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tv   America Live  FOX News  April 9, 2013 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> thanks for joining us on a busy tuesday. >> "america live" starts right n now. >> fox news alert, the fbi has been called in to investigate what some describe as a quote, watergate style bugging, allegedly, of the campaign headquarters of senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. that description comes from his office, in fact. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. this news is just breaking after the left wing site mother jones publishes recording of what was supposed to be a private meeting between the senator and his top aides. they discussed opposition research of the senator's most likely challengers in the upcoming election, in particular, ms. ashley judd, the actress. now the senator's office says someone bugged their meeting.
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chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel from capitol hill. >> yes, the campaign manager is accusing the left of using watergate-style tactics to bug his headquarters. senator mcconnell up for reelection in 2014. it's no secret that democrats would love to defeat him. i'm told the senator republican campaign is working with the fbi in louisville about the-- talking to them about these recordings. mcconnell campaign manager says quote, obviously, a recording device of some kind was placed in senator mcconnell's campaign office without consent. by whom and how that was accomplished presumably will be result after criminal investigation. at the time of the recording, actress ashley judd was considering challenging mcconnell so there's questions of her ties to tennessee and
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votes at the 2012 convention. and preparing to take on judd's position suggesting she's anti-coal, her position on climate change and favoring cap and trade. they also play a recording of judd saying san francisco is her american city home. now, the audio is low, here is an excerpt of mcconnell talking to his campaign staffers, firing up his team. (inaudible) >> now, this was at mcconnell's campaign headquarters and i was told by sources there was a small group in the room. they were rejecting any suggestion that of it would have been an inside job.
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at this point, the fbi and the united states attorney's office in louisville are declining to comment. >> mike emanuel we will have more. the story is break ang we'll have the update after the next hour or two. next hour. we'll be joined by a top attorney and by a top political operative to talk about the legal penalties of this bugging accusation, and i mean, really, can you do that? and we'll also take on the issue who may have recorded it and why, and whether these tapes are as explosive as senator mcconnell would have some believe, that's coming up. also, breaking right now, the north koreans telling foreigners in south korea, quote, get out now. this new threat comes as global questions grow about the two nations possibly being on the verge of war. well, some analysts familiar with the north say that's not very likely. they cite previous tough talks from the rogue nation that
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didn't lead to war. and no denying that nerves are on edge and an mccalculation could lead to serious conflicts. japan deployed missile defense systems at two sites in case they conduct a launch and we'll bring you any new developments as we get that. while the rest of the country worries about the nuclear threats to north korea and the continuing fallout over the automatic spending changes, there's a party going on at the white house. and justin timberlake, queen latifah and a few of the celebrities, that's being nice, performing at the white house tonight. something that's not sitting well with some americans. the washington times running a story titled "obama's 1% life style hits a nerve" chris stirewalt host of power play on live. and some are a-listers, but not all a-listers are going to
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the white house. a lot of the people i've never heard of. no question, you have justin timberlake, cyndi lauper, queen latifah, they're paying on the taxpayer dime for the obamas yes, but they're going to stream it live on pbs so i guess it's for all of us and led to a lot of criticism along the lines of that that we've been discussing, chris, which is can't afford to open up the people's house to tours, the people can't go see the white house, that they pay for, but the obamas can see queen latifah and justin timberlake. >> well, now, it has been a long time since cyndi lauper and lou albana on the charts, but al green is awesome and i have to stand up for-- >> i saw your jaw drop. >> i was appalled that the great reverend al greene that was not the a-list, madam,
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he's awesome. >> megyn: noted. more of the same, right? >> and also if we think back, when bill clinton was fighting with republicans in the house, which is our template for this, and they did government shutdowns, partial government shutdowns back in the day, back in '95 and '96, and a couple of weeks at a time and you bump into, closed the washington monument and bill clinton could tell his wife and his family and tell the social secretaries and tell everybody, we've got to be cool for a while, don't do anything because that's the austerity. this is the shock and awe, this is what we're supposed be to be doing. but the president is playing a long game on these cuts and talking about the cuts and ramped it up big, well in advance of the imposition of the beginning of them and they haven't he slowly made the changes as you say, and this is a slow process, and as we've already seen, it's been mitigated substantially by spending legislation in congress, but that means that the president is now playing a long game and he has to tell his wife and he has to tell
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the social directors and other people whatever you do, is going to be seen by the american people through a different lens while we're pulling this budget stuff. >> that's the thing, the employers, i mean, workers have been furloughed, and the president is the one who is running around giving us dire warnings how bad the spending changes are going to be and how we shouldn't do them and you know, and then we did them and we did them pursuant to legislation he signed, and now, he's going to have the great party at the white house where they're going to have a grand ole time i'm sure with justin timberlake, how will it make the members of the military who have been furloughed, and they're watching. i know it's done for 30 years and it's an ongoing concert series at the white house, but doesn't change the perception for the people on the couch wondering where their job is. >> we call it the white house, because we don't call it by the real name, which is the executive mansion. that sounds fancy and it
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fulfills those, state dinners and fancy-- and memphis sound and awesome al greene, but here is the problem. when you are taking the approach that the president is taking and people are suffering, not only in a bad economy, but government workers are losing 14 days of pay and things like that, well, it looks a little different. >> megyn: and imagine the cost of security for this event? you know, having the folks coming into the white house and that's the thing. the cost of security is the reason we can't access our white house right now. that people cannot go for a white house tour because the president says the cost of security is too high. he blames it on the secret service, but the cost of security for tonight's event is apparently not a problem and this is what joe was trying to get at in his piece. the obamas have taken lavish vacations, the off to hawaii and the first skiing and a
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billion of a million dollars to the american taxpayers. we're footing a lot of expensive vacations for the first family and his point is, a little austerity might be in order at the top in a time like this when, you know, the other -- when the people are being shut out of their own house. >> the president put himself in this jam because he lowered the threshold for what an acceptable amount of spending to discuss. government spent 3.6 trillion dollars a year, how would you ever think about increments of money so small and it just becomes a rounding error. when the president started talking $74,000 a week or so to have security for those school tours, he set the threshold himself. his administration set the threshold saying this is an acceptable amount of money to discuss and that lowered the bar way down and next thing you know, we're talking about the money that is wasted around town and it's significant. >> megyn: so you are an al greene fan, just to confirm,
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yes. >> for the record, yes, ma'am, let's stay together. >> megyn: all right, chris, see you time after time. that's the one i would. and also developing this hour, we're developing a chance to look more closely at a couple hundred e-mails that have surfaced in the sandy hook elementary school shooting and these are e-mails to and from nancy lanza, the mother of the newtown shooter and it's an unbelievable inside look into this woman's mind and her family. and among other things we've just learned, she feared her son adam was suffering from a genetic disorder that she said killed her grandfather and nearly cost her her own life and there is much, much more. trace gallagher live in the west coast news room, trace? >> there's no explanation what the mental disorder was at that killed her grandfather, but in the hundreds of e-mails obtained by the daily mail. nancy lanza believe that she
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and her son got this genetic curse. she says in 1999 she was diagnosed with lesions on her brain, she says it was like living on top of a time bomb, going on to write, quoting here. i'm carrying the genes of this type of self-destruct. had a l enough to get the boy settled in. at one point trying it deal with the time frame of about 12 months. she later went into remission, but said the disease flared up last year and nancy lanza claims that adam lanza had been diagnosed with autistic form of asperger's syndrome and sensory perception disorder that prevented him from recognizing pain and recoil from physical touch. two weeks before the newtown shooting nancy lanza found gruesome pictures in her son's room, writing, i'm quoting here, one drawing had a woman clutching a religious item
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like rosary beads and hold ago child and she was getting all shot up in the back with blood flying everywhere. friends said she was disturbed boy the picture and never confronted her son. and go on to say that adam lanza was that his mental illness would not allow him to follow in the footsteps of his uncle who was a green beret and went into police work after that. very revealing. >> megyn: and speak to a possible motive in connection with the newtown shootings. trace, thank you. coming up, we're going to take a very close look at these e-mails and why on earth this mother wouldn't have done something. knowing what she knew about her son when she found those drawings in his room two-weeks before he killed 20 children and six others elementary school. that's coming up. a rival cable network sparked a debate where liberals want to take america, we should get past the idea that children
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belong to their parents and instead call for a larger community to take charge. and growing outrage as tributes to margaret thatcher are laced with unabashed hate by some folks. stu varney sets the record straight. minutes away. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take
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>> mar glet margaret thatcher stood by the united states against the foe. and we've seen kind words about her in the last 24 hours, but, wow, have we seen displays of hate directed the at former british prime minister. here in america and overseas. look at them. around 200 people gathered in the scottish city of glasgow to celebrate her death and they find the occasion a
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reason to crack open the champagne and drink and showing of contempt in london where the group rearranged the letters on a movie theater sign to read margaret thatcher is dead, l-o-l, laugh out loud. and the woman pulled the country out of serious despair. and joining me is stuart varney, from the fox business network. the woman is not even in her grave yet, not in her grave yet and this is the showing of respect she gets. >> disgusting megyn, i don't like to use strong language, but this word applies. and it's disgusting seeing people celebrating are drinking in the street for a woman who in fact rescued that country and turned it around. i am disgusting. >> megyn: he they talk about how selfish she was in the ap's discussion of her death. they talked about how she ruled for 11 years and she imposed her will on the
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nation. i mean, even the ones that are supposed to be neutral in the write-up have a tinge of-- >> the left, conservatives, who fix the ills of socialism, that's exactly what margaret thatcher did, and they hate her for it and they're also factually wrong in their critique of margaret thatcher. and martin brashear says she was not that effective. he calls her brutal and divisive and says not that effective. what? that's laughable. this is one of the most effective politicians in the history of britain, in the history of western capitalism. he she turned around an entire culture and its economy and its moral structure. that's what she did. to call her ineffective is just ridiculous. >> megyn: they did not believe in her approach. i mean, they called her the ideological twin of ronald reagan and they did not believe in her policies and that happens a lot in our
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country and her country, but the hatred for her. the hatred. i guess she took on the coal industry and there was bad blood there. but it seems more there. they demonize her because of her politics. >> they blame her for the violence in britain when the miners rioted and blame her not the rioters, they call her a racist, even the people of color in britain were much better under margaret thatcher than in the '70s. flagrant, persistent pursuit of cash. rubbish! she simply introduced a competitive economy in which london came back to the f achafa-- fore. >> megyn: she was the first
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female prime minister, great britain ahead of us, we haven't had a female president. if this would have been a liberal and they would have been doing and saying these kind of things, i can bet in america on the left, the left wing blog and publications would be calling these people misogynistic and chauvinistic not to be celebrating the life and tenure of the country's first prime minister. but because she's a conservative. we're not hearing that. >> let's bring it home. what happens when the right emerges in america, a republican, and sets a different course for this country after the end of eight years of president obama? supposing that republican, if it is indeed a republican, reverses many of the policies of president obama? what will the left say then? will the left be out demonstrating violently in the streets because their type of socialism has been defeated and reversed? it's an ugly prospect, but it's out there, isn't it?
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>> she, what i know about her, isn't much, but she did not seem like the type of person who would have been very concerned about what we're seeing today. >> today i interviewed john o'sullivan, he was writing speeches for margaret thatcher, soon after margaret thatcher was defeated and left downing street and a host of demonstrators, maggie, fascist, out, out, out. she looked at them and turned to the person next to her and said, almost makeses nostalgic, doesn't it? that's the kind of woman she was. i don't think she would have been the slightest phased about the nonsense in the streets of london and glasgow. >> megyn: seems that way. stu varney. after helping to elect president obama not once, but twice, hollywood is asking for something in return. how the stars want the laws to
10:22 am
change. not people's behavior, but the laws governing the behavior and the letter they just sent to the white house. and the man claims he narrowly escaped a bear attack in his own back yard. wait until you see how he's punished for defending himself. >> i was right about here when i took my first shot. the new guy is loaded with protein!
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>> fox news alert out of houston, texas now. we're getting reports of multiple people stabbed on a college campus. we are hearing between five and eight people were attacked on the campus of lone star college in houston. at least one of those folks reportedly in critical condition now and we're hearing that authorities have made an arrest. no word yet on the suspect's identity, again, five people stabbed, up to eight attacked
10:26 am
is the latest word we have. we will work the story right now, try to get you more details momentarily. stay tuned. >> a story out of massachusetts that's beginning to get national attention after a man who claims he shot a bear in self-defense is slapped with serious penalties. trace gallagher had the story, trace? >> that man is 76-year-old richard ahlstrand. he says he was restocking his bird feeder, an and saw a 400 pound black bear. he was carrying a shotgun, he says, the night before he thought he saw a bear, but he says on this night, the bear was definitely moving toward him. listen. >> it's getting closer and i felt threatened. i knew it was going to attack me. it was right about her when i took my first shot. it did come out of the woods
10:27 am
here and i was-- i was over here in the corner. >> he shot the bear in the head and killed it. when authorities arrived they doesn't believe he was in any danger at all in fact, because he had 50 pounds of bird seed, they charged him with baiting the bear, because his gun permit expired, charged him with illegal use of a firearm and illegally killing the bear because police say he told them he actually went back inside the house to get the gun and if you felt you were in danger why not stay inside and call 911. he said he didn't think he could say mr. bear, hold on a second i'm going to make a phone call. black bears are not as dangerous as grizzly bears, but there have been 16 attacks in the past 13 years from black bears. massachusetts has a law that says if you feel like you are in danger, you have the right to shoot the bear on your property. police clearly do not believe the story that the former marine has told them, megyn. >> megyn: wow, all right,
10:28 am
trace, thank you. and well, after helping to elect barack obama, some folks in hollywood want him to return the favor by changing america's drug laws. in three minutes, we'll investigate, where did this go and where did they want it to go. plus, new e-mails reveal that adam lanza and his mother may have suffered from a genetic disorder she once described as quote, living on top of a time bomb. there is so much in the e-mails that just got discovered. we will go through it in moments and a $4,000 debt could soon turn into a multi-million dollar lawsuit after one man claims an encounter with female bounty hunters, look at them go, left them blind in one eye. kelly's court talks on the lawsuit of the lipstick bounty hunters. stay tuned. (bleep). (bleep). we went out and asked people a simple question:
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>> fox news alert. more on our breaking news out of texas as we get word of a possible second suspect after multiple people have been stabbed on the college campus in the houston area. now we're hearing there may have been as many as 12 people attacked on the campus at lone
10:33 am
star college. suggesting there may be a second person at large. in the beginning we try to get you the best we can the data as we know it, but it always changes, so, these early reports have an asterisk after them. trace gallagher has more breaking news from houston, trace? >> and just to add to your caveat when we had the early numbers they're almost always wrong. they're saying at the bottom of the screen 12 reported and local affiliates in houston say there could be as many as 14 different victims here. we know of five that have been confirmed. one has been taken by an air flight ambulance away. two treated at the scene and two others taken to the hospital on the ground. you're talking about the suspect and possibility might be another suspect.
10:34 am
there is a warning on the college website saying do not come near the campus, stay away. so, clearly they believe this is a fluid situation and that thing may not be over yet. we don't have the numbers. this is the lone star college group of colleges around the area. and remember we had a shooting at another branch of the college on the other side of houston. as it sits here, you can see kind of the yellow tape around there. we don't have any idea what's happening inside and if there might be more than one suspect and exactly how this attack began. if it was a fight, or if this thing broke out by somebody going into the school armed with a knife. early going, the numbers are very sketchy, could be up to 14, says one local affiliate, involved in this. the severity of their injuries right now, megyn is simply unknown. >> megyn: it's hard to understand how one person could go in and stab 14
10:35 am
people, and so, reports of a possible second suspect or reports that those higher numbers may be wrong, we'll see if those pan out and we'll continue monitoring, and check with the local affiliates and we'll pop you back up as as see we have more news. i want to get to this out of washington and california. hollywood is today putting the heat on president obama after helping him win reelection. and dozens of high profile stars are having him to loosen drug laws and revamp the prison system, rehab instead of punishment. roseanne barr, russell brands, russell simmons, the kardashians and eva longoria. many of the president's loyal constituents are impacted by the quote, prison industrial complex. concerned that sons and daughters are left to, quote, fend for themselves when
10:36 am
parent get long sentences in prison for nonviolent drug offenses. joining me now to discuss it. julie, advertiser to senator lautenberg and david, and boy so many people from harry belafonte and aclu folks, sean combs, jennifer hudson, i see ludacris, writing to the president saying you need to transform the criminal justice system to more intervention and rehabilitation-based model. your thoughts? >> my thoughts. here is a tip for hollywood elitists and all those who want to cite the mitigation. first start with fixing the behavior. the problem if you don't put that pipe or that "easy rider" wrap to your lips, you're not going to commit a crime.
10:37 am
it's a feel-good to say we're going to change sentencing guidelines. and victimless. there's no illegal drug that's not in any way tied to a violent crime from production to end use, whether it's distribution or tied to other activities. so this is not really. this is hollywood being hollywood. why don't they stick to making movies, if you want to tackle the real issues, communal problems, families, communities that are broken. >> broken families. >> and they believe that broken families on the prison system. they say that the reason we have so many one-parent households-- >> aur it's not the prison system, so why don't we start with the home? >> and that's the interesting thing, they sort of pay lip service to intervention and that kind of thing and try to stop the crimes from happening, but they seem more focused on the punishment of the crime and on the policies that govern crime and they talk about how we need to revamp the policies of the last 30 years that have seen the prison population
10:38 am
skyrocket. is it the policies that led to the prison population going up or the behavior? >> what i understand the behavior and the crime hasn't gone up, the mandatory sentencing has gone up. from my perspective you have a point and you have to address the behavior. you're not going to address it if you're in a prison cell, not getting rehabbed or can't we initially put a step in rehab i believe is cheaper than housing in a prison cell and see if we can address it that way to prevent you from doing it again. i can guarantee, if you're a prison cell you're not getting help to kick the habit. >> megyn: and you're not doing the drugs. >> well, getting drugs in prison, i understand it's not that hard to do. if you go to a rehab facility and they teach you tools to avoid doing drugs again. that goes to the point and there's a reason why the breakdown of the family is happening and get these people
10:39 am
rehab and get them back home with their families and prevent them from getting back in the trouble in the beginning. >> but, again, you've got to go back to the beginning. the beginning is the broken community, the broken families, and the fact that drug gangs, that gangs and people that have frankly exhibit bad behavior, will bring others into it, whether it's try this, you know, kids try something, get hooked on crack. look what it did to guys fromliny bias in the '80s until now. we've got to get back to the real problem. we can't turn our prison system into a correctional-- into a social engineering construct of we're going to give you a faulty excuse-- an excuse. >> megyn: prison isn't generally about rehab and counseling. >> what do we have, reports of a prison where people are openly shooting videos and using drugs and gun use. how are you going to rehab, to your point, people in that system. first don't get them into the system and stop selling the false narrative that it's society's fault. it's your fault. if you make a choice or use a drug at whatever age and continue to use it.
10:40 am
you're going to have bad consequences. >> megyn: and they talk the greatest victims of the prison industrial complex are our nation's children. the children are the victims of the prison complex? or the victims of their parents' terrible choices? >> well, both, right? and it's the parents that end up going to jail or prison i should say and not getting rehab. >> megyn: and that's the fault of the policies that make that illegal? >> fault the parents for doing crack, coke or any drugs, anything, but-- but the larger issue to me is once those parents are out. once they're out. chances are they're going to relapse because it they're not getting what they need. mom and dad going to prison end: and if you get the parents the help you need and intervention they need hopefully the cycle ends. i'm not saying it's successful 100% of the time, but more than making their kids being
10:41 am
raise without a mom or dad. >> they seem to focus on the end-game. where is the focus right now on what is leading these people to choose a life of crime or to turn to drugs and so on, on high unemployment and so many communities and as we talked about the breakdown of the family. where is the focus on that? >> where is not only the focus on that, megyn, but on the figures they follow. lindsay lohan, snoop dogg/snoop lion. >> megyn: i was thinking l-i-o-n. >> and look at those on the far left who have the different view of society. >> megyn: roseanne barr. >> you can't get more and an avowed communist. and they're-- >> hey, hey, my husband is not an outliar we're in love and you may not know it he's not
10:42 am
an outlier. i call dibs. >> megyn: and i don't know about john, but hate his cheating and-- >> seriously, keep working on that and we'll round up again soon. it is, sadly. thanks. new developments just hearing in my ear in the last few minutes on the top story that someone bugged the campaign offices of the senate minority leader, this is the top republican in the u.s. senate, mitch mcconnell who is saying someone bugged his office and then leaked the tapes to a left-wing publication. and someone issued a serious challenge to the democratic national committee. that's just ahead. plus, we are getting police on the line right now to get us more information about reports that multiple people have been stabbed on the campus, one of the campuses of lonestar state college in houston, texas. this is not looking good.
10:43 am
we'll try to get you the latest facts and figures from the scene. after the break, stunning revelations from the hundreds of e-mails that have now been revealed from nancy lanza, the mother of the newtown shooter. we've known precious little about her, her family and her son and wow, we just learned a disturbing amount of information about this family. also coming up, new reports we could see he a missile launch from north korea within 24 hours. this broadcast just got very busy. stay tuned. we had never used a contractor before
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i love you, angie. sorry, honey.
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>> fox news alert. a quick update on breaking news out of texas. we have reports about a stabbing on a college campus in the houston area. we're hearing there could be as many as 14 people attacked. and there are reports of as many as 12 taken to the
10:47 am
hospitals. we're told one arrest, but a warning has been issued from the school suggesting another suspect may still be at large. again, take all this have with a grain of salt. it's very early in the the day and in the incident and we're getting conflicting reports. so we don't know what is fact and what is not. going base on local reports and we spoke with the police during the break and they can only confirm that there's been one arrest, but there are reports of blood at the scene and soiled towels and of other evidence of stabbings, so we will bring you more on this as soon as we get it. trace is on the phone right now. speaking of school violence back to one of the top stories. we're learning more about the connecticut elementary school shooter, adam lanza and his family and what his mother reportedly claimed was a battle with a family genetic
10:48 am
illness. we're not talking about the asperger's, something else. newly released e-mails describe what she called living on top of a time bomb. this as growing evidence that mental illness played a role in one of the most horrific crimes in american history. a clinical psychologist is my guest now and it was the new york daily news that got a hold of the e-mails and talked about how nancy lanza, in an e-mails to her friend, i gather, talked about how doctors had no explanation for an auto immune disorder that killed her grandfather in just six weeks. how doctors found lesions on her brain in 1999 and she described that illness like living on top of a time bomb and how she's carrying the gene for a self-destruct and that adam was, too. >> yeah, we just don't know what it is. what it could have been. we're talking about lesions on the brain, something that she referred to. it could have been a leedisease
10:49 am
a huntington's, where you see damage to the frontal lobe and you get dementia, from dementia, you get a psychosis and some of these including the kritsfield, you can die in two years, others have a life span of 15 to 20 years and we're not sure what she's talking about. >> megyn: i don't understand any of those diseases, but i understand that this woman knew that she had some genetic problem. >> that's right. >> megyn: and she believed her son had it as well. separate and apart from the asperger's which is on the autism spectrum. despite knowing that and according to these reports, that in her son's room she found, quote, ghastly and sinister pictures of dead bodies, including a woman clutching some sort of rosary beads and holding a child as she was getting shot up in the back with blood flying up everywhere, she did not
10:50 am
confront her son, that was two weeks before he killed 26 innocent people. >> not so surprising. >> megyn: why not? >> i work with parents all the time and what they're afraid of is their worst nightmare, knowing that their child may be a killer, afraid they can't get the treatment for the child they can't get and we know it's an epidemic problem with children who have early onset of schizophrenia or around 18, 19 years old when they have the actual onset of schizophrenia and they don't want to face that, it's so horrible for them to do knowing it's so difficult for them to get the care and that these kids don't want to deal with the stigma of that particular illness. she was afraid to do that, to face that fear. 40 seconds to a hard breck, and we're sort on time because of breaking news. another report says he was the target of relentness bullying when he was at the elementary school himself and disappointed he couldn't be in the military and be a green beret like his uncle.
10:51 am
>> and we see that in the profile of other school shooters. the paramilitary goals they have in life and certainly wanting to get revenge at people they feel have marginalized them. this young man was marginalized on his own, but also being bullied, too. >> megyn: a clearer picture is beginning to emerge, doctor. thank you. >> sure. >> megyn: back breaking news from texas next. most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast.
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10:54 am
>> fox news alert and more developments now on our breaking news out of texas. our fox station in houston is now reporting that 14 people have been stabbed at lone star college at the cyfair campus at lone star college in houston, trace has been reporting the news, he's here with more. >> trace: the man is named robert rossa, works for emergency management in houston and told our fox affiliate there are 14 victims and 12 people have now been taken to the hospital.
10:55 am
again, the severity of their injuries is unknown, but police earlier said they believe at least a few of them are critical. a witness telling police on scene that he actually believes that someone was in a class with what he believes may have been an exact-o knife, something they would dissect animals with when he began attacking his classmates. it may have been a hearing impaired student who then ran out of the classroom and one witness says was tackled by authorities. the local sheriff thinks that the campus is safe, but going, as is standard operating procedure, room to room and building to building to make sure there are no other suspects in this case and the students are led off campus. there's a warning on the campus website that says do not come on the campus at all. as the numbers keep going, megyn, we always say the numbers will always change, but now e.m.s. is telling our local affiliate. 14 people were stabbed by some kind of a life we're hearing
10:56 am
may have been an exact-o knife, which is a razor blade at the long of a metal instruments. he we don't know what the injuries are, but we're told at least four people have been taken by life flight to local hospitals and two others to hospitals on the ground and others refused medical treatment on the scene. and that they know one suspect is now in custody. they do not believe there are other suspects, but they are going door-to-door and building to building to make sure that that is the case. megyn. >> megyn: i just want to confirm with you, trace. lone star college put out a statement earlier today and said that one suspect is in custody with the harris county sheriff's department and then, quote, there are reports that another suspect is at large. they now do not believe that any longer? >> well, they're saying that they don't have any word of another suspect, but they're making sure, that the college spokesman told us that they believe that the college is actually safe right now, but
10:57 am
they are actually going to make sure there are no other suspects. again, very fluid here so we're not discounting that there might be a second suspect. going by what college authorities are telling us they believe that the campus is now safe. >> megyn: trace, thank you. we'll have much more out of houston and also, with mitch mcconnell bugged.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> fox news alert. multiple people stabbed on the campus of lone star state college in houston, texas. cyfair campus in particular. welcome to "america live" i'm megyn kelly. our fox station in houston is reporting now that 14 people have been stabbed at the college. we've been tracking the story for about an hour now, as we get live pictures of police searching cars. we want to bring in alan bernstein of the sheriff's department in texas. thank you very much for being here. what can you tell us about the number of people stabbed? >> we can confirm at least 11, four of whom have been transported by the evacuation
11:01 am
helicopter, medical evacuation helicopter to the hospital and others have either refused treatment or were transported on the ground to local hospitals. the campus is still on a lockdown. however, it appears that there are people moving around, casually, it is not a -- does not appear to be a run and hide situation anymore. and anything about any additional suspects or stabbing victims is speculation. this is a sprawling huge campus in the northwest area. unfortunately there was a shooting incident at a different campus at the lone star community college system. >> how what happened? how did the people get stabbed? >> we don't know at this point. again, it's a single suspect. we don't know if it's a student or anybody else who had regular routine business on the campus, but with so
11:02 am
many people around for normal business and with so many buildings to search to make sure that everything's okay, we know that it's going to be a while before all of those facts are together. >> and one witness was reportedly saying that it was someone in a class who used an exact-o knife who began attacking his or her fellow students and then ran out and that that person may have been hearing impaired. can you confirm any of that? >> except for the hearing impaired portion, those are reports that are being repeated on some local news media reports, we have no confirmation. >> all right, so that's just from local news media. alan, i'm told the authorities are briefing on campus. we're going to go live there. >> okay. the initial -- okay. 11:15 the call dropped here at
11:03 am
lone star college, cypress. the first reports there was a male suspect, and we had multiple stab victims. as you've learned 14 victims, four by life flight, ground transported also victims from here and two refusals. at this point this is what i have. we have one suspect in custody. as far as we know he is the only suspect at this point. if anything changes, i will bring you up-to-date on that, but as of right now we have one suspect. i can't tell you anything confirm that right now, but this is what we have, we have the suspect. the situation has been detained and the school is on lockdown. once that has been done and we've gone through-- and the investigation continues i will be able to give you more information. the chancellor of the college and sheriff garcia will be given a statement within the hours and bear with us, it's a fluid scene. as soon as wii get everything i can, we'll get it to you and
11:04 am
get it all covered. i can't confirm the weapon as of right now, some reports a pencil, some report a knife. until we find the weapon, i won't be able to confirm what it is. >> do you have a motive? >> no motive right now, students were living from class and going to class and the attack was at random. and as far as it went from building to building. initial reports maybe we had two suspects, what i believe now, it was the same person running from building to building. >> and no second suspect at this time. until the college will be on lockdown until our investigation is concluded. >> and apparently some students wrestled-- >> i can't confirm any of that right now. our first initial report was this individual was wrestled to the ground by a student. lone star college police came and detained and arrested him at that point. >> i can't confirm on the, you
11:05 am
know, as far as teachers. >> people-- the extent of the injuries i don't have. i don't know where the whereabouts are. maybe e.m.s. could give you more of that. the four that were life-flighted, obviously their injuries were severe to be transported by life flight. >> 14 from what we can confirm through cyfair, yes. >> and one suspect? >> only one suspect right now. >> looking-- >> that's thomas gill land from the harris county sheriff's office. if you can hang on for a second, you guys have been waiting on your son. >> yes. >> and that's your son. >> both my sons. >> can you get one of them who was on campus, take only a seco second. were you on campus. : you
11:06 am
11:07 am
don't know anything, and all you have is a little window that's, i mean, four inches wide and two foot tall, that's all you can see out when your door is closed and the door was only halfway locked where if you touched the door half the time it will come open and you're sitting there going, what do we do? and we start piling in more people and everybody is piling in next to each other and you don't know what you're supposed to do. >> were you able to see anything that occurred and did you see any injured people at all? >> i didn't see any injured peep. i did see on the stairs where some blood was. we heard when they nailed someone, somebody nailed someone against the wall not too far from my classroom door. my brother was-- >> i was close to where it happened and we heard noises
11:08 am
and i guess the officers taking down the man that started all this. and then so that's really about all he we heard and then we heard the helicopters of course and people being taken away in ambulances. >> is the suspect familiar to you at all. >> no. >> did he appear to-- >> from what i told he was, but i have no idea what happened. two of the girls brought into our classroom they said they were actually late to class that he belongs to, and they, i don't know if they saw it or witnessed or what all happened, but said a man cut them here with a box opener, what it looked like. kind after razor blade. that's all i heard from them and that's the information i got. besides hearing what everybody else, the only thing on the alert, lone star college. >> and after it happened were you attempting to go out and help or hiding in the room? >> in the room. e.m.s. told us to stay in the classroom and our professors did, too. and once the doors lock only the professor can open it from the outside, but you know, honestly, i got down on--
11:09 am
led our class into a prayer and watching the campus and everybody involved in this and the officers protecting us, but i did not rush out there, no, sir. >> would you skroi what it was like inside? >> you know, honestly, there were people like unnerved which should happen in this circumstance and then, you know, just-- it is a scary thing and i just got down on my hands and need and led everybody else like i said into prayer, and prayed god for watch over us and we're in his hands at all times and what were you saying, mom? oh, jonathan clayton, jonathan clayton. >> as you can see those are some of the students who were on the lockdown here on the campus. and here on the campus, lone star college. we heard from the harris county sheriff's office as well. they are saying that at least 14 people were injured, four were transported by life flight. so those injuries were very
11:10 am
serious and they only believe one suspect in this case so far. that's the latest from lone star college, guys. >> megyn: unbelievable situation happening on the lone star campus down in houston, texas. as we heard just a wealth of information from first the sheriff detective there as well as an eyewitness, talking about how it was at about 11:15 this morning, a male suspect went into the life sciences building, and is accused of having inflicted multiple stab wounds on 14 people. again, you heard up to four, four removed by life flight. the officers saying that their injuries were severe enough to warrant life flight off the campus. a couple refused treatment and the rest are getting treatment as well of the one suspect is in custody. just one. there had been conflicting reports by the college a possible search for a second suspect. as of now do not believe there is a second suspect and officers saying there is no one else we're looking for
11:11 am
right now although the school remains on lockdown. according to that officer, they can't confirm the exact weapon used whether it was a pencil, a knife, what it was, but it does appear to have been a stabbing, multiple stabbings and talking about as students were leaving or coming to class, again, it's a life sciences building and that the stabbings appeared to be at random, that the defendant, whoever he is, was running from building to building. earlier we questioned how could it be that one person would stab 14 others? and it appears that it was at random going from place to place, saying somebody, a student, we believe, wrestled the defendant, the person who is in custody to the ground. and then hearing the eyewitness talk about how it sounded like a rock concert outside of the classroom. he heard banging, he heard screaming, and he said they grabbed people and put them in a classroom up to 20 and they had up to 50 in there praying,
11:12 am
praying to god. saying god protected them and then adding that they wished they had guns in addition to god. talking how the law prohibits the carrying of guns on the college campus there and that young man would like that to change. speaking firsthand about seeing blood, we've heard other reports that blood had been spotted on the ground, towels soiled with blood as well and there would be when severe injuries taken by stabbing and heard the helicopters above and saw the ambulance and do not know if it was a student who committed these crimes, but believe it was a student at least according to two of the women on campus. they believe they attended class with and that one student painting the picture for the students jammed inside of that classroom saying i got down and said a prayer. i mean, that's what you would do, locked inside that classroom wondering what's happening on the outside. again, the police officer adding that this is not a run and hide situation, the man was tackled, he was wrestled
11:13 am
and he is in police custody. again, as of right now they do not believe there is anyone else responsible or involved in this stabbing incident. we want to bring in trace gallagher. what an incredible few minutes of television as we heard those two young men, appear to be brothers, i think, talking about their experiences as they just tried to attend a college class this morning, trace. >> trace: brothers on different levels of the college, megyn. one was upstairs, one was downstairs, and one was at the level that the suspect was running through and kind of paint a better picture from the witness accounts going on there. you heard the police officers say he wasn't sure if it's a nice or a pencil, but you heard two saying it was a box cutter or exact-o knife used to dissect animal and the guy was running and slicing people as he ran through the halls. it wasn't just one building, he ran from building to building to building slicing whoever happened to be in the
11:14 am
hallway, and then it kind of make sense, the 14 different victims and having bad lacerations and cut. and one said some were cut in the neck area and seemed to be the most serious of wound and the weapon not confirmed. but a witness saying one tackled the suspect and as he held him down and the suspect turned around and side, i give, i give. and that's when the police showed up on scene and arrested the one and only suspect we know to this point. they're still checking the college and going room to room, but i want to let you listen to somebody else inside that building? >> now, you were inside of the building. tell us exactly what you saw and what happened and turn this way, too. >> we were coming out of the a building at 1120 and they let us walk past the library and we saw a young man arrested in the back of the police car and then he we walked to the other
11:15 am
side of the campus because we weren't able to leave yet and there was two being life-flighted at that time. >> did anyone you know, would they injured at all, anyone? >> no, nobody that i knew, i didn't know anybody that was injured. >> what was it like being in that situation on that campus with so much going on? >> it was just kind of scary, even he though we were on lockdown, we were able to move around freely and it was just kind of nerve wracking. >> and you actually saw the suspect in the back of the police car? >> yes, i do. >> now, describe that suspect for us? >> he was a caucasian male with brown hair, kind of long. he had on a t-shirt and some basketball shorts and that's all i can really remember. >> did you hear there was a possible second suspect? >> yeah, i heard he's still at large and haven't caught him and checking our cars in order for us to leave. >> do you know what they he were doing, the purpose, why they were on campus? >> i'm not sure because i was in class at the time and not sure what the--
11:16 am
>> again, 14 people were stabbed, 12 taken to local hospitals and four taken by life flight helicopter and those are the most serious of the injuries, megyn, we're going to keep checking with the sheriff's department and find out more details as we get them. we'll keep you updated. >> we'll let you do that and get back to you as the information is coming in, pretty rapid pace right now. listen, we had intended to discuss the president's final push for gun control with our next panel and that is taken place in week. and this push began in mid december after a shooting that we all know about in newtown, connecticut, but now we see a different type of violence incident on a college campus and we want to bring in our panel to get some reaction on this. lars larsen is with me, syndicated radio host and emily is a former executive director of the young democrats of america. and you know, our hearts go out to the students who have
11:17 am
found themselves stabbing victims as they simply try to educate themselves this morning. i mean, once again, we see hell unleashed on a college campus or a campus, i should say in general. now we've seen six year olds murdered and we've seen college kids stabbed as they're walking down the hall, according to the police, just trying to get an education. but it will -- i mean, i can tell you already, i'm looking on twitter, lars and people are reacting by saying, what's going to be the reaction to this? ban all guns? and of course, you heard that eyewitness, that student who said, we had guns -- we had god, but we wished we had guns. your thoughts on how this plays into the debate now that we are already having in this country? >> megyn, say a prayer for all of those wounded as you suggested, for their family and friends, but this debate has been going on since virginia tech. it was a graduate student at virginia tech who had written openly a year before the terrible shooting there who said he wanted to carry a gun
11:18 am
legally. i carry a gun legally every day. there's nothing wrong with it. millions of americans do it and somebody on that campus with a began would have been able to stop this threat before it came to some of the people. i'm not saying it would have stopped the man immediately, but it's a sensible thing to do. now, the fact that the n.r.a. says the only thing that meet a bad man is a gun with is a good man with a gun. this applies here. what is the president going to say. we'll be safer if we disarm all college campuses? it shows even with things like knives, maybe from the life sciences building, a dissecting knives, a young man mental problems, stabbing 14 total strangers, and needs to be stopped. it's crazy to suggest that laws passed by congress and background checks are going to somehow change this? the president is trying to--
11:19 am
as they never let a crisis go to waste. he's letting it push something through he showed no interested in the first four years of his presidency. and i think he senses the american public doesn't buy it. 52% of americans do not approve the way that the president is handling the issues. >>. >> megyn: emily, your thoughts. >> this is nothing, but a tragedy, an absolutely tragedy and i don't know there is he' any laws that would have prevented someone who has these issues. if you can go around the hall with an exact-o knife, there are other issues there. >> and you're going to have exact-o knives on college campuses no matter what we do. i mean, this is life sciences building. >> yes. >> megyn: where the dissections take place. >> and. >> megyn: let emily finish, lars. >> i actually did spend the last week in both nevada and georgia where concealed campus
11:20 am
on carry laws are currently being debated and what we did hear there was that the students, every school administrator, you know, every chief from there was all saying that this is not something that they can have on campus. you know-- professors were saying that school needs to be a place to come together and have an open debate and if there's concern in the classroom and you don't know who is carrying, it does limit the experience of the teachers there. so, i don't think that this is something we can automatically say there are implications, there are not implications, as debated in the state. it's clear where the administrators are standing on it. >> you know, lars, sadly the days where our kids go to school at the elementary school level, at the college level, and we can feel confident they are safe and don't have to worry, are really gone. i mean, i know that this has happened in a fraction of cases, i know the vast majority of kids are safe, but you always have to worry that this is going to happen at your kids' school. >> but, megyn, here is the
11:21 am
answer to emily. emily with all due respect. i live in and work in a state in oregon, carry on high school and elementary school and junior high campuses has been legal for 20 years, there's never been a problem. there's legal carry on college campuses, i'm doing a remote in oregon state university in a month and i always carry when i'm on campus and there's never been a problem. if you know there's occasional threats and these attacks are relatively occasional, two a year for the last 32 years or so, if you know that the only way affirmatively to stop a bad person with whatever i instrument they use, a bomb, a gun, a knife having met with some kind of violence, some force that will stop them, how is it the answer that it ruins the college experience if your a sitting in a classroom and don't know the guy four seats from you has a gun and only pull it out if there's an extreme emergency. >> megyn: of course, you have to worry this kid that busted
11:22 am
out the knife would have had a gun. arguments on both sides. >> trace:. >> megyn: i've got to run, we're up against a break. >> thank you, megyn. >> megyn: and our hearts go out to the victims of the family and 14 people stabbed and four taken by life flight, a suspect is in custody. they're not looking for another one. stay tuned. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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11:25 am
>> fox news alert on the breaking news out of texas. again, the authorities have now confirmed that as the 14 people have been stabbed on the campus of lone star state college in the houston area, at least 14 people stabbed, they believe that there is only one perpetrator of this crime and they say they're not searching for a second suspect as we have initially been told. they are, however, searching the cars outside of the campus and we have not been told what
11:26 am
the reason for that is. police now confirming that the person under arrest was tackled. we're told by a student. after he ran through the halls of the life science building randomly it appears, stabbing fellow classmates. we understand it's a student according to the initial report, who was-- who appeared to have been choosing victims at random, running through the halls with, we were told a weapon may have been an exact-o knife, something perhaps used in dissections, it could have been a pencil the police officer said. so we don't have that confirmed. 14 folks stabbed, not sure if they're all students or teachers in there, going from class or coming to class and four have been medivaced away and more as we get it. we have also got breaking news from north korea this hour where we are hearing new warnings that we could see the north launch a missile test within the next 24 hours.
11:27 am
north korea telling foreigners to get out of south korea and the senate hearings just hours ago the top u.s. commander in the pacific calling north korea's actions, quote, a clear and direct threat to u.s. national security. warning that north korea leader kim jong-un is quote, more unpredictable than his late father. david piper streaming live to us from seoul 30 miles from the north korean border, david? >> reporter: hi, megyn, yes. north korea is warning foreigners like myself to get ready to get out of town because they say we're headed toward a nuclear war here. there's no sign of panic of course in seoul at this time. no one actually streaming to the airports to get out of the south korean capital. this statement came out of a group calling itself the asia pacific peace committee, which is supported by pyongyang. now, their message went on to say, in the event of war, we don't want foreigners living
11:28 am
in south korea to get hurt. and this is the latest in the series of warnings against an upcoming nuclear war here from the north. pyongyang said it could fire nuclear weapons also at the u.s. main lands and experts don't believe they have the know-how yet to put a nuke on a long range missile, but of course, they've shown they're capable of firing missiles without a nuclear warhead. and it looks like they're preparing a mid range missile now according to reports here. pyongyang's preparations complete the test of a missile. and one news agency here said that they quote an unnamed senior official who said that their intelligence showed they're ready to fire it as early as tomorrow. now, that's the date that they've also warned embassies in pyongyang that they should get ready to move their staff out. nobody's actually--
11:29 am
no country has actually decided yet, whether to evacuate their staff from those embassies as yet. now, at the same time, japan is preparing to deal with any missile launch. we know from the path that north korea has fired a missile over japan and this time. they've got a lot of missiles ready to try to track and take down any object which comes their way, megyn, back to you. >> david piper, thank you. >> we have breaking news just ahead on reports that someone bugged the campaign office of the top republican in the u.s. senate. senator mitch mcconnell and we're getting reaction from senator mcconnell and we will have that for you. and plus, a rival network says where liberals want to take america as they attack, quote, the idea that children belong to their parents and instead call for a larger community to take charge. rush limbaugh already
11:30 am
comparing that to communism. stay tuned. >> for the next hour, your kid is going to mow my yard and after that, my trash needs taken out. and after that, i need somebody to go to the grocery store for me and my kid is tied up. i'm claiming your kid. how did this work? ori was takg her kids to lunch in her new volkswagen... before her passat had passed 30 different inspection tests, and before several thousand tennesseans discovered new jobs on volkswagen drive, their cfo and our banker met for lunch. together, we worked with a team that helped finance construction of the world's first leed platinum auto manufacturing plant. that's the impact of global connections. that's bank of america.
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and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. >> fox news alert on the breaking news that we've been tracking out of texas again, 14 people confirmed stabbed on
11:34 am
the campus of lone star state college in the houston area, we've been tracking the story for a while and they said it happened just after 11:15 a.m. houston time and you can see one of the helicopter, life flights. and four students, four of the 14 were removed by life flight and a couple students refused treatment after a man ran through one of the buildings at least on campus wielding some sort of knife, we believe, some sort of knife. an exact-o knife and police didn't know exactly what kind of weapon it was. and now, we are being told that the defendant, the person who was under arrest right now, was tackled by a student or a group of students. you know what? we're getting an eyewitness on campus now, let's go to her. >> i don't know the whole story yet. >> how many people did you see injured? >> just one. this guy holding his leg, it
11:35 am
was bleeding pretty bad, so. >> that's scary. >> yes. >> did you see the suspect at all? >> no, but i from the descriptions i feel i've seen him before on campus. >> what are the descriptions. >> long curly hair, and i believe it's this guy, and carries around like a stuffed animal sometimes, but that's who everybody in the class thought it was because we've all seen him on campus. >> a guy who carries around the monkey. >> yes, the monkey. >> who is that? >> has everyone been telling you that. >> i don't, i don't think he's all there. >> what's your name. >> gabby. >> gabby, what's your last name. >> veleln. >> all right. that was an interesting of tidbit, suggesting that the man they believe committed this crime carries around a monkey, a stuffed monkey on campus. and there's a bit of color for you. we're told he's in custody and one witness described long
11:36 am
brown hair, caucasian man and basketball shorts, and we'll bring you details as we get them. but we want to bring you breaking news on another big story out of d.c. this hour. the fbi now asked to investigate how a recording of a confidential meeting at the campaign headquarters of senate minority mitch mcconnell, a top republican in the senate ended up in the hands of a liberal magazine. this is had a private meeting and recordings have now been made public and senator mcconnell's office does not know by whom. they say that someone bugged senator mcconnell's campaign headquarters. now, this started with what was supposed to be a private meeting between the minority leader, mr. mcconnell and his campaign team to discuss opposition research of mr. mcconnell's reelection bid and they all do research on possible competitors. and somehow audio of that was
11:37 am
published on the left leaning mother jones' website. here is the senator. this is moment ago, this isn't from the tape. this is the senator on capitol hill moments ago talking about this incident. >> last month, they were attacking my wife's ethnicity and apparently, also unbeknownst to us at the time they were bugging our headquarters, quite a knicnixonn move. this is what you get from the political left these days. as i indicated last week they were attacking my wife's ethnicity and apparently, also bugging my headquarters, much like nixon and watergate. that's what the political left does. we're going to move to another subject. >> megyn: wow, joining me now to discuss it arthur aidala, a fox news legal analyst and susan estridge for the 1988 dukakis campaign and professor
11:38 am
of law and political science in california great panel. we've got all angles covered. let's just start with the potential penalties to someone, ar gur, if in fact, he is right that the office was bugged, that this wasn't someone on his inner circle double crossing him. that someone actually bugged his office and leaked the tapes to mother jones? >> a very simple analysis, what we call a burglary. most people think a burglary is when you steal something, that's the not true. it's when you enter unlawfully. you're not allowed to be there and commit a crime therein and the crime is a blatant violation of your fourth amendment privileges against privacy. and blatant and everything i'm saying is wrong? i heard some-- >> that's what i heard, too. >> go for it. >> i'm not sure, did you say that everything is wrong.
11:39 am
>> the fourth amendment, not everything. i was just-- the fourth amendment only applies to states or governments, but the law in kentucky prohibits individuals from wire tapping and it provides very clearly that unless one recoparty to the conversation consents there's a separate violation, when you illegally bugged an office and i think it's much more serious, frankly than if you go in and steal my pencil, this is an invision of personal privacy and it's a clear violation of criminal law. >> you got to where i was going to, and-- >> i'm sorry. >> i just wanted to give a little background. >> i'm sorry, i thought i was off mic. >> that's okay, there would be a big difference, if there was someone, if there was an internal leak and that individual was allowed to be in the room and recorded it and then handed it over to mother jones, and then they're allowed. >> megyn: that's okay. >> and kentucky is a one-party consent state.
11:40 am
meaning if you and i have a discussion, privately and you don't know i'm taping you, it's okay, right. >> correct. but you can't tape susan and i without susan and i knowing about it and releasing it. >> megyn: if you don't have any consent to either party, if it's a true bugging situation, then, what, you're going to jail if they can prove you did this? >> yes, you should. i mean, this is a very serious crime. you know, california is a-- you have to be permission to bug my conversation. and everybody says things they doesn't want broadcast. >> megyn: let me stop you. you're somebody who has done this, run a campaign and had campaign meetings. want to talk about what some of what they were discussing, ashley judd, the actress who had been reported a long time was considering running,
11:41 am
challenging senator mcconnell for in senate seat and she sort of moved on from her acting days and has become a bit more political and they're talking in these clips about how she is emotionally unbalanced, about how she used to suffer from some suicidal tendency, that's been admitted to by her. and then they talk about some of the other issues they think are going to be problematic for her. this is the second call for a sound bite, folks, i think she's clearly-- let's listen to it. >> and clearly traditional marriage and family and describ described--
11:42 am
your thoughts on that kind of talk? >> you know, i'm shocked that they are in casa blanca, if she were to run, which i understand she actually isn't, all of this stuff is debated and the mcconnell campaign would decide how much they would use and miss judd would decide how to respond. and the only thing with, i apologize again, is what senator mcconnell said, this is what the political left does in america, we have no idea who did this. i think before we start branding each other as law breakers, and violating criminal laws we've got to find out who did it. >> megyn: i'll let you respond, arthur, but he made reference to the fact that last month his wife's ethnicity was attacked and his wife is elaine chao, labor secretary under president bush and there was a super pac who
11:43 am
wants to defeat mr. mcconnell, saying this woman, the wife of senator mcconnell may explain why your job moved to china and she of course is asian, and there were many other comments along those lines and that's what the senator is referring to. >> what about the responsibility of the magazine. their big comment is it's our understanding the tape was not the product of watergate-style bugging operations. shouldn't they want to know that if they're relying on criminal activity to publish a story in the magazine. isn't there integrity left? i don't think so. i know roger ailes isn't telling anybody at the fox news channel, violate the law, it doesn't matter. and i know it's not the ethics of this company. how about doing investigation as to where the tape came from before you go public. >> megyn: and we want to tell you there is he' a difference
11:44 am
legally that we looked into, in being the operation that decides to break this information and put it out this as mother jones did, and then being another organization that reports on the story and uses excerpts of the tape, that's legal the latter. the former, we'll have to see. panel, thank you. don't go away. much more after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] purpose elevates what we do. raises it to a more meaningful place. makes us live what we do, love what we do and fills our work with rewarding possibility.
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>> fox news alert now, with the breaking news we've been tracking out of texas as we get new descriptions of the man who may be behind the stabbing of at least 14 people on the campus of lone star state college in the houston area. a student suggests the man was apparently known on campus for toting around a stuffed animal, a monkey. and police confirming that the suspect was arrested and tackled, and they said by a student and there are some reports it may have been a group of students and you heard the officers say by a student. after he attacked several others, randomly walking through hallways by the sound
11:48 am
of it, an exact-o knife, a box cutter and we don't know, a stabbing instruments and one student saying earlier to our local fox affiliate. does it demonstrate the need to be able to protect one's self from the need to protect on campus. >> the guy who protected us in the classrooms and we-- we wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff and wish the law would let us carry guns, we're legal adults and carry to protect ourselves. so far we rely on god, but we'd love to have god and the law on our time. >> during the time what are you thinking about. >> kind of freaking out we can hear a whole lot of bamming on the walls and the glass and just you don't know anything and all you have is a little window that's, i mean, it's four inches wide and two foot tall all you can see out when your door is closed. and the door --. >> megyn: and that was moments
11:49 am
ago in reaction to what that young man experienced on his college campus. joining me now is texas state senator and radio host, patrick. and what is the status of concealed carry on campus ins texas. >> hi, megyn. the concealed carry in college campuses is stuck in committee. we were within one vote of passing it last session and right now the opposite slowed it down. even though we have a republican majority, because it takes 21 of 31 senators to bring a bill to the floor, two-thirds majority and he we don't have the majority and this college campus is in my senate district and i represent west houston and harris county. and we've had this in the last several months and reminds us no matter what security measures we put in place, there's always going to be an opportunity for someone to harm someone else, because you can't stop everyone in every
11:50 am
place on every weapon, this appears to be an exact-o knife although that's not confirmed yet. and i think it underscores the need for responsible adults who have a chl to be able to defend themselves. i don't know if you saw the story, megyn, this past weekend a free class was given to school teachers k through 12. 700 teachers showed up to take the class. >> megyn: i want to ask you, a minute until the hard break. the argument is that this guy who did the stabbing, he would have had a gun on him if concealed carry would have been legal. >> he could have had a gun on him, he could have had a gun anyway. the chl allows 21 and older, how old you would have to be. not any college student. 21 and older to carry a gun if we passed this bill and this person who did the stabbing today could have carried a gun, thank goodness, he didn't. he inflicted enough damage. >> clearly not a law abiding citizen. >> right. conditions on campus at the
11:51 am
college level will protect those who protect themselves. i know you're at the hard break, k through 12 we allow teachers with a chl to carry, if the school boards allow them and passed a bill to be prepared for the situations, thank you megyn. >> megyn: thank you for being here. we'll be right back. t's worki. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before youegin an aspirin rimen. it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor.
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fox news alert out of houston, texas, where we continue to track developments on this college campus. we got new descriptions of we believe the defendant, the person in custody believed to be the only person responsible for the tabbing of 14 people. the campus of lone star state the campus of lone star state college in the houston area and tell you because we had a debate about gun control and so on, and this will play into that. but, as we've been on the air,
11:55 am
u.s. senate majority leader harry reid has said that he has now scheduled the initial vote for gun control. this is controversial gun control bill in reaction to the connecticut murders in newtown, connecticut in december, young children, 20 young children and six adults. that will be scheduled for thursday. so, we are going to have a vote on gun control on thursday, at the federal level. in the meantime, down in houston, texas we're learning more about the not shooter, but stabber, he was apparently campus for toting around a toting around a stuffed animal, a monkey and the police confirm that the suspect was arrested after being tackled, we're told, by a fellow student and now hearing from some it may have been multiple students and to come, after he ran through the building attacking folks folks with an exact-o knife, a box cutter, we don't know. we're told, we saw students on gurneys taken away. some had gauze wrapped around
11:56 am
one eyewitness talked about a stab wound in the neck and we heard from one student to talked about how he feels that he and other students need to be able to protect themself from these kinds of attacks. let's listen to the eyewitness account. >> god protected us in our classroom and we -- we wish we could protect ourselves with could protect ourselves with guns and stuff. we wish that the law would let us carry guns because we're legal adults and carry guns on campus to protect ourselves, but so far all we have to rely on is on god, but we'd love to >> during that time, what are side. >> during that time what are you thinking? >> kind of freaking out because we can hear a whole lot of bamming on the walls everything just -- you don't know anything. all you have is a little window. >> megyn: wow. window. >> megyn: wow. and he's talking how they got down and said a prayer and thankfully they're okay, but
11:57 am
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