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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 17, 2013 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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really. we're very proud of it. we really are. >> it's great having you guys here. >> stick around, everybody. you'll hear more from them. >> happy st. patty's day. go to itunes and download the brand new album mythology. thank you, guys. we start i a fox news alert. we're moments away from a verdict in the shocking rape case that has divided a community and made national headlines. two high school football players in a small ohio town accused of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party last summer. the alleged victims said to be extremely drunk at the time and photos have surfaced of the girl being dragged around by the two suspects with friends using social media, sending around cell phone videos, pictures, chats, and e-mails about it all including depictions of the young victim. good morning on this sunday morning and welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby.
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good morning, eric. great to see you. this indication has been propelled into the national spotlight by the accusations that local police may have mishandled the case and that they're biased against the girl. mike tobin joins us live from the court in ohio. mike, we know they had closing arguments and now the verdict. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, you know, among things that the special proper got into in the closing arguments was a key point from the defense that the victim in this case seemed to pursue one of the two defendants, trent may. she had a crush on him. she even rebuffed her friends when they thought she was too drunk to get in the car with the football players. >> it makes it wrong because she trusted him, and he took that trust and he served her up to his friend and made it a joke. that's what happened. so the fact that she might have liked him, i think that makes this case worse. >> reporter: now, on the witness stand, the victim testified about text messages she received
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froms in which he said he should be thanked for taking care of her the nate in question. jamie. >> first of all, what did the defense put up other than her testimony. she remembered so little about that night. >> reporter: the defense really seemed to hammer away at reasonable doubt, and it was interesting to see a defense lawyer for one of the two defendants, malik richmond, really try to separate his client from the other defendant, trent may, because it was trent mays who produced most of the text message evidence. >> but in every other aspect of his life, he is exceptional. everything about this young man, and i say that to this court because everything you heard in this court, you can count the times you've heard his name. >> now, the state has described this as a fairly standard sexual
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assault case with the exceptional element of all the videos and statements and pictures that were posted on social media, and the callous nature that the young people seem to delight in the humiliation of this girl and did nothing to stop it. we're now waiting for a verdict. >> it's expected in the hour. we'll check back with you. if they're found guilty, they'll go to juvenile jail which will keep them there until they're 21. you'll let us know, mike. thanks. >> you got it. >> eric. president obama is heading to israel this week for the first visit of his presidency. his stated goal is to, quote, listen. the president will meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu net in hopes of soothing their troubled relationship. have you seen the new israeli poll? it shows only 10% of israelis have a favorable opinion of mr. obama. 10%.
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u.s. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and fox contributor joins us every sunday. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, er eric. glad to be with you. >> what can we expect when the president sits down with the prime minister. >> i think at the optical level this will have a lot of symbolism, a lot of photo opportunities. as you mentioned, it's obama's first trip to israel as president. he finally checks the box that he showed up in israel, but i think this is a rare trip where the public symbolism will be totally divorced from the private substantive conversations. i think obama has two basic messages. one, don't even think about attacking iran's nuclear weapons program, and number two, you need to make more concessions to the palestinians. so i think it's going to be a series of tough private meetings. >> the president says that iran may be at least a year away from having a nuclear bomb, but prime minister netanyahu said by the spring or summer. how do they square the year versus a couple of months from now?
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>> i don't think you can square it. in fact, i think netanyahu is far closer to the truth, and you know, all of this discussion goes on as if we had perfect, 100% knowledge of the iranian nuclear weapons program. i would think president obama is such a harsh critic of the bush administration's decision to overthrow saddam hussein because of inadequate intelligence would have a little more humility in his confidence about how much we know going on inside iran. i think that the israeli government believes it does have a very difficult decision to make in the very near future. they do not believe president obama when he says all options are on the table, but neither does iran, by the way, so israel has got to confront the potential of an iranian nuclear weapons program well before the united states. >> so what do they say to each other when it comes to the iranian nuclear problem? >> well, you know, there's been a lot of speculation in the media, a lot of leaked stories about how the two of them can't get along, really don't like each other. all that may be true. i think they're both consummate
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professional politicians, and i wouldn't be surprised if they have an exchange of views as people like to say that's pretty intense, but they put it aside and smile for the cameras after the meetings are over. >> talk about the personal relationship i mean, president obama was overheard telling nikolas sarkozy the president of france at the time you've had enough of him, but i've got to deal with him every day. then there was the time where he reportedly left the prime minister cooling his heels in the white house when mr. obama went up and had dinner with michelle and the kids. then, of course, the lecture that the prime minister gave the president in the oval office during a photo op. i mean, you're a professional diplomat. can that really be overcome when you're dealing with personal issues versus policy? >> oh, absolutely. i think you grit your teeth very hard and after the meeting is over and you're in private with your own friends and aidees, you may have a few choice words. in the meetings themselves, it's important for national interest to prevail. i would be surprised if that
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didn't happen. nothing really should be allowed to obscure the gap between the policies that the obama administration is pursuing and what netanyahu and the israelis would like to see. it's that huge substantive canyon that's important here, not their personal likes or dislikes. >> the poll showed 10% of israelis like the president. the white house, according to the "new york times", a senior official said the setting that he'll speak at a convention center, reflected his interest in reaching out to younger israelis. given the knesset's reputation for rambunctious debate, they worry about president obama being heckled. what does it mean if the president of the united states can be heckled at the knesset? >> if he were going to speak at the knesset, i would recommend that ever every israeli legislae
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polite. there's no guarantee in a public setting, in an auditorium or an exhibition hall that he won't be heckled there, either. i think the israelis recognize that this is the most hostile president to the state of israel since it was founded in 1948. so the only surprise to me is that 10% have a favorable opinion of him. >> and finally, at the end of this meeting, your predixon the iranian nuclear program, the potential of having a nuclear bomb. >> i think they're very close. i think they're building a broad and deep nuclear infrastructure. i think israel has very little time to decide whether they're going to strike preemptively against the program. israel's capabilities are already strained. even if they act tomorrow, every day that goes by gives the iranians more time to bury and harden more facilities. israel's on a pretty short fuse here. >> ambassador john bolton, as always, we thank you. the president's trip in israel starts on wednesday.
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good to see you. >> thank you, eric. >> thank you, ambassador. meanwhile, a leading republican law maker is raising serious new concerns about the obama administration's handling of the benghazi tor attack. it's senator lindsey graham accusing the white house of telling the injured survivors to, quote, be quiet and not share their stories. now he's urging his colleagues to help him get to the bottom of it. elizabeth prann reporting for us live in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. we're learning more about the three diplomatic security agents and a state department contractor who were among the injured. the four injured who we know belonged to state department but there were other personnel on the ground. republican senator lindsey graham tells fox news the injured survivors have been told to be quiet. he says the house should investigate. >> but i'm going to hold up the business of the senate until we get the survivors on record. i've talked to a couple, and their story is chilling. they're scared to death to come
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forward without some institutional support. >> reporter: now, when asked about the survivors, press secretary jay carney said he is sure the white house is not preventing anyone from speaking. the state department also is in talks with the survivors. >> i can tell you that i have visited with one of the survivors at bethesda hospital who is remarkably courageous, who is doing very, very well, and i've called his wife and talked to her. >> reporter: to recap, the state department says two security agents were injured, one seriously at the cia annex. another suffered smoke inhalation at the consulate. a fourth contractor was also injured. four americans died in the attack including ambassador chris stephens. one man suspected of being involved in the deadly attacks is currently being detained. jamie, back to you. >> elizabeth prann in washington. elizabeth, thank you. pope francis being greeted
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this morning by the cheers of more than 150,000 people who are packed in st. peter's square. there were there to witness his first sunday window appearance. and breaking with tradition, the new pontiff delivered an unscripted address. instead of reading from the usual prepared remarks. early in the morning, the pope also celebrated mass and made an impromptu appearance near a vatican gate. that's where he was greeted by a small crowd including people one by one. coming up in the next hour, we'll be joined by the former united states ambassador to the vatican who has met with pope francis. we'll ask him about the pope's spontaneous style. just look at him. the security guys didn't know what to do when he stepped out on the street. what does this mean? what is next, and what can we expect in the new era of pope francis? from the pope to politics, some of the biggest names in
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conservative politics seemingly testing the water ahead of the 2016 presidential election. yes, they're already thinking about it. this weekend at the conservative political action conference, members of the g.o.p.'s old guard along with the new generation of leaders laid out their vision for rebuilding america and healing their party. we have the editor of campaigns and elections magazines, and it's great, shane, to have you back. how are you doing? >> good, jamie. >> let me ask you. you followed cpac. you were there for several days. have republicans laid out a new or different vision for their party? >> i haven't seen one yet. i think that the republicans are struggling with that. certainly the base of the party is. i think that's what we saw over the past few days. i do think that there are a number of activists, and you've got to remember that the cpac gathering is largely composed of conservative activists. you've got half who are sort of older, more socially conservative minded activists, and then you've got a number of young libertarian minded
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activists, the sort of folks who supported rand paul these past few days in huge numbers. is this particularly reflective of what the republican primary electorate is going to look like in 2016? not quite. however, it does give you a bit of an early window, and there was some back and forth about whether the party does need some new ideas or as senator rubio said, the republican party isn't in need of new ideas. it's not necessarily in need of the fresh thinking that many say it is. >> let me ask you about some of the people. >> sure. >> who spoke, shane. because some were missing like governor chris christie, not asked to come but on the straw poll ballot. some asked not to be. governor -- former florida governor jeb bush. you had people like donald trump speaking to an almost empty room. how does this compare to prior cpacs? do the members and activists that usually come, are he they losing interest or doing something else to help their party? >> i thought the vibe at this cpac was different than what i
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felt in the past couple of years. there was generally speaking a pretty pervasive anger among a lot of the activists that donald trump was offered the stage while some others weren't. not that there were a tremendous number of conservative activists who were big chris christie fans, but there was a general rejection of donald trump which certainly didn't surprise me. a lot of folks wondered to me why in the world he was given time at cpac as opposed to the governor of new jersey who allot of conservatives despite some disagreement think has done some very good things with the state's fiscal situation. so i think this is sort of the calm before the storm, perhaps, for republicans. >> what's the storm, shane? what's the storm? where is it going? where is it all going, and what does it mean that rapid paul took the straw poll -- that rand paul took the straw poll for 2016? what does it mean at this point? he got traction, i'm sure. tell me if you agree. by being a very talkative
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filibusterer and many people took notice, so he gained in the polls o. how does he keep the traction all the way to 2016. >> i don't think there's any way to do that all the way to 2016. frankly, while it's significant he won the straw poll, it's significant for only a handful of days and i think senator paul knows that. this far out from 2016, i think i straw poll that's largely dominated by, you know, younger libertarian-minded conservatives doesn't really mean anything for 2016, but i do think it's significant canlt that senator paul is -- significant that senator paul is able to generate that enthusiasm. the question for rand paul going ahead of 2016 is whether he, unlike his father, can sort of capture more of the, you know, the larger slice of the republican primary electorate in a way that ron paul was never able to do. i think that takes some more work, apted i don't think these past few days quite get him initial close to that. shane. thank you. there's breaking news we have to
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jump to. take care. >> thanks, jamie. jamie, we have a fox news alert. there's a verdict in the shocking ohio high school rape case. two teenage football players accused. this involved social media, video, cell phone video and the like. mike tobin is outside the courthouse with the very latest. hi, mike. >> reporter: guilty across the board. that verdict coming down from judge thomas litz. he used the word delinquent as he talked about trent mays, one of the football players being guilty of rape and guilty of use of a minor in nudity-oriented material. the second co-defendant, malik richmond, also guilty of rape. this dates back to august the 11th. one incident taking place in the back of a car as they traveled between parties. one incident taking place in the basement of a house. ultimately they determined that the girl was too inebriated to say yes or no and that these two individuals forced themselves on
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her. the attorneys are in the courtroom right now making presentencing comments. you can hear a great deal of emotion in the courtroom. there was cries thattent with out immediately following the verdict. you can see one of the defendants, trent mays with tissues to he his eyes. people around his have their arms around him. malik richmond appears very emotional. his attorney has his arm around him. out here outside of the courthouse where we see the anonymous protesters in particular who did a lot to drive the evidence in the case or certainly drive the emotion in the case, a cheer went out from them as they got the information that once again, the verdict has come down, guilty across the board in this case. the state has described it as a shom what standard sexual -- a somewhat standard sexual assault case aggravated by the comments, pictures, and videos posted on social media that really showed the callous nature that these teenagers showed to this girl the way they delighted in her humiliation and did nothing to stop it. guys, back to you in new york. >> mike, mace is 17, richmond is
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16. they're in juvenile court. that means they'll be serving until they're 21 years old. so basically four years. a disturbing case, mike, especially because of the social media that was involved, allegedly video taping the girl as she was in trouble and the like. mike tobin with the very latest, guilty. thanks so much. jamie. >> any other breaking news out of that case, we'll bring you as it happens. how about happening again? carnival cruise lines, four ships in four weeks experiencing some trouble. we're going to fill you in on the latest cruisenitely not shi. and there's a frightening warning from the fda about the extremely popular type of antibiotic. that z-pack. you go to the doctor, they hand it out sometimes like candy. what you want to know. the doctors are in to tell us about the latest on z-packs. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
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>> eric: after weeks of whining and dining, closed door meetings and dualing budget proposals, the folk focus in washington tuo compromise. will they be able to forge the so-called grand bargain. "fox news sunday" anchor chris
7:25 am
wallace sat down with an exclusive interview with two leading senators. >> i think there, by the way, is a chance on a deal. i know the president is saying the right things. we have an opportunity over the next four to five months. i think that, you know, we'll know when the president is serious by virtue of a process that is set up where he is actually at the table or whether he has a designee, and whether he begins to say tub lickly to the -- publicly to the american people, to all americans that he understands that americans are only paying one-third of the cost of medicare, and that has to change for the program to be here down the road. >> we've got to course past this budget resolution in the senate. patty murray has done an extraordinarily good job and then we'll move to the next stage and that's the grand bargain stage. that's what the president is trying to set up, both sides setting down on a bi-partisan basis not eliminating medicare as i'm afraid the paul ryan budget would do, but making sure it is going to survive for
7:26 am
generations to come, putting revenues on the table that are fair and won't penalize the working people across america and making sure it's a balanced approach. >> eric: joining us now is the anchor of "fox news sunday", chris wallace. good morning, chris. >> morning, eric. >> eric: senator corker said he think there's a, quote, chance of a deal. what type of chance, one percent, half a percent, 60%? what's the bet? >> well, he didn't get that specific, but i think that both he and dick durbin were somewhat more optimistic, and i asked them about the key issue, and that was in the case of corker would you accept a tax increase if you got entitlement reform. he said yeah, we would, and conversely, i asked dick durbin, would you accept entitlement reform if you got a tax increase, and he said yes. so in principle, at least, that's what you need for a grand bargain. of course, the devil is in the details. i think the single-most interesting thing, and you had a bit of it there, but he said it again in greater length, bob
7:27 am
corker saying the key to the possibility of this happening is that barack obama has to get out and sell entitlement reform which is going to be a tough sale, but he has to go out and say the current situation, if you just continue medicare and social security the way they are, they're going to go out of business, that entitlement reform isn't a way to kill social security and medicare, it's a way to preserve them. and that will be very interesting to see. that's going to be a marker for republicans as to just how serious this president is about bringing democrats along to the table. >> yeah. how serious can the president be to actually at all about entitlement reform, and does that mean actual cuts? >> well, yeah. i mean, not cuts in the sense that you sit there and say you were getting this, now you're going to get less, but you can certainly change the cost of living adjustment. the president has talked about one measure of doing it. there are other ways as well. but you know, some ways so that with the measure of inflation is more realistic, more in tune with what actually happens, so
7:28 am
that people's benefits don't go up and also you can have means testing for people who have more money, and you know, so there are a variety of ways. another thing which the president a had on the table during early negotiations supposedly isn't now. do you raise the eligibility age for medicare. >> eric: these are the issues and americans want action and answers. maybe we're a teeny bit getting there. >> that's right. we saw the light at the end of the tunnel on "fox news sunday". >> that's exactly it. >> eric: we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel by watching "fox news sunday". chris, thanks. it's on the fox newschannel at 2:00 and 6 p.m. tonight. jamie? >> jamie: your doctor may give you a z-pack. we want you to know about a serious new warning about that popular antibiotic. the fda raising the alarm about the z-pack. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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