "the denver post" newspaper calls me a bigot over the jessica's law controversy in that state. bernie goldberg has some thoughts upcoming can.
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there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. you'll only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide. where queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now enjoy the lowest prices of the season on our most popular bed sets. sleep number. comfort individualized. >> bill: in the impact segment tonight, there was some good news on the government front last week as president obama met with republican leaders. that's a raritiy and it was highlighted by nancy pelosi. >> the president has always been very respectful of the views of the republicans in the congress. their leadership and their
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membership, he has always tried to accommodate them. this idea that but for that we would have gotten all these other things done is just really not reality. >> bill: with us now to assess that sound bite is karl rove. you say? >> she is living in alternative universe. >> the land of oz so to speak? >> the president came into office. one of the first meetings he had with the house republicans they came to pull off suggestions on a stimulus bill. he cut off eric cantor cold and said i won. the following month he met with house and senate republicans and said i want to work with you on healthcare reform. the next weekend was 51 cameras later in front of the blare house he tried to blue john them to supporting a bill they had no input on. he has done this continuously. we he had the. paul ryan to sit in the front seat at george washington university so he can attack chairman ryan for having sponsored a budget bill that he said was unamerican. now, it's not just that he
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is disrespectful. it is that he adistributes to his opponents motives saying they can't disagree with him without having ill motives. they either want to protect tax break for multigazillionaire. same time he is doing that organizing for america is sending out email blasts at the time that the president is meeting with republicans in congress. and this one they say that 70,000 kids will be tossed out of head start because of the republicans. senior nutrition programs will be slashed. 10,000 teachers lose their lives. 25,000 fewer breast and cervical screenings because of the republicans. >> bill: that's the president's fundraising arm. >> remember, this in 2010, he called soft money groups like the one that i'm associated with, american crossroads, quote: threats to democracy. this wednesday, he will appear at an event benefiting soft money
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group. >> bill: another threat to democracy. >> only democracy. >> bill: when nancy pelosi goes on cnn and says -- you have got to figure nancy pelosi believes that right? >> no. >> bill: flat out down to it. >> she knows differently because president obama not only treats republicans with disrespect, he treats democrats. he does not do the kind of things that a president normally does to engender support within his own party. >> bill: this is a very important point i want to make. so nancy pelosi goes on cnn and she sits there. and she says something that you, karl rove believe she doesn't believe. >> i agree. >> bill: so that she is putting forth something that's not true. now.
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how am i, as an honest commentator, now, i don't know whether you are right or wrong, i can't read ms. pelosi's mind, how am i supposed to react to that when i have somebody in front of me, whether it's barney frank or whoever, who i know is not telling the truth? >> blow the whistle on them. >> bill: so the righteous anger thing you subscribe to that? >> yeah. i think you have got to use it in moderation. >> bill: because i have never seen you do that? >> well, i'm a moderate temper recent if you are going to live in those areas where you can't go out of. >> bill: don't you think if mitt romney showed a little righteous anger in that campaign that he would be president right now? >> yeah, probably. >> just the fact that he was a demonized and attacked. >> don't you know debates, jacksonville, florida, newt gingrich was getting him
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for being the head of bain capitol. in the middle of the debate i'm not going to apologize. i have earned everything i have got. i didn't inherit it. i earned it jacksonville arena, no matter how were for, exploded. >> bill: why didn't romney and why don't more people show this righteous anger? why don't they? >> well, taps little dangerous in politics and people sometimes are risk adverse. you know, look. >> bill: why is it dangerous because they are going to be demonized by the media? >> sometimes the anger is not seen as appropriate and sometimes it leads you places. remember, ed mcmuskie 1960. >> bill: cried and he was out. >> started with righteous anger. he felt the local newspaper. the manchester union leader was sliming his wife. but it turned into something. >> bill: but he didn't -- see, the anger that he showed was not -- all right i'm going to defend my wife. it was more kind of a pitiful thing it? >> started with a strong defense and ended up with a pitiful thing. sometimes when you let your true emotions show.
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>> bill: i know the end of the factor will happen when i cry in front of alan colmes. that will be it. it's all over. you have something for me here? have you been to colonial williamsburg? >> bill: yes, i have. >> great place to go. next time you get ready to do the pinheads and patriots list, what you ought to do is brew yourself a nice cup of pinhead gunpowder tea. >> bill: do i get a piece of that or what? >> you get all three of them. look, whoever used pinhead gunpowder tea in the colonial ear remarks they get a piece. >> bill: i'm glad i can help out the good people in virginia. thank you. >> get angry have some pinhead tea. >> bill: calm me down pinhead gunpowder tee brand. carl rove there he is we're asking everybody to vote in our poll. conservatives actually helped barack obama by criticizing him over crazy stuff, the muslim thing, the birth certificate, yes or no. give you the results tomorrow. brit hume is next.
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things are going down hill in afghanistan very quickly and then later bernie goldberg on the colorado media sliming me. wait until you hear this, over jessica's law. we're coming right back.
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>> bill: i said this about our pal karzai in afghanistan. harmid karzai is in charge of afghanistan. and that's bad. his administration is weak and corrupt, it actually hurts the war effort rather than helps it well now karzai is actually telling the new secretary of defense chuck hagel that america is siding with the taliban, unbelievable. joining us now from boca row tan, florida is brit hume. this afghan situation keeps getting worse. or am i wrong? >> no, you are not wrong. the worry that a lot of people have about this is that people that believe
1:26 am
there were something to be accomplished still in afghanistan is that this behavior by karzai will only haven president obama's rush for the exits. the great concern, of course, among these such people is that we need to leave a stronger military presence there than the president is presently contemplating. and, of course, karzai pops off like this and says, you know, the that taliban's attacks are helping the u.s. or whatever. that infewer united states americans and makes it easier for the president to abandon the effort which is what concerns people. >> bill: history offensive repeats itself and we are seeing what happens in south vietnam about 2200 u.s. troops die in afghanistan. spent half trillion dollars of money we don't have over there trying basically to do two things. defend ourselves by denying al qaeda sax areas which the taliban would surely give them and number two. bring assem -- assem
1:27 am
ambulance. -- this is what happened in south vietnam. vawt vietnamese were still in power. come down and knock out the corrupt guy and here we are again. >> this is is always the worry when you engage in enterprises in another country where you are trying to conquer an enemy who is there clearly. you are trying to help the country itself to develop a more responsive form of government. and there has been real progress made there then you end up with a guy like karzai who has been extremely many ways extremely ineffective leader in power. and, of course, the thing ha has to be said on his behalf though that a lot of what he says about the u.s. and its position there is
1:28 am
heard with approval by a lot of his people. >> bill: why is that? you know why that is because most of the population is ill let ter rat. they don't know what's going on. there is no mass media there. the mullahs tell him what to think and they think it so, karzai instead of trying to elevate the discourse and be grateful to the united states for trying to improve the situation there and we have built hospitals and schools and roads and freed the women and done everything else, this despicable human being and i have a little righteous anger here continues to denigrate america's sacrifice and set himself up as a demagogue. is he appealing to the worst instincts and the dumbest instincts of his people. am i wrong? >> well, bill, if you look at it that way. it doesn't bode very well anyway. if the people have so benighted as you suggest that they prove heartly on
1:29 am
continuing basis of karzai saying this sort of thing, then, you know, there is not going to be any way for this enterprise to work out very well anyway. >> bill: i don't think we have won the hearts and minds of most people in afghanistan. i think they are fanatical. they are illiterate as i said. they are living in a stone age environment. and that's the way they are going to stay. it's hard to drag people out of there but there are a lot of people in afghanistan who do not favor the return to power of the taliban who treated them horribly. and with them of course comes the, you know, the feared al qaeda sanctuaries which are a problem for us and would be a very serious problem for the afghan people as well. so, you know, this isn't headed in the direction that the afghan people are going to like any better than what the united states has been trying to help them create. >> bill: people are so scared because the taliban will kill them and, you know, they don't trust that karzai is going to protect them because karzai is corrupt. it's a mess. it really is is a mess.
1:30 am
we can't get involved with these nation anymore. we just can't and not with our technology now. >> the options are not at all attractive. we needed to go there. >> bill: i agree. we needed to go there then. but now with the drones and all of the other stuff, i think we're going to have to do it that way. we can't occupy anymore. brit hume, everybody. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. glenn beck. thoughts about the shootout with alan colmes along with other things. bernie goldberg on the colorado media protecting the bad guys who sabotaged jessica's law out there. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: personal story segment total. roman catholic cardinals. there is is no question church is badly damaged newspaper column this week. bill o' chronicles the fact that most americans have stopped going to church and catholics are leading the way. so what should be done? with us now lanny davis, author of the brand new book crisis tales. kind of like shark tales but crisis tales, five rules for coping with crisis in business politics and life. so, here's the thing about the catholic church's decline. it basically mushroomed all religions, jewish, muslim
1:35 am
muslim, slight -- so what can they do to counter that? >> a lot of lay people have catholic fans that want -- friends sensitive because the catholic church has traditions going back to ages, want more openness and facts and explanation about what happened. i have a feeling that the conclave is addressing that very issue as they at a new hope. >> that's not going to cut it. you know, just the fact that that church is going to be more open in explaining what happened, what happened is horrible. you can explain it all day long, but you can't put a better face on it. so that the secular progressives are overjoyed by. this so once you have a declining church attendance, and mosques and as i said synagogues, you have a more secular nation. i'm wondering if the traditional religious forces can ever counter that again. >> at a great loss to our country if we have a more secular nation.
1:36 am
founded on people that have faith. catholic church hasn't taken responsibility as it should have along time ago. but it's not too late for it to take the responsibility. >> bill: what do you want them to dorse than the actual crime. >> the cover is blown. now they are paid unless of dollars churches to pay these people who were molested by the priest. what can he they possibly do to regain some moral authority? i don't know. >> well, from the pope all the way down to the pastor and the priest, they have to talk about it, let people talk about it ways it will never happen again. some kind of a conversation with your con grey gantz and even people. what's happening in america we are now becoming denmark
1:37 am
and holland where religion doesn't matter anymore. france. doesn't matter at all. our judeo-christian traditions are breaking down on almost every front. >> to be safe the country that we both love was founded by people who mention god who believed in religion and i don't like the notion that our country is turning in a direction away from faith. >> bill: do you think it's possible though for the catholic church and christian movement in general to regain moral authority? is it possible after all the damage? >> it is possible, but i have to say it will take a new pope and it will take strong leadership from every pulpit having these conversations openly. talking about the children and doing something that will never happen again. >> bill: the book is crisis tales, everyone. lanny davis. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: good luck with it bernie goldberg on the colorado media sliming me over the jessica's law controversy. glenn beck on the o'reilly
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. as you may know we are urging the state of colorado to pass jessica's law. 44 already have it it colorado will not even put it up for a vote in the legislature. that's because the speaker of the house there, mark ferrandino has done everything can he to stab taj the law. recently jesse watters spoke with ferrandino who looked like a complete fool in that interview and we posted it on bill o' in case you missed it the first time around. after that exposition, "the denver post," which leans heavily left. editorialized, quote: o'reilly is fear mongering should offend all coloradoens what he was saying gay but what he wanted his listeners to hear was pervert pedophile. you try explain stance on civil unions has to do with
1:41 am
jessica's law. that's of course dishonest as it gets. we described the speaker as openly gay. because americans don't know who he is. that description is used almost every article ever written about him. the reason we brought up civil unions is because ferrandino objected to that vote being sab talked by republicans a few years ago. then he turned around and used the same technique to table jessica's law. "the denver post" should be ashamed but, of course, it is not. joining us from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. so this is a huge problem, the state's largest newspaper, pretty much working together with the democratic party out there. and you say? >> i say let me make two points. one in your defense. as if you need it and the second i want to take issue with you. i think you made a mistake in one area. first in your defense, you were not attacking mark ferrandino's sexuality. you were not suggesting that he was a pervert or
1:42 am
pedophile as the den vest post suggest. i know you. i know how you think about these things. and i'm pretty sure what you were saying in addition to your explanation in the lead-in, what you were saying is here's a guy, a power politician, mark ferrandino who supports civil unions and also supports legalization of marijuana. two things you don't agree with, bill. and he is against jessica's law? something you think is very important. and i think you are saying wait a second, how could somebody support these things and oppose this thing? >> bill: i have got to correct you on one thing. i do support civil unions. i always have. go ahead. >> well, by the way, that's what the bill was last week you said gay marriage. >> bill: civil unions. is he a supporter of gay marriage. the reason i about d. that was to put into perspective
1:43 am
who is he. people don't know who think this guy is. not like joe biden. i had to tell people look, this is what this guy is interested in. this is what he promotes. >> that's my point. that's my point. that you are saying this guy is interested in this kind of stuff and is he not interested. >> bill: not interested in that? jessica's law. >> i'm with you on that. i think the editorial page editor took a cheap shot at you. okay? here is where i think you were wrong. you said that mark ferrandino. the editorial page editor asks a question. he says well why did bill o'reilly even bring up the fact that ferrandino is openly gay? and you answer that in the lead-in. you said all the clips say that. everybody says that. you're hardly the first person to say that let's move beyond that i don't think you should have mentioned that he is openly gay because any liberal democrat in colorado or anywhere other state would have been angry when republicans killed the civil union bill in
1:44 am
committee. it doesn't matter if they are gay or straight, it doesn't matter. >> bill: it does in the sense that it matters that he is openly gay because he did the same thing to jessica's law that he objected to on the civil union situation. >> what does the sexuality have anything to do with that. >> bill: here is why. that's a good question. here is why. you have to basically get behind the motivation of the man. all right? his motivation is very narrow. he has got only a couple of things he wants to do in there that he feels passionate about. but the kids, apparently he doesn't feel passionately about because he sabotaged it it. >> i get it. >> bill: that's all. i'm trying to put the man into some kind of perspective. he lost the debate as you saw with jesse watters. jesse killed him. when you lose the debate, bernie, what do you do? what do you do when you lose the debate? >> you attack the person who is behind the -- >> bill: there you go. >> bill, do you understand my position at all on this.
1:45 am
>> bill: somewhat. i think what i said was in context. >> i thinked you should not have mentioned it because what you did in addition to anything you were trying to do is you gave ammunition to somebody who didn't need a lot of ammunition to go after you. >> bill: all right. that's fine. now, the democratic party put out a fundraising letter a couple of days before this denver post editorial and the language is almost the same. almost the same. >> exactly. >> bill: are we looking at a newspaper, "the denver post." and by the way the guy that wrote the editorial you just saw curtis hub board who said he was going to come on wednesday. we hope he does. do you see that the denver post and you can look at all their editorial positions. they endorse the re-election of president obama, the election of president obama, the marijuana legalization. on and on. strict gun control. it looks like they are in bed with the democratic party. >> well, yeah. they are. but they are no more in bed with the democratic party
1:46 am
in colorado than the "new york times" is in bed with the national democratic party. listen, i don't know if there was actually collusion between mr. hubbard and the colorado democratic party. but i do know. this the two articles make the same points about you. they both call you the same kind of names. >> bill: that's right. maybe it's just a coincidence, bernie. >> yeah, right. i know. >> bill: maybe they think the same. >> they came out four days apart. >> bill: right. >> so it makes you wonder. but it's certainly possible that the editor of the editorial page editor of the paper read the letter and said hey, yeah, i agree with that changed of a few words and then wrote the column. >> bill: column on wednesday when he comes. >> in ask him directly, bill did you have any conversations at all with members of the state democratic party before you wrote that column? >> bill: all right. i'm not supposed to ask
1:47 am
anything about gays, right? just stay away from that? >> i think you were wrong. >> bill: okay. all right, bernie, that's why -- >> -- i say that good naturedly. >> bill: that's why we have you on here. glenn beck on deck. he thinks i'm wrong a lot. what does he think about my discussion with alan colmes. beck is next.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. our pal glenn beck very busy these days on the radio and the internet. but becaught up with him late last week. so here is beck and we are simpatico. do you understand that word simpatico, beck? >> i don't, i don't. >> bill: it means that you and i are on the same wavelength on the fiscal chaos issue. you are talking abouten oyour radio show and on your internet program and, of course, this week i
1:51 am
caused all kinds of problems by talking about it on the factor. so beck and i see the danger here but this two parts to my question. number one, it's hard to convince people who don't pay attention that there is a danger because you can't really see it it's not like there is a mountain lion on your front yard. theoretical well we are going to go bankrupt and people are going well, i can't see it how do we sell this? >> hang on just a second. i just want to make sure i'm right. that bill o'reilly is asking me how you tell people of a danger something that's in the future that you can't really prove? i mean, this is ironic. bill. it really is. >> bill: no. you can prove it. it's not like you saying that the communists are going to take over the country and all of that. >> they are. >> bill: $17 trillion debt, which is going to be 20 when barack obama gets out of office. that's how you can prove it. >> here's the thing.
1:52 am
there is nobody who, i think that can be convinced of this at this point left. everybody is in such denial, i mean, here we are sitting with the debt that is overwhelming. we are now printing money. bernanke is saying that it's really only dig -- digitization. >> bill: you are absolutely right. they are in denial. which is why i had to get alan colmes' attention. >> what i saw you do to that poor man, bill, i was shocked. i saw this and i thought to myself now, that is a broadcaster who isn't in control of his feelings. >> are you talking about colmes or me? >> oh, i thought that -- i thought the way that you
1:53 am
personally handled it, bill. you don't get excited like that on television. people don't like that. it doesn't work. next thing you know you look like -- crying or whatever. bill, i was a little disappointed new. >> can i see how sincere you are, beck. >> no, i'm very sincere. i will tell you that some might say that i was in the other room cheering, but nobody that you can trust. >> bill: okay. but the basic essential point is i had to get people's attention. i was honestly teed off. i mean, i like alan, but, to this moment he just -- you know you have got to say it, come on. >> i happen to like alan, too. alan is a nice guy but is he wrong on this. however, he was kind of right but in a total spin sort of way. and i don't even think he knew he was spinning. what is he talking about cutting the money for the states, that's not to help the deficit. that's to collapse the
1:54 am
medical system as we know it, so everybody can be rushed into one, you know, one single pair program. that's what's happening. >> bill: but there aren't any -- if you look at the plan, there isn't a plan. it's as simple as that. >> no. >> bill: it's not like delaware you are going to lose this much money and arizona you will lose that much money. i notice you have abe lincoln with you as a co-anchor. >> no, no. i tell you. i don't know if anybody has but did you know, bill, he was murdered. >> bill: really? >> somebody should write a book about it or something. i was watching this tv show which was produced really, really well, the story line and the way it was told. but, i should write something about and call it like the murdering of abe lincoln. >> bill: maybe killing lincoln, maybe? >> no, that sounds bad.
1:55 am
[ laughter ] >> i think the murderlation of lincoln. >> bill: you keep working on that. in the spirit of trying to help you as i always try to do i will give you a life size cutout of me and that can be next week in back of you. all right? >> we don't have mail service here in texas. [ laughter ] >> bill: we don't have any state taxes so we don't have roads here either. glenn beck, everybody, there he is. factor tip of the day. finding you more money on the net. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day. finding you more money in a moment. first, warner dunn in texas, bill, you should sake some
1:57 am
credit, i don't take any credit for the president's sudden dinner plans last week, he's sensitive to public opinion and it's turning against him on this issue. from california i love the fact that you were putting heat on the president for spending. he will stall until he gets a democratic congress, i hope not. larry, irwin, tennessee every republican senator should have paid his own check just a gay old night at our expense. the white house said he paid out of his pocket. your tip of the day how to handle people who attack you personally. that's what you did to alan colmes, at least he believes what he says and he is not a liar. as stated i should not have used the word "lie" in the debate with colmes, but here is what people have to understand, nancy, there are facts in this word.
1:58 am
if you have facts, you better have something to support that. and if you try to refruit with invalid evidence, that's not truthful. president obama has not offered to cut one single federal program. fact. i'm a fourth degree black belt and teach how not to fight back unless you have to. how not to damage yo-- you must damage your opponent. bet tower walk away. colorado springs, bill, looking forward to your new book. i guessed you would be writing about caesar. the death of jesus plays a role. and wait until you see what we've learned, it's amazing and while we're on the subject of books, killing lincoln, killing kennedy dominating the
1:59 am
best seller list. and when you're a premium member, you get a mug. and i'm close to the pakistani border we watch the factor every day and thanks for all you do. right back at you, lieutenant. you guys are brave patriots and we respect you all very much. stay safe over there in afghanistan. it's amazing how our u.s. military, the sacrifices they make and really for, you know, for their country. they're not doing it for karzai, but we all should never forget that, i know it's a cliche, but when i get a letter like that from dean, i've got to read it. the factor tip of the day finding you money on the net. a pension benefit guarantee corporation is holding, ready? more than 200 million dollars in unclaimed pension benefits for americans who may have changed jobs and forgotten what's owed to them. to see if you're


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