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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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as a chair. highest profile to date is joe biden. >> >> this is the fox report. is someone trying to kill the controversial sheriff? you will hear about the packet that was rigged to explode. >> shepard: plus secretary of state john kerry warns north korea test firing a missile would be a huge mistake. >> the rhetoric we are hearing from north korea is simply unacceptable. >> shepard: a missile test expected at any moment. but the white house is playing down reports that the north koreans may have the capability to launch a nuclear attack. >> they have not demonstrated
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the capacity to deploy a nuclear armed missile. >> shepard: the attempt to push back north korea from the brink of war. plus a new arrest in conthe murder of the colorado prison shep. a white supremist gang member. what the arrest could mean for the investigation . a guy tries to stab a woman on the bus. passengers tell him to take a hike. first from fox this friday night from north korea. launching a nuclear missile is easier said than done. that is the news from the white house after franklyy alarming report. a report indicated that there is a decent chance that north korea h h has nuclear weapons. but the agency is the one that suggested iraq's saddam
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hussein demonstrated chemical weapons . that same agency reported that the iraqis may have weaponized biological warfare agents and there was no reliable information on whether iraq was producing or stock piling weapons . we learned that iraq was not any of the above . the white house doesn't have faith in the intelligence. >> obviously the north koreans have tested nuclear weapons and developed missile technology. but they haven't demonstrated the ability to attach a war head to a miss and i will fire it >> the dictator there kim jong-un threatened to nuke washington. of course, those same analyst warn that north korean could
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try to test fire a missile. secretary of state kerry warns the north korean leader that doing so would be a huge mistake. it is confusing and the white house is scrambling to try to explain to us what north korean abilities really are. >> alarm bells went off after a republican congressman read from the defense intelligence agency and the confusion came from the fact that parts of the report are classified and shouldn't be talked about and other parts were unclassified and could be talked about . the congressman said a part of the report said that the u.s. government believed that north korea had nuclear weapons and try to fire at south korea or the u.s.. it seemed to catch general dempsey off guard. >> general, would you agree with that assessment by dia.
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>> congressman, with the number of caveats you put on that, i can't touch that one. i am not sure. some is classified and some is not. >> that's why jay carny and other officials in the intelligence committee reassured the public and said there was condepusion but the fact is the government doesn't believe that north korea has nuclear weapons that are capable to be attach to a missile and be launched. >> it sounded like the republicans are down playing the threat? >> it is a problem. but republican analyst are saying a more nuclear threat is iran and they believe that is what the administration should be focusing on. >> he's probably sent a thank you note for kim jong-un thanks for all of the attention on you. i will keep on enriching
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uranium. >> iran is moving closer to nuclear weaponings. defense secretary hagel asked. he said both are threats and they could succeed in getting them in the days ahead. they are dangerous and explosive situations. thank you very much. >> shepard: by the way one year and 8 minutes ago we learned that north korea attempted a three stage rocket launch. it fell into the sea and it was a big embarrassment for the brand new north korean leader. here at home a mail bomb was likely powerful enough to kill who ever opened it. that is the latest on the attacks on law enforcement figures. >> joe is the sheriff in
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phoenix . there earlier this week the postal service intercepted a pack annual that was leaking gun powder. >> what we are told the latest information was. had someone opened that package, it would have caused a major explosion and caused serious physical injury burns and maybe deaths. >> shepard: they have identified a suspect but did not say who it would be. the sheriff spoke out today, john. >> not surprisingly for a sheriff who made a lot of enemies, he came out fight full of defiance and a promise he will not be intim dated by anyone. >> i am not leaving this office and i am not going what
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they do or say, i am staying. i am not surrendering and i will fight and do the job for the people of this county and that's my message again to all of these people. that don't like the sheriff. >> now not being intim dated is not the same as not being concerned and begin all of the attacks recently on law enforcement officialings he does have concern for himself and his family obvious >> shepard: thankfully that package did not make it to his office. >> it was dropped in a rural mailbox in flagstaff, arizona that is north of where sheriff arpaio was based. it had a lot of the postage stamps on it . that indicates who ever was sending it wanted to make sure it got there and didn't want to go to the post office and get it weighed.
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he took it on a postal center and noticed gun powder was leaking and called it to the parking lot and did a make safe test . fired a water cannon on it. it did not actually explode at that point . late word tonight they have identified someone they want to talk to, shep. >> shepard: johnathon hunt, thanks. police in colorado arrested another white supremist gang murder in connection with the murder of a prison chief. investigators say a man shot him when he opened the front door. behind me cubo died in a shoot
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out. last night police arrested another man. he is not named a a suspect. >> somebody walked into a shopping mall and started shooting. by the time it was over two were dead. it happened in the new valley mall in virginia. the cops say that's where it all went down. no word on the motive or suspect's identity. it happened a few south of virginia tech campus where a suspect killed 32 people in 2007. >> president obama is having a mother of a shooting victim fill in with him. it is the first time but president or vice-president will deliver the address. in this case her name is fran
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sin wheeler. some of the newtown families have been in dc pushing for gun control laws. the president believed that the newtown families are critical to the progress. >> after the cops refuse to charge anybody in the alleged rape of a teenage girl that teen killed herself. hackers forced the cops to take the action they were not taking. the hacker's efforts paid off. a little girl who killed herself and now there may be justice. the story is ahd from the journalist of fox news on this friday's fox report. my mantra?
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if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. >> police have reopened the case of a teenage girl who hanged herself after young men raped her and passed around the photo of it.
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that happened in halifax nova scottia in 2011. the cops decided they couldn't charge anybody and the family said she hanged herself last week. >> she wanted to be heard and wanted someone to believe her. no one did. >> well, now, somebody has. members was activist group anonymous claim told have tracked down the suspects and threatened to release names if the didn't do some action. they also did that in a rape case. cop in canada said they are reopening the parson case after they got credible new information. anita vogual. anita, they are not saying what the new information is. >> that's right, shepard. they know who the tipster is and willing to work with the
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police on this investigation. they claimed that a person stepped forward. in the meantime the girl's mother hopes public will leave finding justice up to law enforcement. >> i don't want more bullying. she wouldn't have wanted more bullying and that is not justice. i think they need to be accountable for what they did. i don't want them physically hurt. >> as far as the new tip leading to charges and arrest it is too early to tell. the funeral will take place tomorrow. >> shepard: anita, live in the news room. a similar case in california. police arrested three teenage boys linked to the rape and suicide of a 15 year old girl and photos of that crime went
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viral. her name was audrey pott. the relatives want her to use her name to raise awareness of a savage crime. >> audrey by all accounts had too much to drink and she went uptear to sleep and while she was unconscious. male classmates from sarah toga took advantage of her in the ways that are a parent's worst mare. >> the girl postod facebook, the whole school knows. my life is ruined. eight days after the attack she hanged herself and her mother found her in her bedroom on a rope. the manager of a popular diner in new jersey is facing charges of conspiracy and attempted murder as investigators accuse him of trying to have his boss
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killed. his boss happened to be his uncle. investigators say he was after the money in his uncle's safe. he thought he was hiring a hit man to torteur and kill his uncle. 46th day of testimony and now a second person is kicked off of the jury. we'll explain what led to the judge to dismiss . a security expert suggest that hijackers could do it through certain cell phones. we'll have the details coming up. 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families
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>> how can you believe jodie
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suffered abuse with few signs. that was a jury tough question for expert today. she shot him and slit his throat. she testified that he would push and kick her and broke her if anything yer choked her until she lost conscious. there is no evidence of that. the defense has not presented one shred of it. but the expert said she had concluded that the defendant's ex, abused her. the jury asked if she would change her mind if she learned it was all lies. the witness said no. >> no, it is a purely psychological abuse. they feel intim dated and afraid and apprehensive and very much pult down and often say that that abuse for them is worse than the physical abuse they endured.
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a >> shepard: the president abuse and jodie arias shot her exin self abuse. she can't more tough questions from the jurors and now the judge dismissed the second juror. >> juror february -- number 5 was dismissed. this is different. juror number 11 hispanic man was dismissed for health reasons. they will choose 12 and four alternates after his dismissal . the questions from the jury today of the defense witness continue to be tough. 159 questions in total . second most by the jury . listen to this question. one of the harsh ones she had to face today. >> do you consider someone who
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said that no jury will convict me to be a person with low self-esteem? >> it sounds like a foolish statement to me. >> i don't know what to say about self-esteem but it doesn't seem like a good statement to make, that is for sure. >> that question alluded to video interview that jodie had begin saying that she would not be convicted by the jury. >> shepard: there will be a hearing alleging prosecutorial misconduct. it relates to video footage that showed the prosecutor shaking hands and signing autographs for fans. now is your chance to buy the jodie arias' art.
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they are selling her own drawings on the website. it includes frank sinatria and gras kelley. you will know her recent works are legit and authicated with a right thumb print. >> hijackers may be able to take over the plains by hacking systems. the feds are down playing the report. a german security consultant found a way to redistrict - redirect the plane. the feds say it wouldn't work in the real world and it does not work on certified flight hardware and a hacker can't obtain full control of the aircraft as the technology consultant claimmed.
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it raises questions about potential of attacks about systems that use computers, including planes. >> all of them are vulnerable. it is a question of how easy it is and the counter measures are. in this case, it appears there are reasonable counter measures but we still need more information. >> even if they found a way to alter the plane's course. the pilots could override by switching over the autopilot. >> three days left to file your taxes. now they have the weather. so-called rain tax could have folks paying when it pours . the dow came close to doing something it had never done. the stocks finished the best week this year . a knife wielding man loose on
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>> shepard: i am shepard smith and this is the fox report and bottom of the hour and top of the news. secretary of state john kerry warning north korea dictator if he hitches a launch button for a missile test he will be making a big mistake. north korea could test the
4:30 pm
missile any moment and he commented on a pentagon intelligence report that indicated moderate confidence that the north has ability with missiles. >> it is inaccurate that the dprk fully tested or developed capabilities that are articulate in the report. >> shepard: just cucking a nuclear test is different than an atomic bomb on a missile. greg is live in south korea. >> in the past hour secretary kerry will talk to north korea if it abides by the international obligation. all of the meetings held by secretary of state kerry aimed to avert a missile launch and he said it would isolate the pyongyang and the young leader. kerry played down the report. he said it is making advances
4:31 pm
and a nuclear north korea is not acceptable. for its part north korea said they would not abandon the program. they are prepared for the celebration of the founder. that is possibly a target day for the launch. kerry goes on to china next. the ally seen as a way to get north korea back in line . back to you. >> greg in seoul . what is like in the hermit kingdom. here is a satellite image. can you see a lot of white dots in the south. a lot of darkness in the north. that is no electricity. just 26 percent of the entire north korean population has acess to the electricity. one in four. >> two of the biggest banks
4:32 pm
started wall streets earning season reporting record profits. thanks to cost cut hh risk lending. less lending in general. they are not doing as much lending as they used to. there is significant slow downs and analyst warn that there are bumps in the road ahead. this report has a lot lawyers. >> it is a solid start to the year. j. p. morgan-chase . wells fargo said it surpassed five billion and shows a significant slowing in the mort. the demand for loans has fallen and a worrying sign for the economy, shep. >> shepard: it was a great week for the 401 k's. but the market took a breather
4:33 pm
today. dow fell just about even. a fraction below . s&p 500 all down a few points as investors chew over the reports that show americans are feeling less confident about the economy . folks kept a tight grip on their wallet. >> yes, 4-10ths of a percent spent less . that was the drop in retail sales. in february sales had increased a full percent. it is a sign that the economy is feeling the affects of january's tax increases and a closely watched university of michigan survey shows consumer confidence in the lowest level. now they want to tax the rain. lawmakers want residents to pay for environmental clean up. the feds ordered the state to
4:34 pm
reduce run off in the chesapeake bay . so the rain tax as they are calling it, would charge folks for any surface that stops rainn from seeping in the ground. >> and roofs like and driveways? >> doug, what is this . ? >> marry landders who live in one of the state's largest counties who have a roof, driveway and a patio and any kind of surface that doesn't absorb rainfall. they will have to pay the rain tax. these feas are common. cities in florida, tex dex and illinois started levying them because the environmental protectionages imposed limits on storm run off. ? some say the epa doesn't have the authority to do that. the new rain tax will cost an
4:35 pm
$50 to $200 a year and no escaping it the state would use satellite imeragery to determine your rain tax. >> what about a parking lot and shopping center. the rain tax will actually be more than the property taxes and that leaves them with only the option of passing the costs along to the tenants and all of the goods and services will go up in costs. the epa said it will have benefits far beyond the bay itself and help support the local economies. >> shepard: thank you, doug. >> when you add up what we are paying him and his book sales. president obama made a lot of money . he gave a lot of that away. tax returns showed that the president and his wife reported adjusted gross income of $600,000. that is down a couple of grand
4:36 pm
from the year before. they donated $150,000 to charit yepaid more than $100,000 in taxings. >> a man with a knife attacked a passenger on the bus. that tops the news around the world in 80 seconds . >> chin ayou can see the guy walk toward the frontt of the bus and suddenly pull that knife on a woman she blocked the first stabbing attempt and the attacker tried to slash her and the driver stopped the bus and grabbed the guy. the cops arrived and arrested him. the woman went to the hospital with a wound. >> two massive fires in the second largest stave manda lay. broke out at 2:00 in the morning and the second fire a
4:37 pm
few hours later. no word on the cause. morocko. a foot race across 150 miles of the sahara desert. the mara thon covers different distances. longest stage 55 miles and the local won the men's race and a american took home the women's title. >> brazil. unvealing collection ofricious art to honor pope francis. it will be for world youth day and first trip to the city since he became pope. that's a wrap. >> around the world is brought to you by verizon. powerful answers. >> shepard: have you had trouble with bed bugs and itching and scratching can drive you crazy. how kidney beans may leave to
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a world wide fix. and families are saying they simply cannot care for their pets . first, a ground-breaking comedy legend johnathon winters has died. he grew up in ohio and a child of the depression and joined the marines and served two years in the south pacific . got his start in show biz and competing in a talent contest and he earned a name for himself as a pioneer of improve, comedy. >> i did a thing that a lot of us probably would like to do. maybe a few of us don't. i will have to ask you. did you undress in front of a dog? >> he made history in 1956 rca
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broadcast the first demonstration of color videotape on the johnathon winter's show. he appeared in movies and the 1963 classsic it is a mad, mad, mad world. later in life he appeared in a number of television shows and did voice over work in hollywood. comedians and actors are praising johnathon winters for his legacy as one of the all-time greats . certainly a lot of laughs as a child in mississippi. he died of natural causes. great johnathon winters was 87. all-wheel traction. all-wheel power. all done. only from husqvarna. challenge the impossible.
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who made his living predict being avalanche. he reportedly had deployed his self safety air bag. the state agency reports he is the "first forecast"er to die on the job. super storm sandy destroyed thousands of businesss and forced tens of thousands of people living in shelters. it is easy to forget they had pets. many of them had to give up the dogs and cats because they simply can't take care of them anymore. a lot of animal lovers are willing to lift a helping hand. >> it is a long way from the jersey shore. when they found out the storm ravaged victims and their pets she got involved . founded sandep dog nannies. >> i thought there was a need
4:44 pm
for a temporary shelter for the dogs and help the pet owners which is different than typical dog rescue. it is all about helping the dogs. >> her efforts could not have come at a better time for debby blare whose dog was paired with a family in manhattan. >> it is such a piece of mind that i have and my dog is safe and well taken care of . the dogs pick up on all of stress as well . she was removed from all of the craziness going on in my house and it a blessing. >> fema reports that there are still hundreds of people living hotels and motels and two dozen dogs have been placed in temporary homes. >> plaintiff: molly, thank you. if you would like to help out, go to fox check out the headline seconds.
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fox >> the latest weapon in the battle of bed bugs is century's old. a new study shows why folks in southeastern europe sworn by the leaves of the kidney bean plant. they have hicroscopic hairs that trap the bugs and drive them. researchers are working on a synthetic material. if they figure it out the bed bug dog probably will need a new line of work. >> carnival ship. it is quite a run. specifically a baby roach at a juice dispenser. on the plus side, it is now cheap to take a cruise. >> and the all out brawl that left a pitcher on the disabled list and it didn't end when the game ended.
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>> if you can forget the recent headlines. now could be a perfect time to take a carninal cruise. some cases prices are slashed 20 percent . this comes after the carninal triumph disaster in february . the engine fire knocked the power out and filthy conditions in the gulf of mexico. passengers said they had no working toilets and the limited food options included onion sandwiches. there is world that a carnival ship fail would - failed the health inspection. not enough chlorine in the
4:50 pm
pool and roach in a juice dispenser. it is important understand that a ship poses a health risk to guest or crew. deep in the utah desert there is a site that few americans know about and fewer get a chance to see. katherine did. a close up look . it seems not everyone was happy approximate her -- about her dure. >> the utah data center is's massive storage facility and i our question was denied our team dropped in to ask the bottom question. >> utah data center hold the data of american citizens. >> we don't hold da on u.s. citizens. take protecting your
4:51 pm
civil libertis and privacy as the most important thing they would do. >> we were not given access but could see it from the sky. >> we are 500 feet . the nsa said we need it to keep us safe. but the concrete box is the front and center in the debate. >> it raises the questions about the vast amount of data. >> nsa whistleblower said americans should be concerned about letting the government go too far in the name of security. >> only way to have perfect secretary is have a storage tape. that's what it would look like. >> two weeks after the helicopter pilot got a visit from two f.b.i. agents said they had taken the photos . used it to identify the
4:52 pm
manufacturer. they were satisfied that the pilot was not a flying terrorist. it shows the power of just having a little bit of information. >> katherine we'll look forward to seeing more when john roberts host your secrets out. that is sunday night on fnc. >> a fight broke out in the dodger's padre game and cost both teams millions. la's plunking carlos quentin . they used to do it all of the time. they lowered his shoulder and quentin charged the mound. it lasted a few minutes and the 147 million pitcher is out with a broken collar bone.
4:53 pm
they tried to confront the guy . another player got in between the two and suspensions sure to follow. >> the 7 year old who rain for six in the nebraska spring football game is now an internet sensation. 7 million people viewed it on youtube. that is jack, number 22. watch him run. he had been diagnosed with brain cancer and he's on a break from chemo these days . arilier his dad said that the son's tumor has shrunk and hope to bring attention to the disease . it is a long road and we thank god every day he is with us . we still have a mara thon in front of us. >> he said the family feels blessed and the children often
4:54 pm
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4:58 pm
tube. jay-z well aware of the controversy of his recent trip. they did get a license for a cultural visit to the communist country. a license that lets just about any american travel to cuba as part of a tour group. you can book such a trip online. some lawmakers accused the power couple of receiving special treatment, which they didn't. now, he has a now open letter. it is fueling more. listen to this ♪ let me commit a real crime ♪ we he don't need this [ bleep ] anyway, chill with me on the beach ♪ >> implying there that he has spoken with the president about his trip. the president has not spoken to jay z. about his trip to cuba. it's national grilled cheese it today. another juror dismissed in the
4:59 pm
jodi arias murder trial due to illness. number three a panel of navy officer is recommending honorable discharge. and number two, investigators say a mail bomb that somebody sent to arizona sheriff joe arpaeo was likely powerful enough to kill him. and secretary of state john kerry warning north korea against firing a missile. that is the fox report top five. and on this day in 1961. the cold war in space got very hot. when a soviet cosmonaut became the first human to travel to space. he lifted off into his tore i have. the u.s. hoped to win the battle for the first manned space flight but fell a few weeks short. the flight lasted less than two hours. the u.s. would eventually top the soviets in 1969 when


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