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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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girl's lingerie? maybe we should just start there. that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be trouble. greta is standing by to go on the record. we might see a picture of bob beckel in the background. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, let me get this one straight, the politicians, including our president, didn't do their job and now the children get punished by the white house. what's wrong with this picture? >> spring break begins for school children across the country. >> spring break! yes! >> thousands of students travel to washington, they have trips funded by bake sales and events throughout the year to allow students to take in the historic landmarks except the tours of the white house. >> yes, the white house tours, this is a travesty. >> it would be nice for them to go. >> it's depressing, but got to do. >> there's no question that we believe regular folks out
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there are being unnecessarily harmed by the position of the sequester. >> i wish we could go in, if we can't there's lots of other things to do. >> we should be able to explore the white house to learn more about the country and leaders. >> the sequester applies to the white house and the executive office of the president, as it does to the rest of the executive branch. >> came from wisconsin and i think it's obviously sad you're robbing children of education. >> it would have been nice, it would have been nice. disappointing. >> how do you guys feel about the white house tours being canceled? >> oh! >> the sequester cutting into spring break plans for many american school children, but it's not stopping president obama from travelling. the weekly standard, steve hayes joins us, nice to see you, steve. >> hey, greta. >> greta: it's not unusual for presidents to travel, they all do. this is a different time and we're in a sequester. your thoughts about the cancellation of the white house tours and the
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president's travels? >> well, look, it's one thing the president needs to travel for his official business and i think we all know that that's part of the-- it was a job and you know, the president needs to get places he needs to see people in person. we get that. what i think is less understandable, at least from the perspective of the public, the american public, is these extra trips. whether it's an extra night in paris by joe biden or whether it's family vacations, whether it's the president's golf trips, those are the kind of things that in this current context, the sequester and cutbacks elsewhere doesn't look good for the president. >> and you talk about family vacations and the president takes family vacations and that's not unusual. i think this one, what catches my eye, the nuanced family vacations like this, is that instead of going on vacation together, and sort of minimizing the costs, the president goes off to florida to golf with tiger woods. >> right. >> greta: and the rest of his family goes off to aspen and to ski and enjoy the mountains of colorado. whereas most american families
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if they're lucky enough to take vacations, aren't lucky enough to take them separately, either skiing or golf. that's the team aspect of it. and at least that stands out to me. >> yeah, i think it's right. and look, of the things that i'm worried about with respect to the country, this is low on the list, but just in terms as you suggest, of how it looks to the american public. you're going off, you're using taxpayer money, you're taking separate vacations and there are little steps that i think the president and the family and the white house could be doing to make it look like they get it, they understand that when your he' canceling white house tours, when you're talking about being people being furloughed and raising the prospect of people being laid off that you ought to be self-conscious what you're doing with your own travel. >> and maybe it's just me, but i think it looks different whether you take a vacation in martha's vineyard, a sort of elite place, an expensive
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place or take the family out to yellowstone or even disney world or somewhere else americans are likely to go to. all of these things. i realize he's not going to run again, but they are messages and small messages and-- but it sort of reflects a little bit i think on the choices this white house makes. that it would look better in quest, and in times of high unemployment and a stagnant economy that he they just be smarter how he vacations, do you agree or disagree? >> no, i do agree. how about the wisconsin dells to put in a plug for our native state? look, there are plenty of ways the president could have done this and handled this a lot better than he did. i think if you're looking from the perspective of white house and looking out at the country, you probably think, these are the kind of criticisms we heard from conservatives, we heard from republicans going back before the election. and they didn't have any immediate electoral consequences plainly, the president won and won pretty reasonably. i think he probably said, it
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didn't hurt me before the election, it's not going to hurt he me now. i'm not that worried about it and let the chips fall where they may. >> greta: i think it probably would have been-- i wouldn't noticed it it so much if before he left town he made a provision or resources so he could open up the white house to the kids coming in because the town is flooded with children this time of year, if you don't live in washington, the kids are coming spring break to see the white house and probably the only chance they do. they've had bake sales and all of this stuff. if he'd made some sort of provision for the children that come from all over the united states and said, you know, i'm opening this up for the white house so they can have a tour and then gone on these vacations, it probably wouldn't at least caught my attention so much. at least he did something? >> yeah, i think that's right. remember, the president and the white house, they refuse the flexibility that the republicans were offering them from congress. they-- republicans said we're going to allow you to move things around so that you can fund the things that you deem important and not fund the
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things that you don't. and the president refused that. even after he had criticized republicans basically for not offering that or for not allowing any flexibility within the context of the sequester. so for the president to be canceling the white house tours to not be able to go to the white house looks bad for the president particularly because of the kinds of vacations he's been taking. >> greta: and boy, i tell you the kids are excited and the white house is spectacular and read about it in school and like to, at least if you're in washington to take the quick tour. at first i didn't realize, early on, you know, what impact it would have on these kids and more and more i see it every day here in washington. steve, thank you, come on home soon. >> all right. thanks, greta. >> do you live in california? if so, do you know that the administrator of a cash-strapped california county is going to be paid more than $400,000 a year for the rest of her life? even when she retires and
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right now the county she's managing is dealing with a multi-million dollar deficit. and devin joins us. good morning. >> hi, greta. >> greta: well, this pension plan certainly caught everybody's attention all the way to this side of the united states. why is this woman's pension so large? >> that's a really good question. i would think that there are some tone-deaf politicians that are managing her. $423,000 is what her pay is right now, when she retires her pension will be based on that pay and what basically happened here was they kept giving her raises, it looks like she got other offers, possibly to go work at university of california system. and they wanted to keep her and you know, the city officials or the county officials say, well, you know, she's doing the job of a ceo and a ceo would get paid a lot more. >> greta: and the ceo worked for a private company or a public corporation, doesn't work for a government. in looking at the pension that she gets, one thing you can't give enough.
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she even gets-- each year a car allowance of $8200 on top of her pension, that's spectacular, that, you know, i mean, i don't know how do you californians afford this? >> we can't afford it. the pension fund is actually not solvent right now. and you know, it's not just because of run away pensions like this particular one, but it's amazing how often these situations come up. i mean, you know, as you know, this is not a typical case, but it's also not unique. >> greta: on her side, her defense, she's worked for the county for 40 years. ins a pension plan that was offered. you know, that's the deal. she did her side of the deal. it's really sort of, you know, whoever created the pension programs that permitted this to go on. who came up with these? >> well, the legislature back in the late 1990's when the stock market was doing really well signed off on a plan to vastly expand pensions in california based on some actuarial assumptions that made no sense. and those are coming back to
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haunt the state. i mean, we have billions of dollars, unfunded liabilities. now, in this particular case, what you had with the city officials signed off on giving her bigger and bigger and bigger salaries, so, it's not just, now, the legislature that has been allowing these, the generous pension formulas, but it's a salary that's completely out of control. >> is this a freak case or others serve in the pipeline that california has trouble when these pensions come through? >> i think some of the worst abuses have largely been rooted out and there has been some legislation passed to scale it back, but most experts agree that the legislation that's passed is not nearly enough to make the systems solvent and in the end, taxpayers are going to pay for the system that's been just drastically underfunded and workers have been overpromised. >> greta: i don't know if there's any challenge to be made or it's particularly fair. a deal is a deal type
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thinking, but is any challenge being done to try to minimize the 400 plus pension a year? >> in this case there's probably not much that can be done. especially, who is going to be paying there? probably the taxpayers of alameda county. and look it, the press coverage of this, the county officials are saying, well, you know, this is something we don't begrudge her of this, she's worth every penny and they may change their tune after taxpayers start reading about this. not much they can do once the benefits have been promised. >> greta: the numbers are jaw dropping, i think, for most. i think most government or state government employees for this type of pension. as always, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: what should be done about the huge pensions. should the state try to reduce them so the state does not actually go bankrupt or a deal is a deal and the state should just keep paying them. go to and tell us. there's more trouble for obamacare, a republican congressman raising flags about voter registration
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questions, included in the health benefit. and taking it directly to the health and human services and joining us ellyse. >> hi, greta. >> greta: what is the objection this congressman has? >> he's looking at a draft of the application of benefits under obamacare, the federal exchanges, medicare expansion and leafing through the pages, and comes across the question would you like to register to vote and he thinks it's fishy and he sends a letter to cat tli kathleen sebelius. >> he asks her to reply by april 8th. and in this city we send letters around and no one responds. we're in easter passover so maybe in a couple of weeks. >> greta: is this peculiar or routine? you do voter registration when you apply for food stamps or-- >> is there anything pe kul
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peculiar about this? >> we want to do our best to do good oversight of the application as the drafts are made, obviously, the final version isn't out yet and they want to have an impact on how it looks in the end. no, i don't think there's anything fishy here. since the '90s, if you're applying for medicare, for foid, there's always an opportunity to register to vote because we decided in this law in the '90s, it's important for americans to have the opportunity all the time. and so, i think that that's what we're seeing here. >> greta: i can see we should talk a second about this questionnaire. in order to see whether you apply. the 61 pages, something, i don't know how you feel about it, but it's absolutely bizarre, it would take hours and hours, almost need an fhd from mit in mathematics to figure how to do it. almost looks like typical government. if you want to do something complicated give it to the government to do. >> what i'm hoping and they have promised to do this, they're going to create an
7:13 pm
online system to do it more like booking a flight or one of the funnier comparisons i've heard is finding a match on now, i don't see how it could possibly be that easy, but they are saying that they want to streamline it, make sure that the benefits are acceptable, that the application process is easy for americans to use. >> greta: and this application is to get benefits within the exchanges, is that right? >> that's right. >> greta: and we have no idea who put in this voter registration? whoever put the questionnaires together, faceless, nameless people? >> that's true although again, with all of the applications for federal benefits you're going to see the question. i think it's standard and probably an application writing company that knows to put it in. i don't think it's a case where somebody in the administration said oh, we want that question in right here. i kind of doubt that. >> greta: do you have any idea, the responses as secretary sebelius made a response or too soon? >> not yet, i think it's too soon. i think we'll hear about it from the republicans on the
7:14 pm
hill and-- >> when will the application be completed so we can look at the final form? >> that's a good question, i think it will have to be in the next couple of months because 2014 is when these exchanges are going to launch and enrollment actually begins in october. and so shall it's certainly going to be by october when people are going to be able to look at this. >> greta: are people worried that this is going to-- this whole application process is going to implode? and complicate the fact that most, many states aren't getting up the exchanges? now the feds have to rush it try to do them. is this streamlined and going to work or is this risky? >> i don't know, i think we'll have to wait and see. doing your taxes isn't fun, but people tend to do it. we deal with paper work in our lives, i would prefer less myself. at the same time a lot of people are going to gain from it law and willing to do work to get there. >> except typically the people who need health insurance are people who probably haven't dealt with these forms a lot. i mean, they're not people necessarily in the work force and have been filling out forms which makes it even a bigger challenge for those who
7:15 pm
are likely to do it? >> that's right, so the federal health department says that's why we need the easy system and people to access this by mail and-- >> a lot of people aren't on computers. and they could put it online all they want, but people won't have access to the computers. >> that's a good question. >> greta: and as always, nice to see you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, new trouble for tiger woods. the latest ad sparking a media tornado. what is the ad that fired people up. and gloria here to talk about it. and amanda knox, will knox be forced to return to italy to face trial again? and as you saw here, the irs video and captain kirk, aaka
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>> and twood tiger woods climbed to the top of the golf rankings and the middle of a controversy. and nike releasing an ad showing a social media storm
7:20 pm
and showing tiger woods and his winning takes care of everything. and woods may be referring to golf, but the quote sound after the cheating scandal. and gloria allred. your thoughts of winning takes care of everything and now he's back on nike. >> of course when he doesn't take care of everything. unless you want people to think that. he has a very public and very messy personal life. at least he did. he's starting over and i hope it works out for him and lindsey vonn and i hope that he can have a terrific golf career again, but winning doesn't take care of everything. what about his two little children, for example, who now are children of divorce because he had affairs. and obviously, lied to his wife and lied to others with whom he was having affairs. so, i think the public is
7:21 pm
aware of that and the idea that somehow you can forget all that, the public should forget about all that or everything is for given, if you are a winning athlete, i just think it's the wrong message. >> what about nike? i mean, nike making the decision. a lot of great athletes and tiger is marketable and number one and nike is separated from lance armstrong and oscar pistorius, charged with murder in south africa. what about nike's choice to pick him again and to use the words across the ad? >> i think that nike sees him as a great brand and he used to be before and maybe he will be again. but i think that this is really over the top. i think it's wrong. maybe they wanted to create the controversy. maybe that's good for nike. maybe that's good for marketing as far as they're concerned, but i think it's the wrong kind of controversy and particularly because we have seen athletes get away with so much. i mean, here you have, i mean,
7:22 pm
i deal with professional athletes all the time who, for example, committed domestic violence against their women partners, their intimate partners, whether their lives or girlfriends and well, if they win in athletics, does that mean that all is for given and if they can beat up on their girlfriends or wives as much as they want? i don't think so. i think that's wrong. and i think we have to cathem on it. >> nike is probably laughing all the way to the bank, whether it's this one and i don't know what the subtle message is nike is trying to do, but anytime some company uses someone as a spokesperson who has got, you know, sends a very bad message to put it bluntly. now, they still laugh all the way to the bank. you know, it's just sells their products, it doesn't hurt their products. >> it may, but on the other hand i think a lot of people are put off by this it. they're offended by it and talking about it big time on facebook on twitter. >> greta: and kids are probably saying i want nike, i
7:23 pm
heard about the tiger woods thing, it's funny. >> and resonates about them. if they can do well in their chosen field, everything can be for given, but personal life doesn't matter. but it does matter. >> and he's back to winning, number one again, and nike wants him and products sell. and maybe the a sad commentary, that when they're winning, everyone looks the other way and personal discretions with his wife, they look the other way. >> and while i understand that also has been his slogan for many years. >> greta: yes, not new. not with just this. >> exactly. on the other hand, you know, the question is has he really taken full responsibility? has he really been accountable for what he has done? >> the other question, how long did we keep kicking him? >> i don't think we should kick him. >> greta: and what point do we say, tiger, we've suffered enough, enough stories on you, we've reported enough. now you've moved on and we welcome you back to the fold
7:24 pm
and go, you know, go be a spokesperson? >> well, now, i always say that i think in terms of for giving somebody, that they need to do what aa says in the 12 step program. that if they hurt another person, and they need to take responsibility for what they've said and done. and acknowledge the wrong to the person to whom they have committed the wrong. and make amends to that person and i don't think he has done that to many people in his life. let's put it it this way. hasn't done it to everybody in his life who i think deserve some amends. >> greta: i actually think it's nike's fault and not tiger woods. and tiger woods spokesperson again, but to have tiger woods saying, you know what, i love nike products instead of saying winning takes care of everything. >> you know, i think that would be fair and i wouldn't have any problem with that. and go on to be a great athlete and hope any a great father to his two little children and a contributing member to the community, but i think that's way over the top and that's the wrong message
7:25 pm
for young people. >> greta: that's nike and that's the message, nike trying to be snarky and they could have done it with, i like nike. >> i think it's over the top. >> greta: gloria, always nice to see you. >> thank you. >> greta: and now we want to hear from you. what do you think about nike's controversial tiger woods ad? and go to and landmark cases on gay marriage before the supreme court. how are the justices leaning? can you tell? we'll hear from the justices coming up. the irs spending thousands of your tax dollars on the "star trek" spoof, not to mention it making it in an irs studio that costs millions of dollars for last year. and the controversy, find out what he has to say coming up. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere.
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>> amanda knox has a big problem. a stunning twist in her murder case, the highest court ordered her to be retried for the murder of her british flat mate. you remember in 2007, knox and her boyfriend were tried and victimed and given 25 years in prison for her murder. in 2011 the appeals court reversed the decision and knox immediately jumped on a plane and returned home to seattle, washington. >> family is the most important thing to me right now and i just want to go and
7:30 pm
be with them. >> greta: so does today's reversal mean that knox is headed back to italy? and in rome with the latest. christopher, tell me what happened and where, what's expected to be going on with this case? >> well, basically the procedures involved in the previous case were called into question at italy's highest court, the equivalent of the supreme court in the united states. and judges ruled that basically we should start from zero, we should rev case and now we have to await the decision from the court. i mean, we know the decision, but we have to wait for their reasoning and they have 90 days to give us a description, a rational how they arrived at this conclusion and in the meantime there's a lot of head scratching going on. >> greta: is it likely that she gets retried? is that the process?
7:31 pm
i assume they'll make a request for her to come back to italy and i suspect she's going to say no, but is that the next step? >> well, it's pretty certain, yeah, that they wishe will be retried. it will likely be in absentia. italy would have to file a formal request to have her extradited and that looks like it's not likely to happen not during the the retrial scheduled to happen in florence, not in peruja this time around. she would only be extradited if found guilty now in the fourth trial in this case and extradited once she was actually convicted at that point, but not during the trial itself. at that point it's very questionable as to whether or not the united states would consent to extradite her because of laws there, laws in the united states that have to do with double-jeopardy. in the united states you cannot be convicted for the same crime twice. in italy, it's a little
7:32 pm
murkier. >> greta: except for that if she he were convicted in italy probably put an interpol warrant out on her and that would mess with her for a long time if she ever wanted to leave. and curious, 30 seconds left. what's the reaction in the italian community? >> it's very mixed at this point. if you'd asked italians how they felt about this case three years ago, while the two suspects were in jail, no one would have told you, you know, it was very down the middle. there were people who said, she's definitely innocent and others who said, no, she's guilty and there was a deviant sex game going on. today, most italians are frankly inured. the italians are just as eager as americans in many way to come to some kind of conclusion or resolution in
7:33 pm
this case. >> christopher, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: and former fbi agent steve moore helped the knox family throughout the murder case. steve, if you were to pick one piece of evidence you think is the most favorable piece of evidence to amanda knox to show that she had no responsibility in this murder, what is it? >> well, it's that there is no evidence of her guilt. it's the lack of evidence that she was involved in any way, shape or form. there is nothing. if you say what evidence, you know, exonerates here? the lack of any evidence exonerates her. >> greta: all right, you were in italy when she was first released. tell me, what was she like then? what was your impression of her? >> she was a woman who had spent the years from 20 to 24 in prison for a crime that she did not commit and she was struggling to come to grips with how to deal with that and how to deal with what had
7:34 pm
happened to her. and the frustration she felt that people would actually believe that she could kill another human being. >> greta: what's she been doing since she got home to seattle? >> i believe she's back in school. that's, from what i've heard. but, you know, i do want to correct something here. there has-- i've talked to the family today. there has been no retrial ordered. what they have said is simply they want more information from the appeals court on certain pieces of evidence. we don't know what that is yet. so, no appeal has been-- no retrial has been ordered and she could still not guilty. that hasn't been overturned. this is a woman. she could -- go ahead. >> what has been, i mean, we have to get the decision and we have 90 days for that and what do you understand is the decision now out of the italian court? >> the decision that -- i mean, it's so vague and this is the judiciary that just convicted six seismologists
7:35 pm
for not predicting an earthquake despite the fact they had nobel prize winners saying that's not possible in court. so, that's what we're fighting on this. i don't know what -- where they go from here to prove something so obvious. i don't know why this is going on. >> greta: is it your understanding they're simply saying that the investigation was poor and they want to start over? is that-- how do you interpret what the italian did? >> the closest i can come in the reading that i've seen is that when amanda knox went to appeals court, there were only two or three pieces of evidence that hadn't been completely discredited. the judge in the appeal asked that those, those pieces of evidence be looked at by an independent examiner, the independent examiner threw them out as ridiculous. so, now it seems that the court, the supreme court is saying, you know what? we want to know about the
7:36 pm
other stuff that an independent-- why the independent examiner didn't look at those. that is the way i kind of read it right now. but the bottom line is, she's still not-- she's still not guilty and there is no retrial officially ordered yet. and the extradition after you're exonerated and retried for something, extradition will not happen by any western country. it's over-- >> steve, thank you, thank you for joining us. >> okay, thank you. >> greta: coming up, the president of afghanistan did something stunning in front of secretary of state john kerry, not likely secretary john kerry will forget it. ambassador john bolton is here to talk about that next. in a few minutes, a restaurant cracking down on people not showing up for reservation? that's two minutes away. upid . to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up.
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up. better pay attention to this one. a los angeles restaurant owner is fed up with no-shows and taking action. the restaurant owner taking to twitter to out people who don't make rest are evaluations and don't show up. the and restaurant owner say all the nice guests wonder why restaurants overbook and sometimes wait for reservations should thank people like those below and listed the no-shows by name and the time of the last reservation, and why did he shame the no-shows? he says they're bad for business. restaurants often have to overbook to make sure to fill the tables and cause long waits for the customers who do show up. what do you think about the restaurant calling out the no-shows on twitter. good idea or not? go to and we're back in two minutes. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin. [ designer ] enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪
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our largest selection of lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilled lobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. now, buy one lobsterfestntree and get one 1/2 off with a coupon at >> the supreme court holding two days of landmark hearings on gay marriage.
7:42 pm
today arguments on proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage and tomorrow, the defense of marriage act. and shannon bream was inside the supreme court for the arguments and shannon, what happened. >> reporter: the justices upfront talked a lot about whether the case was right, and the right parties were there. and after prop 8 amended the confusion recognizes marriage between one man and one woman, the attorney general there and governor there said we're not going to defend this in court. defenders of prop 8 had to come to court and mount the case and justices talked about whether they have standing. they may not get to the merits of the case, but they did. and when they did, they said prop 8 is marriage is unique institution and shouldn't be redefined and elena kagan says how so? >> what harm do you see happening and when and how and what harm to the institution of marriage or to opposite sex
7:43 pm
couples? how does this cause and effect work? >> reporter: has she got into the merits a number of justices seemed they might have wanted to slow down. a justice said, it's newer than cell phones and the internet. >> on a question like that of such fundamental importance, why should it not be left for the people, either acting through initiatives and referendums or through elected public officials. >> reporter: so, the california voters made the decision and why not let it play out state by state. >> greta: did justice thomas say anything? he has a reputation for being silent. >> reporter: silent, not a mutter under his breath, did not break with tradition. >> greta: who was the most active questioner. >> reporter: justice scalia. he was arguing back and forth with a general, striking down
7:44 pm
pop 8 and enable in california. they know each other and have a long relationship and experience and i'm sure at the end of the day they're able to shake it off and move on. but, yeah, it went on for a while. >> greta: and what justices ask and doesn't necessarily mean what they're going to rule. >> reporter: they're sneaky, but everybody was watching justice anthod th kennedy. and 40,000 kids shouldn't they have a voice? >> and tomorrow, a different case. >> a federal law passed by congress and signed into law by then president bill clinton and basically says for federal purposes for the irs, for other agencies on a federal level, you can't grant benefits to same-sex couples even if the marriage is legal in the state where they live. again, this is interesting the administration says we're not going to defend it. they're not defending it, so a group of house members have taken up the defense and talk about whether the right
7:45 pm
parties are here. >> greta: of course, tomorrow, it opens at ten o'clock and long lines probably already there. >> the minute the line cleared this morning, the next one cued up. >> greta: was this a longer line for this case, than i think any other case. gore v bush or bush v gore, i don't remember now. >> reporter: yeah, this line has made history. >> greta: indeed. thank you very much. and diplomatic turmoil in afghanistan. and afghan president karzai this time slamming the u.s. military in front of secretary of state john kerry. we're bringing in ambassador john bolton joins us, why did he do that? >> well, i think he's-- karzai continues to play an inside afghan political game, thinking that he can criticize the united states for his own benefit inside afghanistan. i think this was a big mistake to challenge secretary kerry like that on his first trip to afghanistan as secretary of state.
7:46 pm
but i think that secretary kerry made a big mistake in well in not answering directly and say we simply don't agree with that. you don't have to be contentious or argumentative, you can say politely, that's not our view. >> greta: what's our relationship with karzai? i realize it's been rather up and down for actually the last ten years. >> it could be that kerry was simply unprepared although that's nothing to write home about either. they did conclude the negotiations after, many, many weeks of months of effort it turn over the prison at bagram air force base. it may be that kerry and his team were not prepared. but that's not a compliment to them. you need to be ready for contingencies. and i think obviously the real discussion with karzai is private, politely, but firmly, this is not something you do to the american secretary of state if you expect continued support. >> president karzai says he was misquoted when he it was written or suggested that he accused the u.s. with sort of
7:47 pm
collaborating with the taliban. >> it took him a long time to make that correction and. >> greta: he didn't make the correction, he said we were all wrong. >> yeah, obviously, it was our interpreters who were wrong. i don't know what's going through karzai's mind, but he's playing a very dangerous game. if he thinks that the offending the united states going to be helpful here in congress where many people now, including a lot of republicans are saying, we need to get out of afghanistan sooner rather than later, he is dooming himself to living with the taliban and he won't find it pleasant. >> greta: is there any doubt in your mind that the taliban is moving in? >> no, look, they said long ago about the americans, the taliban said you have the watches, we have the time and that's what they're counting on. i think that the obama administration's plans are going to bring taliban to power sooner rather than later and the consequences for us and for afghanistan are going to be devastating. >> greta: it's hard for me not to think about the consequences, especially for women in afghanistan when the taliban moves back in. and then it's back to the way it was for women.
7:48 pm
no education. >> you can forget about education and these people have not modified their views most extremists and i think they see in the arab spring confirmation that islamic is moving in a more radical direction. i hope they're wrong, but that's not the evidence that see they see. >> greta: what about karzai. >> ing think he'll swing from a post, and when you look for the exit door is a mistake. whatever he thinks his domestic upside is he's making a big mistake treating the united states this way. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead william shatner, captain kirk, blasts off at the irand the lass and scandal, and now he's headed to new jersey. lt. governor chris christie
7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
>> okay. everyone it's time to hash it out. remember the irs "star trek" video we showed you last night, one you paid thousands of dollars for? >> captain, report. >> sir, it's worse than he we thought. there's money laundering,
7:53 pm
bribery, campaign haircuts and manicures running rampant in the street and sir, they're exchanging the lowest coin currency for paper bills. >> oh. >> that's right, sir, pennies on the dollar. >> greta: tonight the real captain james t kirk is not happy about the video. william shatner tweeting so i watched that irs video. >> greta: i'm appalled at the utter waste of dollars and we are a waiting to hear from spock and scotty to hear what they think. and if you have extra time on your hands you might want to call actor jake mclane, could use an extra set of thumbs. tweeting folks, this will probably take a long time to do, but i decided i will read every page word by word of obamacare and tweet every word. we wonder if he'll include the 20,000 pages of regulations? we're not going to hold our breath. everyone loves a good sequel, right? you might see another one on the u.s. senate floor. and reporting filibuster part
7:54 pm
two? rand paul threatening to block harry reid gun control bill. you may remember the last time senator rand paul took to the floor, he spoke for nearly 13 hours and afterward his feet hurt and let's hope this time he wears comfortable shoes. this story will catch your eye, but cost you. yahoo!.com, just looking fee, one store is fed up with customers browsing and buying elsewhere. a store in australia is charging customers $5 just for looking at their merchandise. the store owners are trying to stop customers from browsing and not buying anything. no word yet if this strategy is actually working. and how far would you travel to find your true love? the huffington post tweets, love, dog travels ten miles in the cold to find his mate. the love story of ben and jade, both german shep hard mixes, started on the streets of indiana and shelters brought them in and had puppies today. and one day a couple adopted
7:55 pm
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> greta: last time prince harry came to the united states he got in big trouble in las vegas. during his next trip he will visit sandy survivors in new jersey. >> he wants to be helpful. i'm going to be spending the day with prince


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