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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 26, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> two minutes till the top of the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. fighting with yourself could help your career. researchers found if you win a fight against a less powerful point releases a power in your brain that helps you win future fights with a more powerful one. a florida native was rudely awakened when he slammed his car into a guardrail. he was fortunate to walk away with only a sore hand but his luck didn't last. he was hauled way by police due to his shoddy record. this church was robbed by this man. it is the second time this
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church has been sacked. the thieves cracked open the safe and walked off with about $6,000 along with the church speaker system and even confidential files. not good to steal from a church. >> time for your brew on these responses. we told you about a supermarket charge ago dover get in. in an italian grocery storefront, it warns customers it is charging people $5 to go into that store and just look around. for today's brew on this question, we ask you is that $5 fee fine or over the line. >> entirely over the line. >> bill wrote this policy is a sure way to make sure i never go in. >> scott wrote if customers feel the charge is over the line they can take their businessthanks to everyone who responded. i don't know who just browses in the super market any way. who does that? >> bizarre.
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"fox & friends" starts right now. we hope you have a great day. >>gretchen: good morning. it is tuesday, march 26, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. fox news alert: stunning decision. amanda knox, the american student will be tried once again for the murder of her roommate in italy. an italian court overturning her acquittal moments ago. all the breaking details. can they bring her back there? >>steve: what sequester? while the military gets pink slips our vice president is spending nearly $1 million a night in paris. is that just the cost of doing business over there? we report. you decide. >>brian: cinderella is having a ball at the florida gulf coast. >> i've never been a part of anything like this. like, i'm so happy for my team, like i can't really put it into words. >>brian: meet the team going from unknown to
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unbelievable, and their students couldn't be happier. >>brian: "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. >>steve: hi everybody. thanks for joining us. we didn't see this coming. our top news alert just in the last hour. italy's top appeals court overturned amanda knox's ate acquittal in her roommate's murder case ordering a new trial. >> we got word of this about 45 minutes ago, and already we're getting a statement from amanda knox herself. she says, she tells the associated press that no matter what happens, my family and i will face this continuing legal battle as we always have, confident in the truth and with our heads held high in the face of wrongful accusations and unreasonable adversity. amanda knox, you all probably remember this, she
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and her boyfriend were acquitted back in 2011 for the murder of her british roommate. they had served four years in prison in italy. now at issue back then was the lack of evidence in the case and right now we don't know what new information has persuaded the italian dort rehear the case. prosecutors allege that the couple killed kercher in a drug fueled sex scheme that had gone awry. there was a man from the ivory coast convicted of this in a separate proceeding and he is serving a 16 year prison sentence. as for getting amanda knox back to italy, italian law apparently can't compel her to return from the u.s. for a new trial. that appellate court hearing in the case could actually declare her in contempt of court but that carries no additional penalties. just a short while ago we talked to our judge, andrew
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napolitano. he said if kercher stepped foot in a u.s. country, she could be detained -- >>gretchen: you mean amanda knox. very interesting details. we'll continue to follow that. >>steve: it does sound as if amanda will go back to italy because in her statement -- heather read a part of it -- she says no matter what happens my family and i will face this continuing legal battle as we always have, confident in the truth. >>gretchen: there is no way she's going back to italy because they would then retry her. the judge said earlier if she goes back to any e.u. country in europe they could also apprehend her and bring her into -- i don't think she can trust the italian court system right now to step foot there. there's been so much public pressure regarding this case. and after the acquittal she was portrayed in the media there as a monster. many people in the public in italy consider her to be guilty. she also has a new book coming out. that will be interesting to
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see if that still will move forward because maybe there will be details in that book that could also add to this case. a lot going on here. we'll continue to examine this throughout the morning. >>steve: i talked to one of her attorneys yesterday on the telephone. he tells me -- he didn't see this coming -- but he says she has plenty of grounds for appeal. that could be forth coming. >>brian: she probably knows what prison is like in italy. i think that is a huge risk. that would be reckless. if she's going to give it a shot. >>steve: i bet she goes. >>gretchen: we'll continue to follow that. the judge is coming up in 40 minutes from now. fox news confirming that the u.s. is training syrian fighters. senior military sources say the training has been underway in jordan for the past year to help bolster forces battling president bashir assad. they are not members of the free syrian army. u.s. intelligence agency is running the program. it involves 100 u.s. trainers. an historic day in the supreme court. arguments set to begin on
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two same-sex marriage cases. people lining up since last week outside. they are hoping to get inside of those hearings. thousands more are expected to rally outside the court. this morning the justices take on california's proposition 8. tomorrow they are going to hear a separate case challenging the defense of marriage acts. both laws ban gay marriage. a decision is expected by the end of june. >> 44-year-old pedro kazada couldn't believe it when he walked into eaglely course in pass sake, new jersey and was told he won $338 million. the dominican born man said he buys lottery tickets there every day but this time he beat the odds. the father of five says he plans to use the money to help his family. >>brian: florida gulf coast eagles were back at school. it is hard for me to believe they were concentrating. it is safe to say they were welcome with open arms, the
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first 15-seed ever to make it to the sweet 16 happy to get home. next they are playing the florida gators. the eagles say they are overwhelmed by the way their classmates are reacting to their success. >> it's crazy. i've never been a part of anything like this. like, i'm so happy for my team, like i can't really put it into words. >>brian: adding another twist, they play to florida gators, a team who refused to play them before in the scrimmage. you find out this coach is amazing. this guy was a success, living here in manhattan, a 5'10" point guard from manhattan and his wife is a supermodel before he went
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to the sweet 16. >>gretchen: great update. in the meantime let's talk about the sequester. this is the latest -- >>steve: what sequester? >>gretchen: exactly. joe biden, the vice president, apparently spent, he and his staff spent a lot of money on limo rides in paris. did you know they were this expensive? is it just paris or is it in general? $321,665, that comes aof last week's news that his hotel bill was half a million. is that true, guys? his hotel bill was half a million dollars? >>steve: yes, for one night in paris. that is the contract amount for the limousine service, $321,665. the vice president himself didn't even ride in any of those limos. they fly the vice president's limo over in an airplane. this was for staff. we're not going to let them drive cars over there, and they certainly would never take the metro. instead they hire cars to
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the tune of, when you add up the hotel and you add up the car and you probably add up the food, they spent over $1 million for one day. so they're closing little airports and they are turning off the white house tours. but one day in paris, $1 million. >>brian: last week you saw jonathan carl come out and say how much does it cost for the president to go to illinois? how much does it cost for the president to play golf? this week we heard the president plans on hitting the road to talk about immigration and gun control. that is going to cost money. why can't the president sacrifice a little bit and not go out and maybe do a facetime with some fans? can he skype out to some arenas because maybe we have to tighten our belts because of sequester, a big cut of 2% of our budget. >>gretchen: i think this would obviously not be a story if it wasn't for the fact that all these other things are being cut as a result. let's face it, the government spends a whole heck of a lot of our money. they always have.
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now it's important because of the fact that the people are feeling the pain. and are we really feeling it in the right areas? or are these special little cuts that are much more high-profile with regard to the sequester so that the people actually really see and feel the pain? >>steve: because of the sequester, debby was certificate man schultz, she says her aides can't afford -- quote -- "a high-quality meal in washington, d.c. her staff is being priced out of a good meal because of increases in the house cafeteria charges." also they're worried there could be a potential 8% cut for offices and that would further lower the quality of life on capitol hill. here is debby waseserman schultz talking about how bad it is for staffers in washington. >> we have to come together and promote initiatives that improve the equal of life in the house of representatives. we already have employees making a sacrifice to engage in public service as a career choice, being priced out of being able to
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actually eat a high-quality meal should not be one of the challenges that they face. >>steve: the crazy thing is a number of members of her staff make over $100,000 a year. if they can't figure out how to budget so they can eat in the cafeteria, they probably shouldn't be in charge of the united states budget. >>gretchen: two things that come to mind when i hear that. i think there has been an increase in jobs in the government over the last four years during the recession when unemployment was at a high level. i think the jobs that were actually increasing were government jobs. the second point is that there was no mention there about the payroll tax hike that is also affecting every middle-class american that went into effect january 1. that may be the first place to look as well as high gas prices that may be taking money out of people's wallets right now. >>steve: what about the fact that the troops in afghanistan don't even get hot meals, and here she is complaining they can't afford a meal in the cafeteria. come on, there is actually
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a republican congressman in texas, steve stockman, he heard debby waseserman's schultz's plea for help and is attempting to elicit ph-pbl shipments of lobster and caviar for her office and hill staff. >>brian: they got the continuing resolution at which time they're supposed to smooth over and balance out a lot of these sequester cuts that were dared to maximum pain on people. so the american people fear any type of cuts in the future and will fight back with the president against any cuts down the line. hopefully they'll smoothe it out and the president will realize this has been a loser for him and the white house. >>steve: schultz's staff is worried about a potential 8% cut for their offices. two weeks ago senator rand paul returned to the federal government $600,000 or 20% of his staff budget. how is he able to do that and she isn't?
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>>gretchen: interesting question. let us know what you think about that. e-mail us or twitter us. coming up on "fox & friends," parents of a 14-year-old outraged. peta sent her son these half naked pictures of women and hate mail all because he wanted to raffle off a cow. >>brian: charles payne >>brian: charles payne will be here. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know ere's a cereal that's recommendedy doctors? it's post shredded wheat.
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>>gretchen: 15 minutes after the top of the hour. a bankruptcy battle is underway in stockton, california, the most populated u.s. city to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. lawyers argue that is the only option for the failing city but creditors disagree and are taking him to court. >>brian: charles payne, fox's business network guy, filling in for stuart varney this week. what do you think, charles? >> i think it is the only option. it is hard to argue these guys haven't tried. 25% of the police officers are gone, 40% of city hall is gone. they dug themselves into an amazing hall. what happened was you had a situation where you had typical government spending particularly at a local level which by the way sofpb more outrageous -- is often more outrageous than what we see in washington, d.c. combine that with the steroids of a housing boom. the average house there went from $100,000 to $400,000. from 2000 to 2006, talk about a county and city
3:19 am
feeling flush. they made am mazing obligations and amazing promises. they built a hockey arena. they thought they would have a semi prosports league. >>steve: sky was the limit. when houses go from $100,000 to $400,000, people feel rich. when the tax time comes they don't feel so bad because my house is worth $400,000. but now that the houses are worth $100,000, that's the problem. >> the problem is the promises they made. when you are a police officer, you can retire at age 50. other employees saw this and said if the police department can do it, we want to do it. they said no problem. along the way, anyone who worked for that town, you would have health care for life and a pension and spouse or whatever, any dependent. no matter how long you lived there or worked there. you could have moved in
3:20 am
there in 2005, worked there for seven months and the city's residents would be thegated to pay you rest -- retirement for the rest of your life. >>brian: the reality is different now. where do they go from here legally? >> that is why they went to court. they are saying we tried everything we could. we cut to the bone. >>brian: there is no money there? >> no money and no way we could turn this around without -- >>gretchen: if they are allowed to file for bankruptcy, does that mean these pensions would go goodbye. they would be able to restructure them off the books? >> they would be able to restructure them so they are not as lavish as they are right now. there are a lot of cities watching. detroit would be the largest city watching. we are in a precarious situation with a lot of cities and states that would love to be able to go and unravel pension obligations. >>gretchen: the flip side would be to bail them out? >> that would be the flip
3:21 am
side, of course california couldn't, even with that funny math they have been using it. but they may have a friend in washington, d.c. i don't think that would be the climate but they have an option. >>steve: the unions are still very powerful? >> california is one of these places where they always have sympathy with the citizens because a lot of them don't understand where the money is coming from. you've got very wealthy -- silicon valley, hollywood -- and then you have very poor, and they always vote the same way. let's spend more. >>brian: maybe phil mickelson will win a few tournaments and they can get the money. >> poor phil. they had to browbeat him. >>steve: he's filling in for stuart at fox business. thank you, buddy. >>gretchen: unions meant for american border agents, so why are they being made in mexico? >>brian: why are late-night comics a pass
3:22 am
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>>steve: quick headlines for you. the owner of a gun shop decided not to sell mark kelly a rifle. doug mckenny giving mr. kelly a full refund because kelly didn't plan to keep the rifle. instead he turned to plan it into police. kelly posted this picture of himself buying the rifle saying he wanted to show how easy it is to buy an assault weapon. now he doesn't get it. he kept a low profile since resigning as c.i.a. director, but tonight
3:26 am
general david petraeus returns to the public arena. he's giving a speech at an event honoring veterans and the rotc. according to an advanced text of his speech, he will say -- quote -- "i am keenly aware i'm regarded in a different light than i was a year ago." he was expected to apologize for the affair that led to his resignation. >>brian: are the kings of late night tv centering their comedy and shying away from jokes about president obama. watch. >> president obama saw that his ncaa tournament bracket and picked florida, louisville and ohio state. crazy since the election he still needs florida and ohio to win. >> a 20-year-old woman from serbia has a rare brain condition where she sees everything upside down. the good news she has been given a job at the white house as president obama's economic advisor.
3:27 am
>>brian: we have the author of "the kindergarten of eden. " it is a book out now. he believes late-night comedians are playing it safe when it comes to making fun of president obama, perhaps excluding jay leno. welcome evan. >> thank you. >> let's change. carson used to make fun of everybody. >> carson felt a responsibility to be a comedian. that was his primary goal was to be an entertainer. since then the primary goal is to become an advocate. >>brian: in what way? >> liberals believe this is war. therefore, they see themselves as warriors for the cause. when you make fun of your candidate, you're actually, it's friendly fire. >>brian: you know what i think is amazing, if you watch the late-night phopb logs back to back to back, jay leno is the one that is
3:28 am
somewhat fair and balanced. us number one and he might be paying the price for his job. is there a relationship to that? >> i don't know the internal workings of nbc but it is at the very least suspect, he was the leader. he is the one that felt his responsibility was to continue the carson tradition, maybe continue the will rogers tradition of taking on politicians in general. he's losing his job. i don't know the internal workings but i would suspect yes. >>brian: a network that hasness o msnbc -- a network that has msnbc, 85% is liberal opinion. >> i do conservative comedy and it is very, very successful. i brought it to showtime, and they said to me something -- i would say quote but i might be wrong -- they said this would probably be the highest rated show in our history but we're not going to go with it because it will hurt our brand and other entertainers will be
3:29 am
angry at us. point-blank. >>brian: how have you adjusted because of that? you wrote this book. >> i wrote this book is one thing. what is the book called, brian? "the kindergarten of eden." how i've adjusted is i've separated myself. i four-wall my own events so i don't have to go to the comedy clubs and ask their permission. i come on shows like this instead of the late-night tv shows. i speak at republican event. i don't need hollywood at all any longer. >>brian: bill clinton used to get roasted on late-night television. monica lewinsky. >> no, they didn't. they went after him not as a human being. they went after him for the longest time because he ate too many hamburgers. the joke about george bush is that he was evil. the joke about dick cheney was that he was evil. the joke about bill clinton was that he was fat or liked to be promiscuous. it wasn't he was a bad, evil, disgusting man. look at mitt romney versus
3:30 am
obama in the campaign. romney hated dogs and old people. what were the jokes about obama? >>brian: there is nothing funny about the president. evan sayet, thanks for coming in. the name of the book is "the kindergarten of eden." coming up straight ahead, next on our rundown, a controversial proposal. should airline passengers be forced to pay a tax for being obese? we report. you decide. then we're doing some screening this morning. steve doocy demonstrating one of the three medical tests everyone should have with their clothes on. first, happy birthday kenny chesney. he is 45, and he's he is 45, and he's performed here live. like redhead 8 pocket hikers starting under $20. and men's and ladies' new balance cross trainers for under $40.
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your finances can't manage themselves, but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can, a certified financial planner professional. cfp -- let's make a plan. >>gretchen: time for your shot of the morning. is this what the future of flight looks like? this rendering showing a design for a potential future lockheed martin aircraft. >>steve: looks like a bug. good-looking. >>brian: does it attack anybody? >>gretchen: i don't know. it looks like the concord all spruced up. >>brian: you know a lot about planes. you still make them in your basement. can you fit a bomb on that or is that supposed to bring people. i don't see windows. >>steve: he mainly builds
3:35 am
model planes. >>gretchen: did you hear about this professor who is suggesting -- not a new suggestion but a little controversial -- suggesting airlines should charge a fat tax on obese travelers because their extra weight burns more fuel and believes the thinner and average-sized people are picking up the cost because air flights are going up in price. let's face it. it's one of the reason high gas prices. is that fair to charge the overweight person more money? >>brian: why don't we just fly lower? >>steve: wouldn't it still take the same amount of gas? >>brian: got to work on my theory. >>steve: he says it takes more gas to transport someone who is bigger, essentially a 300-pound person would pay twice as much as a 100-pound person. this guy is at the university college norway. here's the thing. large people already buy two seats when needed. so under his plan, would kids fly free?
3:36 am
>>brian: my kid is going to be $3. >>gretchen: not always do they buy two seats. southwest has that policy that's controversial, that if you are over one seats you're supposed to buy two seats, but there's been a lot of discrimination cases filed against southwest. where does this all stand and what do you think about it? let us know. >>brian: the stress of not buying a seat ahead of time gets me on southwest. nice people but i never know where i'm sitting. >>gretchen: what used to bother me was sitting backwards. remember on some of their planes? we talked about this before. maybe ten years ago in the big planes you would sit and face another person like on the train. >>brian: that's terrible. >>gretchen: i know. >>brian: unless you're going to play cards with them. do you remember station wagons used to face backwards? >>steve: we had one of those. >>brian: why not put an
3:37 am
ejecter seat on there. >>steve: we still have that car. >>gretchen: remember you would open the big door to get out of the back and about ten kids would pile out? we've got to get to the headlines. we've got a fox news alert. italy's top appeals court overturning an acquittal, ordering a brand-new trial, amanda knox releasing a statement. she stayed up until 2 a.m. west coast time to see what will happen. she says no matter what happens my family will face this legal battle confident in the truth and with our heads held high in the face of wrongful accusations. amanda knox and her boyfriend were acquitted in 2011 for lack of evidence in a murder. they had already spent four years in prison. no word on what persuaded the italian court to rehear the case. >>steve: a new report revealing uniforms for united states border patrol agents are actually made in
3:38 am
mexico. back in december the government awarded a $6.1 million contract to v.f. image war. the company uses mexico for manufacturing as well as facilities in south america and the middle east as well. >>brian: when they get stopped coming across the border say i'm just bringing uniforms. >>steve: when you look for the union label, there isn't one. >>brian: applying for health care includes voter registration. critics say the placement will lead people to believe they have to register with the democratic party to get health care. >>gretchen: louisiana parents outraged after peta sent their 14-year-old son half naked pictures of women because he wanted to raffle off a cow. he hoped the money would help send him on a trip to europe. peta offended by the idea, fired off a nasty e-mail to the boy and suggested he
3:39 am
use the women instead. >>steve: peta says it was a miscommunication. they sent the wrong letter. they didn't mean it. although, were those cabbage or lettuce? lettuce bill clinton key -- lettuce by can i -- lettuce bikini. >>brian: that's what happens when you keep an extra picture of three women around just in case of emergency. >>steve: meanwhile an extreme weather alert. millions from the midwest to the east coast seeing snow instead of sunshine today. brand-new video showing how much snow fell in o' fallon, missouri, more than a foot in one day. maria molina is outsidetracking the storm near the people mobile. >> first the weather.
3:40 am
we want to talk about it because it is yet another cold day. we have freeze warnings in effect today for a large section of the country across the south. from texas, parts of georgia, alabama, even across mississippi. many people waking up to well below average temperatures, as much as 15 degrees what is normal for this time of the year, including places like kentucky, tennessee, even southern areas in missouri. take a look at some of these current wind chill temperatures. it currently feels like 23 degrees in the city of atlanta. feels like 34 in new york city. not too bad for us. in the single cities in denver. in rapid city feels like 23. yes, we have more snow but that area of low pressure that affected us yesterday across the mid-atlantic moved out to sea. behind it we have lingering snow and showers. and some of the snow could come down heavily along some of the higher elevations. that is where we have winter storm warnings in effect, as much as 16 inches of snow possible along the higher elevations of the state of west virginia. some of the snow making it
3:41 am
as far south as parts of northern alabama. now let's head to anna who has a sneak peek at some peeps. >> i'm joined by my buddy the peeps. give us some peep snuggles on this tuesday morning. i've been doing my peep homework, and apparently the bunnies and the chicks, the color yellow are their most popular. the company that manufactures them which is in bethlehem, pennsylvania, they actually produce enough peeps, five million a day. but in a year they could go around the earth two times. thanks for being with us. we're having a good time with all these peeps. you are celebrating 60 years, which is why we brought you in. candy is a recession-proof industry. you celebrated your best year. >> we did. the company is 90 years old. the peeps brand is 60 years old. when it comes to easter and
3:42 am
seasonal candy moms have a great time with their family. >> there is so much history there. you say in 1953 it used to take 27 minutes to create one of these bad boys. now 6 minutes. >> one of our founding fathers, the father of peeps, he saw the process was made by hand with pas try tubes, automated that process, and it takes 6 minutes. >> you have a new commercial. >> we found a great agency who came up with a great idea talking about how people use peeps. >> kind of like bubba gum. >> exactly. how you express your peeps-anality. >> peeps on the plaza. it's -- give me another one. >> peeps in a blanket. >> i love it. i've never seen one of these peep mobiles before. >> we have three of these
3:43 am
babies. anna, wait a minute. >> this is so cool. here we go. >>steve: it is the color of a cab in new york city. >> off into the sunrise. peeps on the plaza. peeps in new york, baby! >>steve: there goes the peep-a-it rator. anna kooiman on the plaza. passing a -- what is that? 48th and 6th avenue. all points bulletin. look out. here she comes. >>gretchen: next on the rundown, amanda knox will be tried again for the murder of her roommate but does she have to go back to italy. will she? the judge is here breaking down the case for us. >>brian: is your kid good with this? pay attention.
3:44 am
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[ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. >>brian: quick headlines. the teenage genius multimillionaire overnight. that's true. 17-year-old sold his startup news reader app to yahoo for $30 million. now he's going to work for yahoo making him the company's youngest employer. the high school are still lives at home and his girlfriend is very excited. the best invention ever? a fridge magnet connected to a box, that places the order on-line and sends you a text to confirm. the only problem, it is only available in dubai, which they got to get on a flight to bring it, most likely going to be cold. gretch? >>gretchen: fox news alert. a story we've been telling
3:48 am
you about all morning. italy's top appeals court overturned amanda knox's acquittal in a roommate's murder case ordering a brand-new trial. what is next for amanda knox? fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano joins me now. good morning. let's get the first question out of the way. the united states does not have to force her to go back to italy; correct? >> correct. it's an extradition request. even though we have this treaty with italy, we don't have to honor it. we've taken this position, if we believe the proceedings in italy will be unfair. it's not against italy. it's the same position the american government takes with all countries. if the justice system treating an american in the other country would not treat the american with a level of fairness with which our system would treat the american here, we can refuse to send the person there. >>gretchen: chances of her lawyer suggesting she go back? zero; right? >> i think absolutely zero after what she went
3:49 am
through. her boyfriend whose acquittal was also overturned has remained. he's also in jeopardy. >>gretchen: would you predict they will hold this trial and amanda knox will not show up? so she could be acquitted or convicted in absentia? >> i think so. an acquittal can be appealed by the government. this is alien to us. the same laws do not apply in europe. >>gretchen: today the united states probably won't extradite her. if she's convicted in absentia, will the united states extradite her to italy? >> that is a policy decision that will have to be made by whoever makes those decisions at the time. whoever is the attorney
3:50 am
general in the united states at the time the italian authorities seek her. again, the united states has a pattern of not automatically extraditing if american lawyers can persuade american authorities that the system is not consistent with american values. >>gretchen: you talk about other e.u. countries, european nations that if she traveled to those nations she might be in jeopardy? >> she could be arrested this morning in any e.u. country and immediately delivered to authorities in florence, italy. unlikely, even if she went there, that would happen. again, at this moment even under italian law she is innocent until proven italy. >>gretchen: explain the difference in the appeals system in italy. did they come up with new evidence or is this public pressure? remember she was painted in the media there as a monster. >> i tell you what the biggest difference is. the court didn't issue its reasons yet. it just issued the end results.
3:51 am
in america courts write opinions and it all comes out at once. in italy they announced conviction overturned. new trial ordered. reasons coming. we know this court is concerned with procedure, not substance. this court must be articulating some procedural aberration by the courts below. we should find out later today or before the week is out what the reasons were. >>gretchen: she has a brand-new book coming out and no one knows how this will afpbgt all of that. -- how this will affect that. >> she has been paid a lot of money for this book, coming out next month. one would think it is already written, published, sitting in a warehouse waiting to be distributed. >>gretchen: judge napolitano, thank you for your expertise. coming up on "fox & friends," could little white lies be the key to a happy marriage? the judge is laughing. experts say yes. but which lies count as
3:52 am
good ones? we're going to fill you in. then we're doing strange screening this morning. three medical tests everyone should have right now. [ male announcer ] when you take shortcuts,
3:53 am
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3:55 am
>>steve: here they come. it's official springtime but instead of spring cleaning how about doing spring screening? there are some must-haves you should get. here to tell us about them is medical a team dr. david
3:56 am
samadi. there are certain things you should have. >> top of the list is the blood pressure. a lot of people don't know the definition of blood pressure. if you go to your doctor's office and they check your blood pressure and it's high, you don't have high blood pressure. 140 over 90 three times, that's the real definition of high blood pressure. you want to make sure you maintain your blood pressure below that number. somewhere in the range of 120, 130 to over 70 or 80 would be that's very important for prevention of stroke. >>steve: let's see my numbers. and the winner is? my blood pressure right now is, doctor? >> 120 over 70. i just checked your blood pressure and it was fantastic. this is ideal number a lot of people want to shoot for. >>steve: for people who are at the drug store, can they sit down in that chair and put their arm in that, does that thing work? >> they're fairly accurate. you want to know about it. if the first number is
3:57 am
wrong, repeat it on another occasion. if you're excited about something, if you just saw me, your blood pressure shoots up, repeat it again and make sure it is okay. >>steve: you're the first member of the medical a team i've shared my numbers with. here's my cholesterol. tell me whether these are good or bad? >> make sure your total cholesterol is less than 200. yours is 174, absolutely perfect for someone like you. the next one we look at is h.d.l., the good cholesterol, cleans up your arteries. your number is fantastic. it is 82. i don't know how you do it. probably because you exercise it a lot. that's the way you increase your h.d.l. make sure that is over 60. the ratio cholesterol and h.d.l. is very important. the american heart association wants you to have it at least less than 5. yours is 2.1, beyond perfect. l.d.l., the bad cholesterol, the one that clogs up your arteries.
3:58 am
if it's over 100, you're in trouble. yours again, fall in the perfect zone. finally try -- triglicyride, you're in perfect shape. >>steve: you should have your thyroid checked and when it comes to men, worry about your prostate. for women, you should also have a mammogram? >> there has been a lot of debate about mammograms and prostate exams. get your p.a. by the age of 40 and the same for mammograms. >>steve: doctor, thank you. good to see you. straight ahead, tuition assistance for our military out the window, but the government has no problem wasting billions of tax dollars on empty buildings. coming up, why isn't that
3:59 am
being cut instead? and she didn't want to waste anybody's time calling for help, so this mom wrestled a seven-foot gator by herself. she is with us live to tell the tale. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ... ... ♪ [ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ]
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whoo! oh! you're up! oh! oh! so close! now where were we? ok, this one's good for two. score! [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-eat! >>. >> gretchen: good morning, it's tuesday, march 25. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing us your time. amanda knox will be tried again for had the murder of her roommate in italy. an italian court turned over the acquittal, something that couldn't happen in america. straight ahead. >> brian: mark kelly the astronaut got bought an assault rifle and the gun shop owner
4:03 am
cancelled the order. >> steve: and could little white lies be the key to a happy marriage? experts say yes, but which lies count as good ones and which ones will get you in trouble. fox and friends for tuesday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning. big news this morning, what is happening before you woke up today. fox news alert. italy top appeals court has overturned amanda knox's acquittal ordering a brand-new trial. >> good morning to you. absolutely, we that amanda knox spent the entire night to listen to the news that came down at 5:15 eastern time. shocking news. seattle college student has
4:04 am
released a statement saying no matter what happens my family and i will face this continuing legal battle as we always have confident in the truth and heads held high in the face of wrongful accusations. her attorney talking about the issue. amanda knox has no plans to return to italy in the future and he believes the new trial will happen early in 2014. now, many of our viewers will remember this that she and her boyfriend were acquitted in 2011 for the murder of her british roommate. she spent four years in prison in italy. the issue was a lack of evidence back then. right now we don't know with a new information has actually persuaded the italian courted to rehear that entire case. prosecutors allege that meredith kitchener was killed by them.
4:05 am
italian law can't compel her to return to the u.s. for a new trial, but she can be tried without being in the courtroom. a napolitano talked about this. listen here. >> i'll tell you what the biggest difference that is most frustrating to people do what i do. the court didn't issue the reasons yet. it just issued end results. in america judges write opinion but it all comes out at once. in italy conviction overturned, new trial ordered reasons coming. so we haven't read the reasons. >> reporter: and we won't hear those reasons for close to 90 days. appellate court hearing did declare in contempt of court but that apparently carries no additional penalties. >> they did a movie on her. this will be nothing new in this case except the italians are bored. >> they had problems with the
4:06 am
scientific evidence in the case so it could be something. >> hard drive on the computer, alibi was they were watching a movie and the hard drive was destroyed by the cops. this is obviously what the family wanted to see happen, a new trial. >> i think a lot of italians, too, for that matter. >> here in this country we refer to this as double jeopardy, once you found innocent you are innocent. >> reporter: as you have seen in many cases legal systems differ in each country. oscar pastor just that was mindboggling too. >> gretchen: or remember natalee holloway. >> we're better to staying here she has spent four years in a prison. >> as a napolitano said, they do arrest her. she is going to stay here for
4:07 am
now. >> gretchen: other headlines a historic day of the supreme court, argument is set to begin on two same-sex marriage cases, people lining up since last week hoping to get inside the hearing. thousands more are expected to rally inside the court. the justices take on california's prop 8 and tomorrow they will hear a separate case challenging the defense of marriage act. >> 44-year-old pedro casada couldn't believe it when he walked into the liquor store, he was told he had won $338 million. he says he buys lottery tickets every day but this time he beat the odds. he is going to use the money to help his family. >> the owner of a gun store deciding not to sell measuring mark kelly a rifle. kelly didn't plan to keep the rifle. he planned to turn it into
4:08 am
police. he posted a picture of himself buying the rifle to show how easy it is to buy a rifle. >> a california man walking his dog ended up saving a man trapped in some rocks. the victim was there for as long as six days without food or water. he was hiking yesterday when his dog started pulling over to some rocks. >> i said i don't know what the guy, it was dark. and his face, i thought it was a bear. >> gretchen: gave the man water while secures pulled him out. >> we're not out of syria. jennifer griffin reported this morning, we all using special
4:09 am
forces to train syrian forces, secular syrians because there is a lot of them. we think, we hope in jordan. we are doing that right now. but we are still allegedly not supplying any weapons to the people that we're training. we assume they are using guns. >> officially say we are providing only non-lethal aid. there is a story we are training them in country of jordan. we have hundred trainers over there. the worry is that al-qaeda has somehow infiltrated the free syrian army. >> brian: fill a gap because we have done nothing. >> steve: we are over there under the radar until today trying too help them. >> gretchen: senator rand paul may have had this thing right couple months ago.
4:10 am
we are arming the rebels and we are doing it through the country of turkey. listen to rand paul. this is back in february. >> i really think part of the cause may have been there was gun running operation in benghazi leaving libya going to turkey and distributing arms to the rebels. a ship from libya sailed to turkey a week before the ambassador was killed. it was full of arms and interviewed the captain and talks about the distribution of the arms to syrian rebels. so it sounds to me this is a story that has been reported in the london times, new york times. really i think the administration, are they involved with running guns through turkey to syria. >> brian: now you get an appearance fee in the show. >> gretchen: one of the big stories, maybe benghazi had a lot more to do with this situation in turkey and syria than the administration was letting us know about it. maybe one of the reasons why
4:11 am
they were mum because a lot of it was covert activity. so many more details. >> brian: saudis, qatar and possibly an extreme government there where the iraqis, i really don't want to see a sunni government there. we were just like a government that allows elections and allows people a degree of freedom with the burka riding in the car don't to go school thing wouldn't work out for us. >> steve: it would look like we were running a fast and furious over there. >> brian: we're good at it. >> steve: that is two. if there is a connection, people died in this situation over in libyan consul, as well. maria molina is out in the street and it feels like winter. >> winter temperatures here in new york city only in the 30s. that is pretty much the story across the big chunk of the country, across parts of the southeast.
4:12 am
the south, texas, up to the midwest. many places across the eastern half of the country experiencing below average temperatures. take a look at some of the current windchill temperatures, 7 in denver, 4 in rapid city. this is what it feels like as you go out the door, 24 degrees at atlanta, georgia. high temperatures this afternoon 37 in minneapolis, 40 in kansas city and high temperature at just 49 in the city of atlanta, but there is good news. some places will see temperatures gradually warming up and new york city we could see high temperatures into the low 50s. some snow lingering in central appalachians and winter storm warnings. three to five inches in the western higher elevations of north carolina. >> gretchen: could your marriage be better off you tell a few white lies over the course of decades?
4:13 am
according to a new report. they call it protective buffering. maybe some of the stories you don't feel compelled to do full disclosure on absolutely everything under a don't fight about it, it makes your marriage happier. >> they looked into protective worries the worries that you might have, don't throw it on your spouse. this way you could shield it and you are not lying. >> steve: avoid answer is hiding something like, i bought his corvette yesterday and i took it out of the checking account. >> do you really want to hear you look fat in those pants or i hate your sister? so what people do -- this is an item in the "wall street journal". >> i hate your sister because she looks fat in those pants is also bad. >> they figure out, is this worth the trouble if i tell the truth in this situation am i going to be really hot water or
4:14 am
kind of massage the truth so that there a little truth to it and there is a little on reserve. >> gretchen: could be a gender thing. women -- your head is snapped. i think women tend to have a problem with full disclosure more than men do. >> about what? >> gretchen: women like to talk more. when you see your husband at night, you want to tell them everything that happened throughout the day and kind of come home and don't really want to hear about that. >> brian: the journal of personal relationships can comment on it. condensed version. 71 partner says it makes a personal distance and keeping secrets, 77% of the people they say it makes a distance in
4:15 am
relationships. 43% still do it. even though they know it creates problems. >> steve: a lie is lie. email us. if you have been married before, do you edit, do you lie? do you do emotional buffering of the truth? email us. >> brian: ian will come out and say, i was having a boo beer with joel. i'm sorry i was late today. >> right you buffer it. >> gretchen: after 20 years of marriage. find out. we'll find out after the break. >> window shopping no longer free. shop owner who is charging five bucks if you look in the store, but you don't buy. wow! >> i have never seen joel standing that close to ian before. >> and we're gutting and cutting
4:16 am
tuition assistance to military as well but the government doesn't have any problem wasting money on empty buildings. you two over there, cut is that out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ look what mommy is having.
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4:19 am
>>. >> gretchen: if you are not convinced that government spending is out of control, in 1980s that figure one and a half trillion in the 90s and over $2 trillion in by 2000. why do we keep spending and how can we trim the deficit? tom shaft is head of citizens against waste. good morning, tom. when you see those kinds of numbers going up and up. what does it do to your blood
4:20 am
pressure? >> mine fortunately stays steady otherwise i wouldn't be able to talk about it all the time. >> gretchen: what are the areas we wanted to focus on, real estate, these buildings the government spend money on? >> there are 55,000 that cost $1.7 billion a year to maintain. any other organization would go out and sell them. the problem in washington is that the system to sell buildings is the exactly reverse what it should be. >> gretchen: meaning? >> the first priority was the federal building is to see if any other federal agency wants it. there is already 55,000 vacant buildings. so the inventory is too large. next it goes to state and local government choices. then to homeless shelter use and finally it can be put up to sale. it should start to the sale to the private sector or some other
4:21 am
entity rather than waiting until everybody else has a chance to look at it because by then the private sector has moved on to some other choice. >> gretchen: let's take a look at what the president sed about this in 2010. i hereby direct agencies to accelerate efforts to eliminate excess properties. in total, agencies should produce no less than $3 billion in cost savings by the end of fiscal year 2012. i'm assuming that happened or did it not? >> it did not happen. in fact the government accountability office took a look at bunch of properties, 23 out of 26 they looked at were mislabeled. they said one building was in great shape. it was rat infested. the again services administration said they were saving $118 million on four new construction projects, but those savings were over 30 years, not even over one year.
4:22 am
they are not close to those savings. president obama is not the first president to call for this action. it's the process that makes it impossible to sell a federal facility. >> gretchen: so when you hear about the sequester cuts and need for employees not to get overtime and compare that to other cuts warning do you think? >> it's the same old problem in washington. congress's answers is to create a program and go out claim they are doing something positive. there are hundreds and hundreds of dupe la active programs. it's one of those problems that need to be solved. it's very frustrating with sequestration. they are not just doing anything about it. >> gretchen: a professor orders students to write the name jesus on a piece of paper and stomp on them?
4:23 am
a student found himself in hot water. she didn't want to waste any more time for help so she wrestled a gator herself. she is her next. ♪ ♪ ♪ one way, or another st i'm going to find you i'm going to get you, get you, get you ♪ what is the capital of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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4:26 am
>>. >> brian: time for the news by the numbers. $260 billion that is how much the government spends on disabled workers every year. next 260,000 rounds, hollow point ammunition the department of homeland security to buy. congress knankd answers as to why they need all those bullets. can someone answer, please.
4:27 am
and five dollars, that how much it will cost to you look inside an australian grocery store. too many people are coming in to browse but they don't buy anything. does it sound familiar, steve? >> steve: stop it. police officers have a tough job catching criminals but nothing compares to what one deputy faced last tuesday. >> come on, you can do it. just do it. >> steve: that is seven foot 250 pound alligator that got dangerously close to a school. the deputy, a mother of two roped in the reptile and held it down until a trapper showed up. deputy, good morning to you? >> good morning. >> steve: so last tuesday it was
4:28 am
tuesday. it was lake county and some parents said there is a gator over there. what did you do? >> i went back to the area they were complaining about seeing it in and was able to pick up the tracks along the fence line and realized it wasn't heading away from water. with the kids running around and parents complaining and residential area, the fact that the kids were yards away so it seemed like a good idea. >> steve: we should point out. kids don't try this at home. you have grown up around gators. you found a rope and what did you do? >> i tied a lasso where i did a handle hand safe earned a got him tired out so he wasn't so
4:29 am
active and i could get on his back safely and tape his jaws up and wait for the traper to get him. >> steve: you describe this so calmly. i sit on the gator that would like to eat me! and you taped his mouth shut. i should do this because, you mentioned the trapper was at least two hours away. i guess you could of sat on him for two hours? >> that would have gotten very uncomfortable. >> steve: why in the state of florida are animal control people who could take care of a critter like this so far away. you think you would have one in every county? >> animal control only handles them to four-foot. after that you have to call a licensed trapper. >> steve: the way we are looking at the video. the way the gators tail is
4:30 am
thrashing around, did the gator let you have it pretty good at any point? >> i didn't get close enough to give me any tail lashing, no. >> steve: last tuesday in lake county, florida. deputy mcgregor who grew up around gators, ma'am, thank you very much more telling your story. >> you are welcome, thank you. >> steve: be prepared. coming up next on this tuesday. uniforms meant for american border agents, why are they made in mexico? and supermodel is here. want to know what goes inside the high stakes modeling. you will be surprised and steps in studio "e". she is coming up. good morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ rock this way ♪ rolling this way ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
>>. >> brian: talking about the giant upset ncaa tournament. san diego state lost to florida gulf state university. even the university of phoenix online is like, who? >> it is new. what a story. >> it's overwhelming with la
4:35 am
salle is a big story. >> i got bad news for them. they are going to lose to kansas. >> gretchen: you never know. >> in basketball. >> you don't sneak up people like this. in basketball you can do this. >> steve: it's favorite time to watch television. >> we got headlines, he is accused of impersonated ago pilot and getting into a cockpit of a u.s. airways flight. after he was denied upgrade to first class they noticed he had air france i.d. that is when he entered the cockpit and said he was a boeing 747 pilot. the flight crew told him he would have to fill out paperwork. the captain told him to leave the area and he had to be escorted off the plane. that is what happened. >> brian: i didn't know you were
4:36 am
following that story. u.s. border patrol agent's uniforms is made in mexico. the company uses nextel manufacturing and other facilities in south america and middle east. >> gretchen: a college student was suspended because he wouldn't stomp on a piece of paper with jesus' name on it. they cleared him accused of violate the student code of kon conduct he reported his professor ordered his class to do the exercise. >> meanwhile, a soldier's wife a surprise for her wedding anniversary. her husband returns from afghanistan and wanted to surprise her with 20 roses. he enlisted 19 passengers and one by one they handed a rose to his wife waiting outside the gate as she was waiting for him.
4:37 am
and finally her husband surprised her with a final rose and the couple's daughter were there to catch it on camera that ended with a kiss. >> gretchen: all right. let's go over to brian. you are going to talk n.b.a. instead of march madness. >> brian: something historic is happening. miami winning streak is going on. lebron james, 24 points. heat who have not lost in two months are six wins away from tying the all-time record for consecutive victories. they will go for 29 against chicago. >> superbowl canyon will be interning in baltimore this off season with representativelike gentleman cummings. his internship will last one month and he said he wanted to
4:38 am
be a resource. it covers half of baltimore citizens. coming up on radio between 9:00 and noon. jennifer griffin and gretchen will be joining us and reince priebus will be joining us. >> gretchen: she has dominated the fashion world. now she is taking her talent from the runway to reality tv in a new show. >> as a recent episode proves trying to find a world's supermodel, the next super model. >> are you surprised that naomi sent you here? >> no, i'm not surprised. >> do you regret how you have been behaving? >> i i'm not ready to leave. >> the series wraps it up and she joins us with a sneak peek.
4:39 am
this is reality show whoever is standing last will be a supermodel. there is a lot on the line? >> tonight we'll find out who is the winner and there is the last four hopefuls. it's been a long journey for all these girls. they have been working really hard. there is a lot of emotion and pressure. even though when you say reality what is great about the show. we had no scripts. we are not mentored. >> is there back stabbing on like other reality shows? is everybody trying to kill each other? >> no. there are some girls that get along better than others. it's like anything when you put a lot of girls in one place. it's the chemistry. oil and vinegar. >> gretchen: what is different about this show, just that possible today america's top model you are competing against other teams, right? >> we are basically mentors and
4:40 am
we have teams. we have four girls each that we mentor so you get a lot of individual attention. we don't just have 20 girls we work with. we have four girls that we get to focus on. >> you have two left? >> i have two left. i am the only one that has two left. i am happy and lucky and i have to decide who is going to go home. >> brian: they found you at 15? >> who is they? >> brian: the supermodel world came after you? >> it was for me, i started out when ways 15 years, i'm from the czech republic from a small town. being on the cover of american cover really made my career and people believe in me. after 13 years i'm still happy i am doing it. i love what i do. i enjoy being in front of the camera and expressing myself and
4:41 am
being creative. >> steve: when you were growing up in the small town in czech republic, were you familiar with the victoria secrets angels? >> no i never heard of it before. i thought it was good industry. >> gretchen: you are also a mom. you have a three-year-old son who i imagine takes up a lot of your spare time? >> absolutely. we have him right there. i miss him! he amazing. a boy with free energy. when i am on i am getting sprayed by water guns and climbing up the trees and swimming. >> you were athletic and you also don't have a bellybutton, is that true? >> i do have bellybutton. >> what kind of research have you been doing?
4:42 am
>> gretchen: in the morning we talk about bellybuttons. >> i thought you don't have a bellybutton. >> are you missing something, is that what you are getting at? >> i'm not missing anything. i am perfectly healthy. >> we believe you. >> gretchen: if this is on tape we could edit that part out. [ laughter ] >> i saw that you don't have a bellybutton? >> have you witnessed it yourself. >> check out the face tonight at 9:00 eastern. nice seeing you again. good luck in miami. >> gretchen: coming up, david petraeus has been keeping a low priofl but he is about to return to the spotlight. >> brian: then you already have some cash in the bank. you want to double it? next guest is to show you how it will make it happen. he is part of the 1%. ♪ ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
>>. he beat the odds, a new jersey convenience store owner revealed as the winner of $338 million powerball drawing. live in new jersey with the very latest. theresa? >> what a story we have for you today. pedro casada and he is waking up a multimillionaire. it was revealed on monday, using the quick pick option bought the ticket that won saturday's powerball drawing worth $338
4:47 am
million. if he takes it lump sum, we understand, it's $150 million. according to friends and family here in this neighborhood, this is hardworking man. he comes from a family who has struggled a lot over the last few years. he and his wife and five kids live in a small apartment. they do own a bodega estate but facing $25,000 worth of liens against them. when he learned he was the winner he couldn't believe his good fortune. he at some point hopes, somebody that won a lot of money and take it to other people. that is the latest. >> steve: great story. >> gretchen: there is a ton of books written on investing but most of what is out there is marketing mumbo jumbo and help you make any of the real dough. he has written a book to do that. >> brian: author of this book,
4:48 am
financial advice to grow and protect your wealth. you are saying, 1% needs advice, too? >> absolutely. the richest people are the ones that are most taken advantage of by wall street. their money is being put into private banking departments, hedge funds, private equity and all these things siphon money away from them into wall street coffers. >> steve: we have some tips. you say this pla applies for people anywhere from hundred thousand to ten million. first of all, you shut match your assets to your personal circumstances and your lifestyle a, as well? >> right. what you want to avoid is like a year of 2008 when your ira, your job, your house, 401-k is kind of circling at the same time. so you have to make sure the way you invest corresponds to your
4:49 am
life. if you work on wall street your job is linked to the economy so you will be in trouble. if you are a farmer or nurse. if you have a job that is not linked to the economy you can invest more aggressively because your job is not tied to the economy. >> gretchen: what do you mean avoiding wall street's wealth extraction? >> wall street have a bag of tricks and ways of siphoning money from you to them. their fees and expenses seem like nothing year to year, 1%, 2% doesn't matter. over the course of a lifetime, over the course of 30, 40 years, basically they are taking more of your money than you are getting. it's a bad deal. >> gretchen: what should the average investor do instead? >> the average investor should own a few low expense index
4:50 am
funds. >> brian: an index fund that people may over? >> s&p 500 index fund. >> steve: spider? >> spider is very good. vanguard has very good friends. >> there you go. you said some of his principles we could learn for and put in this book. >> especially for retirees. warren buffett's work has been analyzed and he tends to buy large, very safe profitable companies that typically pay good dividends. we notice like in the year 2008 when the stock market was down 45%, dividends were only down about 23%. you can only say 23%. >> brian: can you keep me a couple of those that ended paying off for him? >> companies that have been around for hundred years, coca-cola, they are boring
4:51 am
stocks imaginable. >> gretchen: very interesting book. the affluent investor, how to protect your wealth which is the goallions of americans. >> brian: you made money for ben stein. >> straight ahead. are you one of the millions of americans still looking for work. cheryl is up next with the five top companies. she has five. >> gretchen: this day in history by the bengals. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>>. >> brian: despite the unemployment rate it's a tough job market. you know it every day. we bring you five companies with jobs, people that are hiring right now. cheryl casoni has done the research. let's begin with pizza hut. >> this is one of the biggest pizza chains in the country. it has 10,000 job option. you have 800 in chicago. los angeles, 1400 jobs. you can be a driver. you can be a general manager. general managers make from $35,000 up to $50,000 a year. they have always social network campaign, facebook to apply for the jobs. whether a mobile app, 135,000 fans on their facebook page. >> brian: and managing managing program is very respected. i never heard of this group,
4:56 am
intelegrated. >> they make software and conveyor belts in factories across the country. 85 job openings. 120 by the end of the year. you can make $55,000 to $80,000. so this may be the best but it pays. headquartered in mason, ohio. and they have veterans initiative. local job fairs to hire veterans. >> brian: mattress firm? >> you know about mattresses. >> brian: i sleep on them. >> i've seen you on this show. 123 jobs open right now. largest special is bedding. that is what they sell. they are headquartered in houston, texas. >> brian: and they are hiring had a in miami and dallas. >> i got baleros. this is oil filled services. you are out on the job managing
4:57 am
or working as an accounting an engineer. it's a general labor job but if you are entry level, $17 plus overtime. that is hourly. $37 for managers. you can make up to hundred grand and more for valerus. there is some travel involved. think of oil and not gas. >> brian: see how many jobs oil companies create. >> especially with natural gas. because that is where we're seeing all this expansion in the southern part of the country and in particular, thousands of jobs as much as people want to vilify fracking, for instance, it creates jobs. think about it. >> brian: they won't approve it. >> and this is medical devices. again i was surprised. they reached out to us at because a lot of medical devices have been laying
4:58 am
off because of obamacare because there is an extra tax on medical device companies. 200 jobs opening in 2013. reno, nevada, and tennessee. they reached out to us, one of the fastest growing companies in america. it's good to find jobs. >> brian: and getting rid of the medical device tax which would be huge. >> there are plenty of things they could repeal on obamacare. >> brian: how do we get at you? >> at if you have gotten jobs. you have emailing with jobs and casoni exchange servicing listed and every single of the jobs. >> brian: she hunts for jobs so you don't have to. we'll see out fox business network. straight ahead, should airline passengers be forced to pay a tax for being a little obese?
4:59 am
and there is a problem with the anti-gun ads you are running. laura ingraham takes on mayor bloomberg and that is what she looks like in a photo. [ male announcer ] just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everythi. the powerful gs. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the mmand performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings
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try mail marketing from constantcontact. it's the fastest, easiest way to create great-looking custom e-mails that bring customers through your door. sign up for your free trial today at >>. >> gretchen: good morning everybody. [ laughter ] >> brian, you're fired. >> gretchen: we're laughing. brian asked one of our guests. >> about their bellybutton. normal question. >> gretchen: it was a normal question that has been reported plenty of times but anyway, you can't take it back in. let's start over. good morning, i'm gretchen carlson. we begin with fox news alert,
5:03 am
amanda knox for murder in italy. it's called double jeopardy. breaking details. >> he is spending $12 million of his own dollars and problem mayor bloomberg can't control his the ads. and it contradicts every safety rule in the gun book. >> the uniforms meant for border agents, why are they being made in mexico? you know what. [ laughter ] fox and friends start right now. ♪ ♪ >> gretchen: you know what. >> that is what brian, fox and friends and belly buttons. >> i'm going to defend brian
5:04 am
because he actually read the research. it said in his research pact right here, facts discovered about this model. she was found at 15. famously has no bellybutton. >> brian: i didn't know i should ask it. it was in the bio. >> gretchen: i remember that story because it first came out in 2008 but i wasn't sure it was her. >> apparently she had hernia surgery when she was younger so she doesn't have it's not in or outy its flaty. this is the first time we have done a bellybutton. >> gretchen: fox news alert about bellybutton. >> we can put this to bed. >> she has no bellybutton. she has bellybutton.
5:05 am
>> gretchen: she didn't confirm one way or the other. >> on the internet referring to the fact that she doesn't have one. it's something that people are talking about. >> maybe no one told her. >> gretchen: okay. we have to run to fox news alert. italian court overturning amanda knox ace trial. saying quote, no matter what happens, my family and i will face a legal battle confident in the truth in the case of wrongful accusations. amanda knox and her boyfriend were acquitted for lack of evidence in that murder. they had already spent four years in prison. no word on what new information persuaded the court rehear the case, but they have total different set of rules over there. >> historic date in our justice system, arguments are set to
5:06 am
begin on two same-sex marriage cases. people are lining up hoping to get in a. this morning the justices take on california's prop 8 and tomorrow they will hear challenge of defense of marriage act. a decision from the high court is expected by the end of june. >> fox news confirming that the u.s. is training syrian fighters. a training has been under way in jordan to help bolster forces fighting assad. they are not members of the free syrian army. it involves about hundred u.s. trainers. >> a gun store owner decided not to sell mark kelly a gun. kelly said he wanted to show how easy it was to buy and sell
5:07 am
weapons. >> military gets pink slips on the president. joe biden spent over $500,000 when he visited last month. and his hotel was half a million dollars for one night. >> more on the fox news alert. amanda knox will go on trial for the murder of her roommate after being acquitted in 2011. and live from skype with more. >> good morning. >> gretchen: what can you tell us? >> as you know the highest court in italy has overturned the acquittals and ordered a new trial for amanda knox and her former boyfriend. this has sensational news, nobody was expecting it today. we are expected to see a new trial to take place in the city of florence perhaps early next
5:08 am
year. >> steve: what would cause this appeal to go through? what new information is rumored to be coming our way? >> that is really unusual thing here. there is no new information like the supreme court in the u.s. this court has the jurisdiction to look at legal argument and not at the details of the case. i think that is what is so surprising here. there is no new evidence. as we have seen in the series of the trial and the appeal, forensic evidence was particularly flawed. there was contaminated dna, so if they go into a new trial, the prosecution is still going to face an uphill battle to convince the judge there is any case for a conviction here. >> gretchen: is it all nor not because she doesn't have to show up. they don't have to extradite her and if they hold the trial with
5:09 am
n absentia it will mean nothing, right? >> if the court goes ahead, you are correct she doesn't have appear legally under italian law. she doesn't have to appear at the trial. if she was convicted there is an extradition treaty between i italy and the united states and italian government would have to make some sort of application to the u.s. government toave her ed here legally. that seems like a long shot at the moment. who can say. >> meanwhile, let's bring in laura ingraham joining us from the nation's capitol. apparently they got double jeopardy. we don't. you can't be tried for the same thing twice. here she was acquitted and come back for another trial? >> it's the old saying, be careful what you do in other countries. get used to a certain level of
5:10 am
constitutional protections in the united states and overseas, college kid or early 20s. you think you are invincible, remember those days? i was looking at the bellybutton page. that is what i was really doing. you know what a downey is? i don't either. >> its fabric softener. >> exactly. i'm still on that conversation. >> so was i. i'm not going to be abe to shake it for decades. this gun move the mayor of new york city, $12 million to go to specific districts and go after senators that don't vote the right way on this gun control, background checks and assault weapons ban. >> bloomberg is one of the richest men in the world. you guys probably know him. he uses his money and targets on issues he wants to move the needle on.
5:11 am
the problem with this particular ad, of course, is that there are three different things in the ad as the nra points out with a man holding the weapon that are against what the nra advocates and teaches in all the gun safety classes. >> the gun is pointed, it should be pointed in the safe direction. here he could shoot somebody that is nearby. a person should keep his hand off the trigger, as you can see the finger is right there on the trigger and the gun should remain unloaded until ready to use. the ad says he is a gun owner but he violates all three of those basic tenets. >> you get the sense, it's an elitist attitude. we don't know if it is a gun owner. most people that i know that are serious about firearms and firearm safety would not handle a gun that way.
5:12 am
even when someone says i am a gun owner it has to be with a cool cap and plaid shirt right out of central casting. >> gretchen: so jim carrey is making some controversy because he came out with this video blasting charlton heston which at one point was famous actor. a wonderful man and patriot. >> they are saying hypocrisy that he has a bodyguard and people that come out and speak against guns that have people protecting with guns, they see that as a problem. let's watch a little bit of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> that where hestorn you will
5:13 am
have to pry this gun from cold dead hands but it's not funny. >> gretchen: i have one thing to ask you guys, what about the incredible wonderstone. >> with steve correl. >> made $10 million. >> so we have cold dead hands, make fun of a dead guy that can't respond? i think it's a deflection, jim carrey saying this is mask. the mask perhaps direct our attention from a cold dead career. he has not been funny since trie man show, pet detective. he was going to be a sequel but what happened? i think is not disappointing to many people. carrey is a guy who made an enormous amount of money in hollywood. he can be extremely funny. his career is cold now. i think a lot of these
5:14 am
celebrities that do these off topic things. oh, isn't jim carrey is so in tune with the way people are funny. not only are they not funny, it's embarrassing because he has the luxury of being protected by an armed security person when he travels. so the little people can fend for themselves and jim care have i safe and sound and snuggled in his bed. >> he tweeted his gun not having a hundred round clip. >> gretchen: a career upset zblerg let's move south of border. u.s. border patrol uniforms are made in mexico. here the administration during the campaign, we don't want these jobs outsourced yet the administration outsourcing jobs to mexico? >> remember nafta, free trade treaty and some benefits, but this kind of stuff comes up and people are scratching their
5:15 am
head. this is border patrol and even a lot of companies and organizations manufacture uniforms in mexico, i'm sure some of my kids' uniforms made in mexico. but border patrol it's a kick in the stomach. if they are made down there, presumably they could be stolen down there. we know what happens in insider attacks in afghanistan who we have lost incredible men that have served this country so proudly. look at the power of the drug cartels. do we really want our uniforms made down there given all the problems perhaps poses? it's not against the law. they can have their uniforms made in a number of different places. i don't know. do we make any uniforms in united states anymore? >> a kick in the stomach or bellybutton. >> the only outy bellybutton.
5:16 am
i haven't seen gretchen laugh that hard since we did our dance did. >> gretchen: have a great week. >> you didn't even know burt wonderstone. >> gretchen: we were waiting for your joke. >> did you know -- bye with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. >>. >> brian: fox news alert. a story, italy's top appeals court overturning amanda knox ordering a new trial. what is next for knox and company. let's talk to peter john sob, jr. breaking story. >> as the breaking story. >> brian: does this surprise you to revisit a case and we are going to do it again? >> it doesn't surprise me. that is italian system of justice. it's unlike the united states
5:20 am
where the fifth amendment precludes being re-tried on the same charge until you get a conviction. unfortunately in italy that is system. issue becomes now when and if she retried, will she go? she would be insane to go back to italy. and "b" could she be extradited back to italy for punishment in case of conviction? so the simple answer is, it's up to the secretary of state. there is a treaty with italy and the united states governing extradition. it's at the discretion of the united states secretary of state whether or not a person goes back. >> brian: does the knox family fight this in abstensia? >> hundreds of thousands of dollars making that determination right now.
5:21 am
by going with a lawyer does that confer jurisdiction on amanda knox even though she doesn't appear? if a lawyer appears would that hurt her? or this a country roo court, i have my own story to tell. she has a book coming out next month. she is going to talk about it. is that going to be sympathetic book where she will be lashing out at italian authorities. she has to tread carefully even though she is seattle. she has to tread carefully a way that doesn't bring disrespect to the italian system and makes this go away. perhaps they pull back. in the end it's a political determination about a criminal justice matter. >> brian: writing a book and international incident, she has spent four years in jail. >> i think she is safe in seattle. >> brian: welcome back from vacation.
5:22 am
>> straight ahead the parents outraged, peta sending their son's half naked pictures of women all because he wanted to rap off a cow. that boy and dad fire at peta next. >> just when you thought you seen it all. here with a brand-new book, true story behind the reality show. ♪ ♪ on what a night ♪ this is ladies night and the feeling right ♪ i was cooking dinner for my family.
5:23 am
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5:25 am
>>. >> steve: quick headlines, he has kept a low profile since resigning as c.i.a. director but
5:26 am
david petraeus returning to the public arena. he is giving a speesh honoring veterans and he will say, quote, i am keenly aware that i am regarded in a different light than i was a year ago. he is expected to apologize to the affair that led to his infamous resignation. >> and smart spending, president obama is naming five national monuments, even though existing parks are hurting from sequester cuts. we got five more. >> gretchen: welcome to the cold hard truth. voice of reason in new jersey -- housewives of new jersey. >> it's a matter of respect that. is what you deserve that respect. i don't care if she is 18 or 35. you are the mother. >> i'm not going to argue. i won't take you quote [ bleep ]. >> you will not hurt me. you know why?
5:27 am
i tell you the truth. when i called you garbage, i meant garbage. [ laughter ] >> picked up the wisdom in her life and member of the real housewife. and karen welcome back to the couch. first, recounted how they dragged you into this. it was your sift? >> it was a bunch of ladies that was at my salon and. >> gretchen: you spoke your mind? >> my exact words, these are real and alive my husband so i don't belong on the show. i thought it was something to do for a summer. i tell my kids, when opportunities knocks, take it. there are lots of heartache and insanity but lots of great things. i have no regrets. >> it's led to a brand-new book.
5:28 am
let me tell you something. what is in it? >> it's a compilation of stories anecdotes about my life. about my children. how do you have a children so close to you. >> steve: kind of dr. phil questions. >> i'm a housewife and mom that a have been through it. i tell stories in my life that relate to those questions. could you take that and do something with it or not. it's that kind of thing. >> gretchen: i think it's great you put it all into a book. i'm sure you are asked so many questions. people relate to you? >> it's nice to know in reality television i have broken the mold and i'm proud of that. >> steve: you are not the crazy one on the show? >> i have my moments. >> brian: do you ever regret exposing your life like this? >> no, and i'll tell you why. there are so many stories that people have come to me because
5:29 am
you did this i did that. young boys able to come out with their families that are gay. people starting their own businesses, i can go to college and graduate -- i've learned that. through all the dysfunction, for lack of a better word, there are a lot of lessons. >> gretchen: every family has dysfunction but i think people see themselves playing out through some of the dysfunction. >> every family has issues. >> i think it takes a lot of courage to do what we do. there are lessons in everything we do. i am defying every people, that is trash tv, no, there are lessons to be learned. >> and it's okay to throw a table when you are out to dinner. >> he is the one that threw that table. >> does it have to be about the
5:30 am
table. >> does it have to be the upcoming season, one of words is unpredictable? >> it is. there is a lot of self-reflection and lots of drama obviously. a lot of good times. i think that the viewers. i'm in it myself. i sit there every day, what is going to happen next. that is how the rollercoaster ride is this year. but it's a good thing. i really do. i believe its good show and really good show. >> steve: it looks like a great book. caroline manzo who invited me over to the house when we didn't have electricity. [ laughter ] >> and get up and entertain us. >> thank you. >> gretchen: controversial proposal, two airline passengers paying a tax bor fo are being
5:31 am
obese. >> he is making $30 million overnight for an app he designed. this kid was still at home and he story is going to make you want to teach kids all about math. >> you have to go work because a new work philosophy of going to work. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't stop believing party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here! party...... finding you the perfect place, every step of the way.
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>>. the faa closing air traffic control towers. let's make congress sit on plane until they come to an agreement. sequester with no food and toilets. >> maybe those are types of jokes that jay leno gets pushed out of television. >> because he is calling out sequester. >> that is great transition because they are talking about putting congressmen on airplanes. when you drive a car or truck the more weight you haul, more fuel it takes. >> why don't we go to weigh stations. >> steve: there is a professor at university of college of norway maybe it should apply to
5:36 am
airplanes, as well. what he suggests you should pay what you weigh, in other words, petraeus by the pound. >> gretchen: the only place i remember in recent history where i have i've seen a scale in order to do an activity is at the grand a canyon. you have to get on a scale if you want to ride a mule. you have to be under 200 pounds where else have you seen a scale? can you imagine if there was scale outside the gate before you went to get on an airplane and now you are going to owe $400 for your ticket. you know, or would they do it in a different way? how would the be able to monitor how much a person weighs when they get a ticket online. >> brian: or you get a carnival person and guess your weight.
5:37 am
>> and rachel from nashville says we have to weigh luggage, why not weigh passengers. it seems fair to me. okay, thank you. >> major george mount, air force pilot. confirm that weight has a lot to burning gas but weight by commercial carriers are averages. overweight passengers are averaged out with other passengers. get a lightweight friend. >> or a bounce where a kid. >> the kid weighs 50. >> gretchen: what they are arguing the weight of the passenger doesn't have anything to do with how much fuel the airplane is using remember southwest airlines has had overweight people buy two seats because they believe it infringes on another passenger that doesn't have enough room. some of those cases have gone to court. >> you don't want to be squeezed by somebody's obliques. >> steve: we we've got headlines
5:38 am
he is accused of impersonating a pilot and getting in the cockpit of an airways flight after he was denied an upgrade first class. flight attendant noticed the 61-year-old had an air france i.d. >> he asked did you want to speak to the pilots and he is facing federal charges including forgery and false impersonation charges. he won't do that again. >> gretchen: obamacare wants your vote. that is what some republican lawmakers are saying. 61-page draft for online healthcare includes this question, would you like to register to vote. the placement of question they have to register to vote to get healthcare. biggest concern pro obama groups like aarp that might be tapped to steer them to register. >> don't look to the right of the screen, focus on gretchen.
5:39 am
>> meanwhile, teenage millionaire overnight. 17-year-old british subject, nick dealasio just sold his start-up for about $30 million and now he is going to work for yahoo. the high schooler still lives at home and his girlfriend of ten months is very excited that her boyfriend is really rich. >> ever heard of florida gulf university? the college has spa on campus. eagles became the first 15th seed. i never heard of them. last night they had a huge pep rally in their honor. ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> brian: team's coach, she used to be a supermodel you never
5:40 am
stopped. it didn't take much to sweep her off the face. first day was at taco bell. it's like a -- >> she was on the cover of maxim >> brian: it was a great issue. no bellybutton there. [ laughter ] >> brian: million from midwest to east coast is seeing snow and time lapse video showing just how much fell in missouri. more than a foot in one day. >> steve: maria molina, it's is not snowing, it's blowing? >> it's very chilly day in new york city. that is tough for people east of the rockies. temperatures well below average. 15 degrees below normal and take a look at current windchill temperatures.
5:41 am
currently feels like 24 in atlanta. it's colder in atlanta than it does right here in new york city. by the time we head into this afternoon you will not make it out into the 50s in atlanta. 47 for the high in memphis and only 59 degrees in the city of dallas. otherwise expect a gradual warming trend but many places experiencing below the average temperatures over the next several days. let's head over to have an na. ♪ ♪ >> hi, there, o the company is celebrating 60 years in making one billion, announce go around the earth two times. we'll hear from mr. peeps and honk for peeps but in in order to mark this milestone. the company has come out with a new commercial. >> peeps and easter, can eat
5:42 am
them. smash them. and roast them on a stick. barbecue them. >> reporter: so essentially from bubble gum from forest gump. joining me, chrissie. good morning to you. you have some quick ideas for us. >> i want to tell you quick and easy ways you can work peeps into baking. dip them in chocolate. chocolate dipped peeps and you are good to go. cupcake peeps, mom i need a snack for school. >> reporter: what do we have here? >> these are peeps cookies, the kids can help with there. frosting. >> reporter: and some fruit.
5:43 am
>> yogurt parfaits and add some yogurt and you are good to go. >> it looks delicious. you better bring some of those in. on the streets of new york city. >> gretchen: coming up on fox and friends, parents of a 14-year-old have been outraged of this. they sent their 14-year-old pictures of half naked women and that boy and dad join us live. >> window shopping, no longer free. shop owner is charging five dollars but if you look but don't buy. has an equally thril, lesser-known counterpart. conquer them with the exhilarating is 250. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the cmand performance sales event. th is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>. >> brian: headlines, t-monday first cellphone company to eliminate contracts. they are offering installment plans where customers pay a
5:47 am
monthly price. and charging five dollars for stores if you browse and don't buy. don't worry it's just in australia. >> steve: would republicans have won the white house if mitt romney carried more of the black vote. only 6% of african-americans voted for romney and 50% said they were worried about the economy. troy murdoch is a fox news contributor. you say going forward in future elections, republicans can win back the white house but they have do a better job in attracting the black vote? >> that is exactly right. not to win entirely the black vote, but if the republican candidate wins 20% of the blablg vote the. especially in very tight races when you are dealing with
5:48 am
electoral college swing states. >> steve: i would think generally people vote with their pocketbooks when you look at the unemployment in the african-american community, right now it's at 13.8%. if people are going to vote who is going to create jobs, that is a little different? >> it is and i don't think any republican i heard made the point that unemployment rate for black folks went up while obama was president as the median income get down. things didn't get better for things under obama, but mitt romney didn't make that case. republicans they are the racist party, but mitt romney had shaken black hands and gone into black neighborhoods, i think black folks would have responded well to that but white folks would have thought maybe he is not a bigot and republicans may have gotten motivated and done that effort. >> steve: i'm going to read a passage from your latest column
5:49 am
republican party should stand and fight. top republicans terminated slavery, wrote the brown versus brown board of education city. broke the filibuster against the civil rights act. extended the 1965 voting act and appointed two black secretaries of state. >> exactly. the g.o.p. should be talking about this all the time. this should be a year round effort as the republican national committee said they would begin to do. it should be a year long effort to diffuse this concept the g.o.p. is racist party which it is not. they are trying to make progress in school choice, for example. you see the democratic party standing in way of reforms and republicans pushing for this which is benefit for black kids. they should be talking about it and not hiding what they do in
5:50 am
this area. >> steve: great stuff. it's about 12 minutes before the top of the hour. he just wanted to raffle a cow and peta sent half naked pictures of women in bikinis. let's check in with bill hemmer what happens in 15 minutes. >> you a the peeps are here today. i know that. good morning to you, staff. there is an american woman that may be on trial in italy for the second time accused of murder. details coming up and north korea what we need to know here. 300,000 dollars for a limousine. $600,000 for a night's stay and how american companies are changing demands on workers when it comes to healthcare. we'll get karl rove's thoughts on that.
5:51 am
see you in ten minutes on america's newsroom.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
>>. >> gretchen: parents of a 14-year-old boy are outraged after their son became the target of peta. he wanted to raffle off a cow but in return the animal rights group sent him photos like these women wearing bikinis made of lettuce. here is the email. it seems strange to me that you feel that someone needs to die for you to go on a school trip. i feel we can agree there are other humane ways that don't involve a dead chopped up corpse. joining me is logan and his
5:55 am
father. >> good morning. >> gretchen: logan, you wanted to raise a little money to go on a trip, right? >> yes. >> so i understand you sold tickets at ten dollars apiece. did you ever think you would get a response? >> i never knew about that. >> gretchen: scott is the father i know you have six kids. it was too expensive for you to come up with the funds for your child to be able to do this trip. he was going to raffle off his cow, do you think he would have a problem with it? >> we thought was a unique fund-raising idea. >> gretchen: as a father, what was your response? >> when we received the email we were email we were incensed and the links to the so-called lettuce ladies that was wildly inappropriate for a 14-year-old boy. >> gretchen: now, peta has recanted the comments in that
5:56 am
original email. here is what they sent you afterwards. quote, mea culpa, we sent the wrong letter. this is a situation of a person moving too fast. what did you make of that? >> it's not a form letter. it was very obvious it was hand typed and sent to my son directly. it was inappropriate for a 14-year-old boy. it should have never been sent. >> gretchen: so, i guess what i'm confused about, even if you are raffling off a cow, how does peta know what the intent of the person wins in the raffle? >> they are making an assumption. >> going to make an assumption that somebody is going to kill the cow to eat it? >> absolutely and that was never the intent. whoever wins the cow has the choice as far as what they want do with it. >> gretchen: logan, tell me about the trip you are trying to
5:57 am
raise money for? >> we wanted to learn about different cultures, ireland, scotland. part of it is staying in the irish family for four days so i can learn what the life is over there. >> gretchen: scott, was this logan's idea or a family decision? >> it was an idea that logan and i come up with. we had done different fund-raising projects and this idea came up. we talked about it. we realized it would be very unique idea and something that would cap on. we did not in our wildest dreams think it would catch on like this. >> gretchen: apparently a barbecue sauce company, they are donating five cases of their award winning sauce. have you heard about that? >> yes, i talked to them yesterday. they are offering the cases of barbecue sauce to the cowraffle.
5:58 am
we have had interested parties of different types. we have great response from a group called chicks on the right. we are excited to see the positive response that is coming logan's way. it's refreshing to have that instead of the basically cyberbullying he has been under for the last couple of days. >> gretchen: its controversial story for only a 14-year-old boy. if people want more information, they can go to fox and friends, as well. scott and logan, logan i hope you get to go on your trip. >> gretchen: more fox and friends three minutes away. let us know what you think about that story. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain.
5:59 am
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