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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 9, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time for the top 5@5:00. it was in the cards for the cardinals. yeah, fireworks there startling rick pat teen no after louisville won the championship. they came back from a 12 point
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deficit. pat teen no becomes the first coach to win the national title from two different schools. the cardinals bringing down the basket so kevin wear can cut it down. he inspired the team after leg injury. >> i really wanted to stay up and watch that last night. >> it is too early to decide whether fox news reporter janna winter should have to reveal her confidential source behind her breaking story about that note that was kept by the accused movie massacre gunman james holmes. the lawyer says the source violated a gag order. they need to decide if the no vote will be there during the trial. if she refuses to give up her story she could go to jail. >> the pastor locked up in an iranian prison for his faith is not getting the care he needs. brutal injuries left him with
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serious injuries and internal bleeding. he was taken to the hospital but the doctor who was scheduled to see him wasn't there. he was taken back without treatment. he received an 8 year sentence for spreading christianity. >> we are hearing the frantic 911 call made by the two hiker lost for days in the california wilderness. >> did you wander off the trail? >> we wandered off the trail. >> rescue crews eventually found the 19-year-old and his friend. both severely dehydrated and they both have since been released from the hospital. >> prep tragss are underway for the funeral of britain's first and only female prime minister margaret thatcher.
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>> my fair hair gently waves. the iron lady of the western world. >> overnight authorityings removed her body from the ritz hotel in london where she died at 87. s her funeral is expected to take place next week at st. pauls cathedral. >> millions of people are remembering her around the kworld. former vice president sdik cheney had this to say. >> she was a rock star. she was somebody that everybody had enormous respect and admiration for. a lot of that was based on the relation shichz always welcome
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the two of them reagan and her about government's role in society. she broke all kinds of new grounds the first women prime minister in britain. what motivated her is a deep belief and certain set of values and principles she used to guide her development of policies and her method of addressing difficult issues. she believed strongly in a strong national defense and acted on it in the private sector and free economy. she acted out of conviction. >> the enormous respect he had for her and she was a great lady and a tremendous leader. >> in other news north korea issuing another warning a short time ago this one to the south telling foreigners to take
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shelter or can wait to protect themselves. the man known as the so-called father of the islamic nuclear bomb tells fox news in an exclusive interview he doubts north kree gnaw wi-- korea will explode a nuclear weapon speaking to us from his ohome i islamabad, pakistan. the doctor says north korea's leader kim jong-un is not very stupid and does not believe north koreans are trigger happy. he doesn't believe they will detonate a nuclear device in escalating force of u.s. and south korean military troops. (speaking foreign language)
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>> as the combl up of current forces continue missile interceptors around tokyo as a precaution against north korea possibly launching ballistic missile threats. china may intervene to sway north korea the governments use their influence with the north koreans to cease these provocative actions and rheto c rhetoric. >> as you mentioned at the top north korea is warning foreigners of impending war
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going on saying vthe stril pari park closed the project with north korea. the i am fact with the threats causing south korea to ramp up test he have foets to defend itself. >> 130 people working out of that factory there. >> ng hospital alarms actually be deadly? a brand new report shows constantly beeping alarms are linked to hundreds of patient deaths. the group says they lead to noise fatigue which offers doctors and nurses to wrongly ignore sounds when there's a real emergency. the first of its kind weapon a laser. it would be mounted to u.s. navy ships capable of taking down unmanned drones and sinking small boats. this video shows it locking
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ofrnt target and taking out the target 100 percent of the time. it will be in action off the coast of iran next year. >> on a lighter note she is dressed to kill. that is fox news meteorologist maria molina strutting her stuff down the runway. maria and anna kooiman modelled in this year's from scotland with love fashion show. it raises money for the wounded warrior project. great charity and of course they both look gorgeous. she is having fun at it, too. >> i think you should do that next year. >> i don't think so. >> there she is maria molina back to the weather. >> it was so much fun last night. it was for a great cause.
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we can load weather 8 behind me. there's a lot of at-batting to tal -- action to talk about. behind our strong cold front very told temperatures take a look at some of the numbers. 77 degrees would be the high temperature in new york city. feeling like early summer across portions of the northeast. a little above average. 89 degrees in san antonio. this is a powerful strong cold front headed eastbound. it has a lot of moisture with it. we are seeing precipitation. it is april a little unusual. the wind will be a big concern
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20-30 mile per hour winds. those winter storm warnings and watches are as far east as minnesota. severe weather in texas, illinois and iowa that shading in red is where we have the greatest concerns to see tornadoes large hail and damaging wind gusts. if you live anywhere around here from dallas up into parts of iowa heed the warnings. >> serious weather out there. maria molina. thank you. >> more on the top stories for now. after waiting 27 careers the louisville cardinals bringing home the ncaa championship after beating michigan last night. late last night. live in atlanta with more on the fun. i bet it was so exciting. >> can you image the reaction of the fans here. this is the second time pat teen no has won a championship.
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there are louisville fans winning the national championship. celebrating as the mot of the game. this was all spurred on by that emotional injury sustained by kevin where they had a reason to win it. they wanted to win it for him. thenneded up cutting down the neck. fans are happy this morning as they celebrate their national championship. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. you probably had a long night as well. we will let you get some rest. >> 11 after the hour. coming up are you about to book a flight? if so stick around. we have a list of the worst airlines for you. >> another reason to think twice before you post on social media account. what's on your facebook could land you in trouble with the irs. oh, he's a fighter alright.
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>> quarter after the hour. we are hearing a north carolina father pleading after his children are buried under ground. >> 6-year-old cloe reand 7-year-old james were on the bottom of a 25 foot construction when the pit fell on top of them. they are investigating whey the father was digging the pit. police say this man walked right out the front door sunday night wearing a deputy's uniform. he is still on the lose. sheriff's deputy matthew andrews
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faces felony charges for allegedly helping him. >> before you made that facebook post this morning you may want to listen to the next story. the irs could be watching you. lauren simonetti from the fox network. the irs getting involved in it the social media. >> it is an expensive reason. if there is a red flag the irs are looking at your digital transactions and social media account. things considered private now being monitored in a quest to track down tax thieves. don't brag about cheating on tax return. >> anything you put on the internet is not private. even if you think it is because your page is pass word protected it's not private.
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>> airline quality. there's a survey out and we have the worst airlines the bottom 5. >> of the 14 ranked by purdue and wichita state university united dead last after the acquisition of continental trouble continues to getting the two operations merged. sky west and american all making the bottom of the list. here's who came out on top virgin america, jetblue and airtran round out the top 3. it looked at on timeance over booking and customer complaints. >> you know why jetblue is up there? you can watch fox news. we appreciate it as always. nice to see you again. >> let me ask you, if there were a time machine to take you back to the 80{caseñ]s would you go? >> i would. >> you made it. >> welcome to my land experiment
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i have been waiting for all my life. >> there was the bad hair and the loud clothing the politicians of leaders a sur slys three quarters of americans say the con twree was better off in the 80s than now. that leads us to our question of the day. would you go back to the 80s in tweet them to us at fox friends first or e-mail us at 18 after the hour. still to come do you have trouble remembering things? if you want to improve your memory it may be as simple as eating one simple group. 7 days this year counting down to file your taxes. we are here to answer them for you this morning including what do you do if you need more time. a look at your gas prices. the national average 2.58 down $0.01 from yesterday.
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>> welcome back. it is 22 after the top of the hour. so do you want to improve your memory? try eating fish. omega 3's found in fatty fish can help boost brain power. taking less than 2 grams a day for 6 months women were able to remember more while men were able to complete tasks faster. healthcare for reality star lisa vander pump during the recent dancing with the stars the woman
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fainted while practicing her cha cha. she was able to perform. there she is on last night's show. >> patti ann? >> there are just 7 days left to file your taxes. if you haven't done it get you probably have questions. we brought in personal finance expert vera gibbons with the answers. john sends this one through twitter: >> there are two education credits. in order to get them you have to claim your daughter as a dependent. however if your name is on the loan you are making regular payments you can deduct the income. that is a maximum break of $2,500. deborah in lexington,
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kentucky this is from facebook. when you are paying monthly installments from taxes owed in 2011. can you still make out a deal for payments in 2012. >> nothing will say you have to pay off a previous installment while working off another year. the one restriction would be if your fax liability is 50,000 dollars or above. a little more cumbersome. should be fine. go to and get the application agreement on there. bob from ohio, i just can't find the time. there are only two things in life that are certain. death and taxes. if you can't possibly do that you have to file a form 4868 you have six months to get it together. just an ex pension to file. you have to pay your best estimate of what you owe. >> you have to get the money in regardless. >> ashley in north carolina i
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have already filed my taxes but i recently heard a deduction of $1,500 for having a home office. this $1,500 de dushgs doesn't apply to 2012 it applies to 2013. it alleviates it coming with the territory. it is a deduction up to $1,500 based on the work and the formula. the de appreciation of your home under the situation. you can take your mortgage interest and property taxes and both don't allocate between miss. >> russell in boston. my broker just sent me an updated 1099 d showing different amounts of gains and losses from what i reported. >> it is dumb ber some if you are using a tax system. it is a two-page thing three different columns old numbers and new amended numbers all
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together will be calculated for you. then you have to mail in the return. mail it in when you are done and give the irs 8 weeks to process. >> you get a form you think you are all set and a lot of people have this problem. >> mayfolks get the taxes done. 26 after the hour. still to come hunters are about to have somebody watching their every move. we will tell you about tracking them with drones. chelsea clinton possibly following in the foot steps of her parents? what's she saying about her future in politics next. >> first this day in history the astro dome first opened and the first ever baseball game was raised. [ phil ] when you have joint pain and stiffness...
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>> good morning everyone. i am heather childers. >> i am patti ann browne. it is time for your 5@5:30. >> it was an emotional one.
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louisville storming back to beat michigan 82-76. rick pat teen no becomes the first coach to win national titles at two different schools. he won it hours after being chosen for basketball's hall of fame. >> we beat a great basketball team probably because i had the 13 toughest guys i have ever coached. >> talking about touching the cardinals bringing down the basket so kevin wear could cut down the net. it happened after his gruesome leg injury. >> that is not about me. i have never been that type of guy. these guys came out here and beat a great michigan team. me and my brothers they got the job done and i am so proud of them. so proud of them. >> remember he kept saying win the game, it is the first time the cardinals won at all since
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1986. >> faculty and students backing a taown hall meeting criticizin the handling of basketball coach mike rice. the school will now review video from all sports practices to hon tore the coach's behavior. rice was fired last week after video surfaced of him shoving and bee rating players. despite being forced out rice will still get paid $1.2 million and health insurance and car are paid for until 2014. >> you have to hear about this story hunter turning into the hunted. pita is shopping around for a drone that would stalk hunters. it will use the drones to film potentially illegal hunting activity and turn it into pleas. they will fly them over pack tory fae -- factory farms.
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>> chellie clinton is keeping the door open to run for political office. >> i strongly support my mayor and my senators and the president and representatives. if at some point that weren't true and i thought i could make a meaningful and measurebly greater impact i would have to answer that question. >> as for her mom hillary clinton will run in 2016. chelsea says she is sure she will make the right decision for herself and the country. >> she was the grocer's daughter who took the world by storm and helped define her era. millions of people the egg see of t -- legacy of the first and only female prime minister margaret thatcher. >> without question she was very decisive. she would make up her mind and she would act. she didn't -- i would not want to take on margaret thatcher in the house of parliament.
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that would have been a tough proposition. but she was always a lady also. cheney said she was motivated deep cleave in principal values and principles. this morning a new warning from north korea telling foreigners in the south to evacuate because of the two rivals are on the eve of a nuclear war. we have the story live from washington. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you as well. it should come to a surprise as many that he is weighing in on the issues. he doubts north korea will explode a nuclear weapon. speaking to fox news about his home in islamabad after aq contest. kim jong-un is not very stupid
2:35 am
quote he does not believe the north koreans are trigger happy. he does not believe the north will actually detonate a nuclear device. in the face of joint u.s. and south korean forces. >> (inaudible) >> for those dealing with the threats from north korea's unpredictable regime japan is deploying interceptors around tokyo as a predugs against threats to launch ballistic missile tests. the u.s. welcomes technology to tirn convenient to use their influence from moving forward on any of the threats. >> we have been working with the
2:36 am
chien needs and the russians and encouraging those nations and those governments use theirs way more than the north koreans to persuade them. this is a bunch of positive rhetoric. >> the rhetoric continuing. issuing a warning today. foreigners in the south have an impending war. that antagonist kick message. i have the project between the north and the south. >> kelly wright. >> on a sad note one of the best known members of the original mickey mouse club has died. >> roll-call. ♪ >> annette would go on to star in numerous 1960s beach party
2:37 am
films. she passed away from complications stemming from multiple sclerosis. she was 70 years old. >> hundreds of thousands of pounds of frozen food recalled because of potential e. coli illness may have been served in schools. the main item shipped to school were pizza dippers and pepperoni pizotas. they were recalled after 27 cases of e coli were linked to the company in 15 states. in california nearly 100 homes have been evacuated because of a massive brush fire. look at this video. one house already engulfed in flames. we are told that a downed power line smashed the blaze and already charred about 50 acres of brush so far. for more on the fires and the wind that keeps fueling them let's go to maria molina.
2:38 am
>> she is in the tracking center tracking that. >> good morning. good to see you. across parts of southern california we have wind advisories high wind charni/* ws wind gusts 30-40 miles per hour. we have a strong cold front. it is part of the reason why we have men in southern california. that front stretching across parts of the midwest. after a year you are actually in the 7 0es. to the east of us warm temperatures upper 80s across san antonio parts of the mid lant tick will make it into the middle 80s. you can see a high temperature at 90 degrees. we should reach 80 in new york city. again incredibly mild out here
2:39 am
feeling a little more like summer for many of you as we head into the next couple days. our storm system isn't -- there are areas of snow. across parts of the planes we have a winter war mornings. gusted access of 30 miles per hour. not a good day for traveling out here. dorns possible. parts of texas into iowa. the bigger had the threat. we have a moderate risk from the storm prediction center. >> our resident runway model. >> the time is 39 after the top of the hour. coming up we know smoking is bad for your health. it may be bad for your job twochlt federal industries the
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>> welcome back. 42 after the top of the hour. that means it's time to span the globe. a 4-year-old boy has died from bird flu. it is not related to the outbreak in china. health experts confirm he did not have a deadly new strain of the disease. so far 6 people in eastern china died from the new strain. next to italy that's where armed bandits killing $2.6 million in a crazy heist. they set the big rig truck on fire to block the high twhan blah open two armored cars. she escaped after throwing nails
2:44 am
on to the road way to escape. rescuers pulling several people to safety as flooldz hit it. patti ann? >> more quick headlines. smoking is bad for your health. we know it could be bad for your employment. more companies now are refusing to hire smokers. 2 percent are adding to plan that policy next year. healthcare experts argue the policies are unethical because they single out the poor and less educated. >> they won't be repeating the one small step any time soon. there will be no missions to the moon with a human in his lifetime. nasa will focus on spending missions to astroids and mars. a new government report shows millions of tax payer dollars are being wasted on redundant federal programs.
2:45 am
diane macedo has more. >> 31 areas of duplicative government spending to the tune of 2 billion in waste. that's the tip of the iceberg. accountability office found 162 areas where agencies are dupe lating efforts at a cost of 10's of billions of collars. tom kwoeker said agen -- folker them they don't know how much they are spending. on other things they are spending billions on mapping data to see whether or not they have maps. they are developing their own camouflage areas. they implemented several weather related areas which has overlapping characteristics.
2:46 am
ta they are completely overlapped with research being done by another part of the same department by contract even funded research into the detection of the same chemical. the obama administration says it's making progress through the campaign to cut paste and will propose more action in the 2014 budget set to be released tomorrow. >> it is a problem when you can't say how much you are spending. bottom line. >> 14 until the top of the hour. thanks diane. still ahead are you getting ready to hit the gym? before we get to work are you tired of from indoor to out work workout. >> texting and driving is banned but now it may be illegal to use your gps. brian kilmeade we can find him out a gps.
2:47 am
let me tell you what's coming up, he could stream at him or do something else. we have a doctor who can help you avoid a misdiagnose sis that are unnecessary because your dras won't listen. many people think she is going to run for president. laura ingram. i will breakdown the dougs that a -- it's all coming up on "fox & friends." i have to get my stuff. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees.
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>> a new law says you cannot have your hands on the a cell phone even if looking at a gps device. it was shut off years ago due to safety concerns but those concerns turned out to be false. now the drug is making a comeback. it should go on sale before june. >> ready to go to the gym before work this morning are you sick of doing the same indoor routine that you have done all winter long? nicki fitness is taking your winter workout outside in time for the warmer weather. it was a great day in new york yesterday to get outside. >> yes, it was. when you are using your treadmill your floor is not going away from you like outside. when you are on the treadmill you want to increase your incline so you can prepare for the outside. >> how much should you increase
2:52 am
it? >> between 2 and 3 incline. the floor is going away you are not interesting to push it. when you are outside you have to push the cement behind you sometimes there are hills. >> helps you transition for that? >> make sure you get out of the saddle you are on the pedal standing up. if you are on a stationary back on your own you like to read a book inside you can transition outside with audio books. they have a listen while you work out campaign. you can figure out how many chapters you want to read and how many calories you burn. >> fitness classes to an outdoor option. i love dvd's. i like to work out with them at home. you take it out to the park or something. >> i posted it on twitter which is all about the outdoor
2:53 am
workout. you can do running lungs on the bench. you can hang while you put up. you can climb a tree. >> absolutely. >> swimming definitely an outdoor sport. >> maybe you want to find a lake or a pond outside you might want to think about some here that will be warm at first and transition. don't forget the sunscreen is water proof. on top of it first day is coming up you want to keep the environment clean. water has an app that tells you which are clean to get your workout. >> cheryl casone is training for a triathlon. she is doing swimming. >> what to wear as you are transitioning outside? >> you want to have
2:54 am
clothing on. this has reflective clothing also the skinny t's i am wearing. they have a little slimmer inside of it. if they are getting the workout on you haven't lost the five pounds it will help you. it is fearful it will get you out the door and drivers will see you. i was sent these great adidas boot shoes. endless energy. you don't get too tired. >> i have a feeling you are bouncy, bouncy all of the time. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> find her on twitter. 6 minutes to the top of the hour only to find someone already lives there? this gator. we will tell you what happened next. it is the last chance to answer our question of the day. which showed you about a new
2:55 am
survey thinking america was better off than the 80s. we are reading e-mails next. :
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>> almost two minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. secretary of state john kerry meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, on a mission to the middle east to try to revive peace talks. >> arguments begin today in the nfl concussion lawsuit. more than 4,000 former players have filed suits against the league saying that it deliberately ignored and concealed risks of brain injuries. it may be spring but colorado is bracing for snow today. forecasters say that a powerful storm could dump up to two feet in the area. >> time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. this duckling adopting a new mother: a cat. the little guy follows the mom, a cat, around wherever she goes often hiding under her stomach but never far
2:59 am
from her side. next the bad, a truck driver pulled from the wreckage of her dangling tractor-trailer and then charged with reckless driving. she lost control on a virginia bridge hitting guardrails. she suffered minor injuries. the ugly. a four foot alligator found in a shed in oregon. authorities say the owners moved and left him behind. owning alligators in oregon is banned without a special permit which the owners did not have. >> earlier in the show we told you about a new survey showing most people would like to return to the 1980's. we wanted to know if you would. >> bill says you bet. it was easy to get a job and there was a heavy metal concert every weekend. chuck tweeted i would go back as long as i could take the wisdom from being older to correct fashion faux pass and tear up


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