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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 27, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> back to you, greg. >> caution. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [chanting] >> gay, straight, black, white, marriage is a civil right. >> bill: gay marriage debate erupts in france and washington, d.c. even as the supreme court begins hearings on the matter today. megyn kelly and charles krauthammer will weigh he in. >> now they have done it in one country, they're quite capable of doing it in italy, spain, portugal or anywhere else. >> bill: european union now okaying the seizure of money from private bank accounts to pay the debt in cyprus. could that happen in the u.s.a.? we'll have a factor investigation. >> he had us all stand up
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and once we were standing up he said stomp on it. >> bill: also tonight, the florida college student who objected to defacing the word jesus and was suspended from class has won a huge victory. we'll have an update. caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. protecting your hard earned money, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, another european union country cyprus is bankrupt. and to keep that nation from completely falling apart, the european union has okayed a seizure, a seizure of private money, that's deposited in a bank on the mediterranean island. outside of communist takeovers, that's almost unprecedented. but a member of the european parliament says
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more private money could be seized in the future. >> now they have done it in one country. they are quite capable of doing it in italy, spain, portugal, or anywhere else. and the message that sends to people who have got savings in banks in those countries, certainly if i was them, is get your money out while you can. >> bill: certainly a dire warning for everybody, even americans as the global economy begins to to ther. -- to ther. there is no question that the rise of the -- we are seeing in the u.s.a. no longer are we a self-reliant nation. more than half of the households receive some kind of government assistance. some of that has been earned. but much of it simply a handout. the democratic party has established a firm hold on the entitlement culture. people getting free stuff from the government are
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voting democratic because the republican party wants to cut back the nanny state. so we're engaged in an economic civil war, which the democrats are now winning. >> bill: most european countries are insignificant in the global economy, but america is the big dog and we are now 17 trillion-dollars in debt. every day of the year the u.s.a. adds $3.2 billion in more debt every day. that is a frightening scenario. president obama doesn't seem to care. he says the debt is, quote: sustainable. but it is not. we are being mislead. if america collapses economically, there will be violence in this country and all over the world. that violence could lead to anarchy and once order breaks down, anything could happen. if you watch the factor even occasionally, you know
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that i'm not the kind of perch who would hype a situation like this. what is happening in cyprus and europe is a contagion. the simple truth is, the world cannot support massive socialism. the soviet union collapsed under that weight. and the rest are of the so-called socialist nations are a chaotic mess. president obama and america need to wise up fast and the rest of us who do see the danger should begin to speak with some urgency. the u.s. debt is a crisis. it is not sustainable. and these pinheads in washington better do something about it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from washington, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. so, am i overreacting, charles? >> look, i agree with you that the nanny state is unsustainable and in the end it collapses. but what happened in cyprus is not that the government,
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which is a nanny government in cyprus, is insolvent. it's that the banks are insolvent. and the banks had sort of grown to about 6 or 7 times the size of the economy. with a lot of influx of russian money. what happened was the banks invested in greek bonds which went from 100 to essentially zero. the banks are wiped out. now, europe said we will help you out and that the beginning they made a fatal mistake. they said we will help you out if you steal money from all of your depositors. now, that caused sort of a revolution in cyprus. and it was stopped. but then they made what was the only wise decision. they decided that those people who have under 100,000 euros, which are insured, they have their money intact. but all the money that was put in beyond insurance -- it's like the fdic insurance we have here. is fair game.
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if you are in one of the two banks, you will probably lose it all. in the other bank, the bank of cyprus, you will probably lose about a quarter. but only the amount of money that is over the guarantee. and that, i think is an important distinction. >> bill: here is a couple of things. cyprus itself owes billions of dollars and if it were a solvent country it could prop the banks up because when banks go under in the u.s.a. as you you know, the government can come in and take them over. they can't do in t. in cyprus they don't have the money because as you said it's a nanny state. the bigger picture is. this we are seeing the future in europe now. we are seeing it, all right? yet, our president, and i'm not a guy that has been hammering obama on every little thing. but this is a big thing. he sees it, too. this is what troubles meme about barack obama. he sees it so do his guys. they know what's happening in europe. they know what's happening in greece and spain and italy and cyprus. they know. yet, they are encouraging the same scenario in the
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united states, charles. that, to me, is inexplicable. it's why barack obama will not sit down with me for an interview. he doesn't see $17 trillion debt as a problem. he doesn't see it. but it is a problem. and everyone knows it's a problem. so what is that? dishonesty? delusion? what is it? >> last time you asked me that, i responded that he is louie the 15th. i will not bring up any more louie's. i think you have to make a distinction between governments and banks. our banks are in fairly good shape. our problem is and it's a longer term problem, that the government is headed towards insolvency and it's not going to get there home. and even the europeans who are way advanced in terms of indebtedness and insolvency are not going to get there tomorrow. and we have several years between now and then. if we would start to make
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entitlement reforms. if we would start to make tax reform. if we would start to just to begin to reign in the government, and you then begin to bend the curve, we can quite easily achieve solvency. >> bill: we are not doing that instead we are printing more money that's devaluing our currency. all right? and that is going to lead to armageddon. when this man leaves office o, barack obama, we have a national debt approaching $20 trillion. we have a badly damaged dollar because of all the money they are printing now. you know it and i know it. all right? and anything can happen in this world. you start dominoing down countries going under like cyprus and stealing deposits, you are going to have a mass panic worldwide. >> but, bill, if all of that is true, and i agree with you on the general principle but not on the timetable. do you think everybody on wall street is out of his mind as it rises up to record highs? >> bill: i think they are
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diluting themselves into thinking that some way, somehow the united states is going to get away from the nanny state. but we're not going to get away from the nanny state because the people now want it. here. they want it. they are feeling it i can get free stuff now. i will give you the last word. >> bill, so your theory is, that we have reached a point where we will never have a republican administration, we will always have. >> bill: do you see any outcry to balance this sphwhujt do you see any anti-obama outcry at all? no. i see a g.o.p. for three years in a row has passed a budget which would return us to 1% of g.d.p. of debt within four years. >> bill: they can't get it done. >> well, all you have got do do is change administrations. unless you believe we are going to have democrats until the end of time. >> bill: i don't know. i'm worried. >> your theory is wrong. >> bill: i'm worried about these people, the voters now because the mentality is changing in this country. it's changing.
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and that worries me. charles, very interesting, as always. we appreciate it. happy passover to you. next on the run down. next on the run down, megyn kelly supreme court gay marriage arguments today. later glenn beck going to talk about the continuing attacks on christitititi
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>> bill: and in the impact segment tonight, the supreme court begins to hear the gay marriage argument. in france, the perhaps as many as 1 million people are demonstrating against gay marriage. the protest so intense police had to use tear gas. shep. >> bill: in washington, however, it's a different story. they were also protests both in favor and against gay marriage but the issue
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here not nearly as volatile as it is in france. in fact, the latest polling shows the majority of americans now favor gay marriage. with us and fox news anchor megyn kelly. all right, before the french a lot of muslims there. and that's what's driving this antigay marriage thing. along with some conservative christians. they have allied themselves huge crowds in paris. enormous antigay marriage crowd. not seeing that here. i understand there are two cases. explain them so even i can understand, which means you have to be very simple and talk slowly. >> okay. well, i came on your show when the supreme court accepted these two cases and: i think this something going to be small ball. i don't think these are the cases where the supremes are going to say yes to gay marriage or no to gay marriage. i continue to believe that today. >> bill: all right. >> the first case they heard today is about california's gay marriage ban which the voters passed. they put it into their constitution. you can't have gay marriage. and there is is a question he about whether that is constitutional under the
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federal constitution. you can do that? and i think the supreme court based on what i heard today is going to limit that their ruling in that case so that it's only going to effect california however it comes out. i think they are going to dodge it on procedural grounds. they have a couple of ways of deciding it on the merits by saying a you didn't have standing. you people challenging the lower court ruling in favor of gay marriage, you don't have standing to bring this case, or, b, you know, we never should have taken this case. >> bill: that's going to cause a lot of problems. >> i think they are going to dodge. i don't think people will be surprised when they dodge. the people who like gay marriage are going to be happy for a dodge. not as happy as if they would -- >> bill: in california though if they dodge that means gay marriage is legal by fiat. so that just wipes out the popular vote there. >> yes, its can. same sex marriage proponents will take a wins a a win. >> bill: i think so, too. what about all the people who voted against gay marriage they are disenfranchised. >> yes, they are. they have had a couple
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years to live with that. >> bill: that's how you think that's going to come down. >> small ball on prop 8. >> bill: the other one is defense of marriage act signed by bill clinton who now very very much regrets doing it now that he is not in office. >> he makes a point when he signed it gay marriage was not big or even really being discussed. >> bill: i see that is sincere, isn't it. when he thought it wasn't a big deal. now that it's a big deal he changes. you know, i'm sorry. >> look at evolving standards. >> bill: don't say this so you don't get attached to it you are a phony, bill clinton. you are a phoney. it's the same exact issue. same thick. all right? you signed it because you thought it was going to be popular. and now that it's not that so popular, you are against it. this is what sleazy politicians do. >> bill: do you feel that way about barack obama too? >> he was against. >> bill: of course i feel him. of course i do. they pander. they don't care about gays. any cared about gays they would have been on board in the beginning and they weren't. >> even gays weren't
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talking as much in b. gay marriage as they were in 1996 as they are today. >> bill: i'm sorry. it's the same exact issue. can you change your mind on the issue but you have to explain that in context other than politics. somehow you evolved on this issue? i'm willing to listen to that but i don't believe any of this is sincere. it's political and it's just awful. >> i mean i think the country's views on this country are changing. >> bill: why are they changing? >> well, i think because the same sex marriage advocates have done a credible job of getting out there and making their case. years those who oppose gay marriage danny taking the religion piece out of this. no arguing that. christian religion teaches what it deeches. the bible says what it says about marriage. they have been. >> bill: policy made about that. >> take that out of it. when you asked, for example, i had an interview with tony perkins and the family research council. what is it about calling a gay union marriage that offends you? how does it hurt a traditional or heterosexual
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marriage? >> bill: right. >> i didn't hear anything articulated that was particularly persuasive. >> bill: i agree with you 100%. 100% i hate to say this kelly. next week i have something for kelly she is not going to like. i agree 100%. compelling argument is on the side of homosexuals. that's where the compelling argument is. we are americans. we just want to be treated like everybody else. that's a compelling argument. and to deny that you have got to have a very strong argument on the other side. >> the argument on the other side -- >> -- the argument on the other side hasn't been anything thump the bible. >> marriage is institution for 2,000 years has been about a man and woman creating babies and protocol creation. look how society has changed. i mean, people they talked today about would we be okay passing a law saying people over a 5 can't get married because they are not likely to have babies. >> bill: knock the music off a minute. i support civil unions i always have. the gay marriage thing, i don't feel that strongly about it one way or
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another. >> states. >> bill: i think the states should do it. >> the supreme court is going to come down on letting the democratic process. >> bill: i live in new york. new york is fine with it i want all americans to be happy. i do. now, real quick, defense of marriage act is a supreme court going to rule it unconstitutional? >> i think it's in bigger trouble than california. >> bill: you think they might. >> i think they might. >> bill: if they do then everything blows up. >> small ball ruling saying that the feds can't do what they did. it still will leave it to the states. >> bill: can't impose any definition of marriage. >> yeah right. >> bill: got to tune in next week. >> what's happening to me next week. >> bill: oh you are going to. >> i'm not feeling well. >> bill: we will go to your house if you don't show up. >> i say for the record i kind of like the frog, bill. you kind of sound kind of good. butter him up for next week. >> bill: talking about frogs, glenn beck is on deck. attacks on christian america even during holy week. amanda knox gets very bad
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news. is it legal on the case upcococo
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from the school after he was thrown out of class, of his teachers dr. degree andre poole, vice chairman of the palm beach democratic party ordered him and other students to stomp on the name jesus. he refused and was removed from class. now florida atlantic has apologized to ryan and he will be allowed to take the class without the teacher who shouldn't be there in the first place. you don't assign a democratic activist to teach anything or a republican activist either. in another troubling situation some fifth grade
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students in a school? corpus christi, texas were shown this video. >> why would the church be so mad at us anyway. >> a lot of people blame the united states for problems around the world. >> i don't get it? >> america is such a big and powerful country that the decisions we make here effect other countries around the world and a lot of people think that we don't use our power the right way. that's because sometimes the things that we do here can have a negative effect on other countries and a lot of people disagree with the decisions and policies that the united states has. >> bill: all right. joining us now from dallas to sort it all out our pal glenn beck. first of all, beck, i'm sorry i called you a frog but you are wearing green. >> that's all right. i took a piece of paper and i wrote your name on it and i stomped on it. >> bill: now you are going to be thrown out of class. which way do you want to take first? do you want to take the indoctrination of the bad america or the ryan. >> let's take that one. what kills me here is first of all, a, it's in texas. texas is the last real
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strong hold of the republic. we lose texas, we lose the entire country. and this has been in the classrooms since 2002. meaning that for the last 11 years no parent has caught this. that is incredible. but i mean i think it's understandable what did you learn in school today? i don't know. nothing. well, how was it? good. we move on. >> bill: yeah. >> we have to know what's being taught to our children. >> bill: sometimes using its power poorly and that can have unintended consequences. do you think it's a larger issue than that? >> than the question -- yeah. i think the indoctrination of our children has been going on for a very long time. it is much worse than any of us think and right now in texas we have something called sea scope but the rest of the country is going something called common core. we are doing some pieces on
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the blaze that talk about just the intelligence, the information gathering that is happening with our children that is truly hair raising, bill. school is not what we think it is. >> bill: no, i understand it's indoctrination particularly at the college level which we got into fairly extensively last night. >> if i may, i will send you some stuff we are working on, bill. it's not just at the college. >> bill: not just just. i said particularly. >> it is. >> bill: i know it's bubbling under for the little kids, too. >> it's much worse than you think because common core, this is something that barack obama has been putting in now for the last couple of years it is now coming in. it is bypassing the states. it's bypassing the local board of education. and it is crazy stuff. it makes that look sane. that little piece of video that you played. >> bill: when you get it, let us know and we will put it on. so this rotela case is interesting because this was so outrageous. and beck is a mormon. >> yes. >> bill: this kid is a
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mormon. this teacher who is is a democratic party activist shouldn't be in a college classroom unless you have a republican party activist right across the hallway. >> jeez, do we have nobody else that can teach classes except activists? can we stop with this nonsense? >> bill: just insane. this kid stands up and does the right thing and then he gets chastised. we get on to the story. then all of a sunday the university like that says oh, we are sorry. this kid by the time we get through with him will be graduating summa couple loud from this university. >> what i would like to see is the university said they were really super sorry that anybody, you know, was offended by this and shouldn't happen in class. what are they doing with the professor? they are saying he is not going to teach this way anymore. they are going to remove. this why aren't they removing him? >> i can't answer that question i would like to talk to him. they removed that math teacher in high school because he was antiabortion and anti-planned parenthood. they moved him out and
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fired him that fast. why is it that in new york you have rubber rooms where teachers who have molested students. >> bill: that's the teacher's union's in new york. what beck is talking about teachers charged with crimes against children still on the payroll because the unions have them protected. they don't teach they are just earning a lot of money. >> why is this guy still employed by this university? >> bill: because it's a liberal university. that's why. but at least they did the right thing for ryan are rotela. >> because the spotlight was on them. what are they doing when the spotlight is not on them? >> bill: they are stomping on the word jesus. >> that's exactly right. and i'm stomping on the name o'reilly. >> bill: you can do that. you can stomp on my name all day long. glenn beck, everybody. happy easter. and plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. eighth grader in louisiana being hectored by animal rights people over a cow. you are not going to believe this story. you have got it see it
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amanda knox accused of a grizzly murder gets very bad news today.
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>> bill: stossel segment tonight. the price of being green. stossel has a show this coming thursday called green tyranny. the focus of the special is how environmental concerns are hurting the folks. >> even here within sight of the empire state building within a short distance of millions of people flushing.
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i'm willing to do. this i stayed in the water for a while. i didn't see anything horrible. >> bill: all right. so that's stossel jump not guilty hudson river, showing off and all of that. >> bill: and your point to jump in the hudson river was? >> that we need some environmental rules. thank goodness we have had some when i was a kid you couldn't open a window in the city soot would come in but they have cleaned up the water it used to go 8 million people flushing used to go straight into the hudson river. >> bill: it doesn't do that anymore. it's treated and all of that i wouldn't be swimming there on a regular basis, stossel. your mustache is going to fall off, right? can you show up and jump in there for 10 seconds. >> it's pretty good. they spent several hundred millions cleaning up the river. >> which was worth it though? >> which was worth it stick a fork in it's it's done. every time they buy a new
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car it's cleaner because the old cars pollute more. government only grows. so now they are spending billions of dollars on. >> are you saying that the pollution problem in this country is not worth of the money they're spending on it? >> yes. i'm saying it's largely solved. now we are giving money to rich movie actors, subsidies to buy $100,000 electric cars and you have leonardo, justin bieber and leonardo decaprio. >> bill: i think justin bieber has to have a car with training wheels. on his license he can't have a regular car. tell me about these subsidies, you buy one of these $100,000 electric car and you get what? >> $75,000 on taxes. direct subsidies, the cbo says billions of dollars over the next bunch of years. >> bill: to make these electric cars. >> to do research on the batteries and so forth. >> bill: so they can take it off their taxes. >> bill: you don't believe in any of that?
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>> right. if an electric car is going to work, we have something called the free market. >> bill: you say the car companies itself should invest in electric cars on their own dime. they don't need to take from the taxpayers because if they make an electric car and it's good, they are going to go through the roof in sales and make a lot of money? >> exactly. >> see, i'm not that show, i catch on. i am a green guy though, i don't know whether or not you know that or not. i am a water guy. i like the beach. former lifeguard. and the long island sound needs to be cleaned up a little bit. i don't mind -- within reason. the government imposing because i don't trust the corporations they are the one that -- general electric they put all the poison in the river. >> there is no incentives. >> bill: they should be put in jail. rather than giving money. the environmental protection agency if you pollute we will put new jail. that will be an inincident tore. >> that's reasonable. to the they were doing it
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there were no laws. >> bill: none. that's insane. thursday night you have got this green tyranny thing? >> we do. tyranny is worse than what we just showed. >> when we come right back, amanda knox accused by italian authorities of murdering roommate very bad news today. is it legal moments away.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. we have three hot topics for you. we begin with illustrationly's highest court overturning the acquittal of amanda knox. as you may know ms. knox from seattle was convicted of murdering her2 1-year-old roommate meredith kercher in perugia, italy back in 2007. in 2011 while she was in prison italian appeals court overturned the conviction and she was released. she quickly returned to the u.s.a. today another italian court has overturned the
1:39 am
acquittal saying amanda knox must be retried. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. this is chaos in italy. they have different laws than we do they can try 18 times on one count. we can't do that here. is there anything to compel her to go back to italy? >> no. we would have to grant extradition to the italians. we're not going to do that. >> bill: who is we? >> the u.s. government. >> bill: the state department. >> the state department would have to say yes, we are going to send her back. >> bill: why are they not going to do that if she is a murderer. >> title 6 says if someone has been acquitted. we are not sending them back because of our system. >> double jeopardy applies here. >> bill: our system prevails as long as knox is in the u.s.a.? >> exactly. >> bill: if she decides to take a little cruise and it stops off there they can grab her. >> i don't think she should be doing that. >> bill: you be her advisor. knox doesn't go back. >> no he she will not go back. she will be tried in
1:40 am
absentia. perhaps she will be convicted if so. >> bill: not going back. >> there could be a warrant out for her arrest. what's also called a red notice or interpol could get involved. for example, if she steps outside the united states, another country. >> bill: if she goes to the south of france they could grab her that. >> honors an extradition agreement with italy she is in trouble. if i were here i would get comfy at the starbucks in seattle and stay there. my advice, free. free. >> portland, oregon? >> this is is a very disturbing case. lead me set it up for you. overcrowding in the prisoners let a guy out. commits double murder. take it away. >> the salesman had 0 years old he killed two people in portland last year. he was released originally from oregon jail due to overcrowding. this occurred just weeks prior to the first of two killings. you have to understand that this individual was in for
1:41 am
committing crime against a minor underage of 16 what's called oral copulation crime. that's a sex crime against a child. >> he was a sex offender. he was in prison. which is, again, a big beef. this is not a little thing? >> right. >> bill: sex offender under the age of 16 girl. they let him out. >> and then moved. >> bill: and then he murders two people. who let him out? >> the county let him out. what they did is they looked at a computer matrix saying we're going to look at this computer matrix and spit out who we think is going to appear. >> bill: the computer spit his name out? >> exactly. >> bill: we don't know who signed off. >> we don't know who signed off on it. >> bill: find out next week? >> the sheriff's department that runs the jail. the county jail. >> bill: i want a name and a title. who signed the order to release him? >> you have to understand he was in. failure to register as a sex offender when he moved to the -- >> bill: you don't have to convince us. bad guy never should have been out. we need to find out who let him out and what is going
1:42 am
to happen to that person. county families of the murdered victims sue the counties of oregon because they let him out. >> probably not sovereign immunity. that's going to be hard to show because there was overcrowding in the jail. >> bill: so what? you don't let out a guy like that. >> the computer made a mistake. >> bill: i don't care whether the computer made a mistake. >> you are asking a question about liability. >> bill: i'm suing that county. >> accountability and lawsuit change the law and the court reviews it. >> right now you would not prevail. >> and he killed a 15-year-old girl and 32-year-old woman. >> bill: florida something always happens in florida. dopey mother calls 911 listening to me as they need to learn respect people in law enforcement and
1:43 am
>> bill: now wiehl you can see. >> i wanted to talk to you about this case. melissa townsend made the call we just heard. the cops do arrive not because they want to do what she want to do. see the situation in this household. when they're talking with her, they go to really arrest her. take her in to talk to her about maybe child neglect beings something like that. she allegedly kicks an officer several times in the groin. >> bill: she was drunk though, right? >> right. that's exactly what they're saying. >> bill: let me set this up. woman is drunk. little kids in the house. calls 911. wants the cops to come and discipline the children. >> like they are the babysitter. >> bill: cops come. she kicks one of the cops? >> right in the -- >> bill: what happens it her. >> the cops are like. we're the cops. we're taking you away. child neglect and endangerment. battery on and officer. looking at 1 to 5 years. sad things she is 1-year-old and 3-year-old little baby. what's going to happen to these kids? >> don't you think that the
1:44 am
epidemic of crazy 911 calls. seen this in fast food restaurants. don't have kevinup they are -catch up they kevinup they ketchup. >> she was on probation. she has a number of charges. two counts of child neglect. >> bill: they have got to take the kids away from her. >> the bottom line is she violated with this. they can do a probationary hearing and she can be put right back in the jail. >> generally speaking, i think should be a $500 fine if you abuse 911. >> 911 has to go. something ridiculous like the ketchup on mcdonald's liability on 911. >> bill: find out who let that killer out. find out who do it and we'll take it from there on deck, outrageous story. louisiana boy being criticized by peta.
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over a couch. all kinds of craziness. wait until you see this. upnext.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tent. outrageous story out of louisiana. logan ward's to raffle off his cow to raise money for summer trip to europe. the people for the ethical treatment for animals, peta are criticizing logan and even sending models called the lettuce girls to hector him. logan's parents are furious saying his son is now receiving hate mail. with us now to sort it out monica crowley and alan colmes. now, this seems like a small story. but it isn't a small story because this is what is happening in america. if somebody even a 14-year-old does something that some crazy activist group doesn't like, they are in the middle of a
1:49 am
firestorm. so tell me. >> before you know. here is this eighth grade boy. weigh was selected to go ar broad cultural exchange. his family couldn't afford to send him. he came up with this great entrepreneurial idea to raffle off this cow. >> bill: he owns the cow. >> donated by a family friend who is a farmer. >> bill: donated to him for this cause? >> correct. >> bill: he owns the cow. >> he owns the cow and made it very clear if you win the raffle you can either take possession of the live cow or you can get the meat from the cow. >> bill: take it to the butcher. >> hundreds of pounds of ground beef and steak if you want it. peta decides to go bananas on this boy. so far sold 300 tickets earned about $3,000. he needs $5,000 more to make the scholastic trip. peta goes crazy on this poor kid. send him a long email taking this poor kid apart. in fact, at one point, the
1:50 am
peta coordinator says i find it strange. >> bill: what are these girls doing? >> they found it strange that someone needs to die so he can go on school trip calling a cow a someone. then he suggested that instead of wrath ling off raffling off the cow host a peta sponsored bikini clad veggie contest. >> bill: these girls are going to go to louisiana and have some other event to raise the money instead of getting a cow. >> for a 14-year-old boy. >> bill: the bikini lettuce people, you say? >> i say that with all due respect to peta who i normally support and i think they do some good acts of civil disobedience should leave kids out of it. not proper to do this to a 14-year-old boy nor to send a link to him as which they did to a web site which shows scantily clad women when the kid is 14. totally wrong. >> bill: nothing about this that you support? >> correct. >> bill: now, you must know, you both must know that there are hate web
1:51 am
sites associated with political causes. on both the right and the left. all right? and that if you get in their crosshairs, these hate web sites, they are going to try to hurt you. are we all in agreement? >> sure. >> bill: what can we do about that? >> you have to look at an individual case? what do you want to do? it's free speech up to a certain extent. >> bill: up to a certain extent. >> it's when you involve kids like in this case that i have got a problem. >> bill: if logan were 18. >> yes. >> bill: you wouldn't have any problem? they could just bombard logan and his family to put his address out there. links to everything. send the letter scrolls over to camp out in their house or whatever and you don't have a beef. >> we get spam email all the time. different to go to somebody's house private property. >> correct to say that a lot of this is protected free speech. even though the most vial, brutal kind of stuff that frankly we all get when we speak out publicly. the one thing that we can do to try to reign it in is expose it on shows like
1:52 am
this to try to shame peta. peta by the way has not personally apologized to the boy and their family and his family. >> bill: peta is such -- here is the problem. >> you know, that's a good solution with one problem. they're so extreme. >> they don't care. >> bill: peta is so extreme that all they want is publicity. they don't care whether they have credibility. they don't care whether the people hate them. that's how extreme they are. >> so many of these groups though, bill. it's not just on the internet. you see it now in person. occupy wall street taking over public parks and harassing the banker who's are trying to go to work. in wisconsin the union thugs. >> a lot of that intrusion on personal rights, right. >> that's right. and code pink and all of these other groups. >> just mentioning left wing groups. there are right wing groups that do it. >> name one. >> operation rescue for example, that goes and shows pictures of fetuses to people. goes to abortion clinics and harasses women who are going in to legally. >> bill: operation rescue that would be one that's
1:53 am
right on the line. okay. good discussion. thank you very much. >> thank you. tip of thector at this day about cliches. don't use them. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:54 am
>> factor tip of the day about cliches that drive me nuts in a moment. personnel, from the caribbean. juan williams said that stepping on the word jesus is an exercise in critical thinking, would he think the same thing if the word was obama. dr. m, withholding the name, university of arizona. juan needs to wise up. atmosphere toward conservative teachers in in school is hostile. amy withholding a name. cal state university. i've been victimized and heard my professors call christians ignorant bigots. it's difficult to disagree
1:55 am
with someone who holds your grade point average in his hands. from columbus, georgia. i wrote a letter to president of florida university expressing shock. it's because of you that they happen. and you and bernie goldman miss the primaries and people like leno and lauer are pounded and the pay for tv personalities has increased at a rate far in excess of the average person. so what, ron? that's the free marketplace. icons make a huge corporations a huge amount of money. just because an american makes big bucks, that means they can be attacked verbally, slandered, abused? think about that. carol wright, maine. o'reilly, you and bernie agree that the tv business is about people who get attacked because they earn money. why do you want to work in a field like that? fair question. here is why i take the garbage
1:56 am
directed at me every day. number one, i can rise millions of dollars for charity because of my visibility. and number two, i can help he get things like jessica's law passed in in country. number three, i can tell you, carol, when you're getting hosed the factor provides you information you will get nowhere else, that's why i do it. dr. randall, portland, oregon. bill, bought a premium ticket to see you and membership in july. looking forward to meeting you guys. right back at you, doctor. and from spokane, almost sold out less than a week and same thing in kansas city, and denver is completely sold out. now, we put some premium tickets on sale for wesbury, long island on june 1st, make great mothers and far as day gifts and get to meet miller and me, details on and michael in aurora, my 12-year-old daughter reading killing lincoln, anything that doesn't have vampires in it or
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zombies, all over the place. thousands of kids reading lincoln and kennedy, great. really is. finally tonight the factor tip of the day. there are two ways that you make an impression on people. by your appearance, and by your speech. if you use improper grammar, double negatives, it's not going to help you in marketplace, if you speak in cliches, that will bore everybody to death. but now in the media, the cliches have taken over. >> but at the end. day. >> what at the end. day. >> at the end of the day. >> ultimately at the end. day. >> look at the end of the day. >> listen, at the end of the day. >> at the end of the day. >> can we please, please have a moratorium on "at the end of the day"? now, if anybody says it on this program from now on, we are going to have to intervene, all right? no more at the end.
1:58 am
day. that includes cliche, awesome, cool and epic. think before you speak. express yourself uniquely. factor tip of the day. not the end of the day, the factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website, different from and spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. word of the day if you wish to opine, do not be a makebate. and i'm
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