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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 2, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> i promised to bring back neil. george, thanks very much. >> tell him i asked. >> be thur and watch me 9:00 eastern. i have dr. ben carson. but make way for the five. >> i'm eric boling and we're here in new york city. this is the five. >> eric: we got a lot to get to tonight, who are the real racists in america? dr. ben carson says white liberals. did jay and jimmy make peace? some developments on the late night front. the gun debate is dominating news. in connecticut they agreed to the strictest gun laws in america. in georgia, a small town passes
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a lieu that requires all homes to have a gun. in washington, the nra rolled out there million dollar study recommending several ways to improve gun safety including their national school shield. america's appetite for guns is waning. a support for universal background checks, down, banning assault weapons, down. arming our schools, down! the question is -- is gun control legislation doa on capitol hill. >> bob: it's dead on arrival. >> you owe me a coke. >> bob: are you asking me. i still believe that the background checks with the exceptions of family members will be a part of this bill. there is certainly no way
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assault weapons will be in there. it will be a much weaker bill what obama wanted but reality set in with the democrats and senate. reelection is very tough in those states. nra have good lobbyists and made their voices heard. i think the left overreached and bill clinton caused them. they went too far, too fast. president bush pushed for it and andrew cuomo and embarrassingly he had to retool that bill. he was disarming police officers. he was saying, we're going to limit magazines that have seven rounds in them. no such thing, sawyer to break that news. now, he wants to go on honor code system with gun owners? i think second amendment advocates, anybody that has a gun, they shake their head. they get half of this stuff wouldn't be prevented like with
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adam lanza. let the schools decide whether they want an armed guard just like sandy hook did on their own. >> eric: and we are seeing states and towns doing what they want in the gun laws. >> dana: new york school district has pretty effective program. i think it's finding, best practices are used where it seemed to 6 work. new york school system might be one that could be replicated across the board but if you are in small rural district that may not make sense. so i'm for local control and parents and students involved. i do think there will be a bill. i don't think it's a dead on arrival. it will be a on weaker one but there will be a set of principles that most americans will be able to agree on. that is what our constitution is. i don't understand there is some
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kind of honor code, extra honor code. >> they don't trust us. >> eric: few senators, they said no matter what the bill is they were going to filibuster. what are your shots. >> brian: the outline was beautiful. guess what? you like the connecticut rules, go there. you go to georgia, i wanted to own a gun and my neighbor has a gun, go to georgia. one thing i find fascinating, if we wanted to protect children, we wanted to protect ourselves on planes, we want to protect ourselves in banks and lots of guys are armed and trained. why can't we have the armed marshal with schools? i don't know if they have guards there. we don't have to say anything. adam lanza was looking for a soft target. lockner was looking for a target
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and make maximum damage. so i don't give these people the idea they are going to be stopped because there could be an armed teacher there on or could be a retired professional there. >> bob: it's beyond in schools. a lot of instances don't take place in schools. the other reason why you need federal legislation is interstate commerce. that teams seeys to be you have to have something. last thing i'll say, i want to see somebody --. >> eric: i understand interstate commerce. >> bob: because guns are sold across state lines. >> eric: so is pot. . >> andrea: there are plenty of laws on the books that they are trying to do anyway. >> bob: can somebody give me a reasonable argument why you shouldn't have background checks >> eric: should in be background checks. if i want to give my son a gun
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irk is want to give it to him. >> andrea: i actually agree with your question because it implies we don't have background checks. i think that is what the left have used to garner public support. when they find out, bob, there is a number of laws on the books for background checks and they want to go after say, eric, giving an antique gun to his young son, why can't have his young son have a background check? >> brian: they want to give it to adam lanza. if i sell my car to my brother, i have to sign my title over. why is it such a big deal? i don't see a person to person -- you might think you know your neighbor. so i sell your gun for an extra hundred dollars. if he has dark side and open up, i would like know you have it
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registered. >> bob: that is good point. can explain it. >> somebody is with a dark side is not going to stop. i'm letting for the states decide work for them in the locality. >> it hits the floor, it gets loaded up with amendment. dianne feinstein has issues and harry reid has issues. then what do we end up with? we don't end up with the original bill. >> bob: there was no original bill out of committee. it was one of those bills that goes from committee out. >> dana: if it were to get to the floor, any amendment or things that were added to it is only going to weaken the bills in the eyes. left in my opinion. i don't think they can make it stronger behind closed doors. >> andrea: but they'll add pork
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barrel spending. >> eric: other headlines. this is pretty alarming. connecticut unveils ammo eligibility requirements. california considers ammo tests. th how about this one? mandatory gun insurance or you get a $10,000 fine. that was by, i believe, in new york congress person if i'm not mistaken. andrea, does that last one right there prohibit a good percentage of the population from owning guns? if you are required to buy insurance for your guns, you are going to take the availability of guns out of most america. >> andrea: and it specifically targets low income americans which is very unfair. i think they are losing this one. now, this is why you start to see arguments and editorial like in the "washington post", it's
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white men, white men buy guns because they are insecure about their manhood down there. these crazy things, senator blum enthal took to the sunday shows and says there is a silent majority that wants what we want. >> bob: wait a second. the insurance, first of all, having insurance is very good idea for people who get shot by accident and things like that. the cost of this insurance is a fraction of the price 56 gun. >> eric: how do you know. if it's mandatory tore where americans have to have it. do you know? like my health insurance is minimal, it's insanely high. >> bob: doesn't make sense to have insurance? >> eric: it's require to have insurance to own a gun. >> dana: the supreme court ruled eric, but said you can require americans to have to buy
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insurance or to pay a tax or penalty whatever they end up calling it. so, it's not that farfetched. >> andrea: don't you shake your head, which lobbyist got that bill suggesting is on the floor of the state house. the insurance industry maybe? >> if there is anything about the second amendment, your right to bear arms shall not be infringe upon. >> brian: i think it is over the top. in california or it is new york, it's a another reason, new york is most restricted state in the union. a lot of people choose to leave and go other places. that might be another reason but you are able to go. >> you couldn't do "fox and friends" from florida. [ laughter ] >> bob: there are lawsuits
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against people that have guns by people that get shot by accident. why not have insura protect yourself from that? >> eric: why not have insurance for everything. >> bob: the thr is different than obamacare. >> eric: how is it different. it's required rirg me to own something. >> bob: you are required to have a drivers election, insurance on your car, on interstate truckers --. >> andrea: actually that georgia law that you mentioned, but i don't mandating people have to have it. >> eric: coming up the nbc late night wars continue to heat up. a new skit has people what these guys are up to. and dr. ben carson like you never seen him before fighting against racist attacks and
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♪ ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to the five. are we overmedicating our kids and replacing parenting. one in five high school boys and 11% of school aged children have been diagnosed with adhd most commonly known. it's up 15% since 2007. skyrocketing rate has some people concerned is that diagnosis and medications may be overused in american kids. this story hit the front page of the "new york times" and other places yesterday. bob, were you surprised that the number in a decade gone up 53% of how many people have been diagnosed with adhd. that is not to take away from people that seriously have the
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problem. one doctor said there is no way that all these have those problems. >> bob: those two drugs are most abused drugs on the street. kids are buying them. part of this teachers don't want hyperactive kids in their classroom so they give them drugs. if you really do have adhd it will kom calm you down. there is no way that many more kids could have gotten add. i think it's way for parent and doctors. >> brian: they get aderrol and ritalin out there. you can't be treating that many kids. maybe you are boring teacher. >> dana: should you blame the teacher or the parent. >> most little kids are hyperactive. >> dana: do you know anything about that?
2:18 pm
>> some adults are hyperactive. [ laughter ] >> bob: it is true that the counselors in the school system, health counselors refer back to parents, your kid is adhd. >> have you heard about this. >> eric: they are psycho stimulants. they are abused by the parents of kids being prescribed because they are taking kids' pills. hip-hop artists are writing about it. it's the hidden abuse because it's prescribed to kids. kids are training their aderrol and ritalin in school. 19% of high school boys are on one of these psycho stimulants. it's scary. here is what happens, later on in life, one-third of those kids who are on one of these drugs, one-third of them will still be
2:19 pm
adhd and of the other 66%, 57% are addicted to drugs or alcohol >> andrea: i think teachers and parents. i think teachers are very pressured and overworked. parents, they are dismissing typical childhood behavior as being disruptive. if they are talking about sports something is wrong with them he is not talking about phonics. i think women are abusing them because it allows them to focus and lose weight. >> dana: but if anyone is on aderrol why do do we have such a childhood obesity problem? >> bob: the other group is professional golfers because it helps them concentrate. >> i never heard of this.
2:20 pm
>> bob: this is hugely abused. >> eric: you know who prescribe these things are psychiatrists. i was the pots terrify child. >> bob: these tests that write them out left and right. >> brian: were you taking it for a reason? to hit maturity or hit maturity. to get to you a point. >> i don't think we know the long-term effects and two, what could this cause to students not be social. boys not acting like little boys and they need to be medicated. think you are right, bob, in the case of the doctor is sick and maybe not the patient. >> eric: we are not curing the problem. we are turning kid junkies into adult junkies. two-thirds abuse something else. >> dana: to that point the american psychiatric association
2:21 pm
plans to change adhd to allow more people to get treatment. check our facebook page. we talked to dr. siegle today. we'll put up that quote on our facebook page so you can be take a look at that. coming up, jay and jimmy buried the hatchet ♪ tonight, tonight ♪ my ratings were all right ♪ 20 years and i'm still.... >> why they are singing a new tune next on the five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ we'll get together tonight ♪ we'll get together >> andrea: so was it an april fool's joke? nbc late night host teamed up in a hilarious skit making light of their rivalry to the tune of west side story. check it out ♪ tonight, tonight ♪ ♪ why do they say ♪ you like me we're okay ♪ tonight, tonight ♪ who cares tonight ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: so, dana, if you are jay leno and it's rumored that jimmy is going to replace you and tension with nbc executives, would you participant in something like this? do you think it's stupid for him to do? >> dana: i think so of us all take their rifts way more seriously than we do. i don't watch the late night shows. i think it was interesting that jay got the last note. >> my senior project was on the history of late night television. >> you are a morning show host. >> brian: and jay leno has a 3.5 letterman has 3.0. >> and fallon is win by 1 percentage point. fallon and leno and kimmem,
2:28 pm
letterman it has leno. fallon wants to do a shoe. it's nbc screwing with their line-up. leno is number one. today show is having problems. why would they mess with it? >> andrea: why would nbc do this? they were bit before when they did it. jay leno's ratings is awesome. >> eric: and it's causing it to get awesomer. saturday night live, your thesis -- i'm sure that will be in the next parody. his ratings are good. jimmy will walk in and do good but what do they do leno. >> he comes to fox. >> i want to say you, who's time
2:29 pm
slot. >> i would say len third on the network, he takes over fox and has nothing to lose. fox let's people be themselves and allow themselves to do it. he would be great. >> andrea: don't you think the nbc executives and some of the rumors think can't take leno mak shouldn't they love the fact he is doing so well and not take it so personally. >> bob: frankly, i don't care. i do stay up way past the late night shows and i don't watch any of them. the fascination with this thing is amazing to me. i don't know -- those ratings are nice. you are still talking about a handful of people in america. >> lot of people for advertising. >> i'm going add one more thing, leno rips on the president and also on republicans. that is why i think he is being looked at. fallon doesn't, he only goes to
2:30 pm
one side. >> i think it's political. >> leno has been 15 some years. >> it's definitely not a business decision. >> they are asking leno to leave because he is number one? >> bob: somebody had to approve and pay for that. they didn't get at the back seat of a car and decide this thing? >> creative control. >> why it's so important beside the $100 million in advertising, people go to bed. they turn the tv back on and turn it back on the morning and you want it to stay on nbc. >> very clever. >> do you have a favorite? >> i love jimmy kimmel. >> letterman was the guy, but now he has gotten bitter and angry. i respect what leno has done for 20 years, out working with blue
2:31 pm
collar klor people. >> if i am going to stay up, i'm going to watch "redeye". >> you are not technically sleeping in those hours, do you like any of the hosts. >> bob: let me put it this way. i never heard of jimmy kimmel until last week. i never seen him and never watched him. >> i absolutely love all of them. they are all great in the monologues. if you watch it and move on. >> leno is great interviewer and i think actually read the book if he has somebody on that writes a book. he has curiosity. he doesn't have to be the one talking all the time. >> bob: i understand that. because i do my research thoroughly. >> andrea: hours and hours of show prep. >> jimmy kimmel, no one touches him. leno and letterman are way
2:32 pm
behind. >> your knowledge is blowing my mind. >> you are saying a sarcastic way. >> nobody else has done a dissertation on late night television. >> do you ever get to watch it because you have to get up so early. >> brian: i dvr. >> do you think snl should parody us? >> bob: i don't know who is going to play me. >> thank you very much. [ laughter ] >> and saturday night at 11:30. >> i never get why they have him play you. you are not fat and you are smart. >> you are a wonderful woman. >> up next, dr. ben carson unplugged now pushing back on a tax from white liberal critics that are playing the race card on him. that tape up next after the
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in washington, big story here today, new trouble for obamacare. tonight on special report, obama administration is delaying the implementation of special exchanges for small businesses, meantime, democrats have joined republicans in repealing a new tax on medical devices that was used to pay for the law. is obamacare beginning to crumble? we'll have a report and brit hume analysis. >> sequester furloughs may hit the federal government but not as hard. is the administration overstating the effect santa cruz what they said then and now. >> north korea says it will restarted start a reactor and increase nuclear weapons material. it's the latest standoff with the west.
2:38 pm
and the administration says the u.s. border with mexico has never been so secure. we'll tell you what the facts show. we start at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five." ♪ all right i feeling so good myself ♪ ♪ well, it's all right >> brian: dr. ben carson is taking a lot of heat from the critics since the national prayer breakfast and speaking out about gay issues. now he is fighting back, blasting so-called, put this in quotes, white liberal detractors as racist and vicious. >> it's completely and that is why the attacks against me have been so vicious because i represent, you know, an a threat to them.
2:39 pm
they need to get rid of me. they can't find anything else to de-legitimize me so they take my words and make it sounds like a bigot. >> a lot of white liberals don't like it? >> they try to put you in a little box. you have to think this way. how can you dare come off the plantation. >> bob: they need to shut me up -- with all due respect, you have your views. you are not that important. when you say this about liberals it's so infuriating. it was liberals like my father that was arrested 57 times in the civil rights movement. it's liberals that have been at the forefront and i will give republicans, moderate republicans on this, for dr. carson to make that kind of
2:40 pm
statement shows he doesn't know what he is talking about. it's an attack on the very heart of what many liberals believe in. he is the last person --. >> brian: bob, you don't think they are angry. >> i let him have it on this show. he stepped on himself on some of the comments he made. has he gotten more abusive? yes, but to indict white liberals as racist is calling eric boling a communist. >> dana: or suggesting the president's easter message, pastor suggesting conservatives want black people to sit at the back of the bus. that language doesn't help on either side. >> brian: eric, why don't you take it from here. >> eric: it's how the liberals attacked dr. ben carson for coming out and saying what he said at that prayer breakfast. it's a bad place to do it.
2:41 pm
that really is where his star started to shine. yes, when president obama sits in the pew and they say things, that is okay. that is quite all right. it's the mistreatment. be fair and balanced on it, bob. >> bob: yes, i was. yesterday i attacked dr. carson for using that platform. yesterday i said that ministry was terribly inappropriate. read what i said. i said it three times. >> do you understand dr. carson is expressing himself. >> andrea: do i and i'm glad he is. i think somebody like dr. ben carson is deeply threatening to the left. not all of them, bob, but i do think there are some people on the left, actually a lot of people that sees everything through the prism of race. they hear somebody like carson who came home and said, turn off
2:42 pm
the tv and made him read. somebody who has achieved such successful things and it had the h nothing to do with the government. he loves god, too. they can't have that too. >> bob: most liberals don't lose a second of sleep over what ben carson says or thinks. >> dana: i think that is true. i think maybe initially but he has burned so much of his credibility. he is on every talk show every evening. you could turn on the tv. he is everywhere at all times. cable news and talk radio shows were a great way to cut a path to political success, we would probably not have president obama here now. we would have one of the numerous people that tried to run in the primary last year in the republican party. i think that the republican party and conservatives could use dr. carson's leadership and thoughtfulness and i don't think
2:43 pm
anyone does any favors by putting him out all the time. give him a chance to breathe and think about what his future should be. >> bob: i said this the republican party is so devoid, personality they need. >> eric: who is the one that can reunite the party. they are grass pg. dr. ben car deserves not be the conservative movement and deserves to be in some republican administration going forward, but to think that he can credibly win an election. >> i was going to say, i think a lot of people are pitting the cart before the horse. he hasn't said he wants to run for office. he has not ruled it out, but he has left the door open. why not let him speak? >> i enjoy the interview. i don't care about his career
2:44 pm
path. >> bob: what dana is very important. i believe the guy did not mean to say bees tal quality but he has been like that that he has to spend a week to get out. >> plus, he has a grace and dignity about him, one of the things that is attractive about a leader like that he can transcend race and i'm not going to worry about that. this will not help. >> brian: and remember todd aiken and murdoch stopped their chances in the senate and we said hey, stick to the message. the message is fix jobs and fix america. >> i think he can address the culture like nobody else. >> you are talking about baseball and what is more
2:45 pm
baseball --. >> bob: it's now down to 15 seconds. but i don't think carson deserves so much air time. >> he has written successful books. coming up straight ahead, is baseball still america's pastime or have they moved on to football or soccer? it will surprise you. i think somebody just scored on the panel. we have it for you on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ nexium, the purple pill,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, opening day for some major league baseball teams. more than 74 million fans attended last season. is baseball still america's favorite pastime. according to recent poll, football beat baseball and both beat soccer 34 to one.
2:50 pm
>> brian: he ad-libbed that. to harris people we apologize. >> some riveting conversation between eric and brian, something about football and soccer and scores and off sides. >> it's just like soccer is riveting. >> bob: first of all the numbers are impressive for baseball. why do you think football is so dominant over baseball. >> eric: for me i was a baseball player. 16 games, one game a week. baseball is 162 game season. if you look at the numbers and on football game is higher. >> now you have monday night football and thursday night football. >> eric: your team only plays once a week.
2:51 pm
>> bob: brian, i know you are riveting game of soccer, but do you think baseball is america's pastime? >> in 1984 it was second in popularity in the u.s. attendance is up. i think baseball has to look at itself and soccer is going gaining on us continuously. absolutely. i tell you what the ratings for fox, when it come september they don't do great ratings. in football get your team in the playoffs you got the network contracted you are thrilled. >> bob: andrea, what do you think? >> andrea: like baseball. there is something when you walk into a baseball stadium. i like the snacks better and anywhere you can have a cocktail in the middle of the day. >> dana: i'm too afraid i'm
2:52 pm
going to get hit by a foul ball. >> bob: soccer is the only sport you can go to the bathroom, can out for dinner and come back to the game and the score hasn't changed. >> it's unbelievable. >> it's also does not have a clock. there is no time element. it's not as high strung. baseball is relaxing. >> most valuable team is manchester united. most popular league in the world is premiere league in soccer. >> in america you will never compete with football or baseball. >> bob: the star kicked a goal in world cup and they shot him. >> obviously i played football but i think football.
2:53 pm
one more thing --. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz.
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foss 102 pick the next one. there he is. there is george w. bush. and how about that guy? now, here is the problem. you see that form? president obama? this is how you are supposed to do it, sir. not like that. like this. >> if you break a camera. >> he is not going to break a camera. >> all right. let's see, like that. >> little bit faster in rehearsal. >> all right. >> you are adding to the visiting television. >> that made baseball sore. >> you are a great player. i know that for sure. i also know. this the easter egg hunt at the white house. fine form inspiring a child to snap out of it, step up and cowboy up. listen.
2:58 pm
[crying] seahawk it off. there you go. that's what i'm talking about. >> he spotted that young boy who is the son of an air force pilot. and he said listen. he was crying in the corner. he brought him over there he said shake it off. he stopped crying. threw it and got a hug. that is great parenting. >> he used a banned phrase. shake it off? >> last week greg banned "that's what i'm talking about." >> you have got to go online and check out othe story about the new york's mayor race. a democrat scheming to run as a republican. there are six people involved. four republicans, two democrats. exchanging money like a script from law and order it actually happened right here in new york city. >> it's a total joke, dana. >> robert? >> mine is in new jersey governor christie signed a bill which banned tanning beds for anyone under 17.
2:59 pm
of course that means eric is safe because basically because a lot of people get hurt. >> he sleeps in one. >> some lady took her 5-year-old child in and toasted him and look at this. look at that face. come on. >> do you have one at your house. >> i do not. >> temperpedic. >> use spray tan it's safer anyway. >> basket for this egg. world's largest egg worth $45,000. it's from the elephant bird which lived on madagascar which lived 13th and 17th century. the bird used to stand, what, like 11'5" or something? this is 20 times bigger than average chicken egg. that's an egg. what else can i say? [ laughter ] >> there weren't a lot of stories to do today. >> i agree. >> looks like a --
3:00 pm
>> looks like an egg. >> thank you to


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