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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 2, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's an individual decision. >> breann says georgia has the right idea. >> lenny mailed us this is a good law for law-abiding people and bad law for the bad guys. thanks to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>gretchen: good morning. it is tuesday, april 2. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. he was a breakout reality star in the controversial mtv show "buck wild." >> if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be here. >> shane is wild and crazy but he loves his job. >> this morning shane and two others found dead in a car with him. what happened? details straight ahead. >> you know the old saying saying"those who can do. those who can't teach? this morning president obama says he will teach all americans to budget responsibly. that's funny. we'll tell you why.
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brian? >>brian: are you tougher than a boy scout? steve and i will take on that challenge. we'll see if we can be weeblows at that point and see who gets the "fox & friends" merit of honor, if anyone. we are not forceed to hand out if we are not worthy. who starts the fire? "fox & friends" starts. who starts the fire? i'm done. >>steve: the boy scouts starting that fire out there did it the old-fashioned way. >>gretchen: they have a reality show coming up? is that what we're talking about here? they're going to put you guys to the test to see how you guys stack up against the boy scouts. i'm sure you'll be fantastic. >>brian: you could drop me on a mountain with nothing but my wallet, and
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i'm fine. >>gretchen: your wallet on a mountain? exactly what you need on a mountain? >>brian: i could survive with anything. >>gretchen: pay off a billy goat for a ride down. >>brian: exactly. >>steve: we have two tasks. one, start a fire. plus one of us is going to have to carry the other one off with a device we concoct in less than 90 seconds. they are going to beat us bad. how bad? stay tuned for that. >>gretchen: we start with your headlines. the star of the controversial mtv reality show "buck wild" has been found dead. >> my parents, if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be here. >> shane gets wild and crazy, but he loves his job. >> police found shane gandee, his uncle and friend in a ford bronco, last seen sunday around 4 a.m. leaving a bar to go four-wheeling. >> the cause of death is still under investigation. no foul play is suspected.
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>>gretchen: mtv saying we are shocked and saddened by the terrible news. shane gandee was 21 years old. >> courthouses and prosecutors getting around the clock protection as police search for who murdered the mcclellans. police are turning attention to a white supremacist gang. >> she made the statement to me she didn't think that was going to be all the killings, the guy that got killed over there. i said what about mike? do you think he's safe? she said i'm not really worried about mike. >>gretchen: a warning about the white supremacist group saying they may target police and prosecutors, in december. the man suspected of killing colorado's prison chief should have been behind bars, but because of a clerical error he had been released. in 2008 he pleaded guilty
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to assaulting a prison guard and sentenced to four years on top of the eight he was serving. but the sentence was put in the computer system wrong, so in january he was free. he was killed in a shootout with police in texas. the gun found at the scene was matched to the crime scene in colorado. >> a former american radical convicted of killing three people now holds a prestigious position at columbia university? according to this morning's new york post, he is an adjunct professor in the school of social work. she was the get-away driver in an armored car robbery in 1919 that left two cops in a brinks car dead. she was released on parole in 2003. those are your headlines today. >>steve: i remember that case. new overnight, north korea threatening to restart activity at its main nuclear complex just as a u.s. naval destroyer capable of intercepting and shooting down missiles has been sent to the region. kelly wright has been scrambled. he's live with the very
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latest. >> steve, good morning to you. brian and gretchen as well. tensions are very high right now and there is concern that north korea's actions could spark some sort of conflict. the latest provocative act from north korea state tv showing something that is very disturbing. it shows north korean troops conducting a live fire exercise. you're looking at it. targeting cutouts of u.s. soldiers as targets. north korea continues to make daily threats against the u.s. and south korea. the north is threatening to carry out a nuclear strike on the u.s. and go to war with south korea. the united states is sending more military assets into the region. the pentagon confirms the u.s.s. john s. mccain, a navy destroyer ship, has been deployed to the region. this ship can shoot down missiles, and add to that u.s. f-22 rap tor fighter jets are already in the region now participating in joint military exercise of south korea's military. the white house is keeping a close watch on north korea's actions and
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provocative rhetoric from kim jong un. spoiled i would note -- >> i would note we are not seeing changes to the north korean military posture such as large-scale mobilizeations and positioning of forces. >> there have been reports that north korea's leader kim jong un may be shifting his focus towards the north's economy. in a speech before the ruling workers party, kim highlighted economy, but he showed no sign of ending his desire for nuclear build-up. >> what this leads to is the fact that we need a solution to the fact that we have a, basically a nuclearized north korea. and i think the country that can play the biggest role in this is china. >> one thing is clear. south korea's new president says she will not wait for china to act. the south's first female president is taking a tough stance. park geun-hye telling her commanders if the north carolina rhys out any attack, they are ordered --
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commanders if the north carries out any attack they are ordered to respond immediately. >>brian: we have to find out where this is going. it costs us ao lot of money, sending a lot of people over there to do these exercises. i thought we were out of money for the defense department. >>gretchen: do you know it is national financial capability spending month? apparently it's the president's mission to make sure that everyone knows how to budget responsibly. >>brian: young people especially. >>gretchen: he wants to teach them how to -- let's see. help people make sound decisions in the marketplace like budget responsibly, saving for college, open a business or opening a retirement account. the only problem is when you juxtapose that against the average amount every household is paying for the national debt since he took office which is $53,377 per
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household, some people might scratch their heads about budgeting responsibly. >>steve: the irony is delicious. $53,000 per household all across the united states in america just since he's been president of the united states. the interesting thing is while he's trying to teach us how to budget responsibly, the president and his team actually have not submitted a budget to the congress as is required. he's two months late. maybe some guys in the west wing should actually go on to their website to find out how to budget responsibly. they're trying to teach us how to do it but they are not doing it. >>brian: there are links to how to get the most out of your credit card, also how to manage debt and credit. sadly the president is on the record saying i'm not going to hurt the budget by overemphasizing cutting down on our deficit which has gone up 53% since he went to the white house. young people, do as they say, not as they do. >>steve: we've heard from this administration that the economy is turning
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around. the "wall street journal" took a look at a brand-new brookings institute report, and what they found is that in the top 100 metropolitan areas in the united states, you know how many cities now have more jobs than before the recession out of the top 100? only 14. and interestingly enough, about half of them -- six -- are in texas, and the rest are for the most part in conservative cities. take a look at that. >>gretchen: san jose, salt lake city, omaha, pittsburgh, washington, d.c. -- many people would argue because there's been a surge in federal jobs there. we have knoxville, charleston, houston. those make up the cities he was talking about in texas. >>brian: the election probably would have have not ben by the president if you look at where cities show signs of life. wisconsin as well as ohio
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and indiana and florida that allowed the budget to get in place and allowed the local state budgets to be cut. and, therefore, begin to flourish. without that the economy wouldn't have turned around. it would look like illinois. >>steve: when you look at out of the top 100 metropolitan areas, only 14 cities have more people hired now than at the height of the recession, the president of the united states really should probably send a thank you note to rick perry. he should be following the texas model rather than following governor jerry brown of california. >>brian: remember governor christie was here and we said isn't it amazing what governor cuomo is doing. he said forget about the millionaires tax. he froze taxes on housing, on real estate and started moving things in the right direction. now he's gone back on all that. he's gone into budget gimmicks, allowed the millionaires tax to come into play. i don't see any democratic governor out there doing some of the things that have found success with governor kasich, mitch daniels and others. >>gretchen: what happened to his poll numbers?
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governor cuomo's poll numbers -- >>steve: he's steugt on a decision -- still sitting on a decision of whether or not to frack. they have studies that show it is safe to frack. he doesn't want to anger his left base even though jobs would certainly be welcome. >>brian: and it would anger yoko ono and if she gets angry she'll cut another album. >>gretchen: let's talk about a happy ending or not so much for march madness, the cinderella story. florida gulf coast, the 15th seed, the lowest seed to make it to the final 16 in the tournament. guess what? their coach is going to take over the job at u.s.c. he's 43 years old and he's moving on to bigger opportunities. i mean this, bound to happen; right? >>brian: nothing wrong with this. it's called moving up and out. in this case he could have waited a couple of weeks. a $157 thousand a year salary. they were trying to have
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fund-raising to get him to double his salary to $300,000. u.s.c. cut him a check nor $1 million and guaranteed him six years. they are going to have a huge athletic department behind him. you can't fault him. this guy was a self-made millionaire in new york city. he said i wanted to become a basketball player. i'll coach, grab a job with an unknown school and turn it around, which he did in florida. then take your model wife, three kids and your million-dollar salary and go over to u.s.c. it is what is america is about. >>steve: he didn't need the money. in the movie, he would have stayed with the little school. now instead the cinderella coach is going to hollywood. >>brian: you mean like "the mighty ducks." >>gretchen: i think it's emblematic of what happens in america with capitalism and working as hard as you can and keep reaching a new pinnacle if that's what you
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want to do. apparently he does. >>steve: the ratings for the entire tournament have been higher than they have been in something like 20 years. >>brian: we'll update you on the player in louisville as he gets set to go home to atlanta to watch his team try to win a national championship. >>gretchen: a closer look at our top story, who's targeting law enforcement in texas? are we seeing a breakdown of order in our society? >>brian: how's this for justice? wait for the door to open if you steal somebody's purse. i've always said that. >> political news here. president obama is getting ready to unveil his new budget nine weeks after its original news date or as his dog bo put it, i ate the first draft. the first draft. i know the drill. ♪ i've got the power
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>> law enforcement agencies throughout the lone star state of texas are on high alert after a texas d.a. and his wife were found dead inside their home over the weekend, two months after an assistant d.a. was found inside a courthouse in texas. the governor, rick perry, is asking everybody to be vigilant. >> i suggest everyone should be careful about what goes on, whether they're public officials or otherwise. this, i think, is a clear concern to individuals who are in public life, particularly those who deal with some very mean and vicious individuals. >>steve: who's killing prosecutors in texas? and is this an attack on our justice system? darren roselle is the mayor in the city where the victims were found.
3:18 am
mayor, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> are people freaked out down there? are they freaked out? >> it's made the national news, so obviously it is a big story. and i understand why, because this is a targeted attack on a high-ranking elected official. what's impacted us the most is not only has this happened in our nation, it's happened in our hometown, our community and our county. obviously a lot of people are on edge. our primary concern is for the mcclellan family and how they feel. they lost both of their parents on one weekend in such a horrific manner. >>steve: i know a lot of people are on edge down there, in shock because a lot of folks -- and in fact you knew this family as well. he was your district attorney in your county. but this was not random. this was targeted because he was one of the good guys. that's one of the things that is disturbing, is it's always bad when the bad guys are able to kill the
3:19 am
good guys. >> it's unsettling. i heard the clip of governor perry there. i agree with what he said, that we do need to be vigilant, be aware of what's going on around us. what we're trying to do certainly in the forney community, is we're trying to get the message ou to forney that this did appear targeted and did not appear random, so we don't need everybody walking around in fear. what we need to do is focus on praying for the mcclellan family, praying for those handling the investigations so they can come up with answers pretty quickly because we all want a resolution, we all want some answers. we still need to continue to be the close-knit community we are. be aware of your surroundings but also look out for your neighbors and help out. >>steve: it's news this morning that apparently the magnifying glass is on a couple of white supremacy groups because they did make some threats in december or january of this year. do you know anything about
3:20 am
that? >> very little. just what i've heard on the news. our county sherrifs department is actually the lead on the investigation because the mcclellans lived outside the forney city limits. they're working in conjunction with the f.b.i., handling that part of the investigation. i've heard a lot of the same theories that are out there that i'm sure you have. and really what i'm trying to make my focus and for the forney community is let the investigators chase down those leads. the main thing we need to focus on are the mcclellans and making sure we keep the feeling in our community of support not only for their family but also for each other. >>steve: indeed. if anybody watching has any information go to kaufman mayor of forney, thank you for joining us live. his horrific injury stunned a nation. coming up, a huge update on how kevin ware is doing on
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this tuesday morning. >> it was a major selling point of obamacare: providing affordable health insurance. turns out the president can't deliver on that promise. why? we'll tell you. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all. that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care for you or your family.
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>>brian: nearly three dozen former atlanta educators including the superintendent will turn themselves in today in one of the nation's largest cheating scandals accused of conspiring to try to prop up test scores for students. >> buy health insurance or face a fine? that is what the president is threatening to do to small business owners. the administration hit a snag. the government promised to provide a place for those business owners to buy the insurance by january 2014 but the federal government cannot get the program up and running in time, so they're delaying it a year.
3:25 am
gretchen, i'll stay on this story. you do something else. >>gretchen: thanks, brian. they spent more than a year in the notorious evan prison in iran. their crime? spreading the word of christianity. after months of interrogation, solitary confinement and the threat of execution, they say it is through god's will and massive public outcry that they were released. joining me now are the two ladies. thanks, so much for being here this morning. you have a very heroic story to tell. bring me back to the time where you met each other. you were born in iran but studied together in turkey; correct? you met there? >> yes. in 2005 we met each other in turkey, united by a christian conference in turkey. we had planned to study theology there. and after that return to iran and start our mission in iran.
3:26 am
>>gretchen: you started a secret house church there. you were talking about christianity, which it is against the law in iran to do that? >> yes. we had two house churches in our own apartment, one for young people. >>gretchen: so you were arrested, you were taken to evan prison which we know here in america is the worst prison in iran. you were there 259 days. which one of your roommates was executed while you were there? >> one of our best friends, after we got released, i remember about a few months after we got released they executed her. >>gretchen: that was the threat you faced on a daily basis? >> we had about ten courts while we were in prison. every time we went to the court the judge told us they were supposed to execute us by hanging. we were hearing this not
3:27 am
just from judges but from our interrogators every day. >>gretchen: you knew that by talking about christianity in that country that you might face this unknown punishment and for how long nobody knew. what was it about your faith that made you continue to do your mission? >> we both are not just converted to christian religion. we consider ourselves -- we don't consider ourselves just religious. we are both in love with jesus, and we had many personal relationship with jesus. we had met him. he touched people. and all this experience, because of all this experiences, we converted to christianity. and our faith was very important for us, because jesus in bible says that if you want to be my follower, you must pick up your own cause and follow me. as a follower of jesus, it's very important for us to pass through this --
3:28 am
>>gretchen: it became your life's mission. i understand that you know miryam, the wife of the pastor currently on there, pastor saeed. he was doing the same kind of work, although living in the u.s. now. he went back to iran. he's now also in evan prison. what do you know about his captivity there? >> i went to the same church that saeed did in iran. i know him personally and know his wife. i'm so sorry that he's in this situation. i heard that situation is not very good. and it's also another iranian pastor, and it's been three years he's in prison and he has the same prison for three more years, like saeed, he also has family, children. there are many prisoners in everyone prison and other christians in other cities just because of the their faith. nobody knows them. they don't have voice outside of iran. one of our goals here is to
3:29 am
be a voice for them there. >>gretchen: the book is "captive in iran." maryam and marza. biggest city in america to be bust: stockton, california. why should you care? will it set a precedent for other cities? stuart varney has that answer. happy birthday to country singer billy dean. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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>>brian: your shot of the morning. wasn't the president's best shot. almost none of these he shot 22 times. he hit just 2 of them. this at the easter egg roll at the white house. everyone knows the president can play, but when you go cold, you think you're going to go hot. especially when it's your court at your house especially when these people are there to see you and you invited them all. 2 for 22. the president did not make it. >>gretchen: they bet against them? >>steve: at one point a ten-year-old kid got the ball and said i had to make the layup. he couldn't make one. i had to help him out.
3:34 am
from a ten-year-old. >>gretchen: your headlines. gun supportners say it would bea major blow to the constitutional right to bear arms. the u.s. reversed course and backed a treaty after president obama took office. gun rights advocates including the n.r.a. vowed to fight the treaty. >>steve: a small north georgia town voted to require every household to own a gun, but the ordinance in nelson exempts those who don't believe in owning firearms as well as convicted felons and residents with tpweuz and/or men -- physical and/or mental disabilities. the city hopes it will help deter the bad guys. one of the reasons they came up with this in nelson is
3:35 am
because the community of 1,300 people has only one police officer. >>brian: flight attendants fighting back against the t.s.a., up in arms over its policy allowing knives on planes. they made their voices heard at a rally at l.a.x. the weather was good and they were angry. >> looking back to 9/11, an entire nation was brought to its knees with box cutters, small knives and mace. have we learned nothing? >>brian: they came in waves. there was one group. starting april 25, passengers are allowed to bring knives on board with blades up to two inches -- 2.36 inches long. how big are box cutters? about that size. >>gretchen: now they're going to break out the rulers at the t.s.a. and say that's 3 inches. sorry. >>steve: it's a matter of time. first small knives. next small guns. >>brian: check out this
3:36 am
video. a purse snatcher tries to make a get-away but smashes through a glass door. it happened in australia. after grabbing the purse, the guy thinks the door is open. it wasn't. he kicks out a whole pane of glass, people rushed to help him not realizing he was the thief. ouch! >> we realized something was up. >> i've got a gun! i'm going to shoot you. >>steve: he got what he deserved. the two did escape unfortunately. how did they get away? >>gretchen: i guess because they didn't realize they were the actual thieves. let's talk about basketball and the come-back, maybe next year of one of the guys who was injured. >>brian: louisville guard kevin ware could be released from the hospital
3:37 am
in a few hours. he's on crutches. he's thinking about a major come-back and says to the coach i'm holding out for the trophy. coach rick pitino and his son richard stopping by. >> the doctors have been tremendous. the hospital has been tremendous. they operated right away on him. he's not in any pain. we're pleased with that. >>brian: legend joe theismann who had a similar injury called ware to offer his support. theismann will join us live at 7:30 eastern. 2013 baseball season in full swing. the angels won the first ever opening day into the game. they beat the reds 3-1. the nationals bryce harper making history. the 20-year-old became the youngest player to make two homers on opening day. washington beat miami 2-0. magic johnson needed to smile again and he got it. got a reason. the dodgers owner saw
3:38 am
clayton kershaw getting it done. he would smack his first career home run as a pitcher, the first time since 1983 on opening day a pitcher had a homer and shutout in the same game. opening day with the traditional six-mile relay to deliver the first brat wurst to miller park, the tradition going 11 years strong. milwaukee beat colorado. bratwursts clogging up arteries since 1910. come up on radio between 9 and noon on kilmeade and friend, scott brown live in the studio, john lester and those two young ladies who were in prison in iran all on kilmeade and friend. >>gretchen: all right. sound like a good show. let's go outside and see what maria molina cooked up
3:39 am
for the weather forecast. >> winter in place here. 35 degrees in new york city. it is so chilly and you factor in a little bit of a breeze and wind chill temperatures are a couple degrees cooler than that. it is not just new york city where you're looking at chilly temperatures. only in the 20's right now in minneapolis, in chicago. in cleveland. 31 degrees in kansas city. your high temperature will be up to 25 degrees below its average for this time of year across sections of the plains like in kansas, oklahoma and parts of the texas panhandle. new york city you had your warmer day so far this year yesterday, reaching 62 degrees. but that cold air is in place here in new york city and is headed southbound. atlanta, you won't make it out of the 40's by thursday. cold air across the northeast means one thing, of course. lake-effect snow and we're expecting a few inches of accumulation out there. otherwise a severe weather risk across portions of texas. isolated tornado, damaging wind gusts and large hail also possible.
3:40 am
>>brian: it's official stockton, california, has officially gone bust. judges ruling the failing city can enter bankruptcy making it the largest municipality to enter chapter 9. what does this mean for other bankrupt cities heading that way? will taxpayers be on the hook? let's ask stuart varney. >> let me backtrack for a second. the big problem in stockton, california, as it is across the country is pensions to retired city workers. stockton spends 40% of its entire payroll paying retirees. 40% go to retirees. they've got a very, very generous pension system. but this ruling by this judge opens the door for stockton to cut the payments it makes to its pension fund. that opens the door for other cities in california to get out of their pension mess in the same kind of way. and it means just a little way down the road maybe existing pensioners will take a haircut. >>brian: i feel two ways about this. number one, no matter how
3:41 am
good or bad the deal is, you have a deal, you set a budget, you have a plan and it's blown up. four california cities since 2008 have filed bankruptcy. what do you say to those people? >> what do you say to people who legitimately negotiated a pension contract and is possibly going to be abdicated. you have a moral responsibility to pay up on a contract that you signed. the other side of the coin, take, for example, a fire fighter in the city of stockton, they can retire at the age of 50 and they get # 0% of -- they get 90% of their best year's salary for the rest of their lives. you can work for just six months for the city of stockton -- just six months, that's all it is -- and you get lifetime health benefits. that's all. on one side you've got the moral obligation to pay on a contract that you signed. on the other, the reality is you can't afford this. for years stockton and other cities have been
3:42 am
laying off young people so that they can pay the older retirees. >>brian: to deal with a smaller staff. >> which side of the coin are you going to choose on the moral compass here? >>brian: it's tough. varney and company at 9:20. i expect a great show from you even though it is only your second day back from vacation. you promise? >> i absolutely promise. >>brian: next on our rundown action want to save 15 cents a gallon on gas? anyone is eligible. how you can find out if you can get this deal straight ahead. this celebrity kid is on. can you tell who her famous dad is. he's on cheers.
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>>brian: with an cheaper gas? look no further than wal-mart, offering 15 cents a gallon discount to customers who pay with a store money card or credit card from now through july 7. those who use wal-mart gift cards can save ten cents. >> this celebrity kid is on the beat. can you tell who her famous dad is? kelsey grammar's daughter. she plays on a tv show "iron side." cops on tv? it will never work. >>steve: there is a new iron side. >>gretchen: prosecutors in the case against a man accused of killing 12 when he opened fire on a colorado movie theater says he deserve to die for that crime. >>steve: officials are planning to seek the death against james holmes but will they have a hard time proving he's mentally competent? to find out how this works is fox news senior analyst judge andrew napolitano.
3:47 am
last week his defense people said let's make a deal. we will go ahead and he will plead guilty if you promise not to execute. >> the deal itself consists of a lot of negotiating between the defense counsel, prosecutor and ultimately the judge is brought in. the judge has to make sure the deal is basically just, basically fair and both sides want to do it. for the defense to say through the media we want to plead guilty and have life without parole is unusual but not unprecedented. >>steve: why did they do that? >> they might want to put a little pressure on the prosecutors to accept this guilty plea because a death penalty prosecution will cost the state of colorado millions of dollars, will tear open the hearts of the survivors of the victims and will take five to six years between the trial, the appeals and execution would actually happen. >>gretchen: there's been a lot of discussion about whether or not james holmes
3:48 am
is sane or insane. you're saying there are at every single point of a death penalty trial, he has to be found sane. >> he has to have been sane at the time he committed the act. he has to be sane at the time of the trial. and he has to be sane at the time of the execution. this is all what the supreme court has said is a necessary condition for execution in this country. the first question is: is he sane now? at this moment. can he participate in his trial and meaningfully help his lawyers? a judge will make that decision. if he is, they'll go to trial. then the jury will decide was he sane at the time he killed these people? his burden is to prove that he was insane. the state does not have to prove he was sane. he has to prove he was insane. >>steve: he certainly appears insane in court. some have suggested maybe it's crazy acting. >> which is why this case will, after all the testimony about the horrific events in that theater comes out, will basically be his psychiatrists trying to persuade a jury that he's
3:49 am
insane, basically meaning he didn't know right from wrong. he thought he was throwing ping-pong balls rather than murdering people and the government psychiatrists saying he knew what he was doing. he's not normal but he knew right from wrong. a jury will decide. >>gretchen: judge napolitano, thanks so much. >>steve: it's a follow up to a story we told you about yesterday. veterans waiting for years to get their benefits. so is this the norm? not the exception? we'll take a closer look at that. >>gretchen: are you tougher than a boy scout? what about brian and steve? the scouts putting them to the ultimate test this morning. i think it's more than just a staring contest, brian. mowing your lawn isn't always easy.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>>brian: they pride themselves on always being prepared and they're ready to prove it on our show. they do it each week on nat geo. are you tougher than a boy scout we ask? >> catch up. >> we've got a ball game here, guys. >> we knowe have to latch the thing pretty quick. >> men, go ahead, move on. begin unscrambling. we might have a race here. >>brian: why couldn't we have that challenge? joining us right now is one of the scouts featured on the show, 17-year-old eagle scout keggan. what do people now know
3:54 am
about boy scouts they didn't know before? >> more about adventure and outdoor activities and having fun more than tying knots. >>steve: you do challenges against adults. do you guys always win? >> no. sometimes the adults beat us. >>brian: i recruited will. will is going to be our advisor. >>steve: we have two challenges. we're going to start that bark on fire and we're going to go back here and build a stretcher. >>brian: we're going to build a stretcher? what do we do with these leaves and the branches? >>steve: i don't know. i think that's kindling. >>brian: how do we start a fire, first? will, tell me. >>steve: throw some more stuff on this. >>brian: we don't want any handouts. >> hurry up.
3:55 am
>>brian: don't quit. >>steve: can't even do it with a lighter. it's windy out here. >> take the birch park -- birch bark off. ♪ >>brian: i'll work on this. you go build a stretcher. go with him. ♪
3:56 am
>>steve: i got the fire going. it's real easy once you get the hang of it. we need somebody in the stretcher. >>brian: kevin, get in the stretcher. >>steve: we win! we win! brian, you almost dropped him on the fire. >>brian: that was good. i didn't expect you guys to be so good. you got the fire started. >>steve: here's the thing. we kind of cheated. i went to your fire and used the kindling. >>brian: congratulations. coming up on our show a little bit later, you guys stay in the green room and watch, gun buyers slapped
3:57 am
with a violence tax. should law-abiding citizens have to pay for that? >>steve: country music star clay walker is here to perform one of his biggest hits. you're watching "fox & friends" live from a smokey friends" live from a smokey new yorkse city. ♪ never thought i'd love their app ♪ ♪ but i tried their groovy online plan ♪ ♪ and now my arms don't jiggle when i clap ♪ ♪ and i go sleeveless ♪ no shame at bingo! ♪ sleeveless, when i'm hailing a cab ♪ ♪ sleeveless! ♪ i rock the scanner [ beep ] ♪ weight-watchers-online ain't no fad ♪ [ female announcer ] join for free. and check out our risk-free guarantee. [ female announcer ] join for free. anncr: and many of the tornado's victims are... without homes tonight. girl: first, i saw it on cable. then i read about it online. i found out how to help. i downloaded the info. i spoke up... and told my friends...
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is tuesday, april 2, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. he was a breakout reality star on "buck wild," but this morning, and he two others found dead in a car. what happened? >> brian: ratcheting up, kim jong-un, releasing disturbing footage of his military using cutouts of american soldiers from 1941, it looks like, for target practice. how will the u.s. respond? >> steve: and hey, there is no crime at the easter egg roll, okay? that's the president's advice to
4:01 am
a crying kid? man up. "fox & friends" hour two for this tuesday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i want to say that i had tweeted that brian and steve were going to try and become boy scouts. could they be on this reality show? there were some skeptical people before you started. even more so after. >> brian: really? >> gretchen: brian, how could you cheat on a boy scout? >> brian: right. >> gretchen: they tried their hardest, but i wouldn't want to be stuck in the woods with them. >> brian: i haven't told steve yet, but while he was getting the stretcher ready, i took their fire and lit my fire. >> gretchen: guess what? this tv show and sometimes the camera catches you doing things. >> brian: i had no idea. >> gretchen: that's why you read the tease without me being able to read the tease to call you out. although since i think we were so close to easter, you decided
4:02 am
to re.before 7:00 a.m. >> brian: right. i gave up cheating on boy scouts for lent and now i'm free to do it. i smell like a fire, a duraflame. >> steve: we came close to trial being on the stretcher. >> brian: i dropped will. >> steve: you did. luckily it's only granite out there. >> gretchen: you may know sports, but steve knows scouting. >> steve: i was a scout for many years. that's why i had the lighter. >> gretchen: oh, so you cheated, too? >> steve: on the clay walker show, i may do this. >> brian: right. he's going to play another song in the after the show show. >> gretchen: i'll read some headlines. the star of the controversial mtv reality show "buck wild" has been found dead. >> if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be here. >> he's wild and crazy. he loves his job. >> gretchen: police found shane gandhi, his you thinkle and a friend inside gandi in a bronco.
4:03 am
they were seen leaving a bar to go four wheeling on sunday. >> the cause of death is still under investigation. we can say no foul play is suspected. >> gretchen: tv releasing a statement saying we are shocked and saddened by the terrible news. he was just 21-years-old. the man suspected of killing colorado's prison's chief should have been behind bars, but because of a clerical error, he was released early. he was sentenced to four years in prison while assaulting a prison guard. the sentence was put into the computer system wrong he was killed in a shootout with police in texas. the gun found was matched to the crime scene in colorado. north korea making its latest threat overnight. it's vow to go restart activity at its main nuclear complex that's been shut down since 2007. it comes as the country released a disturbing video of its military firing on cutouts of american soldiers. america continues to flex its
4:04 am
military might to avoid a potential conflict there. the uss mccain moved to the coast off peninsula. it's able to intercept missiles. no crying at the easter egg roll. president obama trying to cheer up a five-year-old from pennsylvania. donovan rolled his egg outside the line. he became frustrated and plopped down on the line. he was so upset, the president saw him crying and rushed over. his advice? listen to this. >> there you go. >> gretchen: donovan's dad said he was later delighted to see himself on television. >> brian: that is great. that is very good advice. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: walk it off. >> steve: just like that. thank you very much, mr. vice president, steve gender. straight ahead, prosecutors and
4:05 am
courthouses getting around the clock protection as police search for whoever killed texas prosecutor mike mcclelland and his wife this past weekend. investigators focusing on a white supremacist group for the attack. ainsley earhart joins us live here in the studio. >> good morning. as the search intensifies, elected officials in texas are on edge, of course. extra police patrolling parking lots and escorting workers in and out of buildings. officials say they have no solid leads in the murders of district attorney mike mcclelland and his wife, cynthia. a search warrant reveals they were shot several times with an assault rifle. their bodies discovered by a concerned family friend. investigators are turning their focus to a white supremacist gang already being looked at for the murder of this man, the assistant d.a. the cold blood crime has cynthia mcclelland worried. >> she made the statement to me that she didn't think that was
4:06 am
going to be all the killings, the guy that got killed over there. i said, what about mike? you think he's safe? she said yeah, i'm not really worried about mike, you know. >> a warning about the white supremacist gang was issued back in december, saying they might target police and prosecutors. both mcclelland and hassey were working to indict four leaders from the group last year. meanwhile, in kaufman county, an interim district attorney was named to replace mcclelland. he will lead the office until governor rick perry names a replacement there. >> steve: we just had one of the mayors from a town in that county with us in the past hour. he was reminding people to keep calm. it's a targeted killing. they're after those guys. not the general public. >> still, neighbors are on edge in that neighborhood. we were interviewing some of the folks who live close by, they're really fearful. >> brian: is it true that security would be there through friday u about not on weekends? >> i haven't heard that. i heard they asked for extra security, but i didn't know it
4:07 am
was only during the week. >> steve: the d.a. had protection for a month and then it went away and this happened. >> right. >> steve: thank you very much. >> sure. hopefully we'll get to the bottom of it. >> gretchen: there has been a lot of talk of the budget cuts coming as a result of the sequester and now it turns out that hundreds more are going to be furloughed. they'll get their notices and they're going to be sent actually now to the presidential budget staff at the e.m.b., office of management and budget. what about the west wing? will people there, some of which their salaries have been posted in the past, like the calligrapher, makes $300,000. will they still be employed whether or not these other cuts are happening at the same time all around them? >> steve: so while these 480 members of the president's budget staff got notices yesterday that they might have to take these furlough days where they don't get paid, jay carney was quizzed yesterday, what about the other guys in the
4:08 am
west wing, guys like you and advisors, will they wind up with furlough notices? watch the press secretary dance around that one. >> the fact that you're not identifying anybody who is working directly in the white house for the president as being identified for that -- >> the omb works for the president. >> i'm talking about the rest, those who work directly with the president. >> i completely take issue with the idea that the emb doesn't -- >> hundreds of people work for the united states, you know what i'm asking you. my question is, because you haven't identified those people who have received furlough notice, you're saying cost effective shifting of dollars and holding down -- is for the time being going to prevent anybody from being furloughed? that's what you're saying. >> i don't know. >> steve: we know exactly what
4:09 am
the question was, but he chose not to answer it. >> gretchen: it's whether or not anyone in the west wing, will they be immune from any of these. not that we want anyone to lose their jobs. 68 special assistants to the president, $110,000. three including graph. >> steve: the white house said in the wake of the sequester, they've scaled back buying new equipment. they've cut down on staff travel and reducing the use of wireless air cards to save money. there could be hiring slow downs, delayed hires. so far we don't know of anyone who works directly for the president who has gotten a furlough notice. >> brian: it could be one day a week or twonth. >> steve: it's not fired. >> brian: right. at the border patrol, they're reevaluating who they're laying off and they're examining it.
4:10 am
they're moving it around so it won't hurt people as much as it originally was. meanwhile, look at the top 100 cities in this country. the biggest cities in this country, only 14 of those cities are adding jobs since the recession really slammed us in 2008. and do you know half of those cities are in texas? texas alone, austin, san antonio, el paso, mcclelland, dallas, houston, omaha, nebraska are other ones. salt lake city, pittsburgh, knoxville, washington, oklahoma city and charleston. that rounds out the 14 that are adding and there is something they all have in common. >> gretchen: one of the things, other than being inside of texas and having a lot of oil and gas jobs there. texas did not face the same type of foreclosure situation that a lot of other states did, the other commonnallity is that they appear to be in red states. so could one argue that the conservative way in which they're being governed from the top on down has something to do with the way in which jobs have been created? >> steve: you know what? if i was in one of those areas
4:11 am
this had not had job growth, i would be for more petroleum job, more gas jobs. right now the governor of the state of new york, which we're sitting in now, has on his desk, are you going to okay fracking? >> it's not a bad thing, according to the studies that he has commissioned. yet, because of his political left, he's not going to make that calculation. >> brian: because of his ex-brother-in-law, who convinced him it's not safe. meanwhile, you got governor rendell in pen opinion who is now -- pennsylvania who is retired, saying, i'm telling you, do yourself a favor. reenergize upstate new york, which couldn't be more depressed. it's safe. >> steve: nationally, there are 3 million fewer jobs today than in january of 2008. so while things are getting better, particularly in those 14 metro areas, still we're behind the 8 ball when it comes to total jobs. >> gretchen: if you were watching basketball over the weekend, you saw this horrific
4:12 am
injury of kevin ware that brought his teammates to tears. joe theisman knows what it's like to be hurt that bad. he just spoke to kevin and will be here with us live with the new details coming up. >> brian: how he still suffers from that injury today and a follow-up to a story we told but yesterday. veterans waiting years to get benefits. is this the new normal? up next, a veteran who says yes. he's living proof what's droid-recognition ?
4:13 am
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> gretchen: 15 minutes after the top of the hour. america's veterans sacrifice and fight to defend our freedom, but shouldn't have to keep fighting when they return home in need of services. the center for investigative services states 250,000 veterans wait more than a year before ever receiving any benefits. with me now is attorney and retired u.s. navy commander john wells. good morning to you.
4:16 am
>> good morning, gretchen. good to talk with you today. >> gretchen: so you e-mailed me yesterday after you saw a segment that we did on this very issue just yesterday. you said hello, i raised my hand. this is me that you are talking about. what is your personal story? >> my personal story is i filed a benefit claim back in december of 2011. after going through providing all the forms, paperwork, everything that they asked, going through the medical exam, i heard nothing for several months. i called the toll free number, which is supposed to be responsive. it took me several days to get through to it. they said well, gee, we don't know. they're waiting for more material. what are they waiting for? we'll find out. two months later, they still haven't found out. then they said, well, we need some forms, but i had already submitted them for a benefit that i was not claiming. so i mean, it was kind of silly. so after fighting with them, i had -- i knew the area code, prefix and a couple of the first two numbers of their extensions. so i just started dialing
4:17 am
numbers at random until i got ahold of somebody and said hey, are you in charge of and gave the code and they said, oh, no, that's so and so. i said no, you're not so and so? you got the right number and gave me the right number and i ended up talking to a supervisor, who actually has gotten the claim list. but the problem is if i hadn't done that, we would still be six months still doing the same thing. >> gretchen: people listening are saying, oh, my gosh. i can't believe this is just one person. let's take a look at on average, a veteran filing for a claim, waits 279 days. you're on month 16. we should mention the brace on your arm is not related to the claims you're filing with the military. >> no, it's something. >> gretchen: it's with regard to your -- it's regard to your feet. you're also an attorney of the you spend time helping other veterans fight just claims like this, right? >> exactly. the problem is that 279-day figure appears to be very low. i have talked to people all over the country and i do not know anyone with any kind of a
4:18 am
difficult claim or complex claim that gets response in, you know, less than a year. >> gretchen: commander, why is this going on? >> well, the problem is it's the d.a. bureaucracy. they are much more concerned with methodology than results. that's all you have is a paper work organization. it's not digitalized. you're sitting there with a paper file being mailed back and forth to different places. you have people that are not well trained. you have people that once they get into their job, at about the gs-7 level, then they say, gee, i can get a better job, so in a few months experience, they're gone. you got other people who don't care. >> gretchen: you also say that the severity of claims, there is no organization for that. somebody who has a minor claim might get the same response time as somebody who is on their death bed. i was reading through the notes last night, you actually are making the claim that you believe that some of these claims, they're deliberately ignoring? >> i think they are. for example, the folks exposed
4:19 am
to agent orange, we've been fighting that and actually there is a bill, congressman chris gibson has a bill before congress now, hr 543 to try to correct that. but they have constantly refused to accept the fact that the act orange went out to sea and was taken up into the water distillation system and effectively tainted the drinking water. we tried to do it through the courts. we're trying to do it legislatively. we're probably going back to the courts again. the v.a. basically says, no. like there was some invisible filter on the rivers and streams coming out of vietnam that captured the agent orange and didn't threat go to the china sea. but there is others. gulf war syndrome. i'm sorry to interrupt. >> gretchen: people who have not served can only respect what you have done, but cannot know what you are personally going through not only on the battlefield, but now when you get back home and thank goodness members of our military have a lot of tenacity because it appears you need it when you're filing for these
4:20 am
claims as well. i got to wrap it up there. commander, thanks so much for sharing your personal story. coming up next, it's the state where people have the least amount of freedom and guess what? it's not california. so which state is it? stick around for the answer. then actress by day, mom at this night, a story that every parent can benefit from ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. from the brand doctors recommend most. new griddle-melts to youre usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich.
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it's an epic breakfast sandwich.
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4:23 am
>> steve: now a look at news by the numbers. 25 bucks. that's how much extra you're going to have to pay to buy a gun in cook county illinois which includes chicago. twenty-five dollars tax is expected to generate $600,000 a year. law enforcement will be exempt from it. next, $100 million.
4:24 am
the president will announce a $100 million plan today to study the human brain. it will involve both government agencies and private institutions. good luck on that. finally, 1.7 million. that's how many people left new york state between the years of 2000 and 2011, partly due to the fact that new york was named the worse state in the country for personal freedom and the taxes are also really high. >> gretchen: our next guest is nope for work on screen. but perhaps her most important role is mom to her children and that includes her 15-year-old son, r.j., who has autism. >> steve: that's right. but r.j. is not alone. this year up with in 50 american kids will show signs of autism. the estimate up from last year's prediction, one in 88, according to the centers for disease control. >> brian: here to recognize world autism awareness day, actress and board member of autism speaks, holly robertson petition. >> great to be back. >> steve: you're a vision in blue.
4:25 am
blue at operative color today. >> that's it. we're lighting it up. world autism awareness day. got my blue light bulbs. it's all for awareness for this global health crisis. we have over 70 countries and -- actually over 90 countries and seven continents, 7,000 iconic aroundmark also light it up blue, from brazil, the empire state building. one in 50, it's getting worse. >> steve: it's going in the wrong direction. >> it is. >> brian: tell us about r.j. at three years old you find out he had his diagnosis. >> the pediatrician said all these things he would never do. he was able to get language and say i love you that they said he couldn't do. but now he's hitting puberty and for typical kids, it's not a walk in a park on a sunday. but for children with autism, they have surging hormones and you can find regression presents
4:26 am
itself, ocd, other things. it feels sometimes like we're getting the diagnosis all over again. >> steve: it's a setback. >> it is. >> gretchen: you're struggling with the main streaming of him at school. >> that's right. mainstreaming is so important because these kids need to model up. they need to be with typical kids and typical peers. so it is a little bit of a struggle. we've been fortunate that he's been doing really well. >> steve: i've done some stuff for autistic schools in the new york city area and the key is for a lot of parents, you've got to find a school that can help your kid. >> if you find that school that really rallies around your child, it is a blessing beyond blessings because you have this partner. you have a partner and we were fortunate to do that in elementary school. middle school and high school was a little more of a challenge. >> brian: do you find public schools are more equipped to handle than private schools? >> i think it depends on the school district. in some cases what happens is you have teachers that are just not qualified and don't know.
4:27 am
they're just not equipped with the information how to work with children with developmental delays. but then other schools have iep's and really good programs for kids. so it just depends. if you luck out and get a good school, that's the key. >> gretchen: with those numbers being as high as they are, there are tons of viewers watching now who have been affected by autism, what advice would you give to a family that's just finding out that diagnosis? >> oh, arm yourself with information. and stay pro-active. i always tell moms, when they see you coming, if they roll their eyes and you know you're doing your job, you got to be the squeaky roll and advocate and fight. i'm so happy to be here, you know, to talk about this and going to ring the opening bell after i see you guys and -- >> steve: and you got a web site. >> light it up i'll be at the united nations talking about parents. >> brian: you don't seem like the squeaky wheel type. [ laughter ] >> it's early. >> steve: always a pry much.
4:28 am
>> great to be here. thanks for having me. >> steve: you bet. >> gretchen: take a close look at this guy. ♪ >> gretchen: can you tell who is behind the sunglasses? church goers thought it was a joke and walked right by him. >> brian: then kevin ware's injury stunned teammates. joe theisman felt that incredible pain and spoke to kevin about what he went through and he'll give up the details next she knows you like no one else.
4:29 am
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we build john deere equipment the way we always have: the right way. times change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >> happy birthday to form vice president al gore. 65 years old today. but sadly, sadly he could not enjoy his party 'cause he was so obsessed with how fast the ice cream was melting. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that whole global warming thing, i questions. >> steve: funny stuff. >> brian: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. news and joe thighsman in the wings. >> steve: a town in georgia just voted to require every household to own a gun. but the ordinance in nelson, georgia exempts those who don't believe in owning firearms, as
4:33 am
well as convicted felons. they shouldn't have them and people with physical and mental disabilities as well. certain city officials hope that more guns will help deter the bad guys. >> they'll think twice before they come in, any type of criminal activity. i know if i was if i would a -- i would if i was a bad guy. >> steve: that community of 1300 people has one police officer. >> gretchen: she was a member of the underground who spent 22 years behind bars in connection with three murders. now kathy bodine holds a prestigious position at columbia university, according to the new york post, she's an adjunct in the school of social work. she teaches about the issues facing convicts when they're released from prison. she was the get away driver in an armored car robbery in 1981 that left two cops and a brings guard dead. >> brian: leggo refuse to go stop make the star wars toy
4:34 am
despite claims it's racist. some claimed jabba the hut was offensive because it looked like a sacred mosque. they will keep manufacturing 'til next year. all i ever made was big wall and i got bored. >> steve: talk about an easter surprise, a man in a blazer and sunglasses stands up and starts to sing. listen. ♪ >> steve: who is that guy? well, it's legendary tenor andrea boccell, and at the last minute, asked if he could sing. church goers walked by him, not believing he was boccelli. >> gretchen: it was the sports injury that shocked the nation. kevin ware, break his leg during an ncaa game.
4:35 am
>> brian: that sight all too familiar for our next guest. joe theisman suffered a similar injury in 1985 and ended his nfl career. lawrence taylor made the tackle and just as horrified as the teammates were from louisville. now the form quarterback is reaching out to ware, hoping to lend some support. he did that. joe, welcome back. >> good to be back with you guys. >> brian: joe, i understand you picked up the phone and called him yesterday? >> i did. kevin and i had a conversation yesterday. it was a great conversation. i mean, i was just so pleasantly surprised at his attitude. he's very positive. when you're 20 years old, patience is not a word that's part of your vocabulary. we spoke about coming along, take some time, do what he foods to do and i told him, i fully expect you to be the comeback player at ncaa basketball next year, of the year. and he said, i'm going to work towards it. so he understands the road that's ahead of him. from a physical standpoint, i think he's going to be fine.
4:36 am
what i tried to reach out to him about was the mental part of it, the pitfalls, psychological aspect of recovering from an injury. i think he's going to really do well. i think people will be surprised how well he's going to do. >> gretchen: there are differences, because back 30 years ago when you had your injury, this didn't put rods in legs, or at least to the ability they can do it now. it ended your career. many people are saying that he will come back and play basketball. do you believe that? >> i do. i really do. the advances in science and medicine today and the technology that's available to the doctors is just incredible. plus the athletes are different, too. the nutritional elements that go into the body, the way people take care of themselves, the way you train, it's all so different than it was 30 years ago. when he went down, it conjured up memories like it was yesterday. i was surprised at how many memories came back. >> steve: a lot of people thought of you immediately
4:37 am
because when we watched that monday night football game when you were the quarterback for the washington redskins in 1985 and it was hard to watch. it was hard for us to watch. i can't imagine for you. but with kevin ware, that was impossible to watch. i mean, you saw it once and you would never forget it. that could be one of the worst things i've ever seen on television. >> i agree with you. and i thought cbs did a great job of not showing the injury, but showing the reactions of all the players. imagine coach pitino standing there and right in front of him this happens, i heard when my legs broke, sounded like two gun shots. when they break, you can hear them and that's a sound that stays with you forever. all those players, you saw the last six minutes of the first half, the louisville players were basically in shock. then they came back out. just for him to have the presence of mind to be able to talk to his teammates, to tell them to go win the game, to me, tells me that he wasn't in shock, but he was very aware of what's going on. the body is an incredible
4:38 am
machine. the injury that i had, my leg was completely numb from the knee down during that injury. >> brian: joe, you said it brought back all these memories and you told us in the break, the pain was unbelievable. i thought maybe you go into shock or something. but you felt that pain? what feelings did you have that came back? >> the pain is instant and excruciating, but then all of a sudden from the knee down, my leg is completely numb. and i'm aware of all the people around me. as a matter of fact, i turned to our trainer and i said, the first thing i said was, call my mom and dad. tell them i'm okay. and joe gibson came up and knelt down next to me and joe was trying to make the moment a little light. he said, joe, for six years, we've been together. joe, you've been such an important part of this football team of the joe, this is a heck of a mess you left me in. we both chuckled. they put me on a stretcher and took me off. i actually had them stop the
4:39 am
gurney because harry was considering retiring and i said, i understand you're thinking about retiring and he said yeah, i am. i said, don't you retire, 'cause i'm coming back. he said that will be the case, pal, but it ain't going to be tonight. those were the conversations i had. >> brian: but do you believe today you would have been able to come back with this technology if they had put a rod in there? >> at the age of 35, i would have probably tried. i don't know if anybody would have taken me back. but kevin is 20 years old. he's got his life ahead of him. i'm rooting for him. i know everybody is for him to come back and be healthy and chase his dream like i was able to have when i played. >> brian: at least you were getting paid. this kid is getting an education, which is fine. this is just incredible. i think it's going to revisit the whole should we be paying these players. >> i lost you for a second, brian. >> brian: you know what? you ignore me all the time. you're just using that as an excuse. you're pretending like you can't hear me and it hurts my
4:40 am
feelings. i think it brings back the situation of paying these players because when things like this happen, knowing they're not getting anything, they're just getting an education. >> no, but see, i think that's the wrong attitude to say they're just getting an education. what is the cost of an education today? $200,000 for four years. >> gretchen: they're getting that free. >> that's a lot of money. >> brian: do you know how many millions they're bringing in a year? >> all you're asked to do is do something you absolutely love to do and it provides you with an opportunity, possibly a skill to go on and make a lot more money as a professional, but i'm one of those guys that believes that athletes are being compensated in school and it's an unfortunate injury. we see it happen all the time. i would encourage parents to allow the kids to participate in sports because life skills are learned on the world stage of athletic field. >> gretchen: that's true. >> so to me, unfortunately, what happened to kevin and me and other people that get hurt, it's part of the game. it's part of life. he'll be back.
4:41 am
that's going to be a great story for us to cover a year from now. >> steve: absolutely. >> gretchen: it's so great to have you and right after it happened, we saw that you tweeted as well and so many people were thinking about what happened to you in relationship to him. great having you on today, joe. take care. >> thanks. always love being with you guys. >> steve: it was good right up until you got into a fight with him. >> brian: i know. i apologize. >> gretchen: we disagree on that issue as well. >> steve: 19 minutes before the top of the hour. on this tuesday, from super model to super mom, heidi klum just saved not one, not two, but three lives. the incredible story of that life saver is coming up next. >> gretchen: and country music superstar clay walker says jesus was a country boy? he's here to explain that one. ♪ we're all american ♪ in god we trust ♪
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
>> gretchen: 45 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. the first of nearly three dozen former atlanta educators have surrendered in one of the nation's largest cheating scandals. today is the deadline to turn themselves in. 35, including the superintendent, accused of conspiring to conceal cheating to try to prop up students' test scores. and heidi klum getting quite the scare on vacation in hawaii. her 7-year-old son and his two nannies were swimming in the ocean when they were nearly taken by a rip tide. the mom sprang into action and pulled them to safety. the pictures are amazing. they almost didn't make it. the two nannies were on the beach out of breath. >> steve: mom to the rescue. >> brian: evidently she swims with sharks. she's a big swimmer. >> steve: meanwhile, quarter before the top of the hour, our
4:46 am
next guest is a platinum selling country star who amid fame and fortune, turned to god in order to get through some of his really challenging moments. he's had a number of them. has written a brand-newr clay memoir called "jesus was a country boy, life lessons on faith, fishing and fear giveness." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> brian: congratulations, most original title. >> thank you, brian. >> gretchen: your personality is in the title because you're from texas. >> i'm a country boy. >> gretchen: why was jesus a country boy? >> i think the book has always been in my heart to write because i've been in a lot of different churches. i was raised catholic and protestant. so i've got a pretty good scope of religion, where it comes to christianity and doctrines. i felt like talking with most people, they get lost in all of that and there is a lot of people who don't go to church who don't feel close to god, who used to call themselves christians who no longer call themselves christian because they don't really understand the definition of it.
4:47 am
i try to keep it simple by saying that jesus was a country boy. >> steve: sure. you were on this program and you sang that hit and now you're here talking about your new book. let me ask you this question, i know you're very spiritual now. did you become more spiritual after you discovered -- what was it, 1996 when they found out you had ms? >> absolutely, there is nothing like facing death to realize you hope there is something afterwards. [ laughter ] and i was diagnosed with ms, and i was given a very terrible prognosis. the diagnosis itself was scary enough, but being told i would be in a wheelchair in four years and dead in eight years was scary enough. i had always been brought up as a christian, but never really had to lean on the faith. once you have to lean on the faith, you do realize and it's hard to explain that to a nonbeliever or even a believer who actually has just been taught it and doesn't live it. it was my opportunity, you know, to come face-to-face with
4:48 am
destiny. >> brian: where do you -- do you think you would have been as successful and broken out like this, this national star, without religion? do you think this allowed you to reflect or without the reflection, you would have become successful? >> i prayed solomon's prayer when i was a kid. i was a boy, 15 years old, and very poor. we grew up in the country, as the book tells. and i got on my knees one night and just prayed solomon's prayer and the rest went on from there. i gained wealth, fame, and for those who believe, there is no explanation needed. >> gretchen: the second part of your life. >> brian: where does meeting us rank? >> my aunt, who turned 99 this morning, thelma, she is watching this morning, being around her is so uplifting to me because of her spirituality, her belief in god and has always been there. but meeting you in particular, brian, it's right up there, man.
4:49 am
>> gretchen: footnote in the book. let's talk about your upbringing in texas. because texas, it just so happens, has six cities of the 14 cities, that is more jobs now than before the recession. what do you make of that? what's about texas that makes that happen? >> all of my children are texans. william and mimi are watching this morning. so bringing them up texan and the way that i grew up in the country and learning how to love our state, i think texans know a lot about their history and are very proud of it. i look at what rick perry has done for the state economically and as far as him promoting the state, you know, outside of the borders there, going to california. i kind of laugh, i'm like, wow, what is it that's so great about this? i have to say that during the recession, i was out to lunch, a restaurant in mckinney, texas. i was like, it's 2:30 in the afternoon and i'm standing in line for 20 minutes to get in. where is the recession here? it was very different here
4:50 am
compared to west coast or even up in the northeast. >> steve: absolutely. we've got a microphone set up that. guitar, any chance we could get to you do some singing today? >> i've been looking forward to it. >> steve: that will be in the next hour. check out his memoir called "jesus was a country boy." clay walker, always a pleasure. we'll see you shortly. >> thank you, sir. >> steve: and happy birthday to aunt thelma. >> gretchen: you looking for work? cheryl casone has the top five companies hiring right now. >> brian: that's what she looks like. >> steve: she does. that's her. first on this day back in 1967, "happy together" by the turtles, numero uno. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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4:54 am
er. >> sequester strikes again. people collecting unemployment about see a 10% slash in their checks. it's a great reason to get back on the job hunt. cheryl casone from the "fox business" network is here with the top five companies hiring this week, according to her. we begin with two men and a truck. >> who doesn't love two men and a truck, right? they're having a hard time finding managers, believe it or not, moving company, franchise opportunity. they've got 1,000 jobs opening in the next few months. they also need not just mover, they need driver, customer service reps, consultants, managers, people to do marketing, i.t. sales. again, entry level is ten bucks an hour, fair enough. but managers can start from 35,000, senior managers can make up to $100,000. >> brian: adp.
4:55 am
>> payroll services. they handle one in six paychecks in this country. they're in 125 countries. 1500 jobs open now. you probably heard of adp or seen it on your paycheck. 600,000 companies, 125 countries. they've got 1500 jobs open right now. again, this can be engineering, telemanagement, payroll, or admin. >> brian: chobani. >> greek yogurt has become so popular, low fat, high protein. this is one of the big expansions, success stories in the greek yogurt space. and they've got 1 jobs open right now. twin falls, idaho, they've got a plant there in upstate new york. production admin, they've got offices, amsterdam, australia, charlotte, and here in manhattan because again, they're expanding. a piece of that. >> brian: that's a big company. engineering for kids.
4:56 am
franchises offer ago range of learning-based class. >> this is very different. this is workshops, summer camps, evening classes, things like that for kids ages 4 to 14. but it's all engineering based. huge engineering shortage in this country. if your kid even understands numbers, i would encourage you to enroll them in this. chemical, civil, industrial engineering and they are hiring. 260 jobs. >> brian: western and savings life. >> this is easy. insurance company, sales, managers, finance, professionals. they sell life insurance and also annuities and other investment products. 1,000 qualified candidates for the year. they've got 180 offices. they are in 22 states. range of jobs for these guys., go there, i have them all listed. >> brian: at noon, they can watch you on the "fox business" network? >> he there i am. >> brian: same outfit.
4:57 am
>> i probably will wear the same one. >> brian: good job. great to see you. quality time on the couch. straight ahead, our national debt reaching 17 trillion. why is the president offering you personal finance advice? that story and more coming up in the final hour
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. i hope you're gonna have a great day. it's tuesday, april 2, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. he was a breakout reality star on the controversial mtv show, "buck wild," but this morning, shane gandhi and two others found dead in his car. what happened? we'll tell you. >> steve: you know the saying, those who can do. those who can't, teach. this morning, president obama says he will teach all americans to budget responsibly. that's just hilarious. >> brian: this woman was declared dead for nine minutes. but she came back to life after taking the trip to heaven. her story is called the other side, which she joins us live this hour. she'll talk about going to
5:01 am
heaven. lot of people think this show is a slice of heaven. you vote now. "fox & friends" starts about now ♪ he should have thought of that before he left her all alone ♪ ♪ . >> gretchen: that's clay walker there. we just interviewed him about his brand-new book "jesus is a country boy." a little bit about his life story growing up in texas, making it big, and also his personal struggles with ms and other things. he's going to perform for us at 8:50. >> steve: he will. he'll be doing "she won't be lonely long." >> brian: i'm going to give you a review. he just said to me, this -- our sound system has never sounded better out of all the times he's played here. >> gretchen: to which you said, maybe you improved. >> brian: right. i was trying to make small talk.
5:02 am
>> gretchen: he still doesn't need a clarinet in the band. >> brian: i'm sure he's going to give on that. >> steve: clay walker and a full slate of stuff, including a lot of the news and we'll do some talking, there is a crazy story about a big town out in california went bankrupt. when you hear what they owe people, it's going to just jaw -- it's jaw dropping. big news regarding stockton. >> gretchen: so let's start with the other headlines. star of a controversial mtv reality show "buck wild" has been found dead. >> if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be here, you know. >> sean is wild and crazy. >> gretchen: police found shane gandy and his uncle and friend in a ford bronco. they were last seen early sunday morning leaving a bar to go four wheeling. >> the cause of death is still under investigation. >> gretchen: mtv release ago statement saying, quote, we are shocked and saddened by the terrible news. shane gandee, just 21-years-old.
5:03 am
courthouses and prosecutors getting around the clock protection now. this is police searching for who murdered texas district attorney mike mcclelland and his wife, cynthia. investigators are turning their focus to a white supremacist gang already being looked at for the murder of assistant d.a. mark hassey a few months ago. that crime had cynthia mcclelland worried before she was killed. >> she made the statement to me that she didn't think that was going to be all the killings, the guy that got killed over there. i said, what about mike? you think he's safe? she said yeah, i'm not really worried about mike. >> gretchen: a warning about the white supremacist group issued back in december, saying they may target police and prosecutor s. man convicted of killing colorado's prison chief should have been behind bars. but because of a clerical error, he was released early. in 2008, he was sentenced toen a additional four years in prison for assaulting a prison guard while locked up. the new sentence was put into
5:04 am
the computer system wrong, however. so he was freed early. ebel was killed in a shootout with police in texas. the gun found was matched to the crime scene in colorado. brian? >> brian: it's far from president obama's best shot. he only made two of the last 22 shots during his easter egg roll at the white house. to pour salt in the wound a group of kids bet him he wouldn't make one of the foulrn. the kids were cheering that he missed. but the president did get a consolation hug. he even looks good when he misses. had a rough day, but took the shot. we saw him hit over in kuwait, that shot around half court, so he can live off that for a while. >> steve: the stats regarding the easter egg hunt, not great. but he keeps on trying. >> gretchen: oh! i couldn't play in a lot of games of horse recently. it's always better to play pig
5:05 am
than horse. you get to get out a little quicker, before you get -- or you get to win. >> steve: we've got an extreme weather alert for you on this tuesday. wild weather caught on camera in texas yesterday. >> 287. a couple of freak funnels. >> steve: tornado chasers were right in the midst of the super cells in northwest texas. the daring crew spotted twisters and hail storms. national weather service confirms at least one tornado touched down in briscoe county. maria molina is previewing what kinds of day you've got ahead on this tuesday. good morning to you. >> hi. good morning to you. today, unfortunately, we are talking about more severe weather, at least 30 reports of severe weather yesterday, most coming out of texas and that same storm system today pulling that moisture out of the gulf of mexico, combining with warm temperatures and an area of low pressure to possibly produce
5:06 am
more severe weather across southwestern portions of the state of texas. if you live in san angelo, heads up. later this afternoon, into this eveningers you could be seeing some thunderstorms could that potentially produce damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour, large hail and also isolated tornadoes. we're not expecting a massive severe weather outbreak, but be careful because it only takes one storm to produce severe weather in your area to cause damage the same storm system is headed eastbound and produce areas of heavy rain, locally four inches of rain possible in oklahoma, arkansas and down into louisiana. steve, gretchen, brian? >> steve: all right. maria molina, thank you very much. meanwhile, let's take you out to stockton, california. the largest american city to file for bankruptcy, chapter 9 protection. yesterday a bankruptcy judge by the name of christopher klein said that they can file for bankruptcy. how did they get into over a billion dollars worth of debt? well, stockton had one of the most generous health care benefits in california.
5:07 am
regardless of how long you worked for the city of stockton, you would be entitled to health care for life for yourself and one dependent. that is one of the reasons they are so far down the hole. >> brian: in combination with pensions, they took 90% of your top year earnings and you earned that the rest of your life. >> gretchen: why did they think they could do that? because they were depending on the taxpayers in that particular city from real estate taxes and because times were good for a while in the 2000s before 2008. but then suddenly, like sort of like a ponzi scheme in a way, when things started going south, there wasn't all that cash coming into the city and they couldn't make ends meet. they simply couldn't do it. so what was the end result? before you file for bankruptcy, you have to try to make cuts. you have to try and cut spending and see if there is any way to also increase revenue. they did all that and this was the last resort. the judge said yes to the bankruptcy yesterday. interesting question for me is
5:08 am
what kind of precedent does this set now for other cash-strapped cities all across the country? would you rather see them file for bankruptcy or some people have speculated they would ask the federal government for bailout. >> steve: the federal government that, would be a slippery slope. what's interesting about this case and apparently this is the precedent, is there were creditors owed hundreds of millions of dollars by the city of stockton over the last couple of years. apparently the judge said okay, you can negotiate with all of those people, except that big outfit, the california pension fund. they can't touch the deal with them at this point. but going forward, if they realize wait a minute. we just can't hire the cops we need or the fire unless we touch that, there is a possibility, and that's the precedent part -- where they could trial go in and renegotiate part of the deal with this, i think billion dollars worth of california pension money. >> gretchen: part of the problem in so many states, and i know
5:09 am
california is, it's in the state constitution that you can not touch some of these pensions funds. >> steve: you also have to balance your budget. that's in the constitution, too. >> brian: what do they say, april showers bring may flowers. other people call it spring. there is a different thing you could say about april. everyone has a different nickname for it. i just found out, it is national budget financial responsibility month. >> steve: national financial capability month. >> gretchen: that, too. >> steve: we thought yesterday that this was an april fool's joke because it came out from the white house yesterday on the first day. what the administration aims to do during national financial capability month is to teach americans how to, quote, how to budget responsibly. now, how funny is that? just keep in mind, how many times has this administration passed a budget in the u.s. senate? never. absolutely not. how many months is this administration delayed on submitting this year's budget?
5:10 am
>> gretchen: four. >> steve: coming up on two months. >> gretchen: all right. before you know it, it will be four. >> steve: so they're going to teach us how to budget responsibly. >> gretchen: well, here is one of the things that they're specifically talking to young people, how to save for college, how to save money to start a business and opening a retirement account. here is the other interesting fact if you want to do math this morning of the the national debt has increased under this administration, per household, by $53,377. a lot of people say, if we lived our lives this way with our pocketbooks, we'd northbound a tremendous amount of debt. that's not the way we live. some people have a loft debt on their credit cards burks for the most part, americans try to live by their means and budget well. and if you looked to the government as a good example of that, you probably wouldn't say that they are a good example of that. >> brian: if you don't like the means that you're living under now, if you want more revenue coming in and less going out, if you want to continue spending,
5:11 am
what you could do is be very good at your job and get a better job. in two years, brought his team to the ncaa sweet 16 and was ahead of florida at half time. looked like they were heading to elite eight. after this, the whole country said this coach is so impresssive, especially the people at usc. pat hayden, form ram and usc quarterback, the a.d., said, i have a perfect job four. i'll pay you at least a million dollars, six-year deal, he's gone. >> steve: it sounds like he's going to be making over a million dollars a year out at usc. but i feel kind of bad for the kids down at the florida gulf coast university because they were doing their best to try to -- okay, we got this great coach. let's have bake sales, let's see if some of the endowment association can come up with more to pay our great coach. but at the end of the day, the
5:12 am
answer is no. >> brian: this is what i was talking about earlier. when you have this player, kevin ware, break his leg, he could be done. he'll probable will he have a hard time being the same player. let's hope he's better. but he gets an education, which is fine of the $200,000 value. this coach went from 159,000 to 1 million, plus endorsements and all the other incentives built in. why is it okay that everybody is making a ton of money off these kids? >> steve: the american dream. >> gretchen: okay. some people would argue look, i don't have the $200,000 just to send my kid to college and the idea that you can get a scholarship, very few people get these scholarships, by the way, and even fewer make it to professional sports. >> brian: earned it. >> gretchen: isn't the education what's important when he's not a professional player? >> brian: not enough. >> gretchen: it is in my book. >> brian: if it's a $100 billion contract at cbs, the signing, sneaker deal, his jersey is hanging in the book store, they're making a ton of money off it and he can't get a dime of it!
5:13 am
>> steve: talk being collegeth treats. >> gretchen: then we wouldn't call them college athletes if they were paid. >> brian: stipend. >> steve: or something like that. i just know, for instance, when my daughter was on the team at boston college, she was pretty much an employee of boston college in many respects where she -- eight hours a day, she was practicing. it's the same for a lot of the sports. >> brian: they can't get a job. >> steve: no, you can't. >> gretchen: you don't need one! your education is being paid for. >> brian: don't you want to eat? >> gretchen: well, i think that they -- i bet that they provide some sort of money for food as well when you're a top athlete. >> brian: i think we're going to look back and look at this as really wrong. >> steve: i don't know what the right answer is. >> gretchen: all right. let us know what you think about that, i guess. >> steve: have you seen the movie "walking tall" based on the true life story of sheriff pusser? coming up, the erie similarities between that and the murders of prosecutors down in texas. >> gretchen: former member of the terrorist group now teaching at one of the nation's most
5:14 am
prestigious universities. would you want her schooling your kids? [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's
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>> steve: the latest victims in a string of attacks on law enforcement officers in texas may have have been targeted during a thunderstorm of the that may be why neighbors didn't hear a thing in the middle of the night. that information fueling speculation and suspicion, perhaps, that professional extremists are hyped these hits. are we seeing a breakdown of our society? let's talk to fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. it's always troubling when the bad guys kill the good guys. >> very troubling. there have been 13 district attorneys killed since the '60s since they started keeping count. two in a couple of months. they are heros. they are the line between order and disorder in our society.
5:18 am
and in seeing these assassinations of district attorney mcclelland and his deputy before that, i thought of buford pusser, who tried to clean up west tennessee and the dixie mob and the state mob down there. >> steve: they made a movie out of it. >> they made a couple movies and he lost his wife as a result. he was shot eight times and stabbed as many times. some suspicion is being cast on a group called the arian brotherhood of texas. there is no evidence at this time linking them to this crime, but apparently mr. mcclelland had made a statement to the associated press prior to his death that they may have been responsible for the death of his deputy, district attorney in kaufman county, texas. >> steve: after the deputy d.a. was gunned down, this particular district attorney, who was murdered along with his wife on saturday night, he made it very clear, we're going to go after you guys and find you. >> right. and the texas state department
5:19 am
of public safety had put out a statement in december after the indictment of about 40 members of the arian brotherhood in texas in a federal and multi district indictment that they may be subject to mass casualties. the arian brotherhood was started in california in the '60s in response to desegregation of prisons there. according to the f.b.i., they are only 1% of the prison population burks apparently account for 18% of prison murders. >> steve: if they are involved in these cases, they're practically terrorists. >> you talked about extremism. it's a form of terrorism. it's a form of imposing fear. we talked about it this morning, how people in that community are afraid and the officials in that community are saying, no, you shouldn't be afraid because these people are targeted victims of whoever did it. they're also looking at any cases that mr. mcclelland and his deputy had worked on together other than cases involving the arian brotherhood.
5:20 am
but we have the death of a corrections official in colorado. the death of mr. hassey may have been the same man that killed them both. looking hard at this district attorneys across the country are very concerned and we should all be concerned that the killers are brought to justice very, very soon. if this is the arian brotherhood, then there is really a matter of concern. this is a purely local matter, then it will be resolved. >> steve: i hope we know soon enough. >> i hope so, too. god bless them and their family. >> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead, it was a major selling point with obamacare, providing affordable health insurance. it turns out the president can't deliver on that promise. we're going to explain. and she was declared dead for nine minutes. that woman right there, she came back to life after taking a trip to heaven. listen to her message from god next.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> steve: welcome back. quick head likes and some new video just in showing the first atlanta educator to surrender in one of the largest cheating scandals in our nation's history. she is one of the 33 others, including the former superintendent of schools there, who are accused of conspiring to prop up their students' scores. and a new delay in the government program that was supposed to help small businesses buy health insurance. now it won't be ready until 2015. businesses were supposed to have access to the resource by the end of this year in order to avoid the fine. not going to make it. all right. gretch, up to you. >> gretchen: here is a loaded question for you, ever wondered
5:25 am
what heaven is actually like? our next guest says she's been there after a basic hospital procedure went horribly wrong. here to share her story, the author of "waking up in heaven," cristle mcfaye. in 2009, you go into the hospital, you were being treated for pan create tights. what happened? >> my body couldn't filter the pain medication that i was on quick enough, so it took on too much. and it stopped my breathing, stopped my heart. >> gretchen: you were technically dead for nine minutes. at that time, did you leave your body? where did you go? >> the moment i closed my eyes in that hospital room, i immediately opened them and was standing in heaven. >> gretchen: what did it look like? >> i failed to find human words that can describe what i experienced while i was there. i had angels. i had god. and i fell to my knees in front of him. i say it was perfect, beautiful,
5:26 am
amazing, but those words are nothing to really describe what i saw. >> gretchen: what does god look like? >> i saw an immense brightness, a brightness that i could feel, taste, touch, hear, smell, that infused me. not like i had five senses, but maybe that i had 500 senses. i didn't see a human form or face. i just saw his presence and felt him and heard him. >> gretchen: did he speak to you? >> yes. the entire time i was there. we communicated. no words, just very effortlessly when i came back, i was only allowed to remember a few things. >> gretchen: twice he gave you the choice to go back down to the earth, into your body and twice you chose to stay with him. >> yes, ma'am. >> gretchen: why? >> all of my life i was a doubter, gone to church all my life. i had heard the stories and i wanted to believe that he was real. but deep in my heart, i just didn't know if he was.
5:27 am
so to close my eyes and open them and be standing in front of the creator of not only the universe, but of me, i never wanted to leave that. he had even showed me my children. i had four children at the time, two of which were twins and only ten months old. and you think as a mom, there is nothing i could love more. but when he showed me my children and told me to choose to come back to them or stay with him, i chose him. >> gretchen: so he basically sent you back. >> he did. >> gretchen: to earth. here is the thing, you said in your life prior to this, that you had broken almost every one of the ten commandments now. they're in your book. you said he took away that shame from you and you were free to live your life honoring him moving forward. >> yes, ma'am. i had lived my entire life, from the age of probably three until the day i died, with horrible secrets, shame. i call them chains, emotional chain, spiritual chains, and
5:28 am
standing in front of him for those few minutes, he broke them all and he freed me from the shame that i had just felt my entire life. i don't know how else to say it. he just freed me. >> gretchen: how are you living your life now? >> for him. i was a school teacher. i was a mom. i thought that's what i would do for the rest of my life was teach school. i don't like public speaking, so this always makes me laugh that this is what he sent me back to do. but my message is simple. is that if he could free somebody like me and love somebody like me, then he loves us all. and that i was a doubter, i know what it feels like to doubt his existence and to doubt that there is a place that we really go after this. now i just want to tell people that it's real and that i experienced it. >> gretchen: amazing story. the author of "waking up in heaven." the book comes out today. check it out for an
5:29 am
inspirational story and complete life turn around. great to meet you in person. >> thank you so much. nice to meet you. >> gretchen: thank you. coming up, country music superstar clay walker is back to perform one of his biggest hits for us. and then the very moment she learned she's going to be a grandma, caught on camera, her reaction, priceless. (screaming) oh, my god! oh, h my god past mprime? i'm a victim of a slowing metabolism? !
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
>> grandpa. >> oh, my gosh! >> some birthdays are more special than others. (screaming). >> oh! >> gretchen: it's injure shot of the morning. one mom's priceless reaction to finding out she's going to be a grandma. her son-in-law captured the whole thing on camera and then put it to youtube. the video has been viewed more than 300,000 times. i guess it's true when your moms and mother-in-laws say, when are you going to have a baby for me? >> brian: yeah. by the way, the second happiest people, nike. you see the dad. >> gretchen: i thought you were going to say the dog. >> steve: the dog is lucky she didn't strangle it just by accident, she was so happy. >> brian: right. the dog survived and everyone is happy. overnight in north korea issuing its latest war-like threat. vowing to restart activity in its nuclear facility. just moments ago, in a fellow senator marco rubio release ago statement that reads like this:
5:34 am
the escalation of rhetoric from north korea is dangerous and destabilizing. history will not look kindly upon us if we do not learn the lessons of our past mistakes and north korea do -- and do nothing to change the status quo. wendell goler live at the white house. how do we change the status quo? >> brian, if i knew that, i wouldn't be here. the threat is to restart the moth ball nuclear reactor which could eventually produce enough plutonium to make a nuclear bomb every year. u.n. secretary general says enough is enough. he's warned this morning this latest crisis over north korea has gone too far. he is calling for negotiations. the reactor was closed in 2007 as a result of the deal with the u.s. and south korea to provide food and fuel oil to the north koreans. they say the reason to reopen it is produce energy, not weapons. but it's still seen as a threat. the latest after north korea declared the 1953 armistice
5:35 am
void. the north koreans released video of soldiers shooting at targets, taken to be pictures of americans. but jay carney says the u.s. takes the north korean threats seriously and has taken what he calls prudent measures in response. they include sending stealth bombers to the pen pen -- peninsula. making a show of strength. but at the same time, carney says the north koreans are not backing up their tough talk with actions. >> i would know that despite the harsh rhetoric we're hearing from, we are not seeing changes to the north korean military posture, such as large scale mobilizations and positioning of forces. >> what's missing is any public condemnation from china. north korea's only really powerful ally.
5:36 am
u.s. has 28,000 servicemen and women stationed in south korea facing more than a million north korean troops. brian? >> brian: all right. thanks a lot. we'll see where this goes today. wendell goler live at the white house. >> steve: other headlines for you. louisville guard kevin ware could be released from the hospital in just a couple of hours. he's calling his injury a minor setback to a major comeback. nfl legend joe theisman who had a similar injury in 1985 when he played for the redskins called ware on the phone to offer his support. joe was on "fox & friends" just about an hour ago. >> i was just so pleasantly surprised at his attitude. he's very positive. when you're 20 years old, patience is not a word that's part of your vocabulary. but we spoke about being able to come along, take some time, do the things that he needs to do. i told him, i said, i fully expect you to be the comeback player at ncaa basketball next year. >> steve: joe added, there have been many medical advancements since his injury back in 1985,
5:37 am
which did end his quarterback career. >> brian: she was a member of the weather underdrawing who spent 22 years behind bars in connection with three murders. now kathy bodine holds a prestigious position at colombia university. that according to this morning's new york post. she's an adju in nct at the school of social work. she teaches about the issues facing convicts when they're released from prison. bodine was the get away driver in the armored car robbery in 1981 that left two cops and a brinks guard dead. >> gretchen: they fight to defend our freedom. why are veterans being forced to fight for benefits they've earned? research shows 250,000 vets wait more than a year before ever receiving any benefits. retired u.s. navy commander joined us earlier on "fox & friends." he said this is now becoming the unfortunate norm. >> the problem is that 279-day figure appears to be very low. i mean, i talked to people all overt country and i do not know
5:38 am
anyone with any difficult claim or complex claim that gets response in, you know, less than a year. >> gretchen: he says the lack of organization of the claims is partly to blame. >> steve: check out this video. a purse snatcher tries to make a clean get away, but booms smashes through a glass door. it happened in australia after grab ago purse. the woman thinks -- the man thinks the door is open, it is not. he takes out a whole pane of glass. he's knocked out. people rush to help, not realizing the knocked out guy was a thief. >> when i saw how keen he was to get away, we realized something was up. >> i'm going to suit, i'm going to shoot you. i put it in front of me. >> steve: just like in the movies, the thief's accomplice grabbed him and the two escaped. he's at large, but cut up. >> gretchen: let's go out to maria molina and see what's going on. maybe she's in the extreme
5:39 am
weather center. >> no, i'm outside. >> gretchen: all right. >> we're outside here in new york city where it is a chilly morning for us. it's going to stay chilly throughout the day today and even over the next couple of days. we had a strong cold front swing through yesterday and yesterday was actually the warmest day we've seen so far in new york city for this entire year. we reached 62 degrees in central park. current temperatures across the country, also pretty chilly across sections of the midwest. in minneapolis, we're right now you're looking at a current temperature at 20 degrees. 26 in chicago. much better in texas where you have temperatures in the 60s. that warm air is going to help fuel some severe weather later today. in san antonio, expecting a high later this afternoon at 81. 44 in new york city. chilly day in cleveland with a high temperature expected of 39 degrees. by the way, that cool air over the great lakes means one thing, lake effect snow and not cool air eventually makes it down into the southeast in atlanta as we head into your thursday. so cooler air coming up very soon in parts of the southeast. back inside. >> steve: all right.
5:40 am
thank you very much. >> brian: the boston red sox pitcher john lester shut down the yankees 8-2. word is the yankees let him win because john lester will be on our show today. >> gretchen: yeah, right. >> brian: the 2013 season got underway. john lester the starter. here live, congratulations. >> thank you. >> brian: five strong innings. what was it like being out there? just as nerve racking as when you were a rooky? >> oh, yeah. yankee stadium is always fun. it always adds that extra pressure and excitement. it's a great place to pitch and i've always loved pitching. >> gretchen: people would say, why would he come on a tv show the next morning when his team is still here? it's because you are a cancer survivor. you faced lymphoma six or seven years ago. you survived obviously. and now you want to give back tg your child. why? >> well, i felt like we needed to. just going through what i went
5:41 am
through and having our son, just made me realize, you know, i couldn't imagine him being in my shoes. so was approached by a nice man with this idea and we ran with it. me and my wife have been running this deal for about a year now and it's just kind of getting started, but we really want to get the word out and raise a bunch of money. >> steve: we got a whole bunch of people watching. how can they get involved? >> go to our web site and donate that way. we've got baseballs that you can actually purchase, along with the wristbands as well. and everything is donated to the pcrf, pediatric cancer research foundation. >> brian: when you got the word thud cancer, what was that like for you? >> well, mine was a little different. i got in a car accident going to the game and about two, three weeks later, was in the hospital just for back pain. i was in seattle visiting my
5:42 am
parents, playing the mariners. was in there just, hey, my back is bothering me. let's try to fix it. the e.r. doctor walked in and said, you either have testicular cancer or lymphoma. just kind of floored me and my dad. so after that, we went through the whole process and figured out what exactly it was. had lymphoma and from that point on, i kind of took the baseball mentality of it as you know what? we're going to beat this. what do i have to do? give me my time line and game plan and let's go after it. >> steve: you did and now you're trying to help others. once again, the web site is >> yep. >> brian: you got these baseballs and great bracelets. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up next, want to save 15 cents on a gallon of gas? how you can get it, coming up next. >> steve: and charles payne is on deck with the small mistakes that could cost you big-time on
5:43 am
your federal taxes. we'll be right back so let's break down this play. charles?
5:44 am
uh, charles couldn't make it. his single miles card blacked him out here and here. he should have used... the capital one venture card. he's coming to us from home. hey fellas... hey baby, you want mama to iron your undies? nice tightie whities. i didn't know mrs. barkley made quilts. really? looks like a circus tent. is that the best you got? now if you put this, with this,
5:45 am
you have a sailboat. what's in your wallet?
5:46 am
>> gretchen: quick heads lines. gun rights supporters say it would be a major blow to second amendment. a draft armed treaty will be voted on to regulate global weapons trade. the u.s. reversed course after president obama took office. wal-mart offering a discounts on gas, 15 cents off a gallon to customers who pay with a store money card or credit card and ten cents off for those who used wal-mart gift cards. it runs through july 7. steve? >> steve: thanks, gretch. only two weeks left to file your federal taxes. while the tax code and filing process can be complicated, minor mistakes can cost you big-time. here with a couple of mistakes you can't afford to make, charles payne. >> number one, file them. it sounds goofy, but i'm telling you, so many people feel like, i don't have the money. i can't write the check. whatever. the big-time trouble comes when
5:47 am
you don't file them at all. even if you can't pay, file them. if you can pay a little bit, file them, ask for an extension. that's the number one thing to do. >> steve: it always seems routine, but sometimes during the course of a year, the status of the household changes. make sure that you make a note of that. >> note filing status also. some people are married, they filed the wrong way. make sure understand that changes in your household is changing a lot with the new era. >> steve: sometimes people think, i'm going to be sneaky. i'm not going to report all my income. don't do that. the federal government gets a 1099 from everybody, or w-2. so they know how much money you're making. >> they do. ultimately it gets back to the first part where you feel like you can't afford to pay it, so maybe i won't report this and i could pay, that kind of logic doesn't work. at the end it will cost you a lot of money. >> steve: be good at your math because fuzzy math will cost you as well. they don't care if you did a bad job adding things up. >> take your time. break out a calculator, have someone else look at the numbers. take your time. i know it's frustrating,
5:48 am
especially when you have to pay. but make sure the math is absolutely correct. >> steve: sure. and also deductions that simply don't add up. >> yeah. it's going to raise a red flag. the last thing you want to do is raise a red flag. less than 1% of these filings are audited. but you don't want to become a candidate for one with fuzzy math. also a couple other things to understand, sign it and don't forget your social security number. again, sounds very basic, lot of clerical mistakes people make. >> steve: what about doing it electronically? i've done it that way for a couple of years. it's fast, clean, it seems very efficient. >> that's efficient. there is a lot of professionals out there. there is more professional tax preparers than there are policemen and firemen combined in this chrism there is a lot of peoplele to help you on and off line. >> steve: the great charles payne, thanks a lot. >> see you. >> steve: next up, country music superstar clay walker is back to perform one of his biggest hits. are you ready, clay? all right. first let's check in with bill hemmer who is going to be singing at the top of the hour. >> right on. how are you? good morning to you. breaking news on the nukes in
5:49 am
north korea. what you need to know today. a different headline every day for the past two weeks. the doctor who helped us kill osama bin laden is still in jail. today you'll meet the americans trying to free him. if immigration reform is so hot, what will america do about security on its southern border? it is issue number one before you move anywhere in this legislation. we'll debate it when martha and i join new ten minute, top of the hour on "america's newsroom" try mail marketing from constantcontact. it's the fastest, easiest way to create great-looking custom e-mails that bring customers through your door. sign up for your free trial today at new griddle-melts to youre usual breakfast sandwich. a lot more flavor. [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4. it's like a sexy sandwich. it's an epic breakfast sandwich.
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>> gretchen: country star clay walker is back with us to perform one of his hit songs "she won't be lonely long." >> brian: you can't heckle your own introduction. what's wrong with you?
5:53 am
>> steve: you are really busy, in addition to your memoir, "jesus was a country boy," we talked about earlier. you're going to be at billy bob's in a couple of nights. you're work nonstop. >> we're in it. >> brian: billy bob thornton's place? >> over at texas. >> brian: you'll be traveling. why can't you afford a drummer? >> i hate drummers. [ laughter ] i think three could get it done. >> gretchen: we're going to hear "she won't be lonely long." we heard a little bit in the break. i like the lyrics. >> we were thinking about you in this tight dress. >> steve: whoa, whoa, stop it. >> gretchen: wow. i'll be in your video if you need me. ♪ there is something about the way she's wearing her dress a little tighter ♪ ♪ there is something about the way she's staring ♪
5:54 am
♪ she's looking sort of fire ♪ something about the way she's dancing ♪ ♪ and drinking chilled patron ♪ if she's lonely now ♪ she won't be lonely long ♪ heaven help the fool who did her wrong ♪ ♪ it's too late, too fast ♪ she's too far gone ♪ he should have thought of that before he left her all alone ♪ ♪ if she's lonely now she won't be lonely long ♪ ♪ there is something about the way she's blushing ♪ ♪ you can tell she isn't sure ♪ it let's you know she's up to something ♪ ♪ she's never done before
5:55 am
♪ tonight she wants to hold a stranger ♪ ♪ but not the one at home ♪ if she's lonely now ♪ she won't be lonely long ♪ heaven help the fool who did her wrong ♪ ♪ it's too late, too fast ♪ she's too far gone ♪ he should have thought of that before he left her all alone ♪ ♪ if she's lonely now ♪ she won't be lonely long ♪ if i had a woman like that, man, i'd let her know ♪ ♪ i'd hold her tight ♪ i'd hold her close, do many things, everything to let her know she'd never, ever be alone ♪ ♪ heaven help the fool who did her wrong ♪ ♪ it's too late, too fast
5:56 am
♪ she's too far gone ♪ he should have thought of that before he left her all alone ♪ ♪ if she's lonely now ♪ lord if she's lonely now ♪ if she's lonely now ♪ she won't be lonely long [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: very, very nice. excellent. >> brian: got another song in you? >> steve: we'll be right back. >> gretchen: beautiful lyrics. ♪ before he left her all alone ♪ if she's lonely now ♪ she won't be lonely long to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step.
5:57 am
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