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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  April 13, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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we're back. let's find out -- did i say we're bad? >> we are bad. >> and we're also back. what's wrong with me? let's go to andy levy to find out. >> greg, you said we're bad? >> yeah. >> it should be we're back. >> oh, thanks, dude. i did say that. thanks for grabbing that. >> how about we back. trying to be cool. >> jodi arias tweeting during
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her murder trial. first of all, she tweeted hln is an acronym for haters love negativity. jodi, if you're watching, hln isn't an ak niccronym, it's an initialism. >> it's an initialism? >> yes. >> the acronym thing, that's your buggaboo. >> is it an acronym or initialism? >> what about ald? andy levy is a doofus. if you pronounce it ald it's an acronym. if you say a-l-d, it's initials. it's not rocket science. dana, you said arias is making a mockery of these tweets and you were quite strong about it. why do you think that? >> because the jury is not allowed to look at the media, to talk about the media or say nick
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that's going on. in the meantime she's lobbying her case directly to the public without going through the media, which would be the traditional way of doing it. still she has to be judged by a jury of her peers. are you following me? >> no. not even a little. the jury can't read her tweets, right? >> maybe they are. that's the problem in arizona, they don't know what the jury is not seeing or haven't seen. that's why that one juror got kicked off. have you followed this? >> you followed it more than i have. >> not really. >> if she's not breaking the law, if what she's doing is fine -- >> if she wants to defend herself then please stop using taxpayer money with the public defender that she has and defend herself. then she could stand up in front of the jury and tweet to her heart's desire. if she's using taxpayer money for a defense lawyer, she should shut up. >> yeah, move on! >> still don't understand that.
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greg, tucker said twitter is the perfect medium for arias. you said yes, as if you knew exactly what he was talking about. >> i was thinking p saabout sal and pepper -- i was. >> he was an anti-nazi pastor. >> look at andy. captain google. >> i absolutely looked it up. on the other hand, i wouldn't have pretended to know what it was if i didn't. >> yes! bill, you pointed out that arias tweeted of the prosecutor, hmm, anger management problem anyone? >> right. >> this from the woman who stabbed her boyfriend 27 times and then shot him in the head. >> she doesn't remember that part, andrew. you've got to remember that. remember what she doesn't. >> all right, that's fair. bernie, you said arias is a stone cold killer. >> yes. psycho killer. >> allegedly. >> well, maybe in your mind.
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but in my mind she's guilty as hell. >> in the mind of the founding fathers who wrote our beautiful, beautiful constitution, bernie. >> waste of taxpayer money to drag this disgrace out for six months or whatever the hell it is. >> if you hate the founding fathers of the constitution, that's your business, sir. i do not. >> all right. so you're apologist for killers and murderers. >> i do not apologize for supporting the constitution or the founding fathers, bernie. again, you are free to hate them. >> who are you impersonating right now, andy? >> i don't really know. >> andy just doesn't like to wipe his butt with the old constitution. >> that's all i'm saying. >> by the way, she's not even that hot. >> i don't know about that. >> i agree. >> crazy makes her hot. >> no, i agree. >> can we tweet this with the seriousness it deserves? >> i doubt it. >> i was just asking. >> no, i know. i was answering. dana, you said of arias' artwork that bill should try to sell it on ebay.
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ebay shut down her account. she now has her own website where she sells it. >> so now who's subverting the constitution? ebay? >> i suppose maybe they are. as a private entity, they're not subject to the constitution, dana. you should know that. >> is twitter then allowed -- twitter could shut down her account if they wanted to. >> they could, but why would they? >> because she's a cold-blooded killer? >> allegedly. >> she's a cold-hearted snake. >> she is a killer. >> what if nidal hasan was tweeting stuff out about the soldiers' families that he killed. would you be okay with that? >> she's not tweeting stuff out about families. >> would you be okay with anida hasan tweeting? >> i don't have to follow him. >> for the record, andy is not wearing pants. >> d.c. health board says smoking is a pre-existing condition. greg you said now you don't have to quit smoking because they removed the consequence. >> yes. >> because the main consequence
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has always been the higher insurance premiums. >> absolutely, my friend. >> bernie, kudos to you for supporting this, by the way. >> yes. equality, no more discrimination against smokers. tweet them the same way as fat people. it's the same thing. >> dana, the two states that said smoking isn't a pre-existing condition are colorado and alaska. >> no, i said the one that is. >> california. >> they all start with a c. >> protest over harvard inviting tyga to perform. bernie, you said everything you hear is audio pornography. >> i didn't say anything, i said a lot of it. by the way, i like it. i like jay-z, kanye, i like the song, i like this stuff. but it's being marketed to 14-year-old girls and they know all the lyrics. i'm not saying like video games that they're going to become porn stars, like video games you don't necessarily become a violent mass killer. however, it's out there and nobody is calling them on it and
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jay-z is part if the and he's one of obama's buddies and everybody is cool with it. i'm just saying what's up? >> you said that so well. >> two things here. first of all, settle down, grandpa. and second of all, obama should be impeached over this. >> yes. i think that goes without saying. >> impeachable. >> let's be very clear, i'm marketing those songs to 14-year-olds. i've got a little free download stand far away from the high school i can't get caught. >> tucker, kind of a cheap shot at slippery rock state because it's slippery rock university. >> is that true? they have upgraded? i had no idea. >> yes. go slippery rocks. they are the slippery rock slippery rocks. that may be wrong. possible i made that up. dana, don't you think the bottom line here -- i think for me what's going on is this is where harvard's fear of being called racist trumps harvard's fear of being called sexist.
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>> i think that's probably been true. having been called a racist today, i feel their pain. >> and you are a racist. >> yeah. on the other hand, you kind of brought that on yourself, didn't you? >> well, it was instigated by two people sitting at this table. >> not so heavy -- >> bernard and tucker. >> glad i'm not sitting at the table. i rain -- iranian scientist said he's -- it's also the same regime that said there are no gay people in iran. >> what? >> bill, you said correctly -- i don't think the scientist claimed he invented a time machine. that was what the ran before they pulled the story. >> what are you talking about? >> what do you mean? >> what are you talking about? >> the story about the iranian scientist creating the time machine. >> we haven't done that yet. >> i've got to go, man. >> we didn't do that yet. >> gotta go. >> what was that about? >> time is up.
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an iranian scientist, is there any other kind, claims to have invented a time machine that can predict details of the next five to eight years of the life of its users with 98% accuracy. ali says the device can predict the future in a printout using a complex series of algorithms and
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it will help iran predict military confrontations with other countries as well as fluctuate oil prices on friday. he released tape of the invention. that's where keith olbermann ended up. but is ali a prognosticator or fabricator. an iranian official has been forced to deny he registered the time machine with the state. we know you have a time machine in iran. tucker, this guy has 179 inventions under his own name. what do you have? >> you know, let me just say, greg, that cynicism is not the same as wisdom. you mock. but when this guy wins the new york state lottery, you're going to eat that script. >> yes, i will. >> i'm open to the possibility. >> i might eat the script anyway because i'm really hungry. >> bernie, if this works, which it will, and they can predict oil prices, could iran become
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the most powerful country in the world? >> i think it's inevitable. first i want to hear from nostridali whether iran is will like hiroshima or nagasaki in ten years. when he gives me the answers to that, i'll believe all this crap. >> dana, what are the chances this is just an ipad attached to a printer? >> well, this is the same regime that tells its people that no jews went to work on 9/11. >> yes. >> that there was a conspiracy, that they were told not to go to work and so people believe that. so this guy is actually probably a genius who has figured out oh, i know how to make money, or he's just a puppet robot of the regime. >> ah -- >> i would love to have a puppet robot. nobody has invented a puppet robot or a robot puppet. let's go to bill. a fortune teller predicted you won't live more than another six days. that was my mom. she was going through a gypsy phase. you've got to listen when people
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introduce themselves to you. i've got news, correctly predicting something is not by definition a time machine. i would like to actually meet him, though, the one thing "back to the future" did need was the more stoning of the mom. that was the one plot point missing from that. >> have you ever tried to connect an ipad to a printer? >> no. >> no, you haven't because it's almost impossible. if this guy actually pulled it off, he would be the most accomplished person in iran. >> i bought an ipad and i didn't like it anymore. i just didn't like it at all. i kept hitting the wrong things and i just felt like it was weird. >> and then your wife saw what you were looking at. >> exactly. and she said but greg, i thought i was enough for you. who are these men in tights? i said german art films. but i'd rather deal with the present. >> no question. >> their present is hill valley in 1955. >> they had the time machine to bring them to the present. that's what they need. time to take a break, but we have a lot more stuff when we
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dude, dudes and lycra still excite you? last week wwe superstars collided in an orgy of sweat, spandex and sun tans. within the city councspectacle wrestle wrestlemania. and while they saw don sena defeat the rock, red eye elected to hit the izod center on saturday. mostly because we read the press release wrong. let's all get stoked that bill gets choked. >> hey there, wrestling fans! it's bill, the condor schultz, and i'm here at wrestlemania for extreme, extreme and i forgot the other one, so i ask you this. can you smell what the condor is
8:51 pm
packing? >> boo! boo condor! boo! >> condor sucks! condor sucks! condor sucks! >> you suck! >> yay, he's gone! usa, usa, usa! >> usa, usa. >> narnia, narnia, what about middle earth? you're known for your 2 by 4. did you use any other props. >> nothing fancy with b hacksaw jim dugan. just a 2 by 4, flag and the united states of america. no fancy gowns, just a board and the flag. >> i'm kind of a feather boa guy myself. who did you beat to get that belt? >> stephanie mcmahon, of course. >> the real loser is america because it's covering your midriff. >> that's just the magic. >> magic or the terror. come on, you're covering up what
8:52 pm
god gave you. >> who's your favorite? >> brandy. >> don't get me started. >> aim for the nipples. more oil? >> what do you wrestle with in your personal life? >> madison square garden is the greatest place in the world. >> i love msg unless it's in my chinese food. >> watch pacific standard time, eastern standard time -- >> you just spit all over the mic. >> it's always vader time. >> that means he needs a mouth guard because there's saliva all up and down this piece. any catch phrases that you workshoped and decided to abandon like behave or oh, you, anything like that? >> what is wrong with you? behave? >> yeah. >> oh you? >> that's intimidating. >> no, it's not. >> how about no, no, no, no. >> what is wrong with him? >> i'm starting to think these belts are easier to come by than initially thought.
8:53 pm
where did you win yours? >> my first belt was back in 1989. it was against the rock. >> i have yet to meet the rock but the name of my girlfriend is called the sock without getting into too many details. >> millions dollars, millions of dollars. get back, get back. >> learn, learn, learn, learn. millions of dollars, millions of dollars, say it. >> hundreds of dollars, hundreds of dollars. >> have you signed any boots? >> i sign books. >> would you mind? that was cold. thanks so much. i will get this tattooed post haste. tattooed in red. >> well, it's actually kind of bleeding already, but that's psoriasis. any final thoughts for the viewers on "red eye." >> keep up the good work. super fly jimmy snooker, we love you, and take good care.
8:54 pm
>> always talk in third person, never use conditioner and eat your vitamins. >> you know, i'm convinced that your mos is what's called knowledge extraction machines. when you watch them you actually end up dumber than you were before. >> i stweninvented that before . that is a machine that i invented. i pull things out of your brain. you're dumber now, america. >> you have made america dumber. he has. >> i can barely speak. >> it's good because to speak in the third person is fantastic. >> yes. >> fidel castro, it's awesome. >> it's like the opium of the people. it keeps the masses like these people at bay. the bad thing is they all have the right to vote, these fans. just like the jodi arias trial, it keeps these people happy and
8:55 pm
satiated. >> i'm not going to agree with you until commercial break. >> dana, you began your career in little people wrestling. what was your ring name? >> that's not what i want to be called. i'm a little more sensitive to your viewers. >> yes. >> i don't know anything about wrestling. >> what was her name? >> i don't know anything about wrestling. >> and then i would do that. >> body slam. >> wonder woman moves? >> yes. >> i don't even know what that was. >> that was adorable. >> you would always win because you would erupt in a cutegasm. >> all right, we've got to close things out with a postgame wrap-up from andy levy, who is horrible. see clips of recent shows, go to it will if it's new outlast stay fabulous foundation. it's a primer, concealer and foundation in one for all day flawless skin. new outlast stay fabulous
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