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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  April 2, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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here, jesse. and you hit every one of the segments you had obama in there. >> yes, he did. thank you for joining us. that's it for us for "the five" thanks for watching and see welcome to "red eye." i'm tv's andy levy filling in for greg dwut felled who was mistaken for an east egg egg. now to tom shillue. what's coming up on to -- tonight's show? >> thanks, andy. some people think the way to make the world safer is give guns to poor people. others think that is a terrible idea. and gal lop finds the democrats are much less critical than their own party than republicans are, but only because barack obama is so awesome and republicans are jerks. and suspended for bringing a
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butter knife to school. when will they learn? butter kills. andy? >> butter kills in deed. thank you. let's welcome our guests. i am here with kennedy. she is a special cory spawn department on -- correspondent on fox business network. dan bova who is "maxim magazine" editor-in-chief, bill schulz and reason magazine's editor-in-chief, matt welch. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. i'm being held here against my will, america. >> so will crime drop with an armed block? well a texas-based group is providing shotguns to poor americans in dangerous neighborhoods. explains kyle copeland, the founder of the arm -- armed citizen project as they have more to fear crime begins to drop as a result. this week they give out their first gats that came with
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mandatory training. copeland hopes to arm an entire crime-ridden nation that guns make folks safer. can raccoons play the harp? that was a sprinkler with harp music. >> that was absolutely phony. we will change that. >> hi, kennedy. >> hi, andy. look at those blue eyes. normally you are behind a screen. >> is this a good idea or great idea? >> this is fantastic for the people of houston. actually it is a crime-ridden neighborhood and there are a lot of assaulted and rapes and it is nice to see single, elderly women who don't have a lot of means are being trained to use firearms.
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i worry it is some sort of backhanded racist experiment where someone is actually giving a bunch of poor people guns hoping they kill each other. >> really? >> yes, well that's what terrifies me. i see something like this and it smacks of cynicism. peta had a contest trying to give a million dollars to anyone who could come up with the synthetic chicken breast that tasted like real chicken. the rules were so prohibitive and confining that no one would ever be able to do it. that's the one thing i worry about. i don't think we have to be armed, but everyone should have the right to be armed. >> the armed citizen project on their website, they say people have asked if they are concerned about whether they might incur a potential liability. they say, quote, the short answer is, no, we will follow every applicable law and weapons will only go to those who qualify. what they are doing is they are covering the cost for a training session and for a
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shotgun for people who can't afford them on their own. what is wrong with that? >> nothing in particular. why does it always have to be a gun? the motivation is gun rights. the shotgun is a very effective effective -- kennedy has it in practice. they are trying to fight off an intruder. but it is not necessarily the only weapon in the world you can use. you don't have to use firearms. everyone should learn self-defense in the crime ridden neighborhoods, but there is a lot of varieties of self-defense. you can grow to krav-maga to learn how to hit people in the tess tau cals in five ways. guns lying around, they can be used for other purposes like shooting yourself in the head. >> your eyes lit up there. >> i was wondering if you were going to try one of the methods out on me being i am next to you. and if you got to, you got to. >> if they are able to arm an entire neighborhood and i have questions as to whether that will happen, what do you think the result will be? they say it will lead to lower
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crime. >> well, i have seen -- living in the suburbs i have seen a lot of arguments about your branch of your tree is over the fence. i am thinking if i had a shotgun in that moment, what would happen? the other thing i thought was a little weird about this program is they talked to a woman who was saying i get off a bus late at night and i will walk home and it is scary which is totally understandable. is she going to ride the bus with a shotgun? >> you can in texas. that's encouraged. >> you can actually ride shotgun? >> nice. >> thank you. >> bill, you defend your home, aka, the cardboard box where you sleep with a pair of children's scissors i don't think they are right handed. >> no, and they are dull. it is not a great weapon. first of all, a, so much for my chicken synthetic comparison. and b, i have not had a lot of experience with this, but in
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my mind if one was to start an experiment involving humans as guinea pigs, i would want to discuss it after the experiment was done and it was a success rather than before. >> at least are you being honest. >> i guess, but by not say something you could be honest. 23* it works, great, this works. they all end up killing each other, woopsie. >> right now i think they have given 10 guns out to 10 different people, and they say his idea is to arm this neighborhood. i don't think that is ever going to happen. >> i don't think it is necessary. i guess that was the point i was making. if you want to arm yourself, that's great. but it is not necessarily -- not necessary for everybody to be on. that's the difference between a libertarian point of view. everyone needs to be armed. if you want to be armed, arm yourself to the tee. if you want a silo of guns, if you want a cash of weapons, that's fine. i don't think that needs to be
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projected as an experiment, but having said that, single elderly women i would much rather thugs be in fear. >> no one is forcing these people to enroll in this program. it really is -- what it is doing is saying people who can't afford a gun because states charge -- the guns themselves are expensive and permits on top of that. all of these places now want taxes on them which may prevent poor people from arming themselves. so this group is saying we are going to help you out. >> and they are underlining the fact that ultimately the first responder isn't a cop. it is you. you have to take some responsibility or you are forced to take some responsibility, particularly in difficult neighborhoods. that's a perfectly great message. >> and the fact they are giving out shotguns, joe biden has to be happy about that. >> what was his advice? >> he gives a lot of advice.
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>> you know what i learned about dick cheney today? >> [bleep]. >> first of all we had to bleep that. >> we will pretend that never happened. >> i whispered it. >> we will move on to gays. he knows facts and selfish acts. chris clements thinks it is a bad idea for a -- for an nfl player to come out of the closet because it is self-center. a current player may reveal his his -- he is gay prompting clements to say who is this person coming out of the closet in the nfl? when asked to clarify he added, i am not against anyone, but i think it is a selfish act. they are trying to make themselves bigger than the team. clements also responded to charges of homo phobia saying nobody ever said anything about be a homophobic. some things should be 4re69 -- be left at home like proper grammar. the gay marriage debate rages on even here.
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>> business will get out of control and if it gets out of control we will be lucky to live through it. >> lucky he didn't have a shotgun. >> dut clemmons -- does clemons have a po nie t? remember jackie robinson being black. >> he has a point and has a right to be a silly person. this country just went from being pretty homophobic to being super tolerant in about 15 years? what was the time ellen came out on tv and that was supposed to be a big deal, and now everybody wants to gay marry quarterbacks. >> 1999. >> that is great and high five to all of us. the more gay marriage the better at this table or wherever. >> thank you. >> so why do we then need to go trolling for every
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testosterone-laden locker room where we will get people there not because they have great grammar, but because they can murder quarterbacks? and he is kind of right in the sense that if someone does come out it will be a media circus and the focus will be on him and not the team. he has a point. >> a couple days after these original tweets he tweeted again saying it just don't have to be a big announcement. that's all i was trying to say. is that a fair point that he is saying i don't care if someone is gay? >> it is a lot of build up. when anderson cooper came out of the closet and went -- and then eventually with the 15th nfl player that comes out or the mlb and who ever it is, they will have the same reaction. now that the infantry is all loosey goosy, this is the last legit myselfed homo phobia. and it may be a big deal for a moment, but he is being selfish. i agree with you about
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bringing somebody's race or height or temperament into the locker room. things you can't change yourself. >> i think kennedy makes a good point here. 15 years from now or two years from now, if a bunch of players and a bunch of sports come out, it is eventually not going to be a big deal. the first is always a big deal, isn't it? >> it is. but i think the main point of all of this is athletes should just stop tweeting. all you are going to do is write something stupid or send somebody a picture of your wiener and it will just cause trouble. >> especially for bill because he gets excited. i see the guy's point, but put in an inelegant way. >> it is like what i just said. >> the general rule is if you have to tweet eight times to clarify what you said in your first tweet you shouldn't tweet. >> or ted kennedy and wouldn't
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have said that. >> no. >> that was a plug. >> no it wasn't. he was a seattle seahawk. and my grand father. >> do you think you will ever be able to be open in a locker room? >> i hate to do his job, but i don't recall jackie robinson ever saying he was black. >> i think he did. >> i don't think he did. his whole point was that in brooklyn we go hard. and begin p again i have only seen the trailer, but that is the message. >> he is a fictional character. >> that's why everyone is wearing the number. finally we realize that brooklyn doesn't go soft. brooklyn goes hard. thank you. and as far as this point is concerned, the guy that said -- first leaked none mussily that he was thinking of coming out in the nfl he did it for this reason. he was testing the waters he has seen that the waters are going to be granted we are talking about one tweet, so maybe that won't discourage him, but it it is absolutely why he is about to
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go out. it is like beyonce releasing a soft schedule beforehand. >> or pretending she had a baby. >> it won't be that rough. this guy will be shouted down and now he is on the defensive saying i am not homophobic. i think the guy will come out and it won't be a big deal. >> can we wildly spec plate who the gay player is? >> you can and then we willed dit it out later jie. what if we rhyme shmom-s 4* -- shrady. >> i wish he was a homo fob because i already hate him. >> that means gisell se on the market. >> that means gisell se gay. >> she is from brazil. >> should straight athletes keep that out of the locker room? >> i don't want to hear about yore het -- about your het row sexuality. >> there is a "red eye" locker room? >> there is not?
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>> there is a leg cam and is there a wienus cam i don't know about? >> you think i dress like this all day? i have to change after the show. >> from sell fishing acts to self-reflection. are they more prone to criticize their own? a new gallop poll shows republicans are far more willing to find fault with their own parties than democrats are. 26% of righties surveyed said the gop was too inflexible while 50% of democrats found no flaws or had no opinion on the matter. the chief complaint was the gop -- about the gop was it is inflexible followed by charges that it protects the wealthy and not the middle class. the most popular was spending too much. speaking of self-reflection.
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>> stupid dog. cats would never do that. remember dan is on the panel, do not use big words. >> here i go. matt welch wrote a fantastic column in the issue of "the death of a con terror -- contrarianism." it is about trying to be popular and neutering the new public by taking out the contrarian element which is leftism and the democratic party which is a healthy and wonderful thing for both parties and washington. that is the only way the people actually grow. and democrats, they don't really need to self-criticize right now because they just re-elected jimmy carter for the third time. it is a miracle. but if you go on facebook just read what some of your liberal friends are saying.
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they are very partisan and very apologetic and completely out of touch with reality. >> 19% of republicans said there is nothing they disliked about their party. 37% of democrats said the same thing about their party. is that actually dangerous about the democrats? >> absolutely. there was a thing going on about our friend julian sanchez launched three or four years ago , epistemic closure. and he had a point and there is something to that everyone talking in their media bubbles and at each other have lost the idea of internal criticism. that is happening on the left right now. the right and the republican party which i will never join is having a more interesting conversation with itself right now than we have seen any party have in a really, really longtime. probably since bill clinton and the democrats started challenging the old jimmy carter orthodoxy.
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the more intellectual action and curse me for saying is among the conservatives and republicans. it is a shame. >> i completely agree. so dan, does this self-reflection in the gop, does it spell future success for the party or doom for the party or absolutely nothing? >> listen, i am the editor of "maxim magazine." i am not going to be able to say anything nearly as smart as what he just said. >> i went to you, sir, for a reason. in light of that, something in german. >> schulz. >> there you go. >> bill, last word to you. >> the republicans are more critical of themselves than democrats just like mets fans are more critical than yankie fans. the scoreboard dictates as such. but it is always a pattern. they used to have a column. it was the bush white house and it was self-flach lating
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stuff. it works when you dooy serve it. right now the republicans deserve some of the soul searching. you remember when they hated on themselves. >> yes pre 1992. >> i was born in 92, y'all. the doogie houser of fox news, count it. >> in 2004 that was happening. democrats were like, what is wrong? >> exactly. >> after the mid-term elections we were hearing that. should point out quickly, 100% of the people in the survey said they loathe you. that went across the board jie. they don't like doogie houser. >> i have to move on. don't challenge my facts. >> what did people do before staplers? the history of the paper clip 1700 to 1800.
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first, what perks do the gitmo detainees enjoy in -- enjoy? you are watching "red eye" on fnc. stick around.
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does their strike have no bite? 30 detainees at guantanamo bay are on a hunger strike, men facing dire conditions according to some press president ares. but the military say they are after media attention and an insider backs up that po nie t of -- point of view. they were treated, quote, unquote, absurdly well. he writes, compliant detainees enjoy six balanced meals and tv channels and classes and an array of gadgets and ebbet -- and entertainment and
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playstation 3 with video gages. games. an an teargas has surfaced. a warning that it is extremely graphic. >> what we are doing to these people is shameful. >> where are his teets? i didn't see them. >> they bit them off. >> whoa, that is graphic. >> i watched "game of throwns" last night. how do we know what the truth is? the detainees could be lying. but it is thought exactly the best source. >> it makes sense. this is something when obama was run -- running for president in 2008, one of the
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first things he could say was he didn't do it. the way to keep people off his back is make sure that no one down there is scwawking. and it -- squaking. and it makes sense that the prisoners have figured that out. we were trying to figure out where to take the girls to spring break. hawaii is too expensive. mexico is just a drug-fueled rapist pirate odyssey. it is so dangerous going there. so we figured with the video games for the kids and endless buffet because the detainees have given up food for the hunger strike and the weather is unbeatable, we are going to gitmo. >> i am now being told we were canceled in mexico. thanks for that. >> by the way, there are three weegers. we need to free emen in anymore and -- eminem and vanilla ice and mclemore. >> we don't need to free mclemore. >> that's an agree to
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disagree. >> a lot of the strikes are over inspections that the detainees want stopped. the military says, look, you have dn using korans to smuggle stuff in so that will never stop. >> the over -- overriding part of this business insider noted for their in depth foreign policy and reporting and investigation, i will read this sentence, while indefinite detain meant without trial may be morally offensive, the overriding philosophy on base these days is to treat the detainees really well. let's imagine that you have been pulled from a battlefield and you will not be charged with anything. you will be here in a cage. it is a very, very nice cage. you don't know what you are being charged for. you don't know if you are ever going to get out. you don't know anything. maybe that is not going to be treated absurdly well. maybe that is a psychological horror show regardless of
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anything else. yes the basic charge of oh they are using a hunger strike to get attention, yes. the democrats have stopped caring about guantanamo bay now that they run it. 24r* is still discretionary power in the department of defense. they certify this every year. if they wanted to, they could say this sucks and we are closing it down, and it would happen. >> i agree with everything matt said, except playstation three? >> i was just thinking the same thing. are they going to get playstation 4 before us? that's the real crime. >> here is my thing though, when they play games, do they play games like call of duty, and then the object for them is to die as quickly as possible? rut american soldier fighting the terrorist? >> apparently the koran is the new keyserring. >> kiestering. >> how come every time i bring it up you look at me with these -- >> we president do speak german. -- we don't speak german.
12:27 am
>> first of all, lisa ling went on oprah and talked about kiestering and that's where i looked about it. >> was that about the nuvo ring? >> didn't she go to korea? >> her sister did. >> it is bad obama has not closed this place. it is on him. i would say if there was a bright side to this otherwise bad, bad silver lining even though it didn't make sense was that as bad as things are in guantanamo, obama promised he was going to close guantanamo and he hasn't. but he said he would add torture for what he has. yes, they are there and they have been there without a trial. but at least they are not getting sexually degraded at the time. unless they want it by choice. >> he said he was going to have torture. have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox
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have video of yarr animal doing something? still to come, the half time report from tom shillue. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by candles. the molded piece of wax usually sill -- cylindrical in shape to provide light. thanks, candle.
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welcome back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far.
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tom's new comedy tv "indefensive bullying" is thousand available. >> i didn't rent that sweater. i have had that since the early 1990s. >> we wouldn't have guessed that. >> there is no way you actually own that. actually no one has met you. >> you didn't buy that two weeks ago from no where? >> those sweaters were everywhere in the early 1990s. you had to have one. >> early 1990s? that is like 1987. that is cosby shiz right there. >> it reads 1980s, but if you look back the sweaters didn't become popular until the early 90s. >> that's when you were -- that's when they were popular to you because you are so out of fashion. >> you went to theresville. >> that's when you started seeing them on the streets. that's when you started seeing them at marshalls and tj
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maxx. >> that made him better. >> oh well then it was cool. >> i wasn't going to pay designer prices for one of those things. i get the max for the minimum. >> why would you? >> first story, guns, buying guns for poor people. kennedy, you said -- you said that this was a bizarre racist experiment where poor people would kill each other. now clarify. would it be a crazed right wing loonetic who wants poor people to die or a crazed left wing racist who wants the experiment to go badly so that guns look bad? >> i think they are in cahoots with one another. >> really? it goes full circle? >> sure. >> can we just make it clear that there was absolutely no evidence that this guy is racist? >> kennedy seems to be
12:34 am
favoring this as a conspiracy theory. >> from where the conspiracy would come. i think it would be a brilliant conspiracy if it were a crazy person who wanted the experiment to go badly, of course. it would be sinister, but brilliant. >> that's why i said it smacks you of cynicism. >> matt, you mentioned something about -- i don't know, you mentioned a manual or perhaps a series of videotapes or something where you go how to learn how to hit people in the testicals? >> it is a krav-maga, and i know it through my wife who is french. i am saying that because of the following impersonation i will do. when she comes home from her krav-maga class and i said what happens there she said you say slap in the balls, slap in the balls, slap in the balls. >> are you sure she is going to krav-maga class? >> it is self--- it is
12:35 am
self-defense. >> what is it called? >> it is an israeli self-defense class. >> she has been seeing him for 10 years now, you poor man. >> it is krav-maga. >> it is like the old model mugging. i used to see the graduation where the women would kick in the nuts, poke in the eyes. that kind of thing, right? >> i don't know what world you just poured into. jay you get pulled into it when you wear a sweater like that. >> it was another self-defense organization. >> or your prom night. >> all right, kennedy you said conservatives -- you said conservatives want everybody to be armed, but libertarians only want those people to be armed who want to be armed.
12:36 am
is that what you were saying? >> yes. libertarians would fight for the second amendment, but they don't think it is a necessity that anyone has to own a gun. anyone who wants to gone a -- wants to own a gone own one. >> you are making a distinct between libertarians and conservatives. i don't think conservatives want everyone to have a gun. they want anyone who wants to hunt or own a gun for protection, i think they are basically on the same page on that issue, don't you think? >> no. conservatives are more about greater arm ma meant. it is it a minor distinct, but there is one to be made. >> when you whisper on television, kennedy, it is basically just as audible as if you talked. >> good to know. >> especially if one cups one's face. the microphone picks it up even louder. >> so i guess i shouldn't tell bill about -- >> keep going.
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>> a lot of words i don't understand. >> it is okay. they won't be in the final copy. >> story two, gay in the nfl. allen actually came out earlier than 1999. was it 1995? 1997 or -- it was 1997. >> if you are going to be a quiz master, be a quiz master. >> 1997. it was the puppy episode. it was a two-part episode. we don't do that anymore. >> she played her therapist and then came out on the cover of ""time" magazine" and it said, yep, i'm gay. remember, with white low fers? >> no that was chevy chase in "vacation"." >> you said he was kind of right because the focus was not going to be on the team. since when do they care if the focus is not on the team? have you seen them dancing and carrying on in the end zone? >> that's a strange segue. it is football, right?
12:38 am
how many players are on the team? 63 or some thing? they build themselves into a lather to play 16 games a year, and it is all just about the -- they show these terrible half time and pre game pep talks. it is a weird mind set. other sports where basketball is much more individualistic. football you sasume yourself to the squad. >> obviously that's the way -- that's what coach taylor wanted in "friday night lights" but i don't think these players behaved that way. >> chad ocho sin co? >> dancing in the end zone is an expression of your -- you just partied. but the basic locker room thing is not heard from 60 individuals unless you are a quarterback or skilled positions. >> you are suggesting that people who dance after a nice play shouldn't have anything wrong with gays? >> i am not suggesting that. w45* is your problem with tom brady?
12:39 am
you said i hate tom brady. >> he cheated and beat the raiders with a stupid tuck rule. he was a smug a-hole in the interviews afterwards and he is a big jerk. and he broke bridget money gnaw han's heart. >> and he picked the wrong girl. >> he was a cad. >> dan, you said athletes should just stop tweeting. no one said anything about be a homophobic. >> bill, jackie robinson, i thought it was a torch and an analogy you were making, but wouldn't it be more appropriate, jackie robinson, you are making a joke, but jackie robinson didn't have to come out. he was started by the brooklyn dodgers and everyone knew he was black.
12:40 am
wouldn't it be not an nfl player in the nfl coming out, but actually an nfl team signing an openly gay player? know what i am talking about? >> i was talking about jakay in 227. remember the sassy one? loved by everyone in the neighborhood but mary. mary didn't like her. everyone else did, especially the old lady in the window. >> next story and dems less critical than republicans. matt, you said there is really no internal debate among liberals. is that really true? what about who is dreamier, rachel maddow or -- >> chris hayes. >> you knew what i was going for. i president could think. i couldn't think. my next point i can't say because i think kennedy's comment is going to be cut out of the show.
12:41 am
but kennedy, i will say there are still three weegers in gitmo. all others have been released. the final three have filed cases in court to be brought to the u.s. they are petitioning to bring them to their communitieses. >> yes, they are. >> kennedy, are you worrying about you and your husband taking a vacation. why not have a staycation and invite the weegers. andy, back to you. coming up, what ipped could of monster goes -- what kind of monster goes around throwing drinks in people's faces? fears, why did this man tatoo his dog? who knows? maybe he joined a biker gang. i don't have all of the answers, people.
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it is not my fault if you don't know what a banker gang is. they had choice words for those who race birds. peta is asking queen elizabeth to put a stop to pigeon racing in england. the animal rights group says queen as the patron of the royal pigeon association is a key figure in the sport and it keeps about 250 of the birds on her estate. the sport involves releasing pigeons with the winner, the first to return home, and peta claims tens of thousands die from exhaustion every year. obviously we need to discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> kennedy, most pigeons as you well know live a life on the streets. it is a short, nasty, brew tish life. brutish life. these pigeons get to live with
12:46 am
the queen of even land. >> i think it is phac it is a stick. i never -- i think it is fantastic. i think it is fantastic. shear news flash to peta. tens of thousands of pigeons would die every year regardless if they are in a pigeon racing league. >> tens of thousands of actresses get exhaustion every year. i don't see what the difference is. >> and martin lawrence. i guess he is an actress. >> he plays one a lot. >> there is not a new yorker around who will take this side of the pigeons. >> pigeons are winged rats and they should be treated as such. >> dan, i will ask you the stupidest question i have ever asked anybody. is this peta trying to stay in the news? >> wow, that was stupid. yes?
12:47 am
dying of exhausting speaks to a bigger problem. the pigeons sit on the couch all day long and play video games. get out and exercise. they are lazy and out of shape. >> yes! if you are exhausted, stop flying. >> or land. >> take a break. stupid pigeons. they are stupid. >> come on. >> bill, you race pigeons for breadcrumbs outside fox. how fast are they? >> nobody has clocked one. they tried to and they are like, no, i have a life to lead. first of all, don't do this whole thing with england. in eng a land every woman is a bird. you are confusing the queen to begin with. you know who else does this? mike tyson. peta won't go after tyson because he is mike tie -- mike tyson. they will go against the bat in the hat that comes out every jubilee and waves her hand like this. going after tyson a little harder.
12:48 am
>> it is peta uk. >> i withdraw my complaint. although what did he do to -- his name escapes me. one of these guys from the uk and became -- i had to bring it to the uk. >> time to take a break. when we return, a special performance from the musical guest.
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banker gangs. they are gangs of bankers. >> next topic. a north carolina man is getting crap for tattooing his pittbull. ernesto rodriguez said the symbol is of her blood line and is meant to identify her. he said duchess was asleep after being sedated to have her ears cropped. they vetted, but didn't file charges. -- they investigated, but didn't file charges. >> is this animal cruelty?
12:53 am
>> no, it is a dog. >> wow. >> seriously. >> well, a dog is an animal, so my question is not that crazy. >> well, it is a tattoo. they were asleep and it didn't hurt. didn't we used to brand cattle? don't we take a hot poker and put it in the side of beasts we own. >> but cattle is is not man's best friend. >> but then again neither are dogs. >> i knew this was going to be a pro cat thing. >> kennedy, i need somebody to make this story about justin bieber so help me out. >> we are talking about a dumb man who did something to his animal. that is a dumb thing unless it is snoop dogg then it would be funny. why are we talking about pigeons and dogs when justin bieber's pet monkey is in quash quash tee? germany. i can't believe it has been coal lied to fight this cruelty. >> that is wrong.
12:54 am
quarantine is a great city in germany. the monkey is having an awesome. time. he is probably shaved. >> good luck trying to get past that velvet rope. >> they should have -- justin bieber should have this man's pittbull tattooed on the under side of his belly. >> speaking of which how do we know the other dogs are not jealous of the bad ass tattoo. >> i have to tell you that from the experience of my hamster he got his girlfriend's name on the bicep and he regrets it now. he can't move on. >> and doesn't it say wino forever? >> exactly. >> bill, you have a tattoo of the rapper pittbull on your back. so this story is is a lot about you. >> this they misspelled it. we are talking about -- we are upset that the guy got a tattoo when his dog was under and we are not talking about
12:55 am
fact that he went there to get half of his ears cutoff. and we are talking about the art. he cutoff half of his ears. most dogs get half of their ears cutoff. that's the real thing here. by the way, if that dog didn't like that tattoo, that owner would know about it. it is a pittbull. he was fine. >> wait they do crop their ears ears and tails. >> yes. >> why do they crop the ears? >> they are delicious. >> it is aesthetic. it is totally aesthetics which is also a great club in germany. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tom shillue. to see recent shows go to fox eye.
12:56 am
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12:58 am
coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" return appearances from jonathon hunt
12:59 am
and anthony. now tom shillue for the post game wrap up. what is >> that is the name of the website everyone that is watching this should look at. i am giving a talk on april 4th on thursday about republican returns and something like that. >> nycjunto. >> kennedy, when is your book coming out? >> in july. i am so excited. >> fantastic. is there any pre ordering? is it up yet? >> no. >> i have seen the cover. it is hot. >> and dan -- >> you just like the donkey. >> dan, are you sir playing at the giggle castle or is that a mistake in my notes? >> that's 100% true. i am playing at sir laughing ton giggle castle.


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