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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>>. >> bret: finally tonight the folks at buzz feed thought it would be funny to combine the faces of 32 cable news anchors including me to see if what would happen. this is the result. buzz feed says, quote the average host is pretty white man wearing lipstick. [ laughter ] >> bret: we thought we could do
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better with the features. jonas, chuck and charles and myself true fox news al star. fair and balanced. >> but no lipstick. >> bret: one last thing, a personal the snow. i talked about my wife and kids on the show but never my little brother, tim bair, he is eight years younger but he is they are running in washington, d.c. in half marathon. few minutes a ago, tim got on his knee in front of the lincoln memorial and asked for her hand in marriage and with picture i have confirmation, she said yes. >> thank god for that. [ laughter ] >> bret: this kid would not have been the same. congratulations and it's great to know that sequester did not
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prevent that in front o the lincoln memorial. fair and balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. this is fox report. tonight the state department getting on the record finally about american survivors from the attack on our people in benghazi. and pictures coming into fox news, a plane hits a car in a building and it was deadly and pentagon making moves in response to the latest north korean threat. >> american people expect us to take every necessary step to protect our security at home. >> after the communist regime threatened all out war and prompted to preemptive nuclear strike on the u.s. mainland, more than a dozen new missile
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interceptors now set to deploy in alaska, major developments in the military standoff with north korea. plus, carnival cruise ship catastrophe, another one since yesterday. carnival legend limping back to tampa one day after the dream broke down in the caribbean and month after the triumph debacle. damage control on the high seas. and... the woman who admits to shooting her boyfriend and stabbing him 27 times and cutting his throat as you have never seen her before. how jodi arias passed the time in a police interrogation room. >> i'm in for shepard smith. a threat of nuclear attack is growing faster than we expected,
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pentagon officials is beefing up america's missile system. chuck hagel says they are adding 15 new ground base missiles in alaska. that is increase of 50%. >> we will maintain our commitments to our allies and partners and make clear to the world that the united states stands firm against aggression. >> they successfully launched a long-range missile in december and has threatened a preemptive nuclear attack on the united states. after today's announcement from the pentagon one u.s. commander said of kim jong un the young lad oblgtd to be deterred. this is also about iran? >> that is right. officials say they will explore through new sites for ground based intercepters. the u.s. is planning to deploy a new radar in japan for early warning and tracking all to
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counter a quickly growing threat. >> today i'm nfg a series of steps the united states will take to stay ahead of challenge posed by iran and north korea on longer range missile capabilities. >> the plan is to have everything in place by 2017. >> we're also starting to get reaction from capitol hill and some critics. >> reporter: that is right. we told you so by critic. as for congress, a senator calls it a step in the right direction. a senator from alaska is pleased that putting his home state on the map. he says the obama administration should have known sooner. >> they misdiagnosed what was happening in the region in terms of what heavily sanctioned country determined to acquire these capabilities could do.
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one silver lining at this point is perhaps missile defense has bipartisan support. >> reporter: earlier reaction shows it's bipartisan but there are serious budget issues in washington these days. >> no doubt about that. thank you very much. it's important to keep in mind, north korea spends an enormous amount of the budget on its military while two-thirds of the country has trouble finding food to eat. the report claims that children have been caused stunted growth. just 50 years ago, south korea was as poor as the north but five decades after it embraced democracy the south one of the most prosperous nations on earth. new gun control bills could soon become law in where movie theater massacre happened.
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they set a limit of 15 rounds per magazine. they expect colorado's governor to sign the law back in two weeks. back in july a gunman opened fire in a crowded movie theater killing 12 people and wounding dozens more. >> to wall street. we knew it couldn't last forever. dow's longest winning streak is now, well, over. longer than any other in 16 years. it ended down 25 points, first time in 11 sessions but it did not finish in the green. it also hit new records highs for closing, of course, it's not all bad news for people fortunate enough to have a 401-k. when traders celebrated breaking the 14,000 mark, now it is holding steady 500 points higher than that and all this in the past four weeks. even though the s&p 500 lost a
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control of points but it's still in record territory. you can see it here a few points from hitting that all time high. shabani is joining me now. the rally stopped in its tracks, why? >> it did. as we all know, sometimes all good things must come to an end. the ten day winning streak being stopped short by a 25-point loss ended with a whimper and not a bang. 25 points is not much in the grand scheme of losses on the dow. it did cut short a nice long ride that investors were hoping to keep longer, another day, another week. the biggest losers on the dow, there were 19 of the top 30 dow stocks in the red. the biggest looser was j.p. morgan. house homeland names like proctor gamble also saw a pull back today and home depot. the attack on wall talk is it
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buying opportunity or more of a pull back? some of the experts i talked to this may not be the best time to buy in to this pullback. the big reason, usually when we see run-ups like this you wanted to buy to see a bull back and numbers are backed up by corporate profits and bond buying which is the juice of the markets is eventually going to end. don't fight the tape, when markets go hire. >> go long with your investment. as we look at this, they are quite different. s&p 500 as closely hit a record but can't seem to reach it. >> that is very important for market watchers and technicians because the s&p 500 is more important index to traderse it'0 different companies. it gives us a better sense of what is happening with the economy. this index has yet to reach a record high. that is one of the reasons that people of skeptical about this
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rally. when we start to see this specific index reaching to new territory, that is when we think we'll get a little more conviction about where we're going next. >> this mostly touches people fortunate to have retirement funds, but this next point touches everybody. word pretty much on everything we buy is on the rise? >> biggest increase we have seen in consumer prices in three to four years. so many americans are dealing with smaller paychecks because of the payroll tax cut and with what you have left you are shelling out more money to buy the things you need every day. specifically gasoline prices on the rise, consumer places up .07% in the month of february driven by a 9% rise in gasoline prices. this pretty much explains a big reason why everyday americans aren't participating in this market rally when you are not able to have extra money in your pocket because you are spending out groceries and food you
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aren't buying shares of apple anytime soon. wife of a u.s. pastor locked up iran tearfully pleading for help. her husband is one of the notorious prison because he is christian. his wife said, she is disappointed with the state department to for not doing more. she did meet with state department officials but the family's attorney they want john kerry to be personally involved. the pastor is iranian american. the government threw him in prison for preaching the gospel. his wife telling lawmakers about how she had to explain to her children what happened to their dad. >> i couldn't explain to them why that he was physically taken to prison. finally they kept saying, does daddy not love us anymore? does daddy not love us... i have to tell them that he was in
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prison because he loved jesus. meanwhile, the family's attorney slamming the state department for not even sending a represented i have to that meeting. a sentiment echoed by the cochairman, virginia republican congressman frank wolfe. >> i was amazing a hearing to highlight the plight of religious minority not to mention imprisonment of an american citizen was not deemed important enough to cooperate with congress. >> we were told that secretary kerry was expected to talk to him about the situation. investigators at the scene of the plane that turned into a fireball saying it incinerated everything it hit. just ahead what we're learning about moments before the fiery impact. there is car and parked boat in that molten mess and people died
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>>. >> harris: three people are dead after their small plane crashed into a parking lot after taking off in south florida. twin engine aircraft went down a couple hours ago after a half mile east of fort lauderdale. the plane experienced problems shortly after it took off. the pilot reportedly tried to turn around and make an emergency landing but the aircraft hate free and then a fence and then a parking lot. witnesses say they could see a large plume of black smoke for miles away. a dozen cars and a boat on a trailer burned on the ground. crews covered witness special foam to put out the flames. the ceo of carnival cruise
4:17 pm
lines could probably use a vacation. for the fourth time in a month, second time in two days, one of its ships has broken down with passengers on board. carnival legend heading back to contaminate tampa after cutting the trip short due to engine trouble. we learned that the carnival ship dream was stuck in port. all 4400 passengers are coming back to the united states many seem to be taking it in stride. >> we had a disruption in elevator service. slight disruption in the flushing of toilets. >> people didn't listen until they pushed the button more than once and then it started overflowing. >> harris: okay. this past weekend tugboats had to escort one boat after a steering system stopped and who could forget triumph. it was listing on one side all the way back to port, barely any
4:18 pm
food or water and hallways filled with raw sewage. steve harrigan has more. what is the latest now on the two new ships to add to the list. >> a string of bad news for carnival cruise linings. you have the legend limping back to port tampa at about 15 miles an hour. it should reach there by sunday. dream is still stuck in st. maarten since wednesday. they begun flying passengers out this afternoon in orlando. >> for a time they said they had a problem with the electrical system. that was about the end of it. two hours later everything was working again. >> they treated us well. they gave us activities to do, and was just as we were sailing but the ship wasn't moving.
4:19 pm
>> reporter: those passengers will get a three-day credit plus 50% over the next cruise. >> harris: part of positive, everybody has something nice to sai about recruit and industry seems to be resilient. >> reporter: that is right. the tragedy last month, triumph was out in the gulf of mexico stranded with more than 4,000 people in tough conditions. despite headlines, analysts say the industry has shown extremely resilient. >> 60% are repeaters and 40-50% that are first timers. they'll tell you they are not concerned about this because we have to put our common sense hat on and realize these are machines and they do break down. >> reporter: despite the bad news florida travel agents booking for cruises are still extremely strong and carnival
4:20 pm
cruise lines declared a first quarter profit of $37 million. >> harris: one state takes a step closer to abolishing the death penalty. details on what that means for prisoners currently on death row there. and some surprising police video jodi arias, that is her, she is on her head. accused of stabbing her boyfriend 27 times. in the middle of interrogation she took time out. namaste, that is all. more of the revealing footage when we come back. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello?
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>>. >> harris: maryland, now poised to be the latest state to abolish the death penalty. assembly and senate passing a bill and now it goes to the
4:24 pm
democrat governor martin o'malley. 17 states have done away with capital punishment. it enables the governor to commute their senses to life in prison. supporters of the death penalty that it is racially biased. opponents say it's necessary tool for those that commit heinous crimes. >> this may be the strangest thing yet. jodi arias who killed her boyfriend appears to quietly lose it. it's from 2008 after arias lied to police about killing her former lover and after she knew she was going to be charged with her murder and multiple story changes and her dramatic behavior and 18 days of testimony, this is side of jodi arias you just haven't seen. adam housley more with west
4:25 pm
coast news hub. >> reporter: you know, the last few weeks has been interesting as jodi arias was on the stage. this was taken back in 2008. the jurors saw the interview portion but when we looked at the part jurors hadn't seen. we found this jodi arias unplugged. >> it's the jodi arias you haven't seen, just minutes before being booked, arias caught on video more worried about her makeup than being charged with grisly murder of her boyfriend travis alexander. a far cry from her interrogation just 15 minutes earlier. >> reporter: after lying to police for four hours about the killing, jodi finally begins to sing, literally about what else?
4:26 pm
memories. >> reporter: ironic lyrics given the many memory lapses during trial. >> i just don't remember at that point. >> reporter: what comes yet. most bizarre behavior yet. she shot him in the head and stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat ear to ear. a glimpse into the mind of jodi arias who is now dead serious when she says, a jury should believe her story and spare her life. >> reporter: there have been some reports this video is inadmissible but we've been told that is the case at all. the jury could see this video as part of the entire police report. will they see this? we won't know and the court continues again on monday. >> harris: wow! it's hard to believe what could overshadow what we've seen into the courtroom but that may have
4:27 pm
done it. thank you. we're learning more about the americans injured in the deadly attack benghazi and now some republican lawmakers are making a new push to interview those survivors. and on the hill, members of both political parties calling on president obama to approve the keystone oil pipeline, but the white house says the president is focusing on, quote, more important energy sources right now. mitt romney making his first public speech is since losing the election. what he and future candidates say about where republicans go next. vo: bold helps you re-imagine
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ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damag >>. >> harris: a maintenance man might want to consider changing careers after he saved three people include go at a fire in an apartment complex. he started bang ought doors and breaking out the windows. he then noticed the woman and her baby trapped. >> she wanted to jump outside. i said you throw the baby first and then we get out. she held the baby out this, i said let her go. i caught the baby, cradled the baby and i said, okay now you. >> harris: god bless that man. he went to another apartment and saved an elderly woman. he said it happened so fast and the fire sounded like it was breathing. more than 20 people lost their
4:32 pm
home. i'm harris faulkner in for shepard smith. we now know the terror attack in benghazi injured three american security agents and a government contractor. that is what a state department official is telling fox news. it's the first time officials have confirmed the number of people injured. republicans have been calling on the state department to let them talk with the survivors. of course, the attack also killed our u.s. ambassador christopher stevens and two navy seals. cath what are we learning about the injured american? >> here in today's briefing going on the record which employees were hurt and nature of their injuries. >> one were smoke inhalation at the mission facility. one at annex who was seriously injured and another annex that was less seriously injured. we also had a contractor.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: diplomatic source says state department agent that is most serious suffered a severe head injury when the annex came under attack from mortar fire. the four injured were state department we have no firm number on injuries who had two dozen personnel. fox news says there will be congressional pressure to make the agency to make survivors available to investigators. >> harris: six months later, republican lawmakers want to talk to them. what is the response there? >> republicans in the house complain the administration is still mulling over the respect q for the list of survivors and in access to them with bret baier, one senator says benghazi survivors they feared retaliation and asked for their identities to be protected. >> their story is chilling. they felt afraid to tell it. it's important they come forward to tell their story.
4:34 pm
some are working for the government and some are still injured. bottom line they feel they cannot come forth. they have been told to be quiet. >> reporter: they raised the issue with the white house press secretary. >> is this white house preventing those survivors from speaking publicly or asking them not to? >> first of all, i have no knowledge of this story. secondly, i'm sure that white house has not prevented anyone from speaking. >> reporter: we asked the state department if they will give congress the list of names but no immediate response. >> harris: syrian civil war that has forced a million people from their homes and killed more than 70,000 hit the two-year mark today. on this day in 2011 they first started calling for the fall of syrian leader assad. soldiers tortured teenagers for
4:35 pm
anti-regime graffiti. today the united nations estimates more than a million syrians have escaped to make nations while outside actors hezbollah and iran have flooded syria with weapons and fighters. a number of gulf arab states are directly arming the opposition but the united states has not joined them. today house democrat elliott engels was the first lawmaker to start arming rebel fighters. >> they have launched a new push to approve the controversial keystone xl pipeline but white house says new investments in green energy to deal with climate change are more important than the pipeline. today a bipartisan team in the white house -- in the house rather introduced a bill that would allow congress the okay to start construction on the pipeline. it comes one day after eight democrats and eight republicans backed a similar measure. today on fox, one republican senator saying after years of
4:36 pm
delays enough is enough. >> i spoke with the president yesterday. he says, well, he is still maybe going to take the balance of this year to make a decision. we put bipartisan legislation forward. we've got a lot of support for it. it's to get the project going. >> no decision has been made on keystone. i think the president, i expect he was clear about that as he has been. that process over the state department is moving forward and will end in a decision. >> harris: meanwhile, president obama called on congress to approve new responding research into clean energy technology a plan he said would not add to the deficit. ed henry is live at the white house. ed, how would the president actually pay for this? >> reporter: good evening. he was an argon national laboratory in his home state of illinois. the president says he wants to pay for $2 billion green energy fund by taking government
4:37 pm
royalties from offshore oil and gas leases, pour new money from those royalties in research on on electric car batteries, biofuels, try to use these alternative sources of energy to wean americans off of fossil fuels. he claims this will help bring down gas prices at the pump. >> let's set up an energy security trust that helps free our families and our businesses from painful spikes in gas once and for all. >> reporter: american petroleum institute they are all for alternative sources of energy. they have been pushing for that as well but the problem is more than 80% of federal lands are put off right now from drilling. they don't think much money in royalties will come in anyway. >> harris: in a place it seems like they are allergic to bipartisanship but they are getting together on keystone?
4:38 pm
>> it's pressure to approve keystone pipeline which would go from canada to texas. bottom line it's mostly been republicans complaining about the president and the state department dragging their heels on this, but today there were republicans joining democrats saying it's time to pass it fake a listen. >> 1300 days to win world war 2. lewis and clark expedition, the keystone expedition 1636 and counting. >> we should have been building it four years ago. this has been studied for a long time. it's all about jobs. >> that was max baucus at the end. so a number of people are joining it to approve the keystone. earlier this month the state department suggested the environmental impact may not be as big as critics is saying but the president has not made a final decision to approve it
4:39 pm
zbloohd ed, thank you. mitt romney giving his first public speech since the election. he spoke at cpac, he won the straw poll twice and ended his campaign at the convention. he called on conservatives to take back the senate and white house. >> i'm sorry i'm not your president but i will be your co-worker and work shoulder to shoulder alongside you. >> harris: some republicans say governor romney did not become president because he was not conservative enough. carl cameron is live in maryland. we heard the governor say he is sorry he is not president. is he apologizing for losing the election at this point? >> reporter: no. this is guy who wrote a book, no apologies. he definitely sorry he was not in the white house, but today he got one of the warmest reception
4:40 pm
that any speaker. he lost and party made mistakes but it's time to move on and get moving forward. >> it's fashionable in some circles to be pessimistic about america, about conservative solutions, about the republican party. i utterly reject pessimism. [ applause ] >> we may not have carried on november 7th but we haven't lost the country we loved and we have not lost our way. >> reporter: komz and the republican party took a lot of heat for not doing enough to win the election to minorities and women. there has been a lot of talk about that and running mate, paul ryan says it's really not helpful to talk but republicans should be doing to actually meeting people to court them. listen. >> we can't just talk about these communities. we have to talk about with them.
4:41 pm
we have to engage them because leaders, leaders don't just speak up. they listen too. >> reporter: ryan as the party's former vice president nominee. he insists he is not thinking about running in 2016 but he has tremendous amount of work to do. it will be a lost attention and with it a lot of scrutiny which could make it both a lot of attention and harder to run for office for the presidency. >> harris: we see the speaking continues. in a couple of hours. big headliner for tonight. >> reporter: jeb bush, former florida governor will be speaking tonight. he has for years said he is not the slightest bit interested in running for president. couple weeks ago, that all changed. he quite dramatically he is no longer saying no, but this is the 2013 conservative political action conference.
4:42 pm
all of the major speakers are folks who are known to be considering presidential run. today, jeb bush actually asked his name to be taken off the straw poll ballot. they are voting who would be the best 2016 nominee. he says it's too early to be talking about it but that big whole part of the conversation of the conference for the last day and a half. >> harris: that is interesting. take your name off the straw poll. our old friend blogger has been in prison for one year now. now that his flying days are over, what is he doing behind bars? we return to planet blago coming up. and casinos generated huge amounts of tax dollars but in atlantic city, new jersey, poke tables and roulette wheels are not as crowded as they used to be. that is hurting the entire state. the economy of gambling and live
4:43 pm
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>>. >> harris: tough times for the garden state's casino business. according to a gaming reported, gamblers in atlan are being stingy at tables, they spent $30 million fewer in february, than they did last year. it's not all gloom and doom, miss america pageant after leaving for las vegas in 2006. atlantic city spending tens of millions of dollars on tourism trying to lure visitors away from vegas and other competitors. gerri willis at casino golden nugget hotel. where is all that lost money going? >> reporter: it's not lost. casino gambling is more legal in 30 states and there are lots and lots of competition.
4:47 pm
golden nugget, it's competing with pennsylvania and even yonkers new york has a casino now. >> harris: what are the casinos doing to try to get people to come back? >> this casino spent $150 million on a big renovation project that got done recently and it's beautiful. there are also appealing to the high rollers. this table right behind me, this is where high rollers play and high margin business. i went to the high limit room today. that is where the high rollers go and i learned how to play back jack. i have to tell you it was a big success. we played five hands and i won all of them, if we playing for real money, i would have made a thousand dollars. pretty good. >> harris: high limit table. i'm like the small chair table. thank you. >> every chip was $25. >> harris: that is high limit.
4:48 pm
gerri, thank you very much. call him professor blago right now. rod blagojevich keeping busy behind bars teaching civil war history, that is wife patty is sailing on facebook. the former governor went to federal prison in colorado. it was after charges are trying to sell president obama's former senate seat. he is also learning to play guitar in prison while lawyers work on his appeal. our crew loves this story. >> two days after the pope's election. vatican responding to criticism of his action or inaction in the land of his birth. plus, if you think people know how to party for st. patrick's day, wait until you see how
4:49 pm
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>>. >> harris: the vatican strongly denying accusations that pope francis was silent in the face of human rights abuses in his native argentina. the regime was notorious for quote disappearing opponents in the '70s and '80s. vatican says the critics represent anti-cleric elements and pope francis paying bring tri beauty to pope benedict xvi saying enriched and invigorated the search. pope francis set to be inaugurated on tuesday tus.
4:53 pm
>> explosions and fires part of one of europe's biggest party. the city of valencia, spain on mediterranean celebrating a festival of lost fires. it begin centuries ago honoring the feast day and welcoming the spring season. event has grown and the real highlight of all of it, monument hundreds of massive floats filling the streets before a destructive finale. alicia is live with all the activity in spain. >> reporter: believe it or not, all those beautiful floats will be torched and burned to the ground. out with the old and in with the new. they welcome the season with flavor, color and a lot of noise >> the united states has
4:54 pm
fireworks, valencia has this a rumble of gun powder every afternoon for 20 days in the city's square to celebrate approaching spring. each year. they search out the loudest boom makers they can find. >> explosions go off you can feel it getting louder and louder. it's explosions. >> reporter: only steps away stands one of the grand monday eiys to the identity. this one about as high as a seven story building is one of the larger creations and where there is a gigantic structure there is a equally beautiful one next by for the children. more than 300 of them dot valencia all two voted best by the people will burn in bonfires. pieces of winners are preserved in the museum. they call it a burning a metaphor for life.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: they are made up mostly wood and paper and artists are hired to make them all over spain. only requirement is they are federalable. >> harris: i can hear all the activity behind you. good to see you. today's of torrential rain affecting thousands of families. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. bolivia, floodwaters destroying homes and sweeping away roads and crops as rivers burst their banks. one city reportedly reported more than 40 inches of rainfall in just hours. rescue choppers saved several people trapped on an island, workers are trying to get through to families in remote areas. >> rushing sha, forecasters say it's the heaviest snowfall to hit moscow in 130 years.
4:56 pm
it comes at the end of winter, 85 inches and counting some people say it's not too bad compared to siberia where temperatures are well below zero. >> new zealand, a massive drought covering the country's entire north island. government officials calling it the worst dry spell in three decades. farmers estimating it cost them more than $800 million in lost earnings but winemakers describe the dry conditions as perfect. always a silver lining. rain is in the weekend forecast. >> india, the chief minister of a southern state officially naming seven tiger cubs at a zoo. it aims at conservation of the big cats. they are india's national animal. that is wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
4:57 pm
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