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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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our hot spot issue what. do you think is more annoying? bee yonz yeah and jay-z's trip to cuba or jane fonda playing nancy reagan in a movie? someone did, my wife. >> kimberly: i'm kimberly guilfoyle along with our panel and it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> kimberly: yesterday we told you a radical professor at usc who trashed republicans. we get an update from the school and tell you about in a moment. but first, let's start with another university controversy, here on the east coast. harvard has hosted legends over the year. winston churchill spoke and president kennedy spot and mother theresa in '82.
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here we are in 2013 where they have invited a sexist, named higga. here are some more. >> [ bleep ]. >> you know who you [ bleep ]. >> should have have the money, take 20 [ bleep ] that's my life ♪ ♪ and clean [ bleep ]. >> you know to our resident rap expert. dana, you studied rap extensively bob. >> i'm a long time historian on rap music. i never listened to it once? >> this guy is clearly, all those nasty things you talk about. it's harvard. these people invited all kinds
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of whacko. >> greg: they invited you. >> bob: i protested. but i wouldn't agree with thing this punk says, but what are you going to do? they have the right to hire who they wanted and let it go. >> greg: the rapping doesn't come close and doesn't come close to dana perino. it's boring and stuck in 1994, but it's the fact that -- i'm with you. i don't care who goes there, but at least be fair. you can have a lady hating rapper but not a god fearing christian. a welcome mat for one person becomes a war path for another depending on their political ideologies or their beliefs especially if their beliefs happen to be traditional then they turn on them. that is the problem. >> kimberly: what do you think of this. is harvard doing the right thing? >> eric: it's a performance.
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these lyrics are no different than any other rap liq on the street right now. you can't believe some of the lishgs. this is -- lyrics. >> i hear so much of this stuff you have no idea. every white 14-year-old boy in the suburbs think he is rapper. they all stand around in groups with free style like this. hopefully my son doesn't use those terms. i hope they are not doing it. they all think they are this guy. harvard, 18-22-year-olds, same kids. >> greg: this guy is not a big rapper. even music criticism they consider him a joke. >> bob: you thought christian song writers, this is harvard, you think they are going to do that? >> greg: that is my point. [ laughter ]
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>> number online petitions to get involved to have harvard reconsider the position of having him perform in an event. respecting those students that don't want to attend the performance, just don't go. still like to take part in yard fest but they are backing him up and he will perform late when people have left. is that good enough? >> eric: i'm having a hard time define this. it's ahead harvard. its liberal school. they do these types of things. if there are students that are against it, don't go. >> it's like the kardashians. >> there were other students that complained about this because they said, look, we work
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on things like rape on campus or lbgt type of organizations and they were the ones that were offended. they said maybe we shouldn't do this on campus. that is their right. i just don't know what has happened in the sensitivity or just even appreciating how bad -- when rush limbaugh sandra a slut and apologized for that after a ton of criticism. it didn't take him long because he realized right away, there is a lot of people on college campuses that came to her defense because she was one attacked by crazy rush limbaugh. then you can go on a campus, you can't hear what he said because it's all bleeped. he actually has invited to do a performance for the students. there is a double standard
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there. >> bob: rush, he talks to 20 million people when he does that i'm about to get myself in a deep hole here. he was losing advertisers. >> dana: but overall, why doesn't anyone ever talk about and take on the language and attitudes that are described in rap music. >> greg: it's racism of low expectations. no one wants to express disgust of the quality or the content found in a lot of music because they don't want to be perceived as uncool but they don't want to be perceived as bigoted. there are certain deny denigrating elements that is perceived as part of a culture. because they are part of a culture you can't point them out that way. this is where the first lady really has potential to come in and say, a lot of this stuff is
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bad. the one that drives me crazy there is a morality that needs to be addressed. the first lady and first president prefers to inject morality obesity and climate change when this is legitimate problem and they could be heros. >> kimberly: why is it okay for him to demen black women and saying something like this and be outraged. >> eric: if you start saying you can't do that, you are saying -- that is what i'm saying. you say there is a moral issue going on. you can't call, i want the woman blah, blah, but you are censoring his lyrics. >> greg: i would not say that but it's about having the guts to address a decline in human commerce. that is all i'm saying. >> bob: here is the people that should be addressing this,
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people like jesse jackson and al sharpton, it exploits, one of the worst things that happen with the minority community, i'm a little bit disturbed. michelle obama -- by the way, obesity is a serious problem. >> it's not a moral problem. >> bob: its moral one with me. >> kimberly: and the author of black women redefined of michelle obama feels this is an opportunity for the first lady for michelle obama who has been vocal on issues like this. why aren't we hearing her on this particular topic? she has been vocal over the years, why not mention in the speech or address this. >> do you have any idea what can of worms to take down tygra's lyrics because it's sexist or whatever it is.
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then you will really look at probably 80% of the rap songs. . >> you but it's the moral consistency. >> when a kid is a first person shooter in at video game and starts blowing people away. >> bob: good news about rap, you can't understand it. >> kimberly: i'm glad we waited for that. remember we talked about the story, from usc about the professor what he he had the say about republicans moving to the east coast to the west coast. listen to what he had to say. >> 30% of registration and the state get and -- racist republican party of california, as i say --
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>> kimberly: okay that was the professor we were talking about yesterday. the interesting thing that usc is defending this professor. they have released a statement that states the freedom to take unpopular positions and freedom to express those positions are the foundation what it means to be a faculty member of a university. we firmly protect their rights to express those views. that is elizabeth garret provost >> greg: can i respond to that? no one says he doesn't have the right to say that. this is typical self-righteous liberal tactics. when they say, what you are trying to do is take away the right. no, we are not. this is biased dialogue that occurring on campus and denigrating higher education. we're saying you shouldn't do it. >> eric: let me be consistent. there is a big difference what this guy did and what harvard
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invites someone who does a performance at night where you have an option to go and watch this performance. these kids are in the classroom. they signed up for it. they are a captive audience and that is the defining line between harvard and usc and definitely not defending this guy. >> kimberly: that is why they should pull the kids from the class. >> dana: i was going to say, the provost if they do annual reviews of the performance of the professor, they ought to bring this video in and decide if this is kind of quality teacher -- he is most boring professor i have ever seen. >> kimberly: that is what it was $52,000 will afford you to put your kids to listen to that garbage. >> bob: let me be the only person at the table that is unusual to disagree with the general commeet. what this is basically saying, this is greg gutfeld's poster
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child, all the liberal professors and all. >> greg: where is the exception bob? >> bob: there are plenty of exceptions. >> i think it's time you bring up some of the conservative right ring stuff. >> they are in the beckel at ma knack. >> kimberly: it's interesting friday. we don't want to step away. next up to the five. jodi arias has been getting a lot of attention but abortion doctor charged with murder that the mainstream media is not reporting on that. is head ♪ she's got it ♪ yeah, she got it ♪ i'm
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♪ ♪ jodi arias is the perfect example. americans have been glued to the tube for that trial but there is another murder trial that isn't getting much attention in the press. it involves the murder of 7 newborns. kermit gazno is charged with killing seven babies born in abortion. the details we're not going to through them at 5:00 p.m. why isn't the story getting much coverage? shear kirsten powers a liberal and charted drought hammer. >> i would love an answer. usually when the murders like
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this, the media will say what happened? nobody is asking. >> fact that it is not covered is explained because it casts aspersions, it puts the pro-abortion forces in a very bad lighted. it brings the issue of late term abortions starkly into relief but on this, i would think it would be unanimity in the country. >> eric: it's hard to argue that the gazno story has editorial issues. producers and anchors host plenty have pro born abortion commentators but where is the liberal media now. >> dana: okay. some of the liberal media defended themselves earlier and in 2011 when this horrific crime came to view, they reported on it then. but the casey anthony, let's
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take jodi arias. i think that it is possible because this is so horrific and human tragedy and societal failure on so many levels, that they don't want to talk about that. with jodi arias because it has to do with a woman some people think are very attractive who killed her boyfriend and even in self defense or cold blood -- that is what the trial was about -- she says there was horrible sexual relations between them. that gets sexy and they follow the trial and i have a prosecutor that loves to play for the cameras. that gets a lot of attention. it's harder for somebody to talk about this. you can't even get through a sentence without your heart catching in your throat you think you are going to cry with what happened to these babies. >> greg: but we do that every time there is a mass shootings. that is the key.
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that is the question you have to ask the media. what if this guy had used a gun. the story would be everywhere. what let's go to something else. what happened if at sea world and they were animals? that would be all over the news. >> dana: there would be legislation proposed. >> greg: exactly. but the fact you are playing in a very controversial world right now in which people have strong opinions about abortion and pro-life. what is this collect identify. where is the village that promised to help raise your kid. they are absent especially in these neighborhoods. where a thousand abortions are performed in this neighborhood. where is harvard? where is usc? only the stupid republicans and conservatives who care about black kids. >> bob: i would argue whether we shared we heard in "wall street
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journal" or conservative newspapers around the country. part of this maybe about the choice pro-life. par part of it it's such a difficult tune stick with, i'm not sure there isn't something to be said, where do you go with this. remember when that woman put the three kids in the car. >> eric: what was her name? >> bob: down in the south. susan smith. >> woman who drowned the five kids in houston? >> bob: we went with those stories for a long time. >> eric: you are making your first point. >> bob: i'm making my second pointed and this is why i'm confused. >> eric: aren't you saying because abortion. >> part of this piece what we are discussing there is a difference between pro-choice and pro-life and that is reason
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they are not covering it this is not good for the pro-choice movement. this is means you are supporting doctors that murder children. >> you think for one thing, if he killed them with a gun, it would be shown on every mainstream media. >> bob: let me ask the question. i would say they probably would cover it. let me ask you a question. do you think in a newsroom or big broadcast weaker not going to cover this because it's an assault on pro-choice position and therefore therefore we're not going to do it. >> dana: i think it's unspoken and way you avert your eyes and move on. one of the bloggers for the "washington post", she said it was a local crime story. that is why it wasn't being covered but every story could be described as local crime story. give credit for the social media
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and also conservatives who, finally there is a medium for conservatives to come together as a group and push on something. you can find the story and see the picture of the jury box that was reserved for reporters at this trial. they are the ones that started pushing it and might have been other outlets that is the one that caught my eye. i saw this movement and now you see finally other people starting to talk about it. there is power in social media. >> greg: there is another group of people that are being protected. reason why this debate hasn't and people that perform the abortions they are making the decisions when this happens. during the debate there are people saying, like senator barack obama, we trust doctors
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to make the right decisions. >> bob: small percentage they do this. >> kimberly: none of them should do it. >> greg: with the argument like a gun, it shouldn't happen once. >> dana: life is precious. every life is precious. stories like this challenge somebody who might think, that doesn't know, they believe life begins at conception or not. you think what happens to those little babies. that happens from the beginning, if there is an abortion even early on and that is harder thing to talk about. >> kimberly: the bottom line, we have to cover stories like this to prevent this from ever happening. it's not okay there is not gogs nell out there. so people know, this is where taxpayer money is going. this is what you need to be
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aware of and shut down these places and come forward and expose individuals like this. >> greg: what happens when you denigrate reality to such a great extent that a fetus is described as something as alive, born outside a women's body, it's still a fetus. >> jane fonda did enough to insult service members and sat on the enemy's gun but she is not disrespecting our nation's hero. jane is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so jane fonda is playing fans nancy reagan and some veterans are ticked off. the photo is not a moving one but one seated anti-aircraft tank. she says she is not going to play any cheap shots. a navy veteran has started to boycott the movie. jane said, get a life, unquote. when asked by the hollywood reporter, of the controversy if it's hoopla it will cause more people to see the movie. the movie is distributed by the
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weinstein brothers, robin williams played eisenhower. it's all in o purpose to generate publicity by upsetting the right people, the right. the mojo and gains it by the smirking left. we know this is casting stunt meant to create an uproar. telling a man that served a country to get a life when the response is exactly what you wanted, itmakers you a jerk. it's jane fonda. she has had 40 years of practice. expecting something different would be opera from a toad. we know she has apologized for >> bob: jane fonda made one nd said the worst thing she could have done. what is the christian practice
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of forgiveness here? >> i thought you dated her? >> in a dream. >> that was peter fonda. >> bob: he was a great date by the way. [ laughter ] >> this woman has been vilified by the right. yes she made a mistake. nancy reagan -- don't say it. >> bob: a great lady. >> greg: she said get a life. she vilified. she said get a life. >> she said i did something that was unforgivable. let's not forget about that. >> bob: that is the kind of logic that drives right wingers. >> greg: dana, does it matter? do we fall into their strategy they know the hoopla helps.
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>> dana: i don't think anyone in hollywood would have satisfied those of us who admire nancy reagan. we would believe anybody could hold a canned of candle to her. i don't know who was in the running, who else may have tried out the part. >> greg: kimberly. >> kimberly: i don't think anyone could have reached that. probably wouldn't have happened. >> she made questions to nancy reagan and is okay with it. bottom line, i think, i'm not a fan of jane fonda. okay. i was definitely more of the spy master, suzanne sommers, exercise guru. >> bob: victoria secret model? i didn't know that. i don't understand picking nancy reagan. there has been a great first ladies taking positions.
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i don't think she did that many. compared to barbara bush, what is the big deal here? >> dana: i don't criticize for any of policy decisions they decided to make. not only do they have an opportunity to sky on issues they need to work on but has to create an atmosphere in the white house what he or she needs to do. they make it a warm place for the president. >> does that include when they are no longer going to be president and run for president in three years? >> hopefully we'll object the air then. >> clintons are coming back, boy. >> most people think that would be preferable. current day. >> greg: this is mace ten as edgy to do stuff like this. there is nothing edgy like this
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in america. try doing something in suppressed country where real artistic suppression taking place. >> bob: why aren't you making a big deal with robin williams. >> she stormed the music scene with the rap heard around the world. everyone is talking about tiny d., otherwise known as dana perino. and new album cover ahead on the five. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: remember when you were
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a kid and do something your friend told you to do and mom would say, if your friend told you to judge off a bridge, would you do it? greg is that friend of mine. he had a great idea of poke some fun of myself and rappers that went to cuba. if you didn't see it we'll play it now. >> i'm here to say about funk if i fresh rhymes so i got a dog named jasper and beyonce fears me. if you love castro, stick with jay-z but if you love your freedom pick j.. did it surprised me the whole left doesn't have a sense of humor. i'm being called a racist. >> greg: i know. you are the right -- i'm kidding. this is what passes for
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intellectual rigger on the left. if they can't come up with anything, a response they have to call you a racist. they are drones in earphones. they are so pathetic. the whole point of that rap was to show that you can't rap thuawlt physically incapable of any rhythm what so ever. >> dana: i can rhyme. >> greg: but they are were written for you. all you dumb ass bloggers out there that are calling her racist. what do you do in your free time? have you gone to africa and worked in an hiv center. dana has. i would be happy to talk to you personally about it. >> dana: we were all cracking up. >> kimberly: we thought it was funny, but i thought it was really good. this is good. it makes sense. it's rhyming and the timing.
11:42 pm
>> you know why, kimberly has a five-year-old and when she 14 -- dana, i love you, but it wasn't good. [ laughter ] if the left is attacking you, then they have a problem, like i said white suburban 40-year-old. >> they didn't have a problem with jay-z and beyonce going to cuba where they put people who can maybe that could rap in jail for expressing their ideas. they north offended by that. they are offended by me. >> can i pointed out that i came up with your name. >> dana: vanilla knight. let me read this tweet. we'll go to bob he is great under pressure. he can prove you can do this.
11:43 pm
do we have a tweet that was written about me? this rap response from dana perino shows how laughable minority out reaches for reince priebus and g.o.p.. >> greg: which one? now is your time. we reserve the balance of your time. >> bob: you asked me to ri this thing 15 seconds ago. this is what i wrote down. dana perino the new maja rapper star is joining her man tugga and appear but he she broken broken out of her hood and man she shooed. that home girl has been straight for so long and honky friends. >> greg: bob! [ laughter ] that is the proving the point. it's not that hard. my hal bum is coming out.
11:44 pm
you are going follow this guy and the point is the best part. terrible rap. [ laughter ] >> you can say my album is dropping next week. >> dana: my album is dropping. bob is great. two whitest people in new york. [ laughter ] >> coming up a field of screams down in san diego, a fight cleared the benches and one left with a broken collarbone. bob has the baseball next and i'm going to have kimberly's secret when we come back for one next thing ♪ you got it ♪ anything you need ♪ you got it ♪ anything at all snu you got it baby ♪ ♪ ♪ with the spark miles card from capital one,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: there was a fight last night between me and producers but not in the boxing ring. here is what happened in the
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sixth innings in san diego yesterday. stop! >> hit again. they didn't like that. look at this. he challenged him and melee. >> bob: carlos after being hit in the shoulder from a pitch from dodger's right hander. they cleared the dugout by the end cranky walked away with a broken collarbone. he is worth $1250 million when he signed. how many balls did you get? >> eric: a lot. if you throw something like that the mound is going to get attacked by the ballplayers. you don't miss that badly. these are professionals. $150 million. you want to brush him off the plate. he put that on his upper shoulder. if you get attacked like that by
11:50 pm
a batter, what are you going to do is run? if he runs away he is >> bob: let me ask you something in a case like this, clinton has been hit any more players. >> i think he is responsible for this. >> dodgers need all the help they can get. >> bob: we have a quick. masters tournament, tiger woods is lead, he is minus five. there is a guy there, this the fenom from china. excuse me when i try to pronounce his name, he is 14 years old and his name is, i'm going to take is --. >> bob: that is what i thought. if he makes the cut, it's very close. is that tiger?
11:51 pm
>> wait a second. this kid is 14 years old and youngest amateur to make the cut. >> dana: doesn't that prove that golf is too easy. [ laughter ] >> greg: i'm outraged. i'm trying to figure out, if anybody. >> it's like with the chinese gymnasts are accused of younger than they are, you are saying this kid is older than that. >> bob: do you think they brought this kid over here without some enhancement. congratulations to the kid but it's china. i mean, everybody loves china. i don't. >> how hard is it to play at that level? >> yeah. he is on par to take the cut. he is 14 years old. that is amazing.
11:52 pm
he is small. >> most of them are small. >> we need to get out of here. >> that is awful. >> one more thing is up next. i'm in some deep trouble. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> so funny. time for one more thing. >> greg: tonight, i host o'reilly and humdinger, things go crazy. i don't know. tomorrow night, fresh new "redeye" with j.p. america's hottest rapper. i want to touch on bad news, jonathan winters died at 87. i believe he was the funniest
11:57 pm
person that ever lived. i adored him growing you. he was an amazing, amazing talent. he will be missed. >> okay, bob. >> bob: i've got two things to say. before i have to go back on monday and apologize for something, i didn't mean to assert all chinese was small stature. i think he may make the cut. my son is an amateur golfer and very good one. this is very difficult thing to do. having said that, yao is 7 feet tall. >> that was the worst apology. that was awful. >> give me the shovel. >> bob: i'm not done yet. we have fans of the "the five" out here and they had their license plates played. and danny plays golf, he is five.
11:58 pm
>> o'reilly, called -- >>. >> here is the thing, i'm pulling this out. for two years, i have wondered what kimberly keeps in this bag. i don't know how she carries it. she carries it all over new york. she wears those shoes. she can walk in there. you can't believe the things. she has a hat. makeup brush. scarf and that is amazing you have gone ahead and got jewelry. medicine. i'm trying to find something that get bob excited. [ laughter ] >> dana: 40-pound bag. >> greg: how many batteries does it take. >> bob: so heavy and all the wedding rings from four marriages. >> these are life savers, amazing bag. >> bob: you carry this thing
11:59 pm
around. >> kimberly: i do it's, it's awful. anyway -- >> you are schedule asked for tomorrow. check out cashin' in. kimberly will join us 11:30 eastern. look at this, 7:30 tomorrow night, texas fox sports and nra 500. it couldn't get better. you have to be there. >> bob: are you kidding me? what are they going to do race tanks around? >> unfortunately n uvl with all these federal budget cuts, something blue angels will be missed. look forward to the influx of into new york city but it's a shame because this is cool. >


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