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tv   The Five  FOX News  April 15, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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like some stay with us. stay with fox. i'm shepherd smith in new york and the video from the marathon as it happened. on the right hand side the first of two explosions. just down the street on the same side of the street the second explosion happened somewhere between 4 and 14 seconds later. that's the first on the right. you saw the runner fall there. and down the street from another camera angle you are able to see on the same side of the street the second explosion happened. if you were with us moments ago, authorities in boston have confirmed there has been a third explosion and the explosion happened according to the boston police commissioner at the jfk library. you can see the second explosion down the street there.
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were you able to see that? the tiers on the right and the second down the street. reports happening wildly. officially now from the police department two are dead and there are more than 20 injured. the numbers are rising and we are lead to believe that the numbers will continue to rise. neil was mentioning terror attacks, and there has certainly been an attack on the runners in boston on this patriot day. the red sox played this morning and the marathon was wrapping up. those people around the four-hour mark of running the marathon, they start at staggered time. people who would have finished at three and a half to four and a half hours were completing that marathon. it was a very high traffic time of day. these devices set to go off at this time within seconds of each other. and now we know a third explosion has happened at jfk airport. those who wish to do us harm
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do so occasionally when there are cameras around. they have certainly picked the right day for that. the oklahoma city federal building bombing which forever changed oklahoma city and the heartland of america after tim mcveigh set the explosion in the truck in front of the alfred pmurrow building was april 17th. the disaster at waco on april 17th at well. the unthinkable shootings at columbine were on the 20th of april. that was not so many years ago. and now the bo is sten marathon -- the boston marathon has been hit by someone. there are reports out there as many who have trolled the internet of a possible suspect in custody and of many more people dead and many more people injured and many more locations. these will come together in time. for now we know at least two people will not go home tonight. dozens are injured with at
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least nine according to our own reporting in critical. and during the 3 p.m. hour of the news we reported from a doctor inside massachusetts general hospital, a world renowned destination was there were 10 people with decapitations of one kind or another. i tell you this to give you an explanation of the gravity of this day. major cities across the united states first being new york city now have heightened security at all points of interest, bridges and tunnels and on buses and at subway stations, at major landmarks where tourists would sometimes travel after the explosion at the john f. kennedy library in boston, it certainly stands to reason that would be a matter of prudence. we don't yet know anything except to say there were two bombs.
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authorities have confirmed that these two explosives -- these two explosions did happen as a way of bombs. in the early going in the first two minutes, the hope was maybe there was a gas line, maybe there was some sort of awful accident that went from one building to another. this was not an accident. somebody set bombs up on the streets of boss step today -- of boston today clearly with the intent to kill. inside some of those bombs we know from witness statements people report seeing little bullets this their pockets after this explosion happened. we believe that to be chrappnel. it burns so hot it can melt glass. so who ever did this for whatever reason did so with the intent to cause mass chaos with the intent to kill, with the intent to disrupt, with the intent to cause fear. that is the definition of terrorism.
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they are calling this an incident. *9 semantics are unimportant especially for those who are sitting maimed in hospital in boston and friends and loved ones who wait to find out how they are and if they will be coming home. there were thousands of people out along the marathon route. the oldest running marathon in the united states, the fastest marathon in the united states by time, one of the most important days on the calendar in the city of boston, a holiday there. mike russell was among them. he was running the marathon and says he was very close to one of those two explosions. mike is on the line with us now. mike, where were you and what did you hear and see? >> i just finished the race minr to the blast. i moved to the exit street entrance which was a pre destined place to meet my
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folks. i walked into the lobby and was there a half minute and the first blast went off. i was in the lennox when the explosion happened. >> did you have a sense where the explosion was, outside, inside? >> it was clearly outside on the street. it was very loud. it shook the whole building. you knew right away or i felt right away it was malicious. it felt like a bomb. i felt transformers blow, but you could feel the impact. >> we looked through the video and the glass which was hit -- the building glass went into the buildings and not into the street that would suggest to the untrained eye and the untrained observer that the glass goes in and explosion goes out. >> you noah lot more than i because i just managed to get back home. >> true, but you saw people there and i wonder what you saw in the way of people around you and if you saw
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injuries. >> so i had a pretty panic filled 10 minutes because i was trying to find my wife. i was trying to get out to the street even though the police were not wanting that. when i moved on to exiter street i could see folks very bloody getting loaded to ambulances. that's when i knew it was as serious as it turned out to be. >> what is your sense of things there in boston now sphwh -- now? my understanding is largely the place is locked down. >> i am in newton right now and we had no trouble getting to this suburb west of the city. >> newton, massachusetts. >> yes. we had no trouble getting back here. obviously if you are on foot in the city and trying to move about, it is difficult. it is obviously like nothing anyone has experienced and
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very eerie. >> i wonder if you saw trashcans on the streets, did you? >> trashcans on the street? what do you mean? >> sometimes in these large events that are very high security as this one is, sometimes trashcans are removed and people pile their trash on the street and sometimes it is left out there. the early suggestion is that somebody may have put a bomb in the trashcan. we don't know that yet, but that's what some of the witnesses were saying and i wonder if you happened to notice. >> it is not a bad guess, but with the amount of people around, you could -- as terrible as this is to imagine, but you could have put a bag among a group of people whose eyes were much more trained on the finishers crossing the finish line. you know what i mean? it is a very densly kind of set up area with places people can stand. from the barricade to the finish line people were standing eight and ten people deep. trashcans could be it or it
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could have been any other thing. i don't know. >> everybody you know and love accounted for, mike? >> absolutely, yes, thank you. >> great news. happy for you and yours and all the best to everyone in boston. >> thank you, sir. well, some things we are learning -- well, if you live in a big city you know -- after the attacks of 9/11 we were all so thankful that trained service -- that train service remained like it was. i don't think there is a new yorker or anyone who visited new york or boston or any other major city where they have subway and train stations and bus stations, everybody has a backpack. everybody has a bag. see something, say something is a wonderful thing to say, but somebody can put a bag in the middle of the crowd with a bomb and set it off. this is not new information. what is most surprising is those who would do us harm have not done a thing since. their thinking was that might just be because they didn't
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want to because if somebody wants to take a bag on to a subway train or take a bag to the boston marathon and drop it in a trashcan or put it on the side of the street he or she can do that. we don't know what has happened today except to say somebody planted at least two bombs. people have died as a result. jay is with us now. he is a senior producer at fox news who we knew was running this marathon today and with whom i have not heard of contact until this moment. he says he was about a half mile from the finish line when he heard the explosion. jay, it is good to hear from you. what did you hear? >> thanks, shep. i appreciate it. i was about a half mile from the finish. we are on what they call commonwealth avenue and it turns to a small street and then you turn right on boyleston where you can see the finish line.
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it is a very short distance. as i was just about ready to turn i heard two distinct and very large sounding booms. keep in mind i was almost a half a mile away and so they were loud. >> the first is on the right hand side of the street and the second is farther down the street. i heard the first boom and then the second boom was very quick. i would say it was maybe under a minute. it was a short time frame. then at that point the runners and there were thousands of runners behind me, about three police officers jumped in front of us and i was literally like the first person at that point and they screamed at all of us to stop and that there has been a major explosion. there has been an incident. i could hear from their walky talky a small amount of radio chatter. the radio chatter specifically was saying that there are casualties and i think if i am
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correct you can hear at one point more than one casualty they did say, and then they also said please shutdown all radio traffic at that point. and i heard nothing from their radio. they may have been going to some frequency to deal with that sort of situation. then they kept all of the runners for about -- the runners built up and there were thousands of people behind me. the runners built up for maybe an hour before they could figure out a way to set a plan to get these people who were literally a half a mile away and had already run 26 miles. some of them were pretty tired and rough shape to get them to their loved ones and their family members and to get them to the baggage area so people can get their phones and blackberries and try to get in contact. a couple people who run with them had them, but there was absolutely no service at all.
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nobody could get in contact. that's basically from my side of it. this is the first time i actually heard little of what has happened. i don't know much of the actual physical story. my sister was at the finish line waiting for me. i couldn't get in contact with her. which i finally was able to get to my wife and she was able to let me know that she was okay. she heard the third boom in addition to the second. at that point we figured out a way -- and we are now about a mile away from the scene, and we are just trying to figure out a way to get out of boston, and a lot of people are trying to get home and other establishments. >> selfishly, jay, we are all glad to hear from you you, sir and glad your wife and you are safe and sound. take care and good luck. >> my thoughts -- thank you,
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my thoughts to everybody. >> a terrific producer and journalist for this network who with his wife was in boston today. he was running that marathon. his time was a little slower than he had hoped it sounds. we are all very, very thankful for that. some updates on matters of interest. police are asking everyone in boston to stay home. do not travel in any large groups. these are matters that are coming out of boston city government and the police department. the boston bruins, the hockey team canceled the game against the ottawa senators. the commissioner ed davis says the blast -- i said earlier that i am now informed and imagine speaking over a period of time and you will make mistakes. as a new yorker i said the jfk airport and i did not mean that. i meant the jfk library. the jfk library explosion was at 4:30 p.m. it has been announced as an unrelated explosion, but actually an explosion that could be related to the boston
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marathon explosions. at this p oi nt we do note know. i am getting new information and this is through a person of interest is now in custody. as the new york post newspaper which is owned by the parent company of this network was first to report, fox news has confirmed that authorities in boston are in fact guarding a person of interest who is currently in a hospital there. the person has severe burns. our sources say that authorities have yet to determine whether he was a victim or perpetrator. this is not that unusual. anybody who for any reason might raise any suspicious in the aftermath would be watched over and held for questioning. i am confident there will be a number of persons of interest. we already found controlled detonateses of devices that may or may not have been explosions. we know there was an explosion at the jfk library which is not far from the scene of the
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explosion at the end of boston marathon. we cannot confirm whether it is related, but as the police commissioner said live on our air, you will draw your own conclusions whether they were related. some other news items coming out of boston right now, i mentioned the cancellation of games and police asking everyone to stay home. much of boston is on lock down according to the reports from the boston globe and the boston herald and our own sources there. they have set up a perimeter around an abandoned penske truck. there had been a search for a penske truck. for what reason we can't know at this point. we know there had been one. whether they found the penske truck and whether or not it is related to this scene we can't know. we know there is a penske truck surrounded. it is not far away. jonathon hunt is bringing in
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new developments as they happen. what do you know? >> we are hearing via the boston globe and associated press that cell phone service has been shutdown in boston to prevent remote detonated of explosives. we talked about this on "studio b" where the explosive devices could have a timer, but if they are more sophisticated you can detonate them using cell phones. that appears to be the reason the cell phone service has been shutdown. you can imagine how difficult that makes it for everybody trying to get uh hold of friends, relatives, loved ones who were in the area of these explosions. a terrifying time to be trying to reach people. they are trying to roll back the cell phone service as quickly as they can, but their main concern now, shep, obviously preventing any further devices exploding if they are out there, shep. >> we have gotten reports now, and this is from the reporting of the boston globe that there
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were a number of eye stems -- items dropped along the race route by spectators and they are treated as suspicious devices. you heard about the police talk about this a short time ago. either during the chaos of the aftermath of this, people if you have a backpack you might leave it on the street and run off without it. that was now surrounded and checked and certainly they will detonate some of those items to air on the side of caution. you heard the governor say what a special day this is in boston, and historically speaking patriots day and around it has been a time when there have been horrific acts in our nation. we have no way to know who in the world might have done this or what the reason might be. could it have been something about boston? something about the marathon? we have no idea. to suggest otherwise at this early going would be
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irresponsible. to go with any rumors or speculation on the part of law enforcement or otherwise would be similarly irresponsible and counterproductive. we will just let you know what we know. we know the death toll is expected to rise here. i have from not one, but two sources that those who are confirmed dead have been confirmed dead after going to hospital, and that anyone who may have lost his or her life on scene may not yet be part of the reporting. the important matter for the moment is to treat those who are wounded and try to save their lives to restore order in boston and to search for those who did this in an effort to keep them from doing any such thing again. jonathon, do you have anything? >> we are now hearing that more than 100 people are being treated at various hospitals. that's after these explosions. that's gone up considerably from the early figures we were getting that went from 30 to 60 and now up to 100.
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we are also hearing via the police scaner radio two things, an explosive team, a police explosive team is headed to the state and the police are asking to get people there to check that out. members of their explosives team. these are the kind of things we see and will continue to see. there will be many suspicious devices and police are going to check out every one of those. we heard of a couple of controlled explosions being carried out. there will be more in the hours ahead. >> as you might imagine the intelligence has zeroed in to try to figure out who might have done it and if there are plans for anything else how to stop it. katherine follows the intelligence for us and has very good sources and she is live with us this afternoon. katherine, what have you been able to learn?
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>> the bottom line is things are moving in a slow and meticulous way for the fbi which is on the ground. part of their job right now is to go to each of the sites where there has been explosions and they have got to in a very methodical way pick up the residue from these explosive devices to determine if they have the same signature from the same bomb maker. we have confirmation that we have the simultaneous explosions and a third explosion in suburban boston at the jfk library, and then there was another device that had to be rendered safe. conversations with people on the hill like the homeland security indicated they believe cell phone service was temporarily knocked out and that was deliberate and would go to the belief that these may have been cell phone detonators. a very methodical process and we have heard there is a
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person of interest in custody being guarded. there so no indication if it is a victim, perpetrator or a significant witness. you can see that this is the point at which they have to move slowly and methodically while at the same time they continue to get reports that multiple devices will need to be rendered safe. >> enormous security challenge. we know from the reporting of our station there and our own bureau that they had millions of dollars worth of security in place. i wonder if through your intelligence sources you had heard -- you talk all the time about chatter. i wonder if there was any chatter about the boston marathon being of a special interest today. >> a good question. i have spoken to a half dozen people who would be in the intelligence committee or on the relevant committees on capitol hill and asking if there was threat streams they were following or specific
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credible information that there could be an act of threat to the boston marathon. the sense i had from discussing this with people was they are very much blind cited -- blind sighted. one of the questions was whether you had an individual or people for the intelligence community and it has been how do you detect the activity of a small group of people who may not be communicating by phone and by e-mail, but that small group who keep the information to themselves and that is very hard to put with law enforcement. the critical piece is you have at least four devices that are spread over a very broad area. and it is just common sense based on the conversations with law enforcement and people on the hill today that it would take more than one
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those devices in place especially the explosion at the jfk library in dorchester. and now they have to determine based on the residue at these crime scenes whether they are in fact related, made by the same bomb maker and whether they are able to determine the origin of the explosives. and that will be a critical piece in determining whether this was a domestic act of terror, if you will, or whether it was international. >> katherine, we will let you work your sources. i want to give people information as we have it in boston. authorities have asked everyone in boston to go home if you can and stay home if you will, please. we now have reports of police, fbi and others setting up there. we now know that part of the medical center has been evacuated. not patients, but people with family members there or nonessential personnel to leave.
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we know some of the bridges are closed in and around boston. we know authorities are on the hunt for some person or persons who set bombs aside the route of the boston marathon and killed people. on the line with us is the former white house security councilmember, rp eddie is with us. he is a terrorism expert these days. it is nice to talk to you. >> hi, shep, i wish it was better circumstances. >> as well as we all do. i wonder if in the early going you have lots of sources and connections. i wonder if you can alleviate any fears for us. >> well, i wish i could. i think there are a lot of questions unanswered. i guess the best news that we can take at this point is it doesn't appear that it was a very large bomb. while it was semicoordinated
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it didn't appear to be a very coordinated series of attacks or across many areas. that would lead me to think it was a very small cell. my initial guess and you shouldn't really make these, but based on your question of alleviating fears is it is a local, domestic cell, probably semiamateurish. it is not something that should give us an immense amount of fear at this point. >> and i want to get this in while i can, the boston police department just informed an update the jfk incident and i am talking about the jfk library in dorchester, that incident appears to be related to a fire. it is related to a fire. so the initial report from boston police and the state police that there had been an explosion at john f. kennedy library was accurate. when they said don't draw conclusions and do what you will, we now are informed that this may have been a fire. rp eddie it is possible now the only reports we have of
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anything that exploded without someone detonating it was a block apart on the same side of the street right at the finish line to the boston marathon and let's hope that is it. >> right. it is a horrible thing, particularly for the victims and god rest those who have been killed, but it is a very small attack at this point and doesn't have the hallmark of a large attack. it seems like it was a low velocity explosive. it is probably an amateurish group. i don't think we need to be -- i think we can be more durable and resilient than maybe after 9/11 and something much more massive. >> how does the process begin? how do agencies come together in a coordinated and methodical way to figure out what happened, who did it and get them? >> this will immediately become an fbi lead. the federal government will coordinate all collection of intelligence.
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again with the fbi lead domestically. the cia is trying to empty all of its traps internationally. all of the stations are getting urgent alerts to talk to their contacts and sources to see if they can learn anything. they are looking at all previous reporting on cables to see if there is any mention of boston or names of suspicion or marathons or anything like that to see if they can connect some dots. and then of course at the scene you will see one of the amazing hallmarks of american law enforcement is our ability to collect data from an explosion. it is to put together the bomb and it will be a matter of days and not many until we know precisely who was behind this. that's one thing we can feel good about. >> there is a moment of silence being carried out now according to our reporter, the senior producer on capitol hill. a moment of silence on capitol hill now for nose who lost their lives and -- for those who lost their lives and those injured. this is the house of
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representatives. i don't know if we have a feed, but i know a moment of silence is underway. the nation looks to one of our oldest and most treasured cities . it is one of the finest events around on this patriots day in boston. it is one of celebration in that city, but one marked for many years from time to time with moments of great tragedy in this nation. rp eddie we can look back to columbine -- not so much columbine, but the oklahoma city building and the events at waco and just wonder -- it appear he's dropped off the line. >> no, no. i am here. that is an interesting question, shep. again making a supposition at this point is foolish. but i would not be surprised if we find this to be a lone wolf or local group. perhaps this could be different, but perhaps something like a uni-bomber
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and a 9/11 attack or the attacks in europe on the transportation system which were more professional and directly linked to al-qaeda and foreign forces. >> hopefully the kind of people that authorities can round up and get some justice on real quick. rp eddie on the line, thank you. it is 5:30 in boston and in washington where an enormous federal investigation is underway into the attack that happened this afternoon around the 3:00 hour east coast of the united states time on the boston marathon. two explosions. one on the right hand side of your screen and one just down the street from that, just a matter of seconds later. it has left at least two people dead and some 100 injured in the boston hospital this afternoon. it was a somewhat chilly day. the red sox had played at 11:00 and there is the second
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explosion in the center of your screen. they gather to witness these runners from around the world show their talent and claim their victories. and after the first finishers had left many hours later, those who would have taken three and a half to four and a half to finish were crossing. and just behind the finish line the first explosion and then 14 seconds later the second. they estimated that some 5,000 people had not yet crossed the finish line when all of this happened. i said earlier that there was a moment of silence in the house of representatives just a few minutes ago. it had actually happened much earlier. i guess in the chaos of today we missed it. i did want you to know that leaders in washington have stepped aside from their business to think about those in new england. this unique environment as we know people have come from all over our country and all over
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our world to this place, to this spot to celebrate and run and enjoy the company of those around them as people do. coming to a conclusion of who would have done something like this and what their motivations might have been is not a matter for this day. i mentioned repeatedly they have a suspect they are watching. the suspect was injured and bleeding it is my understanding in the aftermath of the explosions. a lot of people were. not a lot of people though one has been set aside as a person of interest and is under guard while being treated at a medical facility which is undisclosed. that person is nothing more than a person of interest. most often the first people who are questioned turn out not to be the perpetrators, but that's just most often. when there is a 10% chance of rain you can get wet. they are in the middle of it
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all. they are checking to see if there were any sorts of threat. two bombs exploded near the crowded finish line. a third blast has been confirmed by boston police to be a fire in the jk library. presumably, though we can't yet say that, presumably not related. there is a bevy of activity at the white house. we are informed that the president has been informed of the day's activities and being briefed repeatedly and mostly by the homeland security chief ed henry who covers our white house and our chief white house cory spawn department now. what do you know? >> the president in the last few moments got briefings from janet napal tan know. the white house released a photo of the president on the phone with robert muller who is also briefing the president. what is significant about that is we are told by officials that the president was briefed by the fbi director on this
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active investigation which is obviously now going to be in part a massive federal investigation to get to the bottom of this. in addition to the local and the state investigations on the ground, but then secondly it was about what the fbi is doing to try to coordinate the federal response with what the boston police, with the state police law enforcement on the ground. they are not running into one another to get to the bottom of this. the president was first informed of the incident about 3:00 p.m. eastern time in the oval office. in addition to the briefings, he placed phone calls to the mayor of boston and the governor of massachusetts, duvall patrick. earlier, the vice president, joe biden, was doing a conference call where he was talking about gun control legislation. while he was on the phone he looked up and saw something on the television reports -- by the way that photo on the screen in the front right there is the president's relatively new chief of staff. lisa monico is in the
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background the president's homeland security advisor. he is now the cia director. to repeat, the president in that photo, a white house photo and on the telephone with his fbi director robert muller trying to get to the bottom of this situation. in terms of the vice president , obviously everyone is careful not to declare this terror yet, and not to say specifically that it was a bombing. although vice president biden used the word bombing in terms terms -- compared to an accident or something like that and called it a bombing when he was talking to officials about gun control legislation. take a listen to the vice president. >> and as i am speaking here they just turned on the television in my office and apparently there has been a bombing. i don't know any of the details of what caused it, who did it. i don't think it exists yet, but our prayers are with those people in boston who suffered injury. i don't know how many there r. i am looking at it on the television now.
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>> we are also seeing higher security threat level here around the white house perimeter. a couple hours ago they put up some yellow tape outside the gates here on the north side of the white house. there are still at this moment various uniformed officers of the secret service and i can see the park police outside the gate. there is nobody panicked around the white house or anything like that, but they pushed the perimeter back from the normal white house gate. tourists and others cannot get as close to the white house as they usually can. it obviously appears to be done out of an abundance of caution. >> what is your sense of -- the white house goes dark at some point during the night. i wonder if this will not be one of those nights? >> this will be one of the nights where the president's homeland security team and his broader national security team will be working a little later tonight. they are trying to get on top
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of what happened in terms of the federal investigation to see who did this. that's number one. number two they will weigh whether or not it makes sense. as to whether it makes sense for the president of the united states to come out tonight and address the american people in someway. obviously they want to be careful and get all of the facts before they put them out here to us and to the american people. but after an incident of this magnitude as you are reporting it, the american people are seeing how gruesome this was as it still unfolds. it is a moment where the president of the united states wants to come out at some point and reassure the public. >> i would suspect so. our reporter ed henry is live at the white house. i want to give you a few new nuggets i have gotten. the f.a.a. put a flight restriction around the city of boston. three miles in all directions around the this area. it has caused as you might imagine difficulties at logan international.
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logan is one of the places where it was launched on new york -- where it was launched. it was at the request of local law enforcement and they were three nautical miles from the site and extended to 3,000 feet. in other words they didn't want choppers up there. the f.a.a. has now reduced the radius to two miles. the f.a.a. put a ground stop in place briefly to change the runway configuration. but it has lifted. we initially had choppers in the air because they were covering live the boston marathon. certainly who ever planted these bombs knew there were choppers above. they were guaranteed the extra news coverage on this and sure enough it has happened. jonathon hunt is with us onset and has some other items of interest. >> just on the timing of this
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we are being told that the last runners crossed the finish line -- the last ones were actually timed at 2:57 p.m. that seems to be pretty much the precise time of the explosion that you can see right there. it is 2:57 p.m. east coast time and two explosions and some 13 or 14 seconds apart as far as we can tell. also, shep, one other item of interest, the london marathon is the next big one on the calendar. that happens this coming sunday. police in london are saying they are reviewing all security procedures for what is an even bigger event than the boston marathon in terms of numbers. we understand 23,000 people were registered for the boston marathon and 30,000 registered for london. as you mentioned some 5,000 were still out on the course when those explosions took place. >> just into us on the cell phone issue that has been
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coming up all day, there were questions about whether they might have shutdown the cell phone phs is is -- service to stop any future detonations by cell phone. we know from our own intelligence briefings that this sort of thing is possible. it is not something they would do except under extraordinary circumstances and these are they. two cell phone companies were contacted by the associated press and they are saying, no, we didn't shut anything down. a law enforcement official said cell phone service had been shutdown today in the boston area to prevent remote destinations or explosives. officials with verizon wireless said there was no such requests. sprint's spokesperson says minus mild call blocking on our boston network that everybody is on the phone and the cell service is shutting down. the service is operating
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normally so conflicting reports and it will lead to questions whether authorities can do this blocking out the help from the cell phone company. would it surprise me? no. would i have any indication? no. my understanding the way this works is the authorities contact the cell phone service providers and the cell phone service providers shut things down. and then later admit they did so. that is not what is happening. there is a lot to be learned. i can tell you after the attacks of 9/11 granted a larger thing, but after the attacks of 9/11, the cell phone service was hard to come by, very hard in fact for quite some time. as i mentioned, there is a person of interest in custody. we are getting a statement from the boston marathon that everyone at john hancock has said due to the death -- okay, we are getting that sort of thing. we had denver police department come out with a
2:42 pm
statement reminding citizens to be careful. the san francisco police department has come out and done the same. this is video -- that's the first explosion on the right. the camera will center down the street and here it is, the first explosion on the right. and thent pans to the left, watch in the back center and you can see a second explosion on the right hand side of the screen right there. and then there is the noise that follows it. they were that close together. think of the number of people coming down the street and they see an explosion on the left hand side and probably don't know what to do except stop and turn around maybe. as they did a second explosion. it is 14, 15 seconds apart. as far as we know there are no more explosive devices. have items been detonated? yes. have they found backpacks and other items on the street people left in the chaos that followed or that someone with gnaw -- nefarious intentions
2:43 pm
put there, yes. have they found more bombs ? no. jfk library had a fire at 4:30 and it was an explosion, so an hour and 15 minutes ago, but that explosion was related to the fire they tell us. they have no reason to believe that explosion was related to the two at the finish of the boston marathon. we have two bombs at the finish line of the boston marathon and as far as we know nothing else. boston police said they want everyone in boston to go home and stay home. they canceled sporting events. there are road blocks up and there is extra security. there is very high security at high-profile locations in and around the boston area. people's nerves are on edge. it is time for calm to the degree possible. dr. mark segul is with us part from the a-team. in the early going we were getting live video from a scene. we were getting video
2:44 pm
photographers recorded and had not yet edited. that video was playing and we heard people talking of arms flying by and dead people beneath the street and on and on and on. with this sort of explosion the shrapnal injure sees would vary widely ssments. >> absolutely. to set the scene is the need for calm. people get more injured when they panic. they see limbs flying and they pan thick and get injured fleeing themselves. and then triage. get to the people that are sickest first. those who have lost limbs have a big bleeding problem. since there were medical tepts you could apply the turn gnaw kits. if you can apply them you can save lives. you can then put lines in and do fluid resuscitation. people who inhaled smoke, they have oxygen in the tent.
2:45 pm
between oxygen and turniquettes you can stabilize people. you don't ever try to remove anything from a wound, not glass, 23409 -- not glass, not shrapnal. you elevate the wound and get them to the hospital. the hospitals in boston are by far the best in the cri. nothing is better than mass general, boston's children and they are all involved. that's why we are seeing so few people who have perished. many injured, over a hundred injured. they will stabilize them. what you do with the limbs taken off is you try to cool them. if you can put them in cool water you can save them for 18 hours and then maybe you can even reattach a leg. it can happen. >> thank you. i have just been informed -- one more time to make sure i heard you right. president obama will speak in a matter of 25 minutes.
2:46 pm
so 6:10 p.m. eastern daylight time and he will address the nation in the aftermath of what is clearly the placing of two bombs along the boston marathon route. is it an attack? do they call it terror? these are semantics for another day i suppose, but we all know the answer to both questions. molly line, a bureau in boston and covers new england. molly line has been our correspondent for years and has covered this boston marathon, molly, many times. >> exactly. this is a historic race, a massive race. nearly 24,000 runners. interesting information as far as timing is concerned of when these bombs were debt -- detonated. this was hours after the elite runners. this was a time of day when so many of the other runners, the people who love to run marathons were crossing the finish line. 23,326 runners registered for
2:47 pm
the race at the time of the explosion. 17,584 had crossed the finish line which means there were still over 5,000 or 6,000 runners still out there and still working their way toward this finish line. this was really the height of the day when spectators were still there waiting at the end of the finish line to cheer on their loved ones. when people get to the finish line you don't run out of town. people go to the bars and the restaurants. it is a huge day to celebrate and it is patriot day. it is a holiday in boston which means the streets are packed anyway. people are coming down not just to see the marathon, button joy the day off. it is a big day to gather downtown which is where these explosions occurred. the timing of the day was at the height of the day. that is a significant part of this when we go back to look at it, the timing of all of this. boston of course has world class hospitals. there are many, many hospitals across boston. they are handling the casualties. brigham women's
2:48 pm
18 to 20 people transported there. two were critical. the whole day will be getting people to where they need to be treated. the fact the marathon was occur expght events happen -- occur expght events made it more difficult. traffic was already a challenge when this incident uh scurred. shep? >> a live hospital update now. this is from the hospital. >> our team was well drilled and assembled quickly. even at the peak when we had maximum patients we had teams ready to go so we could have i can tan five more -- so we have taken five more critical patients. >> are more coming in? >> we understand the patients have been transported and should all be in ear hospitals. >> 26 total. >> have you had people who
2:49 pm
lost limbs? >> we haven't had anyone with a loss of a limb, but we have patients whose injuries are severe enough that could result in a lots loss of a limb at the end of the story. >> [inaudible]. >> the three-year-old was transferred to children's hospital. >> [inaudible]. >> typically with the blast injuries people who are closer get most of the impact, but you can get people whoe are fairly far away with shrapnel or some other flying debris will hit them. generally in any explosive injury like that, the force you are subjected to is proportional to how close you are to the blast. >> how quick plea were they -- how quickly were they brought here? how long did you have to prepare? >> we had enough time to prepare. it was very little time. boston ems is well drilled.
2:50 pm
we have done city wide drills for thisient vent. boston ems was prepared and they scrambled their teams. we had them within minutes. >> we are live, doctor, can you just recap the injuries you have here? >> here at brigham women we have 26 patients transported. i would characterize two at critically injured patients and eight to ten more with serious to very serious, serious to fairly serious injuries. about half men and half women ranging in age from teens to 62 with one pediatric, a three-year-old who we transported immediately to children's hospital. >> what are the injuries on the three-year-old? >> i i am not able to disclose thought. i was not here. >> we did have some patients with burns including one patient with fairly significant burns. >> do you know why the s.w.a.t teams are out front and why the lock down is here? >> i don't.
2:51 pm
actually i knew we were locked down because we typically do that, even in drills like this, but i have been this taking care of the patients so i don't know anything else. >> there is a report that the suspect in the bombing is here. do you know about that? >> i don't know about that. >> can you describe the injuries to the patients? you have 26 patients? >> some have fairly minor injuries so blast injuries, eardrums damaged and minor orthopedic injuries. we have patients with fractures that could be sustained lots of ways like in car accidents and things like that. it goes all the way through to patients with substantial limb injuries and some with torso injuries and burns that are significant. >> could you repeat and we are live on channel 5, 26 injured here at the brigham hospital. have you ever seen anything like this in boston? >> i haven't seen anything like this ever before. we practice in emergency medicine and surgery -- >> as we all predicted and as the drills have proved, boston is ready.
2:52 pm
their medical centers have done their work. this is a doctor from brigham women's hospital where they received 26 patients. you heard the rest. they took a three-year-old over to the children's hospital. we can kill the audio there. a three-year-old was taken to children's hospital. two have died and more than 100 injured. and now there are million different life changes that have happened. tens of thousands of people are in boston for this event from across the country and around the world. some planned dinner and a late night tonight. some of them maybe were driving back home. we were thrilled to hear from our producer who was running this race and from whom we had not heard for a longtime say -- well we are thrilled to hear from him and sad to hear he and his wife are stuck in a place and can't move. who knows what the hotel and living accommodations are around boston. the boston globe on their
2:53 pm
website has set up a person to person -- do you have a place where people can stay or do you need a place to say? it is docks . and there is a link through just to give you an idea, in the aftermath of these things it is worth our while to take note of those who have made a horrible day much better. like the doctor who was just speaking and got the three-year-old to another hospital and lost no patients at that hospital. they were dealing with extraordinary stress and said we can handle more. whose hospital was under lock down and he said that is normal because of the drills. to take the sense that everything is out of place we have drills and then when this happened some of us can operate better because our minds are not cluttered with the ab nor mall tees of the day. and then there is this, from a
2:54 pm
man who lives outside of boston and lists his phone number and says i have a small apartment and can accommodate one or two people. i don't live in the city, but i can come and get anyone who needs a place to stay. after attack on boston or the attack on this marathon at the very least, bostonians and new englanders and i am confident americans and people everywhere else are trying to figure out how they can do something to help. and through the boston globe they are trying to get people places to stay and a warm meal. and some comfort because in the aftermath of something like this you need it. the hospitals say they believe all of those who have been injured have been transported and the death toll is now at two. this is new video that is the first explosion on the right there. this is from the boston globe and zuri barry took it and the now familiar explanation that will live with us frankly
2:55 pm
forever on this day. the first explosion and now i am guessing the second. listen? listen. it just happened i am told. >> there are people hurt. >> oh my god.
2:56 pm
trying to figure out how to get a place to stay or warm meal or whatever, and there is -- it's at the top of the page. i was talking about casualties. we know more than 100 have been transported to local hospitals. we know two are confirmed dead. we also know that plenty are unaccounted for and we don't know what the rest of the hours bring. but it would appear calm has been restored. they saw a witness of two -- evidence of those two explosions happening there in boston. after that, there were backpacks that were detonated, there was a fire and explosion at the jfk library which has proved to be not related in any way. so it would appear at least for the moment, very thankfully, that all of this is centered in this one place. two explosions, nothing more. no problems anywhere else confirm by authorities at all.
2:57 pm
we now believe everyone who needs transport has been transported. we hear from the hospital, they were not overwhelmed, that the training there helped. i don't know if you heard in that boston globe video, but there was an explosion and then another and you heard someone in the background, presumably someone from the boston police department, this is the boston mayor now. let's listen. this is live. >> people who are trying to find runners and family members who didn't meet at the usual meet-up place because the race was cut short, will be in position to announce that we hope very shortly so that people can find some assistance to help people find their loved ones. i really am grateful that all of the federal, state and local law enforcement officials are coordinating so closely and so well. >> shepard: i said the boston mayor. this is obviously the
2:58 pm
massachusetts governor. i couldn't see him at the time when i said it, now i can. here we go. >> mayor, i'd like to clarify one statement. the device at the jfk library was actually an inskinnier device or a fire? we haven't linked that directly to this incident. right now this incidents consists of two explosions that occurred on boyleton street. the information we got about 15 minutes before the prior press conference could very well be premature. but we are still asking people to be calm, to go to their homes and to work closely with us. if they have information, we need to hear about it. that's 1-800-494-tips. as the governor said, the area, about 15-block area around the blast site will be closed down for the next 24 hours and maybe further than that. people should be aware of that when they make plans for tomorrow. >> is there any security --
2:59 pm
(inaudible). >> we are looking at all of that right now. that's one of the steps we're taking. >> they said they were doing drills this morning for the same exact thing that happened on of the were you given warning ahead of time? >> we increased posture around a big event like this. awful those things happened in preparation for this event, but there was no specific intelligence that anything was going to happen. >> what type of device, do you have any idea what type of device? >> at this point in time, it's too early to get into the specifics. these were powerful devices that resulted in serious injuries. >> was there shrapnel? >> again, it's too early to tell. >> do you have a suspect? >> those reports are not true. there is no suspect in custody. we're questioning many people, but there is no one in custody at this point in time. we're still compiling that information. we hope to have a count as soon


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