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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  April 6, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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welcome back. i'm very excited about half time. hope you can try to dekeep it alive. >> keep it down, please. the show is a little too wild. flight diverted after parents complained about the movie. they were showing "alex cross," a pg-13 detective movie. it's totally appropriate they were showing a pg-13 movie. airlines don't follow the rating
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system. >> good to know. >> don't be sarcastic. >> i'm just saying, i have incredible information that i want to do you know, this brooke story about her wedding dress? it's insane. i'm just trying to get over the weird arcane laws. >> you mean the facts? i'm skipping you, tucker. brooke? >> yes. >> i like how you brought up being kicked off a plane, and people said, you were kicked off a plane and you were like, oh, do i really have to tell this story. and then the story you hated to tell was, well, i was flying to st. bart's for my wedding. really? come on. >> andy, are you just bitter? >> yes. greg, do you have something to add to that? >> brooke, tell them what happened after you were leaving the plane. >> i did stand up and say, this could happen to you, too!
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and then nobody did anything. they just stood there and looked really afraid and they let us get kicked off the plane for absolutely no reason. and the pilot admitted to us that we were kicked off because the stewardess said i gave her attitude about my dress. >> here is my theory. flight attendant, how old was she? >> it's hard to tell when you're up in the air like that. >> yeah, when you're up in the air, all of a sudden age disappears. she wasn't married. she was bitter and jealous. >> oh! >> not all flight attendants are like that, i'm saying this particular one. i love flight attendants. they are america's heroes. but this one was bitter and jealous when she saw your wedding dress. am i right, andy? >> i have no idea. >> andy, what about when you're traveling with the cats and somebody is like, nice cat, and they're mad because they have a lesser cat, and they throw you
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out because kwoyour cat is awes. >> which is why i don't fly with my cats anymore. >> which is wrong. you should feel free fly with your cats. >> no, the terrorists have won. >> it's a bad name with lesser cats. >> diane, you mentioned you were also getting married in a foreign country, and greg asked what's wrong with america, and you said your fiance is british. i guess the better question is, what's wrong with american men? >> a lot, but we'll save that for another show. i don't have enough time right now. >> no, we'll just clip that on there. >> we're having it there so his 94-year-old grandmother can attend. >> none of the rest of that will make air, so it doesn't matter. >> you know what it's like to be married tie britio a british ma. >> no,i don't. i'm not there yet. >> a lot of tea. a lot of crumpets. >> do i have to remind you what
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happened in the 1976? >> diane, you said you couldn't remember being on a flight with drop-down screens, my flight last week was like that. >> really? it's been a long time since i've seen a plane like that. >> it probably wasn't like that in first class, diane. zds i' >> i've never been there. i wouldn't know. >> you went off about the tyler perry. it wasn't a tyler perry. it based off a book by james madison and tyler perry just happened to be in it. >> yes, but he happened to direct it. >> but you said you didn't know. >> greg, you said you were on a movie with "dark knight rises."
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and you thought they shouldn't have shown it. >> i ordered the film. but i didn't know. virgin american has stuff you can order -- >> they don't edit their films. >> they don't. they had one of the 9/11 films on on the plane. and this was like -- i'm not kidding. and i'm going, you can actually order that? and i'm, like, sitting there and i'm going, who would do that? anyway, i was watching the "batman" movie and i'm going, oh mir oh, my god, i think i'm having a panic attack. luckily i was so prepared for that. >> so you took another -- >> yes, i took another. >> -- and then you were fine. >> i was fine. >> the lesson to you, kids, is always have another because you never know. >> you might take two and then have an extra one in your wallet. and when your wife says, what are you doing? you're saying, nothing, honey, i have a headache. >> i'm looking in my wallet to see how much money i have to spend on you. >> exactly. and then you tip the wallet over
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and you're going like this and everything is falling on the floor. >> yes. by the way, the atlantic james fallon also contacted united and he got a response. basically they said they reaccommodated the customers on the next flight to baltimore and since have conducted a full review on our in-flight entertainment. >> what was the name of the writer? >> james fowler. >> that's what jim fouls is doing now? >> he is in aviation, to be fair. >> he wrote about a lot of stuff tucker was talking about. he said they weren't necessarily the best when it comes to customer service. >> we noticed they're conducting a review of their in-flight entertainment, not the blaiehav of their flight crew.
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>> tucker, you said you're impressed by benjie backer's is he telling the complete story here? >> yeah. anyone who has non-majority views in school knows it's pretty hard. we should be bucking these people up and giving them courage, but we don't. >> i agree, and i'm sure he's telling the truth, but a lot of times these stories come out and like a week later -- >> every hate crime story always has another side where the person did it himself, but in this case, i kind of believe the guy. >> andy, stay up there, get rid of me. >> here's my theory. it's a shame they can't do that. it's like we're a tv show. here's my point. you know what this story is? it's tucker has invented a time machine and he's gone back in
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time to do this story because he was too lazy to do another story, so he went back and did this so he could talk about himself. >> i don't think that's true. >> wow. >> somebody read some sci-fi as a kid. look how stylish that kid looks. what are your hands doing? >> i'm not into buttons. >> i got to move on because i'm almost out of time here. president obama apologized for saying the california attorney general is the best-looking attorney general. diane, you said you think the outrage is ridiculous, which i basically agree with. my problem is, his compliments aren't really compliments, and that he wants to introduce christian dillebrand by referring to her as far more attractive than chuck schumer. >> he is. >> yeah, but that's all you got? you're better looking than chuck
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schumer? it's like saying aim the best-looking regular on the show. what do you think now, hot shot? >> maybe i'm not thinking. maybe i'm just brooding. >> i'm kind of sad about it. >> well, you should be. andy, let's pick on bill. >> i put this thing back to you, greg, and i'm in a passive aggressive mood, so i'm not saying it. >> back to me, america. coming up, what's love got to do with it? >> what's love got to do with it, to do with it? what's love but a secondhand emotion. dude, you got to move on. i told you it was over. what's so grand about an elastic waistband? the answer is even more beautiful than the question. oh this is lame,
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a story a special report won't touch. should everybody dance for zebra pants. yes, it's finally true, zubas have returned after a 12-year hiatus. the company that brought us trousers, mall rats and 4050 rolls. the animal print sold $200,000 worth of merchandise within the first week of their relaunch. so can we really steel glamour from the age of mc hammer? i asked fox news' most mentally backwards correspondent to tackle that forward question. >> zubas are back. know this. i'm not just a promoter. i'm also quiet. apparently i forgot to put them on. >> ladies, can i ask you a couple quick questions about my pants? yeah, huh? you're welcome. take it all in.
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i mean, they're big. you can hide a lot whether it be a gun and an enormous package. and they're great for weight lifting, partying, or just dudes being dudes. would you be interested in a pair? >> i don't think so. >> my uncle used to wear these back in the day. he had a purple pair and they were really embarrassing. >> how come every time i talk about zubas, everybody wants to talk uncle? >> in the states they call them zubas. for young, hip teenagers like yourselves, you could smuggle a lot of beer in here. >> definitely. >> and they look good with fannie packs. you know what you do with the fannie packs. put your weed in it. >> what? >> your neck is actually getting thicker as you put those on, do you realize that? your bulge has a bulge right now. can i get a little leg kick that we can do in slow motion? i'm thinking it's sort of a
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fashion mullet because it's business up top, but we got a party in the back right here. you're just going to agree with everything they say, right? >> i am. >> how do you plan on taking on the date now that you're a new man. >> like a zebra. i'm going to start running like a herd of zebras. i got nothing else. >> in canada you call them fancy pants? >> i do because i'm an old fart. >> first of aushlll, i don't li that language, and second, you look young. if someone in a bar wanted to give you a hug, would you be receptive to that if they were wearing pants like that? >> oh, definitely. >> finally we have someone who appreciates style especially it as relate to see me on my person. you just went from hot to super hot and you haven't even put them on yet. can i ask you a couple quick questions about my pants? >> what do you want to know about them? >> first of all, you're welcome, because i'm giving you a present for your eyes.
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any final thoughts on zubas? >> they look great. i think the future haahead of u will be zubas. >> if americans are wearing these, they aren't all bad. or are they? >> times square wasn't really feeling the zubas, but i decided to take a look inside the most powerful name in fashion to see if they were hip what i was putting down. heavenly bad, heaven has a number, spinning me around, her lover is a whine dog. she's got the look. she's got the look. she's got the look. she's got the look ♪ ♪ what in the world can make a brown-i'd girl turn blue ♪ ♪ when everything i ever do i do for you ♪ ♪ i go la la la la la, she's got the look ♪
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>> score another peabody for bill schultz. >> i think jeannie has a lot to worry about. >> please tell me that parents did recover the 16-year-old safely. they were right next to her and gave us permission to tape that. we have that on video in case anyone has a problem with that. they thought we were delightful. >> did these folks know you were doing this? >> they sent us a crate. the best part about this company is everybody we asked to participate in that participated. patty ann brown had a scheduling conflict and roy rossman was very drunk. but everyone else said yes. we thought that was great. >> that was a beautiful, beautiful moment for all of you. you're not going to see that on some other show with a different name.
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>> this isn't even airing. we have to take a break, but we'll be right back. autographed copy, i'll start signing them soon, i promise.
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target the store has apologized after the color of one of their plus-size dresses was listed on their website asma as manatee gray. an angry customer pointed out that the color in a smaller size was listed as heather gray. the manager came out and said manatee gray was a common color for many of their products, including fat person feet pajamas. should they apologize? >> they're a corporation, so yes, they should apologize because they don't want to lose customers. if you go around and think a label refers to you directly, you're a little self-conscious. and all the heathers around there, they're going to be pretty offended, too. >> weren't they really apologizing to the manatees?
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they're often taken advantage of. they don't have their own identity. >> it's the commercial enterpri enterprise, you can't alienate your customers. but yet i think it's so hilarious that for every customer they lost, they gained three. >> diane, clearly target meant nothing by it. are we becoming too oversensitive? the manatee is an adorable animal with a fun color. >> unfortunately, they named two two different colors. unfortunately, one had the name manatee in it. if you look at something called elephant gray or manatee gray and your first thought is they're talking about me, then you have some other issues you have to tackle having nothing to do with target. >> billy, when you go to buy underwear, it's always junky
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yellow. >> that's when i return it. >> you lived way manatee for a couple years. you were offended by this. >> yes, i very much was. i'm here for the manatees. although manatee gray, i have decided i'm going to move to florida and i'm going to write crime dramas based on various locals and my pen name is going to be manatee gray. >> another rollicking crowd. this one is set in juniper. >> i'm going to go one step further. when i become super rich, half my house is going to be submerged so i can walk around and hang out with manatees. i'll be up watching tv and i'll walk in and there will be a manatee in my living room. they'll all be in undisclosed areas, and i will rock in manatee gray. >> we're going to close things down with a post-game wrap-up
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back to tv's andy levy for the wrap-up. we have a woman who can bounce a keg cup off her butt totally upside down. you'll want to check that out right away. >> diane, where can people see you next? >> on the daily caller website. >> you're welcome any time, trust me. >> brooke, when will you be on the daily caller website? >> when will i be on the daily caller website? >> you're welcome, too. >> really? done. >> do you have a book coming out? >> it's called "the sarasota strangler." >> that's a


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