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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 30, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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weekend. it is good friday and we have easter sunday coming up. we went the whole week without talking about the washington, d.c. have a great weekend. happy easter and see you back here on monday. hello, everybody. welcome to a new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> thanks for joining us. topping the newses this hour, -- the news this hour north korea pouring gas on the fire. they issued a new warning that is rattling nerves and the white house is responding. a live report on the latest prove provocation. >> and we are waiting for the all clear from a medical nightmare. testing begins for thousands of patients who may have been exposed to hiv and hepititis, all stemming from the clinic of this oral surgeon in oklahoma. we will bring you the latest on this major health scare. and then we will lighten the
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mood a bit. >> are you going to clean your home in a quickie when you use your sticky. >> the cleaning products work perfectly on television, but will they actually get your house in tip top shape? consumer reports rolls up its sleeves to help us find out ?ie. we begin with north korea stepping up the rhetoric and getting some attention for it this hour. the dictator of the communist regime said it is entering a state of war with south korea. this after his threat yesterday to strike the u.s. mainland. ordering missal units to prepare for an attack on u.s. bases in a moment's thts. the military footing adding to the tension. here is a picture north korea released showing president kim jong-un and his generals in what looks like some kind of a war room and on the wall a map that appears to show a diagram of missal routes targeting hawaii, los angeles, washington and austin, texas. the u.s. is now considering
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its next move with a country that has a long history of trouble making. elizabeth is live in washington with more. elizabeth? >> we are getting fresh reaction from the security council. a spokeswoman released a statement and in part it says we take these threats seriously and remain in contact with our south korean allies. but we would also note that north korea has a long history of rhetoric and threats. today's announcement follows that familiar pattern. she went on to say the council and the defense department remains fully prepared and capable of defending the u.s. and our allies. >> it has rach cheted up. it has ratcheted up, the danger, and we have to understand that reality. we, the united states, south koreans, all of the nations in that region of the world are committed to a pathway to
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peace. >> this while kim jong-un's steady stream of threats continue to escalate. his statements reaching an all-time high. he is threatening to shutdown ksong industrial complex. it is a zone of dozens of manufacturing plants from north and south korea. it is not far from the de mill tar rised border. the park that operates normally does produce and did produce about $47 million worth of goods last year alone. south korea says the threat is , quote, unhelpful to the country's already very unstable relations. yet the young leader continues his chest pounding rhetoric. he claims to be respond together military drills in neighboring south korea. state department officials say the decision to send the b2 bombers is part of normal and annual exercises. it is believed north korea has the missal -- does not have the missal technology to strike the u.s. mainland, but it is capable of targeting neighboring countries and even selected u.s. military bases
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within those regions. back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. now let's get a little context on north korea's military. it has more than 1,000 short and medium-ranged missiles and the armed forces have approximately 1.3 million active personnel. the north also has more than 600 combat aircraft at its disposal. when it comes to lifestyle, the north korean people are particularly living in the dark ages. we do mean dark. look at this nighttime image of the korean peninsula. you can see south korea is lit up. there is just a faint glimmer around pyongyang, south korean per cap tau incomes are also about 17 times those of north koreans. >> so what is the end game to the growing tension? could north korea go beyond the threats to actually some action? we will discuss this a little later on in the hour. also we are tracking this, a developing story this hour
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on a parachuting accident that killed a navy seal. it happened during a regular training exercise in arizona. we are learning about the seal who died. bred david shadel was a member of seal team 6. the elite squad that killed osama bin laden. no word if he actually participated in the raid. another navy seal was injured in thursday's accident. an investigation is underway. this is the third fatal military training accident since february. the other two incidents left 14 marines dead. families and survivors of the fort hood shooting expressing outrage as the defense department is refusing to award purple hearts to those injured. according to a defense department document obtained by fox news, new legislation needed to present the honor requires labeling the attack a terrorist attack, but the department of defense believes that doing so would prevent major nadal hassan from
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getting a fair trial because it may directly and indirectly influence potential court panel members and witnesses. hassan accused of going on a shooting rampage in 2009. 13 people were killed and dozens were injured. we are learning new information about the man suspected of killing colorado's prison chief. authorities now saying parolee evan spencer ebel was released from prison more than three months early. mostly due to his participation and program designed to encourage better behavior for prisonerss in solitary confinement. the tragic irony here is the man he is suspected of killing , tom clements, was a big supporter of the programs. he was killed earlier this mornings shot in the chest, as he answered the door of his home in colorado. ebel died a few days later in a shootout with the police in texas after leading them on a high speed car chase. >> now to a growing health care. oklahoma dentist
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is accused of using unsan terry instruments on his patients in what investigators are calling a, quote, perfect storm for infections. and now hundreds of anxious medical patients are rushing in to get tested for fear they may have been exposed to hiv or hepititis. david miller joins us live. >> rick, it was first come, first tested in tulsa today. this for former patients of dr. scott harrington. 420 people waited in line at a city clinic for a free screening to see if they tested positive for hiv and hepititis. the test results won't be known for up to three weeks. authorities notified all 7,000 patients from the doctor's records. his medical files only went back six years. up until last week the doctor was treating patients in his two offices in the tulsa area for three decades. sham other people are at risk? -- how many other people are at risk? it is not known. the doctor handed in his license after a patient with no known other health risks
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tested positive for hepititis. authorities found numerous violations including improper use of sterilization equipment. the doctor has thought spoken publicly since the health scare erupted. according to one health care expert, doctors when treating a patient should always take precautions. >> as a surgeon, i always treat everybody a -- as they may have hiv or hepititis b and c. utmost sterilization skills need to be used. you have to be careful how you use your gloves and run a clean practice. >> the oklahoma dental association has branded dr. harrington and i quote, a menace to the public. as i mentioned, he has not spoken publicly since the health scare erupted. but next month that might change. he is slated to attend a hearing that could result in the removal of his state certification. rick? day david lee miller, thanks. >> there is new information on a massive landslide in
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washington state. officials urging the public to stay away from the site in this cliff side neighborhood! it is easy to see why. take a look at these pictures, the before and after. the landslide damaging several properties and forcing evacuations for nearly three dozen homes. dominique is live from our los angeles bureau. dominique? >> you know this is an astonishing sight in whidbey island. the authorities even can't get over the scale of how much earth moved. >> this was a surprise of its size. it is huge. it is a tremendously large landslide we were not expecting. nobody expects these types of things. we are constantly watching to make sure the areas that are adjacent to either side or other areas that look like this, that they are not also experiencing issues. >> wisely so they are keeping the public back even though homeowner are desperate to get
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in their property to see if there is is damage or to salvage jig they can. -- anything they can. what the department started toking is building earth parts so foot terrain and foot traffic can get in. there has been a bit of progress additional to the road. water is back on at some homes, but not the lights. no indication of when the power is going to come back on. and it looks like it will be an expensive bill for those who have got mostly vacation homes. indications are regular home and business insurance won't be covering for the landslide. a geo technical firm will test the area to determine how long the land shift has been active. science says is the earth has been moving slowly for 10 years. it was a case of when it was going to happen, but they didn't know when and it could happen again. we'll see what the results give next week. and when people can return to their properties, arthel back
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to you. >> thank you. we are getting word this saturday of a major hurdle cleared as senate negotiators are working toward comprehensive immigration reform. this is an agreement that could lead to a guest worker program in the u.s. the new york senator chuck schumer mediating the negotiation between the head of the chamber of commerce, tom donohue, and the head of the afl-cio. the terms of the agreement are not yet public, but a source close to the talks says it resolves disputes over wages and which industries would be included. senator schumer is part of a bipartisan group of eight senators working on immigration reform. an agreement on the guest worker program improves the odds of congress perhaps passing a broader immigration bill. >> new pressure on president obama to move forward on the keystone oil pipeline. the 1700 mile pipeline would transport oil from canada to refineries in texas. republicans say it would boost the economy by making energy
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more affordable. but the obama administration has put the project on hold because of environmental concerns. chief washington correspondent james rosen takes a closer look at the issue. >> greetings from washington. about two weeks remain in a 45-day period of public comment on the latest environmental impact study released on keystone. and then after that around mid-april the ball will be back in the obama administration's court. portions of this 875-mile pipeline are being built. but portions have been held up by the obama administration citing environmental concerns as envisioned by the trans canada corporation, the pipeline would actually be the second of two. it would bring on-line an estimated 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day. >> it has now been more than 1600 days since the initial permits were filed for building the pipeline. to put that in perspective, it took the united states a little more than 1300 days to win world ward 2, and it took lewis and clark about 1100
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days to walk the louisiana purchase and back. >> on friday the environmental protection agency proposed new regulations on the levels of sulfur and gasoline and emissions from tail pipes. if finalized these mandates would take affect in 2017 while acknowledging the cost of a car could rise $130 and epa says the rules will prevent thousands of deaths each year and save more than 20 billion in annual health care costs over the next two decades. the tradeoff between a less than a penny increase in gasoline for tens of thousands , fewer cases of respiratory ailments like asthma in children and thousands of lives saved is an indication that they have done a lot of work on this and am sis. analysis. he added, there will be an opportunity for public comment and we are going to continue to work with industry and other relevant stakeholders to put a policy like this in place. unquote. >> energy industry spokesmen
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says it could cost another 9 cents per gallon at the pump and will ultimately add to pollution levels as the plants retool to meet mandates. james rosen, fox news. coming up this week, the supreme court took up two major cases dealing with same sex marriage. next, hear why some say whatever the outcome, the court's decision may have very little real world impact. >> and a heroic rescue caught on tape. how one subway passenger didn't think twice and saved a man from certain death. >> plus as we told you at the p to of the -- at the top of the show, north korea stepping up its rhetoric. making threats just one day after threatening to strike the u.s. just how concerned should the u.s. be? we will talk to an expert.
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a quick check of the headlines now and we are following some breaking developments out of paris. right now a security scare at the eiffel tower has just been cleared. nearly 1400 people were evacuated following reports of a bomb threat. a good samaritan springs into action to save someone who had fallen on to the tracks at a philadelphia subway station.
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emergency crews say he held the man's head and back stable until help arrived. music producer phil ramone has died. the 14-time grammy award winner worked with legends such as frank sinatra and aretha franklin. he was 72 years old. back to our top story and the white house saying saying it takes north korea's rattling seriously while cautioning that pyongyang has the history of rhetoric. they said it is in a, quote, state of war with south korea. one day after the president issued a threat to attack the u.s. mainland warning that he is to quote, settle accounts with the u.s. jim walsh, expert and mit's security studies program. jim, i feel like we have been talking for years you and i about north korea. >> it is so true. >> is there something about their threats this time that feels different to you? >> you know, this is exactly the right question to ask.
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we have talked about this. i have two different almost contradictory things to say. one, the fundamentals haven't changed. north korea doesn't want to fight a big war because they know they would lose. south korea would beat them on their own. the u.s. and south korea would combine to beat them and they would cease to be a country as we know. having said that, they are not going to start something. they are not suicidal. i agree that the last couple weeks, the last month it feels different. the rhetoric seems more intense. the pace of events is quicker. my view about this is the fundamentals haven't changed. they are not going to start a war by intention deliberately. but i worry about accidental war. i worry about somebody messing up and something happening and then escalation. he is a rookie. the head of not only north korea, but the south korean leader is new, the chinese leader is new, that whole region is filled with new guys.
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>> you are absolutely -- it is a point rarely made. that's exactly right. how many of these folks have experience navigating crisis? how many of these folks have the political stability consolidation strength that in the face of something they feel comfortable enough they will not escalate. when you are weak, that's when you escalate. you feel you have to respond to the other guy because they have done something to you. if you don't do that you look weak. new leaders? that's where they are prone -- that's the way they are prone to act. that's what makes me nervous. >> how about the administration response today? we don't normally hear from the white house with a statement on it saturday, but they did feel the need obviously to respond to what is going on. saying they are taking all of this seriously. what do you think about what the administration is doing and saying? what do you like about it? what don't you like about it? >> you are going to be shocked to hear that i have something in both columns. things i like and things i don't like.
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the things i like, i understand what they are doing. they are trying to reassure south korea. our friend, we have your back. that's normally good foreign policy. we are caught in a cycle here where it is provocation sanction, pro co location -- provocation, sanction. this is clearly not working. something else is going on here. i would -- and i don't know if if -- i get the b52's. they brought in b52's and the b-2 nuclear weapons and nuclear systems to fly them over. >> i told them they would do that. >> they are sending a message to the north koreans and the south koreans and to the american public we are on this. that also may have -- you know, that may also have reverb bracing. my main thing is we need to get through this next period. we need to survive, provocations, mistakes and errors. we need a little stability and that's what i am looking for.
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>> one of the other things we said was in a state of war, and it feels like a perpetual state of war and that is the case. there was never any kind of peace agreement after the korean war. what about working toward something like that? that may help them feel better. i hate to even think about the north koreans feelings given what they are going through, but why not broker some kind of a deal that could help them to at least feel a little more secure in their own clothes? >> you are the only person, and i have done uh the lo -- a lot of interviews this week and rut only one to raise it. it is a really good question. obviously they had an air miss it is a which means hostilities ceased. the war hasn't ended, but we are taking a break and that's an armistace. they are technically in a state of war. one of the things the north koreans have want said a peace treaty. we didn't want to give it to them because we didn't want to reward bad behavior.
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we didn't want to make concessions and i get that. i totally get that. but i think it is worth considering. i think we need to get to a point of stability. the problem is a political one. how can obama negotiate with north korea when they are being provocative that he is accused of being weak. it is probably not a bad idea to look into that. >> jim walsh from mit, one of the leading experts when it comes to north korea. good to talk to you as always. thanks so much. >> good to see you. take care. >> good stuff. one of the biggest cheating scandals ever is rocking the public school system in a major city. dozens of teachers are getting caught up in it. what police say motivated the superintendant to let it all slide. >> and pope francis celebrating his first easter vigil since being elected pope as christians around the world prepare for one of their holiest days.
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thank you so much for spending part of your holiday weekend with us. let's get you caught up on the top headlines. north korea saying it entered into a, quote, state of war against the south. they are taking it seriously, but the north koreans are known for rhetoric. and thousands in oklahoma are waiting in line to get tested after concerns they may have been infected with hiv or hepititis. they accused a dental office of being a, quote, perfect storm for infections. >> and widespread riots after bank depositors are told they could lose up to 60% of their
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savings. the move is part of a $20 billion eu bailout. pope francis is ren yes, sir. >>ing the catholic -- is reenergizing the catholic community. the new pope is leading his first easter vigil since his election. they are commemorating the resurrection of jesus christ. and now more from saint patrick's cathedral in new york. >> from the moment he appeared on the balcony, pope francis signals a new direction for the catholic church inspiring a renewed interest. >> i wasn't going as much as i should be. now i am though. he restored my faith. >> i am interested to get into the church and see what he is going to bring. >> the new bishop of rome with his humble style and latin roots is breaking from tradition. on holy thursday, washing the feet of two women. a first for a pope during the
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annual symbolic ritual and a gesture that angered some traditionalists. but pope francis has given the come home campaign a real boost. >> we have seen a resurgeons in the amount of people interested in learning more about the catholic church. we have seen an enthusiasm about this pope we haven't seen in years. >> over the last few decades they lived under the weight of numerous and costly sex abuse cases. the vatican government corrupted by scandal. and then the unthinkable happened. the resignation of a pope. >> once you realize that the seat is empty, the chair of peter is empty there is a sense of loss. >> but then this is the season of easter. as christians all over the world celebrate a save yes, sir -- savior raised from the dead, the catholic church has lived out its own gospel story coming back to life with a pope whose walk mimics his works. >> he is the pope for this
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moment and i think that was what the holy spirit was saying in that conclave. this is the person for this moment. >> in new york, lauren green, fox news. indictments handed down in one of the nation's biggest school cheating scandals. nearly three dozen former atlanta educators including the exsuper inen it dent now -- exsuperintendent facing charges for encouraging and enabling kids to cheat. atlanta used to be a success story, a model for educators in tough, urban schools. but the indictment alleges teachers help children cheat to improve their test scores. former superintendent beverly hall made national headlines in 2009, but quit in 2011 as the investigation heated up. now she denies being involved. but the district attorney said the sanction -- she sanctioned everything because pay bonuses
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were tied to the student's performance. new concerns for recent college graduates looking to for their first big break in the job market. it forces many into low skill, low paying jobs and what was meant as a temporary move for a lot of them is turning into a prolonged under employment. and that is for those lucky enough to find jobs. the national unemployment rate is now 7.7%, but looking at economic policy, institute stats from 2012, more than 19% of recent college grads were then working, but under employed and that is compared to 9.4 who were in that time period. i know you have a child in college right now and this is nothing that any college student or parent of a college student wants to hear. >> no, not at all. she goes to college next year and i hope she gets a job. she is not coming back to my house. i want her out there working. >> oh come on. what do you think is the cause of this?
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there are certain signs as you know and parts of the economy that are beginning to rebound, they are beginning to recover. why has it not yet affected those young kids who are either just out of school or about to get out of school and enter into the job market? >> sure, it is a great point. this study highlights a major issue out there. it is simply supply and demand. there is a lot of people with great degrees. they have job experience. they are out there looking for jobs. so these new college graduates, they really can't compete because they can't show up and say you should hire me. i don't have any experience and i don't have a master's degree, hire me over somebody who does have that and because of the huge supply of these individuals out there, it is a buyer's market for employers like me. i can go out and get somebody with a master's degree and pay them less than i would have 10 years ago. >> it used to be the case that these kids who were fresh out of school were sort of an employer's dream. they could be had cheaply.
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then you could train them to do the job exactly as you wanted them to do. you didn't have to worry about somebody who had acquired bad habits at old jobs. what is changing? how many people are now able to go and get graduate degrees and enter the workforce? >> i encourage anybody. it used to be the idea was you would go to school and go out and get a job and then get your master's degree. i encourage people now to change that up. get your master's degree right now. you are going to have to get that if you are going to be a serious person in the workforce. you are probably going to in a lot of cases have to get a higher degree. i encourage people to do it now. i will tell you this, the other day i lost one of my favorite employees because she choke chinese and she was offered a job four times more than i was paying her. i was not paying her a lot, but paying her enough that it made it a good job if for her. if you know chinese or arabic and you know how to mine the internet, there are certain places including energy where
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there are jobs that are growing. there are certain places, but it is not that widespread because the economy hasn't recovered yet to the point where we are starting to see a lot of job growth. >> you should have paid that young woman more money and she would still be working for you today. you don't want to lose good people like that. >> i know. >> for young people who might be watching or people watching who have kids who are young and maybe trying to think of what kind of course of study they want to pursue when they go to college or when they go to graduate school if they are fortunate enough to be able to do that, you say energy. what else? >> there is -- energy without question. anything that has to do with the global economy because we are seeing morseling across borders than ever before. pick up those languages. also be a salesperson. as an employer i want someone who walks in and says i will help your revenue. not walk in and say i am moreover head. the revenue has to come first and then overhead. be a salesperson. get the sales skills down and that will boost revenue quite
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a bit for a company like mine. i would love to have somebody who came in and increased revenue versus being overhead. >> his company is chawld chap wood investments if there is anybody looking for work. good to talk to you. my best to you and your family. >> you too. new developments in a landmark case involving the 9 lsh slen museum at ground zero -- 9/11 museum at ground zero. find out if the steel cross found at the crash site will be allowed to stand tall or will have to be torn down. >> and the supreme court taking up two major cases dealing with gay marriage. next, hear why some say whatever the out come, the course -- the court's decision may have little world impact.
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brand-new developments in a landmark case involving the 9/11 museum in new york.
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the world trade center cross can be included at the museum because it bears historical importance. the cross is made up of two intersecting beams discovered in the rubble after the twin towers collapsed. atheists brought the lawsuit last summer arguing the government was mingling church and state by enshrining the cross. >> a growing debate now as the u.s. supreme court takes up two landmark hearings dealing with same-sex marriage. they came out in droves this week, but no matter which way the court decides will the ruling have any impact on changing the way people feel about this issue. susan is here and is a fox news contributor and professor of law at the university of southern california. hi, susan. >> hi, art, how are you? >> i'm good, thank you. i want to talk about the people first. i wanted to ask you about the supreme court, but let's start with the folks. do you agree no matter what happens in june when the decision is handed down that
3:43 pm
the people who feel the way they do probably won't change their minds? >> you know, it is funny. on an issue like abortion it is such a matter of belief that i have never seen dramatic changes in public opinion. something is really -- has really happened on the issue of same-sex marriage. if you think back 10 or 15 years, the idea of same sex irnlg ma is appallingsame same-sex marriage is appalling to some people. i think what we have seen and it will continue is that everybody has somebody in their family who is gay or a friend or a neighbor a number of faiths have moved to legalize same-sex marriage. the sky has not fallen. no matter what the supreme court decides, and i will tell you where they will go, the trend the wind is blowing in a certain direction and 10 years from now people will be surprised that we were so hot and bothered about the issue. >> you have a lot of young people now, really young people now thinking what is
3:44 pm
the big deal? let's talk about the public opinion you mentioned. i want to pull the fox news poll and show you that you are right. the winds are definitely shifting. this is regarding legalizing same-sex marriage. in 2003 you had 32% in favor of it. now that is 49%. then you go to 2003 and 58% opposed it and now 46% saying they are against it. it does seem that people are changing their minds. let's talk about this, susan. the aspect of the supreme court, how do you think they are going to decide come june? how is it going to break down? >> remember we did this with obamacare, art? i am 100% certain that it is going to go 6-3. i think it will be 6-3 striking down doma, and i think it will be 6-3 striking down prop 8. but that doesn't mean that the court is necessarily going to
3:45 pm
declare that every state must recognize same sex marriage. i think if you bet, you will have to bet it will be a nay rower ruling and it will at least be 5-4. but i am thinking justice kennedy says sex was okay. he said it was unconstitutional to criminalize the homosexual activity. it will be hard to say sex is okay as long as it is not in marriage. >> let me see if i can understand what you are saying. you say the supreme court will rule that it is unconstitutional to deny people the right to the federal benefits, no you are not saying that? >> they won't go quite that far. they won't say there is a constitutional right. you were get together right answer. they won't say there is a constitutional right to marry. i think what they will say is the federal statute out that denies to states, forget
3:46 pm
individuals, but it denies to states their traditional right to define marriage. i think they will say that is unconstitutional. it is a long tradition that states define mairnl. they decide the age of marriage and waiting periods. so if massachusetts wants to have same-sex marriage, the federal government should not -- >> they will say okay, fine. and if that was -- if california wants to have it they can have it as well. >> california will be a little different too on prop 8. what happened with prop 8 was first they recognized -- >> they changed their mind. >> they recognized it and then changed their mind. when you recognize and then change your mind that's like never having it in the first place. >> we have to wrap it up, but you see it is con vow luted. convoluted. they want clear answers. regardless, you do say that whether now or later that gay marriage will become constitutional. >> absolutely. i think it will become gay
3:47 pm
marriage will not only become constitutional, but it will become so uncontroversial like what do i care who you marry, that we will look back and say why do those people get so hot and bothered about that? >> you know senator rob portman from ohio whose son is gay has come out saying he supports same-sex marriage. of course now you have a bunch of democrat politicians from the democratic side who is rushing to say, wait a minute, wait a minute, i too support same sex mairnl. marriage, what is that about? >> think about it this way, bill clinton as president signed and supported the defensive marriage act. hillary clinton who i think may still be president one day came out right away and put on her website "i support gay marriage." i think the winds have changed. i think the supreme court exists in a political atmosphere. i think people have seen gay couples get married and many with good parents.
3:48 pm
some say married and some get divorced. >> susan, i have to go. >> happy easter. >> thank you. enjoy this sunday, how about i just say that to you? >> you too. >> i want everyone to know, don't forget read the syndicated column in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. take it to rick now. >> this is the sticky -- you know what this is, right? my mother is so excited. we are talking about one of her favorite household products. there are so many cleaning products out there that claim to get the job done, but which ones really do? what's worth the money? consumer reports joins us when we come right back. don't go away.
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perhaps you have noticed watching us on fox newschannel you can't turn on your tv without seeing countless commercials for cleaning products that gets the job done, but which can get your home clean while also helping you save a little green? >> our friends at consumer report shop smart magazine put some cleaning products to the test. and joining us, sue perry. she is the deputy editor of consumer reports, shop smart. >> how are you? >> good, how are you? >> doing well.
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>> we have a couple of winners and losers. >> yes. we tested 12 as seen on tv cleaning products. we were curious to see because they all make you want to go and get them. >> if you call right now. >> you can get two for the price of one. >> let's deal with the losers first. >> here are the losers. the first is the grout bully. you can see it goes on like shoe polish. it goes on like shoe polish and it is supposed to clean your grout and it is supposed to eliminate mildew and clean mold. >> it looks great on the commercial. >> yes, looks great on the commercial. first of all the grout looks like whiteout. it doesn't look clean it looks painted on. it is messy and time-comsuming. we say skip this thing. it does not eliminate mildew. it doesn't clean the mold off. there is an infomercial though called the groutenator and it does work. it works more like sand
3:54 pm
paper. pick that. >> now this, i have seen this ad and i almost bought this. full disclosure i haven't bought it, but almost did. >> don't buy it. >> why not? >> i will tell you why. this is the grill daddy. >> i know what it is. >> it is supposed to be a revolutionary way to clean your grill with steam. basically what this is is a grill brush and a squirt gun put together. that's my own interpretation of it. you put water tht cavity there. it has stiff bristles as you can see, and then you work on a hot grill. then you take the thing and you -- the water is supposed to drizzle down and it creates some steam and it loosens the dirt and that is supposed to clean your grill. that's the revolutionary thing. it did not get our grill spot less. the testers had uncomfortably hot or warm hands as they were working with it. they don't tell you to put an oven mitt on. we say skip it. what you can do is get a grill brush. >> go ahead so this is the
3:55 pm
schticky. >> the schticky buddy and the whole group. this works. it is a lint cleaner. it is a silicone lint cleaner, and it actually is -- you clean it -- >> get out of here. >> it doesn't waste paper like the kind -- >> you don't have to rip it off. you put it under the sink. >> how do you clean it? rinse it off? >> the commercial says you rinse it off and there it is. well no. once you get this full of cat hair and the begunking, you really have to scrub it off. it doesn't come off easily. and then the water because you have rinsed it can hold in the little cavity there. so the next time you go to schticky your dress you could get a drip. it works, but no better than a regular lint roller you get at the dollar store. >> my mom loves it. she loves it and demonstrated it. >> it does work. it works. >> this is a lint lizard. >> this is a great thing.
3:56 pm
this can prevent a dryer fire. >> that's important. >> this is a -- it is called the lint lizard. what it does is it is supposed to go into -- it does, it goes into the vents of your dryer, and this part attaches to your vacuum cleaner. it is ingenuous. it has a thing that goes into your dryer vent and you turn on the vacuum and it suks out the lint you can't get out by hand. it not only makes your dryer more efficient, but prevents a fire. >> schticky and lint lizard, and if you call right now -- just kidding. >> go orange. congratulations syracuse. happy easter jie. happy easter, thank you. yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it i [ man ] so i used mineo get a whole new perspective.
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