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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 15, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and security being stepped up at landmarks and transit hubs across the country. stay with fox news channel for the latest on the breaking news. shepherd smith continues our live coverage next, good night from boston. there is breaking news now on fox news channel it is midnight in boflt oni am shepherd smith. with continuing coverage of the attack at the boston marathon. updating details we know three people are confirmed dead, 140 hurt. after two bombs exploded monday right near the finish line for the boston marathon. white house officials call it an act of terror, sources tell fox news a person of interest in is the hospital described as a 20-year-old saudi national here on student seriesa. he is not a suspect at this time but feds are searching an apartment in the nearby neighborhood we do not know who lives there or
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whether there is a connection to the attacks. immediately after bombs detonated police and runners starting tearing down crowd control fences trying to get to the injured. the first bomb exploded just before 3:00 p.m. eastern time. the last runner did cross the line at 2:57. police say the second bomb detonated about 100 yards from
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the first. farther away from the finish line. have you a video showing aftermath of the first blast and there it is. looking at the center you'll see the second explosion in the spotlight there just down the street. and right after those blasts civilians and workers started running to try to help. ran towards the smoke. in hospital as cross boston doctors say they've been digging slappel out of bodies. the state trooper says he saw 25-30 people missing limbs. others have broken bones, ear drums ruptured from the shock waves we do not know the names of those killed but the boston globe reports one of the dead was an 8-year-old boy. a source sell tels the ap the mother and sister were also hurt. they were all there to watch the child's father finish the race.
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a woman near the second bomb says when it exploded her husband threw their children to the ground and jumped on top of them. not knowing what might come next. and then another man dove on top telling them don't get up. don't get up. a former army medic attending a post race part yes says the explosion knocked him off the couch. he says he ran outside to try to help and found a scene in his words more like baghdad and bombay than boston. tonight blocks and blocks in the city are cordoned off. it is a debris field with shattered glass and abandoned belongings by the thousands. a crime scene drenched in human blood pulling a promise from official autos this cowardly act will not be taken within stride we'll turn every rock over to find the people who are responsible for this. >> the investigation is well underway.
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teams have been reviewing cam extras we're told there are many. there is that person of interest of course. a saudi national. it's understanding the details he was trying to get into the blast, into the area before all of this happened. was detained, well, it's being questioned now. we'll get details from the scene. no official suspects and so far no, answers. no answers as to why anyone would want to inflekt thi this -- inflict this level of terror they run the marathon on patriot's dmai boston. tonight boston is also a city where people are mourning their dead, coming together with strength skj resolve. here at four minutes past midnight in boston. rick? >> shepherd they pulled back from the scene because it's an active investigation at this hour. the fbi response team is there collecting, documenting and
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photographing and sifting through every inch of the area looking for possible clues as to who might have triggered those blasts today. we had a fleet of ambulances behind us that were on stand by and police officers searched vehicles with flashlights in a 12-block radius to make sure there are no other possible bombs ready to go off. ambulances to assist if needed. they were not z they were cleared but the fbi has taken control of the investigation and aadds they do in any act of terrorism and will be on scene for hours throughout the night if not for days ahead. of course as mentioned the blast took place after the race started. after the finishers crossed the line. the winners crossed a couple hours before this explosion went off of. 17,000 of them, 23,000 runners finished so the crowds had thinned somewhat. it's a fortunate thing for
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people who might have also been hurt but the injuries were horrific. according to witnesses and emergency room trauma doctors 140 treated in hospitals. more than 100 reported to be in the hospital still, tonight. 15 injured. three killed. possibly 10 or more lost limbs, some victims were very small children. most were just innocent spectators lining the route. lining the race route watching people race. including a woman from seattle there watching her sister run the race. sheer what she told us. >> i was probably just a half block over, all of a sudden everybody is running and screaming. and saying there is a bomb, a bombing. >> an active fluid investigation. according to officials here the city quiet at this hour. the crime scene not quiet. investigators will be there sometime. >> i was wondering.
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the mayor asked people to stay home. we saw very little traffic. i see some behind you. i'm wondering if that is from a glance is mostly media and those assisting here? >> yeah. media has been directed mostly to this area. we're seeing cab goes by but not a lot of traffic. very little foot traffic. runners here to talk about their experiences and for the most part it is very quiet sounds like people heeded a warning officials request they not gather outside in large groups and take cover for the night. >> rick leventhal thank you very much. we've been reporting of a person of interest in this case. now, he was important to listen to the words of the authorities this afternoon as they talked about this matter. there are legal issues at work. there are confidentiality and matters surrounding that at work. it's interesting the way
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authorities spelled it out. the police commissioner said despite what what has been report there'd is no suspect in any hospital. and there is not. sources tell fox news there is no suspect. but there is a person interest of. there are reasons this saudi national in the united states on a student visa now in a hospital, we're told, and being treated, we're told is a person of tr. when asked after that, other authorities whether there is a person of interest in this case they said we'll not comment on an ongoing investigation. they would not knock that down. our chief intelligence correspond jent live in washington for us early on this tuesday morning. sem manhattanics are important and then again, it's important to remember they may question people. and it's a possible some may have information that is worth having and had -- some may
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not. >> this is a lead being run down at this hour, investigators looking into a saudi national approximately 20-21 years after age on a student seriesa. not being described as a suspect at this hour arks cording to review his name doesn't appear on terror watch lists. also the student visa appears legit. investigators working to verify whether this individual was attending classes or as information associated with records. ie any kind of interaction with law enforcement. this source emphasized there are just not resources to checkup on legitimate student visa holders are tending school in this country. two sources told us the name and date of birth was sirk rated for -- circulated to capitol hill. it may wash out along with others. >> my guess is that there may
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be a number of search warrants being exsuited -- executed tonight. we know of an apartment in massachusetts being searched. do we know whose that is? whether it's related to this person of interest? >> we're working to confirm reports coming out of boston police and federal agents are searching a complex in refer. reports indicate there are canine units as well as bomb squad fbi and homeland security investigations this is a part of homeland security that would also include immigration and customs enforcement. not clear whether it's related to the boston explosion. fbi special agent in charge emphasized this is an active investigation and fluid. and less than 12 hours from now we're going tofr ntct this is a group that is after september 11th addressed threats and kredzible
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of -- credibility of the threats aimed at the united states. they will be breefring members of the house intelligence committee tomorrow morning and we're anticipating members of the senate intelligence community. the speed at this ch these briefings taking place indicates this zbaigs hot, very active and ongoing. >> the analysts and those working in the field over the years often categorize these things based on initial market. so many experts i've spoken to this evening have suggested that this has certain hallmarks none of which are for a large and organized sort of group. it's -- is that what you're hearing as well? >> i think you're referring to two marker that's we're hearing. one is that the timing of the devices the fact there 2004 nearly simultaneous explosions is called a marker or hall
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mark of a terrorist attack. first explosion then we believe a second device more powerful device idea people in the crowd would be driven towards a larger devise to maximize casualties then composition of the device we know fbi is on the ground and focused on gathering the residue to tray to identify the type of explosives and type of detonateors we've talked about the signature of the bomb maker. and we had confirmation from head of the homeland security committee today who has been briefed on this investigation that the initial information he is getting is is that there was shrapnel associated with the explosive devices so the devices themselves, timing, the size, it does speak to a terrorist attack but it doesn't necessarily speak to one that is domestic or international in origin
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because it's so early in this investigation. >> catherine thank you. >> you're welcome. >> ahead police recordings. first responders rushed to the scene of the attack. we'll hear from a nurse who says he was running in that marathon when the bombs exploded this, is fox news channel's continuing coverage of the attack on the boston marathon. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button?
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16 minutes past midnight now in boston. we've been seeing the dramatic video from the attack. images of chaos in the streets following the explosion but the emergency dispatch recordings from the scene. in other words first responders police and others there protecting or getting ready to help anyone in need at the marathon began calling in on police radios and those recordings give us a sense of what's happening. of the horror and chaos, they describe panic unfolding before their eyes. we'll listen with the understanding in early going the chaotic nature was something of the norm. and after just a matter of a few short minutes there was a man on the radio who boiled it down and said now we have to get rid of -- treat those who are injured and we have to make sure there are no more devices out there. secure the scene and treat the
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wounded now here are the recordings. >> i was told at first told we didn't vit. then told we d now, i'm told we don't vit again. let's get to jay heartford he says he was 800 yards from the finish line. he's live with us now. jay good morning and thanks for joining us. so glad you're all right. >> thank you. >> i know you're very close to the end there. and one has been in boston a long time knows of the explosions that happened on st. patrick's day and initially you weren't sure whether there tl this was excitement or chaos. >> correct. and sounded more trance former explosion. very loud and noxious clearly something not planned. and phone shallly dangerous but it didn't seem like anything malicious to begin with. >> and then, 12 seconds later
9:19 pm
something snels. >> yes. so we just turned on to 200 people running ne.s to me and behind me just turned onto the final several hundred yards onto the treat z in the first explosion happened and it stunned everybody. i would say about half of us acted as if it were a transformer or something innocent. that other people took closer than others. and as we started to move towards finish line again, second one happened and it was clear people weren't cheering anymore and were screaming and dozens of people running back against us simultaneously, police and emt jumping
9:20 pm
barricades and moving towards the chaos. >> there is a woman next to you on her knees? >> yes. people were on the ground a woman next to me screaming. and a couple of us moved to her. i tried to figure out if she was hurt. she was bleeding. and she was on her knees and just blood curdling screams. i tried to help her stand up. just to see if i -- if -- to assess her. she just kept curling back over. i screamed are you hurt physically? are you hurt physically? she shook her head no,. but she stopped screaming and shaking. trying to get her off the road at this point. i said where are we going to
9:21 pm
move her? at this point we're surrounded by emfs and firefighters and police were swarming. there were dozens around us. at this point. >> from what i saw those where the heroes of the day. they came forward to help those badly injured. jay heartford on the line with us a nurse at boston hospital. we're also hearing from doctors who treated dozens of victims some as young as two years old. now what we know about the injuries how doctors are handling them in emergency rooms and hospitals aconsiders the city. visit fox news channel.
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live coverage continues now 25 minutes past midnight in boston. i mentioned we have recordings not from 911 people calling in to report but from the police and others on the scene some of ep them there for the marathon, some arriving because of the incident. explain plaining what's happening around them, and then, organized the situation in the end just about a minute of audio here. but an interesting synopsis of
9:26 pm
the early minutes of the event. >> all units stay off the air make your way over there. >> okay. copy that. >> i only want to hear from the 984. >> i want the road cleared so i can get ambulances out. okay? >> okay. multipeople -- multiple people down here. i don't know what the cause s stand by. >> bomb squad monitoring. >> 901. we need to set up and get people away from it. >> we're going to get victims
9:27 pm
out and conduct a sweep to make sure there are no other devices on the street. we'll then get people out of the restaurants and bars. >> there you have it. recordings from dispatch channels. you know interestingly you may have seen them pushing people in qheel chairs you don't see a lot of ambulances in early going the reason is that there are many people crowded into this tight area that with all of the chaos and everyone tearing down barricades to try to get to injured they couldn't get the ambulances in. so they were taking wheelchairs in trying to get to the wounded in any way they could, ripping across the barricades there for crowd control then, all of a sudden impeding rescue efforts. and all the while wondering is that backpack there, or is that box there containing another bomb? is there another one still to come? so keeping everyone inside of
9:28 pm
the bars and restaurants who were there thinking that is where they'd be safest clearing streets of the people making sure devices, none of them, the bags would blow up, then clearing people out of the restaurants and bars on a holiday, a day of celebration. red sox played at 11:00 in the morning out of fenway by 2:00 or 3:00. people were there to watch the regular folks who ran the marathon. not the winners. waiting to watch loved ones. little children carrying signs about their father, one of whom did not go home tonight. we're getting a very well, a better idea of the sheer magnitude of the injuries following the bombing. we've heard reports of two explosions blowing through limbs and of the now-confirmed 140 people several are children. the boston globe newspaper reporting that the dead include an 8-year-old boy. boston childrens hospital
9:29 pm
report doctors treated a 9-year-old girl, a 7-year-old boy, a 12-year-old and 2-year-old admitted to the surgical intensive care unit with head injuries. a trauma surgeon at mass general hospital described treating dozens of patients mostly with lower body injuries. many of them slappel wounds several now critical. doctors said there have been semp amputations. -- several amputations. i was listening with great interest in a couple doctors who had been through a lot and were calm as they can be. but explaining to us that there were many more surgeries that had to be done. i was thinking of what that means and they're saying we had to stop the bleeding, take off the parts no longer useful, seal the body up, and wait to see what we have to do later. that is a horrifying series of
9:30 pm
circumstances for people not in your field. >> that is what you see in a war zone, iraq, afghanistan. you see a series of operations. you hear from a doctor giving a press conference, his partner worked in the war. they make an assessment. if they have to do an amputation they want to do it right away because there is a big risk of infection. we've seen over 10 amputations but describing if there are shamp nel wounds first you fix the bone then go back in to fix the sharp issue then fix the vascular or arteries in the vain and try to save the leg that can take several days. he said he'd done six operations and going back into do more. >> it's possible that we're going to find out at this point, possible, that they have attacked because of the cameras there. if you want people to remember
9:31 pm
your work to have a visual off it if that person wasn't there, you do it in a place you know there will be cameras but what we're also going to learn is that they have such a maizing medical facilities there and in a triage set there, many there were volunteering people who might need help. it was their contribution and they will emerge as hero autos they are the heroes not knowing if there are more bombs they used oxygen and got ambulance in there and to the hospital. 130 injured and only a few died so far. 15 in critical condition according to our brain room. maybe will still survive. >> it's a day long experience.
9:32 pm
and maybe a backpack, an explosion happened you drop that. they don'ts have an idea whether there is a bomb in that bag yet there they were. one man talking of taking a belt off from a place where a leg used to be. another talking of seeing a body part fly by all of them stopping to render aid not knowing whether there were more than two bombs. and they heard the first and wondered and second, wondered no more. there, they sat. and a lot of people rose to the occasion today and a lot of peoples lives were saved because medical personnel were on the ground able to get them to some of the world's finest hospitals. the boston marathon might
9:33 pm
leave pictures but because it's in this place many may have lived despite odds. white house ramped up security in the wake of the attack just about everybody did. ahead we'll get a report from washington, d.c. and the president's words of reassurance to the nation. we've just passed 12:30 in the morning in boston. the investigation is just beginning. [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never want to go back. its dynamic power bristles reach between teeth to remove up to 76% more plaque than sonic in hard to reach areas. oral-b deep sweep 5000 power brush.
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9:38 pm
appearing to be legit according to the reporting of our security correspondent. there is also word that a search is underway tonight in an apartment in refer, massachusetts just outside of boston. is the person of interest in the apartment connected? we have no way of knowing for sure but will bring you more information as we get it throughout the night. president obama addressed the nation in hours after the bombing in boston briefly and says he has spoken with leaders and assured them the federal government will do everything in his power to help survivors and the president prom prised th the -- promised they will find those responsible. >> we do not know who did this or y people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have the facts but we will get to the bottom this and find out who did this and why they did this. any response -- any
9:39 pm
responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> that is just after 6:00 this evening, washington time, boston time. after the president spoke workers at the u.s. capitol lowered the flag there in memory of the innocent people who died today. doug mcelway is live in washington this tuesday morning what is the mood been there in hours after attacks? >> there are three components to it. washington is on alert z it's huge investigative capabilities ramping up. the president put think the way. >> i just want to reiterate we'll find out who did this and hold them accountable. >> in his statement from a briefing room this evening the president did not use the word "terrorism" but a seen yes administration official told our ed henry the white house
9:40 pm
disbelieve the incident in boston was a terrorist attack. the local police department from the pentagon to white house boosted security this afternoon. there was little visible evidence of that. the measures officials said taken out of precaution. both houses of congress observe aid moment of silence this evening. and senator jeff sessions said we must do everything to support the city of boston in the hour of need as they track down and punish every last person responsible for the attack upon our country. senator susan collins quote this is a reminder terrorists are not just going target washington new york and los angeles. and representative kennedy no targeting bloody act going wound the soul of boston and new englanders and michael
9:41 pm
mccall said events are a reminder enemies continue to plot against us. but perhaps in the keenest sign a terrorist attack has again changed washington's course tomorrow's unveiling of that immigration form has been called off out of respect for events in boston. >> doug mcelway, thank you. now to those who witnessed this horror, will ritter about 100 feet from the site of the first blast setting up a news conference. and he says he felt them. >> thank you. >> i watched you making rounds and now this morning i know you've been true through this a lot. i know what you saw. i'm curious now what nine and a half or so hours after the attacks and some clarity.
9:42 pm
how do you piece this day together? what do you think your take away is going to be? >> as a bostonin it hurts. i think this is a wonderful day, one of the most celebrated days in boston. you have kids sitting at the finish line clapping for moms and dads. and for some reason now they're in the hospital or they've passed away. so it's senseless. and it hurts. and people are still just walking around and just shocked and distraught. >> i'm told you were 100 feet away. i've heard you say you can feel it yes. i mean, it's like you're in a fire works show. you know? there is a concussions going off. i can feel it.
9:43 pm
you knew that is what's happening was not cannon blast. and people started running and screaming. >> i watch what appeared to be civilians pushing wounded in cases without limbs down the street. in wheelchairs. and to see this level of cooperation and people rising to the ocean you must feel good about it. >> made me feel good this is just watching police and kind of hurdle all of the barricades. it's -- everybody banding together and people kind of not panicking and keeping their heads about them. trying to make calls and you know, opening doors and there are people in my neighborhood
9:44 pm
letting them come in and use the phone. what happened is that runners were on side streets. no idea where they were, where they were going. people let them come in so it was a great example of boston coming together. >> this really s thank you. >> thank you. >> you know you've trained and trained and off we go and there is a track you're going to follow. you don't need to memorize why wr streets are. your iphone is not in the pocket. and suddenly you're diverted off the street. there are explosions down the street. and fire trucks are everywhere. you have no idea where you are. probably don't have money on you at this time. and you probably have a bottle
9:45 pm
of watt yes, nothing but questions and a lot of fear. neighbors open up their doors, come in, have a seat let's watch this on tv together. there are horrible memories but i bet you thousands of people who went to boston and got diverted 5,000 will tell a story more uplifting than we might be able to imagine. when experiencing these things i've thought it's important to try to look for that triumph. people opening their homes to one that's didn't know what street they're on and one that's pushed those with no legs down street are among them and doctor there's to tryage ready to treat people for exhaustion who were putting turn yi gets around legs are among them. heroes who triumph over tragedy. we'll be right back. ♪ [ slap! ]
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continuing coverage of breaking news now 11 minutes before the hour, impact spreading far beyond the finish line of the mayorra hon. cities around the world on heightened alert from los angeles to washington, d.c., london, new york. london the site of the next big international marathon on
9:50 pm
sunday. here in new york cops packed the streets setting up presence in times square, various stations, police helicopters patrolling skies and officers with bomb-sniffing dogs searching the airports. scenes like this across the nation in the wake of a terrorist attack. eric shawn is live in times square tonight. it looks quiet. >> hello. yes. hello. there are a lot of police out. the car bomb three years ago that did not go off. tonight the mayor michael bloomberg says there is no information about anything here in new york city but they're not taking any chances plans are in place. a thousand counter terrorist police officers and others throughout the city, subway, commuter lines beefed up. police officers random checks of bags and hotels and other places of interest.
9:51 pm
landmarks un building and the like getting extra care. la guardia airport security there beefed up. in 1975 a bomb went off at la guardia 11 people were killed and no one was caught for that. the mayor says now, the city is making efforts to stop any possible plan autos some of the steps we're taking may be noticeable. including deployment of critical response vehicles and additional police personnel. and others will not be noticeable. these additional resources will remain in place until we learn more about what happened in boston. >> new york city has been, say officials a target of 16 thwarted plots since september 11th. 1992, world trade center bombings, 1975 bombing where george washington spoke at one point, four people killed there. but city halls and mayor
9:52 pm
offices across the country echoing across the nation that is that we're with the people in boston, there are efforts being taken to save guard this city. and main message is that we're all as americans in this together that. if we see something, say something and be on the watchout. >> eric, shawn in times square, thank you. investigators have begun the work of finding evidence in the deadly attack in boston. in scenes like this authorities search for shrapnel, anything that can provide clues as to what kinds of devices exploded because it can sometimes tell us who might have done this. insight from the process from a man who spent a year in north carolina leading a successful fbi search for olympic bomb grer atlanta. he is a former deputy
9:53 pm
assistant director of the fbi counter terrorism division, thank you. >> welcome. >> where do you again? >> well, they've begun and there is a long trail to follow z that is what is going to -- you follow the trail. no preconceived notions and speculation. when i talk about the trail o of -- forensics. the explosive people from ts police department and fbi lab and people going to be looking at the bombs going to try to identify anything abnormal about them, anything to do with the devices. and how they're put together. all that have will then be looked at in context of what witnesses are saying what are people saying? thousands of people being identified and interviewed tonight. this will go on throughout the night and into tomorrow. and finally intelligence community will be working you said earlier and you're right,
9:54 pm
world wide trying to find out if anything, any information might have been indicating there might have been responsible for this, this information comes together the task force goes into washington, d.c. the information operations center and it amazingly works it's way as it comes in through these doors into analyst investigators and to a group of people really following those significantly tonight coming out. and talking about a lot of things on tv tonight but those will be followed up on quickly. other layers of leads that, again, very little is lost in that process. it's amazing how it falls together. >> it is. saying they find out where ball bearings are bought. they can compare videotapes from where the explosion happened with videotape from the stores where the shrapnel was bought as one example.
9:55 pm
the moment you find a overlapping person have you someone to talk to. >> you're right. and again that process began hours ago will go on during the night. i'll give you another example. during olympic bombing robert rudolph used dynamite. and in fact that was actually traced to north carolina in the mountains of north carolina that was a full year or, like rudolph himself was identified and whether that trail taken back to the mountains of north carolina so these things tend to overlap, some things you get before you are expected to. other things you don't get until later but it comes together and creates a composite. that is a process we'll hopefully not only put us on the trail but help us identify who did this. >> hopefully, quickly. thank you.
9:56 pm
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