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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 11, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight the cuban celebrity crisis. does jay-z's song given the white house a bad rap? ♪ >> i am absolutely saying that the white house from the president on down had nothing to do with anybody's travel to cuba. that's something the treasury handles. >> the treasury department is now saying when they okayed the request they did not know it was them. yeah.
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yeah, the department said we thought it was a different jay-z and beyonce. >> cuba's not a zoo, were you >> cuba's not a zoo, were you pay a watch people living in cages to see how they're suffering. cuba, you hung out in the situation room for that iconic photo. now you want to go to cuba, hang out and see the way the folks live in the enlightened world, you do it, you get the permission. >> you cannot diminish actually the amount of people that have shed blood under the cuban regime. >> people curious how mr. z got in there so easily when no one else can go. how he got out thereof when no one else can get out of there. and people are curious how mr. z went down there and had a grand old time when no one who lives there does. >> why is anyone surprised? the rules don't apply to
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liberals. >> should they have gone? the people around them, how did they get? did they have permits? >> mr. z went right into the recording studio and laid down a rap track to deal with the criticism that's arisen ♪ >> is he dissing obama, telling him to chill, are you going to get me impeached, giving me grief about going to cuba? hell, i had permission from you go. >> greta: jay-z and beyonce going to cuba, work or play? do they know or care what's going on? the host of "the dana show" joins us. nice to see you dana. your thoughts, first of all, on whether the white house knew they were going to cuba or not. obviously a guest. we don't know for sure. they deny it but your thoughts. >> thanks for having me back, greta. i'm with you, i'm not sure whether or not the president himself knew, but someone had to
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approve, this the treasury department, according to jay carney, had to approve it. it's so hard to believe a megastar couple, whose names are so well known, so close to the administration, so close during the campaign, raised the headlines, raised the cash, partied with the president, sang at the inauguration, at all the bashes. it's hard to believe their names didn't raise any flags through the white house or the treasury department when they were going through the process of getting access to go to cuba. so kind of hard to think they were they would kind of slide by. >> greta: what's so interesting, according to politico, the treasury told politico that they were the ones who had authorized to provide the clearance, but that they had no idea it would be this couple that would be attending. apparently they gave clearance to the group they're with. >> right. >> greta: they don't look who they're giving clearance to go? i mean, isn't that part of the job of giving clearance, checking people out? >> right. and beyonce carter such a common
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name, we know, greta. there are so many beyonce carters in the united states. sean carter, i could see that passing. everybody knows him as jay-z. buyer is but beyonce is a one-wd celebrity, like cher. that's hard to say i didn't know it was that beyonce. >> greta: jay carney said the president didn't have a conversation with jay-z about this trip. did they have a discussion about another time or something. they say not over this trip. then you go to the lyrics, and in the lyrics he says he got white house clearance. he may have taken artistic license with it, sort of making that up, but he does in his song says he gets white house clearance. maybe these confused between what the white house and treasury is. people may be confused. certainly looks like a field trip as nor marco rubio describes it. >> yeah, absolutely.
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this song fascinates me, too, greta, because on one hand he's claiming to be the victim, that he's being persecuted in the united states, being criticized because he went over and used their -- the carter dollars to basically pay this oppressive regime, and, on the other hand, bragging about his close relationship with the administration, he has access, he can go there and do what he wants. it would have been amazing if he would have actually in this song, in this dis track to his critics, if he would named rappers in prison right now because they're political dissidents, rappers, artists, who know more about victimization more than sean carter. >> greta: you mentioned, i was reaping about one rapper in jail or proven in cuba for his protest lyrics against the cuban government. you wonder if any of these hollywood people ever do their homework. i shouldn't say all the hollywood people. whether these two on this trip did their homework to know where
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they were going, for what purpose. >> i seriously doubt it, because there have been so many other incidents where jay-z has been on stage wearing a shay shirt. shay was a notorious racist. this is a guy who said some of the most heinous things about african americans. yet this was a politician in the united states who said some of the stuff that shay said, there's no way jay-z would be wearing this t-shirt on stage at a concert. if they knew that the way the castro regime has treated afro-cubans, for instance, the ladies in white. bertha there was an ad that portrayed her as an ape. she's afro-cuban. the wives these political dissidents are jailed, they're going and supporting an oppressive racist regime. >> greta: dana, thank you. some members of congress taking
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their concerns to beyonce and jay-z, the lawmakers writing a pointed letter to the celebrity couple. what's in it? representative rhonda santos joins us. tell me about this letter. >> when we figured they had gone over there, you know, we asked them, did they take the time -- you can see jay-z puffing on the cigar, beyonce taking pictures, on their anniversary, and we asked them if they understood that the way that the cuban people are oppressed, denied basic freedoms. if you speak out against the regime you get arrested, jailed, or even killed, but it didn't seem to be something that concerned them when we went there. jay-z and his rap song that came out today, he says he loves the cuban people. if you love the cuban people, you should stand with the cuban people, not support the cuban regime, which they are both by the dollars they're spending, and by being photographs used for propaganda purposes. >> greta: what's the difference between jay-z and beyonce going
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to cuba and me going to north korea and doing a story? i mean, is the difference that we're working? certainly is a oppressive regime. >> sure. in fact, the restrictions for cuba would allowed have journalists to go to cuba to ply their trade. they went to under something called people-to-people exchange for education and research. we know it was their fifth-year anniversary. they were basically going as tourists. either the white house kind of -- is interested in broadening this category so that they're essentially condoning tourism, or jay-z and beyonce got a special deal where they could go down under people-to-people, but really go to have fun. >> greta: the category they went under is almost cultural ambassadors, sort of an exchange. would it have been different to you if they were very much involved in more organized cultural exchange projects there and sort not come back and sang
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this rap song and glorified it? >> if they would have gone down there, spoken on behalf of the cuban people. jay-z's freedom to rap, which we all agree with. what about the rappers in cuba, not allowed -- even thrown in jail? what about other folks killed for trying to protest the castro regime. imagine how powerful that would have been for worldwide celebrities to go down there and say that's not something they tolerate. >> greta: celebrities haven't done their homework, haven't studied where they're going, what goes on, and almost do it as a lark. >> like dana mentioned, wearing the shay t-shirts. people think he's cool because he's anti-american, so other celebrities go down there. that's totally whitewashes the brutality of the regime. it's not cool to wear that
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shirt. >> greta: they don't realize they've become p.r. to be used against the united states. >> without question. >> greta: the video used against the united states. they've set back things people were hoping to achieve vis-a-vis cuba. they've put us in reverse. >> absolutely. castro's brothers getting old. if they pass on this regime to new rulers, the cuban people still aren't giving a voice, we'll be in a difficult situation. we need change in cuba as soon as possible. >> greta: congressman, thanks. >> thanks. >> greta: on, who's telling the truth? jay-z or jay carney? go to and vote on the poll. cancer clinics across the country are turning away medicare patients, patients who need critical life or death chemotherapy drugs.
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the clinics blame the sequester cuts. now one republican congresswoman is trying to reverse the cuts. representative rene elmore joins us. nice to see you. >> to be with you, greta. >> greta: the sequester has basically cut off for some, from community centers, medicare patients who are getting chemotherapy. >> basically what it did is an unintended consequence of sequester, where medicare cuts, 2%, were put in place, but these drugs, chemotherapy agents, have to be administered under the supervision of a physician. so we have our cancer centers in our communities. they're going to be the ones who are harmed the most, because they're working at such an efficient pace. they take care of patients in their own communities. these patients will get care somewhere, but many will be -- >> greta: we talked about it in the greenroom before. i should point out that you're a nurse. you say patients will get care. >> they will get care. >> greta: here's where i disagree. in order to get care someplace else, you need transportation.
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not all the people have the money or wherewithal to go 15 miles to get treatment somewhere else. it costs much more to medicare. you'll have to get in a longer line. it's not the same as the chemotherapy you're currently dealing with for your cancer. >> the community centers do such an excellent job of taking care of these patients in a very efficient matter. we need to keep them in their own communities. if they go to the hospital, it is more money. it's about $6500 -- >> greta: to the taxpayers, too. >> to the taxpayers. $6500 more to medicare, and more money to the patients themselves. >> greta: and they may not have that. >> it harms the most vulnerable, those who are lower income, on fixed incomes, who have to find transportation outside of their communities. that means they will not get the care they need, so we'll have delayed care. >> greta: some people won't get chemotherapy to deal with cancer. delayed care is code for
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something else. >> well, that's the thing. anytime the diagnosis of cancer is made, that's a crisis within a family. >> greta: right. >> we need to deal with it right away. that's why we're moving so quickly on this. >> greta: and the congressman the other night wants to get on. a lot of members of congress watch this show. i take that your phone number is published and they can call you tomorrow. >> absolutely. >> greta: how many signatures do you need to move this? >> we need to get as many as we can. if we get about 218, then we can get it to the floor quicker. the sooner to get it there. bipartisan support, bipartisan issue. >> greta: every person watching that's a member of congress, you can email your representative, and if you care that seniors on chemotherapy, who have medicare -- some will be thrown off chemotherapy because of this
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thissequesterration. email your congressman and tell them to call her tomorrow. >> we want to move this as quickly as possible. >> greta: and everybody wants to fix this. republicans and democrats. anyone who hears this story is scandalized. any delay is a crime to people who paid medicare taxes for decades. >> absolutely. we must take care of the most vulnerable. >> greta: we'll get you the 200 and some signatures tomorrow. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: steve forbes has a few choice words for president obama's budget. he calls the budget phony and "france light." what does he mean by that? does he think businesses should be worried. steve forbes joins us. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: can you elaborate? tell me why you think this about the president's new budget? >> if he were serious, he would know that the president won't pass tax increases. they did in january.
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they took a hit in their base for doing so. he just did that for political purposes. he knew it was going to go nowhere. that doesn't set an environment where you're going to get real things done. also he wants to have a big increase in spending, which means less resources in the private sector. fortunately both on the tax front and on the spending front, those things aren't going clear, most of those things aren't going to clear congress, especially on the tax side. if he was serious about getting a real budget out there, to help get this economy moving, he would have proposed a different budget, but chose not to do so. >> greta: if there is no budget, can we just limp along with these continuing resolutions? i mean, frankly, i don't think there's going to be a budget, because they're so far apart. once president obama said he wanted to raise taxes, speaker boehner said there would be no new taxes. they're at loggerheads there. can we continue to limp along with continued resolutions and get our economy revved up or is it dependent on having a blueprint of our future and a budget? >> it would be nice to get a
7:16 pm
pro-growth budget, but in the absence of that limping along on these continuing resolutions is better than having a bad budget and prevents a massive increase in spending and new taxes on capital creators, savers and vestors, the very kind of people who get this economy moving. so it's not a good thing, but it could have been worse. >> greta: do you hold the president accountable for the sluggishness of the economy, or what do you want hold him accountable for? >> you have to hold him accountable,especially now. this is the first recovery. we're four years into the recovery. first recovery in american history we haven't had at least initially a sharp upturn. we're like a car in that proverbial open highway. should be going 60, 70 miles an hour now. instead we're puttering at 20. might get it up to 30, then down to 20. what's standing in the way? the massive spending, rising taxes, and huge uncertainty coming from those enormous, thousands of new rules and regulations on obamacare. if you're an employer, you don't know what it's going to cost to
7:17 pm
hire somebody right now, so that creates uncertainty, which creates stagnation. >> greta: uncertainty, because everybody wants toto see -- peod money don't know where to put it, park it, invest it, and businesses are afraid to invest, not sure where the tax code is going, or the healthcare. everyone is in sort of a limb l, wait and see, and nothing happens. >> that's right. and federal reserve creating uncertainty about the value of the dollar. if you make an investment, you don't know when you'll get a payout. if you don't know what kind of dollars you'll get back by taking that risk, that creates more uncertainty. so uncertainty is a killer. if you don't know the rules of the road, you're not going to travel on it. >> greta: do you have the sense that the president has a completely different ideology in how to run the government, fix the economy, or do you think that -- i mean, or do you think
7:18 pm
that he just doesn't understand it? i mean, what's your thought? >> i think part of it is he thinks that his agenda, which focuses on healthcare, also on the financial industry, he's trying to get his claws in the energy industry, i think what he thinks what he's doing there is far more important than temporary dislocations in the economy. he won't say that publicly. he has grander schemes in mind, and therefore if it means a few delays in the economy, so be it. in the long run, everyone will be better. i think that's what his thinkings. >> greta: steve, thank you. hope to see you again soon. >> thank you, greta. appreciate it. >> greta: straight ahead, a new problem with obamacare. what do small owners say is the scariest part about the president's healthcare law? one small business owner is here to tell you. also something is going on with president obama, something that's not happened since last summer, before the election. is the president happy about this? well, it's doubtful. find out what it is next. plus, donald trump, baby news. you heard right.
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grandpa... mmmhmm? kids have it easy nowadays. [ glasses clink ] i'm trying to tell ya. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles, and get a $150 promotion card. rethink possible. >> greta: last night some grim news for president obama. a new poll shows his approval rating is plunging down. according to the nbc/"wall street journal" poll, since the
7:23 pm
collection president obama's approval rating has fallen six points to 47%. his disapproval rating has gone up five points to 48%. that means the president is underwater for the first time since last august. abc news political director rick klein joins us. nice to see you, rick. >> hi, greta. >> greta: is plunging overstating it? that's the way i described the decline in his approval ratings. >> it's a slide, and it's not good for the president. a lot of it is natural, you come off an election, people have hope and excitement, they get frustrated with not enough change. there's a number of pools that show him underwater, not on just approval rating, but issue areas. that's problematic for the president. so much of his agenda right now is being driven by the ability to convince members of congress, you got to go along with what i'm saying. that kind of argument only has limited sway. it has less sway when you can't prove that you're substantially more popular than the people you're trying to influence. >> greta: which number is probably the one -- or which issue that's dragging him down?
7:24 pm
is it the economy? >> the economy, but the biggest frustration is generally with washington. people have seen the battles over budget issues, the economy, and don't feel like things are happening, which makes this a high stakes week for the president. he put out his bucket. he has advancements on gun control, immigration reform. if he's able to capitalize on these things, there's a window out of the tailspin. it's a mini one for now. there's a lot riding for the president on whether and how he declares victory on some of these things, cuts a deal, and shows some progress. >> greta: the poll that surprised me, i thought more disturbing, 61% believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. that's up about eight points from about last fall. 61%, wrong direction. >> yeah. that's sort of the benchmark for how a president's standing is viewed more generally, because the president ends up being blamed for so much of where the economy is, the general sense of
7:25 pm
direction like that. look, on one level, the president doesn't have to worry about approval ratings, he never has to run again, but his agenda is run by the ability to show others he'll be a popular figure through the midterm elections and the remainder of his term. it is that. he has a sweet spot when he's re-elected to influence members of congress to go along. other than that, you're a lame duck, as soon as you're reinaugurated. >> greta: will he drag down the democrats in the midterm? >> i think the midterms are entirely a regional story. the democrats' problem they're not going to be competitive to take back the house. many districts, the districts they need to win on, where even the president at his high point, wouldn't be a particularly popular figure. he's effective as a money raiser. a lot of folks in the democratic party want to see him continue
7:26 pm
to do that. even if his popularity was 60% nationally, a lot of places where democrats need to win where president obama is not going want to be anywhere near that. >> greta: rick, as always, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: new outrage about obamacare. some small business owners say it is what they don't know about the healthcare law hurting them. what is the obama administration not telling them that's keeping their businesses from growing? jody manner is the owner of bittersweet bakery and cafe. how long have you owned this business? >> 23 years. >> greta: how many employees do you have? >> 45. >> greta: what is preventing you from having any sort of expansion plans? >> well, expanding a business like mine, there are many factors involved, but healthcare certainly is a concern. it's not usual in our industry to provide healthcare for all your employees. a lot of restaurants only cover their management employees. we think it's a competitive
7:27 pm
advantage, and i think it's an important thing to provide healthcare for all of our employees. so it's a big nut every month. >> greta: you're at that awkward position traffic an, though. you have 45 employees. if you hire five more, you automatically -- you don't have a lot of flexibility at that point in terms of providing healthcare or not to all your employees. >> that's right. we're required to at 50, i believe. >> greta: are you holding at 45 just to see what happens? is that -- >> no. as i said, there are many factors that go into a decision about expansion. you know, the last few years, i mean, it's been -- i think the average has been 17% or 18% increase in our premiums every year. so it's an escalating cost. we pay most of the expense for our long-term employees. so it's -- again, it's a really big nut every year. >> greta: what don't you know about it? what's the uncertainty? what do you need to have answered? >> well, nobody really knows what's going happen next. you know, what is the affordable
7:28 pm
healthcare act going to have -- what impact is that going to have on premiums going forward? nobody really understands that. >> greta: so if your premiums stayed where -- if someone said to you tonight, don't worry, your premium will stay the same for the next five years, would that give you the certainty to expand? >> well, in business we always like certainty, right? >> greta: right. >> sure, that would be great. >> greta: do other small business people talk to you about -- i'm trying to get an idea how much influence this healthcare has on business decisions. on the one hand, we're trying to figure out how to implement this, the nation is. on the other hand, we're trying to get the economy revved up. >> yeah. it's a difficult thing. a lot of small businesses, i'm afraid, are going to decide that they -- they may decide to pay the penalty, may not provide the benefit for people. i think that's a bigger problem frankly. we're all subsidizing healthcare to a certain extent now because so many people don't have coverage.
7:29 pm
>> greta: talking about the economy, back in february of '09, the president had a large stimulus bill. i'm curious, have you felt the impact? has it helped your business, helped the economy? >> i'm very fortunate to own a business here in washington, in the washington area. we've been spared a lot of pain that a lot of the rest of the country has experienced. i think we are -- our economy has really stayed pretty strong in this area. i wouldn't want to own a restaurant and catering business in las vegas or orlando or a lot of places that got hurt much more badly we did. >> greta: jody, thank you very much. nice to talk to you. >> you're welcome. >> greta: congressmanning, i'm out of time. come back next week with ideas how to solve this problem. >> absolutely. >> greta: that's your homework. so what was the problem and did the congressman do his homework? he's back to tell you. that's next. also donald trump taking to twitter to make a big
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>> congressman jason chafe vets has done his homework. last week he went on the record about the problems at the u.s./mexican border. so we gave him homework to come up with a solution.
7:34 pm
tonight congressman chaffetz is back. >> we've got to start by fixing legal immigration. i want the fence to work, the border to be secure, but if you don't fix legal immigration you never solve the problem. you've got to get rid of the rewards and incentives that you give people to come here illegally. they're magnets. part of that is jobs. e-verify is a big part of that solution. you also need an exit/entry program. right now you come in to this country, but when you leave we never know. 40% of the people that are here illegally come here legally. they come here, they like it, but never leave. >> greta: what do we do? can't overhunt anybody that overstayed a visa? >> if you have to use e-verify, document that you're here legally in order to get a job, that's a big part of it.
7:35 pm
right now a lot of people are taking advantage of -- they're called otms, other than mexicans. people who come here, i saw it on the border, romanians coming in, and they want to be captured, because they'll get into a process where they'll get a court date, and another in two or three months. guess what. in phoenix right n only three administrative judges. by the way, i think they should be federal judges, not administrative judges, because i think it should be the third branch of government, not the administration, making these administrations, which is a big, huge, heavy lift and fix. right now in phoenix if you get a court date because you're here illegally, guess what your date is. 2020. in the meantime you get healthcare, you get education, you get all of these other benefits. >> greta: here's the other problem. one of the proposals by the bipartisan -- we hear that's leaking out -- there will be a path to citizenship in 10 or 12 years. you know, the one thing we haven't looked at is -- a lot
7:36 pm
will have families and children. so we've got this problem. you know, if for some reason someone doesn't make the mark, if building a border fence is a prerequisite, that doesn't happen, so now we have people who can't have a path to citizenship, or whatever, they've got children who are citizens. >> those are heartbreaking tales. >> greta: what do we do? >> the kids are a special exception. somebody's who's here, no fault of their own they were brought here -- >> greta: people are born here and -- >> these are united states citizens. >> greta: parents may not be united states citizens, but the children are. >> i happen to be one that thinks we should change the whole birthright citizenship approach that we have currently in this country, but given the current law, given the way it works now, these are united states citizens, of course we'll look after them. >> greta: are you satisfied we can come up with a solution to deal with the 11 million illegally here, there will be a bipartisan decision, and we can
7:37 pm
once and for all put this to rest? >> there's no other conclusion we have to do that. i happen to believe that comprehensive -- which i worry is code word for amnesty, i really worry that's been tried and failed. at some point it becomes there's something in there for everybody to hate and dies. i passed an immigration bill last year, didn't get much ink, but dealt with family-based visas, very bipartisan, only 15 people in the house voted against it. it would have helped thousands of people. i just hope it gets properly benefited. >> greta: thanks for being a good sport about your homework. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, new intelligence tonight from the pentagon about north korea and a live report from the korean peninsula. plus senator john mccain is here to talk about the simmering crisis. and in two minutes, jane fonda
7:38 pm
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today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger. >> greta: jason fonda's new movie is sparking a feud. former first lady nancy reagan in the upcoming film "the butler." now some veterans are calling for a boycott of the movie. larry reyes is a navy veteran and founder of the facebook page boycott hanoi jane playing nancy reagan. he says fonda bordered on treason when she went to hanoi and called americans war criminals. now fonda has a message for reyes and his facebook fans. she says get a life. fonda also telling the hollywood reporter if her role as nancy reagan creates hoopla more people will see the movie. she claims the real nancy reagan is happy with the casting. fonda even got advice from the former first lady. now we want to hear from you. would you go to see a movie
7:41 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> greta: tonight horrifying new u.s. intelligence about north korea. for the first time the pentagon concluding north korea is probably capable of making a nuclear warhead, small enough to be delivered by a missile. for the latest on what is happening right now on the korean peninsula we go to jennifer chang live in seoul, south korea. jennifer, what's the latest? >> well, south korean officials say they have intelligence that suggests north korea is ready to fire five intermediate-range missiles, which can range as far as u.s. bases in guam. >> greta: when you say five, is that -- is it hi imminent, firep and ready to go, it could happen at any minute, or sort of they're beginning preparations? >> that means they're ready to be fired, fueled up and ready to
7:44 pm
go to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birthday of the founder of north korea, the grandfather of the current north korean leader, kim jong-un. the day is next monday. that's a major public holiday in the north. >> greta: are people on edge in south korea? or do they think it's just a test headed in another direction? >> well, they are very worried about the situation. not as concerned as they were back in 1994 when north korea threatened to turn seoul into a sea of fire and they started stocking up on instant noodles and water, but they are very worried, though they do not believe the north would fire this at a target. they think it's a test. >> greta: jennifer, thank you. if north korea does fire a mid-range missile what should the u.s. do next? we asked senator john mccain about that and about the president's budget plan.
7:45 pm
nice to see you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: the president submitted his budget. your thoughts on it? >> i'm always looking for a pony, a ray of hope. i think the fact that the president did enact -- or propose some modest changes in entitlement is at least a step in the right direction. maybe -- i emphasize maybe -- the president is on track to try to begin negotiations owner a grand bargain. whether or not we will be able to, i don't know. he just had another group of norse for dinner. there's been outreach-in other ways that hasn't been there before. >> greta: your fellow republicans on both sides of the hill don't paint such quite a rosy picture of this. >> i'm not trying to paint a rosy picture. i'm just saying this is a departure from the previous four years. the fact he's proposed the issue of the changed cpi, the price index on inflation on social
7:46 pm
security has angered the people in his party on the left. maybe the president sees that this country is headed for the ditch unless we cure the debt and deficit program and reforms of entitlement programs has got to be part of that "o'reilly factor" do you think there's a willingness of the part of the republicans on capitol hill, we're not overly impressed with the president's budget, would you gel it a shot? >> if we don't give it a shot, say we're ready to sit down, then the american people are not well served. there has to be, sooner or later, reigning in of entitlement programs and tax reform. we know that has to happen. >> greta: immigration, you want to mooch it faster than, for instance, your colleague senator marco rubio. >> no. >> greta: no? you don't want to move the process, get it rolling sort of faster? >> no. somehow people keep saying that when it's not true. we've had a meeting, including
7:47 pm
senator rubio, all eight of us, had a meeting with senator leahy. he will give it plenty of time, a couple of weeks, before he's even going have a hearing. they could have additional hearings if necessary, also other committees that have jurisdiction. we don't see anything really coming to the floor before at the earliest sometime in may. >> greta: the odds that something will get passed, do you want to go out an a limb, say whether we'll get immigration reform, whether two parties can agree? >> i've had tough experience in the past on this issue. for example, there was a poll today that shows the majority of americans, overwhelming, including a majority of republicans, favor a legalization if -- it's a huge if -- people who are here illegally, pay back taxes, pay a fine, learn english, and get in the back of the line. but first we bring them out of the shadows and give them a legal status after going through
7:48 pm
certain screening, etc., but it's a long time before they're ready to get a green card because there's a backlog of a huge number of people that are waiting already, and we can't let them do anything but go to the back of the line. >> greta: north korea, a lot of saber-rattling recently, and we're expecting at any moment they could test another mid-range missile. in the event that it fires off a mid-range missile, we'll be able to knock it down. it's not going to hurt anybody. what's the next step that happens? i mean, that is another sort of line in the sand. >> it's dangerous. this guy is a clown. he's a fool. so was his father and so was his grandfather. but they do have nuclear weapons. they do have missiles. 20 miles -- 20 to 30 miles from seoul is the dmz. in caves is artillery which can be fired before we can take them out. there's a city of seoul with millions of people. this is very dangerous business.
7:49 pm
now logically, would he ever contemplate such a thing? i think it's pretty clear this guy and his father and grandfather didn't think like us. we've been through a cycle of confrontation, negotiation, aid and assistance to them. we've given them fuel, lifted sanctions. we've given them food. meanwhile they've got the world's worst gulag of 200,000 people who are literally starving to death and being tortured and beaten to death in north korea. and the key to this is china. the chinese can control what the north koreans do. >> greta: i've heard that now for years, the same story i've heard for years. >> yes. >> greta: let me go back to the says, that if they fire off another test missile, a mid-range missile, whether it goes in the ocean, wherever it goes, what happens next? >> i would take it out. >> greta: then we say we got it, and that's the end of it? >> no. we show young kim jong-un we can take out his capabilities. we can show that to him.
7:50 pm
>> greta: senator, nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: straight ahead, donald trump's baby news. that's next. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu! oh my goodness... oh my gosh, this looks amazing... [ male announcer ] 15 entrees under $15! it's o new maine stays! seafood, chicken, and more! h! the tilapia with roast vegables. i'actually looking at the od grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. that pork chop was great. no more fast food friday's. we're going to go to red lobster...
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>> greta: time to hash it out.
7:54 pm
get out the si cigars. donald trump has baby news, tweeting donations t congratulao ivanka, her daughter, expecting her second child. congratulations to the whole family. and speaking of growing families, octomom is back in the spotlight. the huffington post reporting that octomom dresses up as angelina jolie for a bizarre new photo shoot. yes, she's channeling another famous mom, angelina jolie. in one photo she dressed in her tomb raider's costume. in another, she shows off a high slotted gown just like jolie wore to the 2012 oscars. if people walking by the newsstands mistake octomom for angelina? we're guessing probably not. and huffington post miami tweets, agh, that's an everglades tour guide wrestling a burmese python. tourists watched as their guide
7:55 pm
tangled with the snake. in the end, he says it was another day at the office. never too old for spring break. hot 99.5 tweeting best grandma ever. grandma hits the beer bong while flying to cabo. >> oh, my god. >> and that was just the plane ride. we won't tell what you grandma did when she got to mexico. use the #greta on your tweets and post. coming up, how is president obama taking the critiques of his new budget? jimmy fallon will tell you. that's next. carfirmation.
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>> greta: nobody likes to get a bad review except maybe president obama. >> big news out of washington finally after months of wrangling president obama unveiled his 2014 budget.


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