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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  April 7, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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they like and if they work at foblgs they don't care. >> jon: thanks to jewel did i miller, jim pinkerton, monica crowley and kirsten powers, >>. >> gregg: fox news alert. north korea ready to strike that. today from a very nervous south korea where leaders say they are absolutely convinced their nuclear armed neighbor is no longer bluffing. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour. a south korea today warning that pyongyang could launch a missile test as early this week. listen....
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[ speaking a foreign language ] >> gregg: had a video airing today on morning state-run television showing soldiers training military dog west side both humans and dogs attacking pictures of the south korean defense minister. it is just the latest in a series of provocative videos meant to show off their military readiness. dived piper is streaming live from seoul. >> reporter: that video of those dogs attacking is really bizarre. the south korean government says it is part of a daily campaign by the north to grab the world's attention. now the video shows troops using dogs to attack scarecrows with a photo of the defense minister on
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them. the soldiers are heard shouting bite the defense minister and it also shows them firing at a sign saying american bastards. it looks like north korea will conduct a controversial missile test. south korean government says the test could take place around april 10th. it's based largely on that warning by north korea that the government should evacuate from their embassies by that date. now, none of the 20 countries have made any decision to evacuate or not. the u.s. doesn't have an embassy in pyongyang. in the past few days, north korea has repeatedly warned they are planning a nuclear attack on the u.s. they don't believe they have the expertise to put a missile there. south korea has said they have
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monitored two intermediate range missiles to the east coast. it could as far as 1800 miles and reach guam that north korea has threatened to attack over the past week. now, the u.s. is trying to make sure that it doesn't do anything to make the situation worse here. the pentagon has has a planned test of a minute man ballistic test, they have postponed it because it could be misinterpreted. and james thurman the head of u.s. forces has been delayed, a trip has been delayed because of crisis. officially the obama administration is playing down the crisis. they 6 said over the past few days that they wouldn't be surprised if there is a missile test, gregg. >> gregg: david piper, thanks very much. in the meantime, the white house tests says the only way to resolve this conflict is for north korea to take a step back.
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what if it doesn't happen. here is white house senior advisor david pfeiffer talking to kris wallace. >> missile launches have been repeated behavior. onu is on the north koreans to do the right thing. they are the source of the problem and the only way to solve it for them to take a step back. >> chris: when you say that the onus is on them, what did they don't? >> they will continue to further isolate themselves in the world, to further hurt themselves. the people are starving because of actions they are taking right now. >> gregg: catch the entire interview at 6:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: the family of a young american diplomat killed in southern afghanistan says that she died during what she loved. 25-year-old woman was killed
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when she was targeted in a convoy delivering textbooks to school children. five others were killed in the attack. conner powell is live from the mideast bureau in jerusalem with more on this. >> reporter: she was killed in afghanistan on saturday when that ide hit the convoy full of american soldiers and diplomats going to the capital of the province. the 25-year-old john hopkins graduate was a public affairs officer in kabul. she was on the way to deliver books to an afghan school when she was killed. two weeks ago she was secretary of state personal guide to john kerry. kerry had this to say about her. >> we lost a very bright and brave young woman, a young diplomat, we lost her to a horrific attack in afghanistan. today our hearts are broken.
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>> reporter: kerry arrived in israel this evening in an effort to jumpstart the middle east peace process. he met with mahmoud abbas tonight. he asked to return to the negotiation table. in return he promised an expansion of controlled territories and israel would release palestinian tax money, demanded a freeze to illegal israeli settlements. that has already been rejected by benjamin netanyahu who kerry will meet with tomorrow as part of the ongoing dialogue. >> heather: conner, thank you. as we mentioned, this is actually the second time in less than a year that america has lost a diplomat in the line of duty. anne served as secretary of state, kerry's control officer during his visit to afghanistan two weeks ago. christopher stevens was ambassador to libya when he died on consulate in benghazi. their deaths the first in more
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than 30 years. 1979, a person was serving as ambassador to afghanistan when he was captured and killed during a rescue attempt. >> gregg: congress is now returning to washington, d.c. tomorrow after a two week recess and very high on the docket is the hot button issue of gun control. president obama admitting the task of passing any gun measures will be a tough one. peter doocy is reporting from washington. >> the white house wants enforceable background checks for anyone buying a gun, but the man enlisted by the nra to help beef of school security, with those calls the president is taking the debate in the wrong direction. that man a former republican congressman also defended a proposal to put armed guards in school. >> it's not about arming teachers. teachers should teach.
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it's really about providing armed officers first and then secondly if that is not available to have an armed school staff that is trained and selected. >> reporter: but the white house is standing its ground and accusing republicans of blocking meaningful reform. >> when the president gave a state of the union, all applauded when there was an up and town vote. when the newtown families are not there, politics is the only reason this stuff won't get done. >> reporter: gabrielle giffords wrote about the gun show loophole today. we know how to fix it by blirg a universal background system but some of our elected officials are not listening. one influential senator said, background checks at least deserve a debate. >> i do believe blocking the legislation to come to the floor of senate is not appropriate. >> reporter: he says potential
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support for background checks will depend on how they are carried out. >> gregg: peter doocy in washington. >> heather: now to a fox extreme weather alert. people in north dakota bracing for what is predicted to to be an historic flooding season. volunteers working tirelessly to ready husband of thousands of sandbags. >> we really do need the push. we want to get ahead of this. >> at the end of the day, at the end of next week if we could go past the one million sandbag goal would be great. those bags that don't get used, we will save them. >> heather: it's in the crosshairs for very severe weather. let's check in with janice dean with more for us. >> good news you match my weather maps today, pretty in
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yellow. 70 in dallas, 69 in memphis, 69 in new orleans and 51 in newark. 85 in phoenix. we've got changes going on. we'll have a big storm system eject from the rockies. ahead of that we have severe weather erupting around kansas and missouri until 9:00 local time. a severe weather warning for eureka, kansas, bringing winds up to 60 miles an hour and very big hail. so this is going to be an ongoing threat will a three-day event starting monday for all of these areas, including oklahoma, kansas and nebraska and even colorado. tuesday is going to be the worst in terms of all those ingredients for perhaps a tornado outbreak. we could have several tornadoes. look at all of the cities, millions of people in the path
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of this storm system, one of the worst we could see really since last year. then wednesday moving across the mid mississippi river valley. we have some time. make your preparations, you need to know what you are going to be doing if and when you are under a tornado watch or warning. then the cold side of the storm. we're into disciplining but we're going to see feet of snow out of this storm system. quite impressive for april. in some cases, 6-12 inches west of denver. look at rapid city the potential for 18 inches plus into the upper midwest. minneapolis, 6-12 for you. because we have the cold air and warm air ahead of it. all the dynamics for a severe weather outbreak. only 23 in denver. you are going to drop 30 degrees. 75 in kansas city. you can really see as that front
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pushes into this warm unstable air mass, that is why we think we have a potential for a very damaging perhaps life-threatening severe weather outbreak, especially tuesday. where you can see the temperatures contrast in to memphis into new orleans. this will be an ongoing three-day event, one we'll be watching very carefully. if you live in those areas, you need to be knowing what to do if and when you are under a severe watch or warning. >> heather: it's amazing how the temperatures run the gamut across that map. >> it's one of the main ingredients we need for severe weather outbreak. >> heather: thank you so much. >> gregg: turning now to kaufman county, texas, investigators are saying the district attorney visited a gun shop the very day before he and his wife were murdered inside their home. dominic is live in west coast newsroom with more.
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>> reporter: just hours before he and his wife was slain, he went to a local gun store on advice how to protect his workers. they told fox news the district attorney hadn't concerned about his own safety, just that of his staff. he was asking suggestions what they could buy. he advised they should arm themselves with handguns and probably be wearing bulletproof vests. he showed them a specific firearm to consider. take a look. >> when he came in, i actually had him come over and look at this gun. this is one that the police used to have issued. its colt python. this is what they were issued back in the '80s. all the police officers had these. as far as i know this is the last gun mike ever held. >> reporter: they say mike
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mcclellan, he had a variety of firearms and revolvers. police believe that the d.a. may have been running for his own gun when he heard his wife being shot when the killer struck. his body was found at the rear of the house. police are saying he may have also just been trying to get away. there isds on either the suspect or motive behind the murders. and his assistant was killed back in january. the detectives are keeping quiet as far as leads at this time. >> gregg: thanks very much. >> heather: police in carson city, nevada say they have arrested four suspects in connection to the bizarre disappearance of a state employee. a sheriff's deputy say they pulled the body of the state's chief insurance examiner from the carson river. william mctune was reported missing on thursday. four people in custody, two
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facing murder charges. investigators saying the clues show a struggle inside his home. >> this was a very violent act that occurred inside. there is an enormous amount of evidence to be processed. then we will begin the analysis of it. it's going to take us some time. >> this one is pretty shocking. when you have something like this where you believed endangered or something seriously violently happened to a resident here in town and you end up with four people in custody, that is pretty unusual. >> heather: the sheriff is saying there is still processing evidence from inside the home. >> gregg: the electric car maker fisker seemed to have a bright future. the beib liked his, that is not good news. the federal government promised a massive loan coming out of
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your pocket. why is the company in danger of going belly-up. brenda buttner is next. >> heather: we know you are a fan of the beib, gregg? >> and plus a shape and ceremony welcoming the latest member of the fleet. >> gregg: and an airport worker accused of having sticky fingers making off with valuable goods tucked away inside luggage. how they nabbed him still ahead. >> we could see some of the guns had been scanned into the airport but not scanned in getting on to an aircraft. take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age.
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>>. >> heather: time for a quick check of the headlines, the u.s.s. arlington is the navy's latest warship. more than 5,000 people attended the ceremony in norfolk. authorities in virginia are searching for a sailboat that may be carrying two boys kidnapped from their grandparents' home. and fashion designer limbly pulitzer died. her dresses was a sensation and
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became a classic. >> fisker that was granted a half a billion dollar federal loan, that is your money, is now on the ropes. on friday they laid off about 75% of the work force triggering a lawsuit triggering a lawsuit. and the law firm is the same firm that did solyndra, green energy company. joining us to talk about this, senior business correspondent, brenda buttner. the lawsuit is the least of figsker's worrying. are they as an automaker finished? >> they fired three-quarters of their work force. the founder is gone. they went to the chinese and even they turned them down for investment money. they are consulting with bankruptcy lawyers. >> gregg: when you go to the bankruptcy division of kirkland
1:22 pm
and ellis and chinese don't want to buy you. look, fisker's demise was really predictable when you compare it to a success story like tesla? >> yes, absolutely. fisker was a design firm and they put out the car that was very expensive, hundred k way before they should have. they got bad reviews. tesla went after the design but so much as the technology. electric cars are difficult. so they looked into the battery pack, battery management and they took that core technology and sold it to places like daimler. so they were able to fund the production of their car. so it's two different models. >> gregg: there is tesla. they made revenues by selling technology and that was their expertise, battery management system, power train. now i understand they are going
1:23 pm
to be turning a profit pretty soon? >> yes, we hope so because they got our money too. >> gregg: figsker vehicle is nice looking car. >> they design cars. it's very beautiful, very expensive and they had a lot of problems with suppliers and so did tesla. tesla worked that out before they started selling the car. >> gregg: energy department claims, i'm reading here, we carefully vetted loan recipients to minimize taxpayer risk. nonsense. are these people at doj or government at large, they are not qualified to be able to look at companies and do what is known as due diligence, determine the risk? >> the proof is in the pudding. if you look at the list of green energy busts. >> gregg: let's put it up on the screen. billions of taxpayer money spent
1:24 pm
on all of these are failures. >> they are. when private venture or venture capital goes into a start-up company. you are going to give us the goods and their money at risk, if they lose it and company goes under, they put up that money, but this is our money. it's very difficult for a government bureaucracy to go and choose a winner in business. >> gregg: the government, whenever you say green energy and failures, they say look there will be a little failure but a low failure rate. i crunched numbers, failure rate of stimulus and other federal government loan programs into these green energy businesses is approximating 30%. now if you are in the business world and you got a 30% -- there is the door. >> when it is teacher money and
1:25 pm
its bureaucracy. it's not a small group of people who know about business saying, i think that car will be able to do it or that car designer. this is bureaucracy and what do they have to lose? >> gregg: the government is inherently inefficient and they are not as smarted as the people in business. so the bottom line here, the government shouldn't be in the business of business? >> yeah, i mean that is what the basic argument comes down to. some of these start-up technologies may need some seed money but not on this order. >> gregg: brenda, thanks very much. you can catch more brenda. >> i don't like justin beiber either. >> gregg: if justin beiber buy your car and crashes it, that is not a good sign. at least the beib is okay. he survived. catch more breand da did a on "bulls and bears" at 10:00 a.m.
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eastern right here on fox news channel. >> heather: airport baggage ha7b8d her is busted for stealing valuable items in luggage. they put hidden cameras where they thought the thefts were happening. the crime spree was coming to an end. >> he was able to get by for couple months and he got caught. >> heather: he is facing ten felony charges. they found 700 items in his apartment. estimated value is $84,000. >> gregg: where is my missing golf shorts. they still have the sales tag on them. all right. another first for pope francis is taking part in a major ceremony in rome humility. >> heather: things like this
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1:32 pm
may not be guaranteed in the capital city beginning wednesday. this could indicate some died of planned action. this comes as the u.s. has cancelled a scheduled test of the minute man 3 missile to avoid any chance of ratcheting up the tension further. the at the same time james thurman will not be traveling to washington for congressional testimony this week. he will stay in seoul to monitor the escalating tension there. there has been a lot of talk from north korea in the past but there is a new dynamic at play. >> big difference is the politics in south korea are changing by the day regarding north korea. if there is a provocation, it won't be business as usual. i could see a major war happening if the north koreans overplay their hand. the public in south korea and the united states, i think the whole region is fed up with this guy. >> reporter: new north korean leader had made a series of
1:33 pm
provocative moves in recent months. a missile launch last month and moving a missile to the east coast of north korea. >> gregg: what is the latest reaction from the white house? >> a top white house aide did appear on sunday morning talk shows, they say north korea is further isolating itself. >> we have a situation where north korea is engaging in the behavior we have seen for many years, actions and rhetoric and the key here and onus is on north korea to take a step back, meet their international obligations so they can undertake what they say number one goal which is economic development. >> reporter: chinese president offered a veiled criticism saying no country should be allowed to plunge the region or the world into chaos. >> gregg: steve, thanks. >> heather: president obama preparing to unveil his budget on wednesday. now it reportedly contains cuts
1:34 pm
to entitlement programs and tax increases on the wealthy. both democrats and republicans will have to compromise for it to pass. >> president is having dinner with senate republicans on wednesday night, will continue to talk. we're hoping the conversation right now the approach 6 many republicans, particularly the leadership in the house is my way or the highway. >> heather: joining us now is brad blakeman, assistant to george w. bush and political con sult sul tenant, richard goodstein. let's jump in. based on initial reports, here what the president's plan aims to do, $430 billion to cuts to social security and medicare and $600 billion in new taxes. hasn't even officially presented his plan yet and he is getting push back from both sides. is an agreement possible as it stands as we understand it? >> no, because i don't think the
1:35 pm
president wants a deal, sadly, heather. deals are made around the cabinet table, not the dining room table in some hotel or restaurant in washington that no american could afford. if the president were serious, he would roll up his sleeves and have shuttle diplomacy at white house. the president is trying to distance himself. the president who promised to be most transparent is the most indid he say crypt president we have ever had as far as openness. look no further and budget negotiations. president was supposed to have a budget on or before february first, the president has not produced a budget and never has. >> heather: i want to ask you the same question. the president has brad was discussing he is going to meet with senate republicans 12 of
1:36 pm
them for dinner. lindsay graham seems open to discussion. he is saying while he believes the president's plan is overall bad for the economy. he is quoted that there nuggets of the budget he thinks are optimistic. but then on the president's own side of the aisle you have senator bernie sanders who typically votes democratic saying that he will do everything in his power to block president obama's proposal to cut benefits for social security specifically through that chain consumer price index. what the president's strategy in meeting just with the senate republicans and small group of them? >> i think it's transparent. i understand why bernie sanders is questioning because the president did the exact same thing with the first stimulus, he offered $220 billion in tax cuts thinking it was going to win republicans over and got the back of their hand.
1:37 pm
he wants americans wanted him to do. when republicans were asked, do you want the budget to be tackled, yes. do you want the economy to be boosted and jobs. even more so, by four to one. so on one hand he is trying to make sure the economy has the requisite stimulus. on the other hand he sees what is happening in europe. austerity is not working. i think by reaching out to the republicans i think this dinner is at the white house but reaching out trying to say, look try to meet me somewhere. i think i am staking out where americans wants me to be. paul ryan was on the republican ticket and the republican ticket went down to defeat by 5 million votes. so in the president's mind, we already hashed this out and i don't think the ryan budget has
1:38 pm
won. >> heather: but the ryan budget was closing loopholes. the timing of all of this, even though the president's plan is not coming out until wednesday, details have begun to leak. in fact, just a few hours before the bureau of labor statistics announced the disappointing march jobs numbers. the economy added only 88,000 jobs last month. that is less than half of what some predicted. with this leak that has come out an effort to deflect from the bad jobs report and how if at all does this budget help create jobs? >> if it weren't for the bad news, the obama wouldn't make news, whether bankruptcies, foreclosures or the american people who have given up looking for work. the fact of the matter is, we shouldn't be leaking the president's budget. the president under law should have had his budget on or before february 1st.
1:39 pm
it should have been presented to the american people and then respond to the president's budget. the fact here in washington it takes three to tango. meeting with a couple of senators, republicans, does not make a budget. what we have to do is get the president engaged with the house and with the senate in a bipartisan manner to structure a deal. it's not an hour and a half over dinner or fancy restaurant it's rolling up your leaves sleeves and getting the work done with the parties who can bring a deal together. a handful of senators can't do it. >> heather: thank you both for joining us. we'll see exactly what the details are when it comes out on wednesday. >> gregg: new poll out from a federal judge's ruling ordering a plan "b" contraceptive pill being available over-the-counter. our legal panel is here. using supercomputing and mobile technology
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>>. >> gregg: controversial ruling on the morning-after pill stirring debated all over america. a judge on friday ruling that the fda must make that pill available without prescription for girls of all ages overturning a restriction imposed by the obama administration that allowed only women over the age of 17 to get the so-called plan "b" over-the-counter pill. well, let's bring in our legal panel, trial attorney, kerry sentence wilson and marla, the judge thought to limit the access was arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable. that is standard legal jargon you were picking out of thin air the age of 17. was the judge right? >> yes, i believe in this case
1:45 pm
even though it's a very controversial issue and political issue. the judge in this case is looking at the law and block letter law and protocol what you can do to make something a prescription and something non-prescription. in this case, just because you don't like something means that the obama administration obama administration can arbitrarily pick a number. this is age and that is socially why. >> gregg: there has to be justification, some science to it. so skir kir sentence, was the judge right or wrong? >> i believe the judge was right. when we are talking about health and human services, the secretary that was saying for non-scientific reason the age should be 17. even when the fda was in support of this and scientifically saying it's a safe contraceptive and effective, the judge is right. they can't pick this number out
1:46 pm
of thin air. >> gregg: gag prescription means you have to tell mom and dad, that is huge difference? >> the american academy of pediatrics, they were telling pediatricians they should give advanced prescriptions to their young patients so they could avoid the waiting period. this is drug that effective for 120 hours after sex so the sooner better. >> so is the judge reasoning, not every drug is equal in the health secretary, kathleen sebelius was deeply concerned that there was insufficient data on 11 and 12-year-olds. we're not talking about 17 and 18. what about that? >> i mean it's definitely going to be a societal issue we have to look in to. who can buy it and ban like
1:47 pm
cigarettes or alcohol or this drug is being abused. problem we're having the fda has a certain protocol and judge is saying we need to follow the protocol. >> gregg: the fda commissioner who initially wanted this pill available to anybody over-the-counter, that is doctor who is steeped in the knowledge of medicine and science and so forth. she concluded it was safe for all ages. isn't she more qualified than kathleen sebelius, after all, she is a political appointee who knowledge and experience pales in comparison? >> absolutely. it's hard looking at this as a drug. it's safe and effective, therefore it should be regulated the same way. the hot button issue and politics are being injected is one that centers around non-scientific decisions and
1:48 pm
that is what the judge was saying. you can't make decisions on medications for non-scientific reasons. >> gregg: it's tragic we got to this point. there are a lot of parents out there. i'm one of them. do you really want your teenager as 11 or 12 years old to be walking in the pharmacy, i'll take a coke and plan "b" fill. it's a little upsetting, isn't it? >> it's definitely upsetting but that scenario involves a kid who already has sex. as a parent it's separate and distinct from the government regulating behavior. >> gregg: marla, kirsten, good to see you. >> heather: kevin ware rejoining his teammates one week after that horrific leg injury. he may be sidelined for the tournament but his presents owns the bench still crucial to louisville. jim gray gives his perspective
1:49 pm
up next. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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>>. >> heather: welcome back after a grew some injury last week, kevin ware helped cheer his team to victory against wichita state.
1:53 pm
louisville will meet the wolverines tomorrow night in the championship game and what can we expect. joining us now, fox news contributor, jim gray. how are you doing? >> i'm great. >> heather: who picked the winner of the louisville game between you and i last week. >> i didn't want to go against your brethren down there in north carolina so i picked the people from duke just to make you happy. >> heather: thank you. >> i also said that louisville was much better team. >> heather: you did. so we're one for one. who do you pick tomorrow night? >> i'm broadcasting the game. i hope you will join us. myself and walt and the coach so i'm not going to pick the game so the people in michigan or louisville think i'm not objective. >> heather: that makes sense. in terms of the game, louisville
1:54 pm
and wichita state. would that surprise you. it was a close one. it looked like louisville was going to lose it and the the came from behind. >> louisville was down 12 points and wichita state missed so many free throws and they missed the front end. they weren't able to cash in those points. a guy, tim henderson, a walk-on and the lead was in half. louisville got back in the game. wichita played outstanding performance because louisville was much bigger favorite and much better team. wichita state had a heck of season and almost pulled off a big you upset. >> heather: then quickly, michigan state, how do you think that game shapes up?
1:55 pm
>> michigan got eliminated sometime but michigan will play in the finals tomorrow night. they had to withstand syracuse coming back. they had big lead but was able to withstand the onslaught. it's tomorrow night against two teams. louisville against michigan. it should be a heck of game. it's so much fun. georgia in the spring and we have the final four and down the road as the week goes on to augusta. it's a great time here. >> heather: i got confused with wichita state. michigan, of course. i want to go on inspirational players, kevin ware and what went down in terms of the tournament. we wanted to take a look at this video. this is a 7-year-old cancer patient and he was able to play nebraska spring game. take a look at this. >> brain cancer and he on the field right now. >> one more snap for taylor who will hand it off to jack.
1:56 pm
taylor gets a shot and gives it to jack, here he goes. got blockers out in front. he is running midfield. look will have to this crowd. and the young man --. >> heather: going all the way. seven years old. his name is jack hospitalizeman and the team lifts him up there -- hoffman. this is just definitely something. >> its true spirit of sports, right. >> yeah, it is. we hear so many bad things that go on in sports and dominates the headlines. we've been through all the abuse stuff by jerry sandusky and mike rice at coach at rutgers and how he was treating some of the
1:57 pm
athletes. that is minority. that is the 1%. that is not the norm in sports. we have an uplifting stories and lot of people doing great things. that was great thing. what a thrill for him. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. we will tune in tomorrow night and listen to you as you talk about down to the final four. we'll be right back. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement : you say men are superior drivers?
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>>heather: a dangerous spring storm system setting up in the central plains. welcome to inside mother's headquarters. >>gregg: topping the news this hour, this severe weather could last for several days now bringing hail and damaging winds and tornadoes in some spots. others could be measuring snow. in feet. >>heather: now to janice dean, in the fox extreme weather center with the very latest details. >> certainly this could be quite an event setting up as we have all the ingredients for a severe weather outbreak that will start tomorrow and last until wednesday. we will look at radar. the storm we are talking about is just making its way across the rockies. we are starting to actually see some of that severe weather ahead of the main event, severe thunderstorm watch for kansas and missouri and we have a
2:02 pm
severe warning where we have wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour and large hail so this is ahead of the main event that hasn't gotten its act together and will be a three-day event. starting tomorrow, the areas need to be on alert: oklahoma, through kansas and nebraska. on tuesday we think we will have our severe weather outbreak including large long lasting tornadoes. look at the cities we are talking about from austin through kansas city with millions of people affected by the outbreak. on wednesday, across the mississippi river valley, so, we need to make our preparations now with a little bit of advance warning. what do you do when you see a watch? be alert and aware of your conditions. when you see a tornado warning, seek shelter immediately and stay away from the window and keep the weather radio on, so important when a lot of people
2:03 pm
are sleeping. then the snow, the cold side of the storm, 6 to 12" and this forecast model staying up to 2'. we have cold air and the warm air in place to give an example of a place that will see the snow, denver, colorado, look at sunday, 65 degrees and then tuesday the front moves through dropping the temperature and it will be 40 degrees. the weather outbreak, unfortunately, starting the main event monday through wednesday and we will have it here for you. back to you. >>heather: from 62 to 23 in a matter of a few days. shows how powerful that cold front is. >>gregg: from north korea it seems new threats against the united states and ally, south korea, are a daily occurrence.
2:04 pm
first, imminent missile launch that could come as early as wednesday and then this. >>gregg: the video was airing on north korean state run television show, soldiers and dogs attacking pictures of the south korean foreign minister more evidence of kim jong-un's paranoid and incredibly bizarre behavior. who is behind this? south carolina senator graham says that this is only one culprit. he was on "meet the press"
2:05 pm
today. >> if you saw this as a movie script i don't think anyone would buy it a30-year-old whose gather was out of mountain and he had a hole in one the first time he played golf. the chinese are afraid of unification, and they are propping up this crazy regime and they could determine the fate of not korea better than anyone on the planet. >> streaming live from seoul, south korea. what is the latest, david? >> it is looking increase guilty likely that north korea is going to conduct missile tests. the south korean government believes it could happen in the next few days, possibly april 10. their assessment is based largely on a warning by north korea that parent governments should evacuate from the embassies in pyongyang by that date. none of the countries have said whether they will send their
2:06 pm
diplomats home. the united states does not have any embassy in pyongyang but it has monitored the movement of two immediate range missiles to the east coast and it is believed they have a range of 1,400 miles and could reach as far as the united states territory of guam which north korea has threatened to attack. the united states is trying to make sure it doesn't do anything at this time to make the situation worse. the pentagon has a planned test of a minute man ballistic missile because they fear it could be misinterpreted by pyongyang. also, today, it has been announced a trip by general james thurman the head of the forces in korea to washington, has been delayed because of the crisis. if any country has influence on north korea, it is china. it provides the majority of pyongyang's food and fuel and china's president implied in a
2:07 pm
speech today, without naming north korea, that the region should not be disrupted by one country. later this week, secretary of state will be in the region, in tokyo and seoul and beijing and three will meet the chinese leadership. back to you. >>gregg: thank you, david, from seoul. >>heather: rising tensions with north korea are one of the top military priorities now. the united states has a massive amount of firepower in the region. however, it is just one of the many challenges facing our men and women in uniform. our very own reporter sat down with u.s. army chief of staff general ordiano to talk about it. the army has been poised to respond. here is the chief of staff of the army with his advice for the
2:08 pm
rogue nation. >> you are sending assets in, as raptors, bombers, ships. what do you expect? >> many people miscalculate the will and capability of the united states. i believe we will do this in a way that we sustained capability and capacity. i suggest i would be very careful about miscalculating and misjudging what our capability is. >> do you have intelligence that kim jong-un can back up what he has? >> he is a new leader, there is an unknown there about why he is doing this, what does it really mean, so it incumbent upon us to watch it very carefully and to see what mitigating actions we can take. >> whatever action we can take will the general says be curtailed if we go to full discretion trailings, something leah hopes will be avoided by getting some predictability in the military budget by this
2:09 pm
summer. he answered a lingering unknown regarding syria. >> one potential not so unknown is syria. is there evidence that chemical weapons were used? what are we prepared to do if they were? even if they are not, why wait? tens of thousands of people have been killed. >> i would say there has been no distinct evidence that says chemical, biological weapons have been used based on intelligence operation but we have to be aware the potential is there. we will conduct several different contingencies. our job is to provide the president options. >> as the world keep as close cry on the middle east and asia, those options will be could cony reevacuated with the general assuring me and you the fours will remain the fiercest ready to respond whatever we face ahead. this is more of the interview at
2:10 pm >>heather: thank you. >>gregg: another fox news alert. new details on the tragedy of another american diplomat killed in the line of duty one of six killed in afghanistan on saturday. the state department saying she was killed in a convoy attack. she was an amazing young american who died delivering textbooks to after ban schoolchildren. only 25 she joined the foreign service three years ago right out of johns hot kins university and volunteered to go to afghanistan. she is the first united states diplomat killed on the job since the consulate attack in benghazi, libya, and just the second since 1979. three service member and other american citizen and an afghan doctor all were killed on saturday. secretary of state john kerry paid tribute. >> we host a very bright and
2:11 pm
brave young woman, a young diplomat. we lost her to a horrific attack in afghanistan. today, our hearts are broken. >>gregg: she grew up in river forest, illinois, near chicago. the world has lost a beautiful soul. she died doing what she loved to do, understandably, they are devastated. >>heather: congress returning to work tomorrow after a two-week recess. high on the agenda is immigration where a pivotal moment is approaching. bipartisan groups in the house of representatives and the senate are expected to present legislation aimed at securing the united states border while granting legal status to will months who are in the united states illegally. senators john mccain and senator schumer are confident the agreement is in sight. >> it is very likely i think, and we are time limited here because the process has to move
2:12 pm
on. i am guardedly optimistic. i can't guarantee it. we have literally almost all of the issues resolveed. i still think it is very possible we could have this done by the end of the week. >> there are a few little issues we still have to go through as we actually draft the legislation, yes. we have drafted most of the bill already. i am very hopeful the eight of us will be able to announce an agreement about specific legislation at the end of this week the we have all agreed there is no agreement until all of ought, all eight of us, agree to a specific piece of legislation. about three quarters has been agreed to. it is a pains taking process. >>heather: look if a vote by 9 senate judiciary committee later this month. >>gregg: we are learning more of how a texas district attorney spent his final days.
2:13 pm
the prosecutor and his wife both shot and kill inside their home last saturday. we know that he stopped at a gun store the day before his murder. the clerk onduty is now talking about that visit. dominic is covering it live. dominic? >>reporter: that gives us insight into the man that mike mcclellan was buying weapons not for himself but for his staff. he said the district attorney would come by a couple times a week to chat but the friday before he was gunned down he was seeking protection suggestions to pass on to his team. >> a selfless person. if he was concerned with his safety, no one knew about it. it was clear he was concerned about his co-workers' safety. >>reporter: that is why he showed this handgun, that used
2:14 pm
to be popular with police officers and was easy for them to use. and his workers needed to get themselves antiballistic vests but it wasn't anyone else on the team in kaufman county that was targeted by the d.a. and his wife, at their home after the killing of the assistant in january. now, the prosecution over in neighboring oklahoma are on alert and thinking of ways to protect they will self. one district attorney telling the oklahoma newspaper today they may need an assessment to determine how best to shield the state prosecutors. there is a lot of concern in the surrounding states. >>gregg: thank you, dominic. >>heather: the west virginia community is mourning the fallen sheriff. thousands attending the funeral service today for the sheriff shot and killed on wednesday. investigators say they was in
2:15 pm
his parked car eating lunch at the usual spot and the suspect shot him pointblank. the suspect is charged with murder but so far no word on a motive. his wife was unanimously selected to fill the reminder of his term in office. >>gregg: a deadly strain of bird flu is back. authorities now are saying that pretty confident they can control the outbreak. that is ahead. >>heather: and the death of the personal computer? the next deinvite to dominate the digital market. >>gregg: a new study to help you weak up from the sleeping pill stupor in the morning. it is not coffee. with the spark miles card from capital one,
2:16 pm
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>>gregg: united states secretary of state john kerry meeting with palestinian president abbas continuing the
2:20 pm
conversation of president obama from two week expanding on the bid to restart peace talks with israel. >> china says it is confident it can control a new strain of the bird flu mobilizing resources nationwide, the h7. there have been 21 human cases so far. six people have died. pope francis installed as bishop of rome today honoring the late pope john paul ii who remains quite popular in rome after his death in 2005. >> some bold predictions in the tech world. a technology research company says that tablets will replace the personal computer rendering microsoft and blackberry obsolete in the next four years. joining us now is senior business correspondent anchor of "bulls and bears." so we will first talk about the prediction, the prediction about
2:21 pm
tablets which will take over. we have a graphic that shows this prediction. >> the technology research firm is saying, essentially, we will not use computers anymore, we will use tablets almost basically not even have desk tab or laptops. there will be a different mix in the kind of technology we use. we are seeing the prices on tablets going down, the prices on smartphone going down. the lastest, the laptop and the pc, will become obsolete. >>heather: and soft war companies saying that microsoft will be obsolete by 2017. >> the rumor of microsoft's demise have been greatly exaggerated there have been so many times they have been labeled "doomed."
2:22 pm
we are seeing that in this graphic that google's droid will take over windows and apple's operating system and the mac operating system will take over blackberry's rim but the truth is, what microsoft does, they wait to see if a product will succeed. then it jumps in like the 800-pound gorilla and takes over which we have seen with browsers and software and with video games. maybe that is what they are waiting to do with the tablet. >>heather: do they have the capability to do that? >> i would not be the one to say they are going under. we are seeing the use of smartphones and tablets grow. in question that will happen. i would not say microsoft is gone. >>heather: there are predictions made in terms of how they will be used in the future. some of the predictions, the
2:23 pm
immediate future. >> imagine you are in your home and someone has broken in and you are huddled in your closet in the dark and you want did make a 91 call but you can't because if you do you will give away your whereabouts. instead, if you can turn on the video on your point and send it to 911 and they could see what was happening, they would know your location, they could send someone out to get you, without you ever saying a word, or, this could have incredible uses for people who are deaf, they could text messages to 9-1-1. i am not sure all of this will happen in the next few years because states are so cash strapped but it is amazing to see that kind of use of technology. >>heather: research is underway right new to see that happen. how realistic is that? >> it is all about money. states do not have the money. the technology is there. i think it will be there in the future. it is very exciting. >>heather: thank yous brenda.
2:24 pm
we appreciate it. you can cash brenda every saturday morning from 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>gregg: my daughter asked how many horses used to pull your buggy, dad? >> i told my daughter i typed my college papers on a typewriter. >>gregg: it was manual. >> and we had three channels on tv? >>heather: what? what in three channels? >> i am indicating myself. >>gregg: the feathers were flying this weekend on international pillow fight day including in portland, maine, and washington, dc. true to its name the holiday is celebrateed across the world including in hong kong with hundreds dressed up in costumes. and pajamas. other cities include toronto and
2:25 pm
barcelona. >>heather: totally different news, north korea rattling its sabres and we will tell you of the latest response from washington. >> this is the most situation situation, have no doubt. south korea would win. we would win if there was an all-out conflict but north korea could set seoul on fire. felt the diabetic nerve pain, of course, i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning like i was walking on hot coals to like a thousand bees that were just stinging my feet. i have a great relationship with my doctor. he found lyrica for me. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain.
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2:30 pm
to postpone a missile test to avoid further escalation of tensions with south korea. tuesday's routine test of a minute man missile will be postponed until next month. they do not want the launch to be misinterpreted or manipulated by north korea. at the same time, the pentagon top commander in the region will not be traveling to washington, dc, as scheduled, to testify before congress. instead, he will stay in south korea to monitor the situation. the young north korean leader, kim jong-un, has moved a missile to the east coast. the government said the safety of foreign diplomats in the capital city, pyongyang, cannot be guaranteed many believe china could hold the key to this whole situation. >> china could cut off their guarantee if they want to. chinese behavior has been very disappointing, whether it be cyber security, whether it be on confrontation in the south china
2:31 pm
sea or whether the failure to rein in what could be a catastrophic situation. >> the chinese have a lot of the cards. they are cautious by nature. but they are carrying it to an extreme. they should step up to the plate and put pressure on the north korean regime. >> china could be putting pressure on that regime, because the president of china said today that no country should be allowed to low the region and the world into chaos for selfish gain. he did not mention north korea by name but it is believed three was referring to the belligerent next door neighbor. >>heather: thank you, steve, from washington, dc. >>gregg: analysts are scratching their head after the underwhelming jobs report fell well below expectations. it was abysmal. according to the labor department the jobless rate dropped from 7.7 to 7.6 because
2:32 pm
500,000 game you have. growth was awful, employers adding only 88,000 opportunities. john leboutillier, former republican congress for new york, and pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy carter, and live from miami this week, doug schoen, a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton but is hanging out with the beautiful people in south beach. let me go to you, first. the very first time, doug, the president is, finally, in writing, committing to entitlement cuts, $430 billion. howevers he wanted $600 billion in new taxes. is this going nowhere fast? what is the deal? >> ing it is going nowhere fast. it is a good first step he is talking about entitlement reform but bottom line, he is not talking about serious and
2:33 pm
substantive entitlement reform. it is baby steps and with making more revenue on top of the tax increase that averted the fiscal cliff in january a precondition to beginning negotiations the budget is d.o.i. and criticized from the left and the right. i don't think it is serious. greg it comes after the awful jobs numbers. the total jobs this year less than the total jobs last year. is he now officially presiding over the worst recovery since world war ii? >> the numbers are clear and getting worse. he is posturing on the budget, like ryan, i don't know who is worse going nowhere but the economy situation, 88,000 jobs and half gave up looking for work, the smallest percentage of americans working, looking for
2:34 pm
work, since 1979. this is on top of all the crisis going on with obamacare, getting worse by the day and all of the other factors and he has no land for employment. he is a salesman, it is really nothing. >> you can name blame it on sequestration cuts as the white house did because when you look at the numbers it was a net gain in government jobs. what is it, the higher taxes? is it obamacare? is it everything. >> i think it is a crisis of leadership from the top down in the whole country. we see it every day, crooked politicians getting arrested in new york talking about the atlanta school superintendent and the teachers rigging the s.a.t.'s and church scandal. leadership class in america has betrayed the people they are supposed to lead. i am not saying obama is corrupt, he is not but he has
2:35 pm
not seized this job. >> he presides over a regime of corruption. >> he is the most opaque president and presides over corruption everywhere, but it is a corrupt system and he is all for it but when he goes to california, raises a million something dollars or whatever --. >> but he gave back 5 percent of the pay. >> and keeps the white house closed. >> this guy is in the business of being a salesman but saying we should not raise money, this is terrible, but give me your money so nancy pelosi can be speaker. >>gregg: doug the poll average of president obama, his approval rating is now 48 percent, and his disapproval is 46 percent, so he is below 50 percent, almost neck and neck with himself. so, look at the rasmussen pole,
2:36 pm
right track? a scant 35 percent. the wrong track, 57 percent. doug, you have worked for a president, the guy at top always gets the blame. does he deserve it here? >> i think the lack of leadership that pat and john are talking about is really the problem that the american people are focusing on. they giving him responsibility. they are holding him accountable. rightly so. the fear, politically, in the white house is this is a slide that could become impossible. >> what has changed in the five months? >> north real estate is -- north korea is going to war with us. >> and we are backing off our own test. >> and the ultimate was with iran, we are going to stop iran. total disaster.
2:37 pm
not even covered in the wake of this. he is weak at home. the only person who gets this guy, and of course, is kim jong-un. >> he does better than the republicans. >>gregg: the president's huge initiative on gun control is going nowhere this week, it looks to be dead in congress. why has he been so ineffectual in pushing for that which he claimed he wants? >> he is measured where the public is. they don't want what he has proposed. after newtown we were on the show the four of us and we discussed that biden and the president were talking about video game violence, hollywood violence, mental health programs and gun. guess what? three months later, no mention of mental health, no mention of video games or hollywood, it is same old stuff. >>gregg: and obamacare in many
2:38 pm
ways seems to be coming apart. now he cannot get the exchanges going, it will be a year or two and congress voted to repeal the medical device tax with 79 senators voting against that and premiums are going up, doctor shortage now at 140,000 predicted in the next 10 years. workers are poised to lose their coverage, the opposite of what he promised. that's hurting him, too. isn't it? >> the pole data shows that the american people continue to be against obamacare. they don't believe it will save the money and with the exchanges disappearing the prime element of compensation is gone. bottom line, politically, the lack of leadership, the drift in the country, the fact that the president's lost the agenda, and control of the agenda. >> quickly, pat in.
2:39 pm
>> there is counter narrative. >> that is true. that is the best thing the president has going. 9 only thing he has going. >> has anyone seen a republican in the last two weeks? >>gregg: maybe just watch the self-destruction occur. >> all right. lots of buzz about hillary clinton's future in politics. she has not said she will make a go of the 2016 presidential election but her next move could dictate whether other potential contenders get in the game. our political insiders will be back in a flash. ♪
2:40 pm
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at increased risk for plaque buildup in your arteries over time. and that's why when diet and exercise alone aren't enough to lower cholesterol i prescribe crestor. [ female announr ] crestor is not right for everyone. like people with liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you're taking. call your doctor right away if you have muscle pain or weakness, feel unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. is your cholesterol at goal? ask your doctor about crestor. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >>heather: a bill expected to overhaul the immigration could be ready for vote at the end of the week according to two of eight members of a bipartisan group working on the deal.
2:44 pm
and drones could boost the country's againsts for france, involved with a fight against al qaeda in balie family and friends in west virginia saying goodbye to the buck wild reality star, the 21-year-old and two others found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning inside an s.u.v. partly submerged in the mud. >>gregg: she hasn't said she will do it but the buzz about hillary clinton's political future and a possible run for the white house is certainly heating up. new polling data showing her besting several potential republican candidates in the 2016 general election and pulling in higher numbers than fellow democrat vice president biden. john leboutillier, and pat caddell and doug schoen are our political insiders and doug is out of town having a better time than we are.
2:45 pm
on the screen, the clashing polls. the only person who is close to hillary clinton is governor chris christie of new jersey but if you look at the other potential nominees for republicans, it is a smack down. rubio is at 40 percent, rand paul who, really, seems to be exciting a lot in the g.o.p. is at 41 percent. she still is 11 points above him and against job bush, don'trmere it is ugly. what is going on, pat? >> a couple of things. everyone thinks she is strong. i am impressed by the fact that biden's numbers are not much worse and he has never been strong but what she is doing she has -- it tells me everything about the republicans and the real question about hillary clinton, which hillary clinton do we get?
2:46 pm
aggressive hillary clinton? is she a changed agent? just a person surrounded by hacks? james carville will go to her super pac, what does that tell you? >>gregg: she represents the establishment. what is old in politics. not what is new. >> she does if you look at her as her and her husband but if you look at her, hillary clinton the woman you have the thing of the women's movement and time to have a woman, we have had our first african-american president and new we want our first female president, has nothing to do, pro or con with solving our problems. that is what elections are supposed to be about not examples of social change. >> you worked for her husband, doug, when he was president. she will run, right? >> i believe she is going to run. i believe the speech on friday suggested very strongly she is going to run as a change agent talking about empowering women,
2:47 pm
minorities and the like. she understands, i think, given the drift we talked about in the first segment of policy, it is best for her to stay as far away from washington, dc, literally, and met metaforically, as possi. she could get the nomination and be elected. >> she can get the nomination but four years ago it was hers. understand one thing, with obamacare or whatever what you are saying, she will be change agent by running on the sexual identity, i'm a woman, we should help people, that does not solve the problem. the vacuum is the republicans having no message, getting the establishment. she is surrounded by that. these people are hacks, hacks.
2:48 pm
>>gregg: rubio beats rand paul and jeb public, what does that say about the republican party? >> two stories. hillary clinton isn't winning so were as the republicans are losing. >>gregg: what is wrong with these guys? >> they are republican. they have the "r" and if you are a republican before but christie is out of the box. a little different so he is running better the we started out for this segment with unemployment numbers and pat direly predicted a bad economic future. that is where we headed for 2016. >> another recession? >> could be that but it is stagnation, anyway, where we will not grow a healthy economy. >>gregg: got to guy, guys, and doug down in south beach, save a couple of martinis for us.
2:49 pm
>>gregg: morning from the political insiders on monday at 10:30 a.m. using supercomputing and mobile technology over our secure network, verizon innovators are building a world of medical treatment data in the cloud. so doctors can make a more informed diagnosis from anywhere, in seconds rather than months. because the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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>> your shed in a fog, your eyelids are drooping, that is a
2:53 pm
side effect of popular sleeping aids. >>heather: it could be a thing of the past as doctors have an experimental new drug that promises a goodnight sleep without the hangover. a family medicine physician joins us now with more insight. first of all, what is this new drug? how soon do you expect it to be on the market? >> it is in animal testing phases. what works in an animal may or may not work in us. i preface with that. it hit as different part of the brain. the ones out there now that we use, they all affect the higher centers in the brain. this doesn't, it works at the brain stem level and that sounds very promising. i am cautious and say that right there. we know nothing about whether it will be addictive as the others are or what other long-term effects it can have. i have big concerns when i have
2:54 pm
patients who are taking something to make them sleep more than two time as week without having had a sleep study that show as major deficit. >>gregg: is there a timetable for the new magical drug? >> they are just in animal stages. it could be a year. >>heather: and a hormone that is in your body that does a good job of resetting is melatonin and a combination has that, and 5hdp, another amino acid, and it is made by a company from canada called tranquil sleep. and another one you make up in the middle of the night you can take that and you will not have a hangover. the tranquil sleep has all three amino acids and i am a big fan of this drug for the middle of
2:55 pm
the night, for when you make up in the middle of the night. >>gregg: i went online and an herb called valerian is very popular. >> that can do liver damage but melatonin does not have that as an effect with the liver. they are safe. passion flower works well and lemon for herbs but valerian, be careful. only occasional. >>heather: many these you need to plan for eight hows of sleep. but those of us that country get eight hours of sleep, i have serious sleep issues tonight i get home at 7 and i get up at 1:30 in the morning what advice do you have? >> tranquil can really help,
2:56 pm
exercise resets. in terms of if you are traveling, daylight and exercise help reset our body and reset, we have talk about exercise for other things here is a case where exercise can help you sleep better and it does not matter what time of day you can work out at night but it will help your whole body reset and get out when there is daylight to set your body clock. >>gregg: doctor, thank you for being with us. good to see you. that does it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is next. thanks for being with us. >>heather: tune in to "fox & friends" tomorrow. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪
2:57 pm
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