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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 28, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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find it there. that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. keep it right here on fox where more news is is always on the way. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, thousands of dental patients being warned, get tested for h.i.v. and hepatitis because of dirty instrument at the dentist carrying infectious disease. plus, investigators now reveal what we never knew about the newtown shooter. >> sandy hook school. caller indicating she thinks someone is shooting in the building. >> shepard: they say the killer had access to all kinds of weapons, guns and samurai swords and bulls. what they found in his home and card with something special from his mother. on the ground after an
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enormous landslide. >> we are used to slides but not to extent. >> shepard: dozens forced to it abandon their homes and run for their lives. >> we don't know where they are going we are just getting them out of there. >> shepard: geology cysts say this could be the beginning. plus an icy road and out-of-control truck and the fighter who somehow survived this. but first from fox this thursday night, north korea has ratcheted up the danger with its latest threats. that today from the defense secretary chuck hagel and now our nation is responding and reminding north korea we can nuke you. the pentagon sending that message with a pair of b-2 stealth bombers which can carry nuclear weapons. the b-2s flew over south korea today and dropped arms but unarmed bombs in this case right off the coast it happened after north korea put its rockets on highest alert.
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threatening attacks against the united states and saying war could break out at any moment. experts say north korea does have missiles that can reach parts of the united states. but the experts also say the north is probably years away from being able to load a nuclear weapon on to one of those missiles. jennifer griffin on fox top story lye tonight at the pentagon. does the pentagon have a more aggressive strategy now to deal with north korea? >> it sure looks that way, shepard, in the wake of recent threats from the north korean leader. here is is the new u.s. defense secretary.>> i think ty provocative actions and belligerent tone. it has ratcheted up the danger. and we have to understand that reality. >> these photos were taken from the ground as the two b-2 bombers passed south of seoul. the stealth aircraft bomber aircraft are capable, as you mentioned, of carrying nuclear bombs and in case the north koreans didn't hear or see the stealth
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flights, u.s. forces korea took the unusual step of releasing a press release to announce the b-2 presence, shep. >> shepard: a long trip for this thing. what did that cost? >> well, general dempsey and secretary hagel couldn't say off the top of their heads so we did the math. the b-2 bombers flew 13,000 miles round trip from whiteman air base in missouri to korea as part of this mission. operating costs for a b-2 flight $88,000 per hour per plane. the mission at least 30 hours, two planes used, total cost at least $5.28 million. >> >> provocation and the necessity of assuring our allies that we are there with them. we would have found a way to do this. it's back to your point. we have a readiness challenge but we are not going to put our security at risk in managing it. >> defense secretary hagel spook spoke to his south korean counterpart at about the same time this b-2 mission was taking place,
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shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon. we got a stunning report during "studio b" thousands of patients who went to the dentist for a checkup could be at risk for h.i.v. that's the virus that causes aids tulsa oklahoma. they say a patient of dr. scott harrington tested positive for h.i.v. and hepatitis c while showing no warning signs. inspectors say they combed through the dentist office and that was a disaster. they say they found a slew of contamination issues. for example, they say the dentist used a separate set of instruments for people he knew carried infectious diseases. those instruments had eventually turned rusty. the doctor used outdated drugs. one vial they found expired 20 years ago. and the violations didn't end there. >> he was allowing his dental assistant to do iv sedation. that is a major violation under our state and it's
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allowing someone to practice unauthorized dentistry within your office. >> shepard: a spokeswoman for the health department says they do not know how long the dentist had been committing these violations because he had been practicing in that city for 36 years. the director of the board of dentistry calls this unprecedented event. those health officials say they have sent out letters to 7,000 of his current and former patients urging each and every one get tested for hepb, hepatitis c and h.i.v. the dentist has since closed his doors. he faces a hearing next month and could lose his license. no comment from the dentist today. wow. we now know it took the new town shooter less than five minutes to murder 26 innocent women and little children. so, in perhaps less time than it takes to you make your morning coffee, adam lanza fired more than 150 bullets at terrified first graders and their teachers and administrators who rose to protect them. that among the litany of information that investigators have just released along with search
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warrants from lanza's home and school. at the house, more evidence of how adam lanza's mother supported her troubled son's gun habits. teams found two rifles there and a gun safe in adam lanza's bedroom. they also discovered a card that contained a check from his mother with a note money so he could buy himself another gun. adam lanza used one of his mother's guns to kill her in her bed on that december morning. investigators say he he went to his former elementary school, sandy hook and shot his way. in used a bush master ar 15 rifle like this one to murder everybody he could and shot himself with a glock. the warrants show police found adam lanza dead on a classroom floor dressed in military style clothing. he still had hundreds of bullets remaining. that's not all they discovered. rick leventhal is live in our newsroom. what else did these investigators find, rick? >> shep, inside lanza's honda that he parked in a fire lane at the show loaded shotgun and 70
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shells. at the house police seized morbid photos and collision along with numerous computers and electronics including a smashed hard drive from his room. bullets handguns shotguns were discovered stored in a shave, shoebox, file cabinet. bayonet, spear and three sam mur rye swords. journals were taken by the fbi perhaps shedding light on his motive, shep. >> shepard: lawmakers are now reacting to all of these revelations about adam lanza's arsenal. >> well, connecticut legislators have been debating changes to state gun laws ever since the shooting and this afternoon some said these warrants only confirm the need for tighter restrictions and a vote could come as early as next wednesday. >> shepard: rick leventhal in our newsroom. rick, thanks so much. >> sure. >> shepard: shame on us if we have forgotten, newtown what president obama is saying as support for new gun restrictions is fading. today the president invited
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sandy hook families to the white house to put new pressure on congress to pass gun control. but some republicans are threatening to filibuster the president's proposals claiming they only punish or they punish only law abiding americans. we will hear from both sides coming up as fox reports live tonight. another huge milestone for all of us who have 401 k's. the s&p close toe -- closed today at the highest point ever. erasing all of its losses since the economy tanked in -- the s&p closed up 6 to 1569. it is still a 7 point shy of its record high during the trading day. you can see here just how far it's come. starting slipping in 2007 and hit a steep dive in 2009. made its way back all of that ground. the dow closed at yet another all-time high today as well. up 52 points. just the latest record it set since that huge rally threeweeks ago. the fox business network's gerri willis is live in her
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studio. what's behind all these great names? >> great news there. federal reserve stimulating the economy. getting investors to pile on stocks rather than bonds. another thing going on here. s&p companies have big profits up 3.3%. that's a big move. in fact, it's 41% higher than way back in 2007 when things were so bad. so we're seeing better profits and the federal reserve standing behind this market. >> shepard: like rising balloons. it never lasts. >> no. [ laughter ] there is a big debate on where the market is is going to go next. a lot of analysts out there don't have a lot of confidence that it can keep going higher. their batting average frankly is not always perfect. keep your eye on numbers next week. manufacturing numbers coming out. we will have some jobs data very soon. tomorrow you get a day off because markets are closed. shep? >> shepard: gerri willis from the fox business network, thanks so much. without warning the earth began to move and by the time it was over, one house was gone, dozens in danger. now for the first time we're hearing from the
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homeowners who could lose everything after this massive land slide in washington state. plus, the baby murdered in his stroller. a horrific crime and now word that police have uncovered a possible key piece of evidence. that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. a dun. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello." new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products, and whiten your teeth in just 2 days. new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do.
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for under $200 a month. visit today. >> shepard: some families are waiting to find out if they can ever go back to their homes after enormous landslide crashed down a hill in washington state. knocked one home off the foundation and threatened more than 30 others. happening on an island in washington state in the puget sound area. early yesterday, folks say a section of earth, more than 1,000 feet wide just pealed loose from the hillside and blasted down toward the homes. and it's not over. not yet. >> look up to the top there, you can see it's constantly sliding. it hasn't hit that point of equal.
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>> here is what that looked like before and after the landslide. nobody has been hurt thankfully. other homes are in danger. dan springer with the news live on windy island about 50 miles north of seattle. dan, how is it looking tonight or this afternoon. >> it's looking like a lot of people have more of a sleepless night, more sleepless nights ahead for many people on this picturesque island in puget sound even the ones allowed to go back home this afternoon when they got some good movement about land movement or lack thereof. near misses like breath holmes who said when his backyard disappeared down a 200 foothill it sounded like earthquake. dead flashlight battery may have saved his life. he was checking out the initial slide in the dark. splash light died. the turned on new lie the place where he was standing was gone. today more ground slipped away.
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if they will off last night this was still all here. there was a sun flower memorial garden for my stepmother. >> the fire chief says the land here has been moving for thousands of years it is a slide area. virtually every spring. they are just not this big usually. soil engineers will figure out what caused this one to be so massive. they will determine how unstable the rest of the bluff is as for trying to stabilize it themselves that is not going to happen. they say they will let nature take its course but the real testing gets going next week when they can drill down and see just how much water is in that soil. shep? >> shepard: dan springer on the island in puget sound. >> shepard: police in georgia say they found a bullet used in the shooting of that toddler there last week. investigators say two teenage suspects shot the 13 month old boy in the face during an attempted robbery of his mother. police have now charged one suspect's sister and mother
4:16 pm
for trying to get rid of the gun. the italian judge who set foxy knoxy free says he has no regrets i might have italy's supreme court ordering new murder trial for amanda knox. the now retired judge overturned the conviction because there is zero evidence that amanda knox killed her roommate while studying in italy. the judge in the blade run arer murder case today ruled that south african oscar pistorius can leave the country while waiting to be tried for murder. sea could you seed of killing the model girlfriend. promised that the client would not run and hide. folks in one european nation today finally allowed to withdraw money from their own bank accounts. nearly two weeks after the government ordered banks to close. officials said they feared a run on the banks when they opened the doors. we will tell what you did happen in a live report from there plus, there is word a television icon will soon be putting down the microphone. the barbara walters retirement report. that's next
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>> shepard: barbara walters is reportedly getting ready to call it quits. telling lots of media outletsz that barbara walters will announce her retirement within a matter of weeks and it will take effect next year. she is 83 now and an an absolute icon in television. her careers lasted more than five decades. she has interviewed everybody from jimmy carter to fidel castro to lady gaga. that was memorable. she is also a co-creator and co-host on "the view" on ar that network or walters have confirmed reports of her retirement. long lines in the troubled island nation that's been threatening the world's economy with its debt crisis. officials in cyprus today reopened most of the banks after a two week shutdown. some folks showed up hours ahead of time as we reported last night officials have imposed some
4:21 pm
major restrictions to avoid a run on the banks. they are not allowed to even cash checks. despite all of that authorities say they expected people to take out as much as 10% of their money today alone. greg palkot with the news live in cyprus capital city. greg? >> shep, as they were fearing a run on banks here it actually went pretty smoothly. not to say that there was some tensions in the crowd and we were there when the folks got into those banks. extra security guards will deployed as well. once inside there wasn't a lot for them to do. restrictions on transactions were tight and one got even tighter today it was revealed could only take a thousand euros or $1,300 out of the country at any one time. the cap on cash withdrawal 300 euros about $380. listen to what a few folks had to say to us. >> get your money out today? >> 300 euros? yeah. >> your maximum. >> the maximum is 300
4:22 pm
euros. >> do you wish you could get more out. >> yes. because my personal opinion i feel the financial system will collapse very soon. >> i feel a bit angry, frustrated. but, in the meantime i think we have to work hard and recover what we have lost. >> the president said the people were calm and he admired that he also said that he would cut his salary by 25% in solidarity. that might not be enough. there are new reports of some suspicious outflows of cash in the weeks leading up to this financial meltdown. a government probe has been announced and as for those cash controls now it's announced they could in place for at least a month, shep? >> shepard: greg palkot live nicosia in cyprus, tonight. a firefighter is recovering after a struck slammed into him on the side of a road. happened tuesday in dayton as he helped at an accident scene on icy highway. i don't know it was an
4:23 pm
accident. do i know it was a crash. two trucks crashed there. here is the first one. [shouting] >> shepard: moments later truck crashed in the exact same spot. >> somehow nobody got hurt too badly his chief says the firefighter should make a full recovery. thousands and thousands of surveillance drones could soon be flying over our country. now there is a new push to let us know where they are and protect our privacy. that should work out perfectly. lawyers for the woman accused of shooting her ex-boyfriend and stabbing him 27 times and soliciting his throat now accuse the prosecutor for misconduct not for questioning in the jodi arias murder trial but what the defense claims he has been doing outside the courthouse and the attempted robbery that went very wrong. at least for the would-be robber. we will show you what happens next as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight.
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>> shepard: south african icon nelson mandela is back in the hospital tonight. is he responding well to treatment for recurring lung infection. back in december the 94-year-old mandela spent three weeks in the hospital for lung infection and to have gallstones removed as well. he has had lung problems for years. nelson mandela contracted tuberculosis during his 27 years in prison for
4:28 pm
fighting south africa's racist white rule. authorities finally released him back in 1990. he went on to become that country's first democratically elected president and its first black president. just hours ago president obama spoke of mandela during a meeting with several current african leaders. >> when you think of a single individual that embodies the kind of leadership qualities that i think we all aspire to, the first name that comes up is nell san mandela and so we wish him all the very best. >> president obama also called him an inspiration. mandela's last major public appearance was in 2010 when they hosted south africa's world cup. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. don't get twitchy. that's what president obama is telling members of congress today as he makes another push for new gun control laws. today the president met with sandy hook families and other relatives of shooting victims and he responded to the new polls
4:29 pm
that show support for tougher gun restriction has dropped since the newtown massacre. >> the entire country was shocked. the entire country pledged we would do something about it and this time would be different. shame on us if we have forgotten. republican senator mike lee of utah says the proposals that president is calling on congress to pass would primarily serve to reduce the constitutional rights on citizens while having little or no effect on violent crime. you will need 60 votes to pass. ed henry on the top story at the bottom of the hour from the white house. this kind of sounds like a shifting strategy for the president, ed. >> it does, shep. first of all they realize what you are saying which is that the momentum has been lost a bit on trying to get dramatic gun control. what they're doing is two
4:30 pm
fold. one, trying to seize the initiative again, bring these families from newtown out as you mentioned and try to get the nation focused again. also, secondly talk less about a ban on assault weapons which has very little chance of passing instead focusing on background checks, take a listen. >> why wouldn't we want to close the loophole that allows as much as 20% to take place without background check. >> bottom line that's much more popular in the polls. that's why they are trying to jump on that. in fact we're told on wednesday the president is going to denver there was a shooting tragedy as well in the suburbs there in aurora. he is going to push background checks next wednesday as well, shep. >> shepard: another republican joining this filibuster fight, huh? >> theart. senator marco rubio a rising star in the republican party. is he going to join rand paul, ted cruze from texas and also mike lee of utah who you mentioned a moment ago to filibuster. this meanwhile, the nra today went out and react to the president's remarks by really pushing back strong
4:31 pm
and saying at one point, quote: the economy is is weak. national debt is mounting. too many americans are out of work but obama campaigns against guns to please the fringe. one challenge for the nra there is there was new information pouring out of connecticut from b. some the investigators about adam lanza. among the details that emerged today he got off 150 shots in just five minutes that kind of information is the kind of thing that can galvanize the nation and get maybe at least some of this gun control through, shep. >> shepard: ed henry at the white house tonight. thank you. how many surveillance drones do you think might be patrolling the skies over the united states by the end of this decade in seven years? try 30,000. that's the new prediction from the feds. and now, a report is calling for the government to come up with privacy guidelines for all those spy planes. catherine herridge is live in our d.c. newsroom. what kind of rules are we talking about here, cat? >> well, shep, if the cops are using a drone to search for a missing kids and they get overhead video of a
4:32 pm
suspected crime in progress, experts say the law is is not clear on whether that tape can can be used in court against you because the best legal standard for privacy is the supreme court case from 1986 that only deals with helicopters and not drone surveillance. and it's already happening. the report citing last year's standoff in north dakota where rodney and members of his family were picked up as the first publicized case were used to arrest a u.s. citizen. the 16-hour standoff was over six missing cattle. the report suggests that chris dorner manhunt in california the former l.a.p.d. cop who killed four last month and then himself also relying on drones. the new report from the national policy center and analysis center in dallas recommending that some privacy guidelines be drawn up by homeland security and the justice department, shep. >> shepard: this report is calling for giving the public total drone awareness or tda. >> it's a new term that we have come up with along with droning at this point. they want to see a national and state database where
4:33 pm
you can go online and check out drone activity like you would check out crime statistics on your block in any city or any neighborhood. and they want to see these drone licenses laying out publicly the conditions of their use. >> where and when they will be using drones. if privacy, you know, they need to have a privacy policy and if privacy violations occur, what's the recourse to people whose privacy has been violated? >> those are really the big questions. how long county government or local cops retain this video? can they use it against you if they don't have a warrant? and, also, what kind of recourse do you have if it is used against you? because the law is just really nowhere on issue that, shep. >> shepard: how could anything go wrong with this? catherine herridge in washington. yeah. thank you. another strange detour today in that murder trial of the woman charged with shooting her ex-boyfriend in the face and stabbing him 27 times with a kitchen knife and then slitting his
4:34 pm
throat though she doesn't remember the last two she says. attorneys of jodi arias accuse the prosecutor of misconduct. taking pictures and signing autographs for fans outside the courthouse. how ito. a tv analyst suggested that a juror might have seen it happen and now it appears the judge may soon question each and every one of those jurors to try to get to the bottom of this now 30-year-old trial. what could all of that mean as the case remains to be seen. but keep in mind the trial which began really way back on january the 2nd has already been full of twists and turns. the created -- x rated testimony the graphic crime scene details. the judge cancelled testimony without any explanation yesterday. adam housley has been following it for us and he is in our west coast news hub this afternoon. domestic abuse expert on the stand today, right? >> yeah. shepard. you mentioned how long this trial is going. 38 days now completed. they are off tomorrow. half day today. they are off on monday because of the holiday.
4:35 pm
get going again on tuesday. you mentioned domestic abuse expert. alice, she has been on the stand basically two days. she talked about how she interviewed jodi arias for 44 hours. went through crime scene videos and talked to friends and other people involved in this case having conducted interviews with them as well. she said that jodi arias' own father had issues with her and her father that caused problems. travis alexander was aggressive and she became tolerant of that aggression. >> she was vulnerable which was about coming out of that relationship, that she wanted stability, which she talked about, that she met someone who appeared to be very stable, who was of a faith that really supported and appreciated family. and that she was probably not real strong with her boundaries, her ability to say no.
4:36 pm
>> alice is back on the stand first thing tuesday morning, shepard. no cross-examination of her yet. we're all awaiting that. >> shepard: the last defense witness. but then the prosecution gets another shot at it. >> yeah. you know, and also keep in mind the jurors, as we know, get to ask questions as well. there is is at least two rebuttal witnesses that the prosecution is going to call. we know of that wal-mart employees that will say there was no gas can returned. you might remember that was part of the testimony to show premeditation. also they have their own psychologist they are going to call to the stand as well. those invaluable jury questions. don't expect the jury to get, this shepard, any time soon. >> shepard: adam housley in l.a. thank you. how not to attempt a robbery. that's what surveillance cameras captured at a market in northern california. look at this. you will be able to see the would-be thief check out the store without his mask. see there? then he steps out of view, returns seconds later. now the face is covered. excellent. he hurls a rock at the door there shatters the glass, setting off the alarm. so he runs and trips over a
4:37 pm
parking curb. it all happened earlier this month but investigators just released the video saying they hope it could help them catch the guy. more embarrassing than anything. a new twist of a case of a house explosion that rocked the entire neighborhood. the man charged in that deadly blast now accused of trying to kill again from jail. plus, a lot of parents remind teenagers "do not text and drive." as it turns out it might be better if your kid starts reminding you. that's ahead. and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. now, buy one lobsterfestntree and get one 1/2 off with a coupon at ( crowd chatters and groans ) hunger creeping up on you ? stash a ritz crackerfuls. made with real cheese and whole grain.
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razor sharp performance is waiting for you they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> shepard: the rap sheet for this one suspect in the indiana house explosion got longer. plotting to kill a witness. remember that blast that killed two people and wounded a dozen others. damaged like 33 homes beyond repair? you remember this video. happened in november in indianapolis. the boyfriend and girlfriend who lived at the home that went down plus the boyfriend's brother already face charges of
4:41 pm
murder, arson, conspiracy and now the prosecution says this boyfriend took steps to kill a witness. when he tried to hire a hit man from jail. trace gallagher on this bunch of geniuses. sounds like cops had informant inside there, huh, trace? >> in fact, shep, that informant was in the very same cellblock as the suspect mark leonard and apparently convinced mark leonard that he was a member of a biker gang and that he had access to hit men on the outside. so together these two men began crafting a plan to kill the man that mark leonard ratted him and his girlfriend out for blowing up the house. he figured if he killed the witness then he would simply walk free. the informant put leonard in contact with a hit man who obviously turned out to be a cop. listen. mr. leonard placed a call to the undercover agent which mr. leonard confirmed his intent to have m.d. killed. again, confirmed his willingness to pay $15,000
4:42 pm
for the killing of md. regarding the location of the target's house. >> clearly m.d. was the witness who was going to testify against leonard. and there were many more phone calls to the undercover cop, shep. every one of those phone calls police say was recorded. >> wow, and the instruction was make the murder look like a suicide? >> yeah. to make it appear as if this witness was so distraught over framing mark leonard and his girlfriend that he simply had to take his own life. but mark leonard needed more proof, so he, in fact, one of the undercover cop posing as a hit man to force a confession saying quoting here i want to make it look like a suicide, yeah, see if this way it will get me out of jail pretty much instantly. if you have him call 911 from his cell phone i want him to say i did not mean to frame mark and mawnsy for their own house in
4:43 pm
richmond hills, they have me out of here in days i bet. he bet wrong police say they have enough evidence to put mark leonard away for a very long time. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles tonight. an international organization claims that american drivers should pay more for gas. this comes as triple a reports a gallon of regular here in the united states averages about 27 cents cheaper than the same time last year the group making this demand is imf international monetary fund it helps bailout economically troubled countries and keeps tabs on the global economy. almost every nation in the world is an imf member, including the united states. it doesn't have any real power here. the fox business network peter barnes is live in our new york newsroom. what is the imf wanting and why? >> well, shep, the imf is suggesting 1.40 a gallon increase in u.s. tax gas tax could say help with climate change and help with budget deficit. this would triple gas taxes in the u.s. and send the
4:44 pm
price of a gallon of gas north of 5 bucks. imf officials david lipton said, quote: the time has come for subsidy and reform and carbon taxation but another imf official says the numbers for the u.s. as well as some other nations are just for their information just recommendations and advise any country that wants to move ahead, shepard. >> shepard: this is the only thing of the day that i'm positive will not happen. >> this idea is in park here in washington. the republican chairman of the house energy and commerce committee fred upton said good grief! higher gas tax also hit those who can least afford it the most and would be disastrous for the u.s. economy though the imf says taxes could be phased in to limit the impact but congress has not been able to agree on higher gas taxes since 1993. the last time it raised them. still, consumers appeared split. >> it's already expensive enough and i'm not sure what business it is of the
4:45 pm
imf to say what our taxes ought to be. >> i think we need to tax gasoline more. we know that the gas tax has not been keeping up with inflation. we need money for infrastructure development. i think they should increase the gas tax and i think i would be very supportive of it. >> the obama administration has said it does not support specific carbon taxes. shep? >> shepard: peter barnes live in washington. thanks. when it comes to texting and driving. the biggest abufers may not be teenagers after all but adults. many say they know it's wrong but they do it anyway that from an at&t study. nearly half admitted we text and email while driving. out of those adults, 98% say yeah, we know it's unsafe. in an earlier survey 43% of 15 to 19-year-olds admit texting behind the wheel. -year-olds, really? average of 9 people are killed every day in distracted driving crashes. two people dead another seriously hurt after a wall
4:46 pm
collapsed on top of them and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. australia. that wall came crashing down on to the sidewalk near a vacant construction site in melbourne. the nation's second largest city. the bricks trapped three people. witnesses say passers by desperately dug through the rubble trying to free the victims. rescuers rushed a teenager to the hospital. a police source reportedly says strong winds could have brought down the wall. chile. student threw molotov cocktails to cops as a rally turned violent in the capital city of santiago. this was the latsest in a year of regular protests calling for education reform. tuition costs in chile are among the world's highest. india, a massive fire ripped through a cardboard factory in the northern state. workers got out safely although one of them was hurt. no word on the cause.
4:47 pm
united kingdom. a 50-year-old man in wales is an internet sensation thanks to his skills juggling a soccer ball. he posted this youtube video of himself just a few days ago. it's already racked up more than 200,000 views. organizers of the championship have reportedly invited him to perform at next sunday's opening ceremony in dubai. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> around the world is brought to you by the verizon share everything plan. >> a former united states soldier now accused of conspiring with al qaeda-linked groups in syria. this is the first such case since the civil war began there two years ago and the details are next. shoot. now with the share everything plan from verizon, connect your camera, along with your smartphone and tablet. all your devices connected
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>> shepard: this one is a first. the first american accused of fighting with al qaeda in syria. the feds report a soldier -- i should say a former u.s. army soldier plotted to use a rocket-propelled grenade, a charge that could get him life in prison. syrian rebels gave him the very creative nickname the american. prosecutors say he went to syria in january to fight against president bashar assad. before that he joined protesters in the takedown of the egyptian president hosni mubarak. the veteran tells he considers himself a muslim freedom fighter. and in syria's capital city at least 10 people dead and many more wounded after rebel fighters shelled a university campus. that's according to syrians state run media. it reports the shells struck the school's cafeteria today. we can't confirm this independent report or any of them. word of these attacks have become more common in recent weeks as rebels continue to battle government forces in damascus. the civil war began more than two years ago and the united nations estimates
4:52 pm
more than 70,000 people have died. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is in tonight. the fighting is previously -- really intensifying in damascus. >> yes, the number of attacks inside the capital city are certainly growing in number and intensity right now. even white house officials using their cautious language admitted they have seen what they have called increased tempo in the fighting in damascus but it still appears that the rebels do not have the fire power to land a knockout blow. some experts, including michael o'hanlon of the brookings institution believed that it may now be time for the west to take more firm action, perhaps a no-fly zone. listen. >> i would not do it unilaterally. i think it's usual that we have arabs behind us and also our allies in europe. i think we have to send a message that this war is not going to be allowed to continue like this forever and assad is not going to be allowed to win. we say that to ourselves all the time but they don't
4:53 pm
believe it in damascus and they don't believe it in moscow. we have got to make them believe it interesting point for michael that they simply do not believe in damascus and moscow that this is the end game for president assad. he still believes and his back is in moscow that he can survive all of this. >> shepard: speaking of assad. we heard so little from him. last few days nothing. >> this is very interesting. there have been all manner of speculation and rumor about his whereabouts and well-being on the internet. but we haven't seen him. now, this picture was published by the state syrian news agency today. they say that it was taken today. we cannot confirm that and at the moment, we simply do not know the whereabouts of president assad. he may simply be hold up in the presidential palace. he could already have fled to the west of the country that is his real home. >> shepard: jonathan, thank you. syria joined two other notorious nations to block a treaty on international weapons. the syrian's banned together with iran and north korea to stop the
4:54 pm
treaty from passing. united nations agreement is supposed to regulate the international armed trades, ambassadors for those three countries say they have problems with the text, no word on exactly what those problems might be. normally the pope washes the feet of the priest before easter. this time we have a new pope and he has changed things up a bit with a trip to a prison. you will see what happens there. and why it is causing quite a stir. ncer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke gives you 360 degrees of smooth for goddess skin you can feel and feel. ♪ i'm your venus only from venus embrace.
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>> shepard: pope francis once again living up to his nickname as the people's pope. the new pontiff today washed and kissed the feet of 12 young inmates at one of rome's youth prisons. i also included two women in the ritual which is a pretty big deal because the rules are supposed to restrict it to men. one vatican advisor noted as a leader of the church the pope was only breaking his own rules. traditionally the pope washes the feet of priest during the surf mass at
4:58 pm
basilica in rome. pope francis expressed recent message urging followers to help the poor and the suffering. before we go our team's top five things of the day number five an american and two russians blasting off shorter path to the international space station. usually a two day trip this one expected to take six hours. teen survived taliban attack writing book about the shooting. not ready to seep deal in which the suspect would plead guilty to accept the death penalty. number 2 the s&p 500 closed today at highest level since 2007. seven points shy of all time trading record and number one tonight, u.s. officials for the first time sent two nuclear capable b 2 stealth bombers. it comes with tension in north korea war could break out at any moment and that's "the fox report's" top five.
4:59 pm
and on this day in the year 1963, alfred hitchcock's the "the birds." scared the first bunch of movie goers during world premier right here in new york city. after buying the film rights to the novel on which it is based, hitchcock set out to top his previous hit thriller "psycho." he hired expert bird train tore catch thousands of seagulls and crows and ravens to help realize vision of nature turning on man with actress tippy headron as the leading lady. 380 special effects unmankd until star wars hit 15 years later. oscar for special effects. critics recognize it as one of hitchcock's best. "the blizzards" first flew on to the big screen 50 years ago today. enough to you know the news for this thursday march the 28th, 2013. thanks for having us


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