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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 31, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> carson's everyone get involved. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> that is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. with will see you back the news does not stop on this easter is sunday. 75 vehicle pileup in foggy conditions. details of an unreal scene. and a developing story in texas. a district attorney and his wife gunned down in their home. at this hour, a man hunt for their killer. >> a texas town on edge. >> so unnerving to the law enforcement community. unnerving to the community at large. >> but now it appears the victims was already fearing for his life. police claim they don't know why it is happening but say the
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killing does not look random. and -- >> the last thing i want to be is disruptive. >> a wounded veteran claims a mall security guard kicked him out for using h his segue scooter but the mall has its own side of the story. ahead, more hero discrimination or a simple case of broken rules. i'm harris faulkner. a new pope and his first easter. leading one billion catholics around the globe. newly elect pope francis demonstrating why he is being corners the poperns of the of the people. he began the morning with a tweet saying accept the risen jesus into your life. take a small step toward him, he awaits you with open arms. he then said easter mass in front of a quarter million in st. peter's square and as we
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heard him do in recent weeks, broke with tradition, entering the crowd in an uncovered popemobile. the kissed babies, shook hands and even accepted a soccer jersey from his favorite team. and then sharing a longae embrace with a disabled child, holding that boy tight. jerusalem forn jam you jum us tonight. >> pope francis i used his first easter as pope to call for peace in the world, specifically praying for peace on the korean peninsula and urging both sides to renew its spirit of regula reconciliatio. since be hing elected three weeks ago, francis placed a special emphasis on helping the poor and those in need. breaking with catholic tradition on thursday by washing the feet of both men and women during the holy thursday service.
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he also prayed for those suffering in syria and here in the holyland. meanwhile, protestants and catholics celebrated easter in jerusalem with services at the church, the site where christians believe jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected. in iraq, christians flocked to churches amidded extremely tight security. several hundred catholics wore worshiped at saint joseph's church in baghdad. >> harris: news of progress toward a deal. one senator, republican marco rubio is warning any kind of history making agreement is premature. we are are learning there is a marriage compromise between business owners and labor groups. the so called gang of eight senators working on this for months. four republicans and four democrats who began putting together a framework for reform in december. steve centanni with the news now in washington. steve?
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he said in his letter you have said the delay for delay's sake would be a mistake in the matter. i agree. excessive haste in the pursuit of a lasting solution is perhaps even more dangerous to the goals many of us share. two members of the gang of eight expressed optimism today. >> as senator rubio correctly says we have said we will not the come to final agreement until we look at all of the legislative language and he is correctly pointing out that that language hasn't been fully drafted. >> we are much closer with labor and business agreeing on the the guest worker plan. that doesn't mean we have crossed every i or dotted every t. >> and another gop senator lindsey graham of south carolina said today "we have a
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deal. the white house is also hopeful. the spokesman saying the president continues to be encouraged by progress made by the bipartisan group of senators. we look forward to seeing a language with you once it is introduced and expect the legislation to move forward as soon as possible. a crucial agreement last week assures guest workers would be paid no less than the median wage in their industry. in washington, steve centanni, fox news. >> a man hunt in texas afte tes after the a district attorney and his wife were murdered in their home. authorities saying the community at large has no reason to be afraid. still, they are stepping up security at the courthouse. this happening just outside the town of forney 20 miles from class. mcclelland recently said he carried a gun everywhere he went, being extra careful since one of his assistants was gunned down just two months ago.
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he was shot to death in a parking lot a block from his office. authorities are not saying yet whether the degrees ar deaths , connected in anyway. the fbi is already looking into whether the killing is related to the killing of the head of the colorado department of corrections who was killed while answering his door. it happened less than two weeks ago. authorities believe a former colorado inmate shot him. no link has been made among any of the murders but the police, fbi agents and texas rangers and deputy its are all investigating. rick levinthal joins us with more on this this. a brand new release inform is the public about the latest on this and you have to for us. >> he said as a former soldier he was prepared for the worst. he also said that he carried a gun even while walking the dog. but he apparently -- it wasn't enough. he was at home.
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he said he took extra care in answering the door. somehow at least one gunman got in and killed the d. a. and his wife reportedly with an assault wifele. a joint investigation now involving local state and federal agencys. >> it is unnerving to the community at large and that is why we are striving to assure the community that we are still providing public safety and we will be able to do that. >> the sheriff said that extra security will be posted at the courthouse where mcclelland work when this opens tomorrow, harris. >> harris: a lot of information there about other people killed. the colorado head of corrections there and then also the assistant to mcclelland. no word yet on any connection. what are they looking at at this point? the. >> it none of them seem random that is for sure and both men appear to have been targeted according to local officials. as you mentioned it is not definitively connected at this-mile-per-hour.
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the assistant d.a. gunned down in a parking lot on january 31 and after that shooting mcclelland was the one that suggested that white supremacists might be to blame and called the killers scum. >> i hope that the people that did this are watching because we are very confident that we are are going find you, we are going to pull you out of whatever hole you are in and we are going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> incredible. now, that man mcclelland is the victim in this case. and ore members of the law enforcement community who are investigating his murder may not also be targeted. >> that is chilling because i remember watching that. that is so chilling and now in the meantime this was not a guy you could necessarily sneak up on and as you say now the other law enforcers are look over their back. >> somebody that knew he might be a target. carrying a gun in his own home he was targeted.
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and these guys are out there trying to investigate h his murder and they may have targets on their backs as well. >> thank you very much. >> harris: naming the suspect in the kidnapping of a 10-year-old child in california. police are looking for this man. tobias dustin somers. 30 years old with a long record of robbery, grand theft auto and kidnapping. police believe he snatched the child in the middle of the night and abandoned her hours later in front of a hospital. she was found barefoot, bruised with scratches and was not wearing the same clothes she had on when she vanished. no word on why police think he took h her. he was released from prison in july as part of a california law designed to ease overcrowding in state prisons. we are working on a story at the scene of an accident on virginia north carolina line. 75 vehicles piled up there. first look here. we are waiting live video from the scene to bring you but the first picture here and some
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updated information as well. and nuclear armed north korea today announcing it has zero intention of ever giving up its atomic weapons arsenal. all this comes the same day that we learn the pentagon just shipped to the region a number of the u.s. military sophisticated war planes. details on the latest standoff. plus, a u.s. naval ship stuck high and dry on a remote corral reef. the new effort to set the ship free. stay close. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? i just stick the bar in the dryer like this,
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we told you the country's leader declared the korean peninsula was within a state of war. 20,000 american troops stationed near north korea. in cease-fire in 1953 with no official peace treaty there. and holding trills and the b-2 bombers just left and now we're learning that f-22 fighter jets arrived for more joint exercises. and they're the most advanced in our air force. elizabeth prann. >> the muscle flexing continues. reports are u.s. military officials are flying f 22 stealth fighter jets in joint exercise was south korea. the f-22 raptor technology is known for being unmatched. the advanced fighter jet is incredible to radar and air defense systems. the arrival of the f-22 is coming just days after the
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u.s. trained over south current turf with both b-2 bombers, as well as-- or b-52 bombers as well as b-52 stealth bombers. former ambassador john bolton tells fox news the u.s. main land should not be as concerned as north korea's neighboring countries such as south korea and japan. he doesn't discredit the possibility of future violence in that region. >> i think these threats, while they're not credible in terms of reaching the united states have nonetheless surpassed what i'll call the normal level of north korean rhetoric. we may not be worried, but i can tell you in south korea and japan, they're concerned that we've gotten to a level now where some even misstep at this point could escalate into something more serious. >> and we're also hearing from the former chairman of the house homeland security committee, peter king says direct discussions would serve no purpose, making fresh demands every day and as recent as today.
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kim jong-un announcing that have nuclear weapons are not the a bargaining chip. instead the nation's life and will not be traded for billions of dollars. this, as he threatened to close one of the economic life license, t lines. doing so would put thousands of people out of a job in a very impoverished country. >> harris: and kind of a last, final, if you will, symbol of cooperation between the north and the south. elizabeth prann, thank you very much. a doomed navy ship finally removed from a protected coral reef in the philippines. the u.s.s. guardian, a mine sweeper was headed to indonesia and strayed off course into an area off limits to navigation, and it ran aground. hit ago reef. workers had to dismantle the strip to move it. today, a crane lifted remaining piece of the 250 ton stern.
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the damage to the reef will now be assessed to determine the exact fine washington will have to pay. we're told it could reach more than 2 million dollars. a deadly easter sunday pileup killing several people we're learning and injuring many more. details on how it happened and video continues to come into fox news at this hour. and a critical day tomorrow for the accused gunman in the colorado movie theater massacre. james holmes set to learn whether prosecutors will offer him a new plea deal or instead plan to seek the death penalty against him. a live report straight ahead. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers.
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. >> fox urgent. video coming into fox news. 75 vehicles along one stretch of road swerving and crashing. a huge pileup along interstate 77 which sits between virginia and north carolina. we're told three people have died here. at least 20 hurt. reports heavy fog and poor visibility for drivers at the time. it happened this afternoon. some of the cars catching fire, as you can see from this photo. virginia state police saying parts of the highways remained close as they pieced through and talked with survivors how this started. updates when we get there. within hours we may learn whether they'll seek the death penalty. aurora district attorney will announce if they seek the death punishment. the attorney saying he would plead guilty to avoid getting the needle. holmes accused of killing 12 movie goers and injuring dozens at the midnight premier
7:22 pm
of "the dark knight rises" last july. and some calling it a publicity ploy. and is the d.a., they said it might be for publicity, even expected it to consider this deal? >> highly unlikely. the d.a. calls it an attempt to convince the american public that an insanity claim can stand up in this case. the terrible night in july will have to be proven by the prosecutor that they were committed, where the burden of proof rests on the prosecution. and legal experts say that's not going to be difficult. >> he picked the joker, he didn't pick the batman. if he picked the batman, maybe thought justice. but he didn't, he picked the evil character and that's what the prosecutor is going to
7:23 pm
say. >> harris, holmes would liking face life in prison with no parole, if not playing on the mental state is the defense's only fallback, but they may have to reveal holmes' notebook depicting violent acts to show in fact it was pre-meditated, harris. >> he was talking he picked the joker there. i understand that a fox newsrator covering this case, along with some other developments, including the orange hair in court and so on, so forth, a news reporter has been subpoenaed in all of this? >> yes, after the death penalty portion of monday's hearing, the court will deal with the issue of the fox news exclusive the existence of a package and contents delivered to james holmes' psychiatrist and they want to know where they got the information from. and the hearing tomorrow, they'll hear from her and also
7:24 pm
a decision on what they have to do as well. . >> harris: and we will be watching it. dominic di-natale, thank you very much. reactors at a nuclear plant shut down after an industrial accident killed a worker. we're on the story. families forced to evacuate to get away from oil. learning now they will not be able to return home for weeks because of that large oil spill. this is arkansas. michael, tell us why you used priceline express deals to book this fabulous hotel. well, you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it. and i got a great deal without bidding. and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. priceline savings without bidding.
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. >> small business trying to take money trying to cut the cost of overhead by taking the work on the road. they're visiting their customers. house calls are becoming more and more common for everybody from barbers it mechanics. and clauda cowan takes the look at challenges of this. >> why go to the barbershop when for about 30 $30 a trim the barber will come to you? >> appreciate a good haircut. >> knowing that i'm helping somebody else out that can't make it to a salon, that's what makes me happy. >> go haircut is among the growing number of businesses to service clients where they live while the merchants enjoy a lower overhead and flexibility. >> you're not a fixed location and look at them as they come in and adjust to where you get
7:29 pm
the most business. and it's invaluable. >> a driveup bank in seattle and a rolling law firm in new york, but across the u.s. from pet groomers to gyms, more industries are making house calls. >> and rolling video arcades entertain groups in the driveway, average price for a party $450. and mobile mechanics will fix your car at your garage at a fixed hourly rate much lower than the brick and mortar counterparts. there are limitations. >> we don't do everything. you know, your engine in your driveway, but you know, most basic he repair and maintenance, can be done anywhere. >> like many of you in the "come to you market" they rely on the internet, availability of certified mechanics and client pay online so no money changes hands once the professionals show up. the owners of mobile businesses, biggest challenges include high gas prices, road
7:30 pm
conditions and convincing people that these kinds of house calls are safe and reasonably priced way to do business and the convenience factor can't be beat. even he though, the text driven trend is gaining traction. for folks on the go, these rolling solutions could be sheer heaven on wheels. in san jose, clauda cowan, fox news. >> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. pope francis is saying mass at st. peter's square, more than 250,000 people gathered to hear his first easter mass as pope. and francis prayed for peace in the middle east and he aimed particularly at the places where the suffering is greatest. in washington, president obama and the first family attending easter services at st. john's church and the episcopal church. they h
7:31 pm
they-- we're told that former president and anti-apartheid leader, nelson mandela's condition is improving further. he's been receiving treatment for recurring pneumonia. a spokesperson saying he had a restful day out today. investors will be looking for signs for hiring and momentum. and this is stocks continuing to run into record territory with key indices breaking all-time highs. will the party, as they call it, continue on wall street? senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls and bears, brenda buttner with a look ahead to the week on wall street, brenda? >> harris, forget about lions and lambs, march was all about bulls on wall street. on the last trading day of the month, s & p which powers many of your 401(k)'s hit an all-time high. blue chips have been breaking records since early march and
7:32 pm
will main street follow wall street? the recovery is having a tough time. unemployment, while stubbornly high is falling, but more and more people aren't looking for work and many are working part-time when they would prefer a full-time job. and problems overseas could hit firms here. if the housing market is finding a foundation. corporate profits are strong and confident is up for consumers and companies. there is plenty to move the markets this week. the big number out friday, the most important read on the jobs market. the employment report for march. will the unemployment rate fall again? auto sales numbers are also out, and they can give a sense of consumer sentiment. another important measure of the economy, construction spending is released tomorrow as well. of course, as more americans put more money into stacks we will watch the big board. keep in mind while many say it's a crystal ball for the economy, others remind us that wall street has predicted six of the last three recoveries. harris, back to you.
7:33 pm
>> brenda, thank you. and turning now to new fallout from obamacare. and its potential impact on jobs nationwide, the law does not fully take effect until january, but for months, we've been hearing several companies say they will be forced to cut hours, even jobs to cover the increased cost associated with the law and now, one state in particular is preparing to do just that. here is jim angle. >> virginia, like many other states, faces a difficult predicament. obamacare forces to provide insurance for anyone who works more than 30 hours a week and like the fast food chains they limit the hours of part-timers. >> obamacare which i was very much opposed to, is now the law and we've got to find a way to implement it in the least expensive and intrusive ways. >> that would cost the commonwealth, which is not included in the budget so it's all about the money and virginia has a balanced budget amendment and if it's not in the budget and we can't afford
7:34 pm
it, we can't cover it. >> a statement rarely heard in washington which now has 16 trillion dollars in debt, but democratic lawmakers in the state are not happy. >> i think it's going to make a lot of institutions from abc in the state, in virginia, to our community college system. those are going to be less attractive. >> the state will do what many businesses and partners hours less than 30 a week. >> and a the lot of companies and employers, governments and otherwise saying, hey, what if he we keep everybody at 29 hours a week. and they'll save a lot of money doing so. >> in virginia, that will affect part-timers who work at the department of motor vehicles, seasonal park ranges, state-run alcohol stores and adjunct community colleges. >> the community college is a perfect example. four our communities colleges in four other states not just
7:35 pm
virginia, made this decision. >> some 9,000 waived because they get it through a spouse or a parents. >> what every person wants is a job. >> even if they don't need insurance they took jobs because they needed the income which will now be smaller. >> it will have some people lose wages and that is very unfortunate. i know that people depend on it, but in order to be compliant with the law, these are decisions that we've had to make. >> and that's one of the fears among critics of obamacare, whatever it does to health care, it threatens to reduce the number of jobs and the number of hours that people work. >> in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> and an update now on a major oil spill in arkansas that's forced people out of their homes. and the news is not good for them tonight. it may be weeks before they can go back home. crews cleaning up thousands of barrels of oil that had leaked from a pipeline on friday. exxon-mobile say more than
7:36 pm
12,000 barrels have been collected, but they don't know what caused the breach and they say they have to have an entire area evacuated in order to figure it all out. a very necessary part of the investigation and a spokesperson saying he cannot speculate on exactly when that will happen. also in arkansas, at a nuclear power station, an industrial accident killing one worker. it happened at arkansas's nuclear plant one in rustleville 70 miles northwest of little rock. they say that workers were moving a heavy piece of equipment from the turbine building when it fell on them. one man died as i mentioned, three others hurt. entergy say that it does not affect the plant's reaction and no radiation was involved. the reactors were shut down as a precaution, no danger to the public. fire spreading through the streets of one city and police take on angry students, our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. chile, thousands of students
7:37 pm
protesting in santiago, demanding a better education. police say the protesters threw molotov cocktails and sparking fires that got out of control. police shooting back with tear gas, using water canons to try to break up the rally. kenya, deadly protests going on for a second day over the top court's decision to validate presidential election results. an army deployed now, trying to control the unrest, at least two people have died. china, a new manned spacecraft arriving at its launch site in the northwest. the ship set to head into space this summer with three chinese astronauts on board. it's expected to dock with china's orbitting lab module with a visit to space in 2011. >> united arab emirates slammed at the dubai world
7:38 pm
cup. the horse race is a glam-off. cats are things and designers are cashing in, and ladies with the ornate lids and babies dolled up. and that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. terror inside a wal-mart store when someone drives through the front door. that's just the beginning. what the driver then did as customers were running for their lives. a wounded war hero says he got kicked out of a shopping small because he was using a scooter. >> and i've got my little handicap sticker thing on it and he yells not in this mall. i said, well, that's interesting. i'm sure that people would be interested to know you don't allow handicap accessible devices in here. >> harris: not in this mall?
7:39 pm
give me a break, that guy took four bullets in afghanistan. but people have different rememberin
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7:41 pm
7:42 pm
>> four people hurt after a man allegedly crashed his car in wal-mart in california and began assaultings customers. here is video of the wal-mart in san jose. you can see the suspect. he apparently drove through the front door, slammed into the the display and got out of the car and attacked people with a blunt object. one woman nearly run down describes what happened. >> trying to run the people over in the the front by the coke machine and he was there to hurt people, now what i'm saying? >> and police say they're buzzed why anybody would do this. no word how bad the injuries are, officers telling the fran chronicle, one person was seriously hurt.
7:43 pm
the suspect was not charged, but will first jouundergo a tes. and a car crash taking the lives of five family members, and a mini-van was rear-ended las vegas, seven people, aunts, uncles, and five thrown. police say they were not wearing their seat belts. >> it's a tragic event that hits everybody hard. five is a lot to lose in one day, so, our arts go out to everybody that's involved. >> police arresting the 18-year-old driver in the s.u.v. saying he was drunk. and they claim they found beer bottles inside the car. >> an experienced hiker survived six days stranded on mt. hood. our first story on this fox trip across america. >> oregon, the woman's family says he she was on spring break, hiking up the state's
7:44 pm
tallest mountain and twisted her ankle trying to get back down in white-out conditions. realizing she was stuck, survival kicked in. she built a snow cave and signaled for a fire. and after days of searching through the ground and air, found the woman suffering from frostbite. her father grateful for their help. >> i wish they had the opportunity to meet each one of them, because it was amazing. >> tennessee, an injured war hero saying he was unfairly kicked out of a mall south of knoxville because of the segway scooter he uses to get around. >> a security guard approached me and said you're going to have to take that out of here. >> harris: he was a retired master sergeant shot four times in afghanistan and has trouble walking for long periods of time and says he has the right to use the segway in any public space. the mall agrees with that, but says he was speeding and posed
7:45 pm
a danger to other shoppers and the local veterans affairs saying they'll investigate the incident. new mexico and a baby saved from certain death and war torn vietnam. meets her hero, more than 40 years later. kimberly mitchell was born in vietnam in 1971, a soldier fighting for the south vietnamese army found her in her dead mother's arms and named the child and managed to get her to an orphanage. they're finally meeting decades later in albuquerque. >> mitchell grew up in the u.s. the soldier, known as mr. bow, came hacross her name in a story hoping to learn more about her family. >> i hope i'll be able to go back to vietnam with mr. bow and visit the place. >> and that's a fox watch across america. one state wants bigger bottles of beer. at least one group is trying to stop it from happening and baseball is back.
7:46 pm
oh. a new year beginning. new changes, new ways declared. and find out how some teams scout their talent, adam housley, a co-worker who played a little bit of ball, i understand.
7:47 pm
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
>> and just a little bit of college hoops this, one just wrapping up. a tough defensive matchup between two of the best teams, louisville, a first seed, and duke. the game was close early on, only 3-point difference by the half. louisville playing the second half without one of the star players, kevin ware going down after a gruesome injury, hard to watch, a broken leg, and
7:50 pm
cardinals winning 85-63. they will play what would seem like cinderella, invincible team if you watched it last night. a great game in the final four. michigan with an easier win over florida. pummelling the gator. they would keep a double digit lead. and michigan facing syracuse in atlanta. "hot-lanta," born there, detail you don't care about. baseball is back and the season kicks off with the houston astros hosting the texas rangers. while america's past time may look the same on the field shall the way that many fans and experts see the game may have completely changed. adam housley explains. >> the crack of the bat, a new way to look alt baseball is taking over the big leagues. and metrics is a youuse of
7:51 pm
information. >> it may not be a household world even though it was a premise of an oscar nominated movie "moneyball". the goal should be wins. >> and the oakland a's made it famous and now teams across the majors are adopting it. >> there are no doubts that are statistics allowing you to make cleaner statistics. >> it relies on stats that allows less emphasis on traits like power. instead, focusing on simpler concepts, getting on base, drawing walks and scoring runs. they're going to find new ways to evaluate you because that's their job as a front office. >> for small market teams, moneyball is a hit. >> it's not just a curiosity, it's a difference between winning a championship and not. >> and one of the number crunchers, the life long kansas city royals fans, teams like his ignore them at their own peril. >> the royals the last 20
7:52 pm
years have drawn fewer walks than any team in baseball and not coincidentally lost more. they may not settle the value to a team and not every team embraces the idea. the san francisco giants won two out of the last three world series and mostly ignore it. and there is one thing that numbers can't measure, heart. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. >> harris: and the way some teams are choosing their players, are not the only thing that's changing. one of baseball's iconic bat makers, louisville slugger trying to make the bats stronger, using firmer wood less likely to splinter. the company is 129 years old and designed bats for babe ruth. and the changes are part of a multi-year process between partners and players. a big fight brewing at florida over beer.
7:53 pm
craft brewers and the sunshine state pushing to legalize 64-ounce beer growlers, the jugs that can be filled at the tap allowing people to take home craft bear taken home in kegs. while they can sell containers, the half gal size is illegal. beer distributors have been able to bill in the house and-- >> don't tell mayor bloomberg, he doesn't like big containers. and some urged to get tested for hiv and hepatitis. the tested began yesterday. hundreds of people have done it. testing short-tertarts in the m. and a beatles album signed by every member of the fab four just auctioned off. how many someone paid to take
7:54 pm
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>> a beatles album signed by the fab four shattering auction expectations. john, paul, george and ringo signed a copy of sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band. expected to go around $30,000. not close. when the auction ended the record sold for a staggering excess of $290,000. the next highest selling beatles album went for half of that. it's a story we first brought you a couple of weeks ago. a little polar bear can you be named luna now officially made her public debut. look at the little cuty! and as you can see, she's making herself quite at home.
7:58 pm
and spent time briefly outside playing with toys. and then, she got into the kiddy swimming pool. that's what i would do if i ne and construction is on an exhibit just for luna. you go, girl. the zoo still needs 3 million to reach its goal. and let's to the fox fast forward. and stories, tomorrow, testing for hepatitis and hiv resuming in oklahoma for thousands of patients of a dentist accused of unsanitary practices. between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., long lines and expected to happen tomorrow. test results won't come for weeks. and tomorrow, we could learn the fate of the man accused in the movie theater massacre, prosecutor to announce if they'll seek the death penalty, when he opened fire on a packed theater last july. the labor department releasing
7:59 pm
unemployment numbers for month of march. and on this day in 1889, france's most famous landmark, the eiffel tower opened. and a small ceremony, the designer, the prime minister and others dignataries. two years earlier they held a competition, they wanted a monument and eiffel won. critics were skeptical. 948 feet, the tallest structure in the world, but he would build it in two years time and finish under budget. how about that? today the landmark is visited by millions of people every year. but the tower first toured 124 years ago today. that's how fox reports on


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