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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  March 30, 2013 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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follow the stock and what people don't know. >> neil: morning, noon and night. i'm kidding. thanks all very much. that will do it here. cost of freedom the place for business. >> eric: the irs boldly going where no government agency gone before spending your hard earned tax money. more proof it's high time to bring the size of government babbling down to earth. and critics clubbing nike over tiger woods. is this smart or morally wrong? plus, just as we're learning how much healthcare is costing americans, now we will cover those that aren't even americans. "cashin' in" starts right now. >> i'm eric boling. are a crew, wayne rogers,
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jonathan hoenoig and tracy burns and monica crowley and christian dorsey. welcome everybody. as you sit home and write out your tax check to uncle sam. take a look what the irs has been spending your money on. >> it's worse than we thought. there is money laundering, bribery it's running rampant in the streets. >> remember what is important. enhancing the taxpayer experience. >> i dreamed i would be rich and famous. >> me, too, that is why i became a public servant. >> eric: they claim the training tapes were made a few years ago and actually helped save taxpayer money but landmarks on both sides not buying it and demanding answers. jonathan, you say you have the answers already. >> eric, if we want to live and prosperous, we have to slash and burn. my god. this is outrageous.
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government is parasitic and they spend their entire budgeted on total wastes of money like this because they know if they don't spend it, they won't get the money next year. the irs is probably the most pa thet i believe. their budget is $12 billion a year, think about it it's $40 for every man, woman and child for them to actually take 40% of your earnings. we need policemen and not parasites. >> what is pa they had i can you are almost spock here. >> this is my normal attire. >> eric: there are so many places that waste, fraud and abuse happen in d.c., this is just another gross example, no? >> well, eric, it's ludicrous. not only a waste of taxpayer money but badly made, i mean they are acting as bad and production is awful.
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they actually put a laugh track that is outrageous and ridiculous. when you say -- why use those particular things. gilligan's island, by the way, i want you to know, i was out fishing this morning and i found this in a bottle, you know like on gilligan's island. i found the answer and it says about the irs, all of you are fired. >> neil:. now we get videos and star trek, we're going to roll a zombie video. i love zombies. >> i've never seen an episode of star trek but kurt out si of the irs i feel i have. i want to thank them for that.
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if our fiscal situation was outrageous this would be laughable. by way of apologizing the irs said we wouldn't make the videos today. they were made 2010 when we had trillion dollar deficit. government has no profit motive. for there is no motive for them to run efficiently. when they are dealing with taxpayer money and sick even ri happening by the tax collection agency, it's so outrageous. these are things that grab the public's attention. gilligan's island, sar trek, soda bans in new york city. then you can educate them about the incredible waste and fraud. >> these videos are funny but they are not aren't so funny. >> they are horrible videos. let me give you math. they cost all of $60,000. by producing a video the irs
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didn't spend a million and a half in training costs. using that math, that sounds like a pretty smart and prudent move. $60 --6,000 spent and mill and a half saved. >> i have to ask you. where did you come up with a million and a half? >> that is what the irs said they saved by producing the video i should have known. if that is case why would they say in today's today and age why did we make them? look, if that is the case -- >> they are horrible videos. >> the money shouldn't have been spent. at that point we're nickel and diming, but it's the principle they think they could getwith t. put ginger in a bathing suit but unfortunately it's our money.
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>> those there is video and training videos and trips to the west coast. there is the zombie weekend where we spent thousand dollars per head to send law enforcement officers to place to go role play if the zombies attack? >> add it up and it adds up to quite a bit of money. to monica's point, every american has tightened his or her belt but government has no incentive because they only survive by force and irs is worse of the bunch. it's to prove that you cut a little bit from government and it's not going to be the lights going out. in fact the economy will thrive if we cut government. videos are terrible but the irs is more terrible. >> eric: did they offer you a role in any of these? >> no, thank god they didn't. if i had been desperate i would
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have taken one. this is so outrage out and moron could have produced and directed this. was really just awful. you come back to the thing about incentive and all of that, yes about the sequester, for example the president said in his speech -- oh, my goodness the people who sweep the halls in the white house, they are going to have cut those jobs. in the meantime, you he is going to play golf with tiger woods. it's the high pock chris with everyone in the government that looks at these things and doesn't think. we only spent $60,000. that means a lot to guy that earns $8 an hour. >> i have to defend the irs for four seconds. they don't neighboring the rules they enforce them. it's the bone heads in congress that come up with luny tax credits, who am i going to give
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money to this month. they say the irs, go enforce it. and people don't have a brainpower to do it. so unfortunately think are coming up with stupid ways. >> eric: monica, take a look at the tweet william shatner put up. he says, so i watched the irs. i am appalled at the waste of u.s. tax dollars. >> when captain kirk is slamming this you are in bad shape. nobody in the irs said they are going to run the script, nobody had the presence of mind, this may be a really bad idea. this is costing the taxpayer money. we are itself tax collection agency. we are relying on good sense and good judgment. >> eric: i wanted to give christian one last shot? >> it's not about defending them. $60,000 is what we're talking about and yet $450 billion is
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cost the u.s. economy through tax collection. >> they could open the white house tours for a while. >> nike getting clubbed for this new ad featuring tiger woods. are they choosing money over morals? and illegals demanding flee health care. should they get it? we'll debate it and you decide it. ♪ ♪ ♪ sweet emotion ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the only patch for the treatment
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in midair during training on thursday. he is from pennsylvania and highly decorated of field team 6. other seal is stable condition. a group of airports asking to stop faa from shutting down towers. in response to the spending cuts known as sequestration. affected areas fearing the move could put passengers in danger. i'm arthel nevil. we'll get balk to "cashin' in." eric boling is in the house. for the latest, go to ♪ ♪ >> eric: nike creating controversy with the new tiger woods ad. winning takes care of everything but critics are blasting them for putting money ahead of
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morals. they say money may fix things on the golf course but it doesn't fix a broken reputation. monica, you disagree? >> tiger woods is not a priest or any kind of moral arbiter, he is professional athlete. that what they are using in the campaign was spoken by tiger woods in a different context, context of competing with greg norman. it's about provocative images, getting people talking and getting a buzz to sell a product. more power to nike because here we are on fox news talking about the campaign. >> eric: do you have a problem with the ad? >> they were smart to say just do it right because you can't do that anymore. he got himself trouble in the first place. it tells the world, as long as you are athlete you can screw up
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six times through tuesday, there is no accountability because you can get a little ball in a little hole. it says a lot of things about the society. there is no accountability. >> eric: christian can you let people this a little about the hole and a little ball. >> if you have an objection about his behavior which i do, you don't talk about tiger woods and nike. nike is the evil genius. all this controversy is driving more people to think about the company and think about tiger woods than otherwise. this is completely not relevant to anything about moral standards or anything. nike is a company. they are highs sponsor. that is way business is done. >> eric: nike is a business, it's not a religion. it's a business and business of
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making money for its share holders. does it not help them? >> i don't know whether it helps them or not. if i was running nike advertising group, i am not so sure i would take that quote. ray lewis was indicted for murder, all these people that have gotten great sponsorship has to do with the business. that has to do with nike's decision. if you are going to make a moral about it. i remember a kid shooting pool in a pool hall and when the great scorer comes to mark against your name, he writes not whether you won or lost but how you played the game. >> eric: well done. jonathan, i go to church every single sunday and i light candles over st. patrick's but i understand between markets and my faith. should nike rethink this ad? >> no, nike stock is all time
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high. i tell you, tracy your position it mystifies me here. it's not tiger committed child abuse. like bill clinton, like david petraeus he had marital difficulties which were resolved. i think to monica's point, nike is is a sports equipment company and purchase is on to make money for shareholders. the stock seems they are doing everything right. >> he has marital issues? prostitution is illegal at least where i come from. what the hell are we saying to our kids, it's okay. >> eric: calling it a healthcare free for all. >> everyone get sick and many of us don't have healthcare. >> saying that everyone should have affordable health care. >> does that mean everyone, everyone. >> eric: even those that aren't here illegally want you to pay
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free healthcare for illegals and if they get their way how much would you have to play . stockings are run
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: here is something for you to think about as your healthcare skyrockets. illegals want you to pony up for their coverage.
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>> i am undocumented but i dream one day we will be treated as one people. >> because we are all one people. >> one people. >> we work hard. >> we're sure. >> yet many of us don't have healthcare. can i get health insurance. >> now the country has spoken saying everyone should have affordable health care. >> does that mean everyone, everyone. >> eric: so folks that aren't supposed to be here want folks that are to pay for the healthcare? >> this entitlement issue on steroids. we have medicare and medicaid they are going broke and they are bankrupting the country. we can't afford to take care of them. i don't mean in this in a heartless way. system we have now even before obamacare, anyone nib that walks into an emergency room they are taken care of we don't leave people dying on the streets. now, they want coverage and i'm sorry, we can't afford it.
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>> eric: you say we give away so much stuff you want to come back as than illegal next time? >> yes, i do. just think about this, fathom a government that requires everyone to be insured but does not require everyone to be a citizen, yet all who are citizens will pay for all of those that are not. give me a break. there is something massively i will logic and the government can't figure it out. >> eric: you disagree with wayne and monica? >> i have been on this program where you have assaulted the affordable care act for the individual mandated requiring people to buy health insurance. commercial i say, immigrants we want in on that action. we want to buy in to the health care system. we want to pay into the affordable care act. it's not about getting a free ride. it's actually paying for health insurance so they don't cost the system more in emergency visits and going without care. >> eric: hold on. jonathan, christian says he want
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all the 12 million illegals but if you do the it would probably cost america around $80 billion to do this. >> eric, aren't all men created equal. if all men are created equal every man has a right to healthcare. this ad is about obamacare which established healthcare as a right. who has a right to free health care? nobody, not immigrants or u.s. citizens. a right to action not a freebie from somebody else. that is why obamacare has to go. >> the system is backwards. a lot of these guys are working. a lot of of americans don't want the jobs that these guys take. they are adding to society. do i think they deserve it? no, think take the test and learn the language, do what you are supposed to do. at the same time christian is on to something, you are actually helping society if we keep them
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healthy. >> eric: we wanted to say thank you for joining us this week. coming up, stocks on a record tear on wall street, but is there a serious threat looming that could run stocks and the economy right back down? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. a wand, some wings, soup with good things. sidewalks and doodles and wholesome noodles. puddles and pails and yes, puppy dog tails. for a lunch like this, there's a hug and a kiss. because that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> time for what i need >> time for what do i need to know. >> everyone is askingts what could derail it? watch the north korean matter. he is targeting specific cities, l.a., washington. >> you mean the kim jong. >> yes, the crazy heir. >> i am not crazy about the market, but biotech is a great long-term play. you run very little risk that in the long-term you are not going to get a big plug for
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it. >> how about you, jonathon? what about this week? >> it is great to see stocks rising even with bad news out there. and even with all of the tumult in cypress, thisy are doing well. they are doing well. strong stock even with bad headlines. i own a capitalist pig and think it could do well. >> great show. thank you, everybody. that's it. before we go, this week we learned that the clowns in dc have spent over a million bucksd on puppets. now folks, you may have noticed we changed the focus of cashing in. we are committed to shining washington waste. call us your washington watchdog, keeping an eye on your tax dollars. so until they get it, we won't stand down while they spend up. thanks for another great week, everybody.


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