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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i will call people a noddy this week on the program. look it up so you know what i'm saying. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: welcome to this very special studio audience edition of hannity. tonight for the hour i will be joined by a very distinguished group of african-american conservatives. included among them are community leaders, political commentators, men of the cloth, women of the cloth, authors, educators and, yes, even a physician. and we're here this evening to tackle some very important and controversial issues surrounding the issue of race in our society. now, the idea behind this hour was inspired by the speech that was given by dr. benjamin carson. he delivered this back in february at the national prayer breakfast and of course he did that with president obama just seated steps away and dr. carson respectfully voiced his disagreement with some of the core principles of the obama administration.
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however, the backlash that he faced from the days afterwards and the weeks and months that followed was anything but respectful. in many cases it was mean-sportswriter spitted and baseless and in some cases down right racist. watch this. >> when you're publicly admitting your party doesn't care enough about black america, then it's time for a new black friend. enter dr. ben carson who has been embraced recently because is he smart and helpful in assuaging their guilt. carson is a bootstrap kind of guy speaking their language, talking like he built his past from a poor kid to a pediatric neurosurgeon all by himself. he must have gotten government backed school loans which is is a form of public assistance but let's not let's fact derail i built it without help story. car stolen g.o.p. version of affirmative action that black paces that county fit conservative that get raced to the front of the line people get to put a bumper sticker on their cars how can i be racist i would have voted for carson fit
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nightly over the pumper sticker how could i be racist i would have voted for cain. how could i would be racist i would have voted for allen west. any black friend would do. if you are african-american and if you are conservative in this country right now you are vilified. you are demonized besmirched your character is is assassinated because sadly it is episodes like this that lead me to believe there is no freedom of speech for black conservatives right now in america. this has to change. now, our studio audience will be weighing in on this controversy and others throughout the course of the hour. first, joining me now to help kick off things is the man who has been subjected to the left's left campaign. director of pediatric surgery john hopkins university ladies and gentlemen welcome dr. benjamin carson. [ applause ] >> good to see you. well, your life hasn't changed at all. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, the good thing is once the media gets finished parsing every
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word and dissecting maybe they will actually listen to what i'm saying. >> sean: before you gave this speech, were you subjected to name-calling because of your conservative views? >> no. >> sean: it was only when you went public? >> correct. >> sean: tell us since that has happened and since the speech was given and you have given some interviews. what have you been called since then obviously being on television. >> yeah, some of the words cannot be used. and, you know, it's really kind of sad. you know, i feel more sorrowful for the people that do that than i feel angry with them. and, you know, i represent something that they just can't quite get their heads around. how you can be black and, you know, not march lock step behind the, quote: leaders? how you can actually think for yourself? how can you actually have some ideals that actually
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make sense that don't agree with their leaders. and i am very hopeful that this is a trend that will be broken. i'm going to continue to speak out. of course, there is an old trick that you ostracize you ridicule and isolate and keep repeating. these are three rules well known to people that have read certain books. >> sean: would that be owe lynn ski. >> that would be olenski. >> sean: just check would he go are all on the same page. >> i'm not sure finance going to work quite frankly because i don't plan on going anywhere. >> sean: i think well i speak for a lot of us i think a lot of people are glad to hear that let me just ask the audience one question. of everyone here that's conservative, how many of you have been called horrible names because of your conservatism?
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everybody in the audience. what does that say, dr. carson because the names are vicious. and vial and we can't repeat them on television. >> well, it says to me that the very people who love to talk about tolerance are some of the least tolerant people there are. [ applause ] >> anybody who would do that. >> sean: can you clap. >> they would do that they would try to ostracize and try to shut people up. how tolerant can they be? you know, we need to reach a point in this country where we can have recent discussions without getting into corners and tossing hand grenades at each other. we can never make it if we continue to do that the people have got to rise above that, not allow themselves to be manipulated. >> sean: do you think thissen s. an effort at intimidation. it's interesting. when you go back to the speech that you gave where president obama was president, which you then became automatically a national figure, you
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interestingly almost talked about political correctness: yet all of this has now been unfolding in your life. >> it's just demonstrating exactly what i was saying. and that is it is threatening the very fabric of our nation. one of the founding principles of our nation is freedom of speech and freedom of expression. and, yet, there are so many people who are afraid to talk. you know, i have gotten so many emails and letters from people who say i support you 100% but please why? because they don't want to fiery darts. >> there is this feeling. i can take this audience back through every election cycle, 1998, nirs democratic party, radioed a if you elect conservatives. elect republicans black thurches will burn.
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people response cybil for that heinous crime. al gore goes before a pree predominantly african-american audience. his tone, his speech, his cadence shifts. he goes into black preacher mode. sim with a hillary? silence when black conservatives are called all of these names? they claim they are against racism. >> why don't they speak out when african-american conservatives are attacked? >> i think that would be a very good question to ask them. i doubt that they will answer. >> come on the show dodge the question or move around because, perhaps, they don't want to face reality. but, you know, the way i look at it and i have said this a brain when i open the head up and i'm operating on the brain, that's the thing that makes the person who they are. the color doesn't make them who they are. and it's only people who are very superficial in
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their thinking who characterize everything by its color. >> sean: i know you have a deep abiding christian faith as do i. the word education from the latin, i'm going to show off a little of my seminary education here. it is to bring forth from within. so if you believe that the god creating every man, woman and child. then you believe all of that is there when they are born and it's our job to help bring it out of children. >> exactly. and these are things, you know, particularly in the african-american community that we need to be talking about again. you know, education is so fundamental to success in our society. also, bringing back values. you know, the kinds of judeo-christian values that help establish this country and that made families strong. we have lost a lot of that. as a result, there is less respect for each other. young men are not
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respecting the young ladies. they are going around impregnating them. young ladies are allowing that to happen by disrespecting themselves. babies are being born with no solid family or financial structure. they have 4 to 9 times of instance of poverty. people are not learning how to turn over dollars in their community a couple of times before they send them out. that's how you build wealth. as you build wealth reaching back and pulling others up. if people begin to understand these principles, it really won't matter what else is going on around them. >> bill: we can build a great country with all this great talent. >> no question. >> sean: you are going to stay with us. >> yes. >> sean: we will continue with dr. carson and our studio audience. the left has not reserved vicious rhetoric for dr. carson alone. coming up next, we will take a look at some the more outrageous attacks that have been leveled at other conservative americans. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> bill: welcome back it this special studio audience edition of hannity. tonight, i am joined by a great outspoken group of african-american conservatives. now, they are here tonight for, among other things, to dispute the ridiculous insane stereotype that all blacks in this great country of ours are somehow liberal. far from it. in fact, as we have demonstrated in our last segment, it is not uncommon for many of the men and women that are seated here
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tonight to be on the receiving end of racially charged attacks simply for standing up for the principles that they believe in. and here to help elaborate on that point and much, much more our audience of political commentators, reverends, authors, activists and much. by the way welcome. thank you for being here. [ applause ] deneen, doing this show was your idea. you said we have got to expose this. you wrote a book "backlash." in that book you say start out google my name. i know you well. i have googled your name. i don't like what i see. tell people what they see if they do that. >> listen, you will see things that i can't say on your program. token, trader, sell out, aunt gentleman mya, uncle tom. these are individuals hiding behind the computers instead of debating me on my values and my prince tell pells. i tell you i wrote backlash because i want to expose the failures of the black liberal establishment. at the top of the list is president obama. in my opinion, he has a war against black americans
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because, look at the unemployment rate. look at the failed high school dropout rates. he is not doing what he should be doing to implement proposals where people should be employed. his energy policy is failing our country. and when you look at it, he had over 90% of black voter support for both elections. and he is just failing our country and especially failing the black community. >> sean: let me ask. we have now heard from dr. carson and deneen borelli. show of hands, how many of you have been called horrible names as we talked about earlier. put your hand up high. anybody? -- nerve this room horrible names. reverend, why? why is that happening and where are the people on the left that claim they will stand up for civil rights, defending the right of african-american conservatives not to be treated this way? >> it's designed, sean, to keep black people, and particularly uninformed and broke. and when you put people in that type of situation you
9:16 pm
have them uninformed about the freedom that's around them. then you are able to lead them by sheep a lot of hand nodding going on. >> period of time. administration being reelected. it was reelected because the elected was uninformed. let me go here. star parker. let me see you. >> good seeing you too. >> you know, when we look at who is behind this strategy, the liberal democrats have not changed their m.o. this is not a new strategy. they used it during slavery. remember, every time the word freedom was mentioned in african-americans at that time heard about freedom, if you ran away, they would bring you back to that plantation, the oversear, the oversear today is the congressional black caucus. their exclusive job is to keep them on the plantation, keep them uneducated and unarmed. this is the same job of the oversear of the slave
9:17 pm
plantation which was liberal democrats. i will tell you what they did they would take that and strip the skin off of him and make everybody watch. and that's what they do to us. >> sean: people hearing this are going to say you are going to compare the congressional black caucus to oversears? >> it's the exact exact same strategy. >> yeah. >> sean: crystal, you disagree i want to ask you why. >> i disagree with the constant comparison of black liberals as slave masters and comparing those people. those blacks who vote tore democrats as somehow slaves. i think the better way for us to talk about this is what dr. carson does. when you talk about the history of the republican party, when you talk about that the fact that lincoln and republicans from before slavery through to 1964. republicans are the ones who fought for civil rights
9:18 pm
nobody knows this for their history. in 1970 when nixon came president he was sure for making sure the schools segregation. democrats stand for succession and slavery. what we need to be reminding blacks about if you are trapped in failing schools it's because democrats want you that way. they wanted you that way before we were freed and want you to trapped in failing schools now. now when i go all the things dr. carson was saying when i spoke at the congressional black caucus with my good friend ron christie about voter ids. why blacks can't get ids and whites can. kids came up to me and said crystal, you gave me a license to come out of closet. >> sean: can i add one point? there is a missing link in terms of history. when i bring this up, liberals don't like to hear it, 64 civil rights acts. 6 a voting rights acts. where was al gore's father?
9:19 pm
voting against it al gore senior voted against it. >> our movie deals with all of those points there would not have been a civil rights act of 1965 if it had not been for dirksen a democrat from illinois. so many times the history of the republican party and one thing republicans are afraid of doing is standing up and facing this thing. >> sean: you want to know one reason why in the r word. people do not want to be called -- because who would want to be a racist? it's evil. >> they are going to call you that anyway. >> we have got to take a break. i feel like a teacher in school. you are raising your hand. all right. we will come back. we have great studio audience and also coming up next on this special he addition of hannity. >> racism is the belief that one race, whites, should rule all others. get your definition straight. >> sean: real live? i will ask our studio
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>> sean: welcome back to this special studio audience he addition of hannity. tonight as we continue our
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discussion with the conservative movement with members of the african-american community. i want to draw your attention to something that was said last week by one of the so-called journalists over at nbc news. take a look at this. >> things took a turn for the political yesterday when president obama and his family attended easter service across lafayette park in saint john's church. the pastor, dr. luisloon called out some of the on religious right progress it drives me crazy when the captains are calling people back for blacks to being being back in the bus. women gob back in the kitchen. gays to the closet and immigrants to be on their side of the border. now the response from rush limbaugh. >> that's an interesting take that the president inspires it. inspires racism. it may well be the case. so obama's presence inspires this guy to go all divisive all racist. and start jamming on the republicans for. ing blacks in the back of the bus and women back in the kitchen. when he can't name a single person who does.
9:25 pm
but the president of the united states, you may be right. they have inspired that in this preacher. >> racism is the belief that one race, whites, should rule all others. get your definition straight. >> sean: somebody needs to buy this guy a dictionary. [ laughter ] joining me now directly mr. political up his leg studio audience of african-american conservative measures. you -- americans, why? monopolyites have monday on racism. some the black americans country al sharpton, jesse jackson. heimy town. words about jewish. no race of people have monopoly on racism. i want to get back to something you said earlier about name-calling. it goes deeper than that there is is a need on the left to almost psycho analyze black conservaton the .
9:26 pm
so, in other words, justice scalia's views on affirmative action are wrong. clarence thomas is is a self-hating, self-loathing traitor to his race. there is is a double standard there. and i think the reason you have that and dr. carson earlier. when are are they going to stop tearing me down and listen to my ideas. if you can psycho analyze and delegitimize someone. they are operating outside of the realm of responsible debate. that's what the left tries to do to black conservatives. >> sean: in every one of your lives, this is a profile in courage. [multiple people speaking at once] >> sean: courageous people never know they are courageous. >> that may be true. but what i think we are missing here is that we actually do have a license to say a lot of things as black conservatives. i actually kind of disagree. i think we are the ones speaking out saying you are wrong, you are wrong on all these issues. what really amazes me is that they would actually
9:27 pm
pick on dr. carson. it shows you the level that they are willing to go. this is is a guy that gets to works on people's brains. when i talk about i'm not a brain surgeon, i'm not. he really is it's funny to me. i want to go back to one of the comments that was made. biden made a comment about going into the black sections of my town and helping black people with aids. do you remember that? and black people were in the audience and i remember al sharpton going did he he really say that? first of all did he need a visa to go visit the black sections of his town in the fact that he believes that there is black section of his town shows you the level of racism that is inherent in the left and people just dismiss these things and so do. >> sean: i agree with you. >> so do the conservatives we let them get away with that. >> sean: let me ask one point that rush was making here. to what extent i am -- i'm lived as a conservative when i'm called a racist because it's not true. i'm a christian. i am livid at the characterization that if
9:28 pm
you are a conservative you don't care about african-americans, you don't care about latinos because that is the antithesis of how i was raised, who i am, and the way i was born. it's a narrative just like obama will say republicans want dirty air and dirty water. they want kids with autism down syndrome. >> the central point. >> go ahead. what is that? >> what dr. carson and everybody in here represents is a threat to their sense of ownership. liberals in total believe that they own black america and anyone who dares stand up and say, especially during black history month more than that third second blush from mcdonald's. they show one little blurb of something great about us. they want you to focus on civil rights or anything that shows us as down trodden it gets so bad to the point star has and i have gotten death threats on college campuses from people who first not only are not black but aren't american because they feel like if you speak up somebody else might hear
9:29 pm
you. >> sean: let me follow up on your point. this is really important. where is the left defending the attacks? wait a minute. you are laughing at me. [ laughter ] >> sean: that's fine. my show. david? >> yeah, we actually have to peel it back for a moment. put aside the word conservative. put aside the word black. go to the word power and add control to it. when you talk about what i call the liberal brain and that leftist brain they require that you are an ally of convenience. whole lifetime of dr. carson figuring that out. >> right. but you are a victim and it's about power and control so when you hear talk of education and i talk about political education, standing how your country works. how your community works by narrow casting what you believe and feeding you those messages, you are now controlled through lack of education, you're controlled because you have needs. and they control your needs. they give you literally
9:30 pm
whether it's the government cheese, to the tax return, to whatever benefit, whatever entitlement, whatever program. now, let me tell you -- >> -- hang on. this is not limited -- this is not limited to blacks. but it's even more felt in a community that they feel ownership of and it's power and control and when you break that, you threaten their existence. >> sean: all right. i want to go deeper into this because i want some answers why do you think, when we come back, 90% of the black vote goes to the democratic party. i want your thoughts on president obama, the economy, black america, they are bearing the brunt of what i would say is one of the worst economic down turns. why isn't there more anger? we will get into that as we continue. coming up next, political figures are not the only black conservatives to come under fire. even super star athletes like washington redskins quarterback robert griffin iii they are not safe from these racially charged
9:31 pm
hatred and comments from some liberals. state ahead. >> is he a brother? or is he a corn hole brother? >> what does that mean? >> well, he is not really? okay. is he black. he kind of does the things. is he not really down with the cause. >> sean: when we come back, our studio audience responds to those disgusting comments and much more. log on to our special contain i don't know site hannity live to follow the live show. we want to hear your thoughts. thoughts. all you have to go to all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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>> sean: welcome back to hannity so far tonight with the help of our audience we have been focusing our attention on the less obsession with tearing down african-american conservatives. now particularly if their politicians, however, it's very important to note that these attacks are by no means limit to the world of politics. now, last year many of us we were stunned when a commentator on espn turned his attention to washington redskins quarterback the phenomenon of robert
9:36 pm
griffin iii. now robert parker was fired by the sports network after he unloaded on r.g. three simply because the star athlete is rumored to be a conservative. think of the thought. watch. this my question, which is just a straight honest question is he a brother or sea corn ball brother? >> what does that mean? >> explain that. >> well, he is not really, okay? he is black. he kind of does the thing but is he not really down with the cause. he is not one of us. is he kind of black. he is in the -- but is he not really like the guy you really want to hang out with because is he off to something else. >> why is that your question? >> well, well that's just because how i want to find out about him. i don't know because i keep hearing these things. we all know he has a white fiancee and talk is he a republican. which there is no information at all. i'm just trying to dig deeper into why he has an issue. >> sean: here with reaction we continue with our audience, reverend, your reaction? >> thank you for having me on. >> thank you. >> but i have a problem, i don't like to engage in this actual debate.
9:37 pm
you know, you think about it, easter just passed and many of us here probably saw the bible series on tv. >> sean: loved it. >> i'm a priest. i'm a bishop and scripture is what i know. scripture what i do. you look repeatedly as they cast lots of names at jesus they called him all sorts of names. he didn't spend inordinate amounts of time he said, this he said that he focused on what he needed to okay i appreciate you having this dialogue. but i'm a little bit troubled by it because all the names that people call me, fine. let me call the names. will he me focus on what i do and stay on my own message and do what i need to do. >> you can think of a national forum prior to this one where this issue where i think it is an institutional racism against african-americans that are -- happen to be politically conservative that are called the most vial names in a society that has moved way to the left on political correctness and it is still socially apparently acceptable to use the names
9:38 pm
that deneen used and star used and others have been called in this room. i can't think of one. >> no we are the ignoring these names. i don't think there is anybody in this room that sits around going oh my gosh they just called me an oner thomas. >> if it's wrong to be racist why isn't this wrong in society? that's my question, reverend. >> reverend peterson, i see you back there. >> i was a democrat at one time and as a young person i had a lot of anger and when i was told by the leadership that republican party was a racist party against black people, i believed that lie. because i had his anger. once i was able to overcome, i looked at the different platforms and i realized that i identified with republican platforms so i became a republican. we have to expect the name calling. we have to expect the tough times. >> sean: can i say something? >> deal with it let me just say there are a lot of young black people who have
9:39 pm
been lied to about the republican party and so what we need to do as we are doing tea party, we educating the people about the party because i didn't hear anything about good about the republican party while growing up. we have got to educate the young. >> sean: reverend, i want to make sure that anybody that has any point of view has the ability and right to speak out without experience what everybody in this room has experienced. that's my point, go ahead. go ahead, i promised you next time i will get to you i promise. >> i see the name-calling as a sign of how effective we are because we wouldn't be attacked if we weren't reaching people. >> sean: you are a threat. >> i find in the african-american community there is lots of support for conservative values and principles and we just have to find a way to combat the lies of the democrats. and they are coming from an elitest small group ron chris still why are 90% of the african-american
9:40 pm
vote -- why does it always go democrat? why is it almost a given that it is going to remain democrat? >> you know, i have to tell you i read a book on this two years ago acting right curious history of a racial slur. can you take this all the way back to uncle tom's cabin being a good character were very literate and very well spoken and now we have seen in the last 30 or so years if you apply yourself if you are african-american, if you study hard and work hard somehow you are acting white and not authentically down with the struggle. that's exactly where we are going to with this country. the ultimate irony is this presidency was suppose to espouse hope and change new era. this administration has played the race card to put down african-american conservatives to the extent of keeping power to himself. >> sean: it's interesting because dr. carson your story about your mother saying no television, you are going to read a book a week. both you and your brother, it transformed your life, you are the head of pediatric neurosurgery.
9:41 pm
much. >> and there was a excuse mentality. that was important. there are some conservative black people like armstrong williams with a big listenership he just bought a couple of television stations. these things are working. i know of a white university president at a prestigious university who very soon is going to make a big speech about liberty, freedom of speech. it's possible that maybe some of this bad stuff is actually helping to turn the tide. >> sean: i think you are right. i promise everybody is going to be heard. we will take a break up next. open mike time. open mike time. turn the mik [ male announcer ] need he keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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>> sean: welcome back to special studio audience edition of hannity. we have african-americans joining us tonight. we were talking before we took a break. i promise you are next. about african-americans how they are treated as conservatives. and the names that you are called. here we have the first african-american president. i watched the democratic party over the years. every election cycle i can show you the tape. we see the race card is played. we see that when prominent democrats go before
9:46 pm
prominently african-american audiences. they go into the preacher mode. the cadence shifts. al gore is a good example. hillary is another. you are laughing because it's kind of funny. joe biden? >> black dialect. how they think black people should talk. but i think more importantly to pick up what ron said and go a little bit what you are saying. sean when is the last time somebody questioned your whiteness and told you because you are white you need to like, i don't know, pick up a six pack, drive a pickup truck. i mean, i don't know what do white people do sean, tell me. >> this is what people are about. >> what's worse than that is the fact that we are buying into it. that's what's worse than that. if there was no flat form for this types of things to happen, then they wouldn't happen. if that group that sat in front of our current vice president, when he said he is going to put y'all back in chains. they allowed that to happen because they created that atmosphere for such. >> can i say something about ture you asked why
9:47 pm
blacks are voting over 90%. combination of what ron said but also because cnn, msnbc prop up charlotte charlatans and turey he has intellectual brain tumors not dr. carson who is a brilliant brain surgeon. more importantly black americans are getting misinformation and also the republican party is not going into the communities like all of us are. we're not going into the communities. >> sean: we need to go into the communities. and when we talk about the message on a grass roots level. >> sean: i'm a man of my word, go ahead. >> i promise, go ahead. >> i take issue with allowing liberals to have so much power over who black conservatives are i think that people who choose not to do their research, there needs to be some level of ownership and responsibility and the pastor over here said he goes about his own business he off his back and goes about its own business
9:48 pm
nobody cares about those names. what we care about people not pledging allegiance to someone based on their color but pledging allegiance to trying to educate themselves. whether we go into the communities or not it's everybody's responsibility. nobody came into my community i went looking for it and searched on my own. that's what needs to be. >> sean: you know why this is important? because we have got to help our children. >> yes. >> i agree, the employment numbers, educational opportunities. >> whether you are single parent or not. >> sean: are abysmal. we are not helping those kids. karl, go ahead. >> define ourselves louder than they can define us. go back to the basics. limited government. what does that mean? how does that cause affirmability. economic freedom we are the party of economic freedom. i'm an immigrant. the reason i came to this country because i wanted to finds out what did the american dream come from. >> where did it come from. >> gentleman makeca.
9:49 pm
i'm from jamaica. the free movement of capital most productive which involves human capital, people come to america because you can rise above everything else and the sky is the limit economic freedom is conservative. we need to define that and thousand relates to our policies as we go forward because if every child has that talent. >> that's right and we give them that good education the light and the water. erica, i want to get you in the segment. go ahead. jump. in. >> sure. i actually went to college in new hampshire predominantly white college. i recall an instance in a classroom myself and another african-american female was in the classroom and they for some reason were talking about affirmative action and the other young lady wanted to say that she was in the college because of affirmative action. and i actually took a lot of offense to that because that is trying to say that my education and my intelligence had absolutely nothing to do with getting
9:50 pm
accepted. >> sean: that's a judgment and. >> it bothers me and it should have bothered her and i don't know why a lot of people carry that and are looking for their 40 acres and a mule still when that's, you know, get over it we got off 40 acres and a mule look where we are today that we're able to be who we want to be and do what we want to do. >> sean: very well said. go ahead. real quick. >> i was going to say this is just lies that blacks cannot be racist is a lie. you look at the congressional black caucus that will only allow black democrats to join. you look at in law schools i'm an attorney, when i was in law school and i protested against the black law school association because they did not want to let nonblacks in and i said you are a racist they said oh no we can't be racist because we don't have the power. this is just a fraud. >> sean: that's like chris matthew's definition. >> that's exactly. it's about power. and the fact of the matter is, we, i mean we all come from different -- we come
9:51 pm
from all different background but i think we all have a similar story to dr. carson that our parents that you want to make it in america, this is the land of opportunity. you get an education, you read, you write, you do the things you need to do to be successful. it wasn't about you have got to be the right kind of black person. >> sean: everybody in this room is is a role model. >> financial empowerment. the issue is not that these african-americans are racist. the issue is we are trying to hold on to their power because to be honest with you that's all they have in congress. if they get home they are not going to get a job. they want to hold ton every space and across the board. i'm sick and tired of this miscarry. >> sean: i wish everyone in license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe. you know why i pulled you over today?
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>> how many of them know what tribe they are from? we are black. we are americans. we happen to be black. that's it -- >> wayne? go ahead. you're up. >> i think that the biggest problem they have been going after dr. occurson because he's actually providing solutions as an african-american. the one thing i heard him talk about the health care plan, saving from the time of birth -- none of our elected officials have brought up any of these kind of solutions. i think that's what strikes the most fear in the liberal minds. not only is he intelligent. he doesn't yell and scream. he uses his brain. they can't make him a character -- [overlapping dialogue] >> they can't make a character of him. they don't have sound clips of him going crazy on the stage. that's a big problem right
9:57 pm
there. >> jay? >> weigh in. >> first of all, i want to say that i really appreciate jeanine because if it weren't for her, i wouldn't be here [applause] >> i met her in nordabecause i came to a place where i started to not really -- you know, i wasn't sure which direction i wanted to go. in my own self exploration, i realized that my color was not the same as my beliefs, meaning if i were liberal, then just because i was liberal -- i should believe a certain way. but i am beginning to believe something different. soy appreciate everyone. sometimes i'm not black enough and i don't like that. i am black and i believe very firmly in what i believe in, and that empowers me. >> you are also god's child. right? most of us believe in that? >> you spoke. >> first of all, i'm a man, not a color. i'm an american, not an
9:58 pm
african-american. as far as solutions, here's a few solutions for you sean, as we go forward and leave this show. we need fight against the over regulations and the policies that are killing black people. the lone remaining jim crow law in america has to go. the american black caucus votes for t. project labor agreement, they need to go. they discriminated against women and minorities. guess who obama claims he defends? women. we need to stop preaching to the choir and go into the communities. why is it that blacks have been voting democrat for "x" amount of years? blacks have been voting democrat since 1936 because we stopped competing. >> kevin? >> everyone in this room, okay, a closeed mouth has no voice. we are going to raise our voices and be heard. women call me names, it's a badge of honor had for me, i take it, twirl it around and spin it and do everything i have to do with it. you call me an uncle tom
9:59 pm
sellout, i know i have won the debate. my ideas are superior. >> if anyone else is criticized for called the name, they are fired, condemned, ostracized -- that doesn't happen. t.j., real quick. >> we will never get to the 40% of african-american vote we used to have when blacks voted for republican. but will we now begin to compete? street by street, block by block? that's the golden opportunity project. i think you are going to see that very soon. >> earl? >> we heard a lot of issues now. now we need to talk to the thing about solutions. what can we do? number 1 thing we need do, engage. engage, engage, engage. >> let me ask you a question, only because we are out of time. would everybody be here be willing to come back and talk about solutions for the problems in inner city, black-on-black crime, the educational system that is harming black


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