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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 1, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> i'm reading the twitter feed. lots of feedback. if you want to join the discussion, follow me@megyn kelly. >> shepard: the news begins anew on studio b, live today in a special edition from new jersey. we'll spend much of the hour of recovery efforts in new york and new jersey from superstorm sandy. first, killer guns down another prosecutor in the state of texas. the d.a. and his wife murder it at home. the second lawman killed in one texas town in just the past few months. north korea reporting it's at a state of war with south korea. now the united states has sent stealth fighter jets to the region in a show of military might. the dram dramatic story of the louisville basketball player who
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dramatically broke his leg on the here laughs night. the horrific scene as it played out live on tv. he says it was all worthwhile. that and the young man's courage and the team that follows him, ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> but first, at we're live at the boardwalk. over my shoulder, the roller coaster still in the atlantic. six months after superstorm sandy batter the shoreline and changed the lives of families up and down the eastern coast. now folks are keeping a close eye on the calendar. we're exactly eight weeks from memorial day. the unofficial start to the summer, but certainly it's official here, and for the jersey shores' economy and all up and down new york, the summer is crucial. the governor he, chris christie, revealed that new jersey broke
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its all-time tourism year last year, celebrating and generating $40 billion from investment, government support, and a lot of spending, at the beaches and casinos and right here along the boardwalk. less than two months ago we reported here on the moment when crews hammered the first new piling for the historic boardwalk. they say they're working as many as ten hours a day ensure that when memorial days arrived, vacationers can return to the boardwalk visit the arcades and ice cream parlors, suver in shops and much more. we'll speak live with the major about the challenges facing businesses. >> you'll get a big picture look of the shoreline, not just here but in new york. i went board sky fox to see how sandy redrew the coastline in new york. areas including the rockaways, staten island here's before the hurricane, and here's how it
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looks now. hundreds of miles of dunes, washed away. leaving homes more vulnerable than they had ever been for future storms. we'll have team coverage throughouting the hour. jonathan hunt is north of news new jersey, speaking to business owners, some moving to temporary location so is they can open. and rick leventhal who was here when the storm hit, and he is in bay head. and shannon is live in d.c. where emergency management officials redrew the nation's flood maps after superstorm sandy. that triggered more insurance problems bought thousands of homes previously on safe ground are now in the flood zone. that's all ahead on this special edition of "studio b." >> but first, the feds and local law enforcement in the state of texas say they high alert after a killer or killers gunned
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down another district attorney and his wife in their home. the assassination of this particular man, the kaufman county texas d.a., mike mclellan, is the second killing of a prosecutor in a small town of 100,000 people in less than two months. weeks ago mclelland vowed to hunt down and exile whoever shot his deputy in a parking lot of the courthouse in january. but on saturday night police found mclelland and his wife in their home. investigators from the fbi, atf, and other agencies, now on the case. that are also stepping up security at the county courthouse. >> we have increased security, as you probably have noted, across the county, particularly here in the courthouse and this an next building. we obviously have some folks that are out to do harm to elects officials.
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so we take that seriously. >> authorities have been investigating the possibility of a connection of the two killings. would a prison gang known as the aryan brotherhood of texas? dan springer with the news. dan, why the a aryan brotherhood? >> it's a chilling story. not long before the killing the d.a. mclelland mentioned the aryan brotherhood of texas, that prison gang you mentioned, may be behind the killing the targeted killing of his deputy on january 31st. mclelland talked tough about hunting down the killer our killers in whatever hole they were hiding in and held the had taken enough precaucuses for his own safety. carrying a gun at all times. he deputy park outside his house for a month. last year 34 members of the aryan brotherhood were indicted
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for crimes. at the prison gang promised retaliation, and cough main county office is among those on the target list. >> shepard: a lot of concern for other public officials there it's my understanding. >> you bet. everyone is talking about the murders. everyone is talking about their safety and whatever precautions they're taking. flags are at half staff at all the government buildings in the area in kaufman county. and d.a.'s around the country are adding security, including houston. and leaders are trying to calm the public's fear this appears it was not a random attack. appears to be targeted, so i don't think the community at large is in danger. the best thing to do is remain calm, supportive of the mclegal land family and those handling the investigation, and continue to look out for each other. >> the county courthouse is open for business but with extra
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security. the d.a.'s office is closed to the public. >> shepard: dan bringer, thanks a lot. let's bring in judge napolitano, our certainly judicial analyst. judge, 25 years or so been doing this, i can't remember retaliation on law enforcement officials. >> no, i can't either, shep, and not too law enforcement officials who worked together on the same cases. cases that of course the fbi the texas rangers and their own colleagues are now mulling over to see who had the gripe. what common threads there are between the professional work this two now deceased prosecutors did and who would habit to have killed them. it's terrifying. >> shepard: got to be a long list. >> probably is. it's terrifying when you go to work in the morning to do your job and you know that out there it could be close toker our a distance, but getting closer, if somebody wants to kill you for doing your job of keeping people safe.
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whether it -- >> shepard: a slight delay. i apologize. >> say again? >> shepard: there was a satellite delay and i jumped on you. you were saying whether it's tharian -- >> whether it's the aryan brotherhood, whether there's a connection between the assassination of the chief of the department of corrections in colorado, who was -- the killer was eventually -- the presumed killer was chased to texas and killed there we don't know. but we do know that no stone will be unturned. the federal government and at the state of tax will pour massive resources into finding who did this and protecting those people who keep the people safe. the people are entitled to a government that works and is not afraid to do it job, and whoever is trying to interfere by means of violence will be caught and stopped. >> shepard: continuing coverage tonight. thanks so much, judge. another crime story today, and the first step, the first step in what could be a very long
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legal process. prosecutors now say that they want the suspected laura aurora, california, theater shooter, put to death. and here the jersey shore, tourism season is upon us. a time when local businesses and their employees make almost all of their money. if people don't show up, they go broke. the problem is, two months ahead there's a lot of question marks of communities. we'll look how communities and businesses are scrambling to get in place for the summer. in addition, we'll go to the new york shoreline as well. take you up in sky fox and along the ride with our correspondents up and down on this special edition of "studio b," after sandy. two months till summer. from seaside heights. roar a hey.
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by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. di,. >> shepard: more than eight months since the movie theater
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massacre in colorado, and the prosecutors are seeking the death pent against james holme. one man whose best friend died in the shooting says this is the right call and he even wants a front row seat in court. >> i'm happy about the decision. the only way he can serve -- get justice for murder is death himself. >> shepard: one person who suffered three gunshots in the attack pointed out that a potential death penalty trial may not wrap up for more than a decade. so, that could mean reliving the shooting without a sense of closure. in fact, the judge re-assigned the case today. he said he is in charge of running the judicial system for the entire district and a death penalty case would take up too much time. police say james holme killed 12 people and woundeds toes more when he opened fire in a movie. holme' attorney previously
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offered to plead guilty in exchange for avoiding the death penalty. now insiders say the defense will argue the gunman was legally insane at the time of the shooting. -witnesses say the man suspected of shooting and killing his own father at an easter church service was yelling about god and allah, after he pulled the trigger. the associate pastor of the church in ohio told a newspaper that worshipers started screaming, ducking down and calling 9-1-1 after the shooting. the pastor also said that the suspect was yelling about killing people and said, quote, the will of allah. this is the will of god. some said they thought it would turn into a massacre, but cops arrived just moments after the single gunshot and arrested the suspect. police say they still do not have a motive. >> we will rebuild it. but it won't be the same. those words from new jerseyys governor chris christie one day after superstorm sandy, much of what you see here was demolished
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and now nearly six months later it looks like the governor was right. even as construction crews race to rebuild before the summer there are many reminders of what's gone forever. like the roller coaster. a live look here. still in the water where sandy just left it. a constant reminder of the storm's devastating force. this next shot, courtesy earth cam, the mayor here says it should be removed later this month but fixing the rest of the pier will take much longer. meantime, many businesses along the board walk are still without power. some places don't have a boardwalk at all. workers replacing it plank-by-plank. and win the summer season just a few weeks ago some business openers worry they'll mills out on the all-crucial tourist cash. jonathan hunt is live in belmar, new jersey, about 15 meals from us. >> so many business owners lost
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so much bass a result of superstorm sandy. near belmar some of the hardest hit businesses were right here on the boardwalk. no protection at all from the ravages of the atlantic ocean when it poured across the board walk, destroying every inch and many of the businesses. one was called exit 98. earned by sally pearlsteen and she remembers walking down here on october 30th and seeing what nature had wrought. >> looked like an expose. we saw the sand and water as we were walking up. but to see the contents actually blown out of the building was just startling. stunning. shocking, hard to take in. >> you realize that years of your life have just been swept away. >> it was the memories that made my finally sit on one of the benches going the wrong way and
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just start cryingful it was, where do i go from sneer. >> -- from here? >> what is happening now is the city is rebuilding every single inch of its 1.3-mile boardwalk, and business owners are going to come pack. they're going to use trailers on the boardwalk. they're going to try to make money, and if been her attitude is anything to go by, it will be a successful summer. listen. >> my attitude? i'm going to make money. i'm going to make money. i don't care if i have to have 60 different stories and restock every hour, i'm going to make money because i think the people will be here so the right altitude and energy and the people here and i stay on top of it, it could be the best summer. that's how i'm going to look at it. even though my place is smaller than the store. >> certainly hope so.
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>> that is the spirit we have seen and heard over and over again as we have traveled up and down the jersey shore, shep, over the last few weeks. so many business owners absolutely determined to be back and ready by memorial day and absolutely determined to make this their best summer ever. shep? >> shepard: let's hope they can get near that at least. john thousand hunt up the shore. thanks. the mayor here in seaside heights has said not rebuilding the shorefront attraction could be economic suicide. as workers trying to be the work done. it's hard to get an inside the extent of the damage from sandy unless you see it from he air. we'll get that spiff and see how things have changed. coming up on this special edition of "studio b." live from the jersey show and records from long island and along the new york coastline.
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>> shepard: 22 minutes past the hour now. continuing coverage of the rebuilding after superstorm sandy to new york now. when these things happen it's hard to get a sense how big they are, how much damage they've done, and usually the first to know are folks in choppers. the first people we know to get a sense of the scope was a guy named jimmy smith, the chopper reported for wnyw, fox 5 in new york city. we met up with him to get his unique perspective and to see it all ourselves. >> what were the emotions that day like? >> it was tough. you immediately start to feel for all the people that are going through that. to have your house completely
12:23 pm
obrit rated. people who didn't know if they still had neighbors. >> jimmy smith took us back up in the air and compared what we're seeing now to what he saw back then. >> the most impressive thing to me was the amount of sand that was brought off the beach, on to the board back and streets. >> crews have hauled away muff hoff the debris and sand but reminders are scattered across the new york coastful right now this is timson avenue in staten island, the progress we can see, days after the storm, houses were thrown through the marsh. they have been removed. there are several a house that were damaged significantly, and they have been taken down. >> what were the folks who were back at the station saying as they were looking at your feet feed? >> the reaction for many people that i heard was that they could not believe what they war seeing. that as we would show house
12:24 pm
after house after house, they wanted to verify we were not showing the same house or two houses over and over again. there were in fact multiple houses that happened to. >> we were up in the are for more than an hour, and we'll have a lot more of that helicopter tour. what is was like then and now tonight on fox report, 7:00 eastern, and 6:00. put right now we're in sea hyde heights new jersey. the mayor, bill akers, said he expects the boardwalk to be completed next month and usable by memorial. don't expect the roller coaster to stay in the wart. the mayor says in the next stento ten days he hopes to get a deal signed with a contractor to remove the entire pier from the ocean, and the jet star is priority number one. so forget about seeing more folks trying to swim out to that and climb on top. very dangerous, this guy did it in january to plant a flag. police arrested him after he came back down now with us,
12:25 pm
mayor bill akers. >> thank you for having me. >> shepard: what a job. you can't know by looking on tv the scope of this devastation. it's incredible. >> it is. and i always say that. people think they get a picture of it opposite they see it on in the television, but until your here with your woods on the ground you understand what it's all about and all the hard work. >> shepard: when people come back to he jersey shore this summer -- >> i like that shep--are they going to have the same experience as in past years? >> you got the ocean, that has not changed. you're going to be on the boardwalk, all the smells and sights with that experience, and whether it's a little different to the eye but still going to be seaside heights, new jersey, and you're going to have boardwalk and you'll enjoy your experience. >> bars open, restaurants, tattoo parlors, ice cream shops.
12:26 pm
>> it's a real simple philosophy. you don't get your doors open, you can't pay your bills. opposite the boardwalk is finished and other businesses can open up from the east side instead of just from the west side. >> some businesses face the shore here, and like a lot of communities and the housing on the other side of the street. >> the housing is slower, and the one forgotten segment in all this is that the primary owners are get something help. the renters are getting help. but the secondary home openers, they're left out of this. there's not much money. >> why is that? if it's a second home, that's much of the shore. >> itself -- it really is. you're a blue collar town. people can't foot that bill themselves but the priority is getting a roof over your head, whether it's here or somewhere else. but these secondary home owners make up the character of the shore. a lot of rental properties are down and your going to find that
12:27 pm
domino effect for the communities going forward here, without the cemetery homers coming back on line it's going to be difficult to run the community. >> five months after the storm you were here, can you even believe you have made it this far? >> no, and i'm being very candid. no. i looked at it the next day, and for whatever reason somebody asked me do you think you'll be open to summer and i was looking to just get two blocked -- blocks north. so to be where we are now, and the saying goes, you're only as good as the people around you. i've got great people and started with the volunteer fire department, police department, and all the hard workers, dpq, administrator; >> shepard: people have come together well. mayor akers, good luck to you. here's a good summer. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the afternoon from new york and new jersey. if you have lived through this thing before you know their pain. the thing is, they haven't been
12:28 pm
through this before. so it's uncharted territory with lots of an stack kills. >> the united states military matched north korea's tough talk with a new display of force. the rhetoric that caused fighter jets to be deployed. >> homers on the jersey home, some folks have not seen a dime from their insurance companies. why is that? and is it changing? that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. live from seaside heights, new jersey, on "studio b."
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>> shepard: just into fox news channel. breaking news now from the pentagon. fox news just confirmed the u.s. navy is now moving a ballistic missile defense system to the coast of the korean peninsula. this is brand new. a major show of america's military might as the north korean military, kim jong-un, kim the younger, takes his tough talk to a whole new heights. north korean officials say they entered a state of war with south korea, certain military hotlines and vowed to nuke washington, dc. analysts say north korea is years away from striking the united states, but south korea, they can obviously do that.
12:33 pm
north korea's state-run news outlet put out a new video of kim the younger, looking at things, this time in a palace dedicated to his father, kim jong-il, who died no 2011. but up like his father, lil' kim is much louder and much more menacing. he now say the building nukes is one of the nation's top priorities. reporter: the white house today cited a disconnect between north korea's rhetoric of late and the activity on the ground, where the white house press secretary says the u.s. sees no evidence of large scale troop mobilization. all the same, south korea president's. in office less than a month, gave the ministry the green light to respond immediately without waiting for permission
12:34 pm
to any attack from pyongyang, a sign the south korea's female president showing she there is no weakness. the north shelled the north korean island with are till rare -- are till ray fire and there was no government response. kim jong-un declared state of war and threatened to shut down an industrial complex. >> when they started with all of this, this latest round back in november, they got first one u.n. security council resolution with more sanctions and then a second one with more sanctions. we're trying continue crease the pressure both in the i would they implement the sanctions with our allies and partners. >> finally, north korea this morning announced it has a new prime minister, a so-called
12:35 pm
economic reformer in his 70s who is actually the prime minister from 2003 to 2007 before he was officially purged. so now he has his old job back and it's a feel-good story, i guess. >> shepard: yeah, i guess, james rosen in washington, thanks. let's bring in gordon shang. an expert on matters north korea, author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world, and he is live in manhattan. the troubling thing is it's something new every day. there's more rhetoric from the north koreans now. we have a warship. now the aegis defense system is there. >> you have leaders in south korea, north korea, china, who are all new. we have a new national security team in washington. nobody can afford to back down right now. and as you say, there's this drum beat of provocative
12:36 pm
statements from north korea, almost one a day. this will continue at least through april 15th which is the birthday of kim il-sung, and then god nose what will happen after that. >> the new prime minister, what is old is new again. what do we make of that? >> a lot of people say he is a reformer and therefore north korea is going to implement economic reformed. don't believe it. the person who was elevated really is a friend of the uncle and the regent for kim jong-un. i think this is a political play. the north korea regime is impervious to reform. and this is the kim family, who which has $bratly impoverished the north korean people to keep them without means to resist. so in significant change. >> shep then do we have a sense of the goal of kim the young center. >> i think we probably believe in washington that he wants more
12:37 pm
aid. he wants the sanctions to be taken off because these new sanctions have the potential of hurting him. but we really know what he wants. he wants regime survival, and wants to pass on all of this to the new born son which eventually he will have. so it's regime survival first and foremost. >> shepard: if regime survival this idea, firing off missiles at associating would be counterproductive at the very least. >> yes so they won't do that. what they will do is there will be some deadly provocation, because this is a regime, not just this year but over the course of decades, bases its legitimacy of killing foreigners, not only south koreans but americans as well. so they'll do this at a time that the regime in pyongyang is in disarray, and kill ongoing ewan is purging officials to cop sol dade his base. this is not a good story. >> shepard: gordon, thank you. here along the jersey shore, legal headaches and insurance
12:38 pm
company red tape are adding insult to injury for many of the sandy victims. the complex web of insurance forms and legal documents said to have left many victims feeling helpless. ask the people of south mississippi and all along the florida coast how that goes. this is not a new story but it's brand new in this region. some victims that have seen some of the money tell us it's not nearly enough cover all of their damage. rick live -- leventhal is in new jersey. >> this community looks almost like it did the day after the storm there are thousands of homes untouched. because of lengthy disputes with insurance companies, we spoke with three different family with three different stories including one couple may never be able to good home again. >> it's century reach hard to imagine we used to live here, we had a life and now it's gone.
12:39 pm
>> kim and jay purcell bought this small bungalow eight years ago. >> the water came from underneath and rushing underneath and also hit the top layer out. this was my husband roz office. >> the house was flooded during the storm. and engineers say the place needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. >> we leave for a night because the storm is coming, and you never think that that's the last night you're going to sleep in your bed. that's the last night you're going to come home. >> but even to the this couple had full flood insurance and were never laid on a payment, they've only been havered 28 grand, barely enough to demolish the house and clear the lot. >> they're submitting low offers to the point where, what, you're supposed to walk away? even though you had flood insurance? makes no sense. >> this this kitchen area. >> jimmy and tracy have done slightly better with their claim
12:40 pm
they fled their home and have gotten half the estimated costs and insurance money but say it's been a constant battle. >> we just want to put our house back together. we're not looking for anything. we just want to move back in. >> the garage over there -- >> darcy is an insurance success story, sort of. she lost her first floor and basement in storm. her house actually hit by another house from across the street. she waited months, but recently got a substantial check. >> one feels fortunate to have any settlement. it's not all we hoped for but enough to move forward. >> a national insurance trade group would not discuss individual cases but says the claims were overwhelming. more than half a million filed for damages, roughly 90% have been settled for a total of nearly 7 billion decide. >> it's not we're trying to in any case make sure that the
12:41 pm
amount is less than what they want. but we're trying to make sure that what we pay is actually the amount that is due to them under the terms of the contract. and that sometimes takes a while. >> even darcy, our success story, faces a long road head. the work has begun but she's paying for most of it out of pocket and won't be done until the end of summer at the earliest. shep? >> shepard: rick, thanks much. in locals here say new federal rules are making things worse for them. we'll take a look at the fema regulations. >> a judge in a huge cheating scandal. not just kids with crib sheets. we're talking prosecutors going after dozens of teachers and administrators. that's next as we report live from the jersey shore, where 20 minutes ago, it was pushing 70 degrees, and beautiful. now the rain is coming down and it's in the mid-50s.
12:42 pm
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>> 16 minutes before the hour. a grand jury has now indicted dozens of educators in atlanta, accusing them of helping students cheat to pass standardized tests this follows an investigation that began in 2011 and revealed one of the biggest cheating scandals in the history of the nation. the former superintendent of atlanta public schools worked with 33 different programs, teachers, and others, to give test answers to students. the superintendent resigned after the investigation but denied dying anything wrong -- doing anything wrong. she faces charge office racketeers and theft because she took cash bonuses for the high scores. the tests were also tied to how much federal money the schools received. continuing coverage of sandy's impact six months later and the
12:46 pm
insurance coverage has changed for thousands of homes across the northeast. affecting monthly payments and force something folks to rebuild parts of their houses. it's all because the feds propose new nationwide flood maps after the superstorm. shannon has details of that and all the troubles along with it. shannon? >> the federal emergency management agency, or fema, was already in the process of studying flood maps in the region affected by sandy when the storm rolled in. in the wake of the storm, fema released new guidelines, advisory base flood elevation maps. that tells residents and home owners how to rebuild to stay safe and avoid massive insurance costs. the regions are spread across the u.s. from california to maine, and failure to build up to those codes can cause insurance rates to skyrocket if property owners can get coverage at all. there's a split among leaders in new jersey, one of the hardest hit states, whether or not to comply with fema's latest
12:47 pm
recommend, which could mean property owners in the zones have to raise their building or homes five feet or more. >> using these measures we have the potential save new jersey. the residents and taxpayers bills of dollars in property damage, economic loss, response to mitigation costs and reducing any further loss of life in the future. >> we think the manies are too big. i think it's a money grab on the federal government's part to get money into the flood insurance program. >> fema administrator says the whole purpose of the map is to make sure communities can rebound quickly the next time trouble strikes. >> it often times means the difference between communities being able to rapidly recover and people come home after cleanup and restoration of power, versus losing everything, including the community's tax base. >> the fema maps are not in final form and many residents say they're going to wait to rebuild until they can get the final classification because the difference could literally mean
12:48 pm
tens of thousands of dollars in costs. >> shepard: shannon, thanks very much. immigration reform now. a bipartisan group of lawmaker is reportedly close to hammering out a deal on immigration, but one of the senators at the center of the talks says they have a whole lot more work to do before they can introduce a bill. we'll get the details. man, that leg injury. were you watching this game? good grief. the louisville player is doing well but guard kevin ware's dream to play in national championship this year is over. but it did not break his spirit. the injury like nothing anyone in that building had seen before, and continues coverage from the jersey shore. from seaside heights where workers are busy rebuilding the famous board walk. the rainstorm has passed. ' but the temperature has dropped. tonight, the first of april and seaside heights, 30 degrees. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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>> shepard: somehow the louisville guard, kevin ware, did not let a brutal leg break dampen his hopes for a national title. last night kevin ware attempted to block a shot and when he came down in what look so rut teen, he leg shattered broke through his leg. the players players were howeved that's how i knew something happened. coach rick pitino almost threw up, even coach k was crying. the doctors reset the bone and incertained a rod. louisville went on to win 85-63. and coach pitino brought kevin ware the regional championship trophy. coach says kevin ware is in
12:53 pm
great spirits and rooting for his team to go all the way. wow. we're learning that the senate may be closer than ever to a bipartisan deal on immigration reform? which would likely include a path to citizenship for some of the 11 million illegal immigrants said to be in the united states right now, along with height 'ed border security and other changes. the so-called gang of eight, four democrats and four republicans trying to finalize a deal but one of the eight says we have not crossed the finish line yet. so are they miles to go or what, mike? >> everybody seems hopeful but marco rubio wants to get buyin and saying, quote, arriving at few final product will be needed. the other senators that weren't part of the initial drafting process in order to succeed, this process cannot be rushed or done in secret. that means holding hearings and allowing senators to offer
12:54 pm
amends. today at the white house white y carney sounded cautiously optimistic. >> we're not there yet. the process is still underway in the senate. legislation has to be written, drafted, and we will evaluate the specific aspects of that legislation when it is produced. >> one big moment was labor and business groups signing off on a guest worker program for low-skilled immigrants. shep? >> shepard: are there deal-breakers that might cause this to fall apart? what's the word. >> for republicans it would be border security. they're preving homeland security secretary napolitano to come up with border security. >> border secured has too be nonnegotiatingable health to have border secure. it's national security issue and also an issue that affects our
12:55 pm
economy. >> the new york senator chuck schumer says he is hopeful an immigration bill could be on the senate floor in may. >> mike emanuel. i don't know who ordered the rain up. and the dropping temperatures. police say a driver did a whole lot of damage when he slammed his car into a wal-mart but witnesses say his rampage did not threatened. details next. we'll show you how to donate to rebuilding efforts right here in seaside heights. up and down the near coast, those in need, as studio b continues after this.
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music ... music ... music... >> shepard: i guess they can roll back prices but not this. shopper scrambled for safety after a man rolled his car into a wal-mart and began attacking stunned customers. seriously. happened yesterday in a wal-mart in san jose. you can see the car inside the store.
12:59 pm
just drove right on in. police say he kept going until he hit a beer display. got out and started beating onlook inter -- onlooker with a blunt object. some people were hurt, seriously. the driver faces several charges including hit-and-run and assault with a deadly weapon. cops still don't know why he tide it. here along the jersey shore, clear live a lot of work to be done but most folks are not giving up. fortunately dozens of nonprofits are helping out. question have a list of charities where you can be sure the money is going to sandy recovery efforts. these are trusted charities on our web site, and you can find organizations involved. tonight on fox report we'll take you back up in sky fox for more de


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