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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 2, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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i'm ainsley earhardt. >> i'm heather. it is tuesday, april 2. thanks for tkpwegtd up with us -- getting up with us. we're getting new details at this hour about how a texas district attorney and his wife were killed over the weekend. a new search warrant reveals mike and cynthia mcclellan were shot multiple times by an assault rifle. their bodies were discovered by a family friend. police are checking the couple's phone records for leads as suspicions turn to
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a white supremacist prison gang for that attack. in harris county security was out in force in and around the criminal courthouse. district attorney mike anderson admits he and his wife are a bit unnerved. >> she said be careful, told me she loves me and i told her to be careful as well. >> outside the galveston county courthouse police are working around the clock. >> the safety of everyone is primary. we've increased patrols in the parking lot. >> the main focus of police work is in kaufman county where the couple was killed. no arrests have been made as authorities said little about their investigation, including if they have any leads or a potential motive. but many are speculating about who might be behind these murders and some point fingers to violent groups. >> we have no forensic or hard evidence to say the aryan brotherhood is behind
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the assassinations of mark or his boss. it seems very plausible by the two murder were carried think, is aang. clear concern to individuals who are in public life, particularly those who deal with some very mean and vicious individuals, whether they're white supremacy groups or whether they are the drug cartels that we have. >> a new prosecutor was appointed to replace mcclellan and lead the d.a. office until the governor rick perry appoints a permanent successor. >> it is time for your five at five. lawmakers in connecticut reaching a deal on gun control that would put in place some of the toughest gun laws in the united states. the proposal includes a ban on high-capacity magazines and it also expands the
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state assault weapons ban to 100 new types of firearms. lawmakers also calling for universal background checks. under the proposal, the state would create the first statewide dangerous weapon offender registry. >> the man suspected of killing colorado's prison chief should have been behind bars. but because of a clerical error, he was released. back in 2008. he pleaded guilty to assaulting a prison guard. he was sentenced to an additional four years on top of the eight years he was already serving but the sentence was put into the computer system incorrectly and he was set free in january. now two months after that, he was killed in a shootout with police in texas. the same gun found at the scene matched the crime scene in colorado. vince: vito corleone got away with it in "the godfather." >> except the defense department employee who allegedly called himself the godfather of camp
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pendelton didn't get away with it. prosecutors say he took cash since 2008 in exchange for helping contractors win business on that base. the man who received free remodeling work on his condo was caught in an f.b.i. sting. >> louisville guard kevin ware could be released from the hospital in a few hours after that horrific leg injury. he is now on crutches. he remains positive, calling it a minor setback to a major comeback. coach rick pitino and his son stopping by to lift his spirits. >> the doctors have been tremendous. the hospital has been tremendous. they operated right away on him. he's not in any pain. we're pleased with that. >> nfl legend joe theismann who had a similar injury in 1985 called ware to offer his support and theismann will be on "fox & friends" this morning at 7:30. >> amazing to see ware
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walking around already. >> later on this morning we'll get an up close and personal look at a state-of-the-art observation deck on top of the new world trade center. we got a peek at this last month. you can see right here from the 100th floor were unveiled. the deck is 1,250 feet above ground zero. it is due to open in the year 2015. that is your five at 5:00. >> overnight north korea vowing to restart activity at a nuclear complex that comes as the u.s. moved a navy destroyer capable of intercepting missiles to the korean peninsula. kelly wright is live with the latest. >> north korea says it will reopen its nuclear reactor under an international nuclear disarmament. you may recall the plutonium reactor was shut down in 2007. the north is also saying it will put a uranium enrichment plant back into operation which can lead to producing more bombs.
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the united states is sending more military assets into the region. the pentagon confirming the u.s.s. john s. mccain, a navy destroyer ship, has been deployed to the region. this ship is capable of shooting down missiles. rap tor fighter jets are also in the region now. the white house is keeping a close watch on north korea's actions and the provocative rhetoric from kim jong un. >> i would note despite the harsh rhetoric we're hearing from kim jong un, we are not seeing changes to the north korean military posture such as large-scale mobilizeation and positioning of forces. >> what this leads to is the fact that we need a solution to the fact that we have basically a nuclearized north korea. i think the country that can play the biggest role in this is china. >> south korea's new president says she will not wait for china to act. the south's first female
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president is taking a tough stance, telling her commanders if the north carolina rhys out an attack, they are ordered to respond forcefully and immediately and not wait for her approval. >> thank you, kelly. time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> yesterday felt like a pwraoufl day in the northeast but today it is going to feel a lot more like february. >> we actually saw the warmest day in new york city yesterday at 62 degrees. today not so much. we have a cold front that moved across the northeast leaving behind colder temperatures. the current wind chill temperature 27 degrees. in the teens in chicago and minneapolis. we're talking in the 20's as far south as parts of texas and oklahoma. this afternoon we should be seeing high temperatures
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rebounding into the 40's across chicago, minneapolis. 71 your high temperature in dallas. for us in new york city 44 degrees. much cooler than yesterday and some of this cooler air is making it into parts of the southeast. in atlanta by thursday you won't make it out of the 40's. this is a widespread cold-weather outbreak producing lake effect off the snow. in texas we could be seeing severe storms. heads up san angelo we have that risk for later this afternoon into this evening. >> maria molina, thank you. now for stories you can bank on this morning. after a judge's decision, stockton, california, is making history all for the wrong reasons. lauren simonetti joins us from the fox business network to explain. >> good morning. yesterday was d day for stockton, california, as a federal bankruptcy judge ruled that stockton, a city of 300,000, is able to go
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broke and get bankruptcy protection. a long list of creditors and bondholders wanted to pursue other avenues to resolve debts. so far stockton is the biggest and most popular city to file for bankruptcy. it filed last summer after being hard hit by the housing crisis and has since cut a quarter of its police force and more than 90 million dollars from its budget over three years. >> we're hearing also as far as jobs are concerned, it is getting easier to get a job. unemployment is going down. according to new research, that is not the case. >> there's different types of jobs being created. on friday we'll know more, when we get the government jobs report for march job creation. we'll see if the trend of steady hiring and decreasing firing can indeed continue. in the meantime the brookings institute finds that only 14 of the 100 biggest cities in the u.s. have more jobs than they did before the recession.
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as you can see from the screen here, six cities are in texas and the rest scattered across the country. what they have in common is this: they are anchored by either universities, government agencies or high-tech industries like auto plants or even oil fields in some case. this is what is troubling: 44 months since the recession, the u.s. economy has three million fewer jobs than when the recession started. pretty scary. >> there is no recovery when you look at the labor market. >> thanks so much. lauren simonetti live for us. it is now ten minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, one town about to require all residents to own a gun, but is this a good idea? we report and you decide. >> the energy department breaking the rules to hand out six-figure checks. and they did it on your dime. but first as we go to break, take a look at the gasoline prices. new national average $3.64
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>> it's 14 minutes after the hour. here's a look at what you missed while sleeping. we have now learned the names of the victims killed in that alaska helicopter rescue crash. the pilot rescued hundreds of people over the course of his career and paige toll was a former kansas state trooper. they had just rescued an injured snowmobileer and were flying to meet a medic. camelot is heading to japan. president obama expected to nominate caroline kennedy to be the next u.s. ambassador to that country. we hear the deal is not official yet. kennedy was a high-profile supporter of the president in 2008 and in 2012. kennedy would be our first female ambassador to japan.
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>> thank you, heather. time now to take a look at who's talking. this morning the big talker, the easter sermon given at the church where president obama attended. the reverend dr. lewis legion from st. john's episcopal church facing backlash for what some say are politics at the pulpit, attacking christians for their belief. but when fox news's ed henry confronted jay carney about it, this is what he had to say. >> was he surprised? were you surprised that reverend leon decided to get so political and attack leaders at one point saying they want blacks to be back in the back of the bus? sort of odd for easter. >> i wasn't there. i haven't spoken with the president. this was a sermon at a church here that's been visited by presidents of both parties for many, many
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years. and i think -- you know, i don't have anything more on it for you. >> charles krauthammer is talking about that issue saying he doesn't believe this is a reflection on president obama. >> it was -- it appeared to have no connection intrinsic with him. i don't think he owes him any allegiance. i think what jay carney said is he has every right to stay away from this. i don't think it implicates him at all. what i found incredibly offensive is the language used is the language that echoed, that ted kennedy used when the nomination of robert bork was announced where he went on this libel against bork where he said he's a racist, sexist, et cetera, et cetera. there was an echo of that. it was a gratuitous statement and complete disgrace. i put it all on the reverend and not the president. >> the minister has spoken at the inauguration of
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president bush in 2005 and president obama in january. >> there is a small town in north georgia, the latest to require that the head of every household own a gun. but the ordinance in nelson exempts those who don't believe in owning firearms, convicted felons and those with physical and mental disabilities. city officials there help more guns will help deter criminals. the city has only one police officer. we want to know is this a good idea or bad idea? send your comments to us. you can tweak them at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox friends first at fox >> next on the rundown, have you done your taxes yet? while you rush to file -- a few more days -- before you rush to file before that deadline, there are common mistakes that could be very costly. >> it sounds like a scene out of the movie "footloose" but this is a
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real danceoff to protest a crazy law. we'll tell you about that law.
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>> welcome back. 21 after the top of the hour. time for a segment we like to call what the hill? it's going to be clear to you why we call it that. nearly 500 budget workers given furlough notices but it appears employees in the west wing are safe from the budget cuts. jay carney says the white house is slowing down hiring and cutting back on equipment and travel to save money. your hard-earned tax dollars being spent to overpay contractors for the government. a new inspector general's office report finds that
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the department of energy spent nearly $3.5 million for just ten executives for an environmental cleanup contract in 2011. two of those workers were paid $82 -- paid 82% and 74% above average. heather? >> two weeks until the filing deadline, you may find yourself like a lot of us, rushing to get your taxes done but you want to be careful because minor mistakes could cost you a lot of money. personal finance expert vera givens is here to explain how to avoid getting an audit. what is the top mistake people make? >> fuzzy math. people are moving stuff around from one decimal to the next. year in and year out math errors are common. >> it is so complicated. >> that is why people use tax professionals. but if you are doing the math yourself, double,
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triple check. >> including the decimal point. >> three million math errors last year according to the i.r.s. and that can trigger an audit. you want to be careful about that. >> be careful about underreporting. it's easy if you get a w-2. >> a lot of people are coming from 1099's, all different places. you've got to declare every penny you made, even if the project was small. it gets confusing keeping your forms together. every penny you have to prepare because the i.r.s. is crosschecking. if you're underreporting your income you're setting yourself up for potential trouble. >> you have an elderly parent that moves in? >> a lot of people forget about the household changes that have happened. life changes are important that can change your status, that can help you save money on your returns. maybe you have an elderly parent who moved back in. maybe you have kids who are back in with you. maybe your kids go to day care now. these are things you don't want to overlook. >> you can deduct them as
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independents in some case -- >> as depend heents. >> a lot of folks still do it on paper? 30% are still filing paper returns. not only does that slow down their refund process but leaves more room for error. less than 1% error rate for e-filing versus 21% for filing snail mail. you're segts yourself up for potential trouble. i.r.s. knocking on your door. >> why do you have more mistakes when you do it yourself? >> goes back to the math, transferring stuff from one decimal to the next. missing stuff on your social. that could come back to haunt you. >> is there a website? you're always an expert at these things. that you like or helps make this process easier? >> but it is tedious, cumbersome. you're responsible. you the taxpayer are summons for everything
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on -- are responsible for everything on that return. >> it is now 25 minutes after the hour. coming up, the professor who ordered his students -- remember this one -- to stomp on the word "jesus" is now defending himself. he says he was just doing his job. we'll tell you what he said. wait until you hear why this popular star wars lego set is being pulled from store shelves. we'll be right back.
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>> good morning. welcome to fox and friends first. >> it is 29 after the hour. we begin with a fox news alert. a search warrant reveals new details about the murders of a texas prosecutor and his wife. police say that mike and cynthia mcclellan were shot multiple times with an assault rifle. a concerned family friend discovered their bodies on saturday. >> police say they don't have solid leads at this point but they are focusing now on a white supremacist gang for that attack. >> in harris county security was out in force both in and around the criminal courthouse. district attorney mike anderson admits he and his wife are a bit untphefrbd. >> she said be careful and
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told me she loves me and i told her to be careful as well. >> outside the galveston county courthouse police are working around the clock. >> the safety of everyone in the courthouse was primary and we escort them back and forth. we've increased our patrols here in the parking lot. >> but the main focus of police work is in kaufman county where both hasse and the mcclellans have been killed. authorities have said little about their investigation including if they have leads or a potential motive but many are speculating about who might be behind these murders, as some point fingers to violent groups. >> we have no forensic or hard evidence to say that the aryan brotherhood is behind the assassination of mark hasse or in fact this last weekend of his boss. however, it seems very, very plausible that in fact the two murders were carried out by the gang. >> this, i think, is a clear concern to individuals who are in
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public life, particularly those who deal with some very mean and vicious individuals, whether they're white president obama is i groups or whether -- whether they're white supremacy groups or drug cartels. >> a new interim d.a. has been appointed to replace mcclellan until the governor appoints a permanent successor. >> the top five stories making news at this hour. accused movie massacre gunman james holmes will face the death penalty. that decision getting applause from some of the victims' family members and friends. prosecutors rejected his guilty plea to avoid death. >> if you cause death upon somebody, i personally believe the only justice that can be served is death on yourself. >> holmes is accused of killing 12 people and hurting more than 50 others after opening fire at an aurora movie theater last july. his trial is set to begin in february.
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u.s. customs and border protection agency says it will not furlough or cut the hours of its agents. those controversial cuts are now being delayed due to a backlash over border security. officials are also dismissing reports that illegal border crossings are skyrocketing but they admit apprehensions are on the rise in south texas. >> for the first time we are hearing from the professor at the heart of that controversial jesus stomping exercise. he says that he is being vilified for doing his job. he says he never told anyone to stomp on jesus and only asked his students to step on the paper that had jesus written on it. florida atlantic university placed poole on administrative leave for his own safety. he is apparently receiving death threats. >> stomp versus step, sounds like the same thing. >> lego pulling the star wars toy off shelves because of racists. in january there was a group of muslims that
2:33 am
claimed it was offense because they say it looks like one of the most sacred mosques. lego originally refused the request to withdraw the product but eventually the company backed down agreeing to end production next year. >> an unusual protest on the steps of one state capital. dozens of people dancing, trying to sway washington state lawmakers to repeal a decades-old opportunity to dance tax. state law says that businesses that charge people at the door to dance inside should be collecting nearly 10% in taxes on top of that fee. washington makes almost $1 million a year on that dance tax. and that's your five at 5:30. >> let's turn to a more serious story. the u.s. is bulking up military presence in the korean peninsula as north
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korea threatens to beef up activity. >> the pentagon is trying to send a strong message to north korea, but the threats continue to escalate. now we have sent f-22 fighter jets into the korean peninsula as well as a destroyer capable of intercepting missiles. these are additional reminders to north korean leader kim jong un that his country is within u.s. reach. the young dictator promised to reopen a nuclear facility in what is believed to be a new push for nuclear weapons. for all the bluster, the white house says north korea is at the moment all talk. >> we haven't seen action to back up the rhetoric in the sense that we haven't seen significant changes, as i said, in the north in terms of mobilizeations or repositioning of forces. and that is important to note. >> despite boasts from the
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north, north korea has also renewed its focus on its own economy stung from yet another round of nuclear sanctions. but beyond a show of u.s. force, much may depend on the actions of the north's largest benefactor. >> there is no question that the u.s. and china are the biggest players. china is the biggest by far, and they are the ones that need to really play a big role in trying to denuclearize north korea. >> the north korean government claims its top two priorities now are to build a stronger economy and a more robust nuclear program. but it's clear that the economy is suffering in part because of that nuclear program. heather? >> thank you so much in washington for us. before you leave the house let's get your weather update from maria molina. maria, it feels more like winter in some parts of the country than april. >> we're talking temperatures up to 25 degrees below its average for this time of year.
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feeling more like winter across parts of the midwest, sections of the plains and into parts of the northeast. that cold air over the great lakes means one thing: lake-effect snow here we go again, if you live off the lakes, you're talking about a couple of inches of snow accumulation possible throughout the day today. as we head into the south we have warm temperatures in place. we have a risk to see thunderstorms that could produce isolated severe weather across southwestern texas. north of that region, concern, severe weather. areas of rain across parts of kansas, oklahoma and even just outside of the city of dallas and just starting to move into that city and across parts of the texas panhandle and parts of oklahoma. as we head into tonight and into tomorrow morning, you could be looking at temperatures that are cold enough for a little bit of a wintry mix. we could be looking at one to three inches of snow accumulation that will also include parts of kansas and colorado. currently temperatures, more chilly, 22 in minneapolis, 34 in new york
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city. as far as your high temperatures today, 40's in chicago. 44 as well in new york city. >> maria, thank you so much. it's time to entertain this. heidi klum getting a scare on vacation in hawaii. her seven-year-old son and his two nannies were nearly taken away by a rip tide. the model mom springing into action pulling them to safety. >> talk about a really neat easter surprise, during communion at a mass in phaoeufplt beach a man in a blazer and sunglasses starts to sing. listen. [singing] >> imagine that. you're at mass and all of a sudden you hear that voice. the legendary tenor andrea bocelli was in town and went to mass and at the last minute asked if he could sing a little something. skwrus -- just continue took -- justin bieber
2:38 am
directed his 37 million followers to a gossip site hit line for april fool's. the 2013 baseball season in full swing. the angels won the first ever opening day interleague game beating the reds 3-1. the nationals, bryce harper making history, the 20-year-old became the youngest player to hit two homers on opening day. washington beat miami 2-0. louisville guard kevin ware could be released from the hospital in a few hours after that horrific leg on crutches, as you can see. joe theismann, who had a similar injury in 1985, reached out to ware to offer his support and theismann will be here on "fox & friends" this morning. >> a tough day on the court for president obama. a group of kids betting that he wouldn't make a foul shot -- they were right. you can hear the kids
2:39 am
cheering as he misses. but the president did get a little consolation hug. he actually missed 20 out of 26. it's 38 after the top of the hour. coming up, do you like to have your bagel sliced? that's going to cost you extra in one city. this and other bizarre taxes which are a pain in your wallet. >> they got millions of dollars of our tax money to build green sports cars but wait until you hear how many cars the company actually built.
2:40 am
flying is old hat for business travelers. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving.
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>> welcome back. it's 42 after the hour. let's span the globe together to see what stpoeurs are making -- stories are making headlines. >> new hope for this jailed pakistani doctor that helped the u.s. nail down osama bin laden. a doctor said they will try to conclude the case on the
2:43 am
same day as the hearing. the doctor is serving 33 years. in tanzania the death toll of a building collapse to a 16 story building under construction when it crumbled. only 17 people were pulled out alive. finally, vatican city. pope francis visiting the tomb of st. peter, the church's first pope. the tomb is buried under the basilica. pope francis was the first pontiff to visit the site. >> time for some quick u.s. headlines. it was a major selling point of obamacare to provide a marketplace for fordable health insurance and their employees. but the obama administration delayed parts of that program until 2015. employers will now be limited to a single plan. fisker automotive getting more than $500 million from the obama administration and from you but that company hasn't made a single car since the month of july. to top it off, the green
2:44 am
car company is in financial trouble and could soon file for bankruptcy. last week fisker furloughed 200 workers in the united states to try to save money. >> listen to this one. if you buy a bagel in new york, be prepared to pay more just to have it sliced. that's because tax revenue for states often stems from really weird laws. here with a look at some of those bizarre state taxes is adam shapiro from the fox business network. adam, really? pay more to have your bagel sliced? >> if you get attitude, that is even more expensive. who would have ever thought cutting a bagel in half would help new york state bring home the bacon? and it's all kosher. new york state charges an 8 cent tax on all altered bagels. and the altered includes slicing, dicing, toasting and putting on butter and cream cheese. in other states you're going to pay a tax for things you may have never considered. for instance, utah, a business that hires someone who works nude or partially
2:45 am
nude pays a 10% tax on the services that kphraoe -- employee sells. things like erotic dancing and escort services. remember that story on chesty love, she works in utah and would have to pay. kansas charges a tax for tethered hot air balloon rights but if the balloon is free to fly away it is off the hook. that tattoo will cost you an extra 6% in taxes in arkansas along with body piercings. alabama charges a ten cent tax on decks of cards. maryland holds a tax we can -- or charges a tax we can all appreciate. in maryland every homeowner and every business pays a $2.50 sewage or flush tax. given the fact that so many members of the federal government live in maryland, you can expect that tax to raise huge amounts of money. >> shapiro, i like you. you're funny in the morning. >> a lot of coffee.
2:46 am
thanks. have a great day now. it is 15 minutes before the hour. still ahead, parents everywhere do it. they give their toddler an ipad to keep them entertained but a new study may have you thinking twice about that. >> a final four, it is set. but are your travel plans? if not, our travel expert is here to help you get to the games. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> good morning, ladies. coming up on fox first at ten, actor holly robinson peete will be with us. former quarterback joe theismann talks about that injury he suffered that is very similar to what kevin ware had a couple of nights ago out there in the elite eight. red sox pitcher and cancer survivor john lester plus clay walker has a brand-new book called "jesus was a country boy." it kicks off at 6:00 a.m.
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>> it's ten minutes before the hour. here's a quick look at headlines. starting next year voters in arkansas will have to show a photo i.d. at the polls. the house voted to override the idea by the state's governor and approve the bill. >> are ipads bad for your kids? researchers find children who are calmed down by electronic devices are less likely to learn how to calm themselves down naturally. they may also have behavioral problems later on in life. but all that screen time doesn't appear to harm their eyesight. right now there is no hard data on the effects of it since the ipad is so new. what else is a parent supposed to do? >> it comes down to just 14
2:51 am
this saturday in atlanta, georgia. if you're thinking of heading down there to watch the final four, we've got all the information that you need to know. joining us now is our orbitz senior editor. thanks for being with us. let's start with flights, air fare. if you're flying from different cities we have a chart for you with an average of how muc it's going to cost to get to atlanta. why don't you go through these. >> i'll start with the most expensive, out of syracuse, around $635 round trip. wichita state, flying directly out of wichita, around $501. however you have the option out of kansas city $350, about a three-hour drive. for michigan folks, they are flying out of detroit, $414 round trip. louisville $281. a little bit closer. then if you want a hotel room, how hard is it to get one right now? >> getting tougher every minute as people start to book the rooms especially downtown close to the
2:52 am
georgia dome. you're looking around $300 on average. some are a lot pricier around that area. if you want to get savings and probably later in the week you'll have to book farther out, you're looking at places like galleria, smyrna, $150 on average now. at the airport $110 on average. you can take the marta, the public transportation. >> marta is the way to go because parking will be difficult around the event areas. if you need to rent a car, average rental rates are $43 a day. parking will be a challenge. >> beyond the game, what is available that you could go to if you don't want to go to all of the games? >> the ncaa has a lot of events right around the georgia dome. they have bracket town, their huge fan festival, that is always popular. they also have a big dance, three days of free concerts in downtown atlanta as
2:53 am
well. this year is the 75th anniversary of march madness, so they're actually celebrating that. division 2 and division 3 game, championship games are free and open to the public. if you have some extra time, you could hit those games as well. >> great for those folks flying in from syracuse paying $600. as far as atlanta is concerned, i'm from that area, from south carolina, we would always go to atlanta, there's so much to do. there is the aquarium. a lot of good things. what do you recommend? >> a family-friendly town. if you're taking things there is the georgia aquarium, one of the best aquarium in the country. they have everything from beluga whales and the theatrical experience with dolphins. that's a great one. the atlanta botanical gardens is absolutely beautiful. it is 30 acres forests, wild flower trails, a 10,000-square foot orchid center. they have this great canopy walk which is a suspension bridge that's absolutely
2:54 am
beautiful. that is a great option as well. when you're looking at history, martin luther king jr., the national historic site is here. you have his birth home, you have the king center, a lot of great history. that is a great thing to check out in atlanta as well. >> such a fun city to go to. we recommend it. thanks so much. it is now 54 after the top of the hour. it's your last chance to answer our question of the day. we told you about the georgia town putting in place a law that would require everyone to own a gun. we wanted to know is it a good idea or a bad idea? your responses coming up next. plus this picture, not laughing after this scene. but was it an april fool's stphrafrpbg -- april fool's prank? details next.
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>> two minutes before the hour. before you leave the house this morning, here's what's going on today. the u.s. sent the u.s.s. mccain, a navy destroyer able to intercept missiles, to the korean peninsula after north korea vowed to restart activity at a nuclear complex overnight. >> suspicions in the murders of a texas prosecutor and his wife turn to a white supremacist gang. a warning was issued in december that the group may try to attack police or prosecutors. >> later this morning we'll get an up-close and personal look at a state-of-the-art observation deck that will be on top of the new world trade center. 1,250 feet above ground zero. that is set to open in 2015 two minutes till the top of the hour. let's look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a shia what you what -- a
2:59 am
chiuaua took across the fence to attack a pit bull. the bad. a bag floating on the pitcher on the mound. if it was an april fool's day joke, no one is claiming responsibility. finally the ugly. an april fool's day prank lands this virginia waffle house worker in jail. she thought it would be funny to report a fake robbery. once police learned it was a joke, she was arrested. >> that is so dumb. >> not the smartest thing to do. >> certainly not. time for your brew on this question of the day responses. we told you about a georgia town that is requiring the head of every household to own a gun. city officials hope more guns will help deter criminals. we asked you is this a good idea or bad idea? here are some of your responses. william tweeted requiring someone to own a gun is as ba


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